Alta Pioneers

By Harry Hurst

Alta Advocate, Dinuba California(1924)

California Local History - Rocq - 15220

The biographies or histories contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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M. Toole
Agee, J N101
Akers, Clayton146
Akers, Fern146
Akers, George146
Akers, Grace146
Akers, John145
Akers, Joseph145, 146
Akers, Mahala Kelley146
Akers, Mary146
Akers, Mary Nevins145
Akers, Richard146
Akers, Ruby146
Akers, T J146
Akers, Walter146
Alcorn, Joseph Warren57
Alexander, G F89, 102
Alexander, T W147
Alford, Will90
Anderson, "Hock"154
Andrews, Eunice Mrs.169
Andrews, Louis A169
Andrews, Mary Parks170
Anthony, Al105
Antrim, Belle Mrs.144
Applegate, J W64
Applegate, W J25
Archer, A J25
Archer, Martha E. Van Tassell25
Archibald, E152
Arnold, Clara Annis Wilcox40
Arnold, James T40
Ashe, William146
Asher, I143
Atwell, A T165
Aubrey, J C. Mrs.59
Aubrey, T E. Mrs.59
Austin, A C147
Austin, Clay143
Bacon, Fielding31
Bacon, Frank142
Bacon, James Allen30,31
Bacon, Nellie Sibley142
Bacon, Sarah J Edmiston30
Baker, Anna Tyre36, 37
Baker, Augusta Ferguson 37
Baker, Charles36
Baker, Clarence37
Baker, Edward37
Baker, Ephraim36
Baker, J W. Dr.152
Baker, Jessie36
Baker, Josephine37
Baker, Josephine Smith37
Baker, Katherine36
Baker, Max E37
Baker, May 36
Baker, Myrtle37
Baker, Nathan21, 29, 165
Baker, Netta36
Baker, Peter Yaple "P.Y."36, 37, 47-49, 64, 82, 90, 106, 107, 164
Baker, Ray W37
Baker, Rose36
Baker, Sands123
Baker, Sherman36
Baker, Stella37
Baker, Thomas N36, 37
Baker, Thomas Jefferson36
Baker, Volney36, 37
Balaam, A S. Mrs.59
Baldridge, Pastor103
Bane, Charles G152
Bare, Chris102
Bare, Charley163
Bare, Peter101
Barlow, Charles59, 92
Barlow, Elizabeth Catt59
Barlow, Fred59
Barlow, Joe59
Barlow, John59
Barlow, Mary39
Barlow, Will59
Barnes, J E147
Barr, P144
Barr, M J. Mrs.154
Barris, Emery61, 83, 95, 101, 157, 173, 174
Barris, Emma Gunn61, 101
Barton, Enos Davenport27, 63
Barton, Hudson D27
Barton, James27
Barton, Jason E27, 63
Barton, Milton27
Barton, Orlando27
Barton, Stephen46
Beaver, Oscar121
Beck, John116, 117
Bell, I N7
Belt, George108George Gordon Belt
Bennett, Candace Cassandra Kanawyer39
Bennett, Edna39
Bennett, F G101
Bennettip Fred95
Bennett, Horace H39
Bennett, Mancel A39
Bennett, Obadiah Ripley38, 39
Bennett, Pearl K39
Bennett, Silas F39
Bennett, Warren C102
Bernstein, Constable158
Bertkin, George105
Billingslea, Walter63, 151
Bingham, 0101, 103
Bissett, Dave108
Blackmore, Constable W B91
Blakemore, W. B.103, 104
Blakemore, Walter154
Blakesley, Edith Noel173
Blank, E P100
Bledsoe, J W102
Bloyd, B K54
Bloyd, Emberson54
Bloyd, L J54
Blum, Jake95
Bollin, H. D100
Boman, Dan91, 96
Bonham, Hannah47
Bookwalter, Dr.104
Boone, Frankie Williams150
Boone, J T155
Boone, Roy150
Boone, W90, 174
Boonville, Captain B L E5
Boseman, Press152
Bostwick, H A34
Bowhay, Joseph Newton "Newt"12, 52, 85, 91, 92, 100, 101, 105, 106, 163
Bowhay, Mary A Brooks52, 101
Boyd, Charles137, 138
Boyd, George W89, 90
Boyd, James Andrew32, 33, 89, 91, 96, 181, 182, 185
Boyd, James Saxton29, 32, 89, 160
Boyd, Jim163
Boyd, Mary Barlow39
Boyd, William Henry "Tom"160, 161
Boyson, Neils152
Braden, William45
Brewer, Ollie Skeen34
Brewster, G M163
Brighton, J V139
Brittain, James Elgin75-77
Broder, John125
Brooke, F M144
Brooks, M 151
Brooks, Mary A52, 101
Brown, Luther89
Brown, Sam C. Judge7, 165
Brown, Thomas H173-174
Brown, Worth89
Brownstone, Henry94, 95, 96, 163, 172
Brush, Peter161, 162, 177
Bullard, Francis47
Bullard, George63
Bump, Addison J60
Bump, Adelia C Bunnell60
Bump, Charles A60
Bump, Clara60
Bump, Elizabeth60
Bump, Ella60
Bump, Frank N60
Bump, Hattie60
Bump, Lottie60
Bunnell, Adelia C60
Burbank, A P185
Burbank, Ella185
Burbank, Jerusha Agusta Runnells185
Burbank, Luther185
Burke, Alice Jane Fall55
Burke, Frank123, 125
Burke, Harry Albert55, 56, 87, 92, 96, 97, 104
Burland, Calvin118
Burns, Tom129
Burris, David17, 18, 96,103, 177
Burroughs, Henry7
Burum, Henry91
Burum, Malcolm154
Burum, S Ernest145, 154
Burum, S E. Mrs.94
Burum, W Malcolm145
Burum, Will91
Bush, D85
Butler, A B151
Buttry, Virinda Tout54
Byrd, Perry11, 119
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez1
Caldwell, J34
Calhoun, Jesse96
Callen, S H152
Campbell, J W.53
Campbell, James E53
Campbell, John L53
Campbell, Lee A53
Campbell, Lew146
Campbell, Luella53
Campbell, Mary53
Campbell, Nathaniel53
Campbell, Sarah A.53
Carl, Alfred151
Carlson, Agnew180
Carlson, Andrew180
Carlson, C. E. "Charley"171, 173, 178, 180
Carlson, Christine Bengensen180
Carlson, Clarence180
Carlson, Florence180
Carlson, Louisa Larson Anderson154, 180
Carpenter, Mr.28
Carpenter, J. W.32Jo-Ellen Parsons
Carpenter, John161
Carr, Mr. Wash40, 85
Carson, Kit3,5
Casey, Alice150
Casey, Mary Anderson150
Casey, William150
Cashron, Dora 26
Cassidy, Jim96, 105
Cassidy, "Mammy"96, 110
Castro, General Jose5, 6
Chaddock, E. G.151
Chapman, Fred L.59
Chapman, Hy30
Chapman, Mary Kimble59
Chapman, W. A.147
Chatten, Dick7
Clark, Amaziah W38, 179
Clark, James38, 52, 85, 105, 179
Clark, Marian May Kennedy38
Clark, Samuel38
Clarke, Alexander A12, 15
Clarke, Belle15
Clarke, C. W.127, 164, 179
Clarks, Daniel M.15
Clarke, James Thomas15
Clarke, Mary A. Groves Pile12, 14, 15
Clarke, Mattie15
Clarke, Robert F.15
Clotfelter, J. Rene155
Clough, "Pike"80, 92Diana Knight
Cochran, Bennie135
Cochran, Edith Johnson185
Cochran, Elbert154
Cochran, Manson144
Cochran, R. C.185
Cochran, S. D.63
Cogley, C. C.96
Cole, John S.98,99, 100, 111
Cole, Major S. H.134
Combs, Dr.59
Combs, Nellie42
Comerford, J. A.152
Comstock, S.145
Connor, Alden R187
Connor, Mary West187
Connor, Vivian S187
Cook, D. T.100
Coughran, Belle Mrs.102
Cowan, A. B. Dr.162, 163
Cowan, F. J.163
Cross, W. W. Judge101, 115
Crow, Walter J.30, 44, 45
Cunningham, Sheriff114
Curtin, Daniel H57
Curtin, Lizzie McMahon57
Curtis, C. C.90, 102
Curtis, D. T.62
Curtis, Frank85
Cushing, Anna K. C.171
Cutler, California163
Cutler, John7, 25, 163, 164
Cutler, Nancy Reynolds25
Cutter, E. A.169
Cutter, E. E.178
Dade, Rev. Daniel Francis165
Daggett, Deputy sheriff158
Davidson, Charles A92, 96
Day, Ariminda Giddings61
Day, Mable61
Day, Maude61
Day, Quintis Vernile Pleasant "QVP"60, 61
Day, W. F.154, 170
Dean, Mr.116, 118, 119
Deck, Edward E.136
Demastera, David23, 24
DeMasters, William127
Deming, Byron102
Deming, William96
Dennison, Lois187
Dewey, M. E. Mrs.101
Dexter, Martha Ann32
De Yarmin, Frank185
De Yarmin, Helen Johnson285
Dickey, Drew5, 155, 171, 173
Dickey, Elmer C.155, 173
Doggett, R. V.152
Dolan, Patrick -14
Donley, Milton151
Donnell, G. W.147
Donner, George12
Donner, Jacob12
Doody, P. J. "Jim"96
Dopkins, Clara94, 101
Dopkins, Clara Peacock47, 157
Dopkins, DeWitt157, 158
Dopkins, George M94, 101, 155, 157, 158
Dopkins, Virginia Hull158
Doyle, B. B. "Brady"144, 167, 173, 178
Doyle, J. D.45
Drake, Charley100
Drake, John Alexander61, 62, 100
Dudley, Rev.147
Dudney, Ellen Green25, 26Kay
Dudney, William25Kay
Duffey, Joseph B.98, 100
Dunn, R. F.15, 155
Dunnegan, Major154
Earl, S. F.101, 106
Easterhouse, Lambert62
Eddy, H. M.152
Edmiston, N. B.30
Edmiston, Sarah J.30
Egenhoff, David102
Egenhoff, Johanna Miss101
Egenhoff, L. Miss101
Ehrhart, Mattie50
Einstein, Jacob16
Elam, Frank162
Elam, Helen Mrs.144, 162
Elam, W. R.162
Elam, William162, 178
Ellis, Elizabeth Jane Leonard21
Ellis, Sam L. N.122
Ellis, William Josiah21
Elwood, Judd118, 119
Engle, H. W.101
Engle, M. A. Mrs.101
Evans, Chris113, 121-135, 136-141
Evans, Walter185
Everton, Alfred104
Fairweather, John152
Fall, Alice Jane55
Featherstone, M. S.147
Feild, Anna174
Feild, Catherine174
Field, David174
Feild, Eva174
Feild, Fannie174
Fields, George174
Feild, Louisa Flournoy174
Feild, Mary Lou174
Feild, Meade174
Feild, Nona174
Feild, Richard174
Feild, Sallie174
Feild, Vela174
Ferguson, Augusta37
Ferguson, John W46
Fernald, I.152
Fingland, W. E.126
Finnell, Alice L179
Finnell, John178
Fix, Rev. E. E.147
Flaxman, Ttiomas52, 73
Flournoy, David Dr.55
Flournoy, Louisa174
Flournoy, Thomas 55
Flournoy, William Venable55, 151, 172
Forsee, America Ann25
Fowler, Thomas46, 47, 49
Frankenberger, J. C.7
Fraser, Abner42, 63, 151, 163
Fraser, Anna Forbes42
Fraser, John42
Fraser, L. K.151
Fraser, Larkins42, 63
Fraser, Robert John42
Fraser, Luanne Mrs.42
Fraus, Elizabeth Mrs.25
Freeman, Fern Akers146
Freisch, Charley109
Fremont, John C.5, 6
Frey, Annie40
Frey, John40
Frey, Mirie Mrs.40
Frey, Rosie40
Frey, Samuel40, 41, 85
Frey, William40, 41
Fridley, T. E. Mrs.59
Frisch, Charles102
Fulton, Mathilda Tout54
Fulton, Percy B.44, 86
Furington, J. K.98
Furtney, Henry Dr.171
Gard, George E. (U.S. Marshall)129, 139
Gardner, Martha Elizabeth34, 147
Garr, Lovins54
Gebhart, E. M. Dr.104, 143, 151, 154, 169, 188
Gibson, Frank Lee127
Giddings, Ariminda61
Giddings, C. F.142
Giddings, E. E.40, 64, 143, 144
Giddings, Edward142
Giddings, Edwin61
Giddings, Read142,
Giddings, Sarah J. Wilson40
Giddings, Susan P.142
Gilbert, Ella Ross56
Gilbert, Delano E.56
Gilbert, H. W.163
Gilbert, Lela56
Glassford, Agnes Carlson180
Glassford, James Stanley180
Gleason, E. E. "Ed"96, 108
Glenn, Rebecca27
Golden, Hattie42, 143-144, 147
Golden, John63
Golden, John D42, 151
Golden, John Wesley42, 53, 142
Golden, Mary Hildreth42
Golden, Mary Reaves42
Golden, Stephen42
Goodin, Orville Caughey "O.C."45, 46
Goodin, William Severe45
Goody, P J.104
Gordon, A B.7
Gordon, J A.30
Gramley, U. M. "Bill"104, 105
Graves, Elizabeth12
Grav's, Franklin Ward12, 14
Graves, Mary A12, 14, 15
Graves, Sarah14
Gray, Colonel Mike128
Gray, William M115
Greeley, Horace6
Green, Mr. (a druggist)143
Green, Clarke C25
Green, Ellen25, 26
Green, Rebecca Senter25Steven Williams
Greenberg, "Wolfie"95
Greene, Joe E145Steven Williams
Greene, Samuel K60, 98, 160Steven Williams
Gregory, Frank154
Griffin, W M.151
Grosbauer, Henry96
Grove, Elmira58
Gunn, Emma61, 101
Gutfeld, Charles95
Gutieraz, Mr.127
Haas, Gus102
Haas, Louis29, 30
Hackett, J B.101
Hackney, Emma32
Hackney, J E. Dr.90, 101, 104
Hadean, John98
Haden, Cammie173
Haden, Cammie B174
Haden, Catherine Feild174
Haden, Frances174
Haden, Harry H174
Haden, Horace T90, 151, 171, 173, 174
Haden, Joel173
Haden, Pathenia174
Haden, Pauline174
Haden, Warren D174
Haden, William Daniel173, 174
Haffley, Deputy Sheriff158
Hale, W E.136
Hall, Dorris K143
Hall, Fred118, 119, 140
Hall, Homer82, 83, 90, 143
Hall, Luke129, 130
Hall, William "Old Uncle William"86, 87
Hamilton, Elizabeth39
Hamilton, Martha Lucinda17, 20
Hammond, W H.163
Harper, John W155
Harper, Sarah144
Harrell, Elvira M41
Harrelson, Deputy Sheriff158
Harris, Judge137, 141
Harris, James45
Harris, Len116
Hart, Harry100
Hart, John L24
Harte, Bret6
Hartsough, Chris110
Hartt, M D.44
Hartt, W D.44
Harvey, T B.147
Haslam, Robert H "Pony Bob"9
Hatch, J B.7
Hauser, W C.155, 173
Hawkins, W E.147, 148, 157
Haycraft, Ruby Akers146
Haymaker, E45
Haynes, W D.106
Haynes, W D. Mrs.106
Hazelton, William27
Heathman, Joseph151
Hedgpeth, George P145, 175
Heerman, A G.144
Hellman, Henry104
Hemming, W B. "Win"87
Henderson, J W.45
Henry, William138
Hensley, Sheriff118, 119, 120, 125
Hering, George101
Herling, Sarah156
Heston, Thomas9
Hickenbottom, "Billy"177
Hicks, Albert S44
Hicks, Eliza Mullinix44, 147
Hicks, Leah Ethel44
Hicks, Mary A53, 147
Hicks, Sarah45
Hicks, Stephen43, 44, 147
Hicks, William43
Hight, A D.34
Hildreth, H H.147
Hildreth, Mary Mrs.42
Hill, Charles20
Hill, Emily20
Hill, George20
Hill, John20
Hill, Lorene Ross20
Hill, Sarah20
Hill, Warren123, 135
Hilliard, F M. "Marion"24
Hilliard, Abraham6, 22, 24
Hilliard, Emma A Smith25
Hinds, S J.37
Hirshfeld, Amiel0 95
Hirshfeld, L "Putkey"94, 153, 162
Hirshfeld, Louis 101
Hobson, Martha Tout54
Hockett, Bob (Deputy Sheriff)118, 119
Hodgkins, W H.152
Holihauser, Louis40
Holzhauser, Rosie Frey40
Horseman, C E.144
Houston, T M.146
Howard, Charles158
Howell, Johnny123
Hoyt, Al152
Hughes, Bert L163
Hull, Virginia158
Hume, James B114, 122, 136
Humphry, L E.151
Hunter, Ada E53
Hunter, Earl C. W.53
Hunter, Evelyn G53
Hunter, Harriet "Hattie" B Rice35, 53
Hunter, William G53
Hurst, C R.154
Hurst, Harry64-69, 70-92, 103, 154, 173-175, 181-185
Hurst, J S.100
Hurst, Mary Ellen145
Hurst, Mollie83
Hurst, R C "Bob"154, 186
Hurst, Robert84
Hutchins, "Old Bill"4B
Hutchinson, Jim136
Inman, Joe177
Iverson, Anton "Tony"154, 170, 171, 173, 180
Iverson, Mary Olive West54, 178
Iverson, Christopher177, 178
Iverson, Iver P178
Iverson, Leanore178
Iverson, Ray178
Iverson, Susan Frances West54, 177
Jackson, Fred129, 131
Jacobs, A115
Jacobs, E164
Jacobson, Fred185, 186
Jennings, Sam25
Jensen, Rasmus177
Johnson, Benjamin158
Johnson, Dudley158
Johnson, Edith185
Johnson, Ella Burbank185
Johnson, G W.185
Johnson, Helen185
Johnson, Hubert185
Johnson, Jennie185
Johnson, Mable185
Johnson, Mrs.158, 159
Johnson, Sewell154, 185
Jones, Florence Mrs.53
Jones, Jack S101, 105, 174
Joplin, Mr.85
Jordan, Tom79, 83
Jurgens, Pete C 95, 96, 100
Kahler, F W.167, 173
Kahn, Gus96
Kahn, Nate95, 96
Kanawyer, Candace Cassandra39
Kay, Sheriff E W.108, 113-120, 122, 125, 127, 139, 140
Kelley, Daniel45
Kelley, J H.151
Kelley, Mahala146
Kennedy, Elizabeth38
Kennedy, Ethel38
Kennedy, Helen38
Kennedy, Jessie38
Kennedy, Margaret38
Kennedy, Marian "May"38
Kennedy, Marian Ryce38
Kennedy, Rev.28
Kennedy, Robert37, 38
Kimble, Ella59, 60
Kimble, John Alexander59, 60, 98
Kimble, Lucy Moores59
Kimble, Mary59
Kimble, William59-60
King, E M.35
King, R J.101, 151, 176
Kirk, R J.160
Kirk, Reid Sinclair160
Kirkpatrick, Eunice Andrews169
Kirkpatrick, Henry169, 177
Kirkpatrick, Johnny170
Kirkpatrick, Mamie170
Kitchener, C. F. J.47, 48
Knott, G. Miss144
Knox, James64
Knox, "Nigger"167
Knutson, Iver45
Krenz, Oswald151
Lacey, J N144, 147
Lahanin, Henry92
Lamb, Lewis101
Lane, T M152
Larson, Andrew180 r,
Law, J K. Judge115
Lawrence, A J7
Ledbetter, A G.163
Ledbetter, James40
Ledbetter, Mary E42
Ledbetter, Sarah Wrought40
Leisz, George "Spikey"76, 109, 163
Leonard, E A147
Leonard, Elizabeth Jane21
Levey, Julius101
Levinson, Harry163
Levis, Adolph29, 146
Levis, Leon29
Levy, Aaron89
Lewis, Della26Steven Williams
Lewis, Edward26Steven Williams
Lewis, Ellen Green Dudney25, 26Steven Williams
Lewis, Eva26Steven Williams
Lewis, G Harley147
Lewis, Joshua Rev.25, 26, 103, 146, 147Steven Williams
Lewis, Randall S.26Steven Williams
Lewis, Richard M.26Steven Williams
Lewis, Thomas26Steven Williams
Lindsey, Tipton46Shanna Lindsey
Lins, Fred96
Linsenbigler, Pitts51
Lipscomb, Lulu172
Litchenstein, F. Miss144
Littlefield, Fred A97, 104, 171
Livingston, Captain24
Logan, Hugh168
Long, Dwight185
Long, Jennie Johnson185
Long, Joe83, 86
Lovelace, Guy158
Lovelace, M H.91
Loventhal, I N.177, 185
Lowenberg, L E. Mrs.101
Lowenberg, Sol98, 100
Lowery, Mrs.109
Ludvigson, Peter E151, 162
Lushbaugh, Florence Jones53
Lushbaugh, James J42, 53
Lynch, Kate Tout54,
Lynn, William24
Lyons, Earley7
McAuliffe, Dan126
McCallum, A152
McCardle, Edward118,
McCarg, Sydney63
McCaslin, Benjamin F179
McCaslin, Frank170
McCaslin, James Y179
McCaslin, Lilbern F179
McCaslint, Marinda Andrews179
Mccaslin, W F179
McClanahan, A E.82, 110
McCracken, E E.151
McCracken, Elizabeth Christina Thompson62, 63
McCracken, J H 73
McCracken, William Franklin "Buck"62, 63, 143, 144, 151, 167
McCray, Mr.164
McCubbin, Dove Miss101
McCubbin, John C16, 50, 82, 88
McCubbin, M. Mrs.101
McCutchen, William14
McDaniels, (blacksmith)143
McDonald, Alex98
McDonald, Robert T126
McDonnel, James1ll
McFadzean, Daniel176
McGee, H R41, 42
McGee, Henry41, 42
McGee, Mary E Ledbetter42
McGee, Nellie Combs42
McGee, Oriva Marguerite42
McGee, Rilma May42
McGee, Robert Henry42
McGinnis, Andrew123, 124,
McGregory, Archibald45
McKinley, George117
McLean, H G34
Mack, J J.167
Majors, John P21
Mallory, C M.152
Mansfield, Josephine161
Mansfield, "Sawdust"161
Marshall, James W6
Martin, C E.163
Martin, Ed136
Matthews, Harry167, 177
Mathews, Warren S7
Mau, Charlie51
Maxwell, George H163
May, Lulu151
Merritt, Ben134
Merritt, H47
Metzenbaugh, Henry91
Michaels, George92, 104, 106
Mickle, Fannie Ellen Williams150
Miles, Ed138
Miller, Albert Owen52, 151
Miller, Caroline Ross52
Miller, Del154
Miller, E W151, 177
Miller, Ed173
Miller, Henry8
Miller, Hubert52, 151
Miller, L J152
Miller, Ross W52, 151, 157
Miller, W A52, 151
Miller, Walter52
Milleap, M151
Milsap, E A163
Mitchell, Susman101, 153
Mogensen, William177, 178
Moore, Clark124, 126, 127, 133
Moores, Lucy59
Moreland, Jane25
Morgan, John D135
Morrel, Ed134-138, 139-141
Morris, George W98
Morton, Darius58
Morton, E J85
Morton, E. Mrs.85
Morton, Harriet E58
Mugler, Al97
Mulgrew, Ed108, 109
Mullinix, Eliza44, 147
Muncy, J S151
Muncy, L W185
Muncy, Lulu May151
Muncy, Juliette Squires151
Muncy, Walter Lee148, 150, 151
Munn, Thomas20
Munroe, Harry154, 155, 168, 170
Murphy, Lemuel14
Murray, A R7
Murrietta, Joaquin15, 16
Neal, Rev. J H146
Needham, Frank162
Neil, W R154
Nell, F M101
Nelson, C C115
Nelson, W D96, 101
Newby, Mr. E144
Newman, Edgar58
Newman, Elmira Grove58
Newman, Harry H58
Newman, Jesse G Judge58
Newman, Jesse H58, 59
Newman, Jessie J. R.58
Newman, Marion58
Newman, Max58
Nichols, Emma Miss144
Nichols, W Bates63, 151
Nolan, Dora Cashron26
Nolan, W N26
Noble, W D152
Noel, Edith173
Noel, Franklin W172, 173
Noel, Gerald173
Noel, Leslie173
Noel, Lulu Lipscomb172
Noel, Sallie173
Nordheim, H153
Norton, Mr.159
Nugent, Lieutenant22
O'Connor, John53
Ogle, B147
O'Neil, Sheriff114
Osborn, Mary43
Osborn, William T4c, 43
Osterhout, Frank Edward156
Osterhout, George W156, 173
Osterhout, Lyman156
Osterhout, Nora Parlier156
Osterhout, Sarah Herlinger156
Otis, George B46
Overall, Dan (Sheriff)91
Packwood, Mr.22
Palmer, George165
Parker, Jack114
Parker, Jerry53
Parks, Charles170
Parks, Mary170
Parlier, Isaac N156
Parlier, Nora156
Parsons, Jim83
Patterson, James N45
Patterson, John A27
Patterson, Rebecca Glenn27
Payne, Thomas16
Peacock, Allen47
Peacock, Belle47
Peacock, Clara47, 157
Peacock, Edna47
Peacock, Elisha47
Peacock, Ezra47
Peacock, Frank47
Peacock, George47
Peacock, Hannah Bonham47
Peacock, Harrison R47, 94, 101, 102, 104
Peacock, Joseph47, 157
Peacock, Molly47
Peacock, Myrtle47
Peacock, Walter47
Peck, P138
Peete, Abram177
Peete, Ella McKernan176, 177
Peete, Flora177
Peete, L C.176
Peete, Park177
Peete, Smith177
Pennebaker, Laura Mrs.101
Perkins, Burt43
Perkins, E 043
Perkins, Eli130
Perkins, Elijah Henry42, 43
Perkins, Forest C43
Perkins, Mary Osborn43
Perkins, May Rutherford43
Perkins, Ross L.43
Perkins, S D.42, 43
Perkins, W H.43
Perry, Van146
Pfiffer, "Doc"107, 108
Pfiffer, Mandy107
Pile, Edward15
Pillsbury, Daniel H58
Pillsbury, Harriet E Morton58
Pillsbury, Joseph D58, 109, 167
Player, Edwin127
Poindexter, W G.24
Polander, J H.101
Poole, John7
Poole, U.S. Marshall44
Power, Maurice92
Preston, L A.101
Pryor, W L45 -
Quinn, Harry75
Rae, Francis "Frank"49, 50
Raisch, H J. Mrs.59
Ramm, J H.155
Ramaey, Elija187
Ramsey, Ellen187
Ramsey, Henry187
Ramsey, John187
Ramsey, Mahala Thompkins187
Ramsey, Mary187
Ramsey, Salina186
Ramsey, Sarah187
Ramsey, Willey187
Rapelje, Hi129
Ray, Mr.159
Rea, Francis "Frank"49, 50
Rea, Mattie Ehrhart50
Reaves, Mary42
Reed, Amantha A. Smith58
Reed, D G.57
Reed, Daniel Lyle62
Reed, Dolly58
Reed, Edith A58
Reed, Edmond58
Reed, George Victor62
Reed, Horace M58
Reed, James F14
Reed, Jessie58
Reed, John R57, 62
Reed, Mina58
Reed, Roscoe58
Reed, Thomas Law57, 58, 64
Reid, A34
Reid, T148
Reynolds, Nancy25
Rice, Adelia Mae West178
Rice, C E178, 179
Rice, Charles54
Rice, Charles G35
Rice, Ella S35
Rice, Frank Mrs.59
Rice, Frank E35
Rice, Harriet B "Hattie"35, 53
Rice, Isaac34, 35, 147
Rice, Jessie B35
Rice, John C35
Rice, Laura T35
Rice, Mamie35
Rice, Martha Elizabeth Gardner34,147
Rice, Melissa J.35
Rice, Thomas35
Ridley, Alonzo24
Riley, J W147
Robinson, Abi Miss41, 144, 152
Robinson, David Van Lear41
Robinson, Elvira M Harrell41
Robinson, Emma Hackney32
Robinson, Ida41
Robinson, Lee41
Robinson, Tod41
Rockwell, A J.101
Rockwell, L. D. Mrs.101
Rockwell, Lorenzo A101, 102, 106
Roes, Edna Louisa36
Roes, Gracie Laura36
Roes, Henry Christopher35, 36
Roes, Louis92, 96
Roes, Louisa Snedeker36
Rogers, J N. "Hog"35
Ross, Caroline52
Ross, Ella56
Ross, W E "Billie"20, 20A, 82
Rowell, W F.152
Rucker, J102
Rucker, Maggie Miss116
Ruddle, John115
Ruggles, Charles32
Ruggles, Clarence32
Ruggles, Emma Hackney Robinson32
Ruggles, Gertrude32
Ruggles, John32
Ruggles, Lyman Brown31, 32, 96
Ruggles, Martha Ann Dexter32
Ruggles, Mattis32
Rush, A. A. Miss101
Russell, "Billy" (constable)108
Russell, J C.151
Ruth, William33, 34
Rutherford, Mary43
Ryce, Marian38
Saffold, R P144
St. John, Loomis7
Sanford, Bob51
Satterfield, John147
Saunders, E W.101
Saville, Mr.143, 178
Scott, Ben134, 136, 138, 140
Scott, Martin "Nigger Mart"181-185
Seligman, Annie Frey40
Seligman, Emil29, 83, 95, 151, 153, 173
Seligman, Louis16, 153, 173
Scott, Rev. W C.147
Sewer, August80
Shafer, D R152
Shannon, George98
Shannon, Sam85
Sharman, Arthur151
Shelton, Rev. J C. "Jimmy"146, 148
Shelton, L A. Mrs.101
Shelton, R C.101
Shipe, John180-181
Shipley, J C.106
Shropshire, H C.148
Shufelt, N "Nox"101
Shmen, John101
Sibley, Charles63
Sibley, Claudie142
Sibley, Elmer142, 154, 163
Sibley, James63, 141-143, 151, 169, 171
Sibley, Mamie Kirkpatrick170
Sibley, Nellie142
Sibley, Roy142
Sibley, Susan P Giddings142
Sigler, Rev.104
Sill, Corwin180
Sill, Florence Carlson180
Simorell, Charley109
Simpson, John Crittenden45
Simpson, "Bob"97
Simpson, S Q45, 146
Simpson, Sarah Hicks45
Sinclair, Read Miss160
Sisler, Dick105
Sisler, Sam105
Sloan, Vic163
Sloat, Commodore John D6
Slocum, J S p127
Smith, A D.147
Smith, Amantha A58
Smith, Emma A25
Smith, Grace Young186
Smith, Rev. H J 156
Smith, Hattie Golden42, 143-144, 147
Smith, James16-20, 34
Smith, Jane Moreland25
Smith, Jeannetta59
Smith, Jedidiah5, 8
Smith, John178
Smith, Joseph186
Smith, Josephine37
Smith, K R. Miss144
Smith, LeRoy G155
Smith, Martha Lucinda Hamilton17, 20
Smith, O K6, 7
Smith, William B116, 117, 121, 123, 126
Smith, William "Flapjack"25
Snell, E W.185
Snedeker, Louisa36
Snow, Alva137
Snow, Benjamin53, 91
Snow, Bryan53
Snow, John H53
Snow, Lillie53
Snow, Mary A Hicks53, 147
Snow, Minnie53
Snow, Nannie53
Sontag, George113, 121-134, 141
Sontag, John113, 121-131, 132, 133
Sorenson, A144
Spangler, Lafe102
Spears, J J. Mrs.101
Spears, M C.101
Sproat, Julia Tout54
Stanley, Sallie Noel173
Starr, Charley162
Stenner, Jose Jesus35
Stevens, Harry111
Stinley, J163
Stokes, Elta127
Stoneman, F E.80
Stroud, Ira24
Strube, Carrie Miss144
Swain, Lela Gilbert56
Swain, Thomas H56, 57, 144
Swank, Anna144
Sweet, G W126
Sweet, Solomon29, 95, 145, 153, 163
Taylor, Rev. W B.28
Tennant, Mary E8
Thacker, (Detective)122
Theal, William102
Thomas, John101
Thomas, Si87
Thompson, Elizabeth Christine62, 63
Thompson, Thomas H22
Thoms, A 09
Thorpe, Zenas E151
Thyme, Frank95, 100
Timmons, L137, 138
Todd, William6
Toler, Hattie Golden Smith42, 143-144, 147
Toler, John E64, 144
Tout, Anderson54
Tout, Basil54
Tout, Benjamin54
Tout, Beulah55
Tout, Carl55, 154
Tout, Eleazar54
Tout, Elias54, 55 101, 160, 165
Tout, Ellen West187
Tout, Eucebia54
Tout, Floyd55, 145, 154,
Tout, Grace55
Tout, Jeane55
Tout, Jesse187
Tout, John54, 148
Tout, Julia54
Tout, Kate54
Tout, Lovina Garr54
Tout, Martha54
Tout, Mary54
Tout, Mathilda54
Tout, Maude55
Tout, Nancy54, 178
Tout, Otis187
Tout, Perry54
Tout, Velma187
Tout, Virinda54
Tout, William54, 160, 187
Tout, William S54, 55, 185
Traver, Charles47
Trueberger, Albert101
Tuxbury, W D.62, 143, 169
Twain, Mark6
Tyre, Anna36, 37
Tyre, Daniel37, 105, 127
Tyre, Gabriel37
Tyre, John37
Tyre, Levi37
Tyre, Louis37
Tyre, Mary37
Tyre, Perry37
Underdown, Jesse91, 161
Vallejo, M G.5
Van Noy, Dorris K Hall143
Van Noy, J D.64
Van Noy, Will143
Van Tassell, America Ann Forsee 25
Van Tassell, Elizabeth Fraus25
Van Tassell, Jessie Jane25
Van Tassell, Lewis25
Van Tassell, Martha E25
Van Tassell, Rebecca Seater Green25
Vasquez, Tiburcio16
Vise, Nat7, 21, 22
Voss, Annie59
Voss, J Haden59
Voss, Jeannetta Smith59
Voss, Julia59
Voss, W Lorin59
Voss, Warren59
Voss, Warren Jr.59
Watte, "Shorty"91, 96
Walker, Joseph R5
Warton, Joe4C
Wasgatt, A B.154
Wash, Mr.144
Watson, Tom97
Weaver, George86, 96
Weaver, P E.102
Webb, James Dr.165
Weddle, Charles Dr.40, 85
Weddle, Ethelbert S40, 85, 91
Weddle, Theresa Isadore Wilson40, 86, 85
Weddle, Walter Dr.40, 85, 91
Welch, Clara Young186
Wellington, Mr.144
West, Adelia May178
West, Alfred D186
West, Ellen187
West, Euphemia187
West, R D. Judge20A, 82, 90
West, James M186
West, Jane Edwards186
West, John170, 186
West, John J187
West, John S186, 187
West, Laura E186
West, Mae Miss147
West, Mark D186, 187
West, Mary187
West, Mary E186
West, Mary Olive54, 178
West, Nancy Tout54, 178
West, Rose A187
West, Salina Ramsey186
West, Sarah L186
West, Susan Frances54, 177
West, William Brownlow54, 178
West, William T186, 187
West, William Thomas178
West, Willis C186
West, Winslow McGavey54, 178
West, Zachariah R186
Whitaker, Horace200
White, Anna K C Cushing171
White, Annie M171
White, Frank L171
White, Harry H171
White, James T36
White, M H.170, 171, 186
White, Mabelle J.171
White, May F171
White, R C.137
White, Wallace E.171
Whittington, Grace Akers146
Wickham, R J.152
Wieman, Rev. W H.147
Wilkins, Charles 0187
Wilkins, David Alexander187
Wilkins, Euphenia West187
Wilkins, Lois Dennison187
Wilkins, Paul J187
Wilkins, Susan Criswell187
Wilkins, Verling Lyle187
Williams, Alexander149
Williams, Alice Casey Wilson150
Williams, Charles H101, 151
Williams, Claude154
Williams, Dill149
Williams, Fannie Ellen150
Williams, George C90
Williams, George Walter6
Williams, James Franklin8, 63, 149, 150, 151
Williams, J W.24
Williams, John150
Williams, Mary D150
Williams, Mary E Tennant8
Williams, N W. Dr.104, 106, 109
Williams, N W. Mrs.106
Williams, 0 C.144Steven Williams
Williams, Rolly145Steven Williams
Williams, Wiley8, 149, 150
Williams, Wiliiam A150
Willis, Tom7
Wilmot, J D148
Wilson, Alice Casey150
Wilson, Clara Annis40
Wilson, Clarence39, 150
Wilson, Elizabeth Hamilton39
Wilson, F H155
Wilson, Joel39
Wilson, John39
Wilson, John Jr.39
Wilson, Ollie Skeen "O.S."39, 150, 151
Wilson, Osborn149
Wilson, Ozborn Lamar39
Wilson, R M40, 85, 101
Wilson, Robert Fulton39, 150
Wilson, Sarah J40
Wilson, Theresa Isadore40, 85, 86
Wilson, W C124, 125
Wilson, Wiley39
Wiseman, A L.152
Witty, Al123, 124
Witty, George (deputy sheriff)115, 118, 131, 140
Wolff, Sigmund333, 94, 95, 100
Woods, Dave108
Woods, John7
Woodward, 0 J.154
Woolery, Hank96
Wootan, John163
Wootan, Smith163
Wootan, William34
Works, Bill181, 182
Wright, Claybourne20
Wright, George H B.144
Wright, Martha L Hamilton Smith17, 20
Wrought, Sarah40
Wyatt, W M.135
Wyman, Mable Johnson185
Wyman, W C185
Young, Clara186
Young, George186
Young, Grace186
Young, Henry186
Young, James123, 186
Young, W B186
Ziegler, Calla Miss101
Ziegler, F A.101, 151
Zumwalt, Daniel K47, 49
Zurker, A115

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