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History of Orange County - 1921 - page 418

Frank SHANLEY was born in Ireland. When he was two years of age his family located in Edinburgh, Scotland. He crossed the oceanto America and went to New York. In 1896 he came west to CA and located in Anaheim.

May 17, 1864 he had married Miss Marie C. McCABE a native of England but of Irish parentage. He was married in the old Quaker town of Darlington, England on the Skerne.

He and his wife loved children and in his will he bequeathed a third of his estate to the St. Catherine Orphanage of Anaheim. He died July 10 1918.

From CADI there is a possible dod for his wife as Mary SHANLEY age 75 died Los Angeles July 16 1930.

History of Kern County - 1914 - page 533

A. Y. MEUDELL was the son of George MEUDELL who came to America from Edinburgh and Mary YOEMAN MEUDELL. He was born in 1872 in Chicago IL. At three he moved with his family to Belleville Ontario. He married in Los Angeles to Miss Bessie HANNAM, a native of Witby, Ontario. They had two daughters: Mary and Myrtle.

From CADI Cynthia A. MEUDELL (spouse G.H.) age 75 died Los Angeles Jun 27 1937. I don't know what the connection may be but the name is so unusual I thought you'd be interested.

History of Orange County - 1921 - Page 813

L. P. DAMEWOOD was born at Kingman, KS, the son of Powell DAMEWOOD who moved from Iowa to McPherson KS in 1865. His mother was Miss Millie A. BROWNELL. He was the only child.

When he was nine the family moved to Aspen CO. When he was older L. P. DAMEWOOD moved to Denver and then to Fort Collins CO. In 1914 he came west to CA.

He married Miss Bertha R. SMITH at Canon City CO. She was a native of CO. They had one daughter, Edith A. DAMEWOOD.

Eulanee J. DAMEWOOD 1 yr died Monterey 12-6-1927
Priscilla A. DAMEWOOD spouse H A died Monterey Jun 2 1925

Carrie D. spouse C died Monterey age 38 Jan 21 1930
Edith B. DAMEWOOD spouse I B died age 53 Los Angeles May 7 1930
Levina DAMEWOOD spouse N died age 77 Mariposa Jun 26 1938

History of Yolo County - 1913- Page 534

John T. ARCHER was born in Devonshire Eng on Aug 12 1849 and when six months old came to the United States with his parents, Daniel and Ann (HUTTON) ARCHER who settled in Middleton, Dane County, Wisconson.

When he was 23 (in 1873) John T. ARCHER accompanied his father to Albany OR where he remained a year prior to locating in Healdsburg, Sonoma County in October 1874. A year later the family permanently settled in Yolo County where Daniel ARCHER purchased on Cache creek a partially improved tract of four hundred acres which adjoins Madison. Subsequently Daniel ARCHER sold 40 acres of this to the railroad for a townsite. Upon completion of the Vacaville and Clear Lake Railroad through that secion in 1876 land values rose rapidly and soon Madison became a commercial center of importance. Cottonwood being devoid of shipping facilities, Madison secured the business which had formerly gone to Woodland.

The marriage of John T. ARCHER and Miss Carrie LIPPINCOTT was Sep 25 1879 at Cacheville. Carrie was born near Knights Landing, the daughter of Josiah R. and Sarah (BOWER) LIPPINCOTT, both natives of Ohio from which they came to CA via Panama in 1858. The father died on the farm near Knights Landing and the mother died at Cacheville. Eleven children were born to them. The history mentions the following:

1. Daniel A. ARCHER who died at age 5 months
2. John BYRON who married Miss Lela CHINN of Capay
a. Irma A. ARCHER
3. Elwood ARCHER is on the homeplace
he married Margaret ________
he died in Yolo County at age 48 on Sep 19 1937
a. Thomas ARCHER
b. Phyllis ARCHER
c. Marjorybelle
d. Rosemary
4. Clayton H. ARCHER married Adelphia CHANDLER
a. Herbert C. ARCHER
b. John T. ARCHER
5. Lowell Lippincott ARCHER
6. Frank Edward ARCHER
7. Ethel S. ARCHER (Mrs. D. H. GILLIAM)
a. Leona A. GILLIAM
b. Mary C. GILLIAM
c. John Archer GILLIAM
8. Edna Mae (May) ARCHER (Mrs. D. D. RUSSELL) of Madison
9. Etoil E. ARCHER (Mrs. Aubrey HOWARD) of Woodland
a. Joyce B. HOWARD
10. Ruth ARCHER (Mrs. LINES)
11. Venus ARCHER (Mrs. DUNCAN)

A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed. - page 412

Col. George Washington WALTS was born in OH Feb 21 1840 the son of Jacob and Isabinda (DRAKE) WALTS. Jacob was a native of Maryland, Isabinda a native of VA. In 1883 he entered the service of the Union Pacific as general freight agent of the Pacific Coast. In 1891 he was appointed state labor commissioner. In 1896 he became commandant of the Veteran's Home in Yountville.

History of Tulare and King County CA (1913) page

Not much on this ... he is merely mentioned as the husband of Maude PARISH, daughter of F. M. and Martha (ROBINSON) PARISH.

History of Fresno County

Sylvester W. WALTZ was born Feb 20 1857 at Vevay Switzerland County IN, son of Joseph WALTZ, native of PA who settled in IN and was a prosperous farmer. His wife was Burry A. COURTNEY, a daughter of the Hoosier State and they had ten children. Joseph died in 1885 and his wife died later. The youngest of the family and only one in CA, S. W. WALTZ was brought up on a farm.

Before he came to CA he was married in IN to Miss Australia CHITTENDEN, native of IN. In 1891 he bought his present place of 20 acres in the Scandinavian Colonly, six miles northeast of Fresno. Mrs. WALTZ died Feb 1892 and he married a secong time to Mrs. Nellie (HENDER) TREVATHAN, native of Solbyville, Merced County CA. They had two children: Harry Roy WALTZ and Dorris WALTZ (she died in 1931). By her first marriage Mrs. WALTZ has one son, Clifford TREVATHAN who lives near Kerman.

Sylvester W. WALTZ died at age 79 Aug 12 1936 in Fresno

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902 - page 1191

Thomas BAKEWELL was born April 12 1836 in Pittsburg PA. He died in Riverside Jan 22 1898.

History of Santa Barbara County - 1927 - 121-Vol. 2

Benjamin BAKEWELL, M. D. was born at Trenton NJ on Oct 28 1877 and at 6 years of age came with his father, a minister of the Protestant Episcopal Church, to Santa Barbara CA. He married Miss Bertha McELRATH of Oakland CA in 1905 and had four daughters: Elizabeth Vail, Elise Alden, Bertha McElrath and Harriet Burling. Benjamin died in Santa Barbara age75 Sep 3 1953. From Who's Who in CA he was the son of John and Maria Elizabeth (VAIL) BAKEWELL.

History of San Mateo County - 1928 - page 486

Conrad WIEDEMANN was born Feb 15 1848 in Bavaria Germany and received his education in the public schools, taking special work in physical culture. He worked for a while in the lumber business in Germany and then at the age of 25 (1873) he came to the US and located in Philadelphia where he taught physical culture and was also employed in retouching drawings and cigarmarking. In 1879 he went to Newark, New Jersey, and taught physical culture for three years and in 1882 located in San Francisco CA where he taught physical culture at the SF Gymanastic Club. He was there 5 years, then went to San Diego and then was employed to teach physical culture in the public schools of San Francisco and San Jose. In 1906 he came to San Bruno where he built up large classes in the various subjects which he taught. For 27 years he gave instruction in free-hand drawing and the German language. He is master of 5 languages, all of which he teaches and in the State Normal School he had classes in fencing and physical culture.He is numbered amoung the pioneers of San Francisco and has taken an active interest in its progress and welfare. He is actively engaged in business with Louis ROESCH, who conducts a lithographing and printing establishement at 15th and Mission Streets, where he has been located for 20 years. He also serves as manager of the lodge rooms and upper hall, as well as night watchman.

Mr. WIEDEMANN traveled much and has written many interesting articles for the newspapers. His personal hobby was fencing on horseback since he was a splendid rider and lover of good horses.

He has been married twice, and by the first marriage had 5 children. For his second wife he married Miss Georgie LUTTRINGER, native of San Francisco. Her father was a pioneer having come from NY to SF in 1867. He was captain of the old Lafayette Guards of San Francisco.

History of Orange County - 1921 - page 721

Mrs. STODART was born in Washington Territory on Jan 5 1863 while the Civil War was in progress. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. John CONDRA, born in TN but removed to Washington Territory and became pioneers of the Northwest. John CONDRA was a farmer and writer of some note on political and civic matters. When Mrs. CONDRA died in Washington, she left him with two children, Mary and a son, John Jr. He sold out his interests and went via steamer to San Francisco and then on a prospecting trip to the southern part of the state and finally located in Los Angeles County in 1868, settling at Los Nietos, near where the city of Whittier now is located. He died at age 63 and his son died at age 21 and is buried at the side of his father in Whittier.

Mary CONDRA's first husband was Mr. DAVISON and they had one son, Frank W. DAVISON, an electrician by trade who resides in San Diego. He married Alice CLARK of Los Angeles and they have a son, Delbert DAVISON.

On Oct 1 1891 she married Archibald STODART, native of Scotland, born there in 1846. He had come to CA in 1887, settling near the CONDRA homestead. They had four children:

Grace STODART (Mrs. DAVIS) who has two children: Viola DAVIS and Donald DAVIS

John Archibald STODART born Feb 2 1895 who is superintending the affairs of the ranch and works with his two brothers

Charles Edward STODART

George Adam STODART

Mr. STODART died in 1913 (from CADI A.STODART 64 Orange County December 24 1913) at the age of 67. He had been an invalid for seven years prior to his death and his wife managed the ranch.

Mrs. STODART has in her possession a family tree of the STODART family which traces back to 1565 in Scotland.

A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed. - Page 650
History of Solano & Napa - 1912 - Page 261
American Biography and Genealogy - California Edition - 1900? - Page 863

Professor Edward Payson HEALD was born at Lovell Oxford County ME on Feb 5 1843 and was the son of Abel and Mary (STEARNS) HEALD, coming of American lineage extending in an unbroken line for 260 years, being descended from John HEALD, who was born in Concord MA in 1635, and Isaac STEARNS, who came to America in 1630 on the same ship with Governor WINTHROP. James CHILTON, who was one of the band of Pilgrams who came over on the Mayflower, is also in Mr. HEALD's ancestral line. His great-grandfather emigrated to ME from MA, being one of the early settlers of Oxford County.

He married in 1892 (Feb 5 1894) Mrs. Rowena JACOTT, nee JONES. They had no children. He was president of the Heald Colleges maintained in various cities of CA.

American Biography and Genealogy - California Edition - 1900? - Page 823

Elder John S. BRUBAKER was summoned to eternal life on Feb 5 1912. He was an elder of the Brethern Church, Plymouth branch. He was born in Preble County OH, on Mar 10 1854 and was 58 when he died. He was the son of Israel and Sophia (SCHOCK) BRUBAKER, natives of OH and of staunch German ancestry. Israel died in Howard County IN on May 4th 1872 and his wife died at Flora Carroll County IN on Aug 13 1892.

The original progenitors of the BRUBAKER family in America were three brothers who immigrated from Germany in an early day, their descendants being now found in differnt states of the Union.

Elder BRUBAKER married Miss Emma FISHER in Carroll County IN on Aug 1 1880. She was a native of IN, the daughter of Benjamin and Lydia (BARNARD) FISHER. Elder BRUBAKER and his family came to CA in 1894.

The couple had eight children:
Orpha Bell BRUBAKER died at the age of two years
Lora Estella BRUBAKER (Mrs. Ralph DETTER)
Omer Ellsworth BRUBAKER
Leland Stanford BRUBAKER

History of Sacramento County - 1913 - Page 441

Hershal B. MATHEWS in the History of Sacramento County Herschell B. MATHEWS was aborn Aug 30 1862 in Wyandot County OH, son of Daniel and Emma Jane (BARNTHOUSE) MATHEWS. Four years later the family moved to Clay County MO. He set out for CA in 1891 and arrived in Sacramento in November 1891.

In Feb 1894 he married Miss Adelia ILGNER who was a native of Dixon, CA, daughter of William and Sophia (GOTWALT) ILGNER, natives of Germany and early settlers in CA. Mr. and Mrs. MATHEWS had two children, Ruth and Olive.

From CADI H. B. MATHEWS died in Sacramento at age 72 on Dec 11 1933. Obituary says he was the husband of Adalia E. MATHEWS and father of Mrs. A. E.SCHMID and Mrs. R. K. BOWMAN, grandfather of Jeanette O. SCHMID.

History of Northern CA - 1891 - page 590
History of Contra Costa County - 1882 - Page 551

Capt. J.E. DURHAM was born on his father's farm in TN about fifteen miles from Gallatin on Dec 6 1829. His paternal grandfather was John DURHAM who went into Sumner Co TN from NC at an early date and it was therethat Buckner C. DURHAM, the father of Capt. DURHAM was born in 1796. Both lived to the advanced age of 90 years, the father dying in MO. Capt DURHAM's mother was named Rippy and died in TN leaving 8 children, of which Joshua was the 7th and was 4 years old when his mother died.

Captain DURHAM arrived in CA May 1851 by the Overland Trail.

Captain DURHAM was married twice. In 1862 (Oct 2 1862) he married Miss Jan (June E.) SHERMAN, native of IL (OH), in San Francisco. She died in 1874 at age 40. They had six (seven) children:

Burnett S. DURHAM
Melvina I. DURHAM (Mrs. A. B. McKENZIE) of Martinez
Fanny DURHAM deceased
Lee (Levi B.) DURHAM of Martinez
Aurela (Amelia) DURHAM a nurse in a SF Hospital
John DURHAM deceased

On Oct 10 1877 (in Pacheco) Capt DURHAM married for his second wife, Miss Melvina E. STRICKLAND, also a native of IL. They had one child, Herbert S. DURHAM. Melvina DURHAM died age 82 in Los Angeles on Dec 15 1927.

From NDGW submission by Melvina McKENZIE = he taught the Mormans to make butter by stirring the cream with a spoon. He died in Contra Costa County CA on Dec 6 1919.

History of Northern CA - 1891 - Page 406

W.W. DURHAM was the nephew of Robert DURHAM, a native of WVA who came to CA in 1852. He owned the Stanford Ranch (or the Esquon grant) in the early 1850's. He was the man the town of Durham was named after. Robert died on a visit to Lexington MO in 1871.

W.W. DURHAM was the youngest of six children born to his parents, on June 8 1844 in Morgan County WVA. His father was George DURHAM, a native of VA and his mother was Rosana AMBROSE, a native of VA and the daughter of Henry AMBROSE. Her ancestors were German.

In Stockton CA in 1874 Mr. DURHAM married Miss Minnie L. VAN NESS, a native of Logansport IN and the daughter of Abner E. VAN NESS, and they had one son, Robert W. DURHAM.

On Feb 1 1894 Mrs. Minnie L. DURHAM died and for his second wife he married Caroline ROESCH, a native of Stockton.

History of Sonoma County - 1880 - Page 531

John RULE was born in Cornwall England February 6 1818. In 1841 he emigrated to the United States and spent a year in PA. He then settled in MO and was married Oct 25 1844 in Madison County to Elizabeth CRADDOCK, the daugher of Thomas and Hannah (COOK) CRADDOCK. Here he resided the next two years and was engaged in various mining interests in the lead and copper mines of that State. In 1866 he moved with his family to Grant County, WI and invested in the lead mines, near Galena IL. In 1852 he traveled across the plains to CA and arrived in five months at Volcano Amador County. In April, 1854 he moved to Brown's Valley, Yuba County. He died in Virginia City on Apr 15 1870.

In July, 1870 the family settled on his estate in Sonoma County. His widow, Mrs. RULE, was born Feb 22 1822 in Madison county MO. She has six children now living: John Richard, born January 31 1847; Hannah Josephine, born June 8 1851; Edward James, born December 25 1854; Nannie Augustie, born March 27 1858; William Johnson, born May 24 1861; Charles Henry Stone, born October 24 1863; Elizabeth Jane, born September 5 1845, died Feb 22 1854; Thomas Johnson,born Aug 4 1848; died June 24 1853; Thomas Craddock, born Sept 6 1853, died Nov 8 1853.

Edward RULE died July 7 1914 in Sonoma age 84. Obituary says he was a native of England and was survived by a nephew, Charles RULE, of Duncan Mills and a sister, Mrs. N. A. CARTEN of SF. If this is a relation the Charles mentioned may be the Charles Henry Stone RULE listed in the above children.

Oct 7 1899
Violated Liquor Laws
aged Mrs. CRADDOCK enters upon a long term in Jail
Marysville, Oct 6. For selling intoxicating liquors in violation of a Sutter County ordinance and persisting in the same in the face of friendly warnings Mrs. Maggie CRADDOCK of Nicolaus has entered upon a jail term of 250 days in the County Jail, refusing to pay the fine imposed by the Justice after the jury had convicted her. The jury in the case of her son, charged with the same offence, disagreed. Mrs. CRADDOCK is nearly 70 and is quite infirm.

From San Francisco CALL
Oct 5 1889
From Altar to Grave
Oakland, Oct 4.
In the same parlor where little more than a year ago all was joyful over the wedding of Miss Mabel Fithian HYDE to John RULE, her funeral ceremonies were conducted this afternoon. The death of Mrs. RULE occurred suddenly at Bisbee, AZ, after a few days illness. He husband recently completed a beautiful home at Bisbee. She was the stepdaughter of Mrs. Philip BOOGAR, and for some time after the marriage she resided in the BOOGAR residence in this city. Her husband brought the remains back to Oakland for interment.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Apr 15 1941
Charles H. S. RULE Stockkman at Jenner, Dies
Widely known pioneer of Coast Section Succumbs after long illness Born in Marysville, RULE was 77 years old and a son of the late John RULE who founded the large coast holdings 70 years ago. Charles RULE was the director of the Sonoma County Fair Association and was a wealthy cattleman.

He was the last of the immediate family of John RULE, and survivors include the following nieces and nephews:
Craddock RULE of NM
Lucia RULE and Daphane MOORE of Los Angeles
Mrs. Elizabeth ORR, Mrs. Gladys JOSEPH, Mrs. Beattrice CLEMENTS
Mrs. Adelaide NOBLE of San Francisco
and William RULE of Oakland.

Burial in the Rural Cemetery. His parents are buried in the plot, their bodies having been removed some years ago from the old Laurel Cemetery of San Francisco. Services by Lafferty and Smith.

History of the San Francisco Bay Region - 1924 - p. 120, Vol. 3

History of the San Francisco Bay Region, Henry Benjamin BROOKS married Frances BUTLER, who was born in New Haven, CT, of Revolutionary stock and English descent. Her father, Horace BUTLER, was a pioneer of CA and when over 70 years of age went to China, bringing back the workmen and granite to put up the building at California and Montgomery streets for Mr. PARROT in 1853. The building is still standing.
Family of Henry Benjamin BROOKS from the DAR book Henry Benjamin BROOKS was born in Brooklyn NY July 12 1817 and died in San Francisco CA Sep 11 1882 (I have his obits), and was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, later removed to Cypress Lawn. His parents were Charles and Lucy BROOKS (first cousins). Charles was born in Norwalk CT Sep 14 1785 and died in Brooklyn in 1832. Lucy was born in Stratford CT Aug 31 1786 and died in Brooklyn in 1872. They were married in Stratford in 1808.
Henry B. BROOKS married in New York on Sep 3 1845, Frances BUTLER. She was born in New Haven CT, Aug 23 1824 and died in San Francisco CA in 1883, and was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery and later removed to Cypress Lawn. Her father, Horace BUTLER, was born in Middletown CT in June 1788 and died in New Haven July 24 1864. Her mother, Julia BUTLER, was born in CT and died in New York City before 1842. Both parents were buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. They were married in Rocky Hill, CT, May 21 1812.
Brothers and sisters of Henry B. BROOKS. The last five had no descendents
1. Mary Dunning BROOKS, Mrs. John WARNER of England. Died Apr 23 1842
2. Caroline BROOKS, Mrs. Leverett Hunting ELY of NY, died 12 Nov 1904
3. Cornelia BROOKS
4. Sarah Ann BROOKS
5. Cornelius BROOKS
6. Esther Amelia BROOKS
7. Charles Frederick BROOKS
8. Cornelia BROOKS
9. Charles McGibbon BROOKS
10. Angelina Cecilia BROOKS

Children of Henry Benjamin BROOKS and Frances (BUTLER) BROOKS:
1. daughter who died in infancy
2. Henry BUTLER, died young
3. Frances Estelle BROOKS, b Jun 30 1857; Mrs. Alpheus Dow STAPLES of SF CA; died in San Diego CA on Dec 11, 1947; married Apr 27 1895
4. Frederick Valentine BROOKS died young
5. George William BROOKS born Jun 17 1862 in SF; died Alameda CA May 19 1952 married in SF in 1887 (1) Olive Eveleth HARRIS, daughter of David Day and Augusta (ELLIOT) HARRIS; married in Feb 1925 Ruth Elliot van BRUNT (record of John Simmons ELLIOT is also in the DAR book)

However, here is some more on Horace BUTLER He was the son of Gideon and Betsy (SAGE) BUTLER. Gideon was born in CT 28 July 1785 and died in Guadalupe WI Oct 10 1793. Betsy was born in Middletown T on Oct 1769 and died in CT Feb 3 1804. Both buried in Cromwell Cemetery, CT. Married in CT March 3 1785.

Julia BUTLER was the daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (RUSSELL) BUTLER. Josiah was born in Middletown CT abt 1768, and died in CT Mar 4 1845. Elizabeth was born in Middletown abt 1770 and died in CT Sep 14 1847. The were married in Middletown 11 Nov 1790.

Brothers and sisters of Horace BUTLER:
1. Anna BUTLER bapt in 1786 m. Henry WHITMORE
2. Merritt BUTLER d in Rocky Hill CT
3. William Sage BUTLER, born in 1787; lost at sea in 1823; m. Mary EDWARDS

Brothers and sisters of Julia (RUSSELL) BUTLER:
1. Maria RUSSELL; m. ----COOK
2. Sophia RUSSELL m. Dea. Jared DIMOCK
3. Russell RUSSELL
4. Gershom RUSSELL
5. Philip RUSSELL born in 1810

Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 1 - Page 310

Hugh Daniel MENTON, a pioneer of 1850 in CA, was of remote French extraction, but was born in Manchester England of Irish parentage. His father was Hugh MENTON, a native of Kings county who removed to England in 1835 and settled in Manchester where he carried on a retail coal business. During 1841 he made the long voyage to Australia and took up farm pursuits in the vacinity of Sydney, where he remained until the discovery of gold in CA.

November 14, 1849 he landed in San Francisco where he engaged in business for 18 months. He then went to the Santa Clara Valley where he died in 1885 at 84 years of age. His first wife was Hannah FLANAGAN, born in Kings county Ireland and died in CA in 1866 about 47 years of age. After her death he remarried and had a son and a daughter. His first marriage produced Hugh Daniel MENTON of Santa Clara, William H. MENTON of San Francisco and Mrs. Hannah BENTON of San Francisco.

Hugh was the oldest of the family, born January 25 1838 and was 3 years old when his parents settled in Australia.

He married in San Francisco, Miss Annie T. MURPHY was was born n Burlington IA.

They had five children of whom the following are now living:
1. H. O. F. MENTON, DDS of Santa Clara
2. Hugh Daniel MENTON
3. Edward MENTON
4. Mary Ellis MENTON
5. Percival Edmond MENTON

From the CADI:
Hurbert O. MENTON Spouse M died Los Angeles age 62 on Aug 2 1936
Hugh D. MENTON age 79 died Santa Clara Mar 6 1917
Percy E. MENTON(E) died SF age 59 Nov 22 1938

History of San Bernardino & San Diego Cos. - 1883 - p. 98

Isaac Copeland GRIMES was born in Coshocton County OH and left an orphan at the age of seven. On July 1 1852 he started west from IL and arrived in UT by the Platte River route, Oct 15 1852, where he wintered. On Apr 1st he left UT and arrived in San Bernadino County the 13 of June, 1853, where he has resided ever since. In 1854 he married Miss WILSON of MO and they have 8 children, four boys and four girls.

he was born Mar 14 1829 in Coshocton Co OH and came via the Mormon Trail to CA arriving June 13 1853. Children: Catherine; Clinton; Thomas Wilson; Charles J.; Ella; Adelia; Nettie; Edwin. All born at the ranch on East Base Line, San Bernadino CA Married Nancy WILSON in 1854 in San Bernandino CA submission by Edna Grimes LIVINGSTONE 456 18th Street, San Bernardino CA

From DAR
Isaac Copland GRIMES married Nancy WILSON, the daughter of Bushrod W. and Catherine Iona (ANDERSON) WILSON. She was born in Ray County MO 6 Feb 1839. Both died in San Bernardino.

Children: all born in San Bernadinio
1. Catherine, b 22 Nov 1855; m. William O. LONG
2. Isaac Clinton b 15 Mar 1858 d before 1949
3. Thomas Wilson b 1 Mar 1860; m. Mary Jane SMITH
4. Charles b 29 Oct 1862; m. (1) Martha WILSON; m. (2) 14 Nov 1939, Ida Elizabeth (HARMON)
5. Ella b 24 July 1865; m. Al HARDT
6. Adelia b. 27 Feb 1867; m. L. STROUSE, res Santa Cruz CA
7. Nettie, b. 6 Apr 1870; m. George A. CLARK; res San Bernadino
8. Edwin, b. 24 Dec 1872; m. 24 Dec1893, Ida Elizabeth HARMON, dau of Amos WELLINGTON and Mary Jane (OLDS) HARMON

History of San Mateo County - 1928 - p. 180

Victor DUTILH was the proprietor of the French Laundry in San Mateo. He was born on the 25th day of November 1896, on a farm in southern France. In 1913 he came to San Francisco, CA where he at once entered a night school in order to learn the English language. He married Miss Ruffine LACARIBE, a native of his own home town in France and they have two children: Joseph and Alice. He was naturalized on July 13 1924. He is a member of the Franco-American Lodge, IOOF and is well established in the esteem and good will of all who have come in contact with him.

Ingersoll's San Bernardino Co. - 1904 - p. 770

William HUNTOON, father of Mrs. Celenia SHUMAN, was born in VT July 8 1820, son of George W. HUNTOON of VT, who was one of the founders of the city of Evanston and a capitalist who was well known in the earlier days of Chicago. William HUNTOON lived in Evanston, IL for 60 years. He lived on a farm in Eaton County MI for three years. He came to CA about 1890 and lived for some time at Colton, then located at Bloomington where he died in 1897 at the age of 77.

Mr. HUNTOON married Mary Ann BAKER at Cleveland OH, July 17, 1840. Mrs. HUNTOON died at Bloomington in November, 1900. The children now living are George W HUNTOON, of Lake Forest IL; Chas H. HUNTOON of Bloomington; Celenia, now Mrs. SHUMAN; Albert O. HUNTOON of Bloomington; Fred M. HUNTOON of Riverside and William C. HUNTOON of Pasadena.

Celenia HUNTOON married Abraham W. SHUMAN of Bloomington. He was born March 8 1833 in Millersville, Lancaster County PA. He was editor and publisher of the Chicago Eveing Journal and in 1897 was lieutenant governor of IL. Another brother, Jacob, served in the PA State Senate. He died August 5 1903.

Chas. H. HUNTOON died age 64 in San Bernadino Oct 04 1909
Celine SCHUMAN spouse A died age 63 Alameda July 19 1916

History of Kern County - 1914 - p 481

Charles H. SMITH was the son of John Foster SMITH and Amada STARK, a native of KY and daughter of Robert E. STARK. John Foster SMITH was a member of the celebrated Texas Rangers (shades of the Lone Ranger!) Charles H. SMITH was born at Fort Tejon canyon March 20, 1870 and married Miss Addie HAIGH, native of Tuolumne County.

J. W. KLASGYE came to Gardena in 1890 and established his blacksmithing and implement business. He was born in Normandy Bedford County TN Aug 9 1871 and was the son of John William KLASGRYE, who was born in OH and lived for some years in Bedford County TN and eventually died in Cleveland OH. He was a machinist and railroad engineer. He married Julia MONTGOMERY, native of TN, whose mother Elzira MONTGOMERY, was the person with whom J. W. KLASGYE lived until the time of her death.

J. W. learned his trade under his uncle, Jesse POWELL, and in 1889 worked as a clerk with another uncle, T. J. MONTGOMERY, in TN. After coming to Gardena, J.W. married Lexie A. NICHOLS, who was born in Los Angeles. They had one daughter, Maud (5 years old).

History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Cos. - 1882 - p. 306

L B WASHBURN was the son of F. A.and Adeline (BRONSON) born Jan 29 1852 in Susquehanna Co PA. He married Miss Susanna NYE Jan 28 1872 and settled in Lassen County.

A Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., pp. 212-213.

E. REYNOLDS, proprietor of the Pioneer Lumber Yard, Oakdale, California, dates his arrival on this coast in 1853.

Mr. Reynolds is a native of Martinsburg, Pike county, Illinois, born December 29, 1835. He was reared and educated in his native State, and at the age of eighteen years crossed the plains via the old emigrant route to Lane county, Oregon. The following year he came to California, where for two years he was engaged in packing to the mines, except a short time devoted to practical mining. He returned to Illinois, via Panama, and was at Panama during the riot of 1856. During the Pike's Peak excitement of 1859, he again turned his face westward, and after a brief stay at Denver, returned to Illinois. He crossed the plains again with an ox team in 1861, siuce which time he has been a permanent resident of Stanislaus county, California, and herefor a time he was engaged in practical farming. He is the owner of 482 acres of fine fanning land, situated seven miles southeast of Oakdale. Since 1887 Mr. Reynolds has been engaged in the building operations, having erected one Presbyterian and one Free Methodist Church in Oakdale, the Stanislaus Academy of the same place, and various residences and other buildings throughout the county. His lumber yard, located directly on the railroad, although not a large one, contains a good stock of general building material.

The parents of Mr. Reynolds were Irven and Nancy A. (Browning) Reynolds, both natives of Bourbon county, Kentucky. The former died in 1871. The latter resides with her son. Mr. Reynolds has been twice married. In Illinois, in 1857, he espoused Miss Mary Wagner [Mary Ann Waggoner], of Illinois, who died January 11, 1865. This union resulted in the birth of four children, viz.: Mattie, the eldest, who died in 1876; Marion, Elizabeth and William, still living. Mr. Reynolds' second marriage was consummated at Modesto, May 4, 1873 [May 22, 1873], with Mrs. Albina S. Philbrick, nee Grant. They have three children: Mary, Florence and Nancy. Mrs. Reynolds has by her former marriage two children living and three deceased.

Politically, Mr. Reynolds is a stanch Democrat. Socially, he affiliates with the F. & A. M., Oakdale Lodge, No.275, and with the Eastern Star, Yosemite Chapter, No.98. Of the latter organization Mrs. Reynolds is also a member. The ancestors on both sides came of a long-lived and prolific race.

N.B. Enoch's first wife was actually Mary Ann Waggoner, as shown in records in Pike County, Illinois. Also, Stanislaus County records show that his marriage to Albina S. Grant Philbrick took place on May 22, 1873.

A Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., pp. 226-227.

THOMAS RICHARDSON, one of the prominent citizens of Stanislaus county, and an old-time resident as wel1, was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky, September 28, 1818, his parents being Robert and Catharine (Bullen) Richardson. The mother was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and there the father, a native of Virginia, went when a young man, and was married there. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, being in Matson's command, Harrison's army, and spiked some of the British guns at the battle of the Thames.

When our subject, Thomas Richardson, was but three months old the family removed to Pike county, Missouri, and eight years later to Pike county, Illinois, locating at Martinsburg, about six miles from Pittsfield, where be grew up to young manhood. He next went to Iowa, and was engaged for four years at the Government farm on the Des Moines river, where the Black Hawk Indian agency was. Including himself there were only three or four white people there, and all the rest were the savage Black Hawk Indians. He became well acquainted with the chiefs of that tribe, including the sons of the noted leader Black Hawk, one of the most celebrated of savage chieftains. From there he returned to Pike county, Illinois, and was married in 1845. In 1850 he crossed the plains to California with an ox team. Proceeding to the gold diggings on the American river, he mined there about two weeks. In December of 1851 he went back East by water, returning to California in 1852, coining across the plains and being accompanied by his family. He was captain of the company both times. He located on the Stanislaus river, where he now lives, and where he has 700 acres of land, secured partly by the pre-emption and the homestead rights and partly by purchase. Here he has done much in the way of improvement, the buildings being very creditable, among them being a handsome and commodious residence erected in 1867. His land is of the best in California, and is devoted principally to farming, except about eighty acres which he leases to a man who is improving it with orchard trees, vines, etc.

The whole place presents a handsome appearance to the eye of one accustomed to the blending of the beautiful and useful in nature. Besides his home ranch he has another ranch of ninety-six acres, a mile and a half southeast of Oakdale, which he himself farms.

Mr. Richardson was married in Illinois, January 9, 1845, to Miss Lucinda Jane Waggoner, a native of Tennessee. They have two children, viz.: John J., a namesake of General Hardin; and Ephraim. Mr. Richardson is a member of the Oakdale Lodge, No.275, F. & A. M., of which he is Steward, and also of Modesto Chapter, No.49, R. A. M. Politically, he is a Democrat, taking an active interest as a citizen in political and public affairs, and has attended the party conventions as a delegate. He served one term as Justice of the Peace of Oakdale.

Mr. Richardson is a man of the highest integrity, and enjoys the respect and esteem of all who know him.

Colwell, William H page 1257 History of Humboldt County - 1915

Wm Henry COLWELL was born in Princeton Washington County ME Jul 29 1855, son of William and Dorcas (BONNEY) COLWELL. Wm sr died at age 76 and Dorcas at 96.

Wm was the youngest of 12. He had a brother, Charles, and a sister, Mrs. Laura A. FARRAR, who lived in Eureka.

Wm lost his arm in an accident when a forman of the Esperanza mine in El Oro, Old Mexico.

He married in Eureka Dec 12 1906 to Miss Eva BURWELL, born in Zanesville OH, dau of Samuel and Malinda (BROWN) BURWELL. Samuel served as a drummer boy in the Civil War.

Wm and Eva had Ruth, John, and Homer.

From CADI:

Eugene COLWELL died age 1 day Eureka May 14 1912
W. J. COLWELL died in Eureka age 31 Dec 13 1939

Griffin, James D. page 266 History of Santa Barbara County - 1939

James D. GRIFFIN was born in McKeesport PA on July 28 1892, son of James L. and Kate (DAWSON) GRIFFIN. James L. was born in Cork, Ire in 1847 and died in Cleveland OH in 1905. Kate was born in 1859 on St. Helena Island and died Feb 13 1938 in Columbus GA. The couple had a son and three daughters.

In 1922 in Bristol, VA, James D. GRIFFIN married Miss Rosemond NEWCOMB, native of Macon GA. They had a son, James N., who was born in Sacramento Feb 6 1928.

Harvey, Joel A. Page 503 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 2

Joel A. HARVEY born in Herkimer County NY in 1838, came to CA overland in 1859. He lived in Placerville and Vallejo. Married Almeda L. HUBBARD in 1862 in CA. She was a native of Canada and daughter of Tily and Hulda (PARISH) HUBBARD of VT and NY who had left Michigan in 1849 for CA. They have six children: Joel H., Amanda L. (Mrs. T. M. DOYLE), May A., Inez A., Blanch(e) L. and Maud F. They live in Vallejo.

From the Native Daughters of the Golden West -

Joel HARVEY was born at St. Johnsbury, VT July 21, 1801. He married in Worcester MA, Lydia BARBER. Went to Pittsfield IL in 1836, then to Atchison County MO and in July, 1849, started over the plains to CA, arriving in Salt Lake City on Oct 17, 1849 and wintered there. On May 1, 1850 started again for CA and arrived there in July 15, 1850. He camped thirteen miles from Sacramento on the old Coloma Road and built a tavern called the Pittsfield House and in January, 1853 sold out and went to Tomales, then to Sonoma in 1873 to live with his son. He died in Sonoma Aug 27 1873 at the age of 72. He was the father of 7 children. His wife survived him as of the bio.

Charles David HARVEY

born Stockton CA July 22 1870
lived in Stockton, Adin, Copperopolis 1891
died Copperopolis Jan 28 1892
Married Belle GROVES at Adin
Children: Charles Augustus HARVEY, Ernest Stilman HARVEY
submitter, Margaret CLARK, Stockton CA


Her grandfather was Elias HARVEY, native of RI. His son was Elias, born in Colchester CT, who married Miss Sallie Maria RANSOM, native of Salem CT. Her grandfather ws John RANSOM, a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Harriet was the youngest in a family of two sons and three daughters. She was born in Colchester CT on Nov 19, 1843. Her father died March 17, 1879 and she remained at home taking care of her mother until March 16, 1888.

She came to CA and became a member of Joel W. RANSOM's family. He was her mother's brother, born in CT in 1821 and one of the gold hunters of 1849. He died July 11, 1897 on his property located on the Monterey Road, one-half mile south of Coyote.

Mealer, Thomas J. page 724 History of Sacramento County - 1913

Thomas Jefferson MEALER born near Franklin Oct 12 1868, son of Jefferson MEALER who came across the plains to Sacramento County with an ox-team outfit with the pioneers of 1850 and lived here until 1904 when he died. In 1895, near Lodi, Mr. MEALER first married Margaret DAVIES, native of Salt Lake City, UT, dau of William T. and Mentha DAVIES of Galt. There were two children: Loyal D. and Darrell T. (from WWI card - O. Darrell Thomas MEALER born Jan 9 1898, Loyal Davies MEALER born Sep 16 1896 San Jose - information given by adoped mother, Mrs. Mary S. MEALER). Mrs. MEALER died in 1908 (this seems a strange date in view of the fact he married in 1904?) in Rio Vista, and Aug 15 1904 Mr. MEALER married Mary S. SEEHORN, native of VA, dau of Russell C. SEEHORN, teacher in VA and farmer in CA.

Mary S. MEALER died March 25 1926 Sacramento

Thomas J. MEALER died age 44 Sacramento June 9 1913

His obit gives the names of his sisters, Mrs. C. H. RIPPON and Mrs. J. W. TENNANT, and the fact he was a nephew of Mrs. Sol RUNYON.

Walton,Alfred page 574 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

Walton,Alfred page 421 - Vol. 53 NDGW - Pioneer Roster

Alfred WALTON came to CA with the JONES expedition in 1842 in the US Sloop Dale. He was born in Walton, England, Oct 22 1822. He came to CA in the company of George M. DALLAS. Alfred traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Shasta County. He raised cattle on Kimball's Plain. With John Scott in Shasta he conducted a hotel. He went to Red Bluff and engaged in mule teaming and packing as well as sheep business. He was financially ruined and was a poor man in Red Bluff. He worked hard and in 1874 was able to purchase a dairy and became successful once again. Dec 18 1860 he married Mrs. Mary Ann REEVES, native of Ireland. Children (all born in Red Bluff):

Agnes (Mrs. Henry FRANK)
one other deceased

In the NDGW:

a submission by George D. WALTON, grandson and great granddaughter Dorothy REEVES JOHNSON which gives much the same information but notes children as Agnes, Alfred, Margart Mary and stepson Joseph REEVES

Marriage location is San Francisco CA
Wife Mary Ann REEVES WALTON nee WARD is also mentioned in NDGW born 1834 Tippary Co Ireland came to CA 1861

And from Leaves of the Past:

Alfred WALTON died Red Bluff July 18 1911
married Tehama County (not SF) Dec 18 1860
Mary Ann WARD REEVES born Ireland Dec 7 1834 dau of Timothy WARD and Bridget JONSON, natives of Ireland Mary married 1st (*) REEVES.


Joseph Henry REEVES (Stepson) born NY 1855 md Julia Wentz born CA 1859
Margaret Agnes WALTON born Dec 7 1863; died French Gulch Dec 2, 1949; married Henry FRANCK
Alfred Ward WALTON born Oct 19 1861; died Red Bluff July 9 1893
Thomas Richard WALTON born CA Nov 16 1867; died Red Bluff April 13 1944 married Anetta Elizabeth KRAFT
Alfred John WALTON born CA Feb 16 1870; died Feb 23 1965 (see below); married Susan Iren BREARCLIFFE: children:

George Dorian WALTON b CA Sep 17 1895; died Red Bluff July 25 1960; married Dorothy HUSON; children: June WALTON and Dan WALTON
Stephen WALTON
Mary Ann WALTON born Sep 24 1872; died July 6 1949; married Milton Gordon GILL
child: Walton W. GILL

From Sacto Bee - Alfred John WALTON died Feb 13 1956 Red Bluff, wife Susan; sons Alfred & Stephen age 85

Morrison, Silas V. page 351 History of Humboldt County - 1915

Silas Vorteis MORRISON was born in Pacific township, Sept 6 1870 on the Bear river, in a log cabin. His father was Silas W. MORRIOSON, a 49er and native of Zanesville OH. He was born in Morgan County OH on Mar 23 1827 (from obituary) and died Oct 23, 1911 at 83 years of age. He was married to Miss Delia L. SWEET of Buffalo NY in Humboldt County.

Three children:
Sanford B.
Silas V.
George William

from CADI:

Silas V. MORRISON (spouse Nellie J. MORGAN) died Humboldt county age 55 years on Apr 16 1926. He had two sons, Marc F. MORRISON and A. Ross MORRISON. His body was shipped to San Francisco for cremation.

Silas W. MORRISON died age 83 Oct 15 1910 Humboldt County. (differs from county history information)

George W. MORRISON died age 96 in Humboldt County Nov 20 1972. Preceded in death by wife Katherine MORRISON and daughter Deda EDGERLY. He was the father of Sidney M. MORRISON and Robert G. MORRISON, both of Bear River Valley. Burial in the family secion of Ferndale Cemetery.

McMillan, George Washington Page 24 - Vol. 30 NDGW - Pioneer Roster
McMillan, George Washington Page 168 - Vol. 10 NDGW - Pioneer Roster
McMillan, George Washington Page 642 History of Butte Co. - 1918

George Washington McMILLAN was born on the McMILLAN ranch in Hurleton Precinct, Butte County on April 1 1899. He was the son of William Wallace McMILLAN who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and educated in one of the colleges there. He was the inventor of the spring-screw tension for a shuttle in a loom, which is also used in a sewing machine. He married in Rhode Island to Sarah McCOY (McCAUGHEY in the NDGW submission) who was born in the north of Ireland. He sailed via the Isthmus to CA and arrived in San Francisco in the spring of 1852, going directly to Butte County and engaged in mining in Evansville. His family followed and joined him in 1855 coming also via Panama. Mrs. McMILLAN brought their two sons, William James 6 years and John G. 4 years. William Wallace died in Butte at the age of 81.

Six children of William and Sarah:

William James, John G (both born in RI)
William James died in Butte 1878.
John G. settled in Santa Clara and had three children, two sons named Bruce and Percy, and a daughter who lived in Santa Clara County.
Sarah, died age two in Butte
George W.
Lizzie (Mrs. SEHORN)
William W.

George Washington McMILLAN married in 1895 (1) Miss Alice EACHUS in Butte and had one child who died as an infant. He married (2) in 1901 to Miss Mary MAACK of Oroville. They had one daughter, Georgia Marie.

Edmands, William O. page 456 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

William Otis EDMANDS rancher died 1926 born Newton MA Dec 23 1859 son of William Otis and Frances A. STICKNEY EDMANDS; married (1) Susan Greene HAMMOND of Boston MA 1888 and had one son--William Hammond EDMANDS. Married (2) Mary McPherson COLLIER (MACONDRAY) of San Francisco, Feb 26 1924. Survived by son, W. H. EDMANDS and wife, Mrs. M.C. EDMANDS San Francisco.

William O. EDMANS, Jr. born at Newton MA Dec 23 1859. His wife was a daughter of Mr. Gardiner Greene HAMMOND, a gentleman of New London CT and Elizabeth Crowinshield (MIFFLIN) HAMMOND, sister of Col. Charles Mifflin HAMMOND.

WM. EDMANDS spouse ME died age 56 on Nov 11 1926 Lake County
Susan EDMANDS spouse WO age 58 died on Oct 16 1921 San Francisco

Wheeler J. E. page 809 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

Hon. J. H. WHEELER was the son of Charles WHEELER who was born Vergennes VT Feb 22 1818. Charles' sons were Rollo M. and J. H.

J. H. was born in 1856. He came to CA in 1867 with his father. He married Frankie V. JONES of Chico, sister of Senator A.F. JONES. She was a graduate of Mills Seminary in 1879.

Her father was a pioneer of 1849, partner with Mayor POND of SF. They had two children: Ella Cornelia and Elliott H.

Edmunds J. F. page 656 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

J. F. EDMUNDS was born in Scottville Allen County KY in 1832. In March 1853 he started for CA via New Orleans. He married Miss Mary C. SPILLMAN, native of Allen County KY and they had three children: Alice (Mrs. Read McCRANEY); Samuel (a painter) and James R.

Ferl, Arthur P. page 1109 History of South Coast Counties - 1907

Arthur P. FERL was born in Detroit MI on Sep 7 1865, fifth of 6 children. His father was Peter Henry FERL, a native of England. His mother was Margaret McDONNELL, native of north of Ireland. Arthur was an orphan at seven. He had three children - Ronald J., Emily M. and Arthur Bayly.

Arthur P. (spouse A) died LA June 22 1936 #35764

03262: 34953: FERL, RONALD J. born 10/02/1891 UT mother's name FLOWER father FERL died 12/01/1957 Riverside age 68

Kincheloe, Z. B. page 743 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

Z. B. KINCHELOE was born in 1823 in Howard County MO and lived in Cooper County. In 1845 he married Miss Victorine BARNES, and lived in MO until 1854. That year they started west with a "settlers' movement". They believed the trip would occupy not more than three months, but the end of that period found them still plodding onward, their goal far in the distance. After 5 months they reached CA and the KINCHELOE's settled in Yolo County. Mrs. KINCHELOE died in 1887.

Mrs. Mary J. HARTLEY
Mrs. Martha BROWNING
Mrs. Isabel MATHESON
Mrs. Grace HOWARD
Mrs. Eva CRAIG
nephew of John is Homer HOWARD

John M. KINCHELOE wedding to Belle GREGORY in SF CALL Jan 26 1886 page3-8

Mrs. Z. KINCHELOE death Call Sep 1887 2/2
Zack (Zachariah) B. (Benson) KINCHELOE age 68 June 19 1958 Sacramento Bee June 30 1958 D3/1
from the obit: He was the husband of Margarette, father of Mrs. Margaret Belle GIGER and John Ludden KINCHELOE of Woodland, Mrs. Winifred SACHS of Salinas, brother of Mrs. Lina LAMPERT of Sacramento, Mrs. Charles L. EDDY and Mrs. Hilda ANDERSON of Woodland and Mrs. Martha DOYLE. Native of Yolo County.

Crofts, Elmer Gordon page 1051 History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924

Elmber Gordon CROFTS was born in Fayette, Fayette County IA on Sept 9 1862, fifth of eleven children. His father was B. G. CROFTS and his mother was Susan STONE. He came to CA in 1905. He married at Fredericksburg LA Oct 15 1882 to Miss Sara NEVINS, native of Aztalan Wis, dau of J. M. NEVINS, a CA 49er. (note: J. M. NEVINS has a diary published in the historical section of the book)

Elmer and Sara had two children: Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur FLINT), a botanist, and Willie May, a talent pianist and teacher of piano in Auburn.

From the CADI
Elmer G. CROFTS (Spouse S O) died Monterey age 74 July 28 1937 #48153
Sara O. CROFTS (Spouse E G) died Sacramento age 72 Apr 3 1934 #22131

Surname First Name Page Book Name Denten, James W. Page 427 History of the Sierras - 1906

James W. DENTEN was born Oct 5 1831 in Fountain County IN. His father was James C. DENTEN. James C. was born in KY and married Malinda GRAHAM, born in OH; died in IN 1866 aged seventy years.

He married Jan 3 1858 in Page County IA to Mary J. GROVES, born in OH and died OCtober 27, 1877. They had 8 children.

One died as an infant
William Jackson of Boise City ID
John G. at Mountain Home ID
Joseph H. Baker City OR
Willard F. of Washington
Viola A.
Cora E. wife of William WESEMAN of ID
Lillian, wife of Edward BURK in the Mohawk Valley.

From his obit
James W. DENTON died age 86 spouse M J in Plumas Co Jan 3 1918 #1997
Leaves four sons: W. J., J. G., J. M. and W. F. DENTEN
three daughters Mrs. Nellie GOERING, Mrs. Cora WESEMAN and Mrs. Lilllian BURKE, twenty-one grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
He was buried in the Mohawk cemetery by the side of his wife who died in 1877, soon after their arrival in CA.

Mohrenstecher, G. A Page 2185 History of South Coast Counties - 1907

George A. MOHRENSTECHER was born April 3 1859 in Boonville MO. He was reared in Lincoln Neb. He was named for his father, who was a native of Prussia. He died in 1891.

George A. is the oldest of the children George Sr had with Mary SHUTTLE, who was born in Brunswick Germany, the daughter of Zachariah SHUTTE. Other children are Otto A. and Mrs. LEDERMAN.

George married in Grand Island, Neb to Miss Hattie L. VAN KEUREN, who was born in PA. They had two children, Corrine and George A. Jr.

Meschendorf, H. H. page 697 An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County - 1889

H. H. Meschendorf had charge of the office of the Atlas Milling which was established in 1879. They were succeeded in 1884 by Meschendorf, Sutcliffe & Ashman. H. H. was born in Germany on July 21 1861. His parents came to America when he was 14 and settled in Louisville KY. In 1884 he come to Los Angeles and since then has been engaged in the milling business.

From CADI: Clara S. MESCHENDORF, spouse D W, died age 65 in Los Angeles on Nov 4 1929 file#57153

Smith, George R. page 645 History of Orange County - 1911

from CADI George R. SMITH 82 Orange 1-18-19913 #2156
Leah M. SMITH 83 Orange 9-21-1919 #35480

George R. SMITH was born May 6 1830 in Salem MA. When he was five the parents moved to Berrien county MI which was considered at that time to be the frontier. He married Miss Leah Margaret ALLEN, a native of VA, in Dowagiac MI in 1853. They had four children but only two were living at the time of the bio.

William Alden SMITH, a US Senator from MI and Ella. George Abraham SMITH, a singer of much promise, died in TX in 1901. Blossom died in Santa Ana May 9, 1903.

Bottimore, William W. page 1039 A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed.

William W. BOTTIMORE was born in TAzewell County VA on Jun 27 1866, his parents being William T. and Louise (CECIL) BOTTIMORE, natives of the Old Dominion. Willliam was born in Balitomore, Maryland in 1883 and had moved to VA. The couple was married in 1865. They left in 1871 and came to CA locating near Lodi and then removed to New Hope, also in San Joaquin County. William died in 1901, while Louise died in 1903. They had six/seven children. William W., Mrs. Angeline BROWN, Charles Carroll (died 1918), Katherine (Mrs. Frank MARCEAU), Mary (died 1894), Mrs. Nannie CORRALES., Frank (died at 21)

William W. BOTTIMORE married on the QUIGGLE ranch, Miss Cora B. QUIGGLE, a native of Sacramento CA, daughter of Volaski S. and Belle/Isabella (LEWINS) QUIGGLE of Sacramento. Isabella's grandmother was Mrs. Elizabeth LOUINS, the first woman to prove up on a piece of government land in Sacramento County.

They had: Ephraim (Ephie) Ray, Don(n)a B. (Mrs. Robert FAWCETT), Zelma M. (Mrs. Burton SCOON/Mrs.LAHALE), Cecil W., Thae (died in infancy) , Thomas C., Abner Q., Catherine (Katherine M.), Hallie L., and Robert Lee. Ephie Ray married Miss Catherine SPENCER on Jun 30 1920, and had Frances Jane and Ephe R. Jr. Ephe R. died San Mateo (see below)

From the CADI William W. spouse C B died in Sacramento CA Apr 1 1935. Obit say: Brother of Mrs. Angie BROWN of San Diego, Mrs. Kate MARCEAU and Mrs. Nan(nie) CORRALES.(see below)

Cora died June 7 1957 in Sacramento. Children: E. R., C. W., T. C., E. Q., H. L. and R. L., Mrs. R. H. FAWCETT, Mrs. John GEORGI, Mrs. A. T. LAHLE. Sister of Mrs. Maude PROCTER of Hearld. Native of Sloughhouse, born Nov 20 1867.

Tolbert, Fred Page 172 History of Santa Barbara County - 1939

Fred TOLBERT was born in Lompoc Oct 1 1877, the son of Joseph Flint TOLBERT who was born in OH Oct 17 1844, and Emma (BROWN) TOLBERT, born on Oct 7 1855 in MO.

In 1876, soon after his marriage to Emma BROWN in San Luis Obispo, the elder Mr. TALBERT moved to Santa Barbara County and purchased a 10-acre ranch in Lompoc. (CADI gives Joseph Flint TALBERT died Santa Barbara Jan 13 1919). Fred TALBERT was their only child. Emma TOLBERT, Fred's mother, makes her home in Lompoc with his family. Fred TALBERT married Nellie GULDAGER of Lompac in 1911. She was a teacher in the grammar schools of that district. She died in 1929 (CADI gives Nellie TALBERT, spouse F, died Santa Barbara Sep 2 1926)

In 1931 Fred TOLBERT married a second time to Florence WALLEY, a native of Nova Scotia, niece of Dr. Henry C. DIMMOCK, a member of one of the early pioneer families in Lompoc Valley. Florence came to Lompoc in 1926. Her mother is Sadie M. WALLEY.

Bibber, Andrew Harrington Page 524 History of Orange County - 1921

Capt Andrew Harrington BIBBER was married to Mrs. Annie L. BIBBER was born at St. John, NB, the daughter of John ANNESLEY, and the granddaughter of Daniel ANNESLEY. Mrs. ANNESLEY was Lucy HAYDEN born at Beacon Hill, Boston. Grandfather Aaron HAYDEN was a native of MA and married Ruth Alden JONES, who proudly traced her New England lineage back to the famous John ALDEN. At Eastport, ME on Sepl 27 1876, Annie L. ANNESLEY married Capt Andrew Harrington BIBBER, a native of Lubec, ME, the son of Charles BIBBER. His mother was Adeline HARRINGTON, born at Eastport. Grandfather Andrew HARRINGTON was a member of a family that belonged to some of the originial settlers of Concord, MA. Captain BIBBER served as capt of the First Maine Cavalry throughout the Civil War.

He was an artist of ability and noted as a marine painter. In 1890 Capt and Mrs. BIBBER came to CA and located at Orange. On October 7 1912, Capt BIBBER died. One child was born, Alice Alden. She became the wife of Ray O. Van BIBBER. Captain BIBBER's first wife was Miss Sarah HOUGHTON of Eastport ME, daughter of Hon Partman HOUGHTON. She died in Boston, leaving a daughter, Edith Prince BIBBER. From DAR:
Andrew Harrington BIBBER born July 22 1837 Lubec ME; died Oct 8 1913 Orange CA
Father: Charles; mother Adeline HARRINGTON born 1813 Eastport ME; died 1881 same
Wife: Annie Louise ANSLEY (sic?) married Sept 27 1876 East Port ME, born July 11, 1854.
Father: John ANSLEY, born Feb 14 1814 St. John New Brunswick
married Lucy Ann Sharp HAYDEN born 1819 Beacon Hill Boston; died Nov 8 1901 Orange CA
Andrew's brothers and sisters: Sophia, Charles, Gerturde, Herbert, Marie, Frances, Lucy Caroline and George Walter.
Annie L. Van BIBBER died age 83 in Los Angeles Feb 5 1938.

Klauber, Melville page 304 History of San Diego County - 1936

Abraham KLAUBER died age 80 San Diego 7-23-1911 #19796
Theresa KLAUBER died age 79 San Diego May 13 1921 #20403
Melville KLAUBER spouse A S died 67 San Diego Nov 23 1932 #60914

Melville KLAUBER was born in San Francisco Aug 2 1865, son of Abraham KLAUBER and Theresa KLAUBER. He married July 20 1920 at SF to Miss Amy SALZ, dau of Jacob SALZ. They had two children: Amy Josephine, born 1903, and Allan, born 1905.

Steidlmayr, Anton Page 995 Biographical Record of the Sacramento Valley - 1906

Antone STEIDLMAYR was born on a farm near Peuerbach on Dec 31, 1861, the youngest of 6 children. His father was Joseph and his mother was Magdaline Hummer Steidlmayr.

He came to CA in the fall of 1886. He married at Suisun city Solano County, Francisca REITBECK, native of the same Austrian town as himself. They had five children: Francis, Toney, Mary, Charles and George.

He died in Colusa on Nov 18 1958 at age 57 - obit in Sacramento Bee

An article is in the periodical Wagon Wheels Sept 1978 on Frances J. STEIDLMAYR who may be one of the children.

Obit: Native of Linz Austria, came to CA in 1881, Survived by sons: Francis, Anthony, Charles and George and daughters Mrs. Mary McGRATH and Miss Alice STEIDLMAYR.

Keeley, Lewis C. page 1335 History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905
Keeley, John H. page 1336 History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905

From the CADI Lewis C. KEELEY age 76 yrs died Tulare Sep 3 1929

Lewis C. KEELEY came to CA in 1880, he was born in Chester County PA on Dec 22 1856, son of Henry and Martha Elizabeth (PECK) KEELEY. Henry was also born in the Keystone state. Martha died in 1900.

Lewis and his brother, John H., carried on one of the largest grain businesses in Tulare County.

John H. KEELEY was born in PA in 1858. He arrived in Tulare County CA in 1879. He married Charlotte ORTON, dau of Julius ORTON. They had five children: Lizzie, John, William, Ralph and Julius.

Ingersoll - History of San Bernadino qc 979.495 I4 1904 pag 830

D. G. WHITING of San Bernadino was born at Johnson, Lamoille County, VT Dec 7 1847. His father was Calvin WHITING and mother was Caroline DODGE WHITING. He arrived in CA in the fall of 1870. On Christmas Day, 1872, he married Miss Jeanette A. MOSSIMAN, and immediately came to Stockton, CA. Then to San Francisco and then to San Bernadino. Four children: Arthur C. WHITING, Edith F. WHITING, now Mrs. C.H. DICKSON, of San Bernadino, Cora B. and Walter C.

D. G. is a member of the A. O. U. W.

From Tout, The First Thirty Years 1931 qc 979. 499 T7 page 94
D. G. WHITING, Heber, 1902. The Whiting ranch was a show place within a few months after Mr. WHITING took hold of the 480 acres shortly after water was available in the main canal which ran along the edge of his ranch. Mr. WHITING brought in the first pure Jersey dairy cows, and his experience as a dairyman for years made him the leader in that line. Mr. WHITING belonged to the class of American farmers typical of the best citizenship.

Borderre, Jose Page 97-Vol. 2 History of Santa Barbara County - 1927

Jose BORDERRE was born in the Pyrenees Mountains in France Jan 7 1862. He lost his parents when he was an infant. He arrived in Los Angeles in August, 1877. In 1898 he bought his first home in Santa Barbara, eighty feet on Anacapa Street and operated the old Adobe Hotel. He purchased a home in the residential disrtict at 1825 Garden Street.

He married on Nov 18 1898 to Miss Jennie ALFARO who was born in the same village as he was. She had gone to Argentina as a young girl and then came to Los Angeles. They have two children: Dominica F. and Bernardo.

Conflict of information:
He was born in Aldudes, province of Basses-Pyrennes, France on Feb 7 1862. During early boyhood he herded sheep for his father and in 1877 at the age of 15 he and an older brother sailed from Liverpool, England for Ney York City. They immediately came across the continent to CA, traveling on an emigrant train which required 16 days to make the trip. They landed at Los Angeles, where he reamained a week and then proceeded to Cucawuyng Los Angeles. Children are Dominica, who engaged ion teaching music and Bernardo who was a plummer by trade.

Moulton, Elijah page 557 An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County - 1889
Moulton, Elijah page 669 History of Los Angeles and Vicinity - Guinn - 1901

Elijah MOULTON was born in Montreal Canada on Nov 26 1820, son of Elijah and Jane (O'FARRELL) MOULTON, natives respectively of MA and CT. Elijah (the father) was the son of a colonel in the Revolutionary War, and had run away from home at nine years of age. He went to Canada and grew to manhood. He married the daughter of Thomas O'FARRELL, an Irish sergeant who served in one of the battalions under General WOLFE in the storming and taking of Quebec.

He arrived in Los Angeles on May 12, 1845. He met John C. FREMONT and was offered $25 a month to accompany him on an expedition up the coast. He was with John C. FREMONT at the capitulation of Cuhuenga Jan 13 1847.

Elijah MOULTON was the first deputy sheriff of Los Angeles under George BURRELL. He was marshal of the city and a member of the city council in 1860 and 1861.

He married a daughter of Mr. William WOLFSKILL and by her had one child. Both mother and child died in 1861. He married a second time and has 'an interesting family.' (I thought this was particularly odd.-note from Sandra)

1870 census Los Angeles
Elijah MOUTON age 40 born Canada farmer
wife Juana age 34 born CA
Louisa 16 born CA
Florida 16 born CA
Sacremento 8 born CA (f)
Abrama 5 born CA (m)
Bitattia 11 born CA (m)
Juanita 2 born CA (f)
Gonzales, Franisco 46 (m) works on farm

1880 Census Los Angeles sndx M435
MOULTON, Elijah age 60 born Canada
wife Juana MOULTON 45 CA
Maria daughter age 26 born CA (this must be either Louise or Florida)
Sacramenta 17 yrs
Manuel son 9 years (must be Abrama?)

1900 Census Los Angeles sndx M435
627 26th Avenue, LA Twp
Elijah MOULTON born Nov 1820 Canada Fr NR
Manuel MOULTON son June 1871 age 28 CA
RODRIGUEZ, Frank sil Oct 1873 26 CA
Louisa RODRIGUEZ daughter Apr 1852 48 CA
Flora RODRIGUEZ granddaughter March 1889 11 CA
Frank RODRIGUEZ grandson Spet 1891 9 CA
and one boarder

From CADI Manuel MOULTON died age 59 Los Angeles March 30 1932 spouse L

Hudepohl, H. R. page 381 History of Placer County - 1882
Hudepohl, Herman R. page 264 - Vol. 20 NDGW - Pioneer Roster

Herman R. HUDEPOHL was born March 30 1923 in Hanover Germany. In 1848 he came to America and located at Cinncinati OH. In 1854 he came to CA by way of the Ishtums of Panama, arriving in San Francisco late in the month of March. After a few days he went to Placer County and located at Dutch Flat. He married, in Sacramento, Catherine E. POWER, native of NY, Apr 5 1865. They had three children, two girls, aged in 1881, fourteen and ten and a son aged twelve. Mrs. HUDEPOHL died March 8 1875.

From Cemetery records:
HUDEPOHL plot in Dutch Flat

Kattie Isabel HUDEPOHL d/o C. & O.
11 mos 13 days 6 June 1882

Native of Germany
30 Mar 1823
10 Feb 1896

w/o H. R.
n/o NY
8 Mar 1875 - 38yrs old

m/o Catherine
27 Jan 1873 age 70yrs

d/o H. R. & C. E.
1 May 1866
29 Nov 1866

Caroline HUDEPOHL (Carrie)
d/o H. R. & C
b Dutch Flat 14 Jan 1872
d 17 Aug 1896

Littleton, Tillman B. Page 630 History of San Joaquin Co. - 1923

Tillman B. LITTLETON's father lost his life in the Civil War and in 1873 the mother brought the family to CA. She was a member of the famous CAMERON family of TN, and a native of that state. Her parents were members of one of the early parties that started across the plains in 1847, and they were both killed by the Mormans in the Mountain Meadow massacre. Tillman was born on Sept 1 1856 in Jackson County Arkansas. When the family came to CA in 1873 they located on a ranch on Waterloo Road. He was the commissioner of finance, revenue and public supplies of Stockton and took part in civic affairs, contributing of his time and wide experience to the cause of good government. He attended the old Stockton Business College where F. R. CLARK was one of his teachers. He bought out the Yolland Ice and Coal Compnay and for ten years conducted it with success, selling out when he was elected to his present office in 1918 for a term of four years. Mr. LITTLETON's first marriage united him with Miss Katie HAYES, native of MO, and one son, Roy J. who is married and has two children, Frances and Gloria. Mrs. LITTLETON died in 1906. He married a second time to Miss Kathryn HARVEY, a native of CA and they have a daughter, Alice Loraine.

Schelling, Alexander page 1902 History of South Coast Counties - 1907

Alexander SCHELLING came to America in 1855. He was born Oct 10 1841 in Switzerland. In Feb 1904 he removed to Burbank where, in 1894, he had purchased twelve acres. In Switzerland May 1875 he married Ursula MILLER and they had five children.

Oscar -Armin -Eugene -Minnie -Lucy

By a former marriage he was united with Katherine MULLER who died in 1874 and had one son, Gottfried.

Alexander died in April 1894.

a puzzle - found in CADI
Alexander SCHELLING spouse U died age 81 in Los Angeles Aug 2 1923 #35741

Also found a woman named Ursula SCHELLING who died age 80 Sonoma Feb 2 1915 #6675
Copied her obit but it appears she is not Alexander's wife. Mrs. SCHELLING was born in Sibllingen Switzerland Nov 8 1834. She married Jacob SCHELLING Nov 28 1861 and in May 1883 they came to CA settling at Guerneville. They have five children: Mrs. P. W. SOTREY, Healdsburg, Alexander, Miss Celia SCHELLING, Mrs. R. KOEBELL and George C. SCHELLING. Henry MILLER of Healdsburg is a brother of the deceased.

Southwell, Daniel page 701 American Biography and Genealogy - California Edition - 1900?

Daniel SOUTHWELL and his brother, George, were both sons of George W. SOUTHWELL, born in Leavenworth County KS.

George W. SOUTHWELL had immigrated from England when young. He married (1) Mary ODELL, who was born and bred in MO. She died at an early age, having borne him 8 children. George, born Feb 14, 1863 was the eldest, while Daniel, born Dec 19 1875 was the youngest. Mr. SOUTHWELL remarried and by that union had one child.

In 1901 Daniel and George located at Imperial and embarked on the livery business.

From DAR
Daniel SOUTHWELL was born 19 Dec 1872. His father, George SOUTHWELL was born 17 May 1849 and died 21 Apr 1910 and was buried in Tonganoxie KS. His mother was Mary O'DELL who was born in Slabtown MO 12 March 1854 and died 4 Dec 1872 and was also buried in Tonganoxie KS. They were married 21 Jul 1868.

Daniel SOUTHWELL was married in Imperial CA 24 Mar 1920 to Nora E. VALLEROY. She was born in Perryville MO, 29 July 1893. Her father was Frank VALLEROY, born in Perryville 29 Jan 1857 and died 6 Feb 1926. Her mother, Sarah PRESTON, was born in Perryville 24 Dec 1862. Frank and Sarah were married in Perryville MO.

Brothers and sisters of Daniel
all born in Tonganoxie KS
Molly SMITH born 9 May 1860
W. R. born 21 May 1862
Thomas born 4 Jan 1866
James L. born 15 Oct 1868
Joe H. born 29 Nov 1870

Brothers and sisters of Nora E. VALLEROY
all born in Perryville MO
Sadie m. TUCKER
Georgie Lewellyn

Children of Daniel & Nora E. (VALLEROY) SOUTHWELL:
1. Eugene A born San Diego, 8 April 8 1927
2. Martha J. born in Los Angeles CA 6 Mar 1932

from CADI
died Alameda Dec 19 1949

Dudley, Benjamin W. page 572 Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902
Dudley, Thomas A. page 462 Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902

Thomas H. DUDLEY was a member of an old English family, son of Thomas Melville Strong DUDLEY, M. D. and grandson of Rev. William Mason DUDLEY, A. M. who was vicar of Whitechurch and rector of Laverstoke.

Thomas married Emily Frances DRAYCOTT, dau of Thomas. They had 4 children: Thomas H. was the next to oldest. He was born Oct 2 1867 in Leicestershire.

In 1889 he came to CA settling in Bakersfield CA. In 1896 he moved to Santa Monica. He married Mrs. Mathilda (BROOKS) RYAN who was born in Brattleboro VT.

From Whos Who in CA
Thomas Horace DUDLEY, son of Thomas Melville Strong and Emily (Frances) married July 6 1922 Louise R. WILLIAMS of Santa Monica CA.

from CADI
Thomas DUDLEY spouse M died age 67 Los Angeles CA Jan 29 1928 #5199

Benjamin W. DUDLEY born at Canaan Grafton County NH May 12 1844, son of Timothy B. and Elizabeth K. (DAVIS) DUDLEY, the former of VT.

In 1855 the family moved to southeastern IA. Benjamin married first Gertrude NEWELL in Wisconson. She died there, leaving a daughter who is now Mrs. Carrie NUGENT, of Chilton, Wis. He married a second time to Miss Carrie L. SMITH. They had Laura, Alice, Mary E., Oscar L., and Ethel I.

Deuel, J. J. Jr. page 501 History of Kern County - 1914
Deuel, J. J. Sr. page 1214 History of Kern County - 1914

J. J. DEUEL, Jr was born July 31 1879 at Wellsville, Columbiana county Ohio, the son of Joseph Jasper and Flora V. (EATON) DEUEL, natives respectively of OH and WVA. The father was employed for many years as foreman for the C&PRR on the Panhandle and later fot the L. & N. RR at Pensacola FL, where the son grew to manhood. In 1904 the family joined the latter in Bakersfield, and father and son became associated in business, outside of which they have acquired valuable property and real estate. Joseph J. DEUEL and his wife were the parents of two sons and one daughter, of whom J. J. Jr was the first born. In April, 1898, he volunteered in the US Navy for the Spanish-American War, enlisting at the naval yard at Pensacola,FL. In December, 1900, he located at Bakersfield CA and was an agent for 4 years for the Standard Oil Company. In 1909 Mr. Deuel became the owner of the Hardison Perforator by puchasing it from the inventor, E. A. HARDISON. Mr. DEUEL and his interesting family occupy a high place among the citizens of Bakersfield. He was married there June 1, 1902, to Miss Mary E. THURLOW, a native of New York State and they have six children: Edwin J., James W.*, George A., Ruth, Harry A. and Jackson Bryan DEUEL. J. J. DEUEL Sr is descended from French-Huguenots and he was born at Wellsville, Columbiana county, OH, September 20, 1856 and began to earn his own livelihood at the age of 11 years of age. In 1879 he married Miss Flora Virginia EASTON at Wellsville OH. The couple are members of the Bakersfield Christian Church. Besides their own three children they have reared two other children who were sisters, Flora and Eva RAMSEY. The elder is now the wife of a blacksmith at Kern. Of their own children, J. J. Jr. holds a very responsible position with the Axelson Machine Company. Their only daughter is Lottie M., the wife of Henry Pierce and she lives at Pensacola FL. The younger son, H. P.* follows the trade of boiler-maker at McCook Nebraska where he is employed by a railroad company.

Gray, Jonathan E. page 453 History of Kern County - 1914

Jonathan Elmer GRAY was born near East Brady, Clarion county, PA, on Jun 4 1862. He was one of nine children of James GRAY and his wife (name not given) who died on March 8 1911 at the age of 76. The children were:

Mary, Margaret Catherine, Nancy Jane, John Wesley, Jonathan Elmer, Samuel A., Martha Ellen, Arra F., and Ramsey E.

Samuel GRAY was born in Ross County OH on Aug 3 1836 and came to CA in 1864.
He died in Chico Jan 16 1949 Chico
He was the son of William GRAY and Margaret COON GRAY.
He married 1. Margaret McMORRIS, June 6 1857 Coles County IL
He married 2. Susan E. SMITH DUGAN SOPER, Sep 30 1901 Chico Butte County CA

children: John William GRAY 1858-1920
George Franklin GRAY 1866-1896
Ella Gray DEBOCK 1868-1949

Myrtle Ama DUGAN GUMBLE 1882-1960
Charles Virgil SOPER 1895-1966

Clarke, W. D. page 47 History of Kern County - 1929

W. D. CLARKE was born in Rolla Phelps County MO on Oct 31 1888. In October of 1910 he came to Bakersfield. In October 1917 he enlisted in the Three hundred and Fourteenth Engineers and was sent to Washington DC. In 1915 he married Miss Anna FERGUSON and they had a daughter, Marjorie.

Buell,A. W. Page 332 Memorial & Biographical History of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo & Ventura Cos. - 1891

Alonzo Wilcox BUELL was born March 18 1836 at Essex, Vermont. He was the grandson of Samuel BUELL, and the son of Lynos (Linas) BUELL, born in Vermont and who lived to be 71 years of age. His mother was Hannah OLIN who was born in Westford Cittenden County VT, daughter of James OLIN, native of the vicinity of Bangor, ME, and an early settler of Vermont where he died at the age of 90 years. Mrs. BUELL died at the age of 74 years. They had six children, five growing to maturity: Rufus Thompson BUELL in 1853came to CA around the Horn on the Yankee Blade; Mary Marion, who became Mrs. THOMPSON; A.W. was next; Analutia died at age 8; Harlan came to CA in 1863; James died in Montecito.

On March 17, 1857, A. W. BUELL started for CA from Burlington VT, going by rail to St. Louis and from there by steamer to Boonville and by stage to Versailles, from which point he went in an ox train to Westport MO, where they outfitted.

He married Mary (Marter) CARTER, of Vermont, in Monterey on the Buena Vista Ranch on Dec 25 1868 and they had seven children: Mrs. Jennie MALHART, Elizabeth, Alonzo, Mable and Lena, Louis and Harold.

Moye, L. A. page 434 History of Tulare Co. - 1926

Laurence Alfred MOYE was born in Stockton CA Jan 30 1883, son of Leroy Alfred MOYE who had come to CA as a young man and was engaged in the furniture business in Stockton. His wife was Miss Laura HARTLEY, native of Tulare, daughter of Henry HARTLEY, one of the pioneers of the county. The father then moved to Santa Ana.

In 1909 he married Miss Leeta AKIN, native of Tulare. They had three children: James, Lora and Henry.

Idell King MOYE (from NDGW) born in Los Angeles CA Nov 24 1888 was a concert pianist, teacher, contralto Married Mar 9 1910 in Los Angeles CA She wrote: My father, John N. KING, came across county in first covered wagon trail from St. Louis MO. My mother, Mary Ellen KING, grandmother, Elizabeth DuBOIS and sister, Musadora KING, came acrossin first train from St. Louis MO.

Idell married Gideon L. MOYE March 9 1910 and they had one son, Lorraine King MOYE, a graduate of California Military Academy.

Seubert, George P. (Rev.) page 1628 - Vol. II History of Fresno County - 1919

Rev. Father George P. Seubert, pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church at Reedley CA was a native of Lebanon, PA, born Jan 19 1875 to Francis A. and Margaret SEUBERT. He graduated from St. Vincent College at Beatty PA. He was ordained a priest on March 7 1899 at Baltimore MD.

Arbogast, John Peter Page 128 - Vol. 60 NDGW - Pioneer Roster
Arbogast, John Peter Page 594 History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924

John Peter ARBOGAST was the son of Jacob ARBOGAST. Jacob was born in Snyder County PA and learned the trade of miller. In 1860 he came to CA via the Isthmus of Panama and settled in Nevada County, mining in the Blue Tent district. In 1863 his wife, Eliza CRAMER, and their four children, came to CA. Of the four born in PA, John Peter is the only survivor. There were eight more children born in CA: Jacob, deceased; Keturah, Mrs. DAVIS of Blue Tent; Fred, of Oakland; Perry, deceased; Ole, deceased; Aaron, of San Francisco; Carys, of Nevada City; and Elsie, Mrs. W. B. TAYLOR of St. Helena.

John Peter ARBOGAST was born in Snyder County PA on Nov 1 1859 and when he was four years of age he was brought to Nevada County. He married at Nevada City on Dec 29 1886 to Miss Deed LANDRIGAN. She was a native of Timbuctoo, Yuba County, the daughter of William and Bridget LANDRIGAN, both natives of County Cork Ireland, but 49er's of CA.

From NDGW:
John Peter ARBOGAST was born in Freeburg PA on Nov 1 1859 and arrive in CA in the Spring of 1863. He came by vessel across the Isthmus of Panama, name of vessel not known. He was a teamster, Farmer and Lumberman and held office as a Clerk on the School Board. He was educated in Selby Flat Grammar School, High School Nevada City. He married Deed LANDRIGAN Dec 29 1886 in Nevada City CA. He drove freight team from Nevada City to Sierra City, via Freeman's Crossing, Sleighville House, Nigger Tent and Mountain House.

Kenneth Melville ARBOGAST, Retta Eliza ARBOGAST, (Mrs. Morgan), Raemath Peter ARBOGAST, Mary Ruth ARBOGAST (Mrs. SKEAHAN CLARK).

He died in Blue Tent, Nevada City CA June 29 1950.

From his obit:
The family first lived on Hart's Hill near Porter's Mill and later moved to the historical Scott Ranch. Survived by Kenneth and Raemah ARBOGAST of Blue Tent, Mrs. Retta MORGAN of Sacramento, and Mrs. Mary SKEAHAN of Nevada City; two brothers, Dr. A. A. ARBOGAST of San Francisco and Cary S. ARBOGAST of Nevada City, and two sisters, Mrs. Elsie TAYLOR of Hanford and Mrs. Keturah DAVIS of Blue Tent. Services at St. Canice and burial in Catholic Cemetery.

Deed (LANDRIGAN) ARBOGAST was born in Timbuctoo, Yuba County, CA on Nov 5 1863. She was educated in the Elementary schools of Timbuctoo and Blue Tent. She died in Nevada City CA Jan 25, 1946.

From her obit:
Survived by husband and children: Kenneth and Raemah ARBOGAST of Blue Tent; Mrs. Retta MORGAN of Sacramento, and Mary SKEAHAN of Nevada City. Also eight surviving grandchildren and four great grand-children and a sister, Mrs. Thomas CORCORAN of Town Talk. Services at St. Canice Catholic Church and interment in the Catholic Cemetery.

Information from NDGW by Mae Abrogast SBAFFI, Granddaughter, Allegheny CA

Jonathan ARBOGAST age 62 died Nevada County Jan 8 1917

Jacob P. ARBOGAST age 86 died Nevada County July 11 1912- died at the family home on Rock Creek. Native of PA, came to CA in 1860 as a man of 34 years. Born on Apr 26th 1826 in Freeburg, Snider County PA. Married Eliza KRAMER. Thirteen children, ten surviving: Jonathan ARBOGAST of Rock Creek; Mrs. Kate EDWARDS of Oakland; Peter ARBOGAST of Nevada City; Mrs. Keturah DAVIES of Blue Tent road; Dr. Jacob L. ARBOGAST of Sacramento; District Attorney F. L. ARBOGAST of Nevada City; Perry A. ARBOGAST of Grass Valley; Dr. Aaron ARBOGAST, a dentist of San Francisco; Cary S. ARBOGAST of Rock Creek; and Mrs. Elsie TAYLOR of Lodi.

Lillie ARBOGAST age 35 died Nevada County Apr 18 1913- wife of Perry A. ARBOGAST died at home of Mrs. Sarah BEE in the Kidder Tract. She was the daughter of Mrs. Henry LUKE of Sacramento and the late Henry LUKE. Survived by husband and sisters Mrs. Charles THOMAS, Mrs. William KINCAID and Miss Mable LUKE, Sacramento, brothers Will LUKE of Sacramento, Albert T. LUKE of Oakland, Harry LUKE of Grass Valley, Richard, Clifford and Fred LUKE of Sacramento.

Mildred Kincaid ARBOGAST spouse C S died age 64 Nevada County Feb 25 1939 - wife of Cary S. ARBOGAST, born in 1874. She married Cary S. ARBOGAST in 1908 and they had one child, Helen M. ARBOGAST. Survived by sisters: Maggie and Katie KINCAID, Clifford KINCAID, nephew, Katherine Kincaid, niece, and Evelyn VEON, niece. Burial in Odd Fellows cemetery.

Kenneth Mellville ARBOGAST died May 21 1958 Nevada City - husband of Ruth, father of Mrs. Mae Sbaffi, Mrs. Dorothy QUIMM of Cincinnati OH, Mrs. Patricia THOMPSON of Foresthill, Placer County, and Mrs. Joyce BAUMAN of Carmichael, brother Raemath ARBOGAST of Nevada City, Mrs. Retta MORGAN of Sacramento and Mrs. Mary SHEAHAN of Nevada City, a native of Blue Tent, Nevada County, aged 70 years. Mass St. Canice Catholic church Nevada City.

From Men of California:
Dr. J. L. ARBOGAST, 719 1/2 K Street, Sacramento, was born in Nevada County, the son of Jacob ARBOGAST. He graduated from Cooper Medical College in 1899. In 1908 he came to Sacramento. He was married Feb 19 1903 and had two children.

Perry A. ARBOGAST age 48 died Nevada County June 28 1919 - survived by 5 brothers and two sisters: J. Peter ARBOGAST, Dr. J. L. ARBOGAST, Frederick L. ARBOGAST, Dr. A. Aron ARBOGAST, Carey S. ARBOGAST, Mrs. E. K. DAVIS of Blue Tent, and Mrs. W. B. TAYLOR of St. Helena.

From Pioneer Days:
Minerva and Henry ARBOGAST -- niece and nephew of H. F. JANES. Minerva is now the widow of E. PRIGMORE, and a resident of Janes Creek. Henry is in business in San Jose.

Kane, John E. Page 819 History of Humboldt County - 1915

Jane H. KANE spouse J E died age 63 Humboldt County Mar 23 1928 #12416

John Ewing KANE was born in Ballycastle, County Antrim, April 11, 1864, the son of Daniel KANE, a farmer. He came to Ontario Canada in 1884 and then went westward to Eureka, Humboldt County, CA, arriving in March 1885.

He was first married to Mary REDMOND, who was born in Ireland and was sister to the present sheriff, Robert A. REDMOND of Eureka. She died Jan 28 1903, leaving six children: Bessie (Mrs. McBRIDE); Sadie, Arcata; Alexander, South Bay; James, Jennie and Bernice. He married second to Miss Jane McMILLAN, native of Ireland, who came to Eureka in 1904.

Ostman, Charles Page 913 History of Sacramento County - 1923

Charles OSTMAN was born in West Jutland Sweden, January 12, 1852, the son of P. G. and Catherine OSTMAN. When he was 17 he came to the US with his parents. They settled in Moline IL and in 1869 Charles started out to make his own way in the world. In 1875 he came to CA and for ten years had a merchandise store in San Francisco. In 1885 he came to Sacramento and purchased fifty-six acres of land in the tulles of Sutter Island, on Sutter Slough.

In San Francisco in on Dec 22, 1879 he married Louisa JOHNSON, who was born in Smalland, Sweden, the daughter of John ISAACSON and Carolina (PETERSON) ISAACSON.

One son was born to Mr. and Mrs. OSTMAN, Alvin Charles, who married Hannah H. HANSEN, a native of Denmark, and they have five children: Charles Peter; Louisa Charlotte; Morris Allen; Erma Marie*; and Alvin, Jr.**

Morris Alvin OSTMAN was born on Route 1, Sutter Island, on Oct 10 1915, the son of Charles and Hannah (HANSEN) OSTMAN. He married Virginia TOZER, daughter of William Louis and Florence (CUNNINGHAM) TOZER. They were married in Santa Rosa on January 17, 1942. They had two children, Richard Charles, born San Francisco on May 19 1943, and Thomas Edwin, born Austin TX July 1, 1945.

Dauser, Frank J. Page 1546 History of Orange County - 1921

From CADI: (all in Orange County)
Bernard DAUSER spouse B died age 60 Jul 18 1929
Evelyn M. 3yrs Aug 8 1922
Frances X. DAUSER age70 spouse M A, died Aug 1 1918
Mary A. DAUSER age 78 spouse F, died 7-19-1933 #39471

Frank J. DAUSER was born Dec 29 1877 near Faribault Rice County MN, son of Francis X. and Mary (STUECKLE) DAUSER. Francis was a native of PA who moved first to WI and then to Minnesota. When Frank was seven the family came to CA.

Feb 19 1901 Frank married Miss Mary PRATT in Anaheim. She was born in Kankakee ILL and came to CA with her family when she was 13 years old. Her father was John PRATT and mother Louise EMILING.

They had 5 children:
Cyril J., Mildred, Clarence, Vincent and Dorothy.

Ferrea, Nicholas Page 583 History of Solano & Napa - 1912

Nicholas FERREA was born in Italy in 1826 and educated there. He served as a soldier and received severe wounds in the battle of Magenta in 1848. At 22 he came to the US and to the Pacific Coast. He first mined, then turned his attention to the cattle business in San Luis Obispo and then moved north to Solano County in 1851. At one time he owned six ranches on the Napa road besides a large ranch near Benicia. He was the first settler at Lake Chabot, where the Three-Mile station house stood and the first vegetable wagon in the valley was owned and operated by him.

In Lomelina, Italy, in 1873, Nicholas married Miss Claudia BISIO, who was born there in 1855. They came to the US immediately after their marriage. They had four children but only one survived, Cornelia Louisa. Mr. FERREA died Dec 25 1907.

Hurlbert, D. B. Page 461 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

D. B. HURLBERT once owned the land on which the flourishing village of Madison now stands. He donated the land there to those who would properly improve it. He was born in NY State in 1811, the son of Daniel and Sybil (MARTIN) HURLBERT, natives of CT, and he came to CA in 1851 with his own team. He was first in Hangtown and then returned to Wisconsin. Then went to Minnesota and then started for CA, but losing all his cattle on the way he went off into Montana and then came to Yolo County, landing there November 13, 1865. While in Wisconsin, in 1846, he married Margaret BEAM and they had two children, Charles M. and George R.

Casterline, Myron N. Page 1068 History of South Coast Counties - 1907

Myron Nelson CASTERLINE was born January 20 1865 in Scott County Minn, a son of John CASTERLINE. His grandfather was Barnabas CASTERLINE who was born, reared and married in New York State. He moved to Minnesota in 1844 and died in 1883.

John CASTERLINE was a native of Cayuga County, NY. In 1884 he moved to Osakis, Douglas County. His wife was Sarah McCULLUM, native of PA, who moved to MN when a girl and died a few years after her marriage. Three children were left, Myron being the first born. He became self-supporting at age 11. He went to Oregon working in Portland from 1890 to 1893. In Phoenix AZ he married Mary MONAHAN, native of Ireland and they have one child, Clissie May.

Skiles, Henry A. Page 1250 History of Orange County - 1921

1900 census and in Santa Ana at 982 Orange (21-148-31-59)
Henry A. SCILES 51 born July 1848 IN
Sara M. 49 Mar 1851 OH
Leslie (son) May 1881 19 CA
Ira J. Apr 1883 17 CA
Victor E. Aug 1885 MO 14
Bruce E. 1892 CA 5 yrs
Henry A. spouse SM died age 83 Riverside May 1 1931
Sarah M. spouse H died age 87 Riverside May 1 1938 - daughter of Rev R. G. THOMPSON, native of PA, of Kingsville MO and Sarah Leland BROWN, native of VA.
Children: Robert (wife Katherine BROWN) two children: Dorothy and Corinne
Leland (wife E. C. BAER) two children: Rolston and Lois
Edna (Mrs. A. E. COX) two children: Carmen and Elwood
Leslie (wife Frances ARMSTRONG) one child: Denton A.
Ira (wife Lea SNYDER)
Earl (wife Louise RILEY) two children: Margaret and June
Bruce (wife Grace DOTY) one child: Helen

Amack, Ulysses S. Page 1614 History of Orange County - 1921

AMACK, Ulysesses S. born Mar 9 1869 in Putnam County MO. Son of Bartholomew and Julia WILSON AMACK. Bartholomew died January 14, 1872.

In 1902 Ulyssess came to Long Beach.

In Wayne Co, IA, Mar 17 1895 he married Miss Sadie E. WOLF, native of Ottumwa IA. Daughter of Josiah and Minerva TRAVIS WOLF. Three children: Wayne W.; and Coy. Third one deceased.

SOLARI, Louis F. Page 1051 History of Contra Costa County - 1926

Louis F. SOLARI was born in Redwood City on Feb 23 1885 and died on Nov 29, 1925 in a shooting accident.

His mother was Mrs. Rosa SOLARI.
His brother was David A. SOLARI, for whom the American Legion Post in Pittsburg was named - he was the only Pittsburg soldier who met his death in France during the World War.

Mrs. Rosa SOLARI is the widow of John Baptiste SOLARI, a native of Italy born Jan 11 1865 in Chiavari, County of Genoa. She was married Apr 28 1884 in Italy. The couple sailed to NY in May of 1865 and then to CA, arriving May 25. Mr. SOLARI operated a vegetable garden in Redwood City and then removed in 1889 to Contra Costa County. John SOLARI died in Black Diamond, now Pittsburg, March 24 1902 at age 51.

1. Louis F. (Deceased);
2. Mary, wife of Salvatore ENEA, proprietor of the CA Theater in Pittsburg, CA
they had four girls:
Stella, Rosa, Frances and Virgina
(from CADI: Estella ENEA DAVI born May 15 1908; died Contra Costa County May 21 1946 age 38)
3. Priscilla Aida, wife of Antonio FERRANTE
they had three children:
Edmund, David and Aida
(from CADI: Preziosa (Pricilla) (SOLARI) FERRANTE born Aug 20 1889; died Los Angeles Feb 19 1954 age 64 years.)
4. David A. SOLARI, who gave his life for his country. He was Pittsburg's pioneer moving picture theater owner and was associated with his b-i-l Salvatore Enea. They established a circuit of theaters including The Palace in Pittsburg, The Strand in Stockton, one at Napa and one at Hayward.

Botkin, Cordelia Page 335, Vol. 3 History of San Francisco Bay - 1924

Mrs. Cordelia Botkin arrested for causing death of Mrs. Dunning's sister. Joshua D. DEANE swore to an additional charge of murder against Cordelia BOTKIN. He accused her of causing the death of his wife, Ida Henrietta DEANE, in Dover, Del in 1898, by means of poisoned candy (arsenic) that was sent from this city (SF) in her scheme to put Mrs. John P. DUNNING out of her way.

Her son is mentioned in the Call as having died on May 3 1905. There is an article about her killing Mrs. DEANE in the Call on Apr 10 1904. She died in San Quentin on Mar 7 1910.

Shadrack JONES in History of Butte County Page 314

In August, 1886, in Butte County, Shadrack JONES was beaten to death with rocks at a point near Chico known as Hog Wallow.

Chico Cemetery:
Shadrack JONES, Jr. Killed by son-in-law with a bung starter August 4 1882

Joseph A. OVERMAN in History of Orange County CA

Joseph A. OVERMAN was born at Villisca, Montgomery County IA on Mar 4 1879. In 1898 he was a member of Company B, 51st IA Volunteers and went to the Phillippines with his regiment. In 1901 he established his headquarters in Santa Ana where he contracted to work as a painter and carried on a large business with Charles H. WANDELL.

He married Jun 15 1902 to Miss Marguerite E. SHRODE. They had Marguerite E., born July 21, 1903. Mrs. OVERMAN is the daughter of John E. and Mattie SHRODE who lived in Willcox Cochise County AZ.

Joseph's father was Aaron R. OVERMAN, born Hillsboro, Highland County, OH, in 1850. He married Susan GILBERT, who was born in IA in 1851. They had Asa Blaine OVERMAN, born 1874, resides in Villisca IA. The younger sons were Joseph A. and Henry A., both born in Villisca, as were his daughters, Nora, Julia M. and Pearl.

Joseph is a member of the Santa Ana Band as a baritone player.

Michael Peter BUTIER in the History of Santa Cruz page 354

Michael Peter BUTIER, a Dalmatian of Alsatian stock, was born April 13 1879 on the coast of the Adriatic in what were then crown lands of Dalmatia, a titular kingdom in the Cisleithan dvision of the empire of Austria-Hungary, now comprised within the confines of the new republic of Jugoslavia.

He was the son of Peter BUTIER and Anna (LETTUNICH) BUTIER, both of Alsatian descent. Peter was for years engaged in the retail meat business in his home place.

When he was 15 Michael Peter BUTIER came to the US, his objective being CA where he had kinfolk who had become well established. He worked his way as a butcher across the US to CA taking two years to arrive there. He arrived in Watsonville and worked in the orchard plants of his cousin, M. N. LETTUNICH, now the president of the Fruit Growers National Bank of Watsonville.

He married in Watsonville, 1906, Miss Katherine LETTUNICH, who had also come to this country from Austria and they had two children: Peter and Anna.

The BUTIERS reside at No.165 Wall street, Watsonville, and are members of the Roman Catholic church. Mr. BUTIER is affiliated with the Knights of Columbus in Watsonville.

Henry H. KENNEDY in History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Counties Page 491

Henry H. KENNEDY was the son of Maxwell and Eveline KENNEDY, born in Trumbull County OH Dec 19 1837. In Feb 1859 he came, via the Isthmus, to San Francisco. Then went to Eureka.

In 1863 he went to Oregon and taught school. He returned to CA in Nov of 1864. He went back to OH, via Nicaragua, and lived there ten years. He was married Jan 8 1870 to Miss Clara HARDING, native of Mahoning County OH, born there Jan 7 1852. She was the daughter of John A. and Mary J. HARDING.

The KENNEDYs had Harding born Dec 28 1870, Ellis, born Sep 2 1873, Laura, born Nov 27, 1875, and Clara, born Oct 16 1881. Mr. KENNEDY returned to CA and arrived in Truckee April 15, 1875.

Henry H. KENNEDY died in Sierra County at age 74 on Jul 27 1912 #25314 There is a Clara KENNEDY who died in San Joaquin County age 78 on July 29 1937 #49814

Fiehmann, August Page 885 A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed.

August FIEHMANN was born in Holstein Germany Jan 1 1857, the son of George and Christine (COOK) FIEHMANN, both natives of Holstein.

On Oct 30 1880 he married Miss Caroline M. SCHULTE, daughter of Bernhard and Gertrude (HELLERMAN) SCHULTE. Children: (7, six still living)
George J., Adeline L. Marcas O., Henry B., Martin A. and Ruth C. Gertrude has passed away.

Fiehmann, George J. Page 1307 History of Santa Clara County - 1922

George J. FIEHMANN was born in Tracy, San Joaquin County, on December 20, 1881, son of August FIEHMANN who came from Germany. He was married to Caroline SCHULTE, born in MN, and had seven children, George being the eldest. George's maternal grandfather was Bernard SCHULTE, a pioneer of the valley.

George married Miss Lola LANG, native of Cottage Grove OR, daughter of George and Lena (KERR) LANG. They have one child, Emma.

History of Northern California - Page 515

James S. STEWART born in Dundee Scotland, April 15 1807, son of John and Elizabeth STEWART. John was a stone-cutter by trade and the mother died when James was a child.

In 1832 he emigrated to America going first to Allegheny City PA. In 1853 he started for OR, went to Salt Lake, and then to CA. Arriving in CA he left his family near Marysville and went to the Custom House in San Francisco to work at his trade. Returning to Marysville he located on the place which is now the homestead of the family, five miles southwest of Yuba City, being one of the first settlers. He died there in 1870.

He was married in 1833 to Hannah STEWART (STEUART on NDGW sheet)also a native of Scotland and daughter of John and Betsey (BLACK) STEWART of Dundee. John came to America in 1826 and died in OR in 1860. He had ten children as follows (I can't figure out if the 'he' is John or James) John H., James C., Charles E., Elizabeth (wife of Dr. RILEY of Oakland) Mary (wife of James E. SMITH, now deceased), Flora M. (wife of Thomas McCREADY and is now dead), George B., Jennie (who married John C. SMITH,and is deceased),Edward D., Tassey (in OR), Annie (wife of Louis WAGER, and William W. at home.

History of the South - Vol. 2 - pages 319 and 433

John BROWN Jr. pioneer of San Bernardino, was born Oct 3 1847 in on the bank of the Greenhorn Creek, in Huerfano County, territory of NM, now CO; died Aug 3 1932 San Bernardino; he arrived in CA Sept 15, 1849 and he was the son of John Brown Sr (born Dec 28 (22) 1817 Worcester MA; died April 20 1899 San Bernardino) and Louisa SANDAVAL (Louisa SANDOBALLO from Pioneer Card). He married Martha Ellen HINMAN (Mattie Ellen HINNIAM? from Pioneer Card) She was born Nov 14 1845; died Aug 6 1912 San Bernardino. She was the daughter of Enoch HINMAN born Oct 12 1818; died Apr 8 1904 San Bernardino.

Children of John BROWN Sr and Martha:
Matilda BROWN m. Sidney P. WAITE
Louisa BROWN m. Byron WATERS
Celia BROWN died as a child
James BROWN m. Refugia ORTEGA
Joe BROWN m. Henrietta KERFOOT
Newton BROWN m. 1) Victoria BOREHAM 2) Mabel RAINEY
Emma BROWN m.1)Charles ROUSE 2) Sidney ROYALTY

Martha (Mattie)'s sister was Mary L. HINMAN who married Jonathan RICHARDSON she was born Apr 9 1844 and died Mar 2 1900 Jonathan died May 2 1894 age 68 years. son was Harley H. RICHARDSON 1875-1876 buried in San Bernardino

Child of John BROWN, Jr. and Louisa:
Nellie HINMAN BROWN b Jun 1 1877 in San Bernardino married Mar 2 1904 San Bernardino to Charles Henry WIGGETT b July 2 1876 at Alamogordo, NM; died Feb 6th .... buried in NM.

1) Martha Eliza WIGGETT b July 13 1905 San Bernardino married Aug 16 1930 to Alton G. LAYNE in Los Angeles
2) Charles Brown WIGGETT b Sep 23 1906 at Bellemont AZ

History of Fresno County - Page 1690

W. T. STONE was born at Wellsville, Montgomery County MO on Oct 30 1876, the son of Z. J. STONE and Mary (McCOLLOUGH) STONE. His mother died when he was two years old, leaving him and two other children. His father married again and there are six half-brothers and half-sisters.

At the age of 22 he married Miss Josie MENZ, also a native of MO. They moved to Sanger, Fresno County, on March 1 1901 with their baby girl. Three children: Mary Nellie; William Joseph; Dora May.

Fresno 8-3-1956 Mrs. Josie STONE 76, native of MO. Lived at 266 Chico Avenue Surviving: son-William J. STONE of Selma; Mrs. Dora Mae PARKER of San Marino

Fresno 6-15-1955 William T. STONE 78, native of MO, retired Del Rey rancher Widow survived=Josie

possible son:
STONE WILLIAM JOSEPH 11/10/1901 M CALIFORNIA FRESNO 01/29/1978 556-22-5224 76 yrs

History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 - Page 566

Edwin Jay DIBBLE was born in Oneida County NY Sep 8 1834 and was one of the first actual settlers in the neighborhood of Guernsey, Kings County, CA. His father, Jesse DIBBLE, died at the age of thirty-seven, when Edwin was just sixteen years of age. His mother was Anna PALMS, a native of NY, who lived to be seventy-seven years old and died in Oneida County. Edwin went to Minnesota in 1860 and was there married to Hannah BLAND (born 1840). Later he went to Allamakee County, IA where he lived until 1863. He then crossed the plains and located near San Jose CA. Hannah died in 1896. The couple had eight children, three others having died in childhood.

Annie is the wife of Frank E. HOWE
Le Roy is a rancher located near his father
Flora is the wife of Millard WELTON, a rancher in Kings
Judson lives near his father
Lester has a ranch in the neighborhood (died 7-3-1945)
George leases his father's ranch
Abi lives at home (died 7-21-1940)
Jesse assists his brother, George

Judson A. DIBBLE died Apr 28 1931 Hanford age 62; survived by widow, Lulu A. DIBBLE (died Feb 27 1945) daughters:
Miss Nora DIBBLE all of Lakeside
two sisters:
Anna HOWES of Lakeside
Mrs. J. D. DIBBLE of Corcoran
three brothers:
L. V. DIBBLE of Lakeside
Jess DIBBLE of Fresno
Leroy DIBBLE of Reno, NV

Lester J. DIBBLE died 72 years old July 6 1945
brothers: Roy, Jesse, George, Lester and Jud DIBBLE
sisters: Mrs. Frank HOWE, Mrs. M.F. WELTON, Mrs. Jay DIBBLE.

George DIBBLE died Dec 17 1928 survived by wife, Edna DIBBLE three sons: Cecil, Glenn and Wesley DIBBLE
brothers: Ray DIBBLE of NV, Judd and Lester of Guernsey and Jess DIBBLE of Fresno
sisters: Mrs. Anna HOWE of Guernsey
Mrs. Abi DIBBLE of Corcoran
six nephews: Ed HOWE, Chester HOWE, Laurence DIBBLE, Leonard DIBBLE, and John WILSON.

Abi DIBBLE (7-21-1940) 63 of Corcoran was a native of Guernsey. Survived by husband, Jay DIBBLE, one daughter, Mrs. Mildred CARTER, Dallas TX,
granddaughter, Louise CARTER, also of Dallas.
two brothers: Lester DIBBLE, Guernsey and Jesse DIBBLE, Fresno.

Jay DIBBLE died age 77 Aug 4 1955, a native of NY survived by one daughter,
Mrs. Mildred GOWEN of Dallas TX.
three stepsons: Kenneth, Norman and Elmer BLEND and
one stepdaughter: Mrs. Robert SHAFFER
two granddaughters: Mrs. Louise KAISER and Evelyn GOWEN of Dallas TX

Flora Abbie WELTON died Feb 6 1920, wife of M. F. WELTON, native daughter of Hanford. Pall bearers were Judd DIBBLE, Les DIBBLE, Roy DIBBLE, George DIBBLE, Jay DIBBLE and Jesse DIBBLE.

Cecil Elwood DIBBLE died age 64 on Oct 19 1973. Native of Hanford, survived by wife, Ora of Hanford (died Dec 2 1993) three sons: Stephen DIBBLE of Visalia, Douglas DIBBLE of Armona and Thomas DIBBLE of Hanford.
one daughter: Sharon DIBBLE of Hanford
his mother: Mrs. Edna TAYLOR of Hanford
two brothers: Glen DIBBLE of Montebello
Wesley DIBBLE of Hanford

History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 - page 535

Frank E. HOWE was born at Silverville, San Mateo County, CA Jan 31 1853 and at two he went with his parents to Mariposa County and at seven they went to Santa Clara County. In October, 1875 he came to Kings County. May 22, 1877 he married Annie DIBBLE, born in 1859 in IA, who crossed the plains in a wagon in 1862 with a train of fourteen wagons drawn by oxen and mules. Her parents were Edwin J. DIBBLE and Hannah (BLEND) DIBBLE, pioneers of CA. Children of Frank and Anna: Edwin W. HOWE, Albert P. HOWE, Chester M. HOWE. Two died in childhood. Ernest and Frank both died in 1886.

Montross, Abraham Bruyn Page 945 History of Alameda County - 1883

Abraham Bruyn MONTROSS was born in Moscow, Livingston County, New York, Aug. 2, 1822. When he was thirteen the family moved to White Pigeon, St. Joseph County MI.

In Feb, 1849, he joined a joint-stock company that started for CA on March 5th with teams, etc. On March 20, 1849, leaving his home on horseback, he made his way to St. Joseph, MO where he over took his company, of which G. W. PEACOCK, now of Washington Twp, Alameda County, was a member.

Proceeding via the Carson Route, he arrived at Ringgold, El Dorado County, Sep. 28, 1849. On August, 1851, he along with three companions, descended the Sacramento River from Shasta to ascertain its navigability between that point and Sacramento City. The expedition was a success and he purchased an interest in the stern-wheel steamboat Orient which was then running between Colusa and Sacramento. She was the first steamboat to reach Red Bluff, Tehama county in Jan. 1852.

He was married in 1873 to Mrs. Sarah McCALVY a native of Scotland and has no issue.

From CADI:
MONTROSS Abraham B. Alameda age 88 5/21/1911 #12430
MONTROS Sarah Alameda age 80 2/7/1923 #5155

Joost, Behrend Page 368 A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed.

Behrend JOOST is one of the leading representatives of the business interests of San Francisco. He was born in a small village, Arnt Lehe, in the province of Hanover, Germany, son of Martin and Anna Dorothea (BORCHERS) JOOST.

In the family were five brothers and two sisters, Behrend being the sixth in order of birth. He was educated in Kohlen, Provinz Hanover, Germany and when he was fifteen he sailed for the new world. His parents paid the steamship passage and gave him ten dollars in US Gold. It was with this capital that he started out for himself.

His eldest brother, Tonjes JOOST, was supposed to be in New York, but when Behrend arrived there he found to his surprise that Tonjes had joined the emigrants who were just then making their way to CA. So the following year Behrend made preparations to go to the far west and through the aid of a friend accomplished the journey, landing at the "Long wharf" in San Francisco on April 1st, 1857. He had made the journey by steamer by way of Panama, and it was not long before he found his brother, who was then doing a prosperous business in San Francisco.

After serving with his brother for two years he opened a grocery store on the old Mission Toll Road and started the business a few days before Christmas of 1859. The land is now the corner of Eleventh and Mission Streets.

In 1887 he disposed of his grocery stock and decided to deal in hardware. At that time he engaged into partnership with his brother, Fabian, who was the first in his family to have come to CA, and who was engaged in mining at the time Behrend had arrived in CA.

He married in 1874 to Miss Anna MILLER, native of WI and of German descent. They had six children but lost one. Martin B.; Maria (Mrs. J. Frank WALTER); Anna Dorothea (Mrs. ROLLER), a dentist; Behrend A. and Wesley.

Allen, Thomas F. page 728 History of Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey & San Luis Obispo Cos. - 1903

Thomas F. ALLEN was born July 11 1876 in Watsonville. His father, Thomas ALLEN, was born in England and came to America as a young man. Via Central America he reached the desired destination, San Francisco, and located near Watsonville in the early '60s, and lived there until he died in 1899.

His wife was Anna (GILMORE) ALLEN, born in Ireland, and the mother of two children, Thomas F. and Anna J. ALLEN.

Hope this helps you in your search. You may want to have the CADI searched for a Thomas and Anna ALLEN who may have died in the Santa Cruz area.

King, Edward W. (M. D.) Page 595 Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 2

Edward Warren KING, MD, was born at Alexander, Genesee County NY Jun 15, 1831, the 8th of 9 children of Lyman and Phoebe (WILLIAMS) KING. In 1836 the family moved to McHenry County, IL. In the spring of 1850 in company with two brothers he emigrated to CA and located at a village now known as Placerville in El Dorado County, and engaged in mining.

In 1870 Dr. KING located at Ukiah, Mendocino County. He was married at Forest City, Sierra County Autumn 1860 to Mrs. Caroline R.(LINCOLN) REYNOLDS native of NY. She was the mother of Ada L. (Mrs. PRATT), by her former marriage. By the second marriage three children were born: Ella L. (wife of Dr. D. A. HODGHEAD), Arthur W., of Ukiah, and George M. who died in infancy.

The NDGW submission by Dorothy BUCHANEN NDGW Ukiah living at Talmage CA at the time of this submission. Registered 1972 BRC:

E. W. KING MD born Jun 15 1831 Alexander NY Arrived CA 1850 Crossed plains arriving in CA at Placerville. Arrived in Placerville July 17, 1850. Was Miner and Doctor never married (?) this conflicts with history book

Commenced his studies under his brother, Dr. W. A. KING.

KING Caroline R. spouse E W age 81 years died SF 2-27-1917 #7555
KING Edward W. age 82 San Francisco 1-11-1914 #2503

Tupper, John B Page 594 History of Sonoma County - 1880

John Bradford TUPPER was born in Barnard VT on July 29 1829. When he was seven the family moved to Claremont, Sullivan County, NH. In 1845 John was in poor health so he took a sea voyage and set out to visit the Sandwich Islands and returned in 1849 as a fourth mate. That winter he spent with his parents and in March 1850 he took passage on the "California Packet" for CA.

This was the ship's first trip and she arrived in San Francisco on August 25th. He immediately went to Bodega and conducted a saw-mill for four months, when the company failed. Eventually he went on foot to the mines in Mokelumne Hill. Finally he located at a mining town called "Poker Flat." There he produced (with his Yankee ingenuity) an artistic bowling-alley for amusement of the population. Not only was a fund of amusement derived from this antiquated game, but John received quite a source of income. In 1864 he took up residence in Petaluma and worked at the trade of carpenter. He was married in San Francisco, February, 1864, to Martha DOUGLAS who died in October, 1867. They had Martha E., John B., Etta J., Susan E., Edwin E. (now dead), Carrie B., and Emma. He married Mrs. Elizabeth TUPPER on April 11 1876. She had two sons by her first marriage, Kimball and Otis TUPPER.

And now, the 'rest of the story' - from the pioneer card:

John Bradford TUPPER was the son of Seth TUPPER and Sarah (BRADFORD) TUPPER. He was born on the Isle of Holdt, ME on 29 July 1829 (you will have to decide which place was his birth place). Sarah BRADFORD was the 4th cousin of Gov. BRADFORD of MA. He went to sea at age 16.

He married (1) Martha DOUGLAS Jan 13 1854 in San Francisco, she died Oct, 1869. (information differs here as well) He married (2) Mrs. Elizabeth KIMBALL TUPPER (wife of his brother, Irwin) on 11 Apr 1876 in Petaluma (this matches).

He died in Los Gatos on 2 March 1913. John B. TUPPER, age 84, died 3-2-1913 #10693

From the Sept 1935 card it indicates the following children: daughter: Mrs. Wm. S. WALTERS (Susanne) Mrs. Emma Linda COFFMAN (born 2-18-1869; died Los Angeles Apr 2 1957) and oldest Gd: Mrs. William A. STANLEY, 5th cousin Frank W. TUPPER added to the list of submitters on Nov 1 1935.

There was a handwritten note that said "Mrs. M. E. EVANS was the first white girl born in Petaluma." but I couldn't figure out who that meant.


Otis M. TUPPER spouse M. J. died Alameda age 64 6-23-1930 #29766

Bradford G. COFFMAN was born 8-26-1903; died Los Angeles 12/28/1943

Frank W. TUPPER born 6/23/1874 CA (mother NOBLE, father TUPPER) died Madera 2-13-1946

Frank WHITTLESEY TUPPER born IL; died LA 6/27/1950

Louttit, James A Page 606 History of San Joaquin Co. - 1923
Louttit, James A. Page 559 An Illustrated History of San Joaquin Co, CA
Louttit, Jas. A. Page 473 - Vol. 55 NDGW - Pioneer Roster
Louttit, John Randolph Page 1219 History of San Joaquin Co. - 1923
Louttit, Thomas S. Page 1084 History of San Joaquin Co. - 1923
Louttit, Thomas S. Page 250 History of San Joaquin County - 1909

John Randolph LOUTTIT native son born in Stockton Nov 9 1874, the second oldest of James A. and Ada A. CORY LOUTTIT. His younger brother was J. A. LOUTTIT, Jr. who mined in Alaska.

James A. LOUTTIT was the son of Thomas Sinclair LOUTTIT, who was born in Scotland on July 4 1821 and came to America in 1837. He settled in New Orleans and married Miss Jessie Ann Bell, also a native of Scotland, daughter of Alexander BELL and Jessie Margaret (ROBERTSON) BELL. The parents of Thomas Sinclair LOUTTIT were James and Mary (SINCLAIR) LOUTTIT, the later a sister of Thomas SINCLAIR, who was lieutenant-governor of British Columbia and a president of the Hudson Bay Company.

James and Jessie had five children: James A., Mary, Thomas S., Belle and William R.

Howard Malcolm FANNING was born in Troy NY June 3 1826. He died Apr 23 1906 in Stockton. He married Miss Louise BUTTS on Oct 4 1848. The couple moved to CA via the Isthmus of Panama and Mrs. FANNING was the only woman on the ship, while Howard was to compelled to walk across, there being a scarcity of mules. They came to Stockton where they met Howard's brother, Harry T. FANNING, one of CA's earliest pioneers. Howard and Louise had six children: Clara Louise (Mrs. F. M. BUGBEE) Mr. BUGBEE was the son of pioneer Wm Elos BUGBEE Miss Ella J. FANNING lives with her Harry Howard FANNING who was born Nov 15 1865 and who married Catherine ORTMAN and they had one child, Louise FANNING, who, on July 6 1917, married Curtiss M. ROBBINS and is the mother of Richard Marshall ROBBINS who was born Nov 22 1922. Harry Howard FANNING died Nov 21 1918. Bessie and Mary Alice died in infancy.

Harry T. FEE, an insurance man and a poet, was born in Stockton Mar 25 1871, son of Patrick and Mary (DALY) FEE. His sister was Mrs. Frank WEAVER of Stockton.

Harry T. married Miss Etta ORTMAN, who was born on her father's ranch near Stockton, a descendant of a prominent pioneer family.

Thomas S. LOUTTIT born July 11 1876 in Stockton. Son of James Alexander LOUTTIT. He was married in 1898 to Miss Anna Jane HUNTER, native of San Joaquin County, daughter of H. M. & Anna J.(ORTMAN) HUNTER. Mr. and Mrs. LOUTTIT are the parents of one son, Thomas HUNTER.

Staples, Earnest H. Page 424 History of Solano County - 1879
Staples, F. O. Page 424 History of Solano County - 1879

Earnest H. STAPLES is a native of York County, ME born Oct 14 1856. At a year of age the family moved to Portland ME and lived there for three years before emigrating to CA via Panama, arriving in SF on Nov 13, 1859. In 1861 they came to Suisun, Solano County,. Earnest attended St. Augustine's College, Benicia. He served as a cadet on a Pacific mail ship which ran between San Francisco and Panama, and then returned to Suisun. He was engaged as a book-keeper for Lewis PIERCE and then for E. D. HILBORN & Co. In Oct 1877 he went on a rancho, at Cannon Station. On Aug 11 1878 he married Miss Sarah M. REESE, daughter of D. J. REESE of Vallejo.

Also on the same page:
Franklin Oliver STAPLES, native of Cumberland Co. ME. Born Oct 29 1825, and at 16 entered a drug store as clerk in Saco, York Co ME. He went to Birchforce, York county, and, in company with his brother, Samuel, bought a farm. He then emigrated to CA, via Panama, arriving in SF on Nov 13 1859. Leaving his family in SF he went to Suisun. In 1861 he moved his family to Suisun, and in 1869 in company with R. B. CANNON, bought a ranch at CANNON's Station. He and his son, Earnest H., now own and conduct the place together.

Mr. STAPLES married Miss Sarah W. CARDWELL, daughter of Francis CARDWELL of Greenwood, Oxford County ME,on Nov 25 1851. Children: Ida E. born Aug 29 1852;died Oct 8 1855, Earnes H. born Oct 14 1856, Julia, born Jun 2 1866;died Jun 19 1866; M. C. born December 11 1868.

Tunstead, James Page 475 History of Marin County - 1880

James was the son of Thomas and Deborah TUNDSTEAD, born in county Carol Ireland, Jan 18 1842. In 1849 the family came to America and settled in Newark, NJ. He sailed before the mast on the ship "Robin Hood: in 1856. On Mar 21, 1861 he left for CA on the clipper "Galatea" and arrived in SF Aug 10th 1861.

Brown, Newell J. (M. D.) Page 1257 History of Kern County - 1914

Newell Jonathan BROWN, M.D. was the youngest of 6 children, born March 10 1854 in Stanstead, province of Quebec, a short distance across the line from Vermont. His father was Ozias Gilbert BROWN. In 1877 he went to Grundy County IA and the following year he married Miss Celia Frances EASTMAN, born at Oskaloosa IA, the daughter of Lieutenant-Governor (later State Senator) E. W. EASTOMAN, deceased in 1884.

Children: Newbern Nuckolls, M.D. of Bakersfield; Newell Jonathan, Jr. M.D. of Tehachapi(twins); Austin Foss, druggist and Gilman Grenough, farmer near Modesto.

Pease, Stillman A. Page 771 Ingersoll's San Bernardino Co. - 1904

Stillman A. PEASE was born in Farmington IL Apr 18 1846, son of E. A. and Phila (WELLS) PEASE. One sister, Mrs. C. T. KENDALL, resides in San Bernardino. At the age of 17 he left school to enter the army enlisting in Company K 83 IL Volunteer Infantry. July, 1865, he was mustered out of service and the recruits transferred to the 61st IL Veteran Infantry where he served until final discharge. He came to Pomona CA and in 1896 was appointed president of the Horticultural Commission of San Bernardino. In 1898 he moved to Redlands and engaged in the furniture business for two years and then moved to San Bernardino. Mr. PEASE married Miss Ella K. KENDALL at St. Paul, Nebraska, Sep 18 1872. Children: Harry C.,Maurice L., Fannie M. (Mrs. George FUTHAM); Bessie E. and Ralph W. E. PEASE.

Henzie, Edward A. Page 743 History of Pomona Valley - 1920

Edward A. HENZIE was born on a farm near Pleasant Plain Muscatine County IA, July 16 1866, eldest child of five of John Jacob and Sarah Elizabeth Jane (WATHAM) HENZIE. At twenty he found employment in a store at Deep River, Poweshiek County IA. In 1910 he came to CA, spending one year in Pomona and in 1911 went to Claremont and opened a grocery store and meat market.

He married at Deep River IA on August 24, 1892, Miss Sarah Elizabeth CRAVER, native of IA,and daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth (LIGHT) CRAVER, natives of NJ and IL. The father died Nov 1 1919. They had seven children, Mrs. HENZIE's twin, Mrs. Mary STOCKHOUSE, being deceased.

Edward and Sarah have two children: Forrest M. in Anaheim and Westly C. in Ontario. Also one grandchild, Elizabeth Lee. They are members of the Christian Church in Pomona.

from CADI
Sarah C. HENZIE spouse E A died age 56 San Bernardino on Nov 21 1928
Margaret M. HENZIE spouse W. C died age 38 San Bernardino July 3 1932
HENZIE FORREST MELBOURNE 12/19/1893 CARVER HENZIE IOWA LOS ANGELES 01/27/1959 563-10-7646 65 yrs
HENZIE WESLEY C 07/25/1896 IOWA LOS ANGELES 12/20/1972 545-07-6692 76 yrs

Sherman, Sallie Page 273, Vol. 2 History of the San Francisco Bay Region - 1924

Sallie SHERMAN is the wife of William STETSON and mother of James Burgess STETSON who was born in Marshfield MA on Mar 27, 1834. Also the mother of Charles, Sarah (Mrs. Donald BEADLE)and Anna (Mrs. Charles C. WHEELER).

Abraham EDE was born in Sussex England, January 12 1833, and was ten years of age when his parents came to the US and settled on a farm in Waukesha County WI. His older brother, William, came with him to CA in 1852.

He returned to his home in 1854 and married Miss Mary Jane EASTON of Chicago, but CA called him and he sold his farm in 1859 and with his wife and two children he started for CA with 3 wagons and ox-teams. Mrs. EDE was born July 25 1849, the daughter of James EASTON, a native of Scotland. Her mother was Margaret BUCKHART, native of PA, of Germany descent. She died in Washington at age of 72 years.

She married at age 16 to Mr. EDE on July 9 1856. They had 12 children:
Walter H. Idaho
William Alfred - murdered by a robber
Sarah Jane died at age 3 months
Mary Emma (Mrs. John CONNOR - deceased)
Edward James - San Jose
Abraham Lincoln - died at age 21
Eugene Spencer - OR
Oscar - died in infancy
Stephen R.
Ida (Mrs. Edward E. ANDERSON)
Albert Arthur
young child died in infancy

page 592
Stephen Robert EDE was born Oct 22 1872 on the parental homestead, son of Abraham. December 3 1904 he married Clara Belle DEDMON, native of MO, daughter of Joseph A. DEDMON. Mrs. EDE died April 9 1906.

Walter EDE was born in Sussex July 29 1835 and when he was 8 years old the family came to the U.S. He died April 8 1901 and was survived by his wife, C. Amanda DEAN, a native of OH whom he married in 1870. They had seven children:
Cora May (Mrs. Beal SELLMAN) - Reno NV
Leonard G. - Vinton
Charles W. - Vinton
Irene - teacher in Reno NV
Allan S. teacher in Wadsworth NV
Ada - at home
Alfred L. - midshipman at Annapolis
(Mrs. Lucille WHARTON EDE died Oct 21 1950 Sacramento)

From the Plumas Historian p 19 Sept 12 1965
by Mrs. Bernice EDE CAMPBELL of Los Altos CA
Abraham EDE came to CA with his older brother, William, in 1852 and engaged in mining. Abraham and Mary Jane settled in Sierra Valley on a 2500 acre ranch near the Buttes, between Beckwith and Chilcoot. They had a son, William A. EDE, who was murdered in 1902 by the man who was engaged to his daughter, Louise. Their ranch was one now owned by Sam BONTA.

William EDE originally owned the ranch now owned by Mrs. Christina EDE, whose husband, Charles EDE, was a son of Walter EDE.

The Walter EDE Ranch still exists near the Old Adams place in what was known as Adam's Neck. Don GUIDICI lives there.

My Grandfather's place (Stephen EDE) burned, but was replaced and now is owned by one of the GUIDICIs but rented by a DELERA. Hampton EDE once owned the ranch where Christina lives now. He had a son, George.

Plumas Memories June 1976 p72
Mrs. Mary Jane (EASTON) EDE 1838-1917
Crossed the plains by covered wagon in 1859 at the age of 19, caring for two babies, "enduring the hardships without complaint and often driving the ox teams" she was the first white woman to settle on the north side of Sierra Valley. She reared twelve children. At her death the entire community of Beckwourth met at her home to pay homage.

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