Saluting Today's War Heros and Heroines
The Tulare Community

Published by the Tulare Daily Times and Advance-Register

March, 1945

The photos an dbiographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the photos and biographies may be obtained by sending $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to the Sequoia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 820, Tulare, CA 93275.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abbott, Charles Leo86
Abbott, Clarence86
Aguirre, Manuel S33
Alba, Joe12
Allen, Donald Lee81
Allen, G Marvin56
Allen, John Dalton81
Allen, Olin157
Allen, Robert175
Allen, Willard Byron81
Alves, William F78
Anderson, George43
Anderson, Harry161
Anderson, W E "Bill"54
Ansiel, Hershel F43
Arbogast, Irwin174
Arends, Harold7
Arends, Leonard D52
Arends, William A7
Armstrong, H175
Arnold, Fred W50
Arnold, Kenneth L50
Asay, John146
Aslin, Jewel F60
Avila, Albine J116
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babb, Burrel D42
Babcock, Gordon W101
Baber, Richard H58
Baber, Roger L58
Baggett, Jean W102
Baggett, Troy J A102
Bailey, Bill69
Bailey, Clarence36
Balaam, Frances J41
Baldwin, Jack L166
Bales, Leonard F164
Barreras, Jose A114
Barrier, Alfred167
Barthoff, Ray A61
Bateman, Norman R43
Batti, Tom180
Baugher, William E53
Beasley, George M180
Beasley, Grover C180
Beaudry, Theodore C7
Bennett, James D74
Berry, Calvin H40
Berry, Frederick S35
Bibb, Doyle W52
Bibb, Waldo S.52
Bionda, Edward A46
Bisconer, Reynold M69
Bistalarides, Andy44
Bistalarides, Harry44
Bixler, Alvin K40
Blansett, Johnny F61Norman Blansett
Blomquist, Delbert174
Boghosian, Jack110
Boghosian, Paul110
Bolt, George L186
Bolt, Richard C153
Bolton, Harold O70
Bonalanza, Ernie72
Borba, Frank L136
Borba, Manuel D136
Borba, Manuel V42
Borges, Frankie140
Borges, John B140
Borges, Manuel C154
Borges, Oliver A74
Bosworth, Charles G45
Bowling, Ernest E49
Box, Billie L43
Box, Verne R43
Boyd, George E30
Boyer, Frank J120
Boyer, Orval H120
Brainerd, Walton K180
Bramer, Henry L47
Bray, Charles139
Braziel, Paul C42
Broaders, Halden C164
Broaders, R Keith164
Brockett, Junior D35
Brown, Donnie6
Brown, Edgar L.35
Brown, Elbert E.64
Brown, Joe S.137
Brown, Loyd M.48
Brown, Roy E.184
Brownlee, Crawford A.102
Brownlee, Irving A.102
Brunner, Leroy R.44
Buchanan, Howard165Norma Jackson
Buckman, Raymond S.54Norma Jackson
Bugg, R C61
Buntain, Finley S.90
Burnard, Margaret E.84
Burnard, Robert D.84
Burnard, Wallace L.84
Burns, Charles C.100
Busby, Kenneth C.57
Butcher, Douglas R.53
Butler, Louella53
Byrd, Wallace F.33
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cabral, Tony144
Cain, Gene137
Caldwell, Max37
Callahan, Homer M47
Callahan, Walter 047
Calvillo, Joe T72
Campbell, Charles176
Campbell, Elvis173
Carbajal, Arnulfo145
Cardoza, John J178
Cardoza, John P169
Cardoza, Manuel145
Cardoza, Tony J145
Carinelli, Michael139
Carrigan, E M163
Carriger, Arlis6
Carriger, Perry L56
Carriger, Wayne C56
Carrol, Howard161
Carrol, Robert161
Carvalho, Belmiro P45
Casey, Cedric L44
Castor, Canton L41
Castor, Robert N78
Cate, Edward M58
Cates, John W70
Caudle, Amon C80
Cederlind, John10
Chabiel, Joe113
Chabiel, Manuel A113
Chambers, Donald12
Chavez, Jesse E58
Chavez, Pete E58
Chilton, Nelson129
Choate Houston H63
Christmas, Cleve A36
Chumley, Eugene64
Chumley, Georgia M64
Chumley, John F64
Chumley, William L64
Church, Mason26
Churchwell, G28
Clark, Clive H133
Clark, George B46
Clark, Ted L175
Cleek, Jack167
Clem, Billy Joe65
Clement, Hewitt M49
Clements, Cecil106
Clements, Cullen D "Buddie"54
Clements, F H159
Clements, Joe B106
Clune, Francis138
Cobb, Joe A183
Cole, Ralph L11
Collier, Carl L43
Collier, Charles145
Cook, Marion B62
Cooper, Aubin89
Cooper, E C77
Cooper, Noel89
Cooper, Ruth Ina77
Coopock, Keith72
Corder, Elva M66
Corder, Glen S66
Corder, Melvin J66
Correia, Alvin F92
Correia, Americo G92
Correia, Americo122
Corwin, Clarence B35
Cory, Donald H159
Cory, Eldon E159
Cory, Richard D159
Costa, Louie89
Costa, Rosie B89
Cotta, Anselm E105
Cotta, Lawrence M105
Coughran, John140
Coward, Robert40
Coward, Velma J40
Cox, Charles76
Cox, Gerald76
Cox, Lawrence76
Coyner, Wesley158
Cravy, Marl168
Crawford, John P111
Crawford, William T111
Creador, Joe M73
Creager, Dick G34
Crose, Charles146
Crose, Jack C39
Crowder, Gerald D62
Croxton, Billie J48
Croxton, Paul D48
Curry, Henry112
Curti, Amelio164
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daily, Walter E41
Danielson, Richard H73
Davidson, David L109
Davidson, Elmer C109
Davidson, Eugene E109
Davis, Leroy I6
Davis, Roy E52
Davis, Vol W184
Davis, Willie E62
DeFoe, Daniel146
DeFoe, Jack146
Del Re, LeRoy R Jr.56
Del Re, Robert M56
Denman, Thomas W90
Derby, Franklin157
Dickerson, Floyd183
Dilling, James R69
Dilling, Kenneth W69
Dilling, Pauline, E69
Dodds, David H150
Dodgin, Lee173
Dodson, Delmar R43
Dodson, Edmund135
Dodson, James 0135
Dominguez, Victoriano 093
Donohue, Francis73
Dooley, James165
Dooley, Marvin165
Dorris, William186
Douglas, John186
Douglas, Leslie176
Douglas, Richard38
Drake, Corwin D119
Duncan, Clifford179
Dunn, Bill100
Dybdahl, Robert E 45
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earl, William K46
Earls, I B7
Eberhart, William 072
Edgmon, Charles R72
Edwards, Clyde O34
Edwards, Floyd C114
Edwards, Glenn A34
Edwards, Harold114
Edwards, Sydney J34
Elder, Perry J129
Emerson, Joe147
Engleman, Wayne C34
Epps, Leon W77
Evans, Keith E122
Evans, Lloyd L122
Evans, Mayme G122
Evans, Raymond E108
Evans, William B122
F[Return to Jump Site]
Falcinella, Dino85
Falco, Louis A36
Fancher, Robert W53
Farrar, John H45
Farrar, William A45
Ferch, George C183
Ferguson, George W "Bill"72
Fernbaugh, Harold168
Finch, 0 E170
Finch, Arthur B Jr.46
Finch, Richard G S46
Findley, Harvey D105
Findley, Leland A6
Findley, Ray H105
Fisher, Letha43
Fletcher, C R70
Fletcher, Freddie L49
Fletcher, George W49
Fletcher, Jesse C49
Fletcher, Vern49
Fornasero, James B60
Forrester, Armon M34
Forster, John 061
Foster, Este11
Fowler, George L85
Frank, Hilton27
Franklin, Hugh32
Franklin, Onie172
Fraser, Charles D10
Fraser, Roy P86
Frausto, L149
Frazier, Luther T94
Freeman, Vernon T35
Freitas, Frank175
Frye, James R64
Fuller, Elmo L52
Furlong, James A81
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gaddy, James H89
Gallagher, Anthony145
Games, John F92
Gann, Harold D85
Garcia, Arthur80
Garcia, C38
Garcia, Joe E76
Garcia, Joe80
Garcia, Juan E 76
Garcia, Lorenzo80
Garcia, Manuel80
Garner, Paul32
Garrison, Ernest D34
Garrison, James167
Geary, Wayne E155Tim Geary
Geddes, Cliff29
Germany, Thurman D94
Gibe, Lee Elmer89
Gill, Kenneth65
Gilley, Etheal C172
Gilley, James A172
Gilley, Rual C172
Ginter, M L177
Gipson, Guy134
Girton, Clarence D47
Girton, Paul M111
Girton, Rachel Mae111
Glass, Dwaine E82
Godinho, Daniel J93
Goethe, Martin185
Goethe, Oscar J185
Goethe, Otto W185
Golston, Hugh S152
Gomez, Joe38
Gomez, Richard185
Goreham, Vernon7
Gosvener, Bill158
Goulart, Joseph28
Green Homer C32
Greer, Vernon E171
Gribi, James60
Grimes, Ernest31
Grissom, John T88
Grissom, Paul W164
Groseclos, Edw172
Grossman, Robert167
Guevara, Daniel138
Guevara, Filiberto138
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haggeberg, Marvin177
Halford, George156
Hall, Amos177
Hall, Jack T81
Hall, Sidney A81
Hallowell, James V184
Hallows, (Carl B36
Hallows, William K36
Hammond, Calvin164
Hannon, L C Jr.135
Hardin, Herbert176
Harper, James Q10
Harper, Margaret179
Harrah, Wilbur D Jr.42
Harrell, Floyd A84
Harris, Allen68
Harris, Chester166
Harris, Floyd166
Harris, Loyd166
Harris, Willard L66
Harris, William J60
Hartman, Harold L68
Harwick, Marvin C100
Haupt, Paul7
Hawthorne, Ben165
Hays, Jack164
Helland, Don M39
Henard, Harland30
Henard, Kenneth E30
Henderson, Earl W47
Henry, Dalton F113
Henry, Jack180
Henson, William156
Hernandez, E H183
Hickman, Alfred N54
Hicks, Albert L88
Hicks, Charles H88
Hifner, Roy31
Higgs, Orvil L88
Hillman, Dale W88
Hillman, Don48
Hillman, Neal R88
Hoag, Walter B142
Hoffman, Charles S74
Hoffman, Walter178
Holgren, Paul J36
Holland, Al R33
Holland, LaVonne G45
Holmes, William171
Holsonbake, Floyd88
Hood Arthur B162
Hook, James L36
Hooks, Charles E137
Hooks, James M137
Hopkins, Loy J81
Hopper, Terry W64
Hopper, Tony141
Hoskins, Laura143
Houk, Lois182
Hoyt Katherine L64
Hubble, Dow S93
Humke, Carl R77
Hunt, Allison 039
Hunt, Edward S.7
Hurlbutt, John J92
Huttenberg, Alan J84
I[Return to Jump Site]
Iacono, Enrico94
Iacono, Jildo94
Ingram, Joseph F.102
Irby, Elwood180
Ireton, Wm. S. 27
Irons, Wayne C69
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jameson, Irving132
Jameson, Laurence132
Jameson, Lowell132
Jameson, Richard132
Jenkins, Jack183
Jensen, Gerald L102
Joaquin, Daniel31
Johnson Stanley L82
Johnson, Harold J96
Johnson, Robert97
Johnson, Troy C116
Johnston, Bruce L147
Johnston, Jack173
Johnston, Richard L147
Jones Harold E.47
Jones, Charles L39
Jones, George W.47
Jones, Harold H96
Jones, John P.159
Jordan, Virgil32
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keck, Glen115
Keck, Ray W.135
Keller, Archibald F.119
Kellerhals, Ivan L.37
Kelley, Johnson163
Kelly, Joseph K.61
Kenoyer, Cecil L.161
Kersey, Thomas E.114
Killingsworth, M151
Kincade, Tony179
King, Henry B120
Kirker, Charles W49
Kitchen, Lloyd101
Kitchens, Rowland J97
Klessling, Albert156
Klessling, Robert C66
Kliewer, Wesley, P181
Knoff, Dale L90
Knoff, Donald G90
Knokey, Charles R27
Knokey, Roger C27
Koeppe, A 0 "Jim"100
Koontz, Richard H78
Kuney, Charles S7
Kuney, Kenneth133
Kurtz, George F90
Kurtz, Robert L90
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Blue, Virgil168
LaMarsna, Dardan E60
Lamb, Charles F39
Lambert, A Lynn6
Lambert, Dalton38
Lancaster, Lonnie C58
Lane, James W164
Lange, Fred Jr.50
Lapadula, Benjamin A98
Latimer, Clyde174
Latta, Frank T100
Latta, Howard100
Lawrence, Lyle157
Leak, Kenneth C149
Leak, Raymond E149
Leal, Joe111
Leal, Manuel Jr.111
Leek, Kenneth D48
Lester, Bill37
Levin, Telzia165
Levine, Harvey H98
Lewis, Johnny A166
Line, William175
Lingren, Robert10
Lippincott, Gerald G98
Lippincott, Thiel E98
Livermore, Gordon109
Livingston, Alfred74
Livingston, Claude D74
Livingston, Ona L74
Lo Presti, Quint Jr.138
Lo Presti, Theresa138
Longan, George P41
Longlee, Vernon F44
Loomer, Vernon11
Looper, William128
Lopes, Joe179
Lopez, Ralph3 1
Lords, Frank168
Lorenzo, Tony160
Lovett, Cummings112
Lovett, Fraser112
Lucas, Manuel J7
Lucas, Phillip U134
Lucio, Joe L157
Luck, John163
Luck, Joseph J163
Luck, Wayne C163
Luke, Frank E110
Luke, Robert G110
Luker, James W114
Luker, Jesse A6
Luker, Lois114
Luton, W D144
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mabry, Harold E61
Machado, Arthur138
Machado, Frank 141
Machado, Frank J143
Machado, Tony A.143
Maddox, Elmer150
Mahoney, Frank W.184
Margosian, Arkie28
Marshall, Charles27
Martin, Edward159
Martin, Harvey129
Martin, Joe P68
Martinez, Philip141
Matheny, Edwin S Jr.102
Mathews, Eddie113
Matlack, Clarence J109
May, Ralph E42
May, Vernon A42
Maynor, Arlen W56
McAllister, Kenneth7
McClung, Ernest L124
McClung, Floyd Lee124
McClung, Harrell124
McClung, Jack T124
McClung, Lloyd G124
McClung, Oscar L124
McCuiston, Oscar168
McFarland, Loren152
McGeath, Cecil38
McIntosh, Joseph E7
McIntosh, Ray117
McIntosh, William D117
McKinney, C Glenn82
McKinney, William H82
McLain, Bennie158
McLaughlin, Carl D78
McLaughlin, Glen78
McLaughlin, H F78
McMillian, Jimmie58
McNeil, Willis H39
McPhillamey, Robert134
McRoberts, James41
Meador, Milton A106
Mederos, John D108
Mederos, Joseph E108
Mederos, Louis D108
Medlin, Jerrel I39
Medrano, Mike42
Mefford, Harold170
Mefford, J V170
Mefford, Oliver C170
Mello, Edward135
Mendias, Arthur172
Merjil, Nobert152
Middleton, W171
Milem, Howard J69
Miles, George11
Miller, James L50
Miller, John W37
Miller, Joy E29
Miller, Leonard50
Mills, James130
Minoletti, Frank J57
Minoletti, Stephen L57
Miranda, Alfred93
Miranda, Joe93
Miranda, John D93
Mitchell, Earl J Jr.104
Mitchell, Robert129
Monk, Arthur S.160
Monk, Earl M160
Monroe, Norval A6
Moore, Arthur H102
Moreno, Bonifacio C77
Moreno, Henry C77
Morris, L, H170
Morrison, Harold137
Morrison, Richard137
Morser, George C84
Moss, Jesse E110
Moss, John106
Moyle, Dwight T117
Moyle, Raymond G117
Mulcahy, Lowell J6
Mullen, Roy M105
Mulligan, Harold177
Mullinix, Albert S Jr.86
Mullinix, George A86
Munger, Keith162
Munger, Pay162
Murdock, James C109
Murphy, Genevieve153
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nalbandian, Michael S.41
Nash, Earnest132
Nelson, Charles176
Nelson, Normand C110
Newman, Charles H105
Newman, Richard E36
Nielsen, Carl182
Nixon, Roger175
Noble, Bob Wilfered65
Nunes, Anthony L92
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Bryant, John 140
Oden, William169
Odenbaugh, C W174Georgeann Malowney
Ogan, Forrest136
Oldham, Loren117
Orewyler, Jack173
Orr, Ashley S178
Orr, E dgar R178
Ortiz, Albert133
Osborn, Johnnie W112
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paez, Johnny J121
Paez, Pedro133
Paez, Robert121
Palacio, James156
Parr, Earl W35
Parsons, George28
Paxton, Lyle146
Payne, Chester65
Payne, George T65
Payne, Norman W120
Payne, Ralph179
Payne, Ralph65
Payne, Vernon P120
Payne, William C65
Peck, George132
Pedroncelli, Fred L80Jack Eitelgeorge
Pedroncelli, Pete29Jack Eitelgeorge
Pedroncelli, Richard80Jack Eitelgeorge
Pelascini, Pete166
Pendleton, L Conway35
Perales, Angel6
Pereirs, Manuel160
Perez, Amdor M74
Perkins, Timothy E121
Perry, Alfred139
Pettit, Herbert153
Phillips, Charles L169
Phillips, Morris J70
Phillips, Reuben A185
Phillips, Robert E7
Pickering, Bill133
Pinkerton, Robert E50
Pitts, Dois 0125
Pitts, James D125
Ponce, Mary L153
Poole, Robert37
Poston, Clifford 73
Poston, Glenn73
Poston, Ray73
Poulson, Clarence134
Powe11, William R104
Powell, Frank J104
Powell, Henry C118
Powell, Johnny L118
Powell, Richard D104
Preece, Donald11
Preston, James181
Preston, Maurice181
Preston, Norman181
Preston, William181
Price, Bill M39
Price, Murrell152
Proctor, John C38
Purtle, Bethel54
Purtle, Coolidge54
Putnam, Roger H78
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quiroz, Raoul186
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rader, Carol142
Rae, Harold W96
Rae, Hubert L96
Ralston, Donald L162
Ramirez, Albert85
Ramirez, Ray85
Ramirez, Sol85
Rankin, Dale W6
Rankin, Willard D149
Raviscioni, L J178
Ray, Cecil C108
Ray, Jimmie38
Reaney, Robert28
Redmond, George156
Reed, Donald151
Reinhart, Robert31
Renstrom, Herbert112
Renstrom, Tommy E112
Retherford, Con De101
Revels, Harold C113
Reynolds, Robert W. 40
Reynolds, Wilson151
Rezendes, John171
Rice, Eldon154
Richards, Donald R149
Richardson, Edwin182
Richmond, W H168
Rickards, David29
Ricketts, Charles139
Ricketts, Richard139
Riley, John C109
Riming, Delbert A118
Rippy, Beverly144
Rising, George C108
Rising, Lowell J118
Roberts, W A148
Robinson, Bonnie B100
Rocha, Anthony136
Rocha, Frank F136
Rode, Erwin A121
Rode, Hubert R121
Roeh, Walter E120
Rogers, Edward146
Rogers, Leo E171
Rolfo, Pete12
Rose, John166
Roseman, William151
Rosso, Albert A97
Rosso, Mario D97
Rossotti, Augustine145
Rossotti, Elmo J145
Round, Dean155
Rowland, Fynes178
Ruffa, Arnold66
Ruiz, Herman M113
Ruiz, Paul M113
Ruiz, Santiago143
Rummerfield, C155
Rumsey, Carlos 152
Rush, Delbert167
Rush, Ward Jr.117
Russel, Jack10
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salmans, Edwin165
Salmans, Vernon144
Sanchez, John48
Sanderson, Louis F68
Sands, Daniel E33
Sands, William D33
Santos, Alfred125
Santos, Caney147
Santos, Daniel L129
Santos, John125
Santos, Ontario44
Sarment, Donald J149
Sarment, Leanard W40
Schmidt, Carl134
Schoenemann, W147
Schultz, Hubert182
Schultz, William A182
Schumacher, H C160
Scott, Marvin143
Seaman, Paul174
Seavers, Harold30
Seavers, Robert30
Sehorn, Carl J46
Seperak, William104
Setser, Hubert E118
Setser, Johnny P160
Shepherd, Houston114
Shepherd, Thomas R93
Sheppa, Eldon182
Sherman, Charley K72
Sherman, Lois153
Shewey, Calvin D126
Shewey, Elmer D126
Sigala, Joseph179
Silva, Clarence R66
Silva, Frank156
Silva, Salvador173
Simeral, George A70
Simeral, Norman Wilton70
Simeral, Robert K70
Simpson, George169
Simpson, Joan H169
Slayton, Paul176
Slayton, Robert150
Smart, Alvin C62
Smith, Arthur H184
Smith, Cecil R60
Smith, David Mae136
Smith, Donald173
Smith, Harold Emmett94
Smith, Harris183
Smith, Harry128
Smith, Irvin167
Smith, Kenneth O.94
Smith, Kilburn B125
Smith, Lloyd D32
Smith, Lloyd154
Smith, Neal G31
Smith, Obie177
Smith, Richard128
Smith, Robert176
Smith, Tom128
Smith, Walter A78
Smith, William R60
Smith, William130
Snider, Raymond E76
Soares, Joe F163
Sorrels, Henry I86
Sorrels, Herman P86
Sorrels, Paul S.86
Sotelo, Manuel28
Souza, Alvin L53
Souza, Manuel E53
Souza, Manuel154
Spaulding, Jack122
Spencer, C E132
Spink, Lewis128
Staton, Robert179
Steele, Ervy Ray180
Steinwinder, John161
Stepanian, Herod158
Stephan, Victor184
Stevens, Kenneth W44
Stevenson, Bertron144
Stevenson, H E144
Stewart, Dean V41
Stewart, Drexell L41
Stout, Michael R155
Stout, Paul130
Stover, Don W118
Stover, Russell L118
Stow, Howard161
Strange, Clyde R53
Strange, James 0148
Straw, Stanley157
Stream, Vera26
Stuart, D A181
Stuart, Walter152
Stubbs, Ivor130
Sturgeon, John B27
Sturgeon, Joseph174
Sturgeon, Wilmer L46
Sullivan, Martha P98Joy Mattli
Sullivan, Steven G98Joy Mattli
Sunkel, Franklin126
Sunkel, Truman126
Swall, James L142
Swall, Richard C142
Swall, Stanley D142
Swanson, Arthur57
Swanson, Lucille57
Swenson, Craig162
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taggart, Robert M124
Tallon, Merlin 062
Taylor, Jim U126
Taylor, William148
Teglia, Emilio155
Tenison, W M170
Thiel, Marvin162
Thomas, Howard A101
Thomas, James F101
Thomas, Raymond F101
Thresher, Donald171
Thronebery, R. J. 12
Tingley, James140
Tingley, Richard 140
Tisdale, Harold A48
Todd, John177
Toledo, Manuel148
Tomlinson, Edd129
Tomlinson, Luther129
Ton, Robert H157
Tonkens, Delmer D104
Torres, Arturo150
Trembley, Frances M96
Trembley, Harold 040
Trembley, Lloyd J96
Trueblood, Wayne154
Trull, Harold161
Tuggle, William 168
Turk, Mark151
Twaddle, Allen154
U[Return to Jump Site]
Uptegrove, Charles Cord116
Uptegrove, John Henry 116
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valine, Clarence V76
Van VaIkenburg, C139
Vandegrift, Lawrence92
Vandegrift, Vere, 92
Vastbinder, Don52
Vaughn, Daloris130
Vaughn, L H155
Vaughn, Robert150
Vaughn, William130
Vermillion, C A163
Verner, Byrdie M125
Vigano, Carlo148
Vigano, Joe E148
Villa, Gene128
Vital, Daniel149
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wade, Edward T106
Wade, James M106
Walker, William150
Wallace, Ollis142
Waters, J D Jr.150
Watkins, John D82
Watkins, Lawrence D82
Watson, Richard169
Watts, Lloyd "Glyn" 72
Watts, Oran S104
Webb, Charles F148
Webb, Orris K119
Weinkauff, Douglas133
Well, Phillip E. 180
Werhan, Theodore159Lisa Cahill
West, Clyde 62
West, Floyd E.143Janice Gualtier
West, Leslie Russel97
West, Rosalyn97
White, Gordon151
White, Lee R.146
White, William150
Whiteside, R. H.29
Whiteside, W. W.29
Whitfield, Harold142
Wiles, Gerald R.116Amanda Wiles
Wiles, Leland H.116
Wiley, Harold 119
Willcutt, Roy W.121
Williams, Cordon37
Williams, Lewis E.119
Williams, Marvin134
Willis, Billie B.101
Wilson, Anna W186
Wilson, M. P. "Scotty"126
Wilson, Murray (Bud)153
Wilson, Richard L.57
Winn, Don158
Woods, Ralph169
Wright, James R.147
Wright, Jesse E33
Wright, Paul W147
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Xavier, Johnnie L108
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Young, Ernest L33
Young, Leonard65
Young, Robert32
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Zink, Wiley182
Zumwalt, E R Sr.26
Zumwalt, James G26
Zumwalt, K R Jr.26

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