Orosi: In the Beginning - 1888 - 1988

Orosi Centennial Committee

Cutler-Orosi Courier Printing (1988)

The biographies or historical refernces contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the information can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the information may be obtained from the libraries which possess the work which includes the Genealogy Room of the Tulare City Public Library. Send $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to the Sequoia Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 820, Tulare, CA 93725.

The names can be accessed by choosing the first letter of the individual's surname below or by scrolling down the list. Please note that the list has been divided into two section for faster loading.

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Aguilar, Bob110
Aguirre, Fred98
Aguirre, Rigo98
Ainley, Carolyn45
Allen, Rebecca45
Allen, Rhoba Ward Williams17
Allen, William17
Alley, Robert84
Andrews, Mrs.30
Andrews, W V23, 24, 30, 79
Antrim, Belle M32, 33
Antrim, Calvin59, 95
Antrim, Dr.29, 94
Antrim, Lillian May39
Archer, A J13
Archer, E C "Judge"13, 90
Archer, Martha E Van Tassel13
Ash, Ervin118
Ash, Susie118
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baca, Jack110
Bacon, Cora45
Bacon, Elsie Viola10, 59, 64
Bacon Family10
Bacon, Fielding10
Bacon, James Allen10, 29, 41, 43
Bacon, Sarah J Edmiston10, 16
Bacon, Thomas Allen10, 51
Baghdoyan, Gabriel66
Baird, Myron106
Baker, Ollis84
Baker, Y35
Baldwin, LeRoy32, 33
Ball, C A45
Bane, Charles G26
Barnes, Mr.6
Barnes, W W29, 59
Barton, Cecilia7
Barton, Cynthia7
Barton, Enos D7
Barton Family7
Barton, Florence7
Barton, Franklin7
Barton, George "Bert"7
Barton Hotel7, 24, 29
Barton, Hudson DeCamp7,24, 26, 29, 30, 37
Barton, Hugh7
Barton, James7,
Barton, Jason7, 83
Barton, Milton M7
Barton, Orlando D7
Barton, Rachel Melissa7
Barton, Rosamond7
Barton, Royal Victor7
Barton, Roy51
Barton, Sarah Jane Harmon7
Barton, Stephen7
Batchelor, Al106
Batkin, Fred58
Bauman, Frank A64
Beckner, A84
Beebe, Leonard C33
Beinhorn Brothers27
Beinhorn, Dale8, 59, 64, 95
Beinhorn, Ella Dye8, 9, 23, 39,
Beinhorn, Frank8, 44, 51
Beinhorn, Herman8, 9, 20, 23,24, 31
Beinhorn, Judy118
Beinhorn, Lilly Dye8, 9
Beinhorn, Pearl9, 64
Beinhorn, Spurgeon8
Beinhorn, W. M 58
Beinhorn, William8, 60, 84
Beinhorn Family8, 9, 79
Berg, Charles30Cristy Bayer
Bernard, Bessie Toler16
Bernard, Elmer59, 64
Bernard, Ira Homer16
Bernard, J25, 44, 78
Bernard, Vernon106
Bezzerides, Paul92, 105
Biddy, Graham89
Bigham, Charles E43, 45
Bilvado, Steve64, 106
Bishop, Bessie81
Bishop, 0 D44
Biswell, G. W. Co.78, 79
Blackledge, Lindley, Dr.29, 60
Blair Family31
Blake, Dr.88
Blankenship, Shirley118
Blanks, Charles W 111
Blayney, E.F.64
Bond, S.A.87
Bond, W.L.78
Bonilla, Jimmie118
Boone, W.P.37
Boscariol, Gino110
Boyd, James11
Brannon, Henry R 89
Brashears, Ed104
Brauer, O.L.64
Brewer, Harry20
Brians, F.M.78.
Brooks, James N.20
Brooks, Lawrence106
Brown, Adam100
Brown, Andrew100
Brown, David100
Brown, Fred 118
Brown, Jill Ledbetter100
Brown, Justin100
Buchan, Briwn110
Bump, Addsion J24, 36, 50, 53
Bump, Adelia C. Bunnell50
Bump, Charles A32, 33,50
Bump, Clara50
Bump, Elihu50
Bump, Frank N50
Bump, Hattie50
Bump, Lottie50
Burchett, Mike110
Butler, Bob90
Button, F.A.51
Butts, Calvin89
Butts, Irvin45
Butts, Ray44
Byers, Jim106
Byrd, Robert, Rev.42,39, 118
C[Return to Jump Site]
Caggianelli, Reno110
Cameron, Phil110
Campbell, Frank59, 64
Campbell, Joe106
Campbell, Julia20
Campbell, Mr.28
Cann, Lizzie H44, 45
Cannon, Jane31
Cardwell, Edith45
Carender, Bill106
Carey, Cecil R58, 95
Carey, George88
Carlson, Gregg110,
Carmichael, E.W.45
Carr, Thompson104
Carrillo, Manuel118
Carrillo, Rosie118
Carrillo, Victor115
Carson, W. G., Dr.29, 87
Carter, Craig A33
Cedillas, Jacob115
Cervantes, Rita70Angela Serna
Cervantes, Stanley115Angela Serna
Chaney, Ed37
Chase, Alice Putnam54
Chavez, Damien70
Chavez, Jose "Joe"70, 75
Chun, So101
Churchill, Calif.68
Churchill, Callie26
Clapp, Emma94
Clapp, Floyd49, 54
Clapp, J Orrin49, 84, 94
Clapp, John9, 23, 31
Clapp, Justin Ocran41, 49, 94
Clapp, Margaret Jane Pugh49, 94
Clapp, Martha94
Clapp, Pearl Beinhorn9
Clapp, Sadie Putnam54, 93
Clemente, Emily Ward17
Clemente, Gilbert17
Clemente, Louie26
Clemente, Mamie26
Clotfelter, Floy59, 64
Clotfelter, Myrtle80, 81
Clow, Hazel45
Coats, Lee84
Cochran, Max E45, 106
Cochran, T. B., Mrs.49
Collin, Gus58
Collin, Harold58
Collin, Rice104
Combs, Arba50
Combs, Benjamin C15, 31, 37, 38, 51, 94
Combs, Minnie Sallee84
Combs, Samantha Straw51
Combs, William V51, 83, 84, 88
Combs, Zenas C51
Compton, Andrew J., Rev.28, 37
Comstock, Smith7
Conkey, Fred28, 56
Conkey, Jessie Nye56
Conkey, Julia Sheldon56
Cook, E. F.57
Cook, F. M.41, 47
Cook, F. Stanley45
Cook, Family31
Cook, Francis Elmer47
Cook, James Ernest47, 57
Cook, R. A.45
Cook, Ruth118
Cook, Sarah Cartwright47
Cook, Virgil47, 64, 95
Cooke, C. F. Mrs.45
Coons, Fred104
Cooper, Jeff118
Corr, Wilfred106
Cortner, Lee11
Cortner, Preston11
Cortner, Talbot11
Cortner, William C11
Cowan, Bertha59, 64
Cowan Family31
Crabtree, Ken106
Crump, Nadine20
Cumiford, Bob45
Curtis, Zachariah15
Cutler, John24, 31, 65
Cutler, Maps65, 77
Cutler, May20
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalby, Dr.90
Dally, Elizabeth Bump50
Dally, Richard50
Daniels, Earl95
Davasher, Jerry118
Davidian, Tateos66
Davidian, Vartan, Rev.66
Davidson, Robert64
Dawson, Clyde106Pat Conwell
Dawson, Verne106, 91Pat Conwell
Day, Laurie Ledbetter100
Dean, W.F.20
Decker, Kenneth118
Dehaenen, Don118
Delgado, Mary Chavez70, 75
Demaree, R.S.28, 37, 46
Demaree, R. S., Mrs.86
Demaree, R.T.57
Demaree, Robert86
DeMello, Marie George99
DeMello, Tony99
Deran, E.S.78
Dial, Denzil58
Dickey, Harvey30
Dierks, Cordy95
Diggs, Vernon118
Diggs, W. Lloyd64
Dixon, Mary81
Dodson, Ronald117
Dooley, Sue118
Dorn, Ed64
Downing, Tressie116
Dracas, E37
Dreverman, Eda, Mrs.45
Dudley, Jennie39
Dudley, Waldo39
Duncan, Louise63, 64
Dunn, Harriet81
Dunn, R. H., Dr.89, 91
Dutt, Brooks106
Dye, A.J.8,9, 20, 25,
Dye, Anna Belle Hausch9
Dye, Carrie Moyle9
Dye Family8, 9
Dye, Hervey8
Dye, Lizzie Johnson9
Dye, Mary H.39
Dye, Mary Kay8, 9 37, 79, 87
Dye, Melvin9
Dye, Monie8, 9
Dye, William8
Dye, Winnie64
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eddy, H. M.26
Edginton, Theodore25, 70, 72
Edmiston, Allen McD16
Edmiston, Betty26
Edmiston Family16
Edmiston, N. B.10,16, 41-43,
Edmiston, Nancy Howell16
Edwards, J. H. 50
Edwards, Joseph 1127, 32, 33, 37, 50
Edwards, Larry84, 106, 118, 119
Edwards, Lillie B. Jobe50
Edwards, Margaret37
Eifert, Butch69
Eldridge, Myrtle64
Elkins, Roger116
Elliott, Dorothy82
Elliott, Frank T sr.73, 121
Elliott, Frank T "Tom" Jr.121
Elliott, Frank T III121
Ellis, Sam L.N.20
Ellis, S. L. N., Mrs.11
Elrod, Douglas106
Elrod, Laurence A45, 106
Enns, Harold J35
Ensign, H. C.57
Erwin, L. N.45
Espino, Richard110
Etheridge, Charles118
Ethridge, Clara R.115
Ethridge, Dana115
Ethridge, Dessie49
Ethridge, Donna115
Ethridge Family49
Ethridge, Jenny94
Ethridge, Martha Pugh49
Ethridge, Maude49, 64
Ethridge, Michael115
Ethridge, Richard106, 115
Ethridge, True M49, 64
Ethridge, William Peyton39, 49
Ethridge, William Russell49, 95
Evans, Amelia59, 64
Evans, C. A.57
Evans, Charles, Mrs.86
Evans, Chris17
Evans, Hall87
Evans, Harold86
Evans, Harry11
Evans, Helen11
Evans, James11
Evans, John F11
Evans, Laura59, 64
Evans, Mary Cortner11
Evans, Reba11
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farolan, Dorothy72
Farolan, Douglas72
Farolan, Joe72
Farolan, Keith72
Fernandez, Ray115
Fickle, Floy64
Filer, Marilyn118
Fillmore, Marvin45
Finch, Frank45
Findley Brothers78
Fitzsimons Family31Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Frank95Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Orien95Connie Putnam
Fitzsimons, Ray59, 64, 95Connie Putnam
Flores, Adam115
Follett, F. A.79
Follett, H C.79
Forbes, Alex R37
Franci, Rev.70, 75
Franks, Edwina118
Franzen, M. Leroy103
Fraser, Margaret Putnam54
Fremont, John 2, 26
Frew, Dorothy Williams17, 117
Frey, Jon84, 106
Friesen, Leroy45, 106
Fruchey, Donald54
Fruchey, Edgar54
Fruchey, John54
Fruchey, Pina Putnam54
Frye, Bev45
Fulmer, Alfred 59, 64, 95
Fulmer, William110
Furman, J. P.28
Furtney, Dr.29, 94, 95
Furtney, Henry32, 33
Furtney, Jesse10
Furtney, Jessie Ethel10
Furtney, Lester59, 95
Furtney, Mrs.86
Gaines, Howard64
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galaviz, Greg115
Gallagher, Elwyn G45
Gallagher, Frank106, 110, 122
Gamlin Family2
Gamlin, Thomas15
Garabedian, Lorraine118
Garcia, Rev. Fr.70, 75
Garcia, Joe75
Garcia, Juan75
George, Anna Bettencourt99
George, Betty Rice99
George Brothers70, 99
George, Cecilia Garcia99
George, Chris99
George, Everett106
George, Joe sr. 75, 99
George, Joe Jr.99
George, Judy99
George, Kay99
George, Mary DeMello99
George, Mickey99
George, Mike70, 99
George, Penny Pappas99
George, Stephen99
George, Tony70, 99
George, William99
Giampietro, Tom64
Gibbons, Lee118
Gilliland, John28
Goble, Ivan104
Goertz, Mary May45
Gomez, Jose115
Gong, Elliott120
Gong, Jack84, 106, 120
Gong, Janet120
Gong, Jay Dean120
Gong, Katharine120
Gong, Kit120
Gong, Melvin120
Gong, Teddy120
Gong, Theresa120
Gonzalez, Sergio110
Gonzalez, Teresa115
Goodin, Lee26
Goodin, Nancy Ragle "Nannie"19, 23
Goodin, Orville C "O.C."19, 22-24, 27, 30, 32-34, 37, 79, 83, 84,
Goodin, Sarah19, 20, 43, 45
Goodin, William L19, 22, 83
Gough, Ruby39
Gould, J. R.25, 30
Graham, David R37
Green, Marilyn, Mrs.81
Greer, Francis118
Gregory, Erlaine117
Guerin, H. H.79
Guerrero, Carmen118
Guldalian, Vahan, Rev. Fr.66
Gwartney, J. G.45, 64
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hackett, Dolores118
Hahn, Blanche, Mrs.81
Haigooni, Rev.66
Hall, B. F.45
Hall, Eddie110
Hall, Ida20
Halstead, Eugene118
Hamalian, Jack66
Hamilton, I. B. MD79
Hammer, J. D.84
Hanada, Nancy118
Harness, Charles109, 110
Harris, Charles110
Harris, Darlene118
Harrolson, H. P.57
Harvey, J. P.115
Hatakeda, John106
Hayakuwa, Jimmy73
Heisinger, Violet Toler16
Henderson, Lloyd106
Henkel, Elmer30
Henry, Robert76
Herman, Catherine Putnam54
Hernandez, Felipe115
Hester, Del106
Hickman, David54, 56
Hickman, Eunice Dye56
Hickman, Gertrude Putnam.54
Hickman, Kathleen56
Hickman, Marie56
Hickman, Rita56
Hill, Fred83, 95
Hill, G. H.40
Highley, 0. W.40
Hiramoto, Eddie118
Hiyama, Janey118
Hobbs, Janice118
Holdrige, Jack110
Hooper, T. R.79
Hopson, Nary Ellen118
Horrell, G. A. Jr.78
Horsman, C E45
Hovsepian, Vatche, Rev. Archbishop67
Howerton, Ray84
Hudson, Beaulah13
Hudson, L W45
Hughes, C A28, 78
Hulse, Gertrude45
Hunn, Robert84
Hunsaker, Ed110
Hyde, J D 6
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ikard, Eddie45, 106
Ingram, George20
Inskeep, Dwight106
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Russell40, 106
Jadwin, George T58
Jadwin, Mary Beth45
James, E F39
James, Susie32, 33, 39
Janzen, Ed64
Jenanyan, Haroutiun, Rev.66
Jenanyan, M., Rev.66
Jenanyan, Moses66
Jenkins, W C45
Jessup, Fred84
Jimenez, Alfonso Jr.115
Johnson, A B30
Johnson, Bertha A Crocker12
Johnson, Edna12
Johnson, Elmer104
Johnson, Elmo12
Johnson, Florence12
Johnson, Harriet Rhodes12
Johnson, Huie84
Johnson, Idena12
Johnson, James Lafayette12
Johnson, Joseph H12
Johnson, Lens12
Johnson, Lizzie9
Johnson, Mary Murray12
Johnson, Max106
Johnson, Odessa12
Johnson, Rick115
Johnston, R E45
Jones Family28
Jones, Mary Lou118
Jones, Patsy118
Jordan, S. W., Mrs.49
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kabootian, Dr.72
Kalfayan, Garabed, Rev. Fr.67
Kalfayan, Sam106
Kaspian, Adriene115
Kaspian, Barbara115
Kaspian, Carl106, 115
Kaspian, Chris115
Kaspian, Robert106, 115
Katayama, Sho74
Katayama, Tomosi73
Katayama, Yo74
Kendigian, Eliazar66
Kennedy, H. J.43, 78, 79, 81, 94
Kennedy, Herbert106
Kennedy, Wesley87
Keyes, Leroy64
Kirman, R22
Klika, John. L29, 78, 80
Kline, Dave98
Knox, George W27, 56, 78
Knox, George W, Mrs.81
Konishi, Akiyo Mimura74
Kosek, Fred118
Koudoulian, Kourken, Rev. Fr.67
Kramer, Henry J79
Kurihara, Don106
Kurtz, Howard106
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacey, Juana117
Laurendeau, Billy55
Lawmaster, John30
Lawson, Paul110
Ledbetter, Addis Goulder14, 25, 31, 78, 100
Ledbetter, Addison4
Ledbetter, Alice14, 26
Ledbetter, Alice Schafer14
Ledbetter, Allen100
Ledbetter, Carrie Wrought14
Ledbetter, Elvin14
Ledbetter Family14
Ledbetter, Gordon14, 59, 64, 95
Ledbetter, Gregory100
Ledbetter, H W22
Ledbetter, Hazel Church14, 45, 92
Ledbetter, Henry14
Ledbetter, James14, 22, 26, 100
Ledbetter, Jill100
Ledbetter, Joanne Gregory14, 31, 93, 100, 117
Ledbetter, L A25
Ledbetter, Laurie100
Ledbetter, Lee14, 92, 95
Ledbetter, Lois Bartlett14
Ledbetter, Mary14, 15
Ledbetter, Mary Calcote14
Ledbetter, Maude Barton7, 14, 93
Ledbetter, May14
Ledbetter, Orrin14
Ledbetter, Oscar14, 64, 83, 100
Ledbetter, Roy14, 30, 95
Ledbetter, Sarah14
Ledbetter, Sarah Wrought14, 100
Ledford, J S39
Lee, Donald V33
Lenox, Doris107
Lenox, Jack107, 110
Leps, Evald, Rev.42
Liebau, Weaver64, 95
Linder, William78
Lisman, Amberson, Mrs.43
Lisman, Mary Ethridge49
Lisman, Thearon95
Locke, Ada20, 26
Lorendo Brothers28
Lorendo, Phillip28, 78, 89
Lovelace, Bob106
Lowery, J D13, 95
Lowery, J E13
Lowery, Lee13, 95
Lucas, Rp 106
Lucid, Dan106
Luker, Ralph106
Lushbaugh, J J83
Lynch, Fern3
Lyon, Carl110
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