History of Yuba and Sutter Counties, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present: illustrated

By Peter J. Delay

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1924)

California Local History - Rocq - 15578

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Abbott, Alexander Franklin326
Abbott, Mary E326
Adams, Burwell B660Charles I. Davis
Addington, David Morgan (M.D.)410
Adkins, Oliver Perry1186
Adloff, Mary K. Dean Mrs.1312
Alban, Conrad1303
Albrecht, Louis F587
Alderman, Foster Ferber1181
Alderman, Roger L.871
Alexander, Clarence M.1226
Alexander, Claude W.1324
Allen, Edward W.951
Allnett, John W.1263
Alvernez, Antone797
Ames, John L560
Anderson, William1233
Andreason, John C.1192
Andreason, John Christian Sr.959
Andreason, Laurentine959
Arbucco, Andrew G715
Arfsten, Anton Dietrich1232
Armstead, Albert Hamilton617
Armstrong, Jasper N. Jr.546
Arnold, Wylo J.921
Arnoldy, Elmer Francis709
Arnoldy, Mat575
Ashburn, Charles Edmund1258
Ashford, Nelson D.999
Ashford, Richard Carleton1048
Ashford, Wilson Wesley1204
Ashley, J. A.1066
Ashley, Jay W.1270
Atherton, William G.1157
B[Return to Jump Site]
Backus, John Horace1294
Bailey, Arthur1258
Bailey, Elizabeth Mrs.951
Bailey, R. H1310
Bainbridge, Albert Pike508
Baker, Frank1322
Baker, George B.956Charles I. Davis
Baldwin, Arthur T.748
Baldwin, James C.532
Ball, Frank796
Barker, Herbert475
Barrett, John Joseph1263
Barrie, James B.1255
Baumgardner, George M.1015
Baun, Louis D784
Bean, Arnold R752
Bean, Joel440
Bean, John A639
Bean, Mary A Mrs.440
Bean, Paris G1316
Becker, Adolph Fred1302
Becker, Charles J1269
Becker, Charles J527
Beik, William526
Beilby, Charles W1295
Beilby, Chester R1323
Bell, J. W759
Bender, Joseph564
Benton, Fred Norman1119
Berg, Henry Frederick543
Bernal, Valentine E403
Berry, Ida E Mrs.783
Best, Charles G1327Charles I. Davis
Best, Henry321Charles I. Davis
Best, Samuel E552Charles I. Davis
Betty, Horace Ackley614
Betty, Leonard676
Bevan, Richard Edwin538
Bevan, Thomas Edward467
Bigelow, W. F595
Bihlman, Anthony William1288
Bihlman, George H600
Bihlman, George316
Billings, E. F.550
Binninger, M. H.445
Bisset, Thomas McCoy1275
Bissett, Lee H.1257
Blackford, Price433
Blanchard, Milton Eugene1116
Blue, Henry605
Boardman, Cassius F.849
Bohon, George B.1254
Booth, Frank Martin1080
Bosard, Andrew Keller830
Boulton, Arthur H.980
Bourgeois, Joseph T.1087
Bowen, Chester L.896
Boyd, C. R.513
Boyd, Charles R. Jr.1225
Boyd, Eugene, M.1262
Boyd, George T.623
Boynton, Ed A.578
Bradley, C. T. Capt.555
Bradley, Eva M. Miss332
Brass, Joseph334
Bremer, Frank G.1040
Brill, Evelyn J. Mrs.566
Brittan, George E.353
Britton, Sam Bradley1016
Brock, Isaac Norton347
Brock, Jeanette M. Mrs.347
Brockman, John Henry679
Brown, Antone Francis1271
Brown, Dan F.1012
Brown, James1175
Brown, Kenneth R.624
Brownlee, Archie L.1158
Bruce, Edward Wilcoxon1307
Bruce, Frank H.1123
Bryant, Walter J.929
Bryden, James333
Buchanan, Wilson Murray520
Buckingham, Amanda Ellen Mrs.563Charles I. Davis
Buckingham, Henry1032Charles I. Davis
Jay Bond
Burch, Harry A830
Burmood, William Henry1202
Burns, Clarence W1265
Burns, John1031Sharon L Suckow
Burris, Byron Sr.1272
Burris, Byron826
Burroughs, William Curt537
Burroughs, William R.992
Butler, Edward551
Butz, Peter J.491
Byers, Philip M.763
Byrne, James D.1249
Byrne, James1249
C[Return to Jump Site]
Caldwell, Annie (Winship)409
Calvin, M. G.1011
Campa, Faustino980
Campbell, Ida Virginia Mrs.1157
Capaul, Ulrich Antone1127
Carlson, Carl P.819
Carlson, Sett Thure823
Carmichael, Peter L.1112
Carpenter, James C.1248
Carroll, James D.420
Carroll, John J. Jr.420
Carter, William S1182
Case, Edward L.1247Charles I. Davis
Casey, Katherine B.372
Casey, Martin E.372
Cassano, John Baptist1292
Cate, Horatio Clifford976
Catlett, Howard R1180
Channon, John Francis634
Chase, Arthur W.935
Chism, Mary Julia362
Chism, William H362
Christ, Conrad1168
Christman, Rollie S. D. V. M691
Christopherson, George Washington496
Clark, Cyrus B1019
Clark, H. W.457
Clark, Walter Sherman942
Clarke, Albert J1305
Clements, William Andrew607
Coats, William A1084
Colford, John Patrick810
College of Notre Dame891
Colley, Ellsworth A.1190
Collins, John S.1035
Connarn, William M.594
Conneghan, Cornelius1279
Cook, Seely881Daryl
Cooley, Verdenal W731
Coplantz, Elvis Lafayette1301
Coppin, George E.1240
Coppin, James Robert1168
Coppin, Samuel Miller952
Corliss, Amos R.1172
Corliss, Henry Brown1172
Correll, George888
Costa, Martin699
Coupe, Henry1268
Cramsie, John E.759Jack
Creed, John J1296
Cremin, J. M.319
Creps, Roscoe S.1173
Cress, J. M.550
Crook, Leslie B.1236
Cuddeback, Dewitt Clinton1299
Curran, Dennis I1076
Curry, George Washington1140
Cutts, Walter B.572
D[Return to Jump Site]
Da Cosse, Charles A.1238
Dahling, Louis E.596
Dam, Arthur King751
Dam, Cyrus Harry1211
Dam, Cyrus King1144
Dam, Frances L.1144
Darrach, Peter A.1220
Davis, C. F.1292
Davis, Grant668Charles I. Davis
De Wayne, Harriet E Mrs.764
De Witt, Florence Welthy Mrs.341
De Witt, Frank W.1164
De Witt, Richard C.1254
De Witt, William Golder341
Dean, Capt. Thomas322
Dean, Edward1048
Dean, Edwina S.1048
Delay, Peter J.310
Dempsey, Daniel968Pat Engman
Dempsey, John F.963Pat Engman
Dempsey, William J.1321
Disernia, Antonio M.1273
Dobbins, Horner L.834
Dolan, Timothy J.815
Donaldson, Frank666
Drake, Harvey Scott498
Drake, Isaac581Charles I. Davis
Dunning, Halsey H.307
Durst, D. P., M. D.1187
Durst, Ralph H.1187
Dutra, Frank M.1290
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eager, Oscar1128
Eich, Harvey D.510
Ely, Calvin Luther779
Engel, Peter481
Engstrom, Theodore F. (D. O)904
Erickson, Alvin O.1253
Erickson, Isaac1161
Erickson, Paul1179
Esenman, Paul George738
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairlee, Earl1252
Farington, Charles Frederick612
Farington, Irwin Edson612
Farmer, Lee J.1327
Fehr, Frederick C.1069
Fellows, George W.850
Ferguson, Thomas A.1301
Fichter, Richard Milton482
Filter, Joseph1289
Finch, David U.1178
Finch, Walter H.1247
Finch, Willey L.1100
Fippins, J. D.507
Fippins, Lillie Mae507
Fisher, Frank L.1317
Fitts, Amasa E.1207
Flannery, Patrick J.618
Fleshman, John W.1300
Folsom, Albert Franklin659
Forbes, Alexander R.1197
Forbes, Gen. E. A.1197
Forderhase, Edward Henry922
Forderhase, Otto B.785
Foster, John Rupert876
Foster, Marie D.876
Foulk, George H.867
Fraser, Samuel J.428
Freeman, Lavern I.342
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gage, Arthur Braxton859
Galilean, Andrew I.887
Galligan, Bros.887
Galligan, Clarence F887
Galligan, George A. and William L.1245
Galligan, Matthew1245
Garmire, Preston E.1200
Garrett, James Riley315
Gates, Chester O.534
Gee, George Edgar1053
Gern, William779
Gianella, Thomas A.570
Gianella, Vincenzo570
Giblin, John Warner671
Giblin, Thomas Francis1044
Gibson, William C.1000
Girdner, Henry Tutt355
Girdner, Joseph337
Gledhill, Harrison Morton1201
Glenn, George R.1207
Glenn, John Polk1160Ann Glenn
Glenn, John Thomas1218Ann Glenn
Goetz, Antone William967
Goetz, Carl1320
Gomes, Manuel I.1285
Goolsby, Thomas Sierra Nevada509
Gorwood, Arthur772
Gottwals, George William1039
Graffis, Alonzo1083
Grahn, Gustaf1115
Grant, Allan H.1284
Grant, William O.655
Graves, Albert William601Charles I. Davis
Gray, Allen Earl (M. D)711
Gray, Everett E. (M. D.)814Barbara G. Roddin
Gray, James Clarence747Barbara G. Roddin
Gray, Minnie M. Mrs.1274Barbara G. Roddin
Gray, Walter S.1230Barbara G. Roddin
Greely, Fred Henry313
Greet, Alfred945
Gregory, Marion Eugene665
Grffith, Martha Matilda Mrs.521
Griffith, Clarence V.863
Griffith, John578
Groh, Charles H.1243
Groh, Fred D.1243
Gurney, Elmer E.1277
Gurney, Leo B.1261
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hageman, Henry H.795
Hall, Elmer S. R.1065
Hall, Francis F.1074
Hall, George W.710
Hall, Joseph H.613
Hamm, Robert C.565
Hammon, Wendell P.1194
Hamon, Charles E.1241
Hampshire, George T.1242
Haney, Milton700
Hansen, John H.533
Hanson, Elof1246
Harkey, Clarinda Mrs.1020
Harkey, William Pinckney1020
Harmon, Charles Wilder963
Harris, Edgar A618Charles I. Davis
Harris, Edward H.1043
Harris, Jeremiah A.899Charles I. Davis
Harris, Jesse C.945
Harris, Rhoda E. Mrs.899Charles I. Davis
Harrison, William1293
Hartley, Joseph Robert1139
Harvey, Charles F. Sr.1162
Harwood, Benjamin R.825
Hauck, Ernest R.545
Hauss, Elizabeth1073
Hauss, Ferdinand1073
Hauss, Fred1074
Havey, John Sr.846
Hawley, Roland Henry606
Hayne, William Alston381
Haynes, Norman E.692
Haynes, Thomas W.945
Heier, Anna Mrs.1193Charles I. Davis
Heier, George W.1193Charles I. Davis
Heiken, Fred H.860
Heiken, John B.602
Heisch, Edward F.696
Helsem Bros.1032
Hemstreet, David Alexander911Greg
Henderson, Thomas J.809
Henrichsen, Hans1286
Henson, William Leonard1058
Herboth, B. J.1284
Herrin, Edward Walker1035
Herzog, Albert1326
Herzog, George F.975
Hewitt, Edna Jane992
Hiatt, Glenwood J833
Hickeson, L. P1289
Hicks, Champ908
Hicks, Stephen D., Judge987
Hill, Arthur L.675
Hill, Elbert L1224
Hill, Robert1190
Hite, Herbert L.672
Hite, Lincoln Edward813
Hixson, Carroll Wilber988Charles I. Davis
Hixson, Wilmer W1229Charles I. Davis
Hoeppner, Emil A419
Hoffman, George J1070
Hoke, Harmon August502
Hollingshead, Joseph Easton352
Holman, Jesse L.1036
Holmes, Thomas E.1119
Hosking, Frank728
Holst, Henry767
Howser, Steve525
Hull, Maggie Mrs.704
Hunn, Edwin A699
Hunt, Jasper J.1324
Hust, Charles907
Hutchinson, Ernest E.531
Hutchinson, F. L.801
Hutchinson, Oscar R.841
Hutchinson, Ralph1251
Hutchinson, Ray Elmer1222
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irwin, Alex C1279
J[Return to Jump Site]
James, Lewis Franklin1070
Jasper, Henry Carrington768
Jeffery, H. B.1308
Jenkins, Clarence Wilmot819
Jensen, John T.806
Joaquin, John628Joan Joaquin Wood
Johnson, Albert John1252
Johnson, Charles H.1322
Johnson, Charles1220
Johnson, Edward Carl1007
Johnson, Ephraim1065
Johnson, Fred871
Johnson, John Sanders991
Johnson, Sadie L. Mrs.871
Johnson, Samuel David531
Jones, Bell Mrs.635
Jones, David N.1171
Jones, David Nevens Sr.1174
Jones, M. Elmer1266
Jones, Maria Mrs.635
Jones, Raymond Henry544
Jopson, Alonzo1128
Jopson, Charles Willows972
Joseph, Thomas426
Joubert, Frederick J.1091
Joy, William H.434
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaas, John703
Karstens, John Henry1299
Keck, Robert696Charles I. Davis
Keeler, G. F.540
Keesy, Fred A.1151Kurt
Kells, Robert C1087Charles I. Davis
Kennedy, David996
Kerr, Joseph1309
Kerrigan, P. A583
Keys, William Julius1169
Kimball, George H.519
Kimball, John H.519
Kimerer, Carl639
Klenzendorf, Henry J.555Rosemary Tonjes
Klenzendorf, Lillie555Rosemary Tonjes
Kline, Claude C1317
Knight, George W.629
Knoop, Fred1230
Kramer, Austin941
Krehe, Fred J.1221
Krehe, Henry414
Krehe, J. J.414
Krull & Bender564
Krull, Christina Hagemann1202
Krull, E. C564
Krull, Joseph1228
Kupser, Anna Mary Mrs.1115
Kussenberger, John G.979
Kuster, Emery Ellsworth1231
Kuster, Samuel Jr.1250
Kynoch, Walter A.912
L[Return to Jump Site]
Labadie, Benjamin F.522
Labadie, Francis S.712
Labadie, Orson P.737
Lambert, George M. Rev.1095
Lambert, Harriet I.1095
Lamme, John Hamilton608Charles I. Davis
Langdon, Everett B.377
Langdon, W. E. Judge377
Lange, Harry Conrad806
Lanzendorf, Oscar W.1015
Lauritzen, Harold C549
Lawton, Maurice E1100
Lay, John D.741
Leal, Manuel719
Lehner, Ludwig M.907
Lemmon, Andrew Jackson1123
Lewis, A. Walter325
Lewis, Emma M Mrs.353
Lewis, James Edwin338
Lewis, Roy Henry594
Lewis, William A.895
Liebig, Fred556
Linggi, Albert1177
Lipp, Frank Milton972
Littlejohn, George Washington649
Littlejohn, Helen D.742
Littlejohn, Howard Grant387
Littlejohn, James A.432
Littlejohn, James742
Lohman, Louis D.1155
Long, Thomas H687
Lopes, Mary Mrs.1104
Losey, Isaac S.627
Luckensmeyer, Henry W653
Luther, Everett Wheaton1267
Luther, H.492
Luther, J. F.1257
Lybecker, Erick B478
Lysell, Edwin C640
Lytken, William1256
Lytle, Clara P. Mrs.661
M[Return to Jump Site]
Magruder, George Henry514
Mahon, Kirby Smith Hon.356
Major, George Lawrence1244
Malaley, Jennie1108
Mangels, William D.834
Manwell, Ray359
Marders, Cay Nelson976
Martignone, Andrew1270
Martin, Omar Hartzell755
Martini, Nicolaus805
Matthews, George W.1261
McAnulty, Joseph B.1155
McCarty, Andrew Joseph802
McCarty, Matthew H.752
McCoy, Charles J.386
McDaniel, E. W.400
McDaniel, Eugene P. Hon. 421
McDaniel, George E.959
McDevitt, Almeda E. Mrs.850
McFadden, Andrew825
McKinney, John A.361
McLean, Stanley Ralph1069
McNamara, Michael James1127
McPherrin, Earl Elwood1306
McQuaid, Charles E.395
McQuaid, Isaac Clark395
McRae, Jack Wilson1165
McRoberts, William C.623
McWilliam, George1170
Meek, Jason Russell925
Meek, William Mayo1291
Meier, Christ760
Meier, Frederick A630Charles I. Davis
Meier, William F926Charles I. Davis
Jay Bond
Susan Thompson
Mellon, William J.1124
Merriam, Charles E.644
Merriam, Henry G.900
Merriam, Joseph Chester449
Merz, Charles W.837
Messick, Charles C.1217
Metteer, Charles H.351
Metteer, George Baxter334
Meyer, Charles William1264
Meyer, Edna Noyes946
Meyer, LeRoy Henry946
Michel, Anna Margretha Mrs.1135
Michel, Anna Mrs.1003
Michel, Casper J.1003
Michel, Frank Joseph1235
Miller, L. F.590
Miller, Mark J.853
Miller, Solomon Page659
Mills, Frank L.1159
Mills, James William1008
Minden, August Edward1136
Minden, C. J. Henry1136
Minden, John A.1218
Mix, F. L.1104
Monson, Earl E780
Montna, Peri1203Charles I. Davis
Moon, Wesley Abel820
Mooney, Thomas983
Moore, Fred S775
Moore, Thomas Jefferson468
More, John Wesley741
More, Mary E Mrs.741
Morehead, Franklin Foley400
Morley, Harold J888
Morrison, David683
Morrison, Hugh A1303Charles I. Davis
Morrison, J. Eugene1308
Morrison, James H.860
Morrison, John Hobson649
Morrissey, James M.627
Muck, Charles687
Mudgette, Rose I.1026
Mudgette, Sidney William1026
Mullin, William T.756
Murchie, Durrell H. (D.D.S.)1225
Murphy, Matthew B.1283
Murray, Annie B. Mrs.319
Murray, George A.1298
Murray, James319
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nall, Ira E1212Charles I. Davis
Nance, James M.1162
Nash, Fred A.1325
Nelson, Elna Mrs.882
Nelson, Eric882
Nelson, James F.571
Nelson, John Walter1315
Newbert, William L.868
Newman, David I.875
Newman, Sarah I.875
Nicholau, Charles1321
Niemeyer, William H.654
Niesen, William P.955
Nix, Lillie May Mrs.864
Noronha, Henry Reis437
Norris, William Kent1313
Noyes, E. A368Charles I. Davis
Noyes, Fred B.431
Nunes, William Souza1215
Nutt, Arthur Francis1140
Nutt, George Ernest1143
Nutt, Margaret L1143
Nutt, Samuel Doty1143
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakley, Amasa George477
O'Brien, James1091
O'Brien, William A1249
O'Connor, Howard1242
O'Connor, Neal1237
Ohleyer, George Sr.320
Ohleyer, George464
Olsen, Arthur J.1153
Olson, Aaron867
Olson, Albert Theodore1304
Olson, Per667
O'Neil, John1298
Onken, William F.1079
Onstott, George W.416
Onstott, John Paxton388
Onstott, Lizzie Flynn388
Ostrom, George W.1191
Ottney, Garth H446
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palmer, John E.1233
Parks, William H.892
Payton, Henry Burtt829
Payton, Nora A.829
Pease, Leroy1219
Pease, Mark Jr.1226
Pease, Mark456
Peckham, Thomas W838
Peirano, Rose559
Peirano, Thomas William559
Pendola, James William935
Percy, A. J.348
Perry, Aaron1096
Peters, Charles P1314Charles I. Davis
Peters, Claus723
Peters, John F539Charles I. Davis
Peterson, Charles M.695
Peterson, Peter915
Peterson, William T.1268
Phelan, Charles1278
Pieratt, Louis Franklin706
Pierce, Mary A. Mrs.463
Plantz, Timothy A.1287
Plaskett, James Edman903
Poffenberger, Hezakiah396
Poole, Frank D.1167
Poole, Frank W.1260
Poole, James D676
Poole, Samuel G728
Poole, William C.1216
Potts, William1267
Powell, Charles H608
Price, George Lewis596
Probst, Barbara W.1047
Probst, Jacob1047
Proper, Edward Eugene968
Pugsley, Charles1296
Purinton, James Parker1206
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Queen, Hugh S1189
Quenell, E. William508
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rackerby, Paul A.1120
Rednall, Charles F611
Reed, C. Wesley692
Reed, Howard1227
Reeves, Edward Everette643
Rehermann, Herman1325
Reimers, O. J.1143
Reische, C. P.727
Reische, Frederick T.964
Reische, Samuel E.1314
Reissinger, Michel633
Reusser, Gottfried675
Reusser, Sophia D.675
Richards, George William1083
Rickerts, John R.1007
Rideout, Norman Dunning1188Tammy Schnetzer
Robinson, James W.915
Robson, Andrew A.1107
Robson, Deborah Mrs.1025
Ross, James Alex1183
Rowe, Pleasant William593Sharon L Suckow
Rudge, Harry1318
Ruff, Ida Miss960
Russ, William Henry767
Russell, John526
Ruth, Daniel B427
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sanders, John H.842
Sanders, M. A. Mrs.404
Sanders, William404
Sanford, Wallace J.1208
Sartori, Victor995
Scheiber, Ambrose Emil916
Scheiber, Anna Theresa930
Scheiber, Catherine L936
Scheiber, Emma M.854
Scheiber, John930
Scheiber, Morris854
Scheiber, Oswald936
Scheiber, Rose Katherine916
Schellenger, Adelbert Edmond680
Schlag, Josephine (Whyler)650
Schloss, Rose1282
Schmidt, Andreas C. H.1266
Schmidt, Erich470
Schoch, Frank B.1224
Schuler, Elmer C.1234
Schultz, August723
Schultz, William J394
Schwall, Peter999
Scott, Arthur H.1269
Scott, Arthur Winfield1276
Scott, Charles R. Sr.823
Scott, Dwight Sanford1076
Scott, Louis Nelson450
Selinger, Charles584
Shannon, Grover C1205
Shearer, William971
Shepard, W. J378
Shields, Marshall R.636
Silva, Manuel E.1062
Simpson, Elizabeth A. Mrs.515
Slingsby, Mary Mrs.489
Slingsby, William484
Smith, Calvin Alexander1281
Smith, Chester A720
Smith, Edwin M462
Smith, Frank Edward497
Smith, James William801
Smith, Thomas L.495
Snygg, Simon P.1228
Soderlund, Noack785
Soderlund, Noah Edwin1011
Sorensen, Marianne955
Sorensen, Soren A.955
Southern, Fannie E Miss413
Sowles, John W.1259
Spencer, Allan Thomas1061
Spencer, Carl Ray925
Sperbeck, Jacob F.1277
Spring, Gardiner Whittier921
Springer, Samuel 0.1213
Srite, Mary Olive1186
Staas, August1309
Stafford, William H.577
Stagner, Albert C475
Stagner, Louise C Mrs.475
Stam, George John1131
Starr, Roy D1297Charles I. Davis
Stephens, William L. (M.D.)700
Stewart, Desseau Arthur490Susan Thompson
Stohlman, Charles Henry816
Stohlmann, Henry606
Stohlmann, Louis C.606
Stoker, Elizabeth J Mrs.416Charles I. Davis
Stoker, George Smith1271Charles I. Davis
Stoker, Jesse Albert1214Charles I. Davis
Stolp, Cornelius432
Stottlemyer, Emeral Hanford461
Strain, James Edward399
Straub, William Asbury646
Sugg, A. C1318
Sullivan, Daniel Francis462
Sullivan, James Thomas845Patti Unger
Sullivan, Jeremiah Peter984Patti Unger
Summy, Charles422
Summy, G. William772
Sumner, Charles N1294
Sutfin, Willis A.1004
Sutter Union High School921
Sweeney, B. M.576
Swift, Clarence Eugene1057
Swift, John Pierce1165
Syvertsen, Thomas A545
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taffinder, Robert Albert1234
Tapley, Fred Boyd (M.D.)501
Taresh, John1099
Tarke, Louis786
Tarke, Nancy E.786
Taylor, Cary Peebles1075
Taylor, Clyde O.1280
Taylor, Thomas J.516
Tharp, Charles H.1135Jack Cleeton
Thalls, Charles H.469
Tharp, Harvey1311
Tharp, William Monroe1079
Thompson, George371Jay Bond
Todd, M. M528
Todd, Nelson F.425
Travis, Cyrus E.988
Trevathan, Thomas William1239
Triplett, Claude771
Troncatty, James Sebastian1223
Trowbridge, L. D.1200
Tubbs, G. Parker Dr.1103
Tucker, W. E. Judge569
Turner, Charles727
Turner, Susie Mrs.727
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Ullrey, Bertie Miles792
Ullrey, Clyde I705Charles I. Davis
Ury, George Murray1150
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Vagedes, Antone1320
Vagedes, John Henry Theodore576
Van Buskirk, Henry1003
Van Lew, Fred582
Van Male, J. J. (M. D)656
Van Tiger, Roy J.1019
Velasco, Joseph Alfred1111
Vestal, J. H.1238
Vieira, Mariano P.716
Vineyard, William B.734
Vogan, Charles E.684
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Wadsworth, Edson Schuyler621
Wadsworth, Leo Ainslie621
Walker, John William1054
Walkup, Claude V.791
Wallace, Orlain W.1131
Walsh, John E.833
Walsh, William P.1179
Walton, Harry A.455
Wanzer, James Olin360
Ward, William W.841
Watson, John W.929
Watson, Stanley Efkin798
Weber, M. J.1298
Weber, Nicholas J. Jr.775
Weis, Charles J.1319
Welch, James Chester1166
Welch, Lillie E. Mrs.1166
Weldon, Augustus L.1182
Weldon, Harry P.1182
Wellman, Aaron Sargent1153
Wellman, Miles1153
Wells, William S.1286
Wessing, G. A.1163
Wheaton, Allan Given724
White, Amanda Catherine Mrs.396
White, Arthur H.1274
Whiteside, Louisa Mrs.1043
Whiteside, Orlo1043
Wiget, Dominie1184
Wilcoxon, Lewis Boyd493
Wilcoxon, Noah J.688
Wilcoxon, Strother E.360
Wilkie, John458
Wilkinson, J. Augustus538
Williams, Lowell Cortez599
Williams, Thomas J. Sr.643
Willis, Harvey Ray1210
Wilson, John Bell1240
Winship, Chester Douglas1305
Winship, Edwin388
Winship, Foster E.776
Wise, John A.1199
Wisner, Calvin Sylvester599
Wisner, Marvin E.589
Wissler, Ed L.904
Wood, Arthur M.1185
Wood, Joseph588
Worth, James A.1176
Wright, Aden J.895
Wright, Mary Mrs.895
Wurm, Herman A.1211
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Young, Jacob645
Young, James Redmond1311
Yuhre, William F.1192
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Zbinden, Gottfried1040
Zerga, Antone621
Zwanck, Arnold Emil1307

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