History of Yolo County

By William O. Russell

Woodland, CA - 1940

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 15535

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Aulman, Harry E., Mr./Mrs.540
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Beeman, Dean Cyrus364
Bemmerly, Albert Michael, Mr./Mrs.380
Bemmerly, (Albert M. ) Home380
Brown, Richard Marion524
C[Return to Jump Site]
Carrere, Arnaud Louis, Mr./Mrs.372
Carrere, Jean Arnaud376
Cooper, Joseph T., Mr./Mrs.384
Craig, Thornton ( Dr. )388
Cranston, Reuben Borton, Mr./Mrs.392
Cross, Minna Belle396
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Deaner, Samuel C., Mr./Mrs.400
Dinsdale, John Middleton520
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Fenton, Delmus404
Fonts, Manuel, Jr., Mr./Mrs.408
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H[Return to Jump Site]
Hart, John412
Hart, John, Mrs.412
Hartwig, Hermann, Mr./Mrs.416
Hecke, George H., LL.D.360
Heringer, Stephen Fredrick428
Hollenbeck, James William342
Huston, Arthur C., Sr.432
Hurst, Anna May436
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L[Return to Jump Site]
Laugenour, Thomas Franklin354
Laugenour, Isabella (Belle) Burton354
Laugenour, William Roy356
Lawson, Robert Graham350
Leake, Edward Irwin440
M[Return to Jump Site]
Martin, John, Mr./Mrs.368
Montgomery, John Elmo454
Morfoot, Fredrick William, Mr./Mrs.462
Morris, Asa Warren444
Morris, Mary Alice444
McDonald, Clarence Chester456
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Paulsen, Antone, Mr./Mrs.448
Pisani, Angelo J., Mr./Mrs.452
Poole, David Crocket, Mr./Mrs.536
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Rice, John Henry, Mr./Mrs.544L. Spencer Leister
Rominger, Charles F.460
Rominger, Emilie Blickley460
Russell, William O.332
S[Return to Jump Site]
Smith, Chris, Mr./Mrs.532
Stephen, George D. (Old Home)464
St. Louis, Edward528
St. Louis, Perpetua528
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Wampler, Charles Frank Mr./Mrs.468
Welch, James Bruce472
Wetherbee, Clarence, Mr./Mrs.476
Wetzel, Leo, Mr./Mrs.480
Wilkendorf, Frederick Albert, Mr./Mrs.484
Wulff, Frank Marian Hopwood488
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