Albert Pratt Howe

A native-born son of Kings county, Cal., who is achieving suc­cess on his native heath is Albert Pratt Howe, of Guernsey. It was in 1881 that Mr. Howe was born and he was reared in the Lakeside district and educated in the public schools near his home. He and his brother Edwin and their father farmed on the lake bottom from 1898 to 1906, when they were driven from their land by the filling up of the lake. Before this catastrophe the brothers had bought of their father the farm of one hundred and sixty acres, eight miles southwest of Hanford, now owned by Edwin Howe, and there they farmed several years as partners. In 1906 Albert sold out his interest there to his brother and bought two hundred and seventy-five acres at Guernsey and eighty acres one mile south of that place. The land has been improved with a new house and a barn, occupying a ground space of 56x80 feet, with a capacity for the storage of one hundred tons of hay. Of the two hundred and seventy-five-acre tract, one hundred and twenty acres is in alfalfa, the balance being farm land and pasture. Mr. Howe sows forty to sixty acres to grain each year. The eighty-acre tract is im­proved pasture land.The principal business of Mr. Howe is in stock-raising and dairying, though he raises some hogs, and he milks an average of about thirty-five dairy cows. From his farming and dairying  he has spared some time and money for investment otherwise. He married, in 1907, Miss Elvira Comfort, daughter of B. G. Comfort, who is well known in Kings county, and she has borne him two daughters and one son, Carrie, Eunice and Earl. Mr. Howe is a wide-awake man who takes an interest in everything that can possibly influence the public good. He is especially interested in the development of the community with which he casts his lot and is ready at all times to give generous aid to any movement proposed for the general uplift.

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