History of Fresno County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present: illustrated

Paul E. Vandor

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1919)

California Local History - Rocq - 1841

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Abbott, Andrew800I
Abbott, Frank Edgar2303II
Abbott, Franklin 1415II
Adams, Grant A.1955II
Adams, H. A.2199II
Adolfson, Erik1745II
Adoor, Barsam2553II
Adoor, Paul2549II
Aggers, Henry2357II
Ahlberg, Gustav E.1545II
Aikin, John W.1270I
Akers, LeRoy2297II
Akers, Wm. Albertus1842II
Akers Family40I
Albrecht, A.2138II
Albright, Arthur N.,D.D.S.1496II
Allen, Arthur W.969I
Allen, Jesse Buell1542II
Allen, Thomas J.2237II
Allen, William H.2369II
Amador, Benjamin2052II
Andersen, Andreas H.2232II
Andersen, Mrs. Anna M.1794II
Andersen, Jes2482II
Anderson, Arthur J.2113II
Anderson, Fred1838II
Anderson, Garrett E.1190I
Anderson, Harvey G.2031II
Anderson, Nils A.2514II
Anderson, Otto2346II
Andrews, S. M.906I
Annigoni, Menotti2547II
Anthony, William James1371II
Apperson, William L.260I
Appling, David F.1000I
Arbios, Peter L.2295II
Ardohain, Martin2539II
Arieta, Arthur2546II
Ariey, Marie1082I
Armstrong, John A.1759II
Armstrong, John W.1823II
Armstrong, Robert Franklin1425II
Arnaudon, Alfred Joseph,1927II
Arnold, Edwin L.1892II
Arnst, Christian2582II
Arostegny, Jean 2546II
Arrants, John G. S.732I
Arrants, Leander J.1602II
Arrants, Mrs. Mary A.765I
Arriet, Angel2484II
Arriet, Pedro 2465II
Ashton, John L.1634II
Asmussen, Mathias757I
Atkins, Oscar D.2381II
Atkisson, John Marshall2419II
Augustine, Louis1580II
Austin, John R.975I
Autsen, Hans2493IIKirk Autsen
Avenell, Charles P2465II
Axt, Rudolf2591II
Azzaro, John2541II
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babcock, A. Lorenzo2164II
Baber, E. I.2386II
Bachtold, Christian818I
Backer, August H.1721II
Backer, Henry H.1121I
Bacon, Charles2216II
Bacon, Oscar F.2362II
Badasci, Delmo B.2597II
Bader, Frederick1555II
Bahrenfus, John2436II
Bailey, Frank T.2361II
Baird, Alfred1424II
Baird, Edson Emmet1928II
Baird, Morgan1048I
Baird, Mrs. Morgan1053I
Baird, Robert760I
Baker, A. A.2214II
Baker, James Edward1949I
Baker, Ray W.1135I
Baker, R. C1254I
Baker, Sands1263I
Baker, Steve Todorovich745I
Baley, Charles C.624I
Baley, Gillum124, 623I
Baley, John1502II
Balfe, John Hilton2522II
Ball, Frank Hamilton 236, 629I
Ballard, Edward L.2489II
Banks, Jasper A2074II
Barcus, William Milton2398II
Bareford, Henry F1171I
Barker, Mrs. Frances T692I
Barnes, George W2397II
Barnes, James F1208I
Barnett, William2190II
Barnett, William F1604II
Barnum, Charles E.2355II
Barnum, Horace E1321II
Barnwell, Robert W1416II
Barr, George W1124I
Barr, Wallace L1128I
Barrett, Charles W 2143II
Barrett, Thomas T967I
Barringer, Alexander Hamilton1017I
Barstow, Richard Nason702I
Bartels, Edward F1199I
Basey, Harry Clyde1627II
Bazterra, George2514II
Beall, J W 791I
Beall, Lee S1280I
Beatty, Harry W2221II
Beaty, W. C994I
Beauchamp, William Perry2380II
Beaumont, C. E1431II
Beck, J. P. I2534II
Beck, N. P2584II
Becker, William2201II
Beckwith, B. H1712II
Beckwith, William1712II
Beesemyer, A. W 1975II
Begole, Frank2108II
Benadom, William O1022I
Bennett, Stephen E785I
Berg, Charles E 1244I
Berg, S 1962I
Berg, Thomas L1516II
Berg, William H1922II
Bergon, Prosper J2532II
Bergthold, Henry 2484II
Bering, Peter1643II
Berkholtz, William C1506II
Berndt, Erich2393II
Bernhard, Joseph P1831II
Ber ry, Arthur2183II
Berry, Clarence J2050II
Berry, Fulton G240I
Berry, William Jackson2050II
Berryhill, Eugene A2332II
Berryhill, F. A1982II
Berti, Antonio2582II
Betzold, John J1643II
Betzold, W F., V. S1686II
Bickel, George F1603II
Bidegaray, Domingo2519IIJean Michel Mas
Bidegaray, John1585IIJean Michel Mas
Bien, John 2249II
Biller, Theodore Donald1697II
Bischoff, M. P1154I
Bishop, William2084II
Bissell, Hugh B1106I
Blair, Francis Sheridan680I
Blair, Jerome 1986II
Blasingame, Albert Anderson774I
Blasingame, Alfred H912I
Blasingame, Jesse Augustus2472II
Blasingame, Jesse August1406II
Blasingame, Lee A759I
Blasingame, William O897I
Blattner, August1967II
Bohner, John1883II
Bolander, Andrew C1952II
Boles, George M.1133I
Boles, Merl Lee1163I
Bollman, Alvira938I
Bollman, Franklin Pierce938I
Bonds, George W955I
Bonner, Charles G.832I
Bonnifield, Mrs. Rebecca A979I
Bonyman, Fred C2049II
Bopp, Conrad 2393II
Boranian, B2225II
Borchardt, Adolph G.1848II
Bordagaray, Dominique1901II
Borell, Frank J1856II
Borello, John1115I
Borg, Peter A1466II
Borger, Alexander 2238II
Borst, Allen T2018 II
Bos, M 931I
Bosworth, Albert1527II
Boucau, Pierre1615II
Boucher, Charles Homer2409II
Bowdish, Gideon640I
Bowdish, Percival906I
Boyd, Lewis W 1920II
Boyd, Wilbur T., M. D2381II
Bramlet Reuben H.2142II
Bramlet, Mrs. Euphemia E.2142II
Brandon, John Calvin916I
Brannon, Elvia2138II
Brantsford, Robert41I
Braves, John1457II
Brennan, Edward2552II
Bretz, Joseph S1832II
Brewer, J. H1787II
Brickley, Henry A2430II
Briscoe James J2227II
Briscoe, Ernest Victor2328II
Briscoe, R W1343II
Brix, Herman H.713I
Brocks Gustaf Henry1835II
Bromark, John F2105II
Brooks, Albert P1024I
Brooks, F. C2417II
Brown, Ambers890I
Brown, Daniel, Jr820I
Brown, Mrs. Dottie Alice871I
Brown, Robert C1746II
Brown, Samuel612I
Brown, Thomas E2292II
Brown, Thomas Headley 2290II
Brown, William E2024II
Bruce, Warren2390II
Buchanan, Earl C1157I
Bullis Thomas1227I
Burks, Floyd L. R., M.D1573II
Burks, William Tillman, M.D1340II
Burnett, John Henry1392II
Burns, James A1514II
Burns, James E980I
Burns Joseph733I
Burns, Joseph36I
Burrows, William1164I
Butcher, Homer L1462II
Butler, Ira Lee2339II
Butler, Thomas Edward2243II
Butner, Charles H2380II
Blluttner, Adlolph1533II
Byrd Charles H2327II
Byrd, John H2446II
Byrd, Newton P2333II
Byrd, Sarah C2446II
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadwallader, John Hollister1065I
Cain, J. R1668II
Cameron, Richard A886I
Camino, Juan2547II
Campbell, Judge James B1035I
Carting, Hugh James, Jr1520II
Carlson, Andrew C1914II
Carlson, A. P1950II
Carlson, A. T1812II
Carlson, C. O. R.1943II
Carlson, Gottfrid2543II
Carlson, John 2112II
Carlson, John G.1976II
Carpenter, John H.2373IIJo-Ellen Parsons
Carpenter, Lyman H.1855II
Carpenter, Robert E.1728II
Carter, W. R.1611II
Cartwright, J. E.687I
Cartwright, John Marion811I
Cartwright, Reddick Newton1018I
Caruthers, William693I
Cary, Hon. L. B.1344II
Cass, Frank1175I
Cassidy, Hugh Francis2226II
Cate, George A.1652II
Cauble, Emery E.2094II
Cazeils, Joe2504 II
Cazemiro, Anthony P.2454 II
Cearley, C. T.943 I
Cerini, John2573 II
Chaddock, E. L.2432 II
Chalup, Charles M1495 II
Chambers, John T.2277 II
Chaney, Harvey P.1951IISharon
Chnnnell, Alvin A.1444II
Chiolli, John2549II
Chittenden, Robert D.833I
Choisser, Walter L.1093I
Christensen, A. E.1956II
Christensen, Carl W.1781II
Christensen, George1874II
Christensen, George C.2414II
Christensen, J. C.1483II
Christensen, Lawrence William1910II
Christensen, Martin2499II
Christensen, N. C.1590II
Christensen, Ole J.1205I
Christensen, Peter1265I
Christensen, P. N.1865II
Christian, Carl2529II
Christian, George1601II
Christian, Jacob P.1729II
Christopher, Gus2555II
Church, Denver S.648I
Church, Jesse R.2136II
Church, Lorenzo B.1351II
Church, Moses J.2136II
Clark, Hon. Angus Marion257, 948ISteve Williams
Clark, Archibald W.1009I
Clark, Herbert J. 1170I
Clark, James R.1011I
Clark, John T. S.1638II
Clark, Lew W.1579II
Claybaugh, William C., B.S.A.1266I
Claytor, Mrs. Malissa1325II
Clifford, Charles Henry1730II
Cliffonl, Vinton Julius1663II
Coates, W. W.1832II
Coelho, Joseph A.2551II
Cole, William P.1937II
Coleman, Frank840I
Collins, Clinton D., M.D.2169II
Collins, James Darwin717I
Collins, Oscar O.1829II
Collins, Robert F.2226II
Collins, William A.1400II
Colombero, Andrew2107II
Condley, Richard Beverly2239II
Condon, John1027I
Cone, Ralph M.1716II
Conner, Horatio Seymour1633II
Converse, Charles P.137I
Cook, John W.1855II
Cooper Frank L.803I
Cooper, Robert J.1182I
Coppin, Matt1703II
Corlew, William Cloudsly891I
Corley, George F.2285II
Corrick, Claud D.2550II
Cortner, F. A.1586II
Cory, Lewis Lincoln671I
Cosgrave, George 1093I
Cotton, Benjamin F.1441II
Cowan, Mrs. Florence Gordon2368II
Cowan, Thomas A.1359II
Cox, William H.1500II
Craig, George Finis1087I
Crane, Chester C.1825II
Crawford, James Malcomb1513II
Crawford, W. P.2176II
Craycroft, Frank J.1207I
Cressman, A. N.2168II
Cribb, A. D.1134I
Crichton, William D712I
Crocker, J. B.1782II
Crump, Victor Hugo1793II
Cucuk John and Louis2518I
Cull, Samuel J.917I
Cummings, G. P. 748I
Cushman, Ralph M.2320II
Cutting, David1861II
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dahlke, Julius H.2067II
Dalena, Peter2562II
Dallke, H. A.2555II
Daly, J. B.1540II
Daniel, John N.1409II
Danielsen, George1615II
Danielson, Jennie S.2089II
Dargeles, Octave Valere2583II
Dauer, Phillip2588II
Daulton, Henry Clay611I
Davenport, Lyman L.1568II
Davis, Frank C.2188II
Davis, I. E.2513II
Davis, James Henry2006IIJan
Davis, Jefferson Ellis2244II
Davis, John1992II
Davis, W. H.1030I
Dawson, John A.2553II
Dawson, William Lumley1375II
Day, George W.2227II
Dean, Mrs. Amanda M.1225I
Deis, Jack2578II
Demera, Joseph2559IIMark A. Wilson
Dewhirst, W. H.1800II
DeWitt, Madlain911I
Dickey, Jesse G.2194II
Dickey, William J.231I
Diel, August, 2063II
Diener, J. Henry2579II
Dillin, William H.2200II
Docker, Frederick W.1994II
Doherty, William1753II
Domengine, Adolph2181II
Donleavey, Mrs. Mary M.1128I
Donnell, Robert B.1692II
Douglass, G. M.1269I
Douglass, W. Y.2334II
Dow, Fred J. 730I
Draper, Elias Johnson735I
Draper, Clayton F.1751II
Draper, Frank A.735I
Drenth, Ben2295II
Dron, William2264II
Duke, Walter Wilson1233I
Ducey, Thomas R.2015II
Duff, John Harrison1757II
Duncan, Thomas J.672I
Duncan, William1806II
Dunklau, Henry A.2231II
Dunkel, John1178I
Dunlap, T. J.40I
Dunn, Thomas947I
Duns, Lorentz C1540II
Dwelle, Harold E470II
Dwyer, John 41I
Dyreborg, George P.1826II
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eastin, Lester H.1994II
Eckenrode, Henry1991II
Edgar, Johnsten Josephus1189I
Edgerly, William A.988I
Edmiston, R. W. 1384II
Edwards, Clarence William1059I
Edwards, Edward Darnall.665I
Eichelberger, J. Lee1541II
Eisner, Henry2590II
Einstein, Louis250I
Eklund, John E.1722II
Elam, Henry Edward2120II
Elam, Joel Thomas1352II
Elam, Taylor M.859I
Elder, Harland E.1589II
Eliceche, Mariano2570IIJean Eliceche
Emerzian, Karl2545II
Engelman, Henry J.2593II
Engelmann, Henry2596II
Enlow, William Harrison2239II
Ensher, K. E.2125II
Erickson, Carl O.2201II
Erickson, Theodore E.2064II
Erro, Matias915I
Errotabere, Andres2497II
Erskine, James R.1218I
Eskesen, Karl Marinus2594II
Espitallier, Francois2423II
Eversoll, William2343II
Everts, Olen Lee1391II
Ewing, A. D.857I
Ewing, David S. 851I
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fabris, Nick2424II
Fallgren, Palmer A., D.D.S.2037II
Faretta, Antonio2589II
Farley, James Patrick705I
Farlinger, James1913II
Farmer, L. B.1765II
Farmers' Savings Bank of Selma1558II
Farris, Richard I2250II
Fearon, Joseph2173II
Feaver, Cecil2216II
Feaver, George, Sr.998I
Ferguson, Andy D.1085I
Ferguson, James G.1641II
Ferguson, James M.1072I
Ferguson, John C.1212I
Fett, David 1700II
Filian, Rev. George Harootune2567II
Finch, James E.1451II
Fincher, Levi Nelson1098I
Fincher, James Patrick1859II
Fincher, Vital Bangs1817II
Fine, Alexander Campbell958I
Fink, Mrs. Eliza616I
First National Bank of Del Rey804I
First National Bank of Fowler1358II
First National Bank of Laton1820II
First National Bank of Selma1775II
Fisher, William S.2220II
Fleming, John M.742I
Fleming, Miss Julia Ellen1234I
Fleming, Russell H.741I
Flint, T. H1678II
Fly, John Wesley1552II
Forbes, Charles Thomas2158II
Foristiere, Antonio2043II
Forsyth, George1158I
Forthcamp, Ernest August1907II
Fosberg, C. Edward2351II
Foster, Ernest Winterton1916II
Foster, Joe E.1028I
Foster, John2135II
Fowler, Edmund Wesley624I
Frame, George Ehner.1157I
Franzen, Victor1519II
Frederick, L. M.1151I
Freeland, William C1557II
Freitas, Geraldo J.1462II
Freman, Giles N.724I
French Cafe2407II
Fresno Dairy2550II
Fries, Henry1764II
Frikka, James G.1176I
Fritzler, Rev. F. Felician827I
Froelich, Otto252I
Frowsing, Andrew J1466II
Fuchs, John Peter1686II
Fugelsang, N. H2428II
Fuller, William Nelson2240II
Funch, John H1674II
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gallaher, M. G1217I
Gallaher, Marvin A2362II
Galloway, C. J2119II
Gammel, Elias2599II
Gandrau, Augustine2106II
Garbarino, G. B2521II
Garcia, Antone2571II
Gardiner, Fred O1735II
Garison, William Reess1278I
Garman, John Dunkel1112I
Garrigan, William2068II
Gaster, Stephen A135I
Gatchell, Lewis G2440II
Gatewood, Charles2407II
Gattie, John2503II
Gearhart, Bertrand W1751II
Gearhart, John W1323II
Gebhart, Sylvester A1488II
Geer, Prof. Charles L1867II
George, S2488II
Georgesen, Arthur C2483II
Georgesen, Harvey H2250II
Gerner, John860I
Gerringer, Christoph2574IIRay Heinle
Gianinni, Peter G2468II
Giardina Joseph2560II
Gibbs, Albert Grant1047I
Gibbs, Jonathan C1130I
Gibson, F. C2208II
Gilardoni, Philip2595II
Gilbert, Nathan D729I
Gilbertson, John H2245II
Gillespie, J. A., M.D2033II
Giraud, Marius and Harry1670II
Glass, William719I
Glaves, William Michael2167II
Gleim, George Andreas2497II
Glossbrenner, Abram F1973II
Glougie, Albert V2064II
Glougie, John R885I
Gobby, Louis E1862II
Gobby, Mrs. Mary J1153I
Gobby, Rocco S2564II
Goehring, John G1993II
Goldsmith, Du Val P1945II
Gonser, N. P2415II
Good, James Henry1329II
Goode, Herbert2411II
Goode, Robert E2410II
Goodell, Levi C632I
Goodrich, Charles Frederick1363II
Goodrich, Edward J1123I
Googooian, G2504II
Gordon, W. R1801II
Gower, Edwin, Sr863I
Goyette, William M2432II
Graepp, Albert R. J1515II
Graff, Hans666I
Graff, John C1838II
Graham, Joseph Martin806I
Granger, Mrs. Helen Langworthy1860II
Grantham, Arthur B2045II
Granz, Herman1824II
Greenup, William L1159I
Greenwood, William Edwin1861II
Greer, William Allison2352II
Gregory, James G1146I
Gregory, James P2246II
Greve, Harry Henry2296II
Greve, Martin S1164I
Greve, Herman H2308II
Gries, Henry982I
Griffin, Wade2058II
Grimes, Wilbur Willis2038II
Grounds, Ila T2102II
Grunwell, Joseph E2269II
Guernsey, Geo. P1866II
Guglielmoni, Charles2599II
Guler, Stephen1600II
Gunn, John and Emma L909I
Gust, Peter2081II
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