R. L. Berry

Among these public-spirited citizens of Tulare county who have put forth their efforts toward promoting better conditions, is R. L. Berry, who was born May 6, 1860, in Tuolumne county, Cal., a son of John M. Berry, a native of Missouri. The latter in 1857 came across the plains with ox-teams to California, and his widow, a na­tive of Virginia, is surviving him at the advanced age of eighty- seven years.

When R. L. Berry was ten years old he was taken by his par­ents to Tulare county and the family settled on the site of Lindsay when their house was one of two within the present limits of the city. The boy was given some opportunities for schooling but was early called upon to take the place of a hand at herding sheet; - and made familiar with the details of dry farming as it was prac­ticed in the district at that time. Most of the land for many miles round about was government land subject to entry. Some years after his arrival there he entered three quarter-sections, but even­tually went to Kern county- and abandoned all claim to them. Returning later he took up farming and buying and selling land and has since handled or operated tracts aggregating a considerable acreage.

In 1879 Mr. Berry married Miss Ella Berry, a native of San Joaquin county, and she has borne him a daughter, Ethel May, who is the wife of F. G. Hamilton, superintendent of the Mount Whit­ney Power company of Visalia, Cal. In his political affiliations Mr. Berry is a Socialist. Fraternally he affiliates with the Wood­men of the World and the Women of Woodcraft of Lindsay, Mrs. Berry being also a member of the order last mentioned. He is a friend of public education and an ardent promoter of good roads. In fact, no demand made upon him on behalf of the community fails to receive his ready and helpful response.

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