The Illustrated atlas and history of Yolo County, Cal.:

containing a history of California from 1513 to 1850, a history of Yolo County from 1825 to 1880, with statistics ... lithographic views ... portraits of well-known citizens, and the official county map.

By Frank T. Gilbert

DePue & Company, San Francisco, CA - 1879

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 15537

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Abbey, George96
Adams, D. Q.82
Adamson, John96
Aldrich, J. W.82
Allen, Charles96
Allen, Elizabeth, Mrs.96
Allen, G. D96
Ammons, J. J.96
Andrews, G. W.96
Armstrong, R. B.96
Audett, Joshua96
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babel, Frederick96
Baker, Francis E.97
Bandy, J. W.97
Barker, S. O.96
Barnes, David83
Barnes, E. K.97
Barnes, F. J.84
Barnett, Wm.96
Barr, C.97
Baur, Robert97
Beach, J. W.97
Beal, J. M., Mrs.96
Beamer, R. H.82Beth Colvin
Beamer, R. L82Beth Colvin
Beck, Charles, T.97
Beck, Philemon97
Belden, Francis C.96
Bell, W T., Dr. 97
Bemerly, Agnes, Mrs.97Joanne Farris
Bentley, S. A.84
Bidwell, Chas. T.97
Black, J. J.97
Blair, Mary R., Mrs. 97
Blodgett, O.96
Bork, C. H.97
Boub, Christian96
Briggs, J. R.83
Brock, T. H.84
Brown, E. W.96
Brown, F. M.83
Brown, Jackson96
Brownell, W. W.84
Buford, S. H.96
Bullard, Frank83Jessica Bullard
Bullard, W. G.83
Bullock, J. P.84
Burger, Edmund G.96-7
Burns, D. M.82
Bush, E. R., Judge96
Byrns, John97
C[Return to Jump Site]
Campbell, Basil84
Campbell, James R.97
Candfler, Gates S.97
Card, Joseph E.86
Card, W. D.97
Carson, Wm. H. H.98
Cave, Hugh98
Cecil, Burlin 97
Chapman, Geo. W.98
Chappell, William97
Charmak, Lewis98
Chase, S.85
Chiles, P. S.85
Cladwell, Samuel84
Clanton, Drury R.97
Clark, Julius A.97
Clark, W. J.97
Clausen, Henry A.84
Clay, Charles84
Coil, Charles86
Cole, G. J.97
Cole, Warren 97
Comstock, Elijah97
Cooper, Stephen, Maj.85
Cornish, Geo. F.97
Cowell, Alfred H.86
Cradwick, John97
Craig, Frederick98
Craig, Joseph86
Craig, Thornton, Dr.86
Cramer, Lewis97
Cuningham Bros97
Curtiss, W. C., Mrs.86
D[Return to Jump Site]
Day, Chas. G.98
Day, Russell98
De Rose John J.98
Dearing, Joseph98
Dennis, B. S.98Dennis Beck
Devilbiss, John98
Diggs, D. P.9P
Dinsdale, Owen98
Dinwiddle, John98
Dresbach, William98
Drummond, J. C.98
Drummond, L. C.87
Du Boise, J. E.98
Du Boise, Thos. L.98
Duncan W. G.86C. J. Duncan Flin
Duncan, B. F.87C. J. Duncan Flin
Duncan, H. C.98
Duncan, W. H.86C. J. Duncan Flin
Dunnigan, A. W.98
Dutton, James 87
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eckhardt, Conrad 98
Edson, D. W.83
Edwards, D. P.98
Elston, Allen M., Prof.87
Ely, Benjamin87
Ely, I. J.98
Enos, W. S.98
Eustice, G. B.98
Everett, L. P.98
Everett, P. G.87
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farlow, George99
Faure, E.99
Fisher, P. W.98
Fiske, Geo D.88
Fitz, Reuben99
Flanders, W. A.99
Fleming, Patrick99
Forward, Walter99
Fowler, John E.99
France, I. G. L.99
Francisco, Daniel98
Fredericks, J. G.99
Freeman, F. S.87
Freeman, W. B.99
Freemna, J. W.87
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gibson, W. B.88
Gable, Amos W.88
Gable, Harvey88
Gafford, J. W.99
Gardner, Robt99
Garoutte, Chas. H.99
Germeshausen, B.99
Germeshausen, Joseph99
Gibbs, S. S.100
Giguerre, Henry99
Giguerre, Louis99
Gilliam, J. W.100
Glascock, George88
Glide, J. H.100
Gordon, E. E88
Gordon, William30
Grafton, J. P.99
Grassner, John88
Gray, Geo. W.99
Green Jay99
Greene, Chas E99
Gregg, W99
Gregory, J. D., Dr.99
Greiner, Jacob99Joanne Farris
Griffin, Jas. T.100
Griffin, Joseph89
Griffin, Michael99
Griffith, Abram99
Griggs, J. G.99
Guysi, Jacob88
Gwinn, Harrrison99
Gwynn, Wiliam99
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hadley, Jas. T.100
Hamilton, David D.89
Hannum, W. W.89
Harlan, Benj. F.100
Harlan, James C.100
Harlan, Jos. H., Hon.89
Harley, E.100
Harms, Henry101
Harriamn, S. M.100
Hatcher, William100Nancy Hatcher McCullough
Heinrich, Fred N.101
Heinze, Lorenz100
Henley, Albert101
Henry, Jacob100
Herrick, Edgar100
Hershey, D. N., Hon.89
Hevel, Christopher 100
Hevel, Jacob100
Hext, Richard100
Hext, Thomas100
Hicks, Humphrey100
Hildebrand, John100
Hill, F. S.100
Hilliker, L. W.89
Hinsdill, S. S.101
Hodgen, I. N., Dr.100
Hoebnlein, E. G.100
Holcom, W. D.100
Holmes, L. B., Dr.89
Holton, Stephen B.89
Howard, M. E., Mrs.100
Hunt, W. G.100
Hurlbutt, D. B.100
Hutchinson, T. J.101
Hyser, Henry101
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ireland Elias89
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, B. F.101
Jackson, Daniel A.89
Jackson, George H., Dr.90
Jennings, Elijah90
Jones, M. F.101
Juhl, Peter M.101
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kane, A. C.101
Kanode, D. W.101
Kast, Henry101
Kelley, J. M.101
Kirkham, Samuel101
Knuppe, H. H.90
Krellingberg, P.101
Krull, A. A.101
Kuhn, Herman101Chris Day
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lang, John] 01
Larue, H. M.101
Laton, M. F.102
Laugenour, John D.90
Laugenour, T. F.101
Lauken, M.101
Lawson B. C.101
Lawson, John D.90
Leman, Chas. E.101
Leman, Michael90
Lerch, Reuben101
Levy, Wolf 90
Lewis, G. B.101
Lillard, Jas. T.101
Lincoln, N. M.101
Linderman, G. W.101
Loranger, I. R.90
Lusk, W. H.101
M[Return to Jump Site]
Majors, Ebenezer102
Maltby, John E.102
Manor, W. L.91
Marden, W. H.102
Mardis, H. L.91
Martin John102
Martin, H. P.102
Martin, Walter E.102
Marvin, H. E.102
Maxwell, J. O.102
McClintic, J. P., Mrs.102
McClory, Andrew 102
McClurg, Jude102
McCullough, William102
McDonald, L. W.102
McHenry, James 103
McKenna, John J.102
McMahon, James102
McMillan, Marg't., Mrs.102
Megowan, David102
Megowan, R. W.102
Menan, J. P.102
Mering, Samuel N.90
Merritt, H. P., Dr.91
Minor, N.102
Monday, S. L.102
Moore, James91
Morris Levi103
Morris, Asa W.91
Morris, John M.102
Morris, Venable102
Mosbacher, Jacob C. 102
Moses, W. F.102
Muns, Andrew102
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagley, S. E.103
Nelson, Camillus103
Newton, R. H.103
Nickelburg, A.103
Nixon, A. H.103
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oliver, J. A.103
Overhouse, Wm.103
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palms, Adolph103
Parish, Barney103
Parker, G. L.103
Parker, O. E.103
Perkins, E. E.103
Pettit, Asa91
Pierce, G. W.103
Pockman, J. B.103Nancy Hatcher McCullough
Pond, S. P.103
Porter, A. D.92
Porter, Alex103
Powell, A. Q91
Powell, Abraham91
Powell, S. A., Mrs.103
Prather, W. J., Dr.91
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rahm, F. M.103
Rahm, M. A.103
Ready, B. F.103
Reardon, Maurice104
Reed, C. F.92
Relyea, S. Baker104
Rhodes, John M.93
Richei, John92
Richter, A.103
Ridley, James104
Roberts, Robt.103
Robinson, Joseph103
Rollins, Jas. S.103
Ross, Thomas, Dr.92
Ruggles, A. C.104Sandi Rowe
Peggy Perazzo
Ruggles, F. C.103Sandi Rowe
Peggy Perazzo
Rumsey, D. C.92
Russell, F. E.104
Russell, F. G.103
Ryder, Thos. H.104
Ryon, A. D.103
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sanders, J. G.104
Saul, Jas. B.104
Saunders, William79
Schleiman, Ferd104
Schluer, Otto104
Schuerley, John K.104John
Scott, C. W.104
Scott, Geo. W.104
See, D. F.104John
Sharpnack, Geo.94
Short, Lewis106
Shryock, Samuel104
Sibley, P. H.106
Sieber, Christ104John
Sill, Giles E.104
Sill, S. J.104
Smith, J. C.104
Smith, James K.104
Smith, K. W.104
Snowball, John W.93
Snyder, Jacob104
Spect, Jonas93
Speights, N. E.104
St Louis, Geo. C.104
St. Louis Charles 104
Stephens, B. W.94
Stephens, Geo. D.94
Stephens, John D.94
Stephens, L. D.104
Still, Stephen J.104John
Stowe, C. E.104
Strobach, Henry104
Strong, Anderson, Dr.94
Surgeon, Ann, Mrs.104
Swingle, Geo. H.104
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tackney, John106
Tadlock, Elbert90
Tadlock, R. G.90
Tauzer, Albert106
Taylor John E94
Theobalds, W. W.79
Thomas, Charles S.94
Todd, G. G., Mrs.94
Troop, Wm. H.90
Tutt, John S.106
Tutt, R. E106
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vincent, David106
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waterbury, James105
Watkins, Jason105
Weaver, Andrew105
Weaver, J. W.105
Weaver, N. M.105
Wederholt, Christopher105
Weilger, Frederick105
Welch, R. F.105
Weyland, Theodore90
Wherry, Geo. F.90
Wilgus, A. H.105
Winne, W. E.90
Winters, John G.105
Winters, Theodore95
Wood, Albert H.106
Woodard, Geo. W.95
Wootten, S.90
Wyckoff, Nicholas105
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yarick, Henry105
York, M. R.105
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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