John Ewing, Jr.

Conspicuous among the progressive farmers of Tulare county, whose many experiences in this country have made them the expert agriculturists they are to-day is John Ewing, Jr., the eldest and only survivor of the family of John and Margaret (Ewing) Ewing. The other members of this family are: Mrs. Margaret E. Bolton, whose sons were James and Charles; William, who left two children, Henry and Margaret; Mrs. Mary Sherman, whose three sons were David, John • and William; Mrs. Elizabeth Swanson, who left two children, Elmer and Stella; Mrs. Isabella Sherman, whose children were Gilbert, Samuel and a daughter.

John Ewing, Jr., was born in Pennsylvania, fifteen miles from Philadelphia, April 3, 1840. In 1857 his family moved to Putnam county, Ill., whence they came to California in 1876. He settled first at Big Oak Flats, in the mountains, thirty miles east of Visalia; where he. early pre-empted one hundred and sixty acres of government land and with his sons now owns an entire section. He raised cattle there until 1906, when he located two miles east of Visalia and operated a ranch under lease from Samuel Gilliam. Seventy acres were planted to. alfalfa and a fine dairy of fourteen Holstein cows engaged his time ; he has also raised some good draft horses and now has a bay colt three years old, weighing sixteen hundred pounds, in which he takes much pride. An average of fifty hogs was kept on the place, and Mr. Ewing became an expert in these lines. A scientific farmer, his machinery and methods are up to date, and his ideas and his manner of executing them are as advanced as any farmer's in the county.

In 1863 Mr. Ewing married Rachel Davis, a native of Pennsylvania, and they have several children. William H., of Exeter, married Jeanette Hatch, of San Francisco, and they have two children, Dorothy and Girard. John M. is a farmer near Visalia; he married Mary Cuda and they have two children, Salina and Emery. Mrs. Nira Kelley, next in order of birth, is a trained nurse and the mother of two sons, Cecil and Otis. Howard married Stella Chedester, and they have two daughters, Elva and Eileen. For a number of years Howard ran a pack team through the mountains and at times acted as a guide to tourists. He now assists his father in his ranching operations. Mr. Ewing is a man of strong convictions and has well defined ideas on all questions of public policy. He believes in the election of good and honest men to office and uses his influence as far as is possible to secure the nomination of such by his party. He is a man of undoubted public spirit, patriotically generous in support of all measures pro­posed for the general benefit.

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