History of Yolo County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been indentified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By Tom Gregory

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1913

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 15536

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.451 G8 -- Book NC

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abele, Alois H.523
Alge, Richard251
Altpeter, John C.439
Anderson, Earl T.482
Anderson, John643
Anderson, John W.608
Anderson, William A.247
Archer, John T.534
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailey, A. G.689
Baird, James D.620
Baird, Thomas727
Baker, Hon. Francis E.808
Ball Thomas D.877
Barnes George L.347
Barnes, H. T. & Son238
Baumann, Otto J.829
Beamer, Richard H.240Beth Colvin
Beamer, Richard L.653Beth Colvin
Beardslee, William E. M.885
Beck, Aaron546
Beeman, Dean C.816
Belshe, Thomas J.200
Bemmerly, Ernest637
Bemmerly, John826
Bentz, M. S.736
Bidwell, Charles T.857
Blanchard, Frank W.530
Blanchard, Melvin W.868
Blickle, Chris F.817
Boots, William A.700
Bourland, Francis L.559Willow
Bower, John G.693
Bray, William206
Breen, Miss Agnes460
Brinck, August342
Brinck, William404
Brown, Demarcus N.809
Browning, Robert W.211
Browning, William M.739
Buckingham, Robert H.193
Byrns, Charles E.796
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cannedy, William J.339
Cecil, Burlin467
Cecil, James G.277
Chapman James W.450
Chiles, Isaac645
Chiles, William D.652
Clancy, Mathew456
Clanton, Drewry R.422
Clanton, Ethelbert J.793
Clark, Hon. Ephraim695
Clarke, Foster N.538
Coil, Charles191
Cole, Roy E.348
Comontofski, John433
Cook, Elijah A.265
Cook, Ephraim568
Cook, Thomas720
Cooper, Charles C602
>Cooper, Hickason B.505
Cooper, Joseph T.340
Costa, Fedele398
Craig, Joseph372
Craig, Thornton, M. D.377
Cramer, Lewis553
Crane, James A.725
Cranston, Reuben B.614
Crites, Ephraim Q.827
Culton, Henry C.187
Culver, Edward W.464
Cummins, Thomas D.648Ken Tessendorff
Curtiss, Wilbur C.743
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dahler, William272
Davisson, Benjamin F., Sr.510
Dill, William J.471
Dingle, Charles E.672
Drummond, John C.418
Drummond, Lewis Craig176
Drummond, M. H.477
Duncan, Wyatt G.365
Durst, Fredoline846
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eddy, Hiram S.773
Edson, Frank B.697
Edwards, James R.698
Eliot, Patrick H.752
Ely, Isaac J.400
Evans, Edward J.662
Ewert, Fred C.650
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farish, Anthony L.686
Farnham, Erastus S.216
Fenton, Del734
Fingland, John, Jr511
Fish, George H674
Fishback, Charles M563
Fisher, Isaae775
Fisher, James R661
Fisk, Welter W864
Fitz, Reuben474
Fletcher, Frank818
Flint, Daniel659
Flint, Russell R804
Flowers, Otis 0327
Fredson, Alonzo H748
Freeman, Hon. Frank S173
Freeman, John W185
Freeman, Mrs. Gertrude179
French, Charles E842
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gable, Amos W730
Gable, Harvey C733
Gaddis, Edward E597
Gaddis, Henry683
Gallup, J. Wesley394
Germeshausen, Joseph249
Gibson, Thomas B.299
Gibson, William B.283
Gibson,Robert J.859
Gilliam, J. W.843
Gordon, William Y874
Grauel, Emil F492
Greene, Charles E., Sr.244
Greene, Charles E.271
Greive, Mrs. Jakie888
Gumbinger, Christian545
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hadsall, Charles .F314
Hall, Thomas485
Hamel, George F.463
Hamel, Henry687
Hannum, Albert J.318
Hansen, H. J.642
Harley, Emerson B.677
Harrison, Herbert E.823
Hatch, Chester L.718
Hatcher, George P.713Nancy Hatcher McCullough
Hawkins, Hon. Nicholas A.820
Hayes, George393
Hays, Eli529
Hecke, G. H411
Heinz, Lorenz779
Henigan, Hiram318
Henshall, Mrs. Mary Dexter222
Hermle, Cyriak737
Hershey, David N333
Hinckley, Horace C640
Hoag, George B.501
Holy Rosary Academy150
Hoppin, Charles R.292
Houx, Daniel F.844
Howard, Richard472
Hucke, August V.359Nancy Hess
Hughes, Thomas G.435
Hughson, George W.810
Hunt, Alvis G.286
Hunt, John635
Huston, Arthur C.234
Huston, Mrs. Sarah290
I[Return to Jump Site]
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, William M.313
Jacobs, George N.499
Jacobs, James R.837
Jacobs, Oscar E.232
Jacobs,Isaac W.357
Johnson, Charles705
Johnson, Henry B870
Johnson, John728
Joyce, Mrs. Halcyon699
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keehn Brothers863
Keithly, John391
Kettenburg, Henry572
Kier, Henry M667
Kincheloe, Z. B.613
King, William259
Knudsen, Peter564
Krellenberg, Emil490
L[Return to Jump Site]
LaBrie, Napoleon B.495
LaRue, Hugh M664
Laugenour, John D.221
Laugenour, Mrs. Emma C.215
Laugenour, Thomas F.710
Lawson Brothers383
Lawson, John D.630
Lawson, Perry P.680
Lawson, Robert G.630
Leake, Ed E.849
Leeman, William H.519
Leinberger, Henry537
Lillard, William A.611
Linderman, man. George W.741
Lipe, Charles W.751
Logwood, William646
Long, .James T.633
Long, David H.321
Luft, John C.346
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maier, Frank878
Mangold, Rev. John G.682
Marden, William H.691
Marders, H. L.791
Marders, William N.670
Martin, .John D.679
Martin, John594
Marty, Antone579
Maxwell, James O.860
McCoubrey, John763
McGarr, P. H296
McHenry, James M.304
McKinney, Robert J.761
McNeill, Henry782
MCullongh, Fred F.883
Meier, Robert A.886
Mezger, Theodore676
Miller, Antone835
Miller, Hezekiah M.794
Millsap, Walter880Lewis Ruddick
Monroe, James W.227
Montgomery, Alex832
Montgomery, J. C.807
Montgomery, William W805
Morrin, J. M.500
Morris, Asa W.802
Mosbacher, Jacob326
Murphy, John J.701
N[Return to Jump Site]
Newman, W. V.814
Nichols, Carl B.576
Nissen, Reuben B.311
Norton, John515
Nutting Daniel W.712
>Nutting, Judge Samuel L.502
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oeste, John H.871Researcher
Ogden, George A.421
Ogden, Robert L.789Bea Barton
Osborn,William E.753
Overhouse, William D.639
Overhouse, William876
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palm, Edward A.590
Parker, John R.768
Parrish, Bernard W.560
Paul, Mrs. Jane E.587
Peterson, Peter636
Pierce, George W.229
Plant, Albert J.788
Porter, Adelbert D.853Bev Moltzau
Porter, William A.784Bev Moltzau
Powers, Arthur A.801
Pratt, E. D.276
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rasor, Claire, M. D.756
Read, Walter G.331
Reardon, Maurice506
Reasbeck, Edward367
Reed, Hayward866
Rehm, Henry834
Reiff, Jacob838
Reynolds, William J.605
Rhodes, John M.622
Richie, John D.824
Richter Brothers755
Ridley, Edward758
Roach, William E.486Eileen Bremner
Roberts, Hampton E.778
Robinson, Calvin N.542
Rodgers, John T.787
Rogers, T. G.261
Rowe, Jesse G., Sr.632
Ruberts, Watson M.360
Russell, F. J.575
Russell, Francis E.447
Russell, William440
Russell, William O.262
Ryder, Thomas H550
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sackett, Buel R.415
Sackett, Harry E.303
Sanders, George W.512
Sandrock, William840
Saunders, Harry R.285
Schaeffer, Franklyn G.430
Schlieman Brothers515
Schlosser, Gustave E.181
Schlotz, Chris266
Schluer, Otto798
Schooling, Oliver B.434
Schuerle, John K.325
Scott, George W.426
Scott, J. Smith723
c Sharp, Bernal H.520
Sieber, Chris657
Smith, John H.598
Smith, John J.770
Snider, Eli830
Stening, Fred V.593
Stephens, George D.197
Stephens, John D.351
Stephens, Joseph J.702
Stephens, Lawrence D.203
Stites, William A.706
Stitt, Matt H269
Stoddard, John882
Strippel, H. S.879
Suggett, J. E.872
Swete, Carrington A.379
Swingle, George H.799
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tadlock, Elbert716Willow
Tadlock, Rilford G.759Willow
Taylor, James627
Taylor, John Z.715
Thomas, Charles S.397
Tufts, J. B588
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Zee, Dirk746
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wallace, Richard P.275
Waller, Uriah J.738
Wallrath, Rev. M.617
Weber, Mrs. Bertha407
White, William S.606
Wilber, Otis B.557
Wilcox, Lester C.549
Wilcoxon, Caleb R.654
Wilger, Frederick856
Wilkendorf, August786
Wilkerson, Mattie L., D. C.812
Willman, Joseph583
Winne, William H.722
Wirth, C. F.708
Witham, Gilbert T.478
Wohlfrom, John209
Wolgamott, David386
Wolgamott, Joseph764
Wood, Joel638
Wood, John D.449
Wood, Mrs. Henry B.408
Wooster, Daniel M.489
Wright, William S.527Bea Barton
Wurth, Mrs. Gertrude368
Wyatt, James N. B766
Wyatt, Roy F442
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zimmerman, Mrs. Marcia E629

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