Louis N. Glover

A leader in things agricultural, who lives six miles south of Tulare city in Tulare county, Cal., and was .born in the historic old state of Kentucky, October 2, 1860, is Louis N. Glover. He passed his boyhood and youth in the 'public schools and on the farm and when he was twenty-one years old went to Nebraska, whence after six months' residence there lie went to Colorado. Two months spent there determined him to come to California, and he arrived at Stockton, October 10, 1882. In that same autumn lie found employment on Roberts' island, and then, after three months spent at Lockeford, he came to Tulare county January 23, 1883, in response to an invitation of friends who had bought land there. Liking his surroundings, he entered the employ of Paige & Morton and marked off the land and set out the first orchard on the ranch of that firm, for whose cannery he employed all help. It is said that this was the first establishment of its kind in the county. After three years' connection with that enterprise, he bean to farm rented land and at one time worked fourteen hundred acres. After operating the 'Laurel Colony property seven years, he put in two years at dairying in a modest way, and in the fall of 1904 he bought three hundred and five acres, six miles south of Tulare, on which he conducts a dairy of forty-eight cows, raises stock, keeps twenty-two head of horses, feeds one hundred and fifty head of hogs and maintains a growing venture in poultry. One hundred and seventy acres of his land is devoted to alfalfa and on the balance be raises corn and grain. He was one of the promoters of, and is a stockholder in, the Dairymen's Co-operative creamery, and he helped to .establish the old Co-operative creamery at Tulare. Of the Tule River Riparian .Water association lie was the organizer and it was largely through his influence that cer­tain historic differences concerning water rights near that river were finally adjusted to the satisfaction of all concerned. The official title of the association is now the Tule River Riparianist, incorporated. Its district comprises the country between the sum­mit and the lake. One of Mr. Glover's possessions is a good resi­dence property in Tulare.

At Tulare, Mr. Glover married, April 1.2, 1893, Miss Ettie Moody, a native of Kentucky, who has borne him three children, one of whom died in infancy. Their son, James Earl, died Decem­ber 1, 1907. Their daughter, Wilrma, born October 21, 1895, is a pupil in the high school at Tulare. Fraternally, Mr. Glover affiliates with. the Tulare organization of the Woodmen of the World and with the Watsonville organization of the Yeomen. As a citizen, he is helpfully public-spirited, never withholding his support from any movement which he deems conducive to the good of the com­munity.

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