George Bartlett

Two miles north of Orosi, Tulare county, Cal., lives George Bartlett, son of Isaac Bartlett, grandson of Abraham Bartlett, great- grandson of Cornelius Bartlett, and great-great-grandson of Dr. Josiah Bartlett, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Mr. Bartlett's father married Hannah Williams, who like himself was a native of Lebanon Springs, N. Y. She had five brothers in the army of General Grant in the Civil war, not one of whom was wounded, and they are all still surviving. She had five sisters, of whom one survives. The grandmother on the maternal side reached the age of eighty-eight and the grandfather passed his ninetieth year. George Bartlett was born in Albany, N. Y., September 16, 1858. In his youth he learned the millwright's trade and at different times
has converted many old-style grist mills to new-style roller process mills. For six years he traveled in the interest of the E. P. Allis Company, of Milwaukee, Wis., visiting twenty-two states, and then settled at Hay Springs, Neb., for a time. Later he spent one year in Salt. Lake City and in November, 1890, settled in California, staying for a year in Tuolumne county, where he now owns property.

He owned a half interest in the eighty acre Anthony prune orchard in Kings county, where he was a resident of Grangeville and vicinity for sixteen years. In 1908 he bought thirty-eight acres, nineteen acres of which are in Muir and Lovell peaches, paying $7,500 for the property, and has sold over $12,000 worth of peaches since he bought the place. Without irrigation he is able to harvest five crops of alfalfa each year. He keeps just stock enough to properly operate the ranch and has made a specialty of chickens, having raised one thousand in 1911, when he sold $180 worth of eggs from one hundred and eighty hens. His home is one of the most comfortable in its vicinity. He bought property in Berkeley which he traded for orange land near Bacon Buttes and owns an undeveloped mine in Tuolumne county.

In Sheridan county, Neb., Mr. Bartlett married Miss Julia M. Knowlton, a native of Salem, Oregon, and they have two daughters, Gladys and Ethel. Gladys was graduated from the University of California in 1910 and is teaching school, and Ethel is a student at the University of Berkeley, Cal. Independent in thought and action, Mr. Bartlett affiliates with no political party. He was a member of the high school board for three years and in that capacity has had to do with the advancement of the school at Hanford. He was reared in the Presbyterian faith. Mrs. Bartlett is a Baptist.

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