Pioneer Communities of Porterville, Vandalia & Plano

By Rodney Prestage Homer

Andiron Publishers, Porterville, CA (1982)

The historical references contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the information can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the information may be obtained from the libraries which possess the work which includes the Genealogy Room of the Tulare City Public Library. Send $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to the Sequoia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 820, Tulare, CA 93275..

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Labique Family84, 85
Laframboise, Michel60
Lamkin, Lester232
LaMotte, William L.106, 109, 169
Land, Jasper203, 271
Lane, Shoun T.216
LaPresta, Elizabeth N.205
Larson, John N.240, 264
Latta, Frank F.269, 270
Lawless, Pike173
Layous, Ann205
Leach, J. W. Rev.157
Leach, Lewis Dr.66
Leasure, A. Eileen205
Leis Family160, 164-165
Leis, Frank160
Lemming, Lee146
Leslie, Andrew86Laurie Ludwig
Leslie, Will W.270Laurie Ludwig
Letsinger, Jack267
LeValley, Pete164-165
Lewis Family269
Lewis, George (Judge)170
Lewis, J. S.80, 82, 84, 105, 106, 236, 239
Lewis, John Francis108
Lewis, John81
Lewis, Judge Joseph226
Lewis, Nancy N.198
Lichtensteiger, J. V.170
Lilenthall, Philip N.255, 257, 261, 262
Lilly, Albert A.216
Lincoln, Abraham129, 152
Lind, Peter (Admiral)218
Linden & Sarthou
Lippert, Omer A.216
Little, Elmer216
Loflin, Cam Calvin216
Loftin, Jimmy216
Logsdon, James133-135, 188, 189, 191, 203, 204
Logsdon, Lewis F.133, 169
Logsdon, William133
Long, E. L. 267
Long, Walter148
Loveland, J. S.147
Lovell, Floyd216
Lovett, Dale Mrs.205
Lowe, Caroline Chamberlain202, 204, 271
Lowe, Esther Wilcox223
Loyd, Elizabeth- see Elizabeth Loyd Sorrels
Loyd, Jane Campbell131
Loyd, Jane Elizabeth126, 189
Loyd, John R.44, 267
Loyd, John Webb126, 133, 169
Loyd, John38, 81, 131, 135, 209
Loyd, Nancy E.139
Loyd, Ruth205
Loyd, Sarah- see Sarah Loyd Coker
Loyd, William133, 203, 204
Lubking, H.170
Lumley Brothers236
Lumley Family249, 257
Lumley, Aubrey Jr.267
Lumley, Aubrey Sr.140, 236, 239, 263, 265
Lumley, Gerald R.146, 236, 239, 265
Luther, E. C.162, 164-165
Lyberger Family164-165
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mac Donald, Robert88
MacGruder, Genevieve K.270
Mack, J. J.7
Madden, Thomas36, 174 (Tom Maddin)
Madson, Julie203, 204 (Note)
Mahaffey, Daniel A.216
Mahnke, Deloris204, 271 (Note)
Mahoney, John170
Main, J. G.170
Main, Jos. W.170
Maltby, Charles38
Mancebo, Ronald Mrs.206
Manier, E.169
Manly Family80, 133, 135, 136,Sharyn R Brackett
Mansfield, T. D.244
Manter Family20, 81, 164-165, 192
Manter, Hiram86
Manter, John86, 169
Mapes Family81
Mapes, A. S.134
Mapes, Sarah- see Sarah M. Hadley
Marcos, Fray47
Marks Family226
Marshall, Arthur170
Marshall, Dick Mrs.206
Marshment, Vickie205
Martain, R. M.170
Martin Family8, 11, 15, 31, 80, 121, 130, 135, 137, 150, 151
Martin, Ann208
Martin, C. H. Mrs.144, 147
Martin, Clarance216
Martin, Clint144, 163
Martin, Cornelia Gibbons139, 144, 147Dick McCormick
Martin, Cornelia M.139
Martin, D. W. "(Marty"267
Martin, Georgia Aileen- see Georgia Martin Rountree
Martin, Jas. (James M.)130, 133, 149, 153, 207, 208
Martin, John W.208
Martin, Juan52
Martin, L. W.169
Martin, Lewis130, 133
Martin, Lillian L.204
Martin, Mary M.208
Martin, R. E.203, 204
Martin, R. M.169-171Dick McCormick
Martin, R. Tyre130, 133, 151, 208
Martin, Reece143, 164-165
Martin, Sarah E.139
Martin, Thomas Laton130, 133, 151
Martin, W. S.139, 169, 170
Martin, Wesley130, 133
Martin, William S.81, 133, 139, 147, 149, 150, 170, 188, 203, 208, 215
Martone, Andy205
Marvin, John65
Massey, Ulus F.216
Mastin, Ruby Brown271
Matchin, H.191, 203, 204
Matzke, Herman R.144, 267
Mayne, W. T. Rev.157
McAbee, Paul C.96
McAuliff, William L.204, 267 (Note)
McBride Family191, 203, 204
McCabe, James C.214, 240
McCalister, Rose Gray155, 204
McCloskey, David119
McCloud, Richard205
McClure, Clinton E.146
McClure, W. S.144
McClure, Wade Mrs.- see Mrs. Vernon Pace
McDonald Family215
McDonald, Flora204
McDonald, R. H.239
McDonald, R.262
McFarland, Art89
McFarland, Chet89
McGahey Family40
McGahey, J. S.164-165
McGee Family80
McGrath, Charles H.216
McGugin, Merle Shell155
McIllwain, Jack216
McKay, Percy H. Dr.267
McKearnen Family102
McKelvey, C. W.169
McKelvey, George Jr.133, 134, 158, 185, 208
McKelvey, George Mrs.134
McKelvey, George Sr.81, 133, 134, 153, 208
McKelvey, James208, 215
McKelvey, John K. Rev.132, 135, 157, 189, 190, 203, 204
McKevitt, F. B.2
McKevitt, R. W.2
McKinney, Dr.149
McKinney, Jim143, 255, 266
McKnulty, Fr.232
McLachlan, Wanda Prestage164-165
McLaughlin, Moses A. Capt.222
McLean, Henry G.133
McLemore, S. H.267
McMillian, Reve. J. A.157
McNalley, Rand269
McNutt, Simon N.215
McPherson Family191, 203, 204
McQuown, H. E.267
McVicker Family215
Mead, Muriel- see Muriel Meade Culver
Meade (Mead) S. S.164-165, 203
Meckley, Isaac "Johnny"178
Meek, Joe60
Meek, Stephen Paul60
Mehrten Family4
Meier, Marjorie146, 206 (Note: Mrs. Herman Meier)
Meier, Pauline205
Melow Family232
Menefee & Dodge171, 232, 269
Menne Family121
Menne, F.169
Menne, John169, 170
Menne, Lorenzo170
Mentz Family121
Mentz Family144
Mentz, Henry11, 79, 81, 121, 139, 143,
Mentz, Herbert W.216 (Note)
Mentz, Wilko7, 81, 121, 139, 144, 146, 264, 266, 267
Meran, A. P.203, 204
Merigian, Jane- see Jane M. Merryman
Merjil, Edward216
Merrill, J. P.181
Merritt, Franklin215
Merrylees, Robert C.216
Merryman, A. C.232, 235
Merryman, Jane Merigian205
Merryman, R. C.235
Michaelis, Howard196
Miles, Alfred139, 159, 164-166, 169-171, 209
Miles, James O.216
Miller, Della143
Miller, Henry170
Miller, Joseph W.38, 40, 170
Miller, Mable Prestage204, 271
Miller, Odie M.216
Miller, Ronald James205
Miller, Zackeriah226
Milligan, John A. Rev.236, 247, 249
Milligan, Mrs.247
Minaker, Shirley203, 204
Minjares, Betty204
Minor Family81, 92, 140, 144 (Note)
Miscampbell, Ethel- see Ethel Job
Misoni Family95
Mitchell Family118, 121, 226
Mitchell, Annie R.134, 152, 243, 269-271
Mitchell, J. F.170 (Note)
Mitchell, Susman262
Mock, Mary Anne205
Moffitt Family226
Monroe Family80
Monroe, W. P.169
Montalvo, Garcia Ordonez47
Montefiori, Simon Moses256
Monter, J. F.170
Moon, Melrene205
Moore & Elliott- see Elliott and Moore
Moore, John115
Moraga, Lt. Gabriel12, 52, 53
Morales, Fortunato B.216
Moran, Aline267
Moreland Family130, 137
Morris, Larry214
Morris, N. R.213
Morrison, Hubert W.216
Morrison, P. M.93
Morton, Levi P.187, 256
Mosheir, D. B.84
Moyle, Agnes M.205
Muller, Jane G.269
Muncy, Charles Mrs.206
Munoz, Pedro53
Murphy Family138
Murphy, Daniel80, 178, 185, 255
Murphy, George C.240
Murphy, Henry106
Murry, George C.122, 244
Murry, John P.11, 79, 80, 86, 103, 138, 178, 179, 185, 258
Murry, Patrick J.107, 121, 185
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagatani Family95
Nance & Yates93
Nance, J. W.93, 107
Natzke, Elmer164-165
Natzke, John N.267
Negus, George C.216
Negus, Ray Charles216
Nehr Family262
Nelson Family99, 101, 107
Nelson, John Milton97, 100, 121
Neuhoff, Fred B.96
Newman, Emil140, 146, 236, 257, 261, 263
Niza, Fr. Marcos de47
Norman, Frank93
Norris, David216
Norris, Walter258
Norton, Peter84
Notsinger, Adam215
Nugent, Lieut.66
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Brian, G. A.267
O'Donald, Joe214
O'Hara, Colm J.267
O'Neil Family247
O'Neil, Philip G.170
O'Young, Evandeline205
Oettle, Agust103
Oettle, Gottlieb103
Ogden, Peter Skene58
Oliver, Remi181
Olson, Margaret205
Orr, A. R.192, 203, 204
Orr, John236
Orton, Julius80, 235
Osborn Family81, 138
Osborn, A. P.136
Ovelletle, William204 (Note)
Overall, D. G.249
Overholt, Barbara198, 205
Overstreet, Roger L.216
Owen, Henry W.215
Owen, Marilyn H.205
Owens, Irvin E.216
Owens, Milt92
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pace, Vernon Mrs.206
Packard, Mary Jane- see Mary Packard Putnam
Packwood, Elisha33-34, 77, 80, 81, 178, 185, 255
Packwood, Mr.255
Packwood, Samuel77
Page, Fred E.216
Palmer, Mel205
Parker Family133
Parker, Jasp. N.169, 170
Parker, William164-165
Parkhurst, D. W.2
Patten, Gen.66
Patterson Family139, 235
Patterson, Grace D.205
Pattie, James Wolfskill60
Patty, Eithal C.160
Patty, Mrs.160
Paurade, Richard F.269
Payeras, Fr. Pres. Mariano30
Payne, Thomas Dr.68
Pearson, Barbara L.205
Pearson, R. N.214
Pease, Fred W.267
Pence, Bonn216
Pence, Eithal Bonn216
Penn, Frank93
Penny, J. C.180
Penrod Family196
Perkins Family236
Perkins, C. E.144
Perkins, Henry257
Perkins, James Mrs.206
Perkins, James W.203
Perkins, W. J.144
Perry, Virginia205
Peterson, Henry C.236
Pettis Family40
Pettyman, W. J.231, 234, 239
Phelps, Clayton M.216
Phelps, Ronnie216
Phillips, Harry146
Pickett, Edwin R.269
Pierce Family164-165
Pierpont Family108
Pizarro, Francisco47
Pluth, J.7
Pogue, J. W. C.226
Pohlman, Harry244
Pohlman, Louis244
Pohot, Mary20
Polo, Marco46, 217
Pomeroy- see Shamel & Pomeroy
Pondexter, W. G.34
Pool, John67
Porch, Ellen Mrs.192
Porch, Neva Ellen- see Neva Hastings
Porch, Robert170, 192
Porter Family196
Porter, Zilpa- see Zilpa P. Putnam
Portola, Gaspar de Capt.12, 50, 254
Potter, Clair A.216
Powell, Corrine204
Powell, Grace205
Pratt, Darius236
Pratt, T. E.92
Premo, Chas.92
Prestage Family4
Prestage, Bertie Clara- see Bertie Prestage Shell
Prestage, Edgar Lewis155, 206, 216
Prestage, Emma Gladys- see Emma Prestage Stanyan
Prestage, Esther Marie- see Esther Prestage Homer
Prestage, Ethel Martin155, 206, 271
Prestage, Lewis Edgar7, 89, 90, 126, 141, 143, 144, 146, 164-165, 203, 210, 211, 225, 237, 243
Prestage, Mable Eliza- see Mable Prestage Miller
Prestage, Martha Leonaine- see Martha Prestage Scranton
Prestage, Wanda- see Wanda Prestage McLacklan
Preston, Lea155
Price, Fred S.267
Price, Melville "Mel"203
Price, Thomas L.267
Priest, Frank Mrs.206
Prior, Basil235
Prior, Leonard235
Prothero, Joseph77
Putnam, Charles174, 180
Putnam, Eugene S.209
Putnam, Gen. Rufus173
Putnam, Isaac174, 180
Putnam, Isreal173
Putnam, Mary Packard175, 177, 182, 183, 187
Putnam, Royal Dr.172
Putnam, Royal Porter18, 39, 60, 73, 78, 81, 85, 86, 90, 105, 107, 108, 111, 116, 121, 125, 129, 130, 133, 136, 138, 139, 142, 143, 147, 150-154, 157, 158, 172-187, 190, 191, 209, 231, 234, 236, 240, 254, 256, 258, 259, 261, 264, 266
Putnam, Thomas172
Putnam, Zilpa Porter172
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quaife, Milo M.269
Quinn, Harry84, 85, 121
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radiliff, Alex170
Radiliff, P. K.170
Rambo, Bec- see Bec Rambo Baugus
Ramsey, George80
Rankin, John T.267
Rauner, Thomas216
Redfield Family81, 121, 139
Redfield, E. M.244
Reece, Clayton236
Reed, Anna Gibbons139, 197
Reed, Earl L.267
Reed, Fred164-165, 197
Reed, Glenn214
Reed, Judge R. C.187
Reed, Karen Bastian205
Reed, R. L. Mrs.147
Reed, R. L.144
Reed, W. C.214
Reeder, Evelyn203, 204
Reid Family240
Remland, Richard C.205
Reyes, Henry216
Reynolds, Andrew267
Rhodes Family144
Rhodes, S. R. Mrs.170
Rice Family226
Rice, A. L.91
Rider, Marleah- see Marleah Rider Boesch
Ridgeway Bros.92
Riffe, A. T.170
Riffe, C. C.170
Riley, Arthur216
Riley, Joseph216
Rinehart, Jean204
Rivers, Thomas230
Robbins, G. L.244
Roberson, Helen Lee205
Robert, Elijah E.216
Roberts, David Rev.157
Roberts, Merlyn216
Roberts, Ruth D.205
Robertson, E. S. Rev.157
Robertson, Earl216
Robin, C. E.144
Robinson, Alvin203
Roby, Joyce C.204
Roby, W. B.93
Roche, Peter F.2, 112
Rodgers, Bill120, 270
Rogers Family108, 112
Rogers, J. Andy267
Rogers, Robert Jr.205
Rogers, W. F.108
Rollins Family163
Rollins, William170
Ronce, Claire205
Roosevelt, Theodore230
Rose Family80
Rose, Charles80, 133, 136
Rose, M. A. Mrs.147
Rose, Mattie- see Mattie Rose Clark
Roskam, Michael214
Ross, Andrew84
Ross, Russ164-165, 250
Ross, Sylvia205
Ross, W. L.7, 146, 203, 249
Ross, W. W. 146
Ross, Will R.164-165
Rosshardt, Evelyn204
Roth Family100
Roth, John99, 113, 114
Roth, Peter99, 113, 114
Roubidouz Brothers60
Rounsaville, Frank258
Rountree, Felix Grundy216
Rountree, Georgia Martin205, 206
Rowntree, Lester269
Ruf, Alfred W.216
Ruiz, Francisco52
Rumford, Isaac208
Rumford, William W. (B)208
Russell Family93, 126, 148, 156, 158, 160, 163-166, 169, 170
Russell, George H.159, 160, 164-165, 170
Russell, John H.159, 169, 170
Russell, P. J.169, 170
Russell, Pametia Sowells159
Russell, R.144
Rutherford, Clara271
S[Return to Jump Site]
Saak, Charles E.216
Sabin, E.170
Sabin, John170
Sadars, Dale- see Dale Sadars Jones
Salladay, A.119
Salladay, Flavious Jocephus (Joe)216
Salladay, Marguerite Holloway155
Sanborn, Allen Mrs.206
Sanchez, Fr. Thomas219
Sanford, A. M.91
Santa Anna55
Sarr, David T.203, 271
Sarthou family84, 85, 88
Saunders, William229, 230
Savage, James D. "Jim"12, 63, 65, 67, 68
Savage, Johnny68
Saxe, H. A.191, 203, 204
Scates, Garlin R.216
Schepman, Thelma204
Scherer, Emmeline Gilvere204
Schlagel, Dick204
Schmidt, Fred103
Schmittou, Sterling236
Schneider, F. I. C. Rev.229
Schneider, Mrs. 229
Schultz, Adolph G.234, 236, 239
Schutt, Harold G.126, 269, 271
Schwartz Family7
Schwartze, Vere196
Scott Family126, 160, 163
Scott, Eugene L. "Gene"143, 144, 146, 160, 262
Scott, F. I.7
Scott, John161, 163-165, 209
Scott, Josephine164-165
Scott, Louise203, 204
Scranton Family208
Scranton, Brent Lewis146, 148
Scranton, Martha Prestage155
Scruggs Family93
Sears, George Mrs.206
Sears, W. A.92
Seaton, Celia205
Seaton, Max94
Seeds, Caroline147, 169
Seratte, Bill146
Serra, Fr. Junipero50, 254
Setness, Katherine Homer148
Shackleford, Diane205
Shaffer, Kathy205
Shamel & Pomeroy270
Shank, Signe Johnson205
Shannon, Howard R. (Bob)203, 204
Sharp, Wade M.216
Sheedy, Helen204
Shell, Bertie Prestage144
Shell, Catherine Merle- see Merle Shell McGugin
Shell, Henry Boyer164-165
Shelton, James Mrs.206
Sherman, Albert B.216
Sherman, William T.120
Shiplett, Hazel Dell- see Hazel Shiplett Turner
Shiplett, Oscar Marshal164-165
Shiplett, Pauline Virgie- see Pauline Shiplett White
Shires, Helen Louise205
Shires, Orlin239
Shirk, Vera L.204
Short, Betty- see Betty S. Yates
Short, George N.216
Shortman, W. B.270
Shoup, Ida M.146
Shry, W. H.250
Shuey Family120, 121
Sibley Family81, 121, 248
Sibley, Mildred Conner204
Sibley, W. S.267
Sibley, William239
Sibley, Wilmer204
Silent, Edward115
Silvas Family114
Simmons, Clark Mrs.206
Simmons, George W.169Kim Mann
Simmons, J. S.169Kim Mann
Simmons, Johnnie133Kim Mann
Simmons, Tom163Kim Mann
Simmons, William169Kim Mann
Simpson, Billy133
Sinclair, John147
Skilton, George N.267
Skinner, Marvin O.216
Skiver, J. T.169
Slaten, Tom93
Slatten, John D.216
Slaughter, Claude Abuel146
Slaughter, Elvaretta Marie- see Marie Slaughter Browning
Slaughter, Fynetta (Nettie)Gilliland196
Slaughter, Madison "Max"164-165, 263, 265
Slaughter, Marietta Claudine- see Marietta Slaughter Homer
Slinkard, Earl216
Sloss, Leon255, 257, 262
Slover, James Rev.114, 119 (Note)
Small, Kathleen152, 189, 251, 269
Smith Jedediah Strong "Jed"12, 57, 77, 154
Smith, C. B.143, 144
Smith, Earl E.267
Smith, Frank Mrs.206
Smith, George231
Smith, Jabes C.77, 81, 136
Smith, Marian K.204
Smith, Paul216
Smith, Rhuamah M.204
Smith, Ruth204
Smith, Stanford170 (Note)
Smith, Steven C.216
Smith, Thales S.205
Smith, Thomas L. (Peg-leg)59, 102
Smith, Walter Mrs.206
Smith, Walter146
Smith, Whit F.232
Snider, J. C. 93
Sommers, John P.211
Sontag, John263
Sorrell(s)- see Sorrels
Sorrell- see Sorrels
Sorrels Family80, 81, 130, 135Marlene Johnson
Sorrels, Allen R.170Marlene Johnson
Sorrels, E. J. Mrs.171Marlene Johnson
Sorrels, Elizabeth Loyd133, 139Marlene Johnson
Sharyn R Brackett
Sorrels, Henry (Sorrell)164-165Marlene Johnson
Sorrels, S. C. Mrs.133, 169 (Note)Marlene Johnson
Sorrels, William133Marlene Johnson
Sowels, Pametia- see Pamitia Sowels Russell
Spaulding, J. M.170
Spaulding, W. R.86
Spencer, Mary Lou205
Spencer, Richard W.267
Sperry Family4
Springer, B.169
Sprott, W. E (F)236, 239, 249
Spuhler, Ben103
Staige, Ed164-165
Stanyan, Emma Prestage204, 206
Starkey, Albert126, 147, 164-165, 169, 170
Starkey, B. L.139, 147, 170, 171
Stayton, C. P. Rev.157
Stein, Otti C.204
Stevens, Shelby216
Stewart Family247
Stewart, Joyce204
Stiner, Ina H.81, 136, 155, 164-165, 190, 264, 269-271
Stockton, Commodore Robert61
Stone, Louis267
Stone, Margaret204
Stover, Capt.105
Stowell, C. W. Rev.157
Stribley, Vernon205
Strong, Howard108
Sturm, A.144
Sturm, C.144
Sturm, Dan236
Sturm, David144
Sturm, F.144
Sturm, John S. Jr.144
Sturm, John236
Sundance Kid263
Sutherland, J. B.121, 170
Sutter, John Agustus Capt.60, 220 (Note)
Swain, George W.203, 204
Swearingen, Haskell146, 271
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tabor Family114
Taggard, Ed E.93
Tailholt, Mother69
Talbott, C.144
Talbott, Harry144, 164-165
Tannlund, George W.267
Taylor Family138
Taylor, B. W.188
Taylor, John169
Taylor, William169
Templeton Family191
Templeton, Ben80, 81
Templeton, Josephine, Hakes191, 103, 204
Templeton, Sardis W.269 (Note)
Templeton, William80, 81
Tenney, Vern205
Tetrault, Joe E.267
Thomas, E. B.204
Thomas, E. S.203
Thomas, F. J.115
Thomas, Peter169
Thomas, S. J.144
Thomas, William143, 169, 187, 255, 257
Thompkins, B. S.147, 170
Thompson Family2, 81, 121, 126, 150, 152, 159, 163
Thompson, A. F.107
Thompson, Alex40, 164-165
Thompson, Fannie E.- see Fannie T. Gibbons
Thompson, M. E.147
Thompson, M.144
Thompson, Opal205
Thompson, R. T.170
Thompson, S. J.144
Thompson, Thos. H.34, 126, 134, 156, 176, 259, 270
Thomson Family2, 81, 121, 126, 150, 152, 159, 163
Thomson, Alex40, 164-165
Thomson, Fannie E.- see Fannie T. Gibbons
Thomson, M. E.147
Thomson, M.144
Thomson, Opal205
Thomson, R. T.170
Thomson, S. J.144
Thomson, Thos. H.34, 126, 134, 156, 176, 259, 270
Thomson, William38, 126, 148, 152-154, 156, 158, 159, 161, 164, 165, 169-171, 179, 208
Thorne, William261
Threlkeld, Kenneth R.267
Thurber, R. W.2
Thurman, Allen G.187, 256
Thurman, G. W.147, 170
Tibbitts (Tibbets), Eliza229, 230, 237
Tibbitts (Tibbets), Luther230, 237
Tilton, David169
Ting, Peter Von Sr.164-165, 203, 214, 235, 236, 240, 242
Ting, Stella M. Weaver203, 204
Tinsley, paul P.216
Tobias, A. M.267
Todd, M.205
Tompkins, B. S. (L?)147, 170
Townsend, Arthur40, 41
Townsend, Jerald146
Traeger, Gus180
Traeger, John271
Traeger, Vivian196
Traylor, Ed. Mrs.146
Traylor, Franklin A.216
Tree, Steve267
Trues Family209
Tucker, Cage38, 174
Tuohy, John84
Turner, H. Fletcher164-165, 194, 203, 204
Turner, Hazel Shiplett206
Turney, Ward McComas203, 204
Tyler Family80, 81, 121
Tyrrell, Don8
Tyrrell, Martha A.205
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ulloa, Francisco47
Ulmer, J. A.106
Umpleby, C. S. Rev.157
Upton, Paul Mrs.206
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vaca, Cabeza de47
Vallejo, Marino G.55
Vallerie, Betty Ferguson267
Vancouver, George218
Vangness, Barb205
Vaughn, David A.81, 84, 121, 169, 267
Vaughn, Ella204
Velie, Fred262
Vera, Jose41
Vespucci, Amerigo46
Vigne, Louis219
Villanueva, Theresa Gaston205
Villemin, Eva Hahn204
Vincent Family80, 84, 116, 138
Vinson, Walter M.215
Vise, Nathanial75
Vitus, E. Clampus136
Vizcano, Sebastion49
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Walbridge, Myra Knupp257
Waldo, David60
Walker, E. F. Rev.157
Walker, Joseph Reddeford59
Walker, Sardis270
Wallace, George81, 133, 138
Wann, Mable204
Wann, Thomas A.203, 204
Ward, Sandy267
Wardlaw Family138
Wardlaw, James236
Warme, Jonathan T.60 (Note)
Warren, Earl268
Washington, George152 (Note)
Watkins, John205
Watt, Lyle E.216
Weaver, Stella M.- see Stella Ting
Webb, C. A.93
Webster Family7
Webster, Hobard182, 249
Weisenberger Family245
Weisenberger, Joseph236
Welch, Honor Mrs.147
Weldon, Jesse Dale216
Wells, Dorothy Rose- see Dorothy Wells Baxley
Wells, Francis Marion144, 164-165, 211, 215
Wells, Ralph Grant7, 144, 164-165, 203, 211
Wells, Samuel A.215
Wells, Virgil Lewis90
Wells, William Bartlett7, 141, 144, 146, 164-165, 203,211
Wesley, John157, 215
Wessmag, John187
Wheaton, Stella166
Wheeler, Clyde216
White Family161
White, Ella204
White, Huffman M.80, 84, 173, 224, 225
White, Huffman Mrs.80, 81, 84, 121, 173, 221, 222, 224, 225, 232
White, J. S. 170
White, Jerusha Anthony211, 222, 224, 225, 232, 244
White, Pauline Shiplett204
Whiteside, Cres E.205
Whitfield, Benny Mrs.206
Whitmore Bros.235
Whitton, George216
Widman, George267
Wilcox Esther- see Esther Wilcox Lowe
Wilcox Family78, 117, 130, 174, 191, 223
Wilcox, Elton Mrs.- see Mrs. James Perkins
Wilcox, Harry89
Wilcox, Origen Abbey77, 138, 145, 223
Wilcox, Sardis77, 81, 101, 114, 121, 130, 138, 221, 223
Wilenius, Virginia205
William, Father37
Williams, Anna204
Williams, Cecil W.216
Williams, Fred D.95, 216
Williams, George Walter80
Williams, H. S.93, 95
Williams, Hugh C.216
Williams, J. Howard, Jr.239
Williams, John Howard86, 122, 234, 236, 239, 246, 249
Williams, Louisa G.198, 204
Williams, Mac267
Williams, R. L.95
Williamsom, W. F.203, 204
Williamson Family80, 81, 126, 148, 156, 212
Williamson, Bill160, 163
Williamson, Ella- see Ella W. Young
Williamson, George A.39, 40, 128, 129, 160, 212
Williamson, Harry164-165, 203
Williamson, Ivan156, 160
Williamson, Jane Mrs.144
Williamson, S. J.144
Williamson, William Henry144, 160, 162, 209, 214
Willis, W. B.209
Willson Family236, 239
Willson, James239
Wilson, Charles F.81, 85
Wilson, Don Benito220
Wilson, Ella204
Wilson, J. A. Rev.157
Wilson, Lovell216
Wilson, Mary Florence204
Wilson, Robert216
Wilson, Roy J.216
Winter, Anna M.204
Wishon, Albert Graves101, 103, 118, 119
Withrow, E. H.244
Withrow, G. E.244
Witt Family81, 121, 236
Witt, C. A.267
Witt, Donald M.216
Witt, Henry236
Witt, Velma204
Wolfe, A. W.203, 204 (Note)
Wolfskill, William60, 219-221, 223, 226, 227
Wood, John12, 18, 65, 66, 67
Wood, Leslie205
Woodey Family236
Woodmans(ee), Theresa205 (Note)
Woods, Gordon Mrs.206
Woods, Robert E.267
Woodward, William215
Work, John60
Worth, William L.203, 204
Wright, Family86
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Yates, Betty Short205
Yates, W.93
Yates- see Nance & Yates
Ynigues, Gilbert E.267
York, Virgil W.216
Young, Ella Williamson155, 271
Young, Ewing17, 58, 219
Young, W. M.140, 146, 239
Younger Family263
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Zalud Family11, 130, 258, 259
Zalud, John250
Zalvidea, Jose52
Zimenez, Fortuno47
Zimmerman, Adolph J.216
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