Tulare County 1880 Census
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The Tulare County Census for 1880 has been annotated by Mrs. Donna Benson to refer to various public and published works such as voter registrations, marriages, county biographies and the like. This information has been graciously provided to the CA Web through the hard work of:

Donna Benson
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Tulare, California 93274.

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If an annotation exists it is noted by a "Ref:" at the end of the entry for a household. The coding in the annotation refers to the references set forth below. In some instances the published work to which the annotation refers has been converted into a web page of its own. If so a link is provided. Page numbers in a cited work however refer to the actual printed work and not the web page number.

For instance: *C/470-1075.2 means that reference is made to the individual; family or someone with substantially the same name at pages 470 and 1075, col.2 of the 1905 James Miller Guinn work "History of the State of California and Biographical Record of the San Joaquin Valley" the index of which is linked to the appropriate web page.

1880 Census of Tulare County, California

Head of Household Name Index to 1880 Census

Township No. 1 - Locations: Kaweah & Mineral King;
Enumerator: George C. Dean; Pages 1 - 24

Township No. 2 - Locations: Visalia Township;
Enumerator: E. L. Van Valer; Pages 25 - 37

Township No. 3 - Locations: Visalia City;
Enumerator: W. C. McAdams; Pages 38 - 52

Township No. 4 - Locations: Hanford City;
Enumerator: B. A. Fasett; Pages 53 - 55

Township No. 5- Locations: Mussel Slough;
Enumerator: B. A. Fasett; Pages 56 - 74

Township No. 6 - Locations: Lemoore Twp. & City;
Enumerator: G. P. Manley; Pages 75 - 92

Township No. 7 - Locations: Tulare Twp. & Village of Tulare;
Enumerator: J. M. Johnston; Pages 93 - 102

Township No. 8 - Locations: Tule River;
Enumerator: J. W. Loyd; Pages 103 - 127
The Census is broken into two parts:
Pl - Plano Village and Po - Porterville
WR - White River; FR - Fraizer Valley and Tule River
are listed in the Township 8 section but are designated as indicated.

Names listed in the 1880 Great Register but not listed in the 1880 Census;

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                                   ANNOTATED REFERENCE CODES

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Z/4.   1900 Census with (ED:sheet)
Z/5.   Bulletin of the Tulare County Historical Society "Los Tulares" Index.
(year)/Co. Directories.
Family genealogies
An asterisk (*) preceeding a reference code and page is indicative of a biography.

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