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History of San Joaquin County page 104

Andrew Meyer was born 1823 in Switzerland. He arrived in Hangtown Aug 25 1849.

He married in 1861 in the east to Miss COOLEY.

History of Kern County - page 1273

Joseph J. HALTER born in Neckarsulm, Wurtemberg, Germany Aug 19, 1858.

Came to US in 1882 to Montgomery OH. In 1890 came to CA to start a nursery with E. E. ELLIOTT in Kern.

He married in Bakersfield on Oct 5 1891 in St. Francis Church Odella ROTHENFLUCH who was born in Alsace Lorraine Germany June 3 1871.

Their children: Lena, Bertha, William, Carrie, Josie, Clair, Anna and Martha.

Biographical Records of Oakland and Environs - Page 793

Robert SMILIE born Montreal July 4 1853. His brother is Alexander SMILIE.

He died December 11 1897 in Contra Costa.

He married Mary A. SAUNDERS, dau of Edward and Mary (NOLTE) SAUNDERS. They had two children: Robert H. and Florence.

Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 1 page 1075

James A. SMILIE was born in 1851 in Monteral. His brother is Robert SMILIE.

He came to Oakland with his brother in 1875. No wife or children are mentioned.

History of Orange County - 1911 page 578

Upton C. HOLDERMAN was born in Cedar County IA Dec 6 1844 the son of Christian and Mary (COE) HOLDERMAN.

His mother died in 1908 at the age of 85 in Johnson County IA. He married Miss Myra MORSE on Dec 25 1867. She was born in Johnson County IA.

They had:

Uppie PARKER (Walter E.), Lincoln NE
Emma LAMB (J. C.), Santa Ana CA
Myron, Bakerfield CA
Lyda COOKER (William), Boise ID
Miles and Grant, Tustin CA

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902 page 607

Gustaf STROMEE was born near Linkoeping Westaharg, Osstergotland Sweden Aug 9 1845 son of the Carl Frederick STORME and Chrisitine Catherine MANSON.

She died in Los Angeles at 72 years of age.

He married in Chicago to Miss Mathilda SELINE who was born in Brooklyn NY. They have two boys: Karl Otto and Leo Albin.

Book Name An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County - 1889 Page 229

Dr. A. McFARLAND was born in Londonderry IRE in 1846, son of Andrew who as a surgeon in the British army. He married Miss Abbie BALLARD of Pittsfield IL on Oct 19, 1872. Her father was John BALLARD, a ministef in the Presbyterian Church.

C. L. McFARLAND was born in Galesburg, IL Sep 22 1872, son of John. He married Jean HENDERSON, dau of Robert HENDERSON of Riverside and they have three children: Jean, Mary and Ruth.

History of Alameda County page 322

Harry H. HOLLIDGE was born Jan 14 1886 in Tacoma WA. Son of George H. and Jennie (TIBBS) HOLLIDGE. In 1907 he was married to Miss Marie LANE, a native of KS, and they had George and Harry, Jr.

History of Fresno, Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1892 page 547

John JOHNSTON was born in Pittsburg PA in 1827. He engaged in quartz mining with his brother, James, in 1875. In this venture they lost $150,000.

He was married in SF in 1856 to Miss Mary H. CARTER, native of NY state. They had eight children (not listed).

History of Contra Costa - 1926 - Page 499

John Richard NYSTROM was born on Aug 24 1848 in Finland, son of John and Johnanna (KALIS) NYSTROM.

In 1870 he arrived in SF harbor. On Dec 1 1881 he married Miss Mary GRIFFINS, dau of Own and Kate (EVANS)GRIFFINS, natives of ENG.


Alfred John and Edwin, Richmond
Mary E. LINVILLE (C.E.LINVILLE), Lake County
Mabel E. MASON (H. MASON), Richmond
Alice SCHRADER (L. E. SCHRADER), Pittsuburg
William H., Richmond
Louise E. VAN NESS( F. M. VAN NESS), Pittsburg
Hazel E. graduate of Richmond HS
Edna M. at home.
Mary had a brother, Evan GIFFINS, and a sister, Mrs. Kittie CREWS, Richmond.

Two other sisters are Mrs. Charles BERRY of East Oaklnad, and Mrs. C. L. WATROUS, Santa Clara.

From the CADI

Alfred J. NYSTROM died age 56 Napa 1-6-1936 spouse G
Mary NYSTROM died age 70 Alameda 9-20-1939 spouse J. R.
Clarence E. LINVILLE age 55 SF 6-3-1937 spouse M

John Richard NYSTROM is listed in the bio as having died on Dec 23 1913 in Richmond but he doesn't show in the death index.

Illustrated History of Sacramento County - 1890 - page 768

George Frederick BRONNER was Feb 1833 in the Duchy of Baden, son of George F. BRONNER and Sophia Sullerin.

He came to CA with Mr. F. FABING via the Nicaragua route and landed in SF and went immediately to Sacramento, then Morman Island where Mr. FBALING had a sister living. He arrived in Sacramento Jan 5 1854. He married a Boston lady in 1866 and the family resides at 15th and L. Streets. They have nine children, six sons and three daughters, they lost three.

History of Sacramento County - 1923- page 433

Professor Saverio VICARI was born in Italy in 1878 to George and Josephina VICARI.

He came to Sacramento in 1907 from Los Angeles. He taught Marie La BARBA and Ed PIERRINI and they now play with great success on the stage. In 1899 he married Miss Madelena RIOLO in Italy. They had four gifted children: George, Josephina, Victor and Paul.

History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 - Page 485

Hiram B. ALGER was born near Edgewood IA October 1 1867, son of Myron H.
ALGER (born 1844 NY) and Cynthia J. ROBINSON.
Hiram came to CA in 1901. In IA, he married Alice SCHROFF, a native of PA.
They had three sons: Otto Dean, Donald Wayne and Merle H.

History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 - Page 1371

Also from NDGW
Alfred L. book 16 page 437
Leonard A. 53 - 443
Michael Galloway 16-438
Olive C. 16-439
Ruth L. 52-226
Ruth L. POTTER 16-440
Some highlights:
George W. WYLLIE was the son of John WYLLIE, a native of Edinburgh, and Sarah BEST, a native of IL.

George was born near Keokuk, Lee County, IA Feb 12 1856.

In Sallinas CA he married Miss Emma E. NICHOLS, who was born in Dutch Flat, Placer County, CA, daughter of George.

Their children: Roy, Eva M., Minnie L., Mabel, Carrie Irene, Kirby Ray and Corinne.

History of Sonoma County - 1880 - page 620

J. T. JEFFRESS was born at Deptford England Feb 17 1824. In 1850 he came to CA from Australia and entered the employ of the SF Gas Company. In 1878 he became a resident of Sonoma County and married Miss Elizabeth KENNEDY, a native of Scotland born Aug 12, 1845.

They had Mary E., Thomas W., Agnes W., Robert, James V., John K., George H., Walter F., Alexander M., and Egbert F.

History of Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties - 1925 page 338

Andrew B. JACOBSEN was born on a farm at Dwight IL July 28 1889 son of Neils JACOBSEN. He married in 1915 to Miss Dagney BERGESSON, native of Monterey County. Children: Madeline and Lucile.

History of San Luis Obispo Co. and Environs - 1917 - page 893

Jabob Thomas TULEY, native son of San Luis Obispo, was born March 2 1872, son of the late pioneer, William H. TULEY.

He married on the Estrella plains to Miss Jessie CROWFOOT in 1896. She was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Josiah and Minnie CROWFOOT.

Children: Leona May and William Ray.

History of San Luis Obispo Co. and Environs - 1917 - page 648

John B. TULEY was born Sep 27 1875, son of W. H. TULEY. He married Miss Annette L. SKINNER, who was born in Fresno County, dau of JamesW. SKINNER. Their children: Wm. Lloyd, Chas. Ward, George and John Beebe.

History of San Luis Obispo Co. and Environs - 1917 - page 460

William Henry TULEY was born in Howard County MO Jan 23 1843, son of Nathaniel TULEY, native of VA, who was the son of Charles TULEY, also a native of VA. Nathaniel marrid Eliza TOWLES in Howard Co MO. She was a native of KY, and died in MO. They had three sons and one daughter.

William H. TULEY married Miss Nancy TULEY on Sept 1863 in Boone County MO. Her parents were Henry and Margaret (HENTON) TULEY.

They had nine children: William Edgar, in AZ; Joseph S., farms in AZ; Lucy J. (Mrs CLARK of SLO); Jacob Thomas in Pleasant Valley District; Nancy Mildred (Mrs. WIMMER, Paso Robles); John B.; Elbert S. in Sacramento; Lillie B. and Dovie Ethel (Mrs. BAYER of Estrella)

Bay of San Francisco - 1892 - V.ii-643

Henry ALEXANDER was born in 1860 in San Francisco. He was the son of CA pioneers. He studied under Loeffts and Lindenschmidt and then went to Europe to enter the Academy of Art, Munich and studied there for 10 years.

He is said to be one of the creators of the modern school of Art. His works are in the gallery of Thomas D. CLARK which is considered to be one of the finest collections of art in America. "The Cap Makers," "Sunday Morning," and "Interesting Game" are the names of a few of his works.

Bay of San Francisco - 1892 - V.i-520

Oscar T. SHUCK was born in Hong Kong, China on New year's Day 1843. His mother died in Hong Kong.

Oscar was educated in the public schools of of Sacramento, graduating in 1859, receiving the medal for the best scholarship in Greek. He moved to SF in 1861 then in 1863 went to Virginia City, Nevada Territory.

In 1869 he published the "California Scrapbook." He had an elder brother, Rev. Lewis Hall SHUCK, a Baptist minister, living at Fayette MO. His mother was Henrietta Hall SHUCK.

The bio includes a poem by Oscar entitled "Art's New Year's Gift"

History of Yuba and Sutter Counties - 1924 page 881

Seely COOK was born at Vernon, NJ Sep 3 1871. He married Miss Mabel WINSHIP, dau of Isaac A. WINSHIP and they had seven children:

Gladys (Mrs. George LEAL) mother of two: Jean and Loyal
Irlene (Mrs. J. Eugene MORRISON) mother of Betty Jean
Cecil - deceased
Doris, Ena Fay, June and Seely, Jr.

History of Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1913 - page 975

Elmer L. KITCHEL as born in Warren County IA, May 6 1870, son of James and Aleysana (WEBSTER) KITCHEL. The family came to CA in 1887 and lived at Antioch, Contra Costa County then to Tulare County.

In 1896 he married Minnie E. HUMMEL, daughter of Thomas and Florence A. (HILL) HUMMEL. They have four children: Ralph, George, Elmer W. and Hattie.

History of Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1913 - page 589

He is mentioned as father of Henry Alden CRANE. O. CRANE who came from the Sunflower State to CA in 1874 when Henry A. was about two years old, and lived in Yolo county until 1877. Then moved to Tulare Co, locating 8 miles sw of Hanford in what is now Kings Co and took up railroad land which he later lost through litigation. He as a factor in securing the construction of a ditch through his part of the county and in bringing about the utilization of Mussel Slough as a source of irrigation. He passed away May 7, 1909 after a life of industry and usefulness.

There are more details about Henry Alden CRANE born Sep 2 1872 KS and md Winifred BATTENFELD in April 1902. His son is William Dale CRANE.

Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 2 - Page 306

J. A. WRENN, M.D. was born Aug 23 1844 at Westfield Hamilton County. He visited CA in 1881 and returned in 1886 to Placerville. His parents were Elijah and Martha (DRAPER) WRENN, natives of VA. Elijah's father was Professor William WRENN of VA Academy in Sussex County VA.

He married first in 1867 to Mrs. Martha A. MILLS, native of IN. She died of typhoid Sept 29 1867. The had a son who died with meningitis July, 1889 in CA. He married second Miss M. Elizabeth KAISER, M.D., native of Germany. They had Florence N. and Joseph T. WRENN.

Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1 - Page 376

John A. ZIMMERMAN was the son of Jacob and Mary (BETZOLD) ZIMMERMAN. He was born in Germany, March 9 1829. He came to America in 1852. On Jan 15 1868 he came to CA by water. He located on a ranch in Northern CA. He married Miss Dina MAGDENS who was born in Prussia in 1838 and they have 8 children: Frank, Bertha, Jacob, Oscar, Mary, Bill, Lena, and Clara.

Mrs. Marcia E. ZIMMERMAN was the wife of Dr. George W. ZIMMERMAN. She married him in 1873 in Yolo County. She was also the daughter of George W. WOODARD and Miss Lauretta BRYANT, a native of NY. Her husband, George ZIMMERMAN, was born in West Virginia near the hisotric site of Harper's Ferry. He died in Woodland Jan1906. They had two children:

Laura and George D. George has one son, Leroy ZIMMERMAN and Laura is the wife of I. Leroy BROWNELL of Glenn County and they have one daughter, Phebe BROWNELL. The name of Phebe having been borne by a member of the family for seven generations.

History of Solano County - 1879 - Page 331

Aylward, Thomas was born in Quebec, Lower Canada, where he remained until Oct 6 1837, when he left for NY. In 1846 he went to VA. He returned to NY May, 1847. He went to SF and arrived there on Oct 12, 1849. He set to work and made as high as one hundred dollars a day but was forced to relinquish the work on account of a neuralgic affection, whcih the fogs of SF enhanced. He therefore went to Stockton, en route for the mines. He went to Murphy's March 1850 and remained there until Nov 21 1853 when he left to return to SF. Several of the party started to return as well but nearly all of them perished from cholera in Callao.

In 1876 he visited the Centennial Exhibition, his first trip to the Eastern States since he first left them in 1849.

He has made nearly all the sails for the several vessels which have been built in Vallejo.

History of Sacramento County - 1923 - page 797

Wm H. LARKIN was born at Sacramento on Dec 17 1866, son of John N. and Sarah (FERN) LARKIN. J.N. came to CA in 1852. J.N. retired in 1905 and his son, Wm, succeeded him as both manager and proprietor of his father's printing business.

On Feb 12 1902 Wm married Miss Jeanette CANTREL, native of Yolo County, daughter of Joab and Martha Louise (BEEVE) CANTRELL, forn in TN and MO respectively. They crossed the plains to CA in 1852. They had Jeannette and Mary Louise. After Mr. LARKIN's death Mrs. LARKIN continued the business and was met with deserved success.

John N. LARKIN born in NY 1852. Lived in Sacramaento and San Francisco. He was a printer, worked on the Sacramento Union; was employed by his brother, W.H. LARKIN who founded the paper. Died in Sacramento age 71 May 22 1911

As a printer he entered into a strike against his brother, W.H. LARKIN and did not return when the differences were settled. He went to SF where he was employed.

Sarah Ann LARKIN died in Sacramento Apr 5 1937. Wife of the late J. N. LARKIN. Mother of Mrs. Frank R. NEWMAN and the late William H., John F. and George W. LARKIN. A native of DANVERS, MA. Aged 70 years.

From CADI:
William H. LARKIN died Sacramento 10-23-1921 spouse J. J.

Fresno County: The Pioneer Years to 1900-1984 - pages 94, 197

David Cowan SAMPLE is D.C. SAMPLE on page 197, a sheepman. He is mentioned as having come from Solano County with a flock of sheep - page 94

David C.SAMPLE was born 1848 in Jackson, MS. He arrived in CA just after the Civil War, about 1865. He came around the Horn by ship, and arrived in SF. He married Sallie COLE Dec 17 1872 in Fresno County CA. He settled near the now non-existant town of Lecher, CA, where he took up land and had large holdings, raising sheep, hogs and ranging cattle. The nearest still existing town in Academy, CA in Fresno County.

William Cowan, Mary Maude, Dr. Thomas Nelson SAMPLE, Mary Jane SAMPLE SWEENEY, Alice SUMMERS, Estelle, David Cowan Jr., Sallie WILLCOX, Fillmore SAMPLE and Ruth BEVERIDGE. (last three alive in 1963). Alice, died young.

Sallie SAMPLE was born in Sacramento County near Solano on Dec 3 1855. She died age 63 in Fresno 12-27-1917. submission by Lettie WALLACE, 4725 E Illinois, Fresno 2, CA.

"Among her sons was Dr. Thomas N. SAMPLE one of the foremost Physicians and Surgeons our Vallely had ever known. He established around 1910, the Sample Sanitarium, one of our finest for many years. After his death it became the Sequoia Hospital, and later was moved to a new location."

From obit on David Cowan SAMPLE, beloved husband of Mrs. Lillie SAMPLE; father of Will SAMPLE, Mrs. J. M.SHIPP, Dr. T.N. SAMPLE, Mrs. J. A. BLASINGAME, D. C. SAMPLE, Jr., Mrs. E. E. WILCOX, Fillmore SAMPLE, Mrs. George BEVERIDGE, Harry SAMPLE and the late Mrs. B. B. LAMKIN. A native of Mississippi age 79 years.

Sally SAMPLE wife of D. C. SAMPLE died surrounded by her children. She was the daughter of the late W. T. COLE of Academy and was born Dec 3 1854 in Solano County. Survivied by W. C. SAMPLE, Mrs J.M. SHIPP, Dr. T.N. SAMPLE who is in a sanitarium in SF, Mrs. J.A. BLASINGAME, Mrs. Burt B. LAMKIN, D.C. SAMPLE, Jr., of Camp Kearny; Mrs. E. E. WILCOX, Fillmore C. SAMPLE, Base Hospital Fort Mason SF, Ruth and Harry SAMPLE of 1435 M Street. Mrs. W. T. COLE, her mother, is still alive and there are 8 surviving sisters.

The same paper with the obit on Sally SAMPLE has a report on Dr. T.N.SAMPLE in the hospital.

History of Stanislaus County - 1921 - Page 806

Henry S.KRIGBAUM was born near Zanesville, OH on June 9 1855. He was the son of Jonathan and Agnes (GAYNOR) KRIGBAUM.

He married in Salt Lake City on June 9 1886 to Miss Helen Mary DAYTON. She was a native of IL, born at Sycamore, De Kalb Co. They were the parents of one son, Lowell, who tragically died on May 10 1921 in an automobile accident while returning from the mines.

History of Stanislaus County - 1921 - Page 734

Captain Lowell G. KRIGHBAUM was born May 30, 1888 in Helena MT. He married in Los Angeles Aug 29 1917 to Miss Jerome GERHART. They had one child, Lowell G. Dayton.

There is a photographof Capt. KRIGHBAUM.

Biographical Record of Oakland & Environs - 1907 - page 527

Frank ENCH was a native of Germany born Jan 17 1845. His father was Henry ENCH came with him as a babe in arms and immigrated to New York City. When older he went to Mexico and locaated at La Dura Sonora. He moved to Oakland in 1884 and married in 1881 Miss Pauline K. WEITNER, also a native of Germany. They had: Henry, Frank Benjamin, Josephine Raffela, Paulione Anna, George Washington and Napoleon.

There is also a picture of Mr. ENCH.

History of Contra Costa Co. - 1882 - page 580

Wm HOOK (deceased)

William and Elijah were twin brothers born in Salem, Botetourt county, VA on Feb 14, 1805. Their father died when they were young. There is quite a story in this bio about Elijah and his travels. He was almost drowned, almost died from cholera, and had several other near-death experiences. Elijah died of yellow fever about thirty miles from St.Louis, during the last days of August, 1835. His remains were taken to St.Louis and there buried.

William went to Saline County MO. In 1835 he married Miss Miranda BROWN. In 1847 they went to Arrow Rock and remained until 1850 when the family started across the plains, arriving at Placerville about Sep 1 1850 -- just before CA was declared a state. Their daughter, Emma, was born the 13th of October, 1850. She was the first white child born in Placerville. They then went to Sacramento, then to San Francisco. Learning the Capitol was to be in Vallejo they went to Vallejo, and then to Martinez. In 1854 he bought his first piece of land in Contra Costa County.

Wm and Miranda had 12 children: (only nine are mentioned in addition to Emma, listed above) Mary, Amanda and Ada, Elijah, Henry, John, James, Vincent, Dr. Walter E.

Wm. died at his residence near Pacheco, Jul 24 1882.

History of San Joaquin Co. - 1923 - page 463

Thomas B. PARKER was born in San Joaquin County Oct 22, 1862, son of Thomas B. and Margaret (GIVENS) PARKER, both natives of Hopkinsville, KY. Thomas B. (the father) died when Thomas was a year old and Margaret married M. E. BRYANT. When he was 19 years old he went to Mason Valley NV, then returned to Lockeford.

On May 8, 1884, at Lockeford, he married his first wife, Miss Margaret ATWOOD, a native of Logansport, IN. They had two children: Roy, who met his death at the age of 14 and Edith, who died at the age of 22. Margaret died in January of 1920 from influenza.

On August 7 1920, he married his second wife, Mrs. Ossie (WADE) HOLMES, a native of Morton Miss., daughter of Lafayeete and Susan (LINGLE) WADE. She had a brother, John W. WADE, judge of the Circuit Court at Little Rock Ark.

Thomas Barnes PARKER was born Oct 5 1820 Hopkins County KY
He died 1863 in Starr City NV.
His first wife was Margaret Poage GIVENS. She was born Oct 12 1825 Hopkins County KY
They were married Sept 29 1842 Hopins County KY.
After his death she married Macinia Edwin BRYANT Dec 20 1864. He was born Jan 20 1821, and died in Los Angeles Aug 2 1911.
She died Feb 14 1882 near Lockeford and is buried in Park View Cemetery Stockton CA
Her father was James Karr GIVENS who was born July 1794 and died Apr 7 1855 near Providence KY.
Her mother was Elizabeth CHRISTIAN born Aug 5 1803 Hopkins County KY; died Providence KY.
I. Missouri Jane PARKER b 1843;d Jun 30 1924
m (1) George CHRISTMAN Feb 13 1863 Calaveras County CA
1. William CHRISTMAN
m (2) E. B. TAFT
5. Mamy TAFT
children: (A) Herbert GASKILL
II. James Karr PARKER b 1846; d 1851
III. William Brown PARKER b 1849; d 1857
IV. Joseph Douglas PARLER b 1852; died May 27 1926
m Nov 12 1895 San Joaquin County to Minerva HARTLEY
1. Ralph PARKER
V. Helen Mar PARKER b 1855; d 1857
VI. Fanny Arnold PARKER b 1859
m. Nov 14 1876 in San Joaquin County To William Riley McGARY
1. Walter McGARY b Sep 13 1877
m (1) April 15 1903 Fort Bragg Susie STODDARD; she died Feb 28 1917
Children: Walter Riley McGARY b Sept 9 1909
m Feb 21 1922 to Bernice JONES
m (2) July 30 1918 to Golda M. SUTHERLAND
2. Mabel A. McGARY b Aug 31 1881; d Dec 5 1924
m March 21 1900 to Clarence E. MOOREHEAD
Children: Wilson MOOREHEAD b May 29 1910
3. Ethel C. McGARY bu July 18 1883
m December 22 1910 to Fred YEARBSHAW
Children: Frances YEARNSHAW born Feb 18 1916 Stockton
4. Riley Quentin McGARY b May 10, 1887; d June 12 1894 near Lockford CA
V. Thomas Barnes PARKER, Jr. b 1862
m (1) May 8 1884 San Joaquin to Maggie Attwood, she died Jan 3 1927
Children: Roy PARKER d before 1928
Edith PARKER d before 1929
m (2) Aug 2 1920 to Ossie WADE HOLMES

Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 2 - page 338

A. H. PARKER was born in 1830 in Boston, son of Jonas PARKER. In 1852 he was seized with the gold fever and came to CA on the ship "Defiance," with Captain "Bully" (Robert) McDERREN, for the voyage round the horn.

They left NY in June 1852 and receached San Francisco Dec 2 of that year. He went directly to Mokelumne Hill, via Stockton.

He married for his first wife, Miss NOVAY, a lady of French descent. She was born in Louisville KY. He married for his second wife, Mrs. Kate CURTINS who was born in New Jersey. His children are: Edgar, Willis and Mrs. HEDEMARK.

History of San Joaquin Co. - 1879 - page 113

Alfred PARKER was born at Nantucket, Mass., Feb 16 1846. He came to CA with his parents, weathering Cape Horn and arriving in SF on March 11, 1852. He was the son of R. B. PARKER, who came to CA in 1850.

He married Miss Ella TERRY, daughter of J. H. TERRY of San Joaquin. They have three children.

History of Stanislaus County - 1921 - page 1373

Roy A. CROUCH was born near St. Edwards in Boone County, NE on Oct 1 1883, the second son of William and Florence (TIEDEMAN) CROUCH, natives of WI. He graduated in 1903 and the following year came to Ceres CA. He returned to NE in 1905. He returned once more to CA settling at Denair with his brother and his brother's parter WARREN. His father, William, was the 8th child of William and Sarah (HICKMOTT) CROUCH, who came from Kent, ENG in 1842. Roy married Miss Elsie COTTLE, native of Los Angeles CA, the dau of W.W. and Salllie W. (PARISH) COTTLE, who came from MO to So CA about 1880 and now reside in Turlock.

Elsie and Roy had: Roy W., Edward R., and Robert C. CROUCH.

History of Orange County - 1911 - page 639

Peter A. ISENOR was a native of Nova Scotia, forn in Halifax County in 1864, son of John ISENOR.

In 1894 he married Miss Clara J. NEWLAND and they had four children. Albert (1896); William (1898); Juanita (1900); Ethel (1906).

History of Sacramento County - 1913 - page 947
A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed. - page 420

Wm Emil GERBER was a native of Buffalo, NY born Sep 8 1852, son of Pantalion and Sybilla (GERBER) GERBER, both natives of Germany who came to America in 1844.

Wm was a pupil in the public schools of Sacramento in his early boyhood years. On Dec 21 1881 he married Miss Hattie A. LYON, dau of Edward LYON. They had five children: Edward H., Anna, Irma, Harriet and William E., Jr.

Edward H. GERBER was a native son of Sacramento born Mar 25 1883, son of W. E. and Hattie (LYON) GERBER.

He married Sept 8 1908 to Miss Gertrude WHITAKER of Galt, dau of Andrew WHITAKER.

From CADI Edward H. GERBER died age 55 in Sacramento Jan 21 1939, spouse G W.

History of Sacramento Valley - 1931 - Vol. 3-335

Emil GROLIMUND was born Sep 3 1863 in Canton Solothurn Switzerland, the only child of Karl and Rose (MUNSINGER) GROLIMUND. His mother died when he was nine days and he was taken into the family of his uncle, Athenois GROLIMUND.

On Nov 27, 1900 in Howard County, NE, he married Miss Johanna WISSING, native of KS, reared in NE, the dau of John and Mary (BARNHURST) WISSING, both born in Switzerland. They had three children: Anton, who died an infant; Leo; and Mary, wife of Ray SCOTT, mayorof Selby, Contra Costa Co., CA. They have a son, Fred, aged three years at the time the article was written.

From CADI, Emil (spouse J) died July 9 1932 Plumas county.

History of Fresno County - 1919 - 2385 - Vol. II

Caesar was born Nov 1 1875 in Canton Ticino, son of Joseph and Filomin (MATTEI) MILLA. They had seven children.

In 1910 he married Mrs. P. MILLA, widow of his brother, her maiden name was Ida POLETTI and she was a native of Switzerland.

They have two children: Florence and Caesar, Jr. Ida had a child from her first husband, P. MILLA, a dau named Lena.

Biographical Record of Oakland & Environs - 1907 - 523

Orrin SIMMONS born in Woodstock VT in 1808, his father an invalid. He assumed the responsibilities of the homestead. When he reached his majority he went to Boston, then to Australia, and then to Chili SA, where he erected a flour mill. He left Chili and when to San Salvador, Central America and worked as foreman of a large ranch. His wages were a lot of timber, including mahogany and choice woods. He shipped this to San Francisco and sold it for $30,000.

With this money he established himself in the wholesale and retail hardware business erecting a building on the corner of Front and Clay streets. A fire in 1857 destroyed both building and stock but he was undismayed and went to Berkeley where he bought rance on the site of where the University of CA now is.

He gave the first plat of land for the university buildings. In 1865 he returned to Oakland and in 1890 he died there on the corner of Second and Harrison Streets.

He had married in VT Miss Hannah BEAN, also a native of Woodstock, and she died a few years later in Berkeley. They had six children: (three survive) B.F.of San Leandro, W. H. of Oakland (both dentists), and George ORRIN.

Fresno County: The Pioneer Years to 1900 - 1984 - Page 305

C.H. (29-408) and James (36-71). If those names are in the line I can check them at another time if you request. I also checked the CADI and found Thomas J. CODDINGTON age 53 died in Friant, Fresno Co on 4-16-1913.

History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 - page 566

James W. RATH located in Tulare County in 1897. He was born in Mason County MI May 10 1858, son of Hans RATH, a native of NY State.

In 1846 Hans went to MI. His wife was Marie OLSLEY, also a native of NY State. She died in MI in 1898. James was the youngest of a family of three sons and one daughter. He went to New Orleans in 1877 and in 1879 went to Austin TX. He followed there the life of a cowboy for three years and then came to CA. IN 1889 he went to Sacramento with R. I. BENTLEY and was foreman of the Sacramento Packing and Drying Company.

In San Jose he married Ella ARNOLD, native of MI, and they had three children: Ella, Jean and Arnold.

Ella O. RATH Spouse JW age 49 died Fresno 4-5-1920
Obit: Ella Ora RATH, wife of J. W. RATH of Phillippine Islands mother of Mrs. Jean HAMILTON, Mrs. Ella GONSALVES and Arnold RATH of Hanford; daughter of Jerry A. ARNOLD of Sacramento and G.E. ARNOLD of Hawaii, native of MI aged 49 years, 11 days.

History of Orange County - 1921 - page 285

Judge Christian C. STONER was born Dec 27 1844 in Blair County PA, the fourth child of six of Jacob E. STONER and Polly COWEN.

In Aug 1867 in IN he married Miss Rachel A. WINEBRENNER, a native of IN, and they had three children: Barbara ELLEN (MRs. SECRIST) of Long Beach; George of KS; and Peter of Berkeley.

History of Orange County - 1921 - page 612

Mrs. Sarah Amanda WATSON, widow of the late David WATSON. He was born in MO Nov 29 1846, son of Henry and Tilda WATSON. The family came to CA in 1849. David married 1st Mary Ann FIELD, who died in 1874, leaving three children: Louis, Nealy and twin sister, Minnie (Mrs. Chris LOPTIEN). He married second to Miss Sarah Amanda STEWART, native of Chattanooga TN. She was the daughter of John and Eliza (WOOD) STEWART, both of whom died when she was a baby and she was raised by her grandmother, Agnes WOOD of GA.

History of Orange County - 1921 - page 608

John M. Bush, Jr. was the youngest of ten of John M. BUSH, was born in KY Apr 10, 1829, he remove with his parents to Clay County MO when he was 12 years old. In 1851 he married Sarah A. WATSON, of Independance MO where she was born in 1836. John died on Feb 8 1913 in Olive, Orange Co., CA. Mrs. BUSH died March 26 1920 at 84. She left 105 descents. John M. BUSH, Jr., was born in CA on Dec 18 1880. He married Miss Amelia LEMKE in 1903; she was the daughter of the late Chris and Julia LEMKE of Olive. They had three children: Victor M.; Terry N.; and Mildred.

From NDGW: John Madison BUSH was born Apr 12 1831 in Clay County MO. He came to CA in 1851 via the Oregon Trail. He raised sheep and drove them along the west side of valley floor for several years. Was a Stage Driver in NV.Member of the IOOF of CA.

From NDGW: Sarah Ann WATSON BUSH was born Nov 27 1838 KY. Came to CA in 1850 via Oregon Trail. Children: Elizabeth BORDEN*; Johnathan M.; Sarah HOWARD; Charles, Maricopa; Lillian HOLLOWAY, Bakersfield; Pauline RALLS; Phoebe, Burbank; Taylor J.; Louisa STONE; Johnie; Olive, Orange Co. Died in Olive CA; married John BUSH in Carson City NV in 1854.

Elizabeth Bush BORDEN was born in Carson City NV Jan 26 1858. She came to CA in 1859 via the Donner Pass. She married Wright BORDEN in Anaheim, CA. Children: Alfred, Lee, Lois BROWN, Arvin, Kern Co.; John, William; Ted, Santa Paula.

History of Orange County - 1921 - page 384

Jonathan WATSON was born near Independence Jackson County MO July 24 1844, son of Henry WATSON and Matilda COX. They had two children: Mrs. Jane BARHAM and Mrs. Sarah Ann BUSH, who died at the Bush home above Olive on Mar 26 1920. After they came to CA they had two more children: Jacob and Charles.

Jonathan was married first to Miss Eliza HILDRETH. Only one child lived to maturity, Mrs. Winifred STONER. He married second on April 16 1891 near Santa Ana to Miss Lenna May BARGER, daughter of Joshiah and Mary F. (ROBINSON) BARER of VA and OH.

They had four children: Floyd (spouse Effie E. WHITCOMB) who has a daughter, Georgia E.; Errol Trafford (wife Beatrice DURKEE) and has two children: June L. and Maxine; Florence M. (Mrs. Herbert J. BECKLER) who has one child, Virginia; Harold A. who married Bernice WILBUR, step-daughter of Dr. ROYER of Orange.

NDGW: Jonathan WATSON born MO July 24 1844. Came to CA in 1868. Married to Eliza HILDRETH of Watsonville CA

Second marriage on Apr 16, 1891 to Senna May BARGER, Santa Ana. Reported to be a better shot that Buffalo Bill.

History of Merced County - 1925 page 631
History of Merced County - 1925 page 611
History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 page 338

In Sacramento Bee there is an obit for Mrs. Gussie BATTEN May 21 1963 and from death index: Mable B. (Spouse T. W.) age 29 died in Merced Dec 22 1918; Luther B. age 5 years died Tulare 5-17-1922

Highlights from the bios:

Fay W. BATTEN was the son of Luther and Helen (HERMANCE) BATTEN born at Raymond NE July 16, 1894. When a babe he was brought to Dos Palos CA. Fay married twice. First to Mable E. BIRKLAND, born in Troy MO on Sep 4 1889, the daughter of Shapely and Bollie BIRKHEAD who brought their family to CA in 1895 and settled in Tulare County. The couple had three children born to them, one only still living, Fay Elizabeth. Mary Helen died in infancy and Luther BATTEN died May 17 1922. Mable passed away Dec 21 1918. The second marriage was to Eleanore SARGENT and took place Sep 1 1923. She was the dau of John Emery and Elizabeth (PITTS) SARGENT, natives of OH and CA respectively.

Luther BATTEN was born Aug 28 1848 on the Eau Claire River WI, son of John BATTEN, Jr. His gfather, John BATTEN, Sr., a native of MA, moved to Vermont when young and died there at the age of 73. His wife was Hannah BANFIELD who spent her 60 years in the Green Mountain State.

John BATTEN, Jr. was born in Orange County VT, Sep 8, 1805. He was married in 1836 in Monroe MI to Sophia ALLEN, a native of NY State. She died in WI at the age of 86. Her father was Samuel ALLEN, a cousin of Col. Ethan ALLENof Revolutionary fame.

She bore her husband seven children: Hannah, born in Galena IL, died in childhood. The others were: Mrs. MaryCHAPIN who died in NE in 1903; William in WI; Clarissa died in WI; Luther; John of Waupaca; Mrs. Adaline DUNBAR of WI.

On Apr 19 1874, Luther married Helen HERMANCE who was born in Scio NY, the dau of J. L. HERMANCE. Her gfather was John S. HERMANCE, born in 1806 and died in Cuba, N.Y. in 1885. His wife was Marion BRISTOL, dau of a clergyman.

History of Santa Cruz Co. - 1892 Page 348

Lawrence John DAKE was born Mar 24 1858 in New York City, NY. He moved to Chicago as a small boy. He came to Santa Cruz in 1876 and worked for Thomas WRIGHT. Then into commission business with L. D. GARDNER. Then to San Francisco as bookkeeper for R. D. HUME & Co Commission merchants. Back to Santa Cruz he managed a flourmill. Then off to Tulare County working in sheep. In 1883 he was back in Santa Cruz and began the study of the Ben PITMAN system of shorthand. He attained a speed of 150 words a minute and was appointed court reporter of the Supreme Court. (Picture copied also) He was married July 8 1885 to Clara I. CHITTENDEN. They have two children, a boy four years and a girl two.

From his obituary: The deceased leaves a wife, two sons, Clarence and Irving, and a sister, Mrs. F. L. HEATH. Two daughters had preceeded their father in death. The son of Moses and Eliza J. DAKE, both natives of NY.

History of Santa Cruz Co. - 1892 Page 348

George Augustus CHITTENDEN Native Son of Santa Cruz Parlor No. 90, is the son of J.H. CHITTENDEN and was born near Petaluma, Sonoma County, Sept 17 1862. He came to Santa Cruz with his parents when 6 years of age. He is an industrious and temperate young man, of good habits and business ability. He has worked as a dry goods clerk in 1878, associated with L.J. DAKE under the firm name of DAKE & CHITTENDEN.

History of San Joaquin Co. - 1923 - Page 408

Charles L. ORTMAN was born on the old ORTMAN homestead at the junction of the Linden and Jack Tone roads. He entered into the automobile business with Walter HANSEL under the firm name of HANSEL and ORTMAN. The firm is one of the oldest on auto row and one of the largest in the San Joaquin Valley. He was survived by his wife and son, Carl S. ORTMAN. Carl was born in Stockton Oct 22 1892. He married Miss Althea MORSE, native of RI and they have one daughter, Carla. From the obituary: Surviving him are his wife, Louise W. ORTMAN, and a son, Carl. S. ORTMAN. He was the brother of Mrs. Harry FANNING, Mrs. Charles ANDERSON, Mrs. Carrie FISK, and Mrs. Harry T. FEE, all of Stockton. Mrs. Harry SAYLES and Mrs. Mary PARIS of San Francisco and Mrs. Sam PARKS of Linden. (this is in 1920 so you could look at the CA 1920 soundex to find the various first names of these sisters if you are looking to establish his family.) (Also, if you don't know his parent's names you can check in the census of 1860 adn 1870 to find them and then follow through for the sisters who should also be listed as to ages, etc.) Further down the line you could check the CADI (or SSindex) for Louise W. ORTMAN, Carl S., and Althea ORTMAN for their dods and possible other obituaries which may contain more relations.

History of Santa Clara County - 1922 page 1578

Angelo STURLA was born at San Ysidro (Old Gilroy) on Aug 24 1883, son of John STURLA, Sr., a native of Genoa, ITA. His mother was Louise ROLARI, who had come to America at age 15. John came to America when he was 17, and went directly to San Francisco to join his brother and father in the vegetable business. Angelo was the eldest of the family of seven children of John. he married Miss Anna SCHMITT, a daughter of Frank SCHMITT, a pioneer of SanYsidro. They have three children: Evelyn Barbara, Leland Frank and Richard John.

History of Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1913 - Page

J.A. HANNAH, lawyer was educated in Canada. In 1888 he located at Visalia. In 1899 he married Miss Kate MILLER, native of CA and they have two daughters, Margaret and Dorothy.

History of Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1913 - Page 747

Herman T. MILLER, city attorney of Visalia, of Exeter and of Lindsay, Tulare County, CA, is a native son of Tulare Co, having been born in Visalia in 1874. His father was Artelius O. MILLER who had come to Visalia in 1858 and died there in 1888. Herman married Miss Blanche HEWEL, a native of CA, on Dec. 11, 1907. She was a daughter of the Hon A. HEWEL, formerlyl judge of the Superior Court of Stanislaus County, They had a daughter, Arabella E. who was born Jun 10 1910.

History of Fresno, Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1892 pages 793

Samuel DINELEY was born in Worchestershire ENG in 1829 and died in Visalia Tulare Co CA Aug 5 1907. His mother had died very young and his father took a second wife in New York City. In 1855 Samuel came to Visalia. On Apr 2 1861 he married Charlotte E. KELLENBERGER, the ceremony taking place in the old Pasqual Bequette house. They had eleven children: Mrs. E. O. MILLER, Mrs. H. W. KELSEY, George, Mrs. George VOGLE, Mrs. G. C. LAMBERSON, Mrs. Herbert ASKIN, Mrs. Fannie BURROUGHS, deceased, Mrs. Eve BLISS, Clarence, Harry and Frank, also deceased. Mrs. DINLEY was born in Washington and was a daughter of F. J. KELLENBERGER who had brought his children to the Pacific Coast via the Isthmus of Panama in 1860. Samuel DINLEY, one of the early settlers of Visalia, came to CA in 1854. He was born in ENG, Oct 17 1829. His father, was Samuel DINELEY, an Englishman and small farmer. He emigrated to America with his family and settled in NY in 1840, staying there 12 years. They removed to New Orleans in 1852 and in 1853 Samuel engaged to drive cattle to CA, spending the winter at Salt Lake. He came to Volcano, Amador County. He was married on Apr 3 1861 to Miss Charlotte E. KELLENBURG, a native of WA, who was raised at Alton IL. They had eleven children, ten still living. The oldest, Cora L. is the wife of A. O. MILLER; Kate is the wife of Hardey KELSEY; George is a surveyor; Florence and Josephine are both single; Fanny is the wife of William HANES; the other children are Lou, Clarence, Eve and Harry.

History of Fresno, Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1892 page 767

O. B. PHELPS is a native of Milwaukee WI born Mar 2 1847. His father was Captain Benedict PHELPS. O. B. was the second of nine children. His father was a ship-owner and freighter. He built the first vessel at Milwaukee and called it the "Emily," after his eldest daughter. O. B. was married in 1873 to Miss Esther E. ROBERTSON, daughter of J. W. ROBERTSON, a pioneer of 1857 and commonly known as "Tod" ROBERTSON. Mr. and Mrs. PHELPS have six children: Ida May, Emmet V., Zesah L., Orilla B., Chester Arthur and Cuthbert.

History of Fresno, Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1892 pages 729

Edward O. MILLER was born in Visalia Nov 23 1861 the son of Artelius O. MILLER. At the age of 18 he entered the employ of C. J. GIDDINGS, a searcher of records. He was married Dec 2 1883 to Miss Cora DINELEY, also a native of Visalia and they have had three charming children.

History of Fresno, Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1892 pages 187, 195, 341

William Josiah ELLIS was born in Washington County IL July 10, 1834, son of Rev. Dr. Thomas Oliver* and Sarah (BABB) ELLIS, both native of MO. When his mother died, his father married agian and by his second wife had fourteen children.

On Jul 15, 1855, William married Miss Elizabeth Jane LEONARD, native of Pope County, Arkansas, and daughter of Samuel and Mary (ELROD) LEONARD. On Apr 7, 1857, Mr. ELLIS started for CA in a large train by the southern route and arrive at El Monte in November.

The members of his household are: Thomas E. who died July 29, 1857 near Tucson AZ enroute to CA; Mary E., now Mrs. John M. STONE, of Fresno County; Samuel N. who married Eliza J. CORTNER; Sarah A., wife of William E. RUSSELL, of Traver; Havilah J., wife of Morgan P. ELAM, of Fresno County; Isabella J., wife of Frank SCOGGINS, or Fresno Co; John W., who died in January 1864, en route to Mexico; Georgia S., wife of Alvah R. PEUGH, of Tulare Co.; and Rose Mary, now Mrs. John W. MILLER of Stockton.

From NDGW:
Wm. Josiah ELLIS born July 10 1834 Washington Co IL, arrive in CA 1857. Came overland on the Southern route via El Paso, Gila River, Yuma Crossing of CO, across the sands south of Pilot Knob and the border, then North to Warners Ranch and on to El Monte.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth ELLIS STONE*, born 1858;died Jan 27 1933 Santa Cruz
Thomas Elrod born 1856; died on the trail 1857
Samuel Newton* born 1860;
Sarah Ann borth 1861;
John Wesley born 1864, died 1864;
Havilah Josephine born 1865;
sabelle Jane born 1867;
Georgie Sylvannia born 1869;
Rose May born 1872.
William died near Reedley Dec 28 1918.
Married Elizabeth Jane LEONARD July 15 1855 in Tyler TX.

*Samuel Newton Leonard ELLIS was born at San Luis Obispo Apr 2 1860. He was a businessman of Fresno. He was a friend of John MUir and a naturalist. Jennie Lake above the Big Trees was named for his wife. He was married to Jennnie___________. They had two sons and Mignon ELLIS.

Dr. Thomas Oliver ELLIS was born Nov 15 1808 in Perry Co. MO. He arrived in 1857 in CA. He was a doctor, druggist and one of Visalia's first Dr.. His obituary appeard in the Fresno paper about 1876. Studied Medicine in Missippi.(sic) He died in Fresno Mar 15 1879.

He married 1st Sarah GRAAY (widow) in IL. She died in 1837. He married 2nd Elizabeth LONG 1837 in IL (she died 1907.) The only child to survive from the first wife was Willliam Josiah ELLIS, the grandfather of Leila O. STONE of Modesto.


Sarah Jane (Mrs. DAVIS)* b 1838
Thomas Oliver Jr, 1840-1863
Malinda Sophia b 1841
Lucinda Agnes b 1843
Martha Susanna (Mrs. Sam GARRISON) b 1845
Mary Caroline b 1847
Elizabeth b 1849
Nancy b 1851 (Mrs. Davidson of Hanford)
Georgie b 1853 (Mrs. Wm. H. CREED)
George 1855-1863
John Shelton b 1857 died on the trail
Chas Fisher b 1859 born at San Gabriel CA
Richard 1861 of Clovis.

* Sarah Jane ELLIS DAVIS was born in Tippah Co Miss in 1838. She died in 1929 at the age of 92 years.

She was married in TX most likely in 1856. She was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Oliver ELLIS and his second wife, Eliabeth Long DAVIS. Her husband was the cousin of Jeffersson Davis, southern rebel. Mr. Davis died in 1871.

*Mary (Mamie) Elizabeth ELLIS STONE was born June 8 1858 in San Bernardion CA. Married John Marshall STONE May 4 1875 Visalia CA.


Mrs Maud JAMES, Hanford b 1876; d 1950
Leon Leonard STONE b1879 d 1883
Mrs. Eva WHITE b 1877
Elsie May STONE b 1881, died 1907
Mrs. Viola MARICLE born 1884
Ernest STONE b 1887
Avon Leslie STONE born 1889
Lester Erwin STONE b 1890
Ida Mabelle (Mrs. Ray HARPER) b 1892
Leila Opal STONE b 1895
Edith Naomi (Mrs. Joseph DeBISSCHOP b 1897

History of Santa Clara County - page 1659

Conrad JESSEN was born on the Isle of Alsen, Denmark, Feb 4 1846. His father was Jess JESSEN, a tailor who came to America in 1874. Conrad left Hamburg on Nov 16 1869 on a Norwegian ship and put into San Francisco on May 1870, 159 days out from Hamburg.

He had an uncle in Watsonville and thus he opened a boarding house in 1870. From 1876 to 1882 he ran the "Scandinavian House" then built the "Watsonville House".

In 1873 in Watsonville he married Miss Elene TOFT, native of Denmark who had come to America in 1871. They had four children: Christina, (Mrs RYDER) who died in 1913 - she had two children, a daughter and son who live in Oakland, the granddaughter having one child. George (spouse Miss Hazel VAN VORKEES) at Sacramento -- died 1911 age 36 -- had one daughter Cecelia (Mrs. George DRIEVER) of Seattle -- has one daughter James has a wife and two daughters and lives in San Francisco.

Jess JESSEN died at Watsonville at the age of 81, and his wife died at the age of 76.

Biographical record of Oakland and environs - Page 384

The Ancestor, George William Washington FRICK, was born in Westmoreland County, PA, the son of Abraham FRICK who died in 1880 1888. His (Abraham's) first wife died in 1888 (1861). They had six (seven) sons and two daughters who survived. George was married in Galena, (Mt. Morris, Ogle county) IL in 1852 (Nov 1851). By the end of the The following year the young couple set out for CA. Mr. FRICK died in Lompoc July 12 1889 at the age of 62 years.

His wife died May 3 1884. She was Miss Mary E. BRYANT, daughter of William Cowper BRYANT, a native of New England. Her mother was Anna STREET (STERRETT), of German extraction. She was known as "Mother BRYANT." Two (Three) sons survived -- John and William (and Thomas.)

Mr. and Mrs. FRICK had surviving George William (subject of this sketch), Laura A. L. who died Dec 3 (2), 1888 of typhoid fever at the age of 27; Abraham Lincoln, who was born Feb 21, 1866 and became a lawyer; John Frederick, born Oct 23 1869 and studied law; and lanche, born Oct 9 1874 and was a graduate of the Oakland High School.

George William FRICK was born in Santa Cruz Apr 4 1854. In Oakland, Jan 1 1885 (Dec 31 1884) he married Miss Rhoda Louise TUCKER, daughter of Wm. J. and Sarah Susan L. (WALKER) TUCKER. They had two children: Gladys C. (1892) and Raymond L. (1894). Mrs. FRICK died in 1892 (1902).

Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 1 - Page 1276

Joseph Terrill BROOKS was the manager of the Hotel Vendome of San Jose. He was born in St. Louis MO Feb 22 1865, son of Johnston BROOKS, a native of Ireland, of Scotch and English descent. Johnston came to America on a 3 months trip and from New Orleans came up the river to St. Louis. His wife was Susanna BRIGGS, native of Greenville IL, daughter of Kendall BRIGGS, who was a descendant of Moss BRIGGS, whose sister was the wife of a prominent banker in St. Louis, MO. Mrs. BROOKS resided in Greenville IL, mother of four living children.

J. T. was the youngest of the family and the only one now located on the coast. In Oakland he was married to Estelle EDE, a graduate of the University of NV and native of NV, born in Reno. They have two children: Philip and Alice.

History of Placer County - Page 249

Moses ANDREWS was the son of Jessie and Sarah (ALVORD) ANDREWS, native of the State of Massachusetts. He was born in the town of Montague, Franklin County on Oct 6 1822.

In Oct 1843 he went to the City of New York and worked for Stebbins & Co.

In January, 1850 he went to Auburn and stayed there til the 1st of May. He had opened two jewelry stores, one in Sacramento and one at Murderer's Bar in El Dorado County.

In 1854 he was elected to the Assembly of the CA Legislature from Placer County on the Whig ticket. In June 1855, returning East, he married Miss Hannah Maria STEPHENS, native of Staten Island, NY. He married her at Wilmington, Clinton County, OH on Sep 20 1855.

In 1857 he located permanently in Auburn.

History of New California - Page

Garrett D. SMITH was born on Brannan Island, Nov 26, 1863, son of Hart F. and Maggie SMITH. Hart was one of the earlier settlers on Brannan Island, well known in the Sacramento county. He was born in IL and Maggie was from Ireland. Hart died on Brannan Island in October, 1902.

Garrett married on Feb 1, 1886 to Mrs. Marie L. GARRETT, a native of IA, but reared in San Francisco. Her father was Captain Patrick F.ANSON. They had three children: Vida C., Warren W. and Hart F. By her first marriage, Mrs. SMITH had a daughter, Charlotte M., who is the wife of P.E. LYNCH of San Francisco.

History of New California - Page

William Penn LYON was born Aug 23 1861 in Racine WI, son of William Penn LYON, Sr. He is descended from the old COFFIN family of Nantucket, MA. Judge Wm. P. LYON, Sr. was born in Chatham County, NY, Oct 28, 1822 and married in NY Miss Adelia DUNCOMBE, native of NY. In 1844 they moved to WI.

In the fall of 1889, Wm.P. LYON, Jr. married Miss Ellen L. CHYNOWETH, a native of NY, the daughter of Thomas and Emily CHYNOWETH, early settlers of the Empire State. Two childre were born: Carroll, who died in infancy, and William Penn, born in 1894.

History of Sacremento - 1923 - Page 290

Dr. Hugh BEATTIE who hails from the great Dominion of Canada was born in Ontario on Feb 7 1866, son of William and Isabella (WALKER) BEATTIE. He obtained his early training in the Collegiate Institute.

In 1893 entered the Cooper Medical School of SF. Then he was with Dr. G. A.WHITE in Sacramento at the County Hospital. In 1897 went to Elk Grove and was one of the organizers of the EG Bank.

In 1902 he married Miss Ada GAGE, native daughter of Sacramento and they have twin daughters, Marion and Margaret, the latter died at age 13. He has an eighty-acre fruit ranch about a mile northwest of EG.

Illustrated History of Sacramento County - 1890 page 601

N. VAN MAREN, farmer, was born Merced County CA Aug 5 1861. His father, a native of Holland, died in 1876, at the age of 54 years. His wife, now deceased, was born in Germany, and came to this country in 1850 and died August 16 1879. (that is all that was in the citation you asked for ... but) Since it says his father died in 1876 I figure this is Nicolas VAN MAREN.

You also asked for Peter or Pieter VAN MAREN ... and he is listed in the Pioneer cards and now we have something to work with.

Peter VAN MAREN (as submitted Nov 1950)
born Holland Aug 23 1820; died May 27 1876 Sacramento County
Married Constantina HURTZIG
arrived in CA about 1856 via Isthmus of Panama
lived in the Sylvan District, Sacramento, a farmer

Philip, Nicolas, Adolph, Johanna (Mrs. COCHRANE); Mary (Mrs. McADAMS) and Mrs. Willian (note n, not m was underlined on card) DeKAY. (submission by Ada COCHRANE granddaughter living at 2921 H Street Sacramento)

From another history of Sacramento: Guy Philip VAN MAREN was born Feb 2 1896, son of Adolph and Catherine (DONOHUE) VAN MAREN. He was a native of Citrus Heights, CA. Both parents were born in Citrus Heights as well. His father, Adolph was born Nov 1 1864, son of Peter and Constantina VAN MAREN. Peter was born in Sept 1829 and died May 27 1876, while his wife was born in December 1824 and died on Aug 16 1879

. Adolph married Catherine DONOHUE, daughter of Cornelius and Mary (O'HEA) DONOHUE. Cornelius was born in County Kerry, Ireland in 1828 and came to the US in 1844. He came to CA via the Panama crossing in 1854. He began mining near Grass Valley, Nevada city and at Alleghanytown, Sierra County. He was a heavy investor in a mine, the Bay State, where John W. MACKAY, "the Bonanza Millionaire," was the bookkeeper. On Apr 20 1865 he married Mary O'HEA who was a native of County Cork. Their only child, Catherine, was born Feb 22 1866. She married Adolph Oct 20 1886 and they had four children.

Their children: May G. (Mrs. CORLETT); Cornelius F.; Adolph C. (who died Jan 3 1926 at 35yrs) and Guy Philip. Adoph VAN MAREN, Sr. is a member of the American Legion at Roseville. At Sheldon, IA, Jan 8 1921, Guy Philip VAN MAREN married Iva May WHITSELL, daughter of Charles H. and Mary Ellen (WATERS) WHITSELL. Charles was born at Belle Plaine, IA Dec 6 1870 and died in Sacramento on Sept 10 1944. Mary Ellen WATERS was born January 12 1870 at Glenntown NY and was the daughter of William Nixon and Eleanor Mercy (WARN) WATERS. William N. WATERS was born at Milford NY March 22 1840 and his wife, Eleanor, was born Nov 4 1850 at Sand Lake near Lyons, NY. She was descended from forebearers who had arrived in this country aboard the "Mayflower," and is a descendant of Jonathan FAIRBANKS whose home, near Boston, is one of the oldest residences still standing in the US. Mrs. VAN MAREN's ancestors removed to Le Mars, IA as pioneers and homesteaded on a quarter section there when they farmed.

Mr. and Mrs. VAN MAREN are the parents of three children: Adolph Francis, born Cherokee IA 1921; Mary Elizabeth born 1922 Citrus Heights, CA (Mrs. James E. ROBINSON); James Philip Guy, born 1927, Citrus Heights, CA.

They also have 8 grandchildren: Peter Adolph VAN MAREN, born 1955; Mary Ellen ROBINSON born 1948; Elizabeth Ann ROBINSON born 1950; Linda Catherine ROBINSON born 1957; Catherine Elizabeth Mary VAN MAREN, born 1951; Costantina Marie VAN MAREN, born 1955; James Guy VAN MAREN, Jr., born 1956; Jeffrey Philip VAN MAREN born 1959.

From another History of Sacramento:

Mrs. C. VAN MAREN Post Office, Antelope was born in Germany 1825; emigrated to the US when she was 25 years old. Married Peter VAN MAREN, her maiden name being HURTZIG. She had six children: three boys and three girls. Her husband died in 1876, age 54. She owns 787 acres of land worth $23,000.


Nov 1 1939, Adolph VAN MAREN, husband of Mrs. Catherin VAN MAREN, father of Mrs. Mary STOCK of SF; C. F. VAN MAREN; Guy P. VAN MAREN; adn the late Adolph C. VAN MAREN of Fair Oaks. Brother of Mrs. Johanna COCHRANE of Sacramento. Native of Sacramento; age 75 years.

Jan 22 1918, Philip VAN MAREN, husband of Nettie VAN MAREN, father of Roy VAN MAREN of Seattle WA; brother of Nicholas and Adolph VAN MAREN of Antelope; Mrs. H. COCHRANE of Roseville; Mrs. Luther McADAMS and Mrs. G. P. DeKAY of Antelope; naive of CA age 61 years and 2 days.

Nov 24 1934, Fair Oaks, Nicolas VAN MAREN, husband of the late Ida VAN MAREN, father of Mrs. Gladys M. DAVIS of Sacramento; Mrs. Alice M. PICKERING of Roseville; Mrs. William CHAMPLIN of Carmichael; Mrs. Elsie KING of Sacramento; native of Merced age 73 years.

Aug 29 1930, Ida M. VAN MAREN, wife of Nicholas VAN MAREN, mother of Mrs. H. C. DAVIS; Mrs. L. E. PICKERING; Mrs. C. A. CHAMPLIN and Mrs. C. S. KING. Native of CA age 59 years 4 months 6 days.

October 24 1950, Catherine COCHRANE, 90, died at 2921 H Street. Daughter of Peter and Constantine MAREN (dropped off the VAN). Survived by daughters, Ada COCHRANE of Sacramento; Mrs Arthur A. POAT, Berkeley; and her son, Wilfred W. STARRING, Sr. of Oakland. Grandmother of Wilfred W. STARRING, Jr. of Sacramento and Mrs. Kathryn BUTLER, Concord.

June 23 1953, Roseville, Catherine VAN MAREN, 87, requiem mass at St. Mels Catholic Church. Born in Antelope. Late husband was Adolph VAN MAREN. Born Feb 22 1866 on farm two miles south of Antelope, now occupied by her son, Cornelius. Her father, Cornelius DONOHUE, settled the farm in 1863, nine years after he arrived in CA. Her husband, Adolph VAN MAREN, died 14 years ago, four years after they had observed their 50th wedding anniversary.

Survived by Cornielius and Guy P. VAN MAREN, both of Fair Oaks; daughter, Mrs. Mary STOCK of SF. Seven grandchildren: John STOCK of Berkeley; Mrs. Cathryn KROEGER of Fair Oaks; Mrs. Constance WEBBER of Sacramento; Adolph F. VAN MAREN of Cortland; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON of Sacramento; Jack and James G. VAN MAREN of Fair Oaks. She also leaves seven great grandchildren.

Jan 3 1926, Adolph C. VAN MAREN, son of Adolph and Catherine VAN MAREN, brother of Cornelius F., Guy P. VAN MAREN and Mrs. Lester H. STOCK of SF, native of CA.

Fresno County: The Pioneer Years to 1900- 1984 page 330

The page you asked for just contains a mention of G. CRANS who was a "Dutch commoner also with Marten and Peter VAN WYHE, Carlier VAN DISSELL and A. H. HARTWELT who tilled the soil with Nobleman Baron Van HEEKEREN-BROCKHUYAEN, Ban BRANSENBURG and Freiheer de CASEMBROOT. "

So I tried to dig up something more for you. 1870 census shows

CRANS, Jaems (perhaps that is James, but it is listed as Jaems) Nevada County 194 Grass Valley
CRANS, A. San Joaquin County 173 Stockton 2 ward
Nothing in CAIF, NDGW or Fresno cemetery listings for CRANS (at least not at the CA Room).

CRANS, Ethel age 22 died Santa Barbara Dec 07 1906
Francis E. age 23 died Siskiyou county Ap 12 1914
James M. age 67 died Santa Clara Dec 8 1911
John D. age 84 died Los Angeles Jan 19 1927

History of the San Joaquin Valley - 1905 Page 1041

John W. VAUGHN was born June 20 1854 in Greene County, MO, son of Thomas and Charity (DENNY) VAUGHN, the former a native of NC. In 1851 he crossed overland to CA behind ox teams and at Rough-and-Ready Camp, near Marysville, followed mining pursuits for a year. He came to CA with a brother, Wilson, whose wife became ill, and the two returned to MO, staying there until 1874. In that year he and his family went to CO and then to Prescott AZ but moved on to CA in Sept 1875. They took up their abode in Santa Ana where the father died at the age of 66 years.

After the death of his father, John engaged in the livery business in Pomona, Los Angeles County until 1893. January 11 1893 he came to Merced County. While visiting in MO he married Miss Mary J. RAY, native of MO, and they had seven children:

Effie M., Essie, Ray W., Percy H., William A., Freda J. and Fay G.

History of South Coast Counties - 1907 page 1934

Barton Walter DANCER was born in Cornith MS Jan 17 1870, son of Elisha DANCER. He was next to the youngest and was but three years old at the time of his father's death and five when his mother died. In 1881 he came to CA with his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Emily (WARDLOW) BIRD, who located in Artesia. In 1903 he located in El Monte.

He married Miss Bessie L. BECK, native of El Monte, daughter of John BECK, Jr., native of TX. She is the granddaughter of John BECK,Sr who removed from IN to TX and thence crossed the plains with ox-teams in 1854 and located in El Monte. Her mother was Annie BURKE, native of TX who died in El Monte. She had 8 children: John BECK, Jr.; who died in San Jose at the age of 28yrs (his wife was Katie POWELL who died in Orange CA. She was the daughter of John POWELL, pioneer of Los Angeles where he died.) John and Katie had three children, Mrs. DANCER being the youngest. The children were Winnie, Charles and Zola. Mr. DANCER belongs to the Christian Church, his wife is a Baptist.

History of South Coast Counties - 1907 page 1931

Robert Edward DANCER was born in Alcorn County Miss, April 18 1868; son of Elisha DANCER, native of England. Elisha and his family came to America when Robert was a child and located in GA where he was reared to manhood. Elisha and family removed to Mississippi where he died in 1873, and his wife, Jemima WARDLOW, native of NC, died in 1875.

When his parents died, Robert came to CA with his Grandmother BIRD. They located in Downey. In Artesia he married Miss Carrie LAW, native of IL, and her death occurred in Artesia some time later. He next married Miss Edith CUDDEBACK or Tehachapi, CA, and they have three children: Vera, Vada and Lloyd. He belongs to the Modern Woodmen of America.

History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924 Page 600

CADI Edgar J. KENISON died Auburn Dec 24 1959 age 72
Benj. KENISON died in Auburn Jan 16 1952 age 63

Edgar J. KENISON was born Nov 4 1884 in Auburn, son of Albert Wesley and Mary (McCORMICK) KENISON. Albert was from New Hampshire and Mrs. KENISON from Auburn. He died in Auburn July 2 1904. Five children: Benjamin of Lone Star; Edgar of Auburn; Mrs. Frances PURKHISER and Theresa KENISON of Berkeley; and Albert who died in 1918 at the age of 39. Edgar was married in 1907 to Miss Mary (Dolly) HECKER, native of Lincoln, Placer County CA, member of a well-known pioneer family.

Albert Wesley KENISON was born Jan 18, 1855 in New Hampshire. His great-grandfather was Benjamin KENSON who emigrated from Ireland and located in the state of Massachusetts, where the grandfather was born. The father, Benjamin R. KENISON, was born in New Hampshire. The latter married Miss Fanny MOULTON, whose father was Nathan MOULTON, of Scotch lineage and her mother was of English dexcent. Mr. KENISON attained the advanced age of 72 years whild his wife died in her 68th year. They had five sons and three daughters.

Albert is the only member of the family in CA. He arrived at the pacific coast in 1876. He married Miss Mary McCORMICK, native of Placer county on March 31 1879. She was the daughter of James D. McCORMICK who formerly served as the county sheriff. They have Francis, Albert, James, Benjamin and Mary Teressa.

History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924 Page 1183

Daniel KIRBY was born in Ireland Sep 9 1856 son of Dan and Mary (MURPHY) KIRBY. When he was two years old the family came to New York where they lived until the father died. In 1868 the mother with her children came to CA via Panama. Daniel was but 12 when he arrived in CA.

In 1883 he settled in Auburn. He was married there in 1887 to Miss Emma McCORMICK, born in Michigan Bluff, Placer County, daughter of J. D. McCORMICK, pioneer and ex-sheriff of Placer County. They have one son, Henry Elmore KIRBY, a millwright in the paper mill at Stockton.

History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924 Page 1185

James C. McCORMICK was born in the Province of Quebec Canada Sep 15 1855. At 18 he struck out to seek his fortuned and arrived in CA in 1872. He was married in Grass Valley to Miss Lizzie McCLAIN, native of Grass Valley and member of a pioneer family. They had two daughters: Mrs.Elsie STONE of Roseville and Mrs. Alma ZEMBECH of Grass Valley.

History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924 Page 1185

James D. (Jimmy) McCORMICK was from Old Ireland who came to CA via the Isthmus and settled at Michigan Bluff in Placer County. He married Miss Honora MURPHY, native of Ireland, and they had 9 children: Mrs. Emma KIRBY, Mrs. Hettie DUNHAM, Mrs. Dollie REEVES and Mrs. Mary KENISON alive at the time of the bio. Mr. McCORMICK died in 1892 and his widow died at 80 years of age in 1909.

History of Orange County - 1911 and 1921

Samuel E. TALBERT was born in Piatt County IL, Feb 4 1874, son of James T. TALBERT, native of KY, and Miss Rachel WEEDLE (his wife). They settled in Piatt County IL after he served four years in the Union Army. Samuel was 8 when his mother died, leaving 8 children: Mary (Mrs. Wm PIPER); Nettie (Mrs. Fred FINITY), who died in Los Angeles CA leaving a son, James; Eva (Mrs. J. B. IRWIN); Frances (Mrs. David McCULLEM), who died mother of three; Lavina (Mrs. Joe MILLER); T. B. TALBERT and Henry E. TALBERT (spouse Ella McGOWAN) who have one child, Henry KIME.

Samuel and his father and brothers came to Long Beach Feb 9 1892 to where his uncle, William TALBERT lived. With his brother, T. B. TALBERT, Samuel secured the right-of-way for the Pacific Electric Railway.

On Jan 26, 1895 he married Miss Hattie L. BRADY (15 1/2 years old) native of Santa Ana, daughter of John and Louisa (SHRODE) BRADY of Santa Ana. John BRADY removed to Long Beach and died when Mrs. TALBERT was a girl of 8. Mr. and Mrs. TALBERT had no children of their own but brought up several.

Thomas B. TALBERT a native of IL was born at Monticello, Piatt County, March 5 1878, son of James T. TALBERT, native of Greenville, Muhlenburg County, KY. His mother was Miss Rachel WEDDLE, a member of the Spencer WEDDLE family. He came to CA in 1891 with his family. His father, brothers and himself a townsite and postoffice now known as the TALBERT, and he was appointed first postmaster.

He was among the first to grow sugar beets in Orange county. He married Miss Margaret Elizabeth CRUM, daughter of Dwight M. CRUM. They were married July 17 1912 at Compton CA. They had one son, Thomas Van. Thomas TALBERT also has a child by his former marriage (to Miss Addie J. McGOWEN, native of TX whom he married in Jan 1900), Gordan B. TALBERT.

Henry Elmer TALBERT was the younger brother of Samule E. TALABERT, born in IL in 1880. He married in 1901 to Miss Ella McGOWEN, a native of TX born 1879, a daughter of John C. McGOWEN and granddaughter of James McGOWEN. They had a daughter, Mildred Ray, born Dec 6 1904.

The RICHARDSON family lived on the property now known as Richardson Springs resort. The indians had known of the healing waters and the owners permitted visitors to use and carry home jugs of the water.

In 1898 the first hotel and bathhouse was built. In 1903 the RICHARDSON brothers divided the land between them. The one, brother, J. H. RICHARDSON, known as the silent one, ended up with the canyon land, which was considered less valuable. He tried to trade it, unsuccessfully, but his wife, Alice ALDERSLY, decided she would like to make a resort of it so they improved the grounds and cottages were built on either side of Mud Creek. In 1922 the main hotel burned but work was started on a new brick and tile structure which was completed in 1924.

There was something called 'blue mud' which was said to have curative powers for rheumatism. Mrs. Nellie LYON, daughter of Pierce RICHARDSON remembers (as a child) seeing a young woman brought to the hotel in a stretcher and then about a week later seeing this same patient tripping across the parlor, and sitting down to play the piano.

General J. MONTGOMERY, father of Mrs. C. W. CURRIE, was so enthusiastic about the waters that he urged his friends to join him and try them. In his honor a spring was named after him -- Montgomery Sprng.

This was the FIRST business concern to see the value of using book matches on a large scale for advertising. The management ordered MILLIONS of matches which were used to advertise the Springs throughout the state.

During World War II, beef from the area was highly thought of and used exclusively to feed the patients of Mare Island Navy Hospital.

I don't think these articles are going to give you the answer about this being a mental institution. It seems it was a resort -- nicknamed the "Home of the Soft Shirt" whatever that means. Sandra

History of Sacramento County - 1913 page 1024
Illustrated History of Sacramento County - 1890 page 700

George William CAPLES was the six child of Dr. James and Mary J. (WALKER) CAPLES, natives of OH and KY. THey came to CA in 1849 across teh plains with ox-teams. They resided in Sacramento every since. George was born Nov 16, 1859, nine miles south of Folsom CA. In 1900 he located in Elk Grove CA. On June 17, 1885 he was married to Miss Mary CROSSETTE, the ceremony taking place in Auburn, CA. They had four children: William Crossette, on the battle ship Wilmington; Isabelle Virginia; Mary Ethel and James Cecil. Mrs. CAPLES was a native of Folsom, the daughter of William and Mary (HODGDON) CROSSETTE, natives of MA, the father being a pioneer of 1849. She received her education in Perry's Seminary at Sacramento.

James CAPLES was born in OH in 1823 and removed to MO in 1839. He lived there until 1839 and then moved to IL and remained there until 1849. He came to CA, across the plains and engaged in merchandising in Placerville until 1851. He was married in 1847 to Miss M.J. WALKER a native of KY, daughter of George WALKER. They have nine children.

Dr. James CAPLES came to CA in 1849. His great-grandfather was Willliam CAPLES, who lived in the city of Baltimore and had three sons == Robert, William and Andrew. William emigrated to Tuscarawas County OH in 1804; Robert moved to Western Reserve on the border of Lake Erie and Andrew went to TN and now his descendants spell their name CABLE. William remained in Tuscarawas County until his death in April 1837 at the age of 88. He had six sons and three daughters: Robert, Charles, Joseph, William, Kenzie, Jacob, Mary, Anna and Susan. About 1839 they began to emigrate west. All the sons went to OR except Charles, the father of Dr. CAPLES, who settled in Andrew County MO. He remained there until his death in 1884 at the age of 88. He was married in OH to Matilda TRACY, a native of Culpeper County VA and she died in 1838. Charles had five children: William, James, Wesley, Matilda and Elizabeth.

James had five sons and four daughters: Isabella (wife of Dr. Frederick DURANT, San Quentin); Rosa E. (wife of James W. HAYNES of Genoa Carson Valley NV; Charles A.; Frank W.; John W., turnkey at the Folsom State Prison; George W., postmaster at Folsom; Hattie L., Maud L. (Mrs. Haines HOWELL) and James W.

From CAIF: Carl Henry CAPLES member of Greek House Placer County July 1 1954 died age 53.

Grace CAPLES married Guy P. CRONE in Examiner 9/6/1917. page 30 col 6,

Pioneer card: Dr. James CAPLES pioneer arrived in Placerville in 1848 (49?) He is mentioned in the obituary of son, James W. CAPLES. (Sacto Bee Apr 4 1962.)

Citation for 61st Wedding Anniversary in SF Call 1015 to 1908 15/5.

Children: Isabella, Rose, Charles A., Frank W., John W., George W., Harriet L., Maud L. and James W.

Mary Jane CAPLES (1911) was born near Covington Campbell Co KY Jan 10 1831, her father was George WALKER and her mother Racehl CLARK. Mary Jane was married Oct 12 1847 in Warsaw Ill.

Charles CAPLES was married to Matilda TRACY. Son, James, was born in Tuscarawas Co OH Nov 29 1823.

History of Yuba & Sutter - page 759

Wm. P. CRAMSIE is in the Commercial Encyl of the Pacific SW 1911 fc917.94 D2a p649 He was Superintendant of Schools Yuba City. Listed in same article as William _F._ CRAMSIE born Smartville Feb 20 1876.

Wm CRAMSIE died age 74 in Yuba City 3-18-1912
obit: Born Jun 15 1837 in Balemona Ireland. Came to America when he was 19. Married Miss Elizabeth HAVEY in 1870. They had four children: John E. CRAMSIE, W.(William) P. CRAMSIE, F.(Frank) J. CRAMSIE, and Miss Sarah F. CRAMSIE. Interment in Catholic cemetery Smartville.

John E. CRAMSIE spouse A died age 64 Yuba City 2-17-1937
obit: Died in Rideout hospital in Marysville. Survived by Anna (McGANNEY) CRAMSIE, wife, and brothers W.P. CRAMSIE, sup schools San Jose, and Frank CRAMSIE of Auburn; sister Mrs. (Sarah) Roy VAN TIGER of Sutter County. Burial in Catholic cemetery in Smartville family plot.

Wm. J. CRAMSIE died age 68 SF 7-9-1933

W. P. CRAMSIE mentioned in History of Santa Clara as being a member of the county board of education.

John E. CRAMSIE was born in Smartsville, Nov 1872, son of William and Elizabeth (HAVEY) CRAMSIE. William born in County Antrim Ireland and Elizabeth born in Newark NJ. William came to CA in 1852 by way of the Isthums of Panama. He died at the age of 73, the mother is still living (as of the writing of the article).

They had five children: John E., William P. principal of Longfellow School, San Jose, Joseph (deceased), Frank, with J.R. GARRETT company Marysville, and Sarah, wife of R. J. VAN TIGER of Sutter.

John E. CRAMSIE marrid Miss Anna McGANNEY on June 18 1906 at Marysville. She was born Sucker Flat CA, daughter of Daniel and Mary (DONNELLY) McGANNEY, the former a native of County Derry and the latter of County Tyrone, Ireland. Mr. McGANNEY had come to CA in company with William CRAMSIE, father of John.

Mr. McGANNEY died at age 66 and his wife died at 67. The had eight children: three deceased. E. J. practicing law in NY city, Daniel C. in SF, Frank, Salt Lake City UT, Anna, Mary B. (Mrs. O. J. McLEOD SF).

History of Northern California - both versions

Edward Gray MD, the third white child of American parentage born in Benicia, was born in November of 1849 following his parent's arrival in June of 1849. His father was Samuel C., native of Boston, came to CA to engage in business with his brother-in-law, Chauncey WETMORE. The Doctor's mother was Lucy W. WETMORE, a native of CT.

Dr. GRAY married Miss Gertrude COLTON, daughter of Rev. H. M. COLTON of Middletown CT. They had three children: Henry C. born April 13, 1878; Samuel Herbert, born June 29 1879; Percival, born March 8, 1883 and one child, Theodore W. who died in 1882. Mrs. GRAY died July 1884 at Fort Gaston. In Nov, 1889 Dr GRAY married Miss Maria WILLEY, native of CA, and daughter of Rev. S H. WILLEY, of Van Ness Seminary, San Francisco.

From Whos who: born Benicia CA Nov 17 1849, son of Samuel Colton and Lucy (WETMORE) GRAY. descendant of Elder BREWSTER and John COLTON. Married Maria W. WILLEY Nov 16, 1889 at San F rancisco CA. Address: Sonoma State Hospital, Eldridge CA.

From NDGW: Married Gertrude COLTON in 1876 in CT.

Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 1 Page 1293 History of Alameda County - 1883 page 877

Henry DUSTERBERRY was born in Hanover Feb 17 1830 and at the age of 18 came to the US on a sailing vessel arriving in New York on September 1848.

He was a pioneer in the count of Racine WI. He was married last January (from date of book) to Lucia DIESTEL who came from Germany only a few years ago.

From History of Alameda County

He was born in Hanover Feb 17 1830, son of Gerhard Henry and Mary Angeline (HUSTED) DUSTERBERRY. On April 14 1852 he started to cross the plains to CA with two young men having four yoke of oxen and a couple of horses. He arrived in CA in the early part of September. He mined in El Dorado County continuing there until 1853. He then moved to Alameda County and worked for Ed. NIEHAUS & Co. In 1855 he returned to Grizzly Flat and then went back to Alameda County. He married September 25 1863 to Miss Ellen FALEY and they had these children: Mary, Henry, Frank, Frederick and Lizzie.

Henry brought his wife, Ellen FOLEY, a native of Ireland, to Washington Township Alameda County. She died in April of 1894. They had five children: Mary G., Henry E., Frank T., Frederick F. and Elizabeth.

Frank Thomas DUSTERBERRY was born Feb 7 1869 son of Henry DUSTERBERRY (Feb 17 1833-April 10, 1920) and Ellen FOLEY DUSTERBERRY.
He was married August 3 1915 to Margaret Virginia CROTHERS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James CROTHERS, Mr. CROTHERS being an orcharidst of Niles, CA. Their children: Frank T. and John C. Address Centerville CA.

Henry DUSTERBERRY born Hanover Germany Feb 17 1830 (From CADI he died age 89 Alameda Apr 11 1919) Note difference of death year/day. He came overland to CA in 1854. He was a school trustee for a number of years. Children: Mary Genevieve; Henry E.; Frank T.; Frederick F., Elizabeth C. all of Centerville.

Information submitted by Elizabeth C. DUSTERBERRY 358 Central Avenue Centerville CA
Married Ellen FOLEY in 1863 in Centerville CA. When he reached CA there was but one wagon left in the train. All the men walked the entire distance. Were not molested by Indians at any time.

Henry Eugene DUSTERBERRY was born Oct 18 1865 in Centerville CA
He married Wilhelmia BEITER on Aug 24 1910 in San Francisco.
Children were Ellen Rosebel 2475 28th Av SF
and Eugene W. who died Apr 4 1935 in Oakland Alameda County CA

Frank Thomas DUSTERBERRY was born Feb 7 1869 in Centerville CA. He was a postmaster, school trustee and civic leader. Grand Chancellorof Knight of Phythias, head of local Red Cross.
Married Margaret CROTHEIS in San Jose CA Aug 10 1915. (note CROTHEIS not CROTHERS)
Children: Frank Jr 1602 Portola Av Palo Alto
John C. 4040 El Cerreto Av Palo Alto

History of Merced - Page 118

CAIF shows Lester Alexander SCHEELINE died in San Francisco Oct 31 1955 age 75 years. Obit in Sacramento Bee Nov 21 1955 p31 col2

CAIF shows Simon Cleophis SCHEELINE born Woodbury PA Dec 31 1858; arrived in CA Oct 1856. Also Simon C. SCHEELINE is mentioned in History of SF Bay. Vol 3 p242

Benj. spouse S. R. died SF age 76 April 9 1921
Belle C. spouse S. C. died SF age 59 Aug 24 1929
Henrietta age 67 died SF Dec 18 1919
Julia spouse M died age 79 Alameda Oct 5 1924
Mayer age 78 died Alameda Jan 20 1917
Nathan age 90 died S F July 5 1917
Simon C. spouse B. died San Mateo age 71 June 7 1925

History of Stanislaus Co - Page 1386

Harry P. ALGAR was born near Seattle WA Mar 9 1884, son of James Nelson and Rosanna (McKINNELL) ALGAR, farmer folk who hailed from Ontario CAN and came to WA in the 70's. When Harry was 6 the family moved to Vancouver Island and took up farming.

Harry came to the US and settled in Santa Cruz and worked for four years as a pharmacist. He then went to Modesto in 1911. In 1915 he went to Hughson and established the Algar Drug Store. Jun 28 1911 he married Miss Jennie L. JONES, native of Westport, Stanislaus County and the daughter of J. I. and Lilly (HILYARD) JONES. Her grandfather was Humphrey JONES, a plantation owner in MO in ante-bellum days, who was a genuine 49'er coming to CA from MO.

Her mother's father was Leonard HILYARD who came from VA and settled near Stockton and later moved to Westport.

Harry and Jennie have two children: James Nelson and Philip Morris ALGAR.

History of New Califoria - Page 417

Walter Frank SIBLEY was the sheriff of San Joaquin County. He was a native of Maine, born in Penobscott County in 1858 the son of Frank and Julia (LEAVITT) SILBEY, both natives of the Pine Tree State. Both his father and grandfather were merchants.

He was one of a family of six sons and three daughters. At the age of 20 he decided to come to CA. Borrowing 100 dollars, he purchased a suit of clothes and a ticket, and, with five dollars in his pocket, started for the Golden state. He married, in 1881, Miss Clarance BEECHER, native of San Joaquin County and daughter of John L. BEECHER, who came to CA in 1852 and for years ranked as a prominent farmer in San Joaquin County. They had two children, Hazel and Gladys.

Walter F. SIBLEY died age 53 in Alameda County June 4 1911.

Bay of San Francisco - 1892 - Vol. 2, page 99

Arthur Lyne SOBEY, M D was a resident of CA since 1874 and engaged in the practice of medicine since 1872. He was born in Cornwall England in 1851, son of Thomas SOBEY, a farme of Cornwall. He is a member of the State Society of CA and of the County Medical Society of SF.

From Whos Who 1949

SOBEY, Gifford Lyne physician, surgeon born SF Feb 29 1880, son of Arthur Lyne and Emilyl Sarah (EDWARDS) SOBEY. arried Katharine Bayard DOUGLAS 1908 children--Katharine D.; GIFFORD L, Jr; Elizabeth BAYARD, Jeanne WILSON. From California Medicine Journal

SOBEY, Gifford Layne Paso Robles died 29 Nov 1967 Paso Robles age 87. Grad of Uni of CA School of Medicine, Berkeley-SF 1907. Retired member of the San Luis Obispo County Medical Society and CA Medical Association and an associate member of the American Medical Association.

From CAIF -- UCD card
SOBEY, G. L. class of 1906, physician living at 1203 Park Paso Robles ht 5 51/2 inches weight (unclad) 176 Eyesight/hearing ok


Emily S. SOBEY spouse S L died age 81 Santa Clara Oct 21 1936
Arthur L. SOBEY age 61 died Siskiyou County July 10 1933

History of Orange County - 1911 - page 221

James S. ELLIS was the son of John N. and Elizabeth (LYONS) ELLIS, both born in Carter Co TN in 1822. The mother died in CA in 1895 and the faterh makes his home with son, James in Orange County. Besides James there are two others, O.H. who was born in TN in 1848 and is now in Talbert in Newport district, and J. N. who was bonr in TN in 1859 and is a carpenter in Santa Ana. James was born in Claiboren County TN in 1850. His first trip to the coast was at the age of 25 when he went to Oregon. He returned to TN after two years. While still in TN he married (1877) Miss Elizabeth LAMBERT who was born in TN in 1848. They had three children: Henley born TN 1878, now at Banning ranch; Carrie, born TN 1881; and Boyd, born TN 1884. Mrs. ELLIS is the daughter of Joseph and Nancy (ELLISON) LAMBERT, lifelong residents of TN. May 9, 1886, Mr. ELLIS arrived at Santa Ana from LA.

From CADI James S. ELLIS spouse S E age 87 died Orange May 20 1937

DAR: p134

James S. ELLIS was born in Claiborne County TN in 1850. His father was John N. ELLIS born in Carter County TN in 1822. His mother was Elizabeth LYONS born in 1822 and died in 1895. He was a farmer. He married in TN Elizabeth LAMBERT.

Brothers: O. H. b 1848 TN
J. N. b 1859 TN Submission from Santa Ana Chapter on Form entitled "Orange County's First Four Hundred" (1926) Mrs. Flora M.M. PYLE copied Sept 1952 - no signature on form

Obed H. ELLIS was born at Elizabethton Carter County TN in 1848. March 1 1883 at Tazewell, Claiborne County TN he married Miss Mellie M. KAWOOD who was born there in 1865, the daughter of deceased parents. They had four children: Clyde, who is married to Nellie MORRIS and living in Orange County; Annie E. who is married to Louie BUSHARD; James N., who is with his father at home and Maggie Lee.

O. H. ELLIS died Orange County July 8 1912 age 64

D. W. ELLIS was born in Claiborne Co TN July 17 1872, the adopted son of John and Lizzie ELLIS, the latter deceased, the former a native of TN now a resident of Orange Co. He married on Oct 4 1900, in the Diamond Schoolhouse in Orange Co, Miss Mary Belle SMITH who was born in 1882. They have one child, Gladys, who was born July 21 1901 and is a student in the Newport scholl. Mrs. ELLIS is the daughter of James M. and Martha M. (MALONE) SMITH. Martha was born in MO and James passed away when Mrs. ELLIS was in her infancy.

Belle ELLIS spouse DW died age 46 yrs Orange County Aug 3 1829

History of Santa Clara County - 1922 - Page 812

Henry C. WALTER was born in Philadelphia PA on Nov 24 1857, son of Mathis and Caroline (KRAUSE) WALTER, both natives of Germany. Mathis was a cooper by trade. They came to CA in 1868, locating on a ranch near Mountain View and later on Permanente Creek, when Caroline died, Dec 1 1889 at age 60. Mathis was born April 16 1830.

The couple had seven children:
Henry C. (our subject)
John H. who died at 19
Chas. W. in Long Beach
Carrie J. (Mrs. SEAGRAVES) at Saratoga
Louise (Mrs. GASTER) at Lodi
Louis E. at Mountain View
Emma (Mrs. Geo. W. COX) died in January 1916.

Henry married (at the Wm. COX home) on Feb 21 1897, Miss Mary J. COX, daughter of William and Dicey (BAGGS) COX, pioneers of the region. They have one son: Howard C. WALTER.

From the CADI:
Mathis WALTER died age 93 in Santa Clara County Oct 14 1923
Emma G. COX (spouse G W) died age 43 in Santa Clara County Jan 7 1916.

History of San Luis Obispo Co. and Environs- 1917 page 601

Andrew C. PETERSON was a native of Denmark, born on the island of Lolland, Mar 12 1846, son of Christen PETERSON who owned a grist mill. When he was 20 he left for the US and in due time, with his brother, arrived at Racine Wisconson. Then he went to Octonto WI and was employed at a saw mill. Then to Green Bay where he worked in a hotel. Then to Neegaunee, MI where he stayed 5 years, running a boarding house. The panic of 1873 put him out of business and he lost all his money. He went to Ashland WI and then St. Paul MN working at whatever he could find.

He went to SF in March 1875, and in July went to San Luis Obispo. In 1895 he went to See Canyon and stayed there until 1907. He was married to Annie K. HOLTZE, native of the island of Lolland, who had come to Milwaukee WI where their marriage occurred.

They have two children: Albert James and Ella.

Annie K. PETERSON spouse A C died age 73 SLO

A native of Denmark, 74 years of age, came to the US 57 years ago. Had been living in SLO for the last 49 years. Survived by son, Albert J. PETERSON and sister, Mary HOLTZ, both of whom are in the Santa Fe District. Interme at IOOF cemetery.

History of Placer & Nevada Cos. - 1924 - page 1218

Frank X. BECK died age 66 in Kings County May 2 1912.

Frank X. BECK came to CA 45 years ago. He was born Oct 23 1860 in Bavaria Germany, son of Andrew and Anna Mary (HERBST) BECK, native of Germany. Andrew was a stone mason by trade.

In 1887 Frank came to the US and first settled in New York State. He then went to Sacramento Co CA. After 5 years he went to Spenceville and then to Yuba County and spent two years on the Creps ranch. Then he went to Nevada County and purchased 160 acres northwest of Rough and Ready.

Oct 5 1895, he married Miss Martina BERNEGG, native of Bavaria Germany, daughter of John George and Genevieve BERNEGG. There were six children in the BERNEGG family: George, Theresa, Ahga, Christina, Martina and Joseph.

Mrs and Mrs. BECK have 6 children:
George who served as a gunner at Camp Kearney
Andrew, Henry, Francs, Josephine and Anna Marie.

History of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties page 384

Edward Kellogg BENCHLEY was born in San Francisco Aug 9 1854. When he was 21 he made a journey to Japan and China. In 1876 he came to Ventura County. In 1877 he married Miss Emma WAGNER, native of Wisconson. They have two children.

From CADI: Edward K. BENCHLEY (spouse E) died age 69 Orange County July 31 1924

Genocide & Vendetta: The Round Valley Wars

Pg. 63: Lieutenant Daniel Lynn, who had been sent to "Larrabee's Valley"' with a detachment of men in March, 1861, described Mr. Larrabee to his superior, Captain Charles Lovell:

"Here in this lovely valley, lived a man about whose qualities I feel myself impelled to speak...I heard no man speak in his favor, nor even one intimate one redeeming trait in hi character. The universal cry was against him. At the Thousand Acre Field and Iaqua Ranch even the woman who was shot and burned to death was condemed for living with such a man. Of most enormities of which he stands accused you are aware. An accomplice and actor in the massacre at Indian Island and South Bay; the murder of Yo-keel-la-bah; recently engaged in killing unoffending Indians, his party, according to their own story, having killed eighteen at one time (eight bucks, ten squaws and children) and now at work imbruing his hands in the blood of slaughtered innocents. I do not think Mr. Larrabee can be too emphatically condemed." ***this in reference to a man named Hank Larrabee, living at Larrabee Creek in Humbolt County.**

Pg 131:

The Indians who had been taken to the Klamath Reservation began to return to their homes during July (1860), and by October most of them had left the reservation. Agent Buel tried to return them but gave up when the settlers interfered because they wanted they Indians removed entirely from the region. In January 1861, there were many reports of Indian depradations which consisted of attacks on settlers and property throughout the county, especially along the upper Eel River, and Lieutenant Lynn and a detachment of troops were ordered to the South Fork of the Eel river.

Pg. 160: Regarding the Yolla Bolly Country:

And to this particular country came a unique breed of men from Missouri, attracted by the natural wealth of the country.There was some gold mining at first but the original settlers engaged in hide trade and livestock. These Missourians were, as a rule, tall and lean. The family altar was the frying pan. Although a vigorous people when healthy, they were not very ambitious to improve themselves. They loved to tell stories and chew tobacco. They were very hospitable to their friends, but were very poor housekeepers. They were called "hide hutners", "buckskin gentry", "squatters" and "squaw men". Lieutenant Daniel Lynn, in a report from Camp Armstrong South Yager and it's main western branch, Lawrence Creek, described the charactor of these men: "It is my conviction that there are about a dozen all together, and they are renegades from the states, vagabonds from society, escaped convicts from justice and outlaws forced to leave their homes and seek a livelihood in parts unknown. They are clothed like the best clad of the natives an dyou would mistake them for natives of you did not know them. They indulge in the most extravgant style of conversation, yea, so extravagant that the truth is almost out of the pale of their thoughts.

Pg 177: Regarding an Indian attack on the Sproule brothers in the winter of 1860-1861:

Commenting on the Sproul attack by vengeful Indians and other difficulties of mid January, Lieutenant Daniel Lynn reproted: The only reliable and satisfactory of these difficulties and their origin that I have yet received is one from Mr. Bruce, a partner of Mr' Armstrong's, of the valley of the South Fork.... It appears that a Mr. Ross, widely known as a trafficker with Indians, with one or more persons, was going up to the South Fork between Mr. Armstrong's place and that of the Sprouls and was overtaken by a small party of rather bold Indians (whom he) fired on and I think, killed one. When the Sproul boys appeared and took sides with Ross, escorting him to their home, the Indians thought that the Sprouls shared Mr. Ross's sentiments and were their enemies- a very rational conclusion, especially when it is added that hte boys then sheltered him and protected him. So the Indians thought they would clean the boys out at the first opportunity. The boys had killed a bear and were dressing it out when the Indians attacked them. The sequel you know; the boys were nearly killed.


RICHARD HENRY PEASE who was born in Albany NY on July 13, 1848 came to SF in May 1869 with Goodyear Rubber Co. - He was later President of the company. He died Sept. 16th 1919

He was the son of Richard Henry (died Feb. 25, 1891) and Mary Elliott (Dawes) PEASE (died April 25, 1876). He was one of 10 children - only one was living at the time this bio was written in 1923 a Mrs. Martha Harriott. (parents and remaining child all lived in New York.

He was the husband of Miss Isabelita (Ogden) PEASE - married in SF in April 1883.

He was the father of 2 children: Mary, who is the wife of Arthur Watson; and Richard Henry, II who succeeded his father as President of Goodyear Rubber Co.

History of Tulare and Kings counties, California: - Page 788

Catherine R. HOMER, daughter of Joseph William HOMER and Miss Martha (BALAAM) HOMER, married James S. PRICE. James was the son of Jackson PRICE and came overland with his father when 6mos old form Kansas to CA in 1863.

From DAR books: Here is John Blackwell PRICE.

John Blackwell PRICE was born Elizabeth Town NJ Aug 4 1819. He married Nov 4, 1841 in Elizabeth Town, NJ, Jane Lum TOWNLEY. She died and then he married Catherine WADE in 1856. He died April 26 1895 San Jose CA. Buried there.

He came from NJ to CA and settled in San Jose. He was a furniture dealer and cabinet maker. June Lum PRICE came around the Horn in 1852 with four children after a voyage of 7 months.

Children of John Blackwell PRICE and Jane TOWNLEY:

1. Sarah Lucretia PRICE du JARDIN born Dec 25 1842; died Feb 15 1917 spouse Frederick du JARDIN

Children of Sarah and Frederick:
Elizabeth, born in Sacramento, CA; died young.
Louis, born in Sacramento CA June 25, 1864; a bartender on the ferry "San Rafael"
Clifford born in Sacramento CA May 3 1866; died in SF was married to Elodia Jane STEDMAN
Jennie married Harry W. BODWELL
Minnie married Harry D. ROGERS
Fannie (Mrs. Albert or Bud MALLICOLL); died in SF CA
Frederic died before 1956; married Etta had one daughter.
Albert du Jar

2. John James PRICE born July 15 1846; died Jan 12 1902 at San Jose CA

3. Frances Maria (Fanny) PRICE WOODWARD, born Nov 23, 1847

4. Amelia Balckwell PRICE b Mar 4 1849 NJ; married Oct 21 1873 Philo Newton TRYON; died Sacramento Dec 15 1939; children from her obit: Mrs. (Mabel Townley TYRON) Walter Eugene STODDARD of Sacramento born July 11 1893 (1892 from Pioneercard) San Francisco CA

Mrs. Charles WEBER of Berkeley
Also had Alice Camille TRYON born Aug 3 1874; died Apr 19, 1920
Genevieve TRYON b Nov 16 1875 San Francisco CA
Philo TRYON, Jr.

5. Albert Thompson PRICE b apr 14 1853; died Nov 3 1905 San Jose CA

Child of John B.PRICE by his second wife:
6. Anna (Alma) Roberts Price b April 8 1861 San Jose CA; died Nov 17 1913

History of San Diego County - 1936 - Page 224

Morris A. PENTER was born in Salt Lake City UT on May 11 1894, son of Abraham and Sarah PENTER. He was educated in Denver and Pueblo CO.

He served from 1918 to 1922 as State Senator of CO. He served as captain of cavalry in the CO National Guard.

He was married on August 19 1913 in Pueblo CO to Miss Sally Stone. They have two daughters, Selma June and Betty Ann.

From Whos Who in CA= this differs from above information.
Son of Sarah (SHELL) and Abraham PENTER.
Married Sally, daughter of Samuel REINAR, in New York City June 1 1894.
Children: Bettyann, Selma (Mrs. Jerry LAWRENCE).

Religion: Jewish
Politics: Republican
Membership: Elks No. 90; Master Mason; Islam Shrine; Berkeley County Nat. Press; Athens Clubs.

History of Santa Clara County - 1922 - page 1108

Emily Josephine COLOMBET is the eldest daughter of the late Wayne Butler ROGERS, who had married Miss Sarah BORGROVE. Emily was born at the Rogers home on the Rancho de Santa Teresa, south of San Jose. She attended the local Oak Grove School and was a student at the College of the Pacific in 1867-68.

On Mar 2 1876 she was married to Charles Thomas COLOMBET, now deceased, the son of the late pioneer Clemente COLOMBET. Charles was born at the Mission San Jose on Nov 23, 1852 and attended the University of Santa Clara. The couple had three children:

Clementina J. (Mrs. F. C. STRUVEN) San Francisco has one daughter, Bernice Charlotte in San Jose; Charles Wayne who married Miss Florence CAMPBELL, daughter of the late Edward CAMPBELL, an honored pioneer of Santa Clara. Charles died on January 27 1921.

Mrs. Wayne B. Rogers, Mrs. COLOMBET's mother, celebrated her 90th birthday on June 11, 1917 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. J. BRANDON, at 1037 South First Street, San Jose. Mrs. Rogers is a native of Baden Germany, and came to this country when a baby with her parents and grandparents. The families settled in OH and it was in Bucyrus on Apr 23 1849 that Miss Sarah BORGROVE plighted her troth to Wayne B. ROGERS, who was born in Bucyrus OH, Jan 31, 1827. He was the son of Ichabod ROGERS, native of NY. In 1849 he came across the plains to CA. His wife, Lucy (WIDGER) ROGERS was also a native of NY and died in OH at the age of 97. When she was 75 she visited CA making the journey alone.

In 1852 Mr and Mrs. Wayne B. ROGERS started across to CA. After 5 months they arrived at the Santa Teresa Rancho on Christmas day, 1852. They lived in the same house for 58 years. They had eleven children, six are still alive. Emily; Mrs. Amanda C. BRANDON; Mrs. Ida R. CONNELL; Mrs. Lillie M. ODLIN; Mrs. Adella S. LESTER and George L. ROGERS, all of San Jose. Mr. ROGERS died on Dec 6 1909. Mrs. RODGERs died Dec 3 1919.

Clemente COLOMBET was born in Nice France, Aug 4 1817. He married Miss Ann KELL on Jan 1851. She was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (MURPHY) KELL, granddaughter of Mart MURPHY, Sr. The couple had eight children: Joseph, Thomas, Clemente, Peter J., Annie V., Louois N., and William A., all residents of San Jose.

Mary MURPHY COLOMBET was the daughter of William FISHER, son of Thomas FISCHER, and Liberata, daughter of Sipreeno SECCENA. After William's death Liberata married George BULL and later Cicer PATEA, native of Italy.

Mary's first husband was Daniel MURPHY, son of Martin MURPHY (Jan 7 1851). Her second husband was Peter COLOMBET (Aug 15 1855). Peter was the son of Clement COLOMBET. By her first marriage Mrs. COLOMBET has four chldren: Mrs. Mary Murphy CHAPMAN; Diana Murphy wife of Morgan HILL; Dan M.; and Julia. They are members of the Catholic Church in San Jose.

Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 1 - Page 1053

Daniel CULP was born in 1833 in Butler county PA, his father was Daniel CULP, Sr who was born and reared in Wurtemberg Germany. Daniel's mother died when he was about seven years old. He was from a family of nine.

In 1852 he was an assistant wagon-master for PERRY & Brothers and started from Leavenworth KS for CA and at Carson, NV was promoted to wagon-master. The party located near Sacramento and from there he went to Suisun Valley. In 1853 he went to Haywards, where he had a brother-in-law living.

In Fremont county, KS he married Emily E. ROOT who died in May 1903 on the home farm. There were four children: Nora (Mrs. James GRAY a livery man in Haywards); Sanford of San Francisco; Lucretta, wife of A. L. GRAHAM. (it mentions a brief sketch was in this volume but searching the index I could not find where it was); and Walter at medical college.

Daniel CULP died Jan 31 1907 Alameda County

From article in SF Call 1889

The GRAHAM-CULP wedding
the wedding of A.L. GRAHAM and Miss Lucitta CULP, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. CULP took place at the home of the bride's parents in Haywards. Bestman was J. H. GRAY and bridesmaid was the sister of the bride, Miss Nora CULP.

Pastor: Rev J. W. BRYANT of the M E Church. Present: Mr/Mrs D. CULP; Mr/Mrs A. L. GRAHAM; Mr. Walter CULP; Miss Nora CULP; Mr/Mrs S. VALLEAU; Mrs. S.VALLEAU; Miss VALLEAU; Mrs. LOUDERBACK; Miss Loretta BROWN; Miss Tilllie GRAHAM; Mr. Edward GRAHAM; Mr. Charles GRAHAM; M/Mrs S. M. WORTHINGTON; M/Mrs J. J. PENNY; Mr. Harry KNOX and Mr. J. H. GRAY.

Also sending article on Daniel S. CULP, Chief deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court of CA.

American Biography and Genealogy - California Edition - 1900? page 11

Spanish domination in CA ceased foreever with its last governor, Don Pablo Vincent de Sola...

From Society of CA Pioneers Solano County SOLA, Pablo Vincente De (1761-1826?) last Spanish (1814-22) and first Mexican (Apr 11-Nov 22 1822) governor of Alta CA.

Welcomed to Monterey with elaborate festivities (Aug 30 1815). Sola's greatest accomplishment was the encouragement of education by the founding of primary schools at each of the four presidios and two pueblos. He departed for Mexico City, never to return.

From California Historical Quarterly
Pablo Vincent de SOLA born 1761, Villa of Mondragon, Basque Province of Viscaya Class: Hidaglo Single His rule of the province ended on or around Nov 22 1822 when he set sail for Mexico leaving Luis Antonio ARGUELLO as gefe politico of Mexican CA.

History of Sonoma County - 1911 Page 853

Kurt URBAN, M D, was the only child of August URBAN, an attorney, and editior of the Berliner Tagebladt, a leading paper in Germany. Dr. URBAN's grandfather was August URBAN, Sr., a capitalist and owner of a large and valuable estate near Berlin.

Kurt URBAN spouse A died age 64 Sonoma Mar 20 1927 (I couldn't find an obit in either Press Democrat or Petaluma papers at the CA Room Adele URBAN spouse K died age 72 Sonoma Apr 3 1937 (ditto here)

History of Yolo County - 1913 - Page 871

Jacob William OESTE was born and reared in Hesse-Cassel, Germany and died at age 66 in Davis (about 1884)

He married in Germany Annie Catherine VOIGT, native of Kur-HESSEN. She died at age 67 in CA. They came to WI in 1854 and then, because of severe climate) moved to Yolo County in 1868.

They had 7 children, five living to maturity:

1. John Henry OESTE born Apr 21 1837 in Wanfried, Hassen Cassel, Germany; died Jan 27 1913 Yolo County CA

-sp Mary (Marie) Elizabeth STRIPPEL, native of Germany

They had five children:

a. Theodore OESTE

b. Henry OESTE

c. Adolph OESTE

d. Julius OESTE

e. Sophia OESTE

2. Sophia OESTE (Mrs. G. SCHEISER)

3. David Theodore OESTE (deceased)

4. William OESTE born Hesse-Cassel Germany Sep 10 1847; died in Yolo Co CA -sp Barbara NIEDECKER, native of Germany

They had seven children:

a. L. Carrie O. OESTE (Mrs. William S. WRIGHT) of Yolo Co Had one son? Wilbur O. WRIGHT

b. Matilda L. (Tillie) (Mrs. Edwin B. TAYLOR) Dixon; died 1943

c. Edna Charlotte OESTE died age 88 in Davis Aug 5 1964

d. William Charles OESTE died Dec 16 1960 in Davis

e. George David OESTE

-sp Ruby WOHLGEMUTH (md Nov 25 1937)dau of Mrs. J. J. WOHLGEMUTH They had Betty Ann OESTE (Mrs. KEENER) of Davis

f. Amelia (Amy) B. OESTE

g. Frank Frederick OESTE

-sp Mary HILL, native of MI, died Woodland Sept 3 1864 (had son, Howard HILL died before her)

Nephews and Nieces of Edna Charlotta OESTE

Wilbur O. WRIGHT, Mrs. Betty Ann KEENER, Mrs. Ruth E. HOSMER, Mrs. Lucille B. WINDUS, Mrs. Elaine CLARK and Mrs. Hazel M. HAMLETT. (these must be children of either Matilda or Frank or? 5. Carlotta OESTE (Mrs. Frank RUHSTALLER)

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