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History of Los Angeles County p234

William G. COCHRAN born near Zanesville OH in 1844 studied medicine under Dr. C. GOODBRAKE, an old army surgeon, at Clinton IL Graduated in 1869 at Rush Medical College Chicago IL practiced in Farmer City, De Witt County, IL until the fall of 1879 then went to study at Jefferson Medical College , PA in practice in LA since 1881.

One of the organizers of the Los Angeles National Bank.

Jacob Gurnee in History of Solano County - 1879 - p473-4

Jacob GURNEE was born in Rockland county NY Jun 16 1820 and lived there until he was 15, then moved to Westchester county. In 1840 he went to Statton Island. In 1850 he took the steamer "W. J. Pease" for San Francisco and arrived Jan 19 1851, taking one year to make the trip

In March, 1852 he took passage on the steamer "Independence" for New York City, but returned to CA in about 3 months and followed mining at Downieville for a short time. He was engaged as a pilot on the Sacramento river until 1862.

In Jan, 1870 he bought the "Eclipse" saloon at Rio Vista. In 1841 he married Miss Caroline Eddie who died in 1849, leaving two children: Willian and Harriet. He married again Miss Mary Ann HIGGINGS on Feb 28 1867.

John KEMPLEY in History of South Coast Counties

John KEMPLEY, a resident of Long Beach CA, was born Jun 29 1832 in Yorkshire England, the son of Charles and Hannah (PAGE) KEMPLEY. The family came to the US in 1842 and became pioneers in Racine WI. Later they went to Marquette County WI. Eventually they established a home in Fort Dodge IA. Charles died there at the age of 95, Hannah lived to be 91 and her father had lived to be 102.

John married Ann WHITEHEAD on Feb 18 1856 in Marquette County WI. In 1864 they moved to Fort Dodge, IA. John visited the Pacific Coast in 1897 and four years later moved to Long Beach, CA.

His wife, Ann, was the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah WHITEHEAD, natives of England who moved to the US in 1845, settling in Racine County WI. The WHITEHEADs moved then to Marquette county.

They had nine children:

Sarah (Mrs. Harry EUBANKS) of Long Beach and they have six children.
Hannah Mary (Mrs. H. WONDER) of Washington and they have five children.
Esther (Mrs Elbert HANDY) of Fort Dodge IA and they have six children.
James of Fort Dodge IA and he has six children.
B. P. who has six children.
Charles of Green Bay WI
John F. who has four children
Elbert who is not married
Elsie (Mrs. James SCOVILLE) who has three children
Decendants number thirty-four grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

William H. LYONS in History of San Joaquin County p779

William H. LYONS was born in Stockton CA on Mar 22 1864, the son of William H. and Georgia (ALLEN) LYONS, the former a native of PA and the later a native of NY. The father came to CA via the Isthmus of Panama in 1849 and the mother crossed the pains in wagons drawn by oxen in 1852. The father first located in Grass Valley, Nevada County, CA and practiced law there.

He was state senator from 1850-1854. He was married to Georgia ALLEN at the capital of CA, Benicia (the capital at that time).

They had seven children:

Virginia Lee (Mrs. ROBERTS)

Georgia (Mrs. COOK)

Miriam (Mrs. STERLING

three sons who died while young

William H. the subject of this review

William H. LYONS(the father) died in Stockton in 1885. He was the attorney for the Southern Pacific Railroad. He was also a direct descendant of the historic LEE family of VA and a first cousin of Robert E. LEE.

William H. LYONS (the subject of this review) graduated from Stockton High in 1883.

He married Ada HUGGINS, daughter of Frank HUGGINS, an 1852 pioneer.

They had two sons:

Frank who is married with three children and farms in San Joaquin County

William H. Jr who is with the Kroyer Motor Company. He is a member of the San Joaquin Society of Pioneers.

Simon PROUTY in History of Sacramento County p220

Simon PROUTY was born Sept 9 1834 in Knox County OH, son of Anson PROUTY, native of NY, and his wife, Elizabeth HELMS, a native of PA. In 1846 the family moved to Jasper County IA and lived there until 1852. Then they started overland with ox teams to CA.

On May 9 they crossed the Missouri River where Omaha now is. Anson PROUTY died near Independence Rock at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Elizabeth continued to CA and settled with her two daughters and five sons in Volcano, Aug 24 1852 and then moved to Ione, Amador County. She died there May 6 1878 at age 79.

Simon PROUTY married Louisa J. NEWTON, native of IN. She died Oct 16, 1888 at the age of 53. She was the mother of four children:

Hattie (Mrs. Andrew? WHITAKER) of Galt

William H. of Truckee-born Jan 18 1859 Dry Creek Amador County

Josie (Mrs. George CONNOR) of Tulare County

E. M. of San Joaquin County.

William H. PROUTY fell dead on a Sacramento Street on Sep 22 1916. Wife was B. M. and he was survived by two sisters, Mrs. H. H. WITTAKER and Mrs. Phillip KISE.

Simon died in Sacramento at age 74 on Oct 23 1908. Survivors from obituary were: W. H. PROUTY, Mrs. H. WHITTAKER, Mrs. J. CONNORS, and E. M. PROUTY of Galt.

George Lacy GRIFFFITH in History of Butte County p1211

George Lacy GRIFFITH was born on a ranch four miles north of Chico CA on July 7 1868. He was the son of John L. GRIFFITH. George married Miss Vina MANN, a native of CA, on Apr 2 1893 in Chico. Her father, James MANN, was born in Clark County IL and with the MANN family to CA in 1860, crossing the plains with teams. They arrived at the Crouch place on Sept 15 and located a mile west of Dayton. James MANN died in Butte County, age 72, on Jan 12, 1917.

James MANN married Augusta DARGE, native of WI, who crossed the plains with her parents and arrived in CA in 1862. She had nine children, Mrs. GRIFFITH being the oldest. Augusta died in Cohasset.

Grandfather Arthur Arvington MANN was a Virginian, born in Louisa County in 1811. His father, Arthur MANN, was born in the same state, and died at the ageof 66. The MANN family is of English origin, the progenitor of the family in the US having crossed the Atlantic and made settlement in VA about 1630, the family were represented in Jamestown when it was burned by the Indians in 1632.

Arthur A. MANN married Winnifred SHIELDS in Putnam Co IN. She was the daughter of William Shields, a native of TN of Scotch-Irish decent. He made his first trip to CA in 1849, crossing the plains with an emigrant train to search for gold. He died in CA in 1862 at 51 years of age. Mrs. MANN lived until Aug 29 1914, when her death occurred at the age of 90 years. They had six children: William of Chico Vecino; James, who died January 14 1917; John, who died Oct 22 1913; Joseph A. of Thermalito; Mrs. E. Mrs. DARGE, who died October 22 1878; and Cyntia Ann, Mrs. Garrison, of Oakland.

George L. GRIFFITH and Vina had four children: Russell, Ardye, Ellis and Homer.

From CADI: George L. GRIFFITH died Butte County age 66 Jan 27 1935. A native of Paradise, he was survived by his widow and four children: R. L. (Russell) GRIFFTH of Chico, Homer J. GRIFFITH of Bencia, G. E. (Ellis?) GRIFFITH of Thornton and Mrs. Ardy (Ardye?) POFF of Paradise. Three sisters still alive at the time of his death were Mrs. H. D. MILLARD, Mrs. Charles L. HAYNES, and Mrs. W. J. PATTERSON, all of Chico, and a brother, A. W. GRIFFITH.

Josiah Heath BENSON in History of Sonoma p688

Josiah H. BENSON was born Mar 12 1819 in Somerset County, Maryland. When he was three the family moved to Sussex county Delaware. In 1832 they moved to Preble County OH. In the spring of 1850 they went to St Joseph Missouri and on May 1st started in company with three other gentlemen to cross the plains with horse-teams to California.

The journey was made to Humboldt Sink in good time. Mr. BENSON married Rebecca A. MAGNESS Dec 3 1840. She was a native of OH, born Sep 20 1822 and died March 10 1848.

They had Albert, born March 18 1847 and Francis H born Nov 29 1841 died Dec 8 1852 and Sarah E. born May 12 1844 and died Apr 20 1846

He married secondly Mary VEAL, widow of Mr. COBON, on Mar 21 1854. She was born in MO Nov 25 1829 and died Oct 9 1869

His children: Henry born Jan 31 1855

William born Apr 21 1856

Nathaniel W. born Oct 10 1859

Martha E. born Feb 5 1862

Laura E. born Feb 8 1864

Louis E. born Nov 6 1865

They lived in the Petaluma area.

W. E. ALUMBAUGH MD in History of Solano County p780


Npot until he was 23 years of age was he able to attend school, he he so digilently applied himself that it took just five months for him to master the lower branches and stood at the head of the school in very text except reading.

Stephen ALUMBAUGH, a native of KY, was in Fulton County IL, Redfield, Dallas County IA and Johnson County MO - all of which areas he framed. When he was 55 he enlisted in Col NUGENT's MO regiment of Federal volunteers and served the union until his death. His wife, Elizabeth ASHCRAFT, was born in KY and died in IA.

They had twelve children: one of which was William Edward ALUMBAUGH born Nov 25 1837 in Sullivan Co IN, reared in IL, IA and MO.

He came to CA in 1875 and settled in the Santa Maria valley, Santa Barbara County and in 1877 migrated to Napa. He graduated in 1889 with a degree of MD from the Hahnemann Medical College in SF.

He then opened an office in Vacaville, staying there ten years and then moving to Watsonville. Then he went to Napa and opened his office.

He married Miss Marth CALDWELL, native of IN and successfull school teacher, in Dallas County IA. They had two children:

Mary (Mrs. REID) Frederick William ALUMBAUGH MD graduate of Hanemann Medical College

Pierre BOUCAU in the History of Fresno County p1615 Pierre BOUCAU, a successful viticulturist, was born near Pau, Basses-Pyrenees, France on Jun 3 1862, the son of Pierre BOUCAU, native of that region and a soldier in the French army. He died in 1882. His wife was Rose MENDAU and she was the mother of seven children.

In December 1882 Pierre arrived in Fresno and went to work on the Birkhead Ranch. He was married twice. In Visalia in 1888 he married Miss Eulalia HUNTAS, who was from the same town in France that he was born. They had three children: Marie (Mrs. DOMESTA) living near Caruthers; Rosa (Mrs. ELLIS) living in Kern County; and Victory (Mrs. VALENTINE) living in Fresno.

Mrs. BOUCAU died Mar 18 1906 in Fresno (from CADI she was age 36 and name was spelt Eulalie BOUGAN).

He married eight years later in France to Leontine CHANGUETT, a native of France. From CADI she died age 36 in Fresno on June 17 1924.

Bethel COOPWOOD in History of San Bernadino County p304

Bethel COOPWOOD (picture in article) came to San Bernadino in 1857 and was part of a syndicate that purchased the balance of the San Bernardino ranch from Lyman and Rich. He was a young man of thirty at that time. He married Miss WOODWARD, a sister of De la M. WOODWARD. In 1861 he returned to TX, his native state, and resides there now.

James Watsley GRIFFITH in History of Butte County p831

James Watsley GRIFFITH was born three miles north of Chico on Nov 20 1869, the son of John L. GRIFFITH who was born in Clermont County, OH Sep 17 1829 and reared in IL. On Apr 20 1850, with ox teams and wagons, he started across the plains with CA as his goal.

John L. GRIFFITH married Euphemia DETRO, a native of IL, who crossed the plains with her parents in the later fifties. They were married in Magalia and had nine children:

Hezekaih, who lives with his brother, J. W.

George L. who has a ranch on Rock Creek

James W. of this review

Alta (Mrs. MILLARD) of Sacramento

Lulu (Mrs. C. W. WRIGHT) who died in Chico

Alenie Ione (Mrs. Frank Barnes) of Rock Creek

Augustus, living with J. W.

Belva (Mrs. C. L. HAYNES) of Cohassett

Ava (Mrs. W. J. PETERSON) of Harney County OR

Grandfather Hezekiah GRIFFITH was a farmer in OH, then IL, until his death in 1839. Grandmother Rachael (MADOX) GRIFFITH was a native of KY. The great-grandfather served with distinction in the War of 1812.

Mrs. Margaret DROEGE in History of the Sierras p770

Mrs. Margaret A. DROEGE, (SAUER) was born in Ober-Hessen, Germany, Aug 20 1848 and was reared and educated in her native country until she was 14 years of age. During the year 1862 she landed in the US, going immediately to Plumas County CA.

In 1865 she was married to Adam DROEGE, a native of Prussia, coming to the US in 1852.

Three children were born:

Frederick in Quincy

Frances who married Asa GRAY of Quincy and

W. Roy who is on the home farm

Dr. John H. FRANKLIN in History of San Luis Obispo p590

J. H. FRANKLIN, M.D., was a resident of Santa Barbara who was born in Gilroy, the son of Warham Easley and Marion (FIFE) FRANKLIN. He married Miss Claire DOLCINI in 1916. She was born in CA. He was a Mason, a member of the Blue Lodge and Chaper and also a member of the San Luis Obispo Lodge, No. 311 BOP Elks.

John C. STAGG in History of Santa Clara

John C. F. STAGG was born June 1 1863 at Du Quoin IL, son of Rev I.M. and Marial (THOMAS) STAGG. Rev. STAGG was a native of NJ and his wife was born and reared in Michigan. Rev. STAGG was a Methodist preacher.

The paternal ancestors of Mr. STAGG emigrated from Holland 200 years ago when three brothers left their native land and settled in New Jersey. All three of them were in the Revolutionary War and bravely fought under Gen. Washington.

The maternal ancestors were of English descent, the progenitor of the Thomas family having emigrated to America in early colonial days with our subject's maternal great-grandfather being the famous infidel, Thomas PAINE.

Mr. STAGG has two sisters living in San Jose at the present time: Mrs. LAUNTZ, the widow of Frank LAUNTZ, an old-time scout and nurseryman, and Mrs. KING, the widow of Wilmont KING, a railroad man.

The STAGG family came to San Jose during the year of 1880 and the mother passed away there about 1892.

John STAGG married Miss Margaret E. O'KEEFE on Aug 16 1897. She was a music teacher born and reared in SF. They had one child: Helen, a graduate of the Heald's Business College.

R J EPPLY in the History of Kern County p567

R J EPPLY, fire chief of Maricopa, was born in Cincinnati OH Jan 20 1888.

On Jan 23 1911 he came to Maricopa, Kern County, and engaged in oil rig contracting, working in practically every part of the local oil fields.

He married Miss Elsie HOOVER of Cincinnati OH, who died Oct 17 1925, leaving two children, Jerilee now aged six years, and Dora May, aged four.

He is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the Loyal Order of Moose and the Maricopa Exchange Club. He is a veteran of the World war, having enlisted Apr 24 1918. He received two leg wounds during the furious fighting in the Argonne forest.

Nereus H. LEONARD in History of Orange County - 1921 - p702

Neraus H. LEONARD was born at Greensboro, NC on Jan 21 1852, the son of Elisha and Laura (REYNOLDS) LEONARD. They moved in 1857 to Danville IN and stayed there till 1860 and then went to Spring Valley , Minn.

Nereus left home in December, 1873, to seek his fortune and went to San Bernadion CA where he worked on a ranch for W. S. La PRAIX in the lumber business.

On August 22 1878, he married Miss Lucy A. BRADLEY, at Spring Valley. She was the daughter of Philo and Mary Ann (KING) BRADLEY.

In 1897 Mr. LEONARD came again to CA with his family.

Children were: Eleanor (Mrs. MINTER) the mother of four children: Ivo, Neal Dow, Glenn and Claudine.

Doxander P. LEONARD lives in West Orange he married Edna M. WARD and they have four children: Dorothy, Dorcas, Rodney and Hazel.

Edith (Mrs. E. F. MINTER) of Sanger, Fresno County

Frances LEONARD, a nurse at the Santa Ana Hospital

Wm. H. WINTER in History of Napa County p96

Wm.H. WINTER was born 1819 in Virgo County IN. His father died before he was born. When he was five his mother moved to Crawfordville.

He came to MO in 1841 and then in Spring of 1843 the started out for CA. On the Platte River he joined the CHILES party. They traveled to Fort Hall and separated. The wagons came down the Humboldt, guided by the famous mountanineer Col. Joe WALKER. His company again separated at Fort Boise on the Snake River. Mr. WINTER, in company with five others, passed to OR.

At Walla Walla they sold their horses to the Hudson Bay Company and bought a boat propelled by oars and went down the Columbia River to Portland. The Winter of 1843 to 4 was spent at Willamette Falls. In Spring of 1844 he joined the KELSEY, of which William HARGRAVE and Henry FOWLER wer members and came to CA.

There is much more in the bio documenting this man's travels. He was quite a voyager and bounced all over the US. You will see that when you read the three pages written about him.

F. J. KIERCE in History of the Bay of San Francisco p419

F. J. KIERCE is a native son of the "Golden State" was born Feb 6 1863 in San Francisco. His parents emigrated to CA in 1862, locating first in San Francisco, and then removing to Solano County in 1865.

In June 1862 he graduated from St. Mary's College in SF with the degree of A.B., later A.M.

In March, 1865, he entered the law offices of Milton A. WHEATON Esq. In May, 1887 he was admitted to the bar.

He is a member of the Young Men's Institute No 1, of which he is now president. He also belongs to the Pacific Parlor, Native Sons of the Golden West.

Guuillaume BARETTE in History of El Dorado County p233

Guillaume BARETTE was born in the district of Montreal, Lower Canada, May 12 1823, the first child in a family of ten. His parents were Louise and Marie BARRETTE who died in Canada when young BARRETT was 14 years of age.

In 1850 he came from La Praine Canada to the Pacific Coast. On the 8th day of January 1851 he settled at Frenchtown. In May he opened a store and kept it doing a very large trade until 1856. His sons Ernest and Phillip are engaged in stock growing.

I have followed up on the sons of Guillaume BARETTE and found:

Ernest G (spouse P) BARRETTE (note: spelled with two R's) died age 69 El Dorado County Dec 17 1931

Phillip L. BARRETTE age 60 died in Sacramento June 22 1929

I have copied both obituaries and will be mailing them to you shortly.

Philip L. Shingle Springs stockman died in Sacramento and was buried in the Odd Fellows Lawn, Sacramento

Survived by Mrs. Mary E. BARRETTE and three sons:

Floyd of Seattle; Lester of Arbuckle; Dr. Louis C. BARRETTE of Sacramento brother of E. G. BARRETTE of Shingle Springs Nieces/Nephews:

Lawrence BARRETTE of Sacramento Mrs. Irene SCHIEBER of Shingle Springs Mrs. Luther JONES of Sacramento E. G. BARRETTE born Shingle Springs June 3, 1862

Widow, Mrs. Philomena BARRETTE daughter Mrs. Clarence L. SCHEIBER of Shingle Springs, son, Lawrence E. BARRETTE

Nephews: Floyd W. BARRETTE, Seattle WA; Dr. Louis C. BARRETTE, Sacramento; Dr. Lester A. BARRETTE, Paso Robles

BORKEY in History of San Luis Obispo p557

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Paul Borkey trace their ancestry back to German forebears, with William BORKEY as the progenitor of the family in America, who settled in Pennsylvania, where he died. He had a son, George F., who was born in Pennsylvania, farmed there and died at the age of one hundred and four. In direct line of descent comes Solomon BORKEY, also born in that state near Johnstown, who followed the trade of carpenter and cabinet-maker and is still active at it. He married Cecelia WILDEBRANDT, a native of France, who settled in Pennsylvania.

Andrew Paul BORKEY comes next in line. He was born in Johnstown, June 16, 1875, the youngest of ten children of Solomon and Cecelia BORKEY, and the only one in CA. Andrew went West at the age of seven to Cedar County NE with an uncle who promised to educate and care for him, but proved unworthy of his trust and set him right to work on a farm, compelling him to get out at 6 o'clock every morning. He worked for three months; and one Sunday evening, while they were practicing Sunday hymns in the yard with a crowd of young children, his uncle abused and whipped him severely. That night he ran away, having only five cents in his pocket. When he left home he had promised his mother he would never drink, smoke or chew, and that promise he has lived up to faithfully.

In his travels from the home of his uncle he met with an old freighter named John ROSS, at Norfolk, and with him he rode to Chadron NE, about 500 miles from Cedar County. Mr. ROSS knew C. F. COFFEE of Harrison NE a large cattleman in WY and NE and asked him if he didn't "want a good boy." Mr. COFFEE replied, "Yes, if he is good, if not, I wouldn't have him at all." The freighter vouched for the lad and he was taken into their home. At the age of 8 he started to ride the range and learned to ride and rope, and soon became a full-fledged cowboy.

For 18 years he lived with Mr. and Mrs. COFFEE, who gave him his education and made him one of their family. When he was fifteen he wanted to go back home and pay a visit to his parents, with home he had had no correspondence since leaving, on account of a fear that if he did write them his uncle would discover his whereabouts and bring him back. Mr. COFFEE gave him a check for $4,000 for his services, and also transportation round trip, thus showing their appreciation of his faithfulness. This in turn he gave his father, and so started him in business and enabled him to buy property that is now worth $75,000. His arrival home surprised his parents, but he did not stay long, as he found things different from the freedom of the plains, his Western friends and the enjoyment of the COFFEE home. After ten days he returned to NE taking with him his sisters, Martha and Mary, who made their home with him until their marriage. The former became Mrs.. Hubert PETERS, and Mary married Leo RODERICK and is now deceased.

He rode the range for 23 years, 18 of which he spent in the employ of Mr.. COFFEE. During his stay in NE he had his parents come to visit him eight different times, and each time he paid all their expenses.

When he was 17 he won the champion roping contest in Cheyenne, WY on Frontier Day, when he roped and tied three steers in three minutes and thirty-five seconds, a record that has never been broken.

Mr. BORKEY contracted rheumatism while riding the ranges and had to seek a milder climate and so came to CA. In 1907 he started on crutches and when he reached Flagstaff AZ, he was in such pain that he had to stop over. Four days later the pains left him as quickly as they come and he three his crutches away and has never had a recurrence of this disease.

Arriving in Pasadena he went to work for Humphrey's Feed & Fuel CO.

Mr. BORKEY was married in Pasadena, July 26, 1911, to Miss Anna KENT, a native of Linden, Iowa County WI. She was the daughter of Thomas O. and Ellen (CROUGHY) KENT, born representatively in England and Wisconsin. The father was a Methodist minister in IA until he retired to Pasadena.

They had three children: Paul Kent, Wilder Raymond and Ellen Lucile.

Edwarad C. BRIDGMAN in the History of Coast Counties p367

Edward C. BRIDGMAN was born in Cornwall England June 14 1858, a son of Caleb B. BRIDGMAN.

Caleb was born Aug 25 1838 in Cornwall and learned and word at the cabinet maker's trade in his native land.

He immigrated to US in 1864 and spent a short time in New York City, then lived for a while in PA. Coming from there to CA he was employed in various occupations in SF, Oakland and the mining districts.

Edward began life as a wage-earner when just ten years of age, working first on a farm and then in a gist mill.

Edward married Margaret GILMORE, a native of IN, and they had seven children:

Henry; Etta; a son that died in infancy; Alline, deceased; Edward; and Florence and Lillian, twins.

T. W. WHITTLEY in History of the Harbor District of Los Angeles p581 Thomas William WHITTLEY, capt of fireboat No. 1 in San Pedro harbor, was born Jan 22 1882 in the old government barracks on Catalina island. He was the son of Frank Paul and Nellie (ADARGO) WHITTLEY. The ADARGO family were early Spanish settlers inthe pueblo of Los Angeles.

Frank was a stock raiser on Catalina, leasing land from the Banning Company. He owned the yacht, Nellie. The paternal grandfather was Thomas William WHITTLEY, whose wife was Juanita Domingues WHITTLEY, who located on Catalina island when Frank Paul, their only child, was but 7 years of age. Frank Paul died in 1902 at age 52, his widow died in 1920. (I found Lucinda WHITTLEY, spouse F P, who died age 68 in Los Angeles County Aug 8 1937).

Thomas W. WHITTLEY appeared in a number of motion pictures for the Lasky Studios, in which he gave exhibitions of diving and swiming.

On Oct 26 1912 he married, in San Francisco, Sarah Jane GRAEFF, daughter of George and Luvina (MYERS) GRAEFF, and they are the parents of four children: Kathryn L., born on Catalina island; and Marjorie R., Dorothy L., and Betty Louise. The last three were born in San Pedro and attend San Pedro schools.

LINDENFIELD in Historical and Bigraphical Record of Southern California

Frank LINDENFELD was born Sep 24 1848 in Diburg, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and at 14 was apprenticed to the trade of paving.

His grand-grandfather was born in Austria and was a commanding officer in the Austrian army. Frank's father was Adam LINDENFELD, a native of Hesse-Darmstadt and his mother was Maggie OTTO.

Adam was a farmer and the head forester to the king of Hesse-Darmstadt. The couple had 7 children and three of their sons immigrated to Amercia. Nicholas, who located in Rochester NY, was a physician and went to Los Angeles and became a lawyer and died in 1900. Andrew is living in Los Angeles, in the employ of the city park company.

Frank moved to San Diego CA in 1874 and engaged in the brewery industry.

He married Mary BEYER, a native of PA, who was reared in Cleveland NY. She was the mother of seven children:

Hattie (Mrs. MORAN) of San Francisco

Annie (Mrs. BLACK) of Los Angeles

Lena, in Los Angeles


Frank A.;

Rose and Elizabeth.

J. H. LEE History of LA County p158

John H. LEE was born 1852 in Blucher Valley, Sonoma County. His father was Dr. William G. LEE, native of OH and pioneer of CA coming to the state in 1849. His mother was Aletha A. ROSS, native of IL, who died when John was 6, leaving a family of seven children.

He established the Kern County Record which he edited and published until 1883. He sold out and established his residence in Pomono Los Angeles Count and there established the Pomona Courier.

He married Miss Belle SAGE in 1883 in Bakersfield. She was the daughter of Orris C. and Ann Eliza (FARNER) GAGE.

They had two children living: Oribel and Winnie.

Clark G. WILKINSON in Historical record of Southern CA

Clark Gilbert WILKINSON was born March 18 1872 at Elburn Kane County IL. His parents were Samuel and Sarah (SMITH) WILKINSON, natives of PA and pioneers of Tropico, CA settling there in 1885.

They had twelve children, Cark being the youngest.

Clark married Miss Orlie F. SAUNDERS who was born in KS. They had two sons: Miles and Irving.

James L. PACE in History of Northern CA page 790

James L. PACE a Yolo Farmer was born in Boone County MO Aug 16 1836, the son of Richard R. and Elizabeth (PROCTOR) PACE, the former a KY native, the latter of TN.

When he was 22 he went to Pike's Peak with ox teams, and three weeks later came to CA with the same outfit, arriving on the banks of the Mokelumne River, where the train disbanded.

In the spring of 1863 he went to the coast and purchased a drove of hogs and brought them to Yolo Valley. He pastured cattle on the old Snodgrass Ranch and was a partner with D. CRAMER.

He married Miss PORTER October 6 1875 and they spent their summer seasons on Yolo and the winter on the ranch.

Their children were Ralph H., Myrtle A. and Pauline E., all born in Yolo County.

Juan Miguel ARBURUA in History of Merced County p409

Juan Miguel ARBURUA was born in the Basque Province of Etchlar, in the Pyrenees, Spain, on Nov 24, 1844. He came to the U.S. and CA in 1866, via Cape Horn, taking six months to complete the journey.

He had no money and his only assets were his indomitable courage and a willingness to work. His uncle, Miguel AGUIRRE, had settled in San Francisco and he obtained a job for him in Butchertown at $20 per month. He held that job for four years. He knew no English but he stuck to his job and in time mastered enough of the language to enable him to transact business.

In 1886 he located on the Carrizalito grant in Merced County.

On Nov 24 1882 he married Josefa LAVAYN, daughter of Baptiste and Michaela LAVAYN. She was born in the same province as her husband in 1860, and had come to CA when she was 14.

The couple had:

Carmen (single)

Helen M. (Mrs. I. B. CORNETT) of Los Banos

Frank J. (married to Helena HARMS)

Louis P. (married to Maroie M. CHOTRO) has two children:

Lucille and Josephine, proprietor of the City Market in Los Banos

Joseph M. (married to Eleanor KEHOE) a veterinary surgeon in SF and has one child: John Joseph

Mr. ARBURUA was a director of the First National Bank (now the Bank of Italy) in Los Banos.

From NDGW: lived in SF, San Benito Co, and Merced from 1886 to 1926


Frank J. & Carmen of Los Banos

Helen M. CORNETT of Salinas

Louis P. of Fresno

Lt. Col. J. M. ARBURUA of San Francisco

Married Josefa LABAYN in SF Oct 24 1882

Died Feb 27 1926 Los Banos CA

CADI gives Juan M. ARBURUA died age 81, spouse J. on Feb 6 1926

also: Francia ARBURUA spouse P died age 71 on Feb 1 1928

Both died in Merced.

Barrett L. HALDERMAN in History of Orange County p1642

Barrett L. HALDERMAN was born on Nov 11 1883 in Phillips County KS, son of Charles M. HALDERMAN a native of OH and Eliza (PILLSBURY) HALDERMAN, also of OH and of Scotch-Irish ancestry. The couple came to CA, settled in Santa Ana, bought a ranch at Tustin and since 1903 has been associated with ranch properties in Orange County.

Barrett married Miss May HADELL on Oct 1 1913. She was the daughter of Alfrted and Emma (NYE) HADELL. Alfred was a merchant at Long Island KS.

Barrett and May had three sons: Earl, Alan and Barrett. They attend the Catholic Church.

John F. McCAULEY in History of San Joaquin County p339

John F. McCAULEY was born in VA. His family is of Scottish origin. In 1852 he was attracted to CA from MO and made the journey across the plains in the most primative method, behind an ox team. Arriving in CA he purchased the Chabello grant of land in San Joaquin and Sacramento Counties. He was associated with General ESTELLE.

Mr. McCAULEY married Miss Caroline WILSON in Independence MO in 1845. She was a native of Nashville, TN. Her father was Thomas H. WILSON, a farmer and planter in VA. Her mother was Sarah DAVIS, a cousin of the president of the Southern Confederacy, Jefferson DAVIS. Mrs. WILSON came to CA in 1846 and died in 1890 after a life of almost 50 years on the golden state.

John and Caroline had two children: George Beauregard McCAULEY and Alice M., who was later to be the wife of Guilo VELESIN, a resident of Arno, Sacramento Valley. (also had John William and Richard - from Alice's bio)

George married Miss HALL of Tehama County in 1907, and they have one daughter, Caroline Wilson McCAULEY born April 15 1908.

History of Sacramento County p297

Mrs. Alice M. VALENSIN daughter of John F. McCAULEY, who was often called "Colonel". Alice was born in Independance MO and crossed the plains with her parents as an infant. Col. William HICKS was her step-grandfather.Col HICKS had crossed the plains in 1847 and had a small settlement called HICKSVILLE on his land.

She traveled with her parents to Florence, Italy and there met and married Julio VALENSIN, Feb 19 1873. He was born in Egypt, the son of Moise VALENSIN, an Italian banker, and Elena Del Va'le who had a mixture of Spanish, Scotch and Italian blood.

They had one son, Pio, born in Florence Nov 26 1873. He married Katherine KOSTER, the daughter of Jerry and Doris (HEINZ) KOSTER. They settled in the town of Franklin and had four children: Margaret (Mrs. BOOTH) of Florin, John, and Emma, as well as Katherine.

History of Fresno County p1495

Charles M. CHALUP was born Sep 3 1873 in Cleveland, OH. He came to Fresno in 1901. He married Miss Ellen NEW, a native of IL and they had two 'interesting' children: Mary Louise and Alice Ellen, both of whom were born in Fresno.

History of Fresno County p2220

William S. FISHER was born Oct 11 1875 in Hume Bates County MO. His grandfather and father were both natives of MI. The grandfather, IIlff FISHER, crossed the plains in 1849, then returned to MI in 1851. He once again crossed the plains in 1852 and then returned to MI to get his family to move them to CA. Unfortunately he died two weeks after he reached MI. His son, William E. FISHER, came to CA with his family Mary 7 1894.

William E. FISHER married Miss Sarah J. PIERCE, a native of KY, the daughter of Samuel Pierce, also a KY native. He died Jan 27 1897 in Hanford CA. He and his wife had nine children. William S. was the fourth child.

On May23 1900 he married Cornelia THOMAS, a native of IL. They were married in Hume MO. Their had five children: Lyle, John J., Robert Glenn and Walter E.

Edward W. NETHERTON in History of Santa Cruz p352

Edward Wallace NETHERTON was born in Byron Contra Costa County CA July 20 1869. After leaving school he obtained a position on the staff of the Oakland Evening Tribune. In Feb 1890 he came to Santa Cruz and bought half interest in the Hearld, then a weekly publication. Edward married Alice M. CARPENTER May 12 1892 in Martinez, CA. They had Raymond Wayne NETHERTON.

His father was John Smith NETHERTON, a direct descendant of Capt. John SMITH of Pocahontas fame, born Apr 30 1835 in Clay County MO. He was the son of Henry and Hannah (WALL) NETHERTON. At the age of 15 he crossed the plains in company with his father and engaged in mining in Eldorado County. Henry returned to MO but John went to Contra Costa in 1857, then went to Tulare County, but a year later returned to Contra Costa.

January 9, 1859 in Contra Costa County he married Miss Matilda A. ESTES, a native of MO, born April 4 1839. Their children:

Carrie Luella (died age 21)

Flora Belle (died age 21)

William Price born Dec 7, 1861; died in Oakland 1931, married Margaret M. (Maggie) GLASSFRED in Byron CA on Mar 2 1885

Frethias Jefferson born Mar 7, 1867 Contra Costa Co CA; a teacher in Arizona, was killed when kicked by a horse at age 32 (F. J. NETHERTON death in Call 7-1-1897) NDGW gives death as 1891 in Phoeniz AZ; unmarried.

Edward Wallace

George Eldridge of Oakland (in History of Contra Costa 1917 qc 979.463 H91 p622)

Walter Elbridge in Merced

Delbert Walbridge

Elmer Elwood was killed when kicked by horse, the same as his brother, Freithias

John Smith NETHERTON died in Santa Cruz in 1921

Matilda NETHERTON died in Contra Costa in 1913


Edward NETHERTON spouse A died age 65 in Contra Costa Jun 7 1935

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902 Page 851

H. C. RUGGLES was born in Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA, March 11 1860, the son of Franklin who was born in Carmel, Me and Hulda HARDING, a native of Muncie, Lycoming PA, and daughter of James HARDING, an Englishman by birth. Franklin's father was Paul and Paul's father was Edward RUGGLES, from England, who settled in Harwich Mass, then moved to Carmel Me (Maine?)

He visited CA in July 1895 and decided Pasadena would be where he wanted to live.

He married Miss Dora EDWARDS on Sep 8 1884 in KS. She was born in MO the daughter of George EDWARDS, a postmaster of Ackely at one time.

They had four children: Agnes, Ana, Viola and Franklin.

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902 Page 696

C. E. HOAR was born in Concord Mass. His father was Ebenezer R. HOAR born Feb 21 1816 in Concord. Ebenezer was the son of Samuel HOAR, Jr. and the daughter of Roger SHERMAN. Samuel Jr was born in Lincoln Mass May 18 1788. His father was Capt. Samuel HOAR, an officer in the Revolutionary War and a member of the Massachusetts legislature.

Thomas Robert BARD in History of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties page 356

homas Robert BARD was born Dec 8 1841 in Chambersburg Franklin County PA. His father was Robert M. BARD. He arrived in CA on Jan 5 1865. He came from NY to Aspinwall on the Costa Rica and then on the Sacramento from Panama to SF.

From 1868 to 1872 he was successfully elected to the office of Supervisor of Santa Barbara County from the district of Ventura.


He married Mary Beatrice GERBERDING April 23 1876 in San Francisco, CA. She was the daughter of Christian Otto GERBERDING, one of the founders of the San Francisco Bulletin, with James King of William. She was a sister of Albert GERBERDING, once President of the Bohemian Club. She was born Jan 23 1858 in San Francisco and died Mar 5 1915 Hueneme. (date is suspect since it says the same date on Thomas' submission.)

Children: (8, but only three names given)

Elizabeth (Mrs. R. C. SHAND)
Rt 1, Box 6183 Moorpark CA

Box 22 Somis CA

Philipv 6 Meadow Road, Baltimore MD.

submission by Richard BARD

Memorial & Biographical History of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo & Ventura Cos. - 1891 Page 559

Jacob MAULHARDT was born in Prussia June 30 1841. He came to CA on Jul 7 1867. He went to Tulare County in 1869. In June, 1870 he went to Santa Clara Valley, Ventura County. He married Miss Dorothy KOHLAR in 1865. She was a native of Germany.

They had five children:

Henry, born in Europe
Emma, native of Contra Costa
Louisa, born in Tulare County
Adolph and Mary, born in Ventura County.v

Memorial & Biographical History of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo & Ventura Cos. - 1891 Page 594

John CAWELTI was born in Wurtemberg Germany Jan 3 1829. In 1848 he came to America, going first to NY and next to Milwaukee, and then to Cincinnati OH.

In 1864 he came to CA and settled in Sonoma until 1863 (?) then went to Santa Barbara County, now Ventura County. In 1852 in OH he married Mrs. SIPP, widow of Mr. Jud SIPP. She was born in Bavaria Germany.

History of the State of CA Southern Coast Counties p1752

Oliver McCOY was born in IA Sep 1 1857, the son of John and Marietta (MILLER) McCOY. (there is a note that a more detailed account of this couple would be found in the sketch on Benton McCOY, given elsewhere in this volume)

Oliver came to CA after his father died. He located in 1881 near Long Beach. July 20 1893 he married Mary Ann Matilda BELL, a native of Mississippi.

They have four children: Esther, Rena Lemar, Agnes B. and Frances Willard.

History of the State of CA Southern Coast Counties p1507

Wm. P. DUNCAN had a photograph so I will be sending that as well.

W. P. DUNCAN was born Feb 23 1826 in Lowndes County Mississippi, about three miles from the city of Columbus, where his father, William, had large mercantile interests. William DUNCAN was born in NC and his wife, Jane DOWDLE, was born in Mississippi.

In 1851 William P. DUNCAN went to TX and then to NM in 1878. After five years he went to Kansas City, MO and in 1886 he came with his family to CA.

In 1859 in TX he had married Elizabeth J. HALL, daughter of John M. and Elizabeth (MOORE) HALL, who, along with her parents was a native of TN. Four of her brothers served in the Civil War on the Confederate side.

They had six children:

John W. who married Dollie CONNOR and has one son
James E. who died at the age of 41 years
Mary P. who died when 39 years of age
Robert M. of AZ
David P and Harry H. living at home.

History of the State of CA southern coast counties Page 1815

Thomas A. BLAKELY was born in Ireland Nov 2 1863, the son of Ambrose BLAKELY, an Englishman by birth and education but for years prosperously engaged in business in Ireland.

He traveled to America as soon as he was permitted. He went to MO, then KS, and then, in 1891, to CA establishing his home in Redlands.

From NDGW:

Ambrose BLAKELY was born in Ireland (conflicts with county history) 1822. Arrived in CA before Sept 18 1863. Lived in Amador County. Naturalized Sept 16 1863 Amador County CA Submitted by Myrtle Irene LEHN 811 S. Tuxedo Avenue, Stockton CA

History of the State of CA southern coast counties Page 2046

Walter Fremont GROW was born July 19 1856 in Maine, the son of Samuel Lorenzo and Harriet Fulker (CURRIER) GROW. At 9 years of age he was taken by his parents to Monona County IA. In 1881 he came to CA.

On July 11, 1880 he married Carrie Ella BURROUGHS, a native of IA, who was born May 21 1861 and died August 7 1890.

They had three children: Edna May (Mrs. Wm. E. BROMELOW) of Highland; Ernest Prentiss who died age 3 months; Laura Myrtle, at home.

Walter GROW again married Dec 15 1900 to Caroline Lowrie WILSON. She was born in Pittsburgh PA Aug 27 1852 and was the daughter of William Work and Caroline (LOWRIE) WILSON.

Walter and Caroline had two children: one who died an infant and Walter Lowrie, born June 4 1904.

History of Sacramento p909

Samuel William KAY was born in Chicago IL Jan 1 1864, the son of Samuel H. and Susan (HOWARTH) KAY. When he was twelve his parents came to Sacramento, in 1876, where Samuel H. was engaged as a merchant tailor. Both parents are now deceased.

Samuel William KAY entered the Southern Pacific Railroad shops and learned the machinist's trade which he followed for 20 years.

In 1903 he became an engineer for the city of Sacramento and later chief engineer of the city water-works.

He married Miss Mary A. BERDOLT, a native of Sacramento, and they had two children: Edna M. and Earl Robert, who received his appointment to West Point.

Mr. KAY served in th Spanish-American War as a 1st lieutenant. He was also in the World War as a commissioned captain.

History of Fresno and Tulare County Page 678

J. B. ZUMWALT was born in St Charles MO July 11, 1832. His parents died when J. B. was five years old and he was taken in by his uncle, John RANDALL, with whom he lived until the age of 14. In 1850 he crossed the plains to CA, landing in Sacramento in September of that year.

In 1859 he settled at a place near Red Bluff, Tehama County and opened a blacksmith shop.

In 1860 he married Miss Lydia A. DeWITT, a native of KY. He remained in Red Bluff until 1864 when he moved to Grand Island, Colusa County, remaining there until 1878.

Mr. and Mrs. ZUMWALT had eleven children. He is President of the Sunset Oil Company.

From pioneer card:

J. B. ZUMWALT died in Alameda County 1898 He married Lydia A. DeWITT July 1860 Red Bluff CA

Lydia DeWITT was the daughter of Rev. Allan W. and Hannah (TOOLEY) De WITT. Rev De WITT died in Tulare May 31 1897, his wife died in 1896. They had Samuel of Los Angeles, Eleazar of Tulare, Lydia, and William M. of Tulare.

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902 Page 737

John G. HILL was born Mar 14 1845 in Paris Monroe County MO. His father was James HILL, a native of KY, and his mother was Nancy GRAY, also of KY.

When he was 7 his parents immigrated to CA, crossing the plains with ox teams and settled in Napa County until 1868 and then moved to Ventura.

John HILL married June 10 1866 to Miss Aranetta RICE of Contra Costa County and they had two sons, Ernest Rice and Ralph Norman. The latter was the first postmaster of Oxnard and the former was educated in Leland Stanford University.

Mrs. HILL was the daughter of William and Louise RICE and a sister of Thomas A. RICE.

History of Santa Barbara & Ventura Cos. - 1883 Page 382

John SCARLETT was born in County Fermanagh Ireland June 18 1825. He was the only son of Richard SCARLETT and Elizabeth (ARMSTRONG) SCARLETT.

In 1852 he left Ireland and sailed to America, locating in Philadelphia PA. In 1857 he sailed from NY by steamer, via the Isthmus of Panama, for California and arrived at San Francisco in March of that year.

John was married Sept 22 1864 to Miss Annie LYSTER, a native of Australia. They had four children, three girls and one son.

History of Santa Barbara & Ventura Cos. - 1883

Pendleton B. HAWKINS was born in the town of Paris Henry County TN in 1824 and at the age of 6 moved with his parents to MO.

In 1855 Mr. HAWKINS married Miss Adeline DICKEY and in 1860, with his family, moved to Eastern OR. He settled near Hueneme, Ventura County and there is a sketch of his home which I am sending you. His family consists of ten children, six daughters and four sons.

Biographical Record of Coast Counties - 1904 - Ver. 2 Page 1346

John H. RICE was born in Rhea County TN June 20 1832. He arrived at Sonona County in Nov 1851.

He married Miss Mary A. LONG a native on OH, on Nov 19 1854 in Sonoma County CA. They had six children, five sons and one daughter.

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902 Page 530

John Charles FREMONT the "Pathfinder" was born in Savannah GA Jan 1 1813, the son of John Charles and Anne B. (WHITING) FREMONT, natives respectively of France and VA.

He lived with his widowed mother at Charleston SC.

October 19, 1841 he married Jessie BENTON, daughter of US Senator Thomas H. BENTON of MO. He set out in May of 1843 to find a path to the Pacific ocean. In 1845 he went to Monterey the old capital of CA. At the age of 16 Jessie eloped with John C. FREMONT.

On July 4, 1846 he was elected governor of CA.

Historical and biographical record of Southern CA - page 625

Justin PETIT was born in the department of Fresne, St. Mame's Haute-Saone France Nov 18 1851 the son of John B and Elizabeth PETIT. His mother died in Douglas County PA at the age of 61 years and the father came to CA in 1894 and died there at the age of 85 years. He died at the home of his son, Justin.

There were 8 children: four now living (as of bio)

Mrs. Henrietta ROUSSEY of Santa Paula; Mrs. Annette LAURENT of Oxnard; Frank and Justin of Ventura County.

Justin married Miss Frances Kaufman in 1884 in Ventura County, she was born in MN and came with her parents in childhood to CA. They had seven children:

Mary E.
Alfred J. and Anna C. (twins)
Edward William
Joseph B.
Ida and Jessie.

Historical and biographical record of Southern CA - page 854

A. FRY was born in Bristol England on Dec 13 1858, son of Thomas and Ann (SHORTMAN) FRY.

Ann was the daughter of John SHORTMAN, one of the city officials of the English City. She was a native of Bristol.

The paternal grandfather was Abraham FRY.

In 1879 A. FRY came to America and worked for a time in Chicago. He traveled to Kansas City MO, then to Spokane WA, then to Salt Lake City UT (1890) and then to Portland OR. In 1893 he came to Los Angeles and since has remained there.

Arthur Albert POWERS in History of Yolo County p801

Arthur Albert POWERS was a partner in the clothing firm of Rosenberg & Co. He was the third generation of the POWERS family in California, being born at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County, Dec 9, 1865, the son of Warren and Jane (HILLER) POWERS. They came across the plains to the west with their parents early in the '50's. For years the father lived in Sonoma County, but finally he moved to Yolo County and settled at Old Cottonwood. Later he removed to Woodland and for many years served as janitor of the supreme court rooms in San Francisco. The mother died about 1871, leaving a daughter and son, Arthur Albert, the latter at the time only about six years of age.

During 1883 he entered the employ of Morris Michael, a clothing merchant of Woodland.

Arthur died in Yolo County on Oct 21 1931. He was a Yolo County probation officer for the past 16 years.

He was survived by his wife (no first name given) and two daughters and two sons.

Mrs. Ernest LILLY of Oakland
Mrs. James DELANEY of San Francisco
Arthur A. POWERS Jr of San Francisco
Claude POWERS of Woodland
His sister, Mrs. Nellie DENNIS of Folsom
two grandchildren: James Francis DELANEY and Wm. Arthur DELANEY of San Francisco
a stepmother: Mrs. Theresa POWERS of San Francisco two half-sisters:
Mrs. Ritchie KNIGHT of SF
Mrs. Wm. JACOBS of LA
and three half-brothers:
Bert, Warren and Roy POWERS all of SF, but who formerly resided in Woodland.
Other survivors are two young people who have been raised and educated by the POWERS Otis BENNETT and Elizabeth HERNANDEZ.

J O LOVEJOY in History of Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1913 p81

Josiah Otis LOVEJOY from qc 979.4 G9 hc p673 (also has a photograph)

Prior to the first war with Great Britain, Ebenezer LOVEJOY left his native Scotland and accompanied by his wife, a lady of English birth, settled in Massachusetts, where for 47 years he was a deacon in the Congregational Church at West Andover.

His son was Josiah Ballard LOVEJOY, who married Martha STICKNEY, who was born at Duxbury Mass and died at West Andover.

Seven children were born: three sons and three daughters lived to maturity.

Phoebe M. is a resident of Philadelphia PA

Annie is deceased

Addie is in West Newton Mass

Josiah Otis, the eldest, is a pioneer and influential citizen in Tulare CA George Walter served in the Mass regiment during the Civil War, lives in Tehachapi, Kern Co CA

He lost two fingers in the war. The youngest son Wisner, served as an engineer in the US navy during the Civil War, was an engineer on a vessel bound for China, which off Cape Hatteras was wrecked and all on board perished.

Josiah Otis LOVEJOY was born in Duxbury, MA, March 29, 1833. He lived in Boston. In 1845 he went with his uncle to sea on a trading vessel, bound for Honolulu. In 1847 he rounded the Horn to the Sandwich Islands. He sailed to CA on his uncle's ship, Roebuck, which cast anchor at San Francisco on the 4th of July 1852, after a voyage of 150 days from Boston.

In October he started to mine in Mariposa and in 1855 he bought a sawmill on Snow Creek.

In May, 1871, he removed to Tulare County and established his home in July.

On Christmas Day of 1857 he married Miss Emma GREEN, who was born in Washington DC and came to CA in 1855 by way of Panama with her father, Gardner GREEN.

Emma and Josiah had thirteen children: (following living at time of bio)

Otis Hart LOVEJOY in Glenn Co (died in Glenn age 45 Oct 15 1909)
Guard LOVEJOY an engineer on the Southern Pacific Railroad in Portland OR
Wisner, formerly the district attorney at Weiser ID
Mrs. Emma ERWIN of Santa Rosa
Mrs. Mary J. WARREN of Belvedere Marin County CA
Mrs. Grace CANELO of SF
Mrs. Jessie GARRISON of Tulare

Josiah O. LOVEJOY spouse E died age 88 in San Francisco July 17 1917

Louis HELDOORN in History of Sacramento County p1001

Louis HELDOORN, a native of Holland, was born in Amsterdam Oct 31 1886 the son of William and Holida HELDOORN. At age 23 Louis crossed the seas to the US. In 1916 he pushed west to CA and cast his lines in Sacramento. He sold out his interest in the Enterprise Employement Agency Nov 10 1922.

Benjamin FOXEN in Goleta - The Good Land
Benjamin FOXEN was a native of Norwich England. He was a young English sea captain in Santa Barbara who offered to repair the vessel La Joven Angustias for Don Jose De la Guerra. De la Guerra told him if he could repair the vessel it was his! He did and the pair were partners until 1829. From NDGW

Benjamin FOXEN (Christened William Domingo) was born in England in 1798. He died in Foxen Canyon on Feb 19 1874.

He married Elmaria OSUNA May 26 1831 at Santa Barbara Mission. The little town of Goleta was named after his ship Goleta (means little schooner) by which he came to CA.

On Dec 24 1846 he guided John C. FREMONT over the San Marcos Pass. Three weeks later Jan 13 1847 California was ceded to the US.

His children:

John William FOXEN
Martina FOXEN
Ramona FOXEN born Feb 14 1835 Foxen Canyon CA married Fred WICKENDEN July 16 1859 San Luis Mission CA
Frances FOXEN
Alexander FOXEN
Frederick FOXEN
Thomas Frank FOXEN born Santa Barbara Mar 7 1852; died Oct 20 1925 Los Alamos CA
Married Adelaide BOTTILLER Sep 8 1878 Santa Barbara
children: Gerald FOXEN, Los Alamos,
Edward Edmud FOXEN,
Alex Leonard FOXEN,
Margaret Helen FOXEN.
Matilda FOXEN
Submission by W. F. WICKENDEN 825 E Orange Street, Santa Maria CA

Harry King SARGENT in California of the South p205 Vol 4

Harry King SARGENT was a member of the Los Angeles Bar with a background of more than 35 years of practical experience as a lawyer.

He was born in the Province of Nova Scotia on Nov 19 1865, the son of Rev. John Payne and Elizabeth (KING) SARGENT. The father was an archdeacon of the Episcopal Church and lived and died in Canada. He labored in the Qu'Appelle district, near Regina, the Province of Saskatchewan. He settled there in 1880 and was among the first pioneers in church work. His wife passed away in 1908.

Harry K. SARGENT was graduated from Windsor Academy in 1880 and studied under his father, a professor at Qu'Appelle College. As a young man (1884-89) he was a member of the Northwest Mounted Police of Canada and for his services in the Riel Rebel;lion was awarded the Victoria service medal.

For his valorous participation in the rebellion he was awarded a bonus of three hundred dollars which was not paid to him by the Canadian government until Oct 17, 1932, forty-seven years after and then he received it by official act of the Dominion Parliament. This story was featured by the Associated Press and found its way into many of the leading newspapers of the US and Canada.

In 1897, Harry was in Portland OR and was admitted to the Oregon Bar. He engaged in a highly successful practice in the Rose City.

In January 1918 he went to Los Angeles and located at 215 West Fifth Street.

On Aug 5 1899 he married Miss Florence A. SWOPE and they became the parents of a son, Richard Strong (I don't know if the Strong name is his middle name or not -- seems strange), who met death by drowning at the age of twenty-six years. (So it might be of interest to search the CADI for a Richard S. SARGENT who died around 1926 or so).

Mr. SARGENT is a republican a past master of James Madison Lodge, No 572 F&AM. Also member of the State Bar of CA, the Los Angeles Bar, the "233 Club", the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, etc.

At the time of this bio he was at 523 South Rampart avenue.

William David WRISTEN in History of Fresno V2 p999

William David WRISTEN was a pioneer of California who crossed the great plains with teams and became a man of importance in the various places where he made his home. He was a native of the Blue Grass State. He was first in Davis, Yolo County, then moved to Oleander, Fresno County in 1881. Eventually he retired and moved to Los Angeles where he died March 5 1901.

He married Agness DEW, a member of the prominent familes of VA, where she was born.

They had:

Mrs. O. B. OLUFS of Fresno
Josie, wife of W. E. COOK of Los Angeles
Ellizabeth, wife of E. H. BENTLEY, also of LA
Anita, wife of Theo. SCHMIDT, of Chicago
William Lee WRISTEN of CA
Mrs. Mary GRAHAM and Mrs. Nelllie M. WATERS - two other daughters, are deceased.
Mrs. WRISTEN died in LA Jan 3 1913.

Eugene E. LaDUE in History of Sacramento p469

Eugene Ellsworth LA DUE was born near Black's Station, Oct 22 1876. His father was Cary LA DUE who was born in NY in 1831 and when he was 19 he came to CA via the Isthmus of Panama. He was first in Eldorado County where he was in the mines then moved to land near Black's Station where he farmed until 1884. Then he went to another ranch six miles west. In 1896 he was killed in the vicinity of Black's by falling from a wagon.

His wife was Caroline (TENNESS) a native of IL, and she died in Woodland after the death of her husband. They had 9 sons and 5 daughters, two sons not living to maturity.

Eugene Ellsworth LA DUE was the tenth in order of birth. He graduated from the San Jose Business College in 1903.

In 1897 in Sacramento CA he married Jessie GORDON, a native of Wisconsin. She was the daughter of E. E. GORDON, a native of NY, who emigrated first to Wisconsin and then to CA with his death happening in Auburn Aug 11 1891. Mrs. GORDON was Elmina P. EARL and lived in Woodland. (there is more on this couple in the book).

From Pioneer card on Carey LA DUE

Died in Black's Yolo County 1896. Cary's father was Samuel LA DUE who was born Sept 11 1785. His mother was Mary (last name not known) who was born Sept 11 1785 (?) I question that date since it is the same as Samuel's

Carey married Caroline TENNIS (TENNESE) - several spellings given on Feb 27 1855 in Georgetown El Dorado Co CA

Children of Carey and Caroline:

Victorine CUTLER
Hattie CROLL
Fannie LA DUE
Frank LA DUE
Vallas LA DUE
Eugene E. LA DUE
Jesse H. LA DUE
Chas W. LA DUE
submitted June 1950 by Gertrude WEISS of Zamora Yolo County CA and Mae CUTLER of 2345 Larkin St SF From obituary on Caroline:
Born in IN Jun 17 1839
Her husband died Oct 9 1896.
Mother of 14 children, two died in infancy.v Mrs. F. P. CUTLER
Vallas LA DUE of Rumsev
Mrs. Mary L. BARKER Dunnigan
Frank and Jams M LA DUE in Redding
Carey L. LA DUE
Chas Wesley LA DUE of Woodland
Euguen E. and Jessie LA DUE of Blacks
Mrs. Hattie L.CROLL of Blacks
Mrs. Bertha M. BARNES of Redding
Miss Frances C. LA DUE of Woodland
Three sisters
Mrs. John BLACK and Mrs. J. J. BLACK of Black's
Mrs. W. T. HARKEY of Yuba City
One brother Lansing TENNIS of Blacks
Mrs. Caroline LA DUE died May 18 1899 in Woodland.

George Washington REAMER in History of Placer County p196

George W. REAMER was born Sep 11 1827 in NJ. He sailed from NY on the 7th of February 1849, and after a voyage of 180 days landed in San Francisco. He was a miner in 1850.

In 1862 he visited his home in the east and was married in February to Miss Sara E. MACDONALD, a native of New York City. They had three children, two sons and a daughter.

In 1872 the family moved to Auburn and he was the owner of the Bear River Auburn and Gold Hill Ditch and Mining property.

From the CADI

Sara E. REAMER died age 66 in Monterey May 2 1910

From the book index it appears S. E. REAMER was born in OH and came to the state in 1850 and to the county (Placerville) in 1852.

Cecil CORWIN in History of Alameda County Vol II p143


Dr. Cecil CORWIN was actively engaged in the practice of denistry for 25 years at Hayward. He was born in Tillamook County, OR, son of Samuel and Emmaline A. (RICHARDSON) CORWIN. Samuel was born in London, Ontario, CAN and Emmaline was born in Willamette Valley OR in 1849. The paternal gfather moved from CAN to IA were he farmed for 30 years and then went to OR and later Wichita KS where he died at the age of 98 years.

When Samuel CORWIN was 28 years of age he left IA and came to CA, locating first in Sacramento, then went to eastern OR and ran a hotel. He married in Union County OR and in 1882 went to Oakland. He died in MT while on a visit to his brother. His widow (Emmaline) lived in Hayward.

Cecil spent his boyhood in OR and Oakland, CA. He attended the dental school at the University of CA.

In 1896 he married Miss Bessie E. HALL native of Hayward, daughter of A.R. and Emmaline HALL who located in Hayward in 1864. Dr and Mrs CORWIN had two children: Cecil Meredith and Victoria Emmaline.

In 1902 he went to Hayward to practice his profession.

He was a member of the Woodmen of the World and a keen student of history and has written considerable about the history of CA and Alameda County.

George BERRINGTON; History of Ventura County

George BERRINGTON, well known rancher in the Filmore District, was born in Cleveland OH Apr 25 1887 and received his education there. In 1903, at the age of 16, he came to Ventura County and went to work on the Ranch of Collins BROWN. He was married to Miss Maggie McGREGOR, a native of OH and they had four children:

Ruth, Albert, Mabel, and George. He is a member of the Woodman of the World.

Bruce Roy McGREGOR in History of Ventura County

Bruce Roy McGREGOR, one of Ventura's leading citrus growers, was born in Cleveland OH Sept 2, 1888, the son of Alexander and Hattie (BERRINGTON) McGREGOR. Alexander was a native of Scotland and Hattie a native of OH. Alexander died Jan 24 1925 and was survived by his widow. Alexander had come to Fillmore in 1901.

Bruce R. McGREGOR assisted his father in the operation of the home ranch. He was married to Miss Eva ROOT, who was born in Bradford, McKean Co PA and they had three children: Alexander, Harold and Lucile.

John HAHESY in the History of San Joaquin Valley

JOHN HAHESY was born January 6 1852 in County Waterford IRE one of six children. His parents were William and Bridget (HOULAHAN) HAHESY. In 1863 they came to the US and settled on a farm near Manchester, Delaware County IA and William died there in 1866. Bridget died in IA in 1904, at the age of 75.

In 1875 John went to the Black Hills, and in 1879 he went to CA and settled in Tulare County.

In 1883 he returned to IA but returned six weeks later to CA.

John married Miss Louise BESHEARS, a native of Missouri, in Tulare.

The had four children:

William Martin
Helen May
John Francis
Charles Jefferson

He was a member of the Woodmen of the World, the Knights of Pythias and the Ancent Order of United Workmen.

From the CADI

John HAHESY spouse L died age 80 Tulare Mar 20 1932
Louise HAHSEY spouse J age 53 died Tularae Dec 11 1928

Edward FOLETTA in History of Merced CA

Edward FOLETTA was the son of Jasper and Filomina (PEDRAZZI) FOLETTA. They died in Switzerland, the father at the age of 63 and the mother at the age of 65. They had 14 children, eight of which were alive at the time of the article.

Josephine, in Switzerland
Mary, in Italy
John, at King City
Mrs. Joseph VOSTI, of Modesto
Harry, in Modesto
Constantine and Rosalinda, both of Switzerland.

Edward was born in Canton Ticino Switzerland Oct 12 1865. In 1889 he came to America and eventually arrived at Pescadero, San Mateo County, where he worked on a dairy ranch as a milker for $25 a month for two years.

On Feb 21 1898, Edward married Ernestina CICARDINI, a native of Canton Ticino Switzerland, born Nov 28 1876, daughter of Joseph and Mary (GOI) CICARDINI. Joseph was a native of Piedmonte ITA and Mary was of Swiss decent.

Ernestina was one of eight children: Basilio, Theresa, Encelmo, John, Modesto, Angelina, Lena, and Ernestina. She arrived on Apr 13 1893 in Santa Cruz from Switzerland to meet her sister Theresa who was living there.

Edward and Ernestina had seven children:

Mary (Mrs. Albert BIZZINI) of Volta
Lena of Los Banos
Emma (Mrs Hugo Debene) of Los Banos

Edward belonged to the Sunset Center of the Merced County Farm Bureau and served as trustee of the Central School District for 9 years.

From the CADI

Edward Folette (note the e) spouse E died agae 67 in Merced Mar 18 1933

Sarah RHODES FLY in History of Tulare & Kings Co
William C. RHODES

He died in 1888 on the frontier between Texas and Mexico, one of the oldest and most honored pioneers of CA. He was born March 1817 in Knox County, east TN. He went to TX in 1847 and in 1857 went overland to CA by the southern route. He made his home in San Bernardino. He married Sarah Rebecca DOUGLASand the had twelve children:

Harriett (Mrs. J, L. JOHNSON)
Julia (Mrs. A. SCRUGGS)
Anna Hazleton (Mrs. C. HARPER)
William R.
Tennessee B. (Mrs. S. FAY)
Martha E. (Mrs. HALBERT)
Samuel S
Hugh (deceased)
Ora (Mrs. G. ROBBINS)

Thomas Married Sarah FLY and they have several children.
John married Mrs Mary TEWKSBERRY and they have 5 children
Harriet was the wife of J L JOHNSON and they have 3 children
Julia was the wife of THomas TURNER and they had 1 child
by her marriage with Alba SCRUGGS she had 9 children
Ann Hazleton married Charles HARPER and had 8 children
William R. married Miss Lou MEFFORD and had 6 children
Tennessee B married Spencer FAY and had 2 children
Martha E. married Edward HALBER and had 4 childen
Samuel S. married Mary A. GARRISON
Ora is Mrs. George ROBBINS

Albea E. SCRUGGS age 61 died Tulare Dec 22 1906
Spenser FAY age 82 died Alameda Mar 11 1932

Richard O. LOEHNERT in History of Tulare County

Richard O. LOEHNERT was born in Wonewoc WI May 31 1899, the son of Felix and Emma (DURHM) LOEHNERT.

Felix came to CA with his family in 1908.

Richard married 1st in 1920 Miss Maud TAFT. They had one son Richard.

In 1923 Mr. LOEHNERT married Miss Denzil FRY, a native daughter of Tulare County, born in Lindsay, daughter of L. W. FRY and a member of one of the old families of this county.

From the CADI

Felix died age 75 Los Angeles County Mar 26 1931

another Felix died age 27 San Bernadino Nov 30 1930

George BUSHBY in History of Northern CA

George BUSHBY was born in England, September 20, 1830 the son of English parents, William and Annie (MARCH) BUSHBY. In 1842 the family came to America. They settled in Wisconsin in a place called New Diggings.

William died there Aug 13 1877, Annie died in IA Nov 16 1890.

Nov 10 1852, George started for CA. He embarked on the Nicaragua route, was 14 days on the Isthmus and sailed on the S.S.Lewis. The vessel sprung a leak as it approached San Francisco and finally settled on a sandbar and they had to be towed in by a tug.

He paid $10 to ride from SF to Marysville on the boat, Comanche. About 9 o'clock the Bragdon was coming down and in collision sunk the Comanche. George got on the Bragdon and went back to San Francisco, then paid $10 again the next day to ride to Marysville on the Bragdon.

In 1861 he married Catherine DAURTHEY, a native of Ireland. They had ten children.

Ellen (Mrs. MORREL) of Penn Valley
George (deceased)
Catherinev Hannah
Annie (deceased)


George BUSHBY died age 95 yrs Yuba County July 18 1925
Irma J. BUSHBY died age 2 yrs Yuba County July 19 1911
Katherine BUSHBY spouse G died age 77 yrs Kern Dec 2 1915

From Obit:

Katherine BUSHBY native of Ireland survived by her husband and four daughters
Mrs. F. W. MORRILL of Montavo, Ventura county
Mrs. W. M. HICKERSON of Rose Bar Township
Mrs. T. G. McGONIGAL of Smartsville
Miss Sarah BUSHBY of Rose Bar Township
Joseph BUSHBY of Rose Bar Township
William BUSHBY of Sacramento

Hayward REED in History of Yolo County

Hayward REED, a prominent California orchardist, was born in near Washington, Yolo County, on Feb 15, 1876. His parents were Charles W. and Abbie (JENKS) REDD, natives of NY and IL. In 1851 Charles came to CA via Panama, bringing with him 45 varieties of pear trees. After selecting the Bartlett as the type best adapted to this climate, he established a nursery at Washington, where he raised millions of trees which he sold to consumers in different parts of the Pacific coast. He set out what is known as the Reed orchard across the river from Sacramento. He died in 1896. His wife passed away in 1911 ( Abbie B. REED died age 78 Alameda Feb 27 1911).

Their children were

Howard of Marysville
Rowena (wife of Professor DeMETER, who occupies the chair of German at the University of CA, Berkeley

Hayward graduated from the Sacramento High schools in 1898. He was in the Third US Artillery, Battery L., and went to Manila on the 3rd expedition and served there 16 months.

IN Sacramento, Sept 8 1907, Mr.. REED married Miss Rose MATHER, who was a native of San Francisco.
They had two children: George and Rose.
He was very active in the building of the YMCA at Fifth and J Streets in Sacramento. He died at age 62 in Marysville on Feb 14 1938.

From obituary in Marysville Appeal Democrat: Hayward REED created the great New England orchards south of Marysville and the Dantoni orchards east of Marysville.

He was survived by his wife, Rose, and children:


He was the brother of Howard and Dudley REED of Sacramento, Charles Wesley REED of Chico, and Mrs.. Rowena DeMATER of Berkley. Mrs.. George MATHER of Marysville is a relative by marriage and is assisting the family. Funeral arrangements by Hutchinson & Merz.

Remains were taken to the chapel in East Lawn, Sacramento and Veterans of the Spanish War will have charge of the ceremonies. The body will be cremated.

From the Union article:
known as the "Pear King" home Rose Orchard, Yolo County, business address box 659 Sacramento CA.

WILLIAM SCHUMACHER in History of Orange County

William SCHUMACHER an extensive and successful orange grower, born in Stuttgart, Germany, March 31, 1881, the son of Joseph and Mary (RUOFF) SCHUMACHER, both also natives of Stuttgart. When he was a year old the family came to the US, locating in Ventura county. Later they moved to Los Angeles and Joseph died there when William was four and a half years old.

In 1918 he married Miss Ella (Lulu) CRUMM, daughter of D. M. and Lydia (VAN PATTEN) CRUMM, a native of IL. They had a daughter, Mary Lou.

There is a conflict in the bios. The second bio on William says he is a native of the Golden State (not Germany) the eldest child of Joseph and Mary SCHUMACHER. Joseph died 1887.

John L. SCHUMACHER was a successful business man of Orange County. He was born in Uphusen, Province of Hanover, Germany Aug 5 1851. He crossed the Atlantic in 1870 and arrived in NY and became a a clerk in a grocery store. He moved to Charleston SC and then to Galveston TX where he stayed until 1875. He went to Old Mexico and then to New Orleans.

In 1877 he married (in Brooklyn) Miss Elizabeth HARTMAN, a native of Kerwieler-Rheinpfaiz, Germany. Children were August of Anaheim, John, in bottling, Jacob in Anaheim, Marks in bottling, and David in law in Los Angeles. Daughters are Louisa (Mrs. John EYMANN of Anaheim and Annna, at home with her father. Mrs. SCHUMACHER died Jan 15 1911 and is buried in the Anaheim Cemetery.


WIlliam H. SCHUMACHER was born July 9 186- in San Francisco CA, son of Antone SCHUMACHER, a native of Germany and Catherine FIEVOHER, also a native of Germany.

He died in San Francisco CA Jan 17 1941 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. Information by Magdalen ANDERSON, 2504 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA

Charles SCHUMACHER of Upland, was born on Oct 13 1839 at Herschen Germany, son of Christian SCHUMACHER, a teacher in the government college of Herschen. He married Miss Christina GUTZMER of Nebraska Cithy on June 8 1867. She was a native of Germany, born near Berlin. They had Etta, Karl, Mamie, Anna and Linna.

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902; Page 258

Thomas LLOYD, was born in Monroe County OH March 18 1846 the son of Charles and Sarah (BOOTH) LLOYD. Sarah died in Harriettsville Noble Co OHIO in 1885. Charles was a native of Cheshire ENGLAND born in 1811 and at 16 came to America. He married Sarah BOOTH in 1837. Charles was the son of James LLOYD, a cotton manufacturer in England who came to Ameria in 1827 with his family and settled in Wheeling WVA.

Thomas LLOYD married Miss Bethiah J. FRAZIER in Caldwell OH. She was born in Sarahsville OH, the daugher of Hon. W. H. FRAZIER. The surname was originally spelt FRASER and the family came from Scotland. They were Jacobites and ardent supporteres of Prince Charlie.

Flora FRASER, afterward Lady Macdonald, hid the Bonnie Prince in a cave at the time of the battle of Colloden.

J. H. LOWERY in Northern CA Biographical History p599

James H. LOWERY was born in 1850 in IL, the son of Joseph E. and Lucy (BUCKNELL) LOWERY, both natives of IL. Joseph was born in 1828, Lucy in 1826. The came to CA overland in 1853, taking seven months to arrive. The settled near Pentz.

In 1871 James married Miss Mary J. HEWSTON, a native of IL, and they have had five children, two of which are deceased. Living are Jerry, Charles and Mabel, and deceased are John and Joseph who both died in 1885.

Augustus CLEALE in History of Sacramento Valley p910

Augustus CLEALE was born in Middlesex, Mass., Aug 6 1831. His father was Joseph CLEALE, a native of Mass. and his mother was the former Susan WOODS, who was born in Franklin, Mass. and lived in her native state until her death.

Augustus was 7th in the family of 8 sons and four daughters. In 1854 he came to CA via the Isthmus of Panama, and upon arriving in San Francisco he proceeded to Bidwell's Bar, where he followed his trade of blacksmith.

When the town was destroyed by fire he went to the North Fork of the Feather River and mined for three months. Then he went to Central House and established a blacksmith shop.

In 1857 he purchased land six miles north of Honcut.

Checking the CADI I found just this CLEALE

Esther A. CLEALE age 67 died in Ventura 2-9-1929

Calvin RUDDOCK in History of Northern CA p355-57

Calvin RUDDOCK, M D was the son of Edward RUDDOCK who emigrated from Scotland when he was about 18 years of age. His mother was a native of Whately, Mass. Edward enlisted in the American army at Bunker Hill and served during the war.

Calvin's step-grandfather was STAFFORD, and his grand-father on his mother's side was Thomas SANDERSON and both were soldiers in the Revolutionary war as well.

Edward RUDDOCK first settled in Boston and did milk peddling. Then he moved to Wately, Franklin County MA. After his marriage he moved to the town of Buckland, making his permanent home. His wife's maiden name was Martha SANDERSON. She was 17 at the time of the marriage, her husband being three years her senior.

They lived together for 78 years, Edward being 98 when he died, and Martha being 97 at her death.

Calvin was born Jan 18 1814 in Buckland, Franklin County, MA. When he was 16 he learned the carriage-making trade in Ashfield and served an apprenticeship for five years. He then went to Clinton, Oneida County, NY and attended the Liberal Institute. Afterward he studied medicine under Dr. STEWART of that place.

In 1840 he went to Albany NY and attended medical lectures.

His brother was Samuel A. RUDDOCK, at one time a successful merchant in Boston, had only one eye, and was appointed as the Topographical Surveyor for the western country. He experienced a number of adventures in the area he termed the "Coast Range of the Rocky Mountains." He wrote a letter to his brother, Calvin, relating his experiences with the Indians near Fort Hall and his meeting with Kit Carson after Samuel was captured and released by the Indians.

in 1849 Calvin managed to see Kit Carson at Placerville and spoke to him on the subject. Kit Carson remembered Calvin's brother and there are some more tales regarding Samuel's sojourn in CA and finding gold prior to Marshall's discovery in 1848.

Calvin left NY state in 1848 because of the letters from his brother. He tried to keep the information regarding the gold a secret but was unable to do so. He traveled to Wisconsin and practiced medicine for a year and then continued on when Marshall's discovery of gold was announced.

He finally arrived in Sacramento in 1849, on the site of the old French Hotel on Front Street. Then he went to Placerville where he mined and practiced medicine. In the Fall of 1851 he came to the Sacramento Valley and made his home there.

He first located on the Monument ranch on the west side of the Sacramento River, eight miles above the city. About 1857 he bought land at Willow Slough, half way between Woodland and Davisville, near where Merritt's Station now is.

In 1872 he moved to Woodland. In 1887 he purchased his present home on Oak Avenue west of Cleveland.

December 25 1862, Calvin married Mrs. A. B. GUILFORD, a native of Portland ME, daughter of William BELL.

From the obituary:

December 19 1899

Dr. Calvin RUDDOCK died in the asylum for the insane in Napa. He was committed to the asylum May 22 1899.

Survivors are his wife, Mrs. RUDDOCK and the children from her first marriage, John GUILFORD and Mrs. WILKES, both residents of Woodland.

His body arrived on the train and the funeral and burial was on Wednesday, Dec 20 1899 in Woodland.

Hans H. HOLLENSTEIN in History of Monterey & San Benito County

Hans H. HOLLENSTEIN first set foot in CA in 1869. He went to AZ and then returned in 1902, settling near Salinas.

He was a native of Denmark, born in the province of Sleswick, March 4 1836 on his father's farm.

In Santa Cruz he married Miss Marie BONDE who was also a native of Denmark. Five children were born to him:

Andrew B. of Watsonville CA Henry, Henrietta, Mabel and Cora, natives of AZ.

HETEBRINK in History of Orange County p547 and 279

Diederich HETEBRINK died at Fullerton Nov 28 1909. He was a native of Germany, born May 31 1839, near the city of Hanover. He was the son of Ehler and Lotta (WETJE) HETEBRINK.

In 1866 he was among the immigrants who landed at the port of San Francisco, being at that time 27 years of age.

In 1869 he went to Orange county. He married Miss Mary BARTELS in 1886. She was born Apr 12 1854 near Hanover Germany.

They had three children:

Lotte R. M. is the only one still alive at the time of the article.

William F. HETEBRINK was born in the city of Hanover Oct 8 1841, the son of Ehler and Lotta (WETJE) HETEBRINK. His mother died when William was but three years of age, and the father died when William was fourteen.

William came to the United States in 1866 at the age of twenty-five, the voyage being made by way of Panama.

From San Francisco he went to Alameda County and remained there for nine years.

In 1875 he went to Orange county. While he was in Alameda he married Miss Elizabeth BALTIN on Oct 7 1871. She was also born in Hanover Germany.

They had four daughters and three sons:

William F. Jr. in Fullerton
Fritz in Fullerton

From the death index:
William F. HETEBRINK died in Orange Nov 22 1911 age 70
Rebecca HETEBRINK died in Orange Oct 31 1912 age 69
Henry HETEBRINK died Orange Apr 27 1906 age 71
Diederich age 70 Orange Nov 28 1909
Duke Dec 28 1911 age 6 yrs Orange
Fern Sep 12 1917 age 14 Orange
Frederick C. (spouse L) age 39 Feb 18 1920 Orange
George R. age 39 Nov 18 1923 Orange

Joseph SWYCAFFER in History of Southern Coast Counties p851-855

Joseph SWYCAFFER had as his grandfather, Anthony SWYCAFFER, who was born on the borders of Switzerland and in boyhood went with his parents to America, settling in Baltimore Co MD. Among Anthony's children was a son, John, who was born in Maryland and died in OH after a lifetime as a farmer. In early manhood he married Magdeline ORR, daughter of Michael ORR, who had come from the borders of Switzerland to Maryland in early life.

John and Magdeline had five daughters and two sons. Joseph was next to the eldest. He was born in Anne Arundle County MD Apr 6 1820. In 1830 he went with his family to Frederick MD.

On Jan 2 1850 he left Fort McHenry with Ringgold's Battery, and took passage on the Transport which sailed around the Horn and landed at San Francisco Aug 19, then they went by boat to San Diego, landing there Aug 26.

His wife was Martha WARD, a native of TX and as a young girl settled in San Diego where she met and married Joseph. They had twelve children:

Mrs. Pauline NICHOLSON died in Foster San Diego County
Annette died August 1906
Isabella, the wife of E. C. DOYLE of La Jolla
Martha, the wife of Joseph FOSTER of Foster
Jefferson D. a rancher near Julian
Beatrice, who married Alonzo PRICE and lives in San Francisco
Mrs. Angel CORONA, living in Douglas, Cochise county AZ
John, mining at Globe AZ
Louis, a stockman near Foster, San Diego County
James, a butcher in San Francisco

From the CADI
Anette age 38 died San Diego Aug 5 1906
Joseph age 88 died San Diego Sep 18 1908
Martha (spouse J) age 84 died San Diego Jun 15 1924

Michael J. COONEY in History of Butte County p789

M. (Michael) J. COONEY was born in Galsworth Ireland Oct 3 1844. His father was Patrick COONEY, his mother Catherine CONNOLLY. They were both born and raised in Ireland where they lived and died. Patrick died at 102 of age and Catherine at over 75. They had 13 children.

Michael was aquainted with John Watts KEARNY, son of General KEARNY, who induced him to go west. He settled in Colorado in the San Juan county at Black Wonder, a claim he later gave to a new-comer to the section and which later became a big dividend-player (don't know what that means).

He operated near Ocean Wave, near Lake City, for some time. He went to Leadville and ther located the New Year's Mine, which he sold. He then went to Cassell Montana where he opened and operated a series of silver mines. He then decided to go to the Whitlatch Union and the McINTYRE gold mines at Unionville, four miles from Helena.

From Montana he went to Europe and then to South Africa, where he was during the Boer War, remaining there until 1904 when he returened to America in time to attend the St. Louis Exposition.

While in South Africa he was interested in diamond mining, and hearing that the Oroville district in Butte County, CA had those gems he came to investigate. He acquired the Gold Bank Mine Company with F. J. STOER of Emeryville CA.

He was married twice. First to Miss Annie TAYLOR in Denver CO in 1881. They had four children: only one grew to maturity - James T. COONEY -- a contractor at Greenville, Plumas County, the father of 6 children.

Second, Mr. COONEY married Miss Emma ERFURTH on Jan 1905. From the CADI Emma E. (M.J.) COONEY died age 66 Butte Co Aug 5 1929. I couldn't find an obit in the paper in the CA Room.

And also a possible death date for Michael? Michael J. COONEY died age 49 in Stockton, Mar 15 1908.

B. F. LONGAN in History of Tulare County CA

B. F. LONGAN was a native of Glouster Massachusetts and a son of Captain John and Johanna (WHALEN) LONGAN, both natives of Ireland. His parents came to the US in their youth.

John was a searfaring man, the owner of his own vessel, and during the Civil War he taught seamanship to young men. He was the first to bring fresh fish to New York city from the coast of Ireland.

B. F. came to CA after 1918, and settled in Tulare. One of his dairy herd is named "Sir Aggie Meal," an animal worth a fortune.

B. F. LONGAN married Miss Julia GLOVER, member of an old and prominent Massachusets family. The couple had three sons: W. Chester, Daniel D. and George P. LONGAN.

FAIRBANKS in History of Ventura County p89

Fergus L. FAIRBANKS of Filmore was born in Pawnee Co NE on Apr 12, 1876, the son of Elijah B. and Martha M. (LINN) FAIRBANKS. The family arrived in Ventura County in August, 1876, and located in the town of Ventura, where they remained until 1881 and then located at Hueneme. The father became a wharfinger. In 1907 he located in Filmore where he died.

Elijah and Martha had:

Charles H. of Los Angeles County
Fergus L. of Ventura
Mrs. Frank H. JOHNSON of Santa Barbara County
Mrs. Winnifred CARR of El Monte, LA County
Louis A. of Lompoc, Santa Barbara County
P. Sidney of Oxnard
Fred L. of Ventura
Fergus married in 1898 to Miss Lula HOOPER and they had one daughter Constance. In 1904 the married Miss Helen MURPHEY, a native of Michigan and they had six children: Helen, Richard, Elizabeth, Katherine, Robert and John.

Fred FAIRBANKS in History of Ventura County p421

Fred FAIRBANKS who owns and operates two billiard parlors in Ventura is a native of Ventura, born at Hueneme on Nov 14 1892, the son of E. B. and Martha (LINN) FAIRBANKS. He was married to Katherine CARR, native of Riverside CA, and they have twin daughers, Barbara and Beatrice.

George McKee in History of Ventura County p 238

George A. McKEE, one of the most successful ranchers in Ventura County, was a native of Ireland, born in County Down in Dec 1865. When he was 6 years old his parents, David and Mary Osborn (WATSON) McKEE made the voyage to the US. They located in Santa Clara in January 1872, renting a portion of the farm of Uriah WOOD.

In 1876 David McKEE traveled in a covered wagon to Ventura County with the household effects of the family. There he died in 1893 and Mary died in 1913 at the age of 94. James and Robert also are deceased, and William, a half-brother to George, is also deceased. Surviving children are: John, David, George A and Mrs. James FISHER.

George married Miss Carrie LOGAN, a native of MO, in June 1924 and htey have a daughter, Margaret, born in March 1925.

Mrs. Aldana E FREEMAN in History of Placer and Nevada Counties Page 895
Henry Millard FREEMAN was born in Poland Maine Dec 18 1851, son of Daniel and Hannah (MARBLE) FREEMAN, natives of Maine and of English descent, whose ancestors were among the earliest settlers of New England.

He married in Lynn Mass May 17 1873 Miss Aldana E. WOOD, who as born at Oceanville Deer Isle Maine. Her father was Benjamin S. WOOD who was born at Blue Hill, Maine. Her mother was Susan R. WHITMORE, native of Maine. She survived her husband, passing away at Oceanville. Aldana was 3rd of their eight children.

Mr. FREEMAN was in partnership with Mr. WOOD and then in 1890, with his wife and daughter, he came to CA settling in Placer County where he went into partnership with his brother-in-law, Edgar HERSEY. He purchased the Cisco Hotel and did business as Hersey & FREEMAN. When Mr. HERSEY died in 1894 and Mrs. HERSEY married W. B. VINYARD.

Mr and Mrs. FREEMAN were the parents of one child, Ella M., who was a graduate of Santa Clara High School and who supplemented her education at Heald's Business College in San Francisco.

Henry F. MERRILL in History of San Joaquin County p. 1543

Henry F. MERRILL was born in Camp Seco, Calaveras County CA on May 13 1887. He was the son of Douglass and Anna Virginia (WHITAKER) MERRILL, natives of NY and CA respectively. Douglass came to CA in an early day and was a building contractor in Lodi and the mother came to CA with her parents in 1861 and also settled in San Joaquin Co. They had four children: Mamie Adaline, Mrs. C. C. WRIGHT; Nellie, Mrs. Howard GILLESPIE; Henry F. and Joseph F.

Henry was married in Nov of 1909 at Stockton to Miss Emma VOLLBRECHT, daughter of William and Anna VOLLBRECHT. William was a native of Germany who came to America with his parents when he was three years old. Mrs. VOLLBRECHT was one of twelve children, her mother stilling living in IA while her father is deceased as of the writing of this article.

Mrs. and Mrs. MERRILL are the parents of three children: Emily, Bernice and Lowell.

Roudolph LAUPPE in History of Sacramento County CA Page 667

Roudalph LAUPPE, farmer, was born in Sacramento, January 12, 18--. His father, also named Roudalph, was born in Germany, and owned and occupied the farm upon which the son is now residing; he is now working for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. The farm is devoted principally to grain. Four acres are in orchard, which is one of the finest in this part of the country.

Mr. LAUPPE, the subject of this paragraph, married Rehina SHAFER, who was born in Switzerland, and they have five children: Roudalph, John D., Anna, Edward J. and Louise.


Sarah D. (spouse R) LAUPPE died in Sacramento age 70 Sep 15 1939
Regina LAUPPE died age 82 San Francisco Jan 2 1918
John D. LAUPPE (spouse J S) age 55 died Sacramento Oct 13 1910
Norman S. (spouse H C) died age 24 Sacramento Mar 28 1920

E. S. ZERWEKH in History of the Harbor District of LA Page 385

Edward S. ZERWEKH was born in Pekin IL Feb 6 1886, son of Albert and Ida ZERWEKH. His father was an expert caterer and conducted a flourishing business in confectionery and ice cream in Pekin.

In 1913 he came to Los Angeles and became manager of the San Pedro office of the Guy B. BARHAM Company, custom brokers.

He married in Denver CO on July 22 1907, Miss Mary STANTON and they had 7 children:

Mary C. born in Denver Apr 1 1908
Edward born in Denver May 27 1910
Mercia born in Peoria IL Jun 3 1912
M. Frances born in Los Angeles Jun 5 1914
Joseph born in Los Angeles Dec 28 1919
Mary Alice born in San Pedro July 3 1922
Mary Cecilia born Sep 20 1925

John Wesley FLY in History of Fresno Page 1552 - Vol. II

John Wesley FLY was born near Cassville Barry County MO in 1844. His grandfather was Jerry FLY, who was born in England and settled in TN. His father, A. P. FLY, was born in TN. His mother was Miss Rillia CANTRELL, native of TN, of Irish ancestors. After they married they moved to Arkansas and then to MO and John and A. L. FLY, two of the sons, served in the same regiment during the Civil War.

John volunteered for service on Jan 3 1863 at Fayetteville Ark in the Union Army, joining Company H, First Missouri Cavalry. He was in the Battle of Little Rock and also of Camden. In Sept 1865 at St Louis he was honorably discharged from the service.

On June 11 1864 he married Miss Charioty CLARK, a native of Arkansas who was brought up in MO. She was the dau of Thomas and Nancy (COMES) CLARK, both natives of TN. She was the 8th in a family of twelve children.

IN 1883 they moved from Barry County MO to Routt County CO and engaged in the cattle business.

When John FLY was 56 he broke down in health and sold his stock and came to CA in 1904. He was impressed with Fresno County and settled in a location near Clovis. He had peaches but found the land unfavorable to them so he cut the trees down and planted the acres with sultana grapevines.

Mr and Mrs. FLY had 5 children:

Fountain E. FLY a rancher at Gridley CA
Miranda (Mrs. VOICE of Clovis)
Gertrude (Mrs. SELLERS of Clovis)
Ellen (Mrs. DUCY of Barstow Colony, Fresno)
Allie (Mrs. JONES of International, Fresno)
They also have 22 grandchildren and 14 g-grandchildren.

Leander BLOYD History of Fresno, Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1892 Page 740

Leander BLOYD born in IL March 8 1850, son of William and Lydia (THURBER) BLOYD. His father was a descendant of Scotch ancestry and was born and reared in KY.

In 1861 Leander's family came to CA when Leander was 11 years old. They settled in a farm in Sutter Co and stayed there 7 years, their three children attending school there.

Leander married Laura L. ROBINSON and in 1883 came to Tulare County and located on his present farm of eighty acres.

They had six children, three survived to adulthood: Clemmie, Jennie and Madella.

Mr. BLOYD was large, bieng six feet six inches tall and in 1865 he enlisted in Company A, First Oregon Calvalry, and served against the Indians, principally in WA and ID Territories, receiving an honorable discharge in Feb, 18966. He was only fifteen when he entered the service.

He is a member of the GAR and associated with the AOUW.

Amos CONKEY in History of Plumas Lassen & Sierra Counties page 501

Amos Conkey was born in Alleghany country NY June 4 1831, the son of Sylvanus and Elizabeth CONKEY. While young, his parents moved to Ashtabula county OH, where they stayed two years and then to Jacksonville, PA where they stayed until 1843, and then went to Green County WI and stayed there 10 years.

In spring, 1853, he and his parents went overland to CA, arriving in Sierra county in October of that year. His parents engaged in the hotel business and Amos mined. In June, 1857, Amos and his father went to Lassen County and located 8 miles southeast of Susanville.

Sylvanus died there in April, 1879.

Amos married Miss Eliza J. BRANT of Green County WI, who had been born in Monroe County IL June 9 1836.

They had 8 children:

May born May 9 1864
Ira M and Ida M born Sep 15 1865
Ellen Blanch and Alice Maud born Sept 15 1869
Jesse B born July 29 1873
Earl Arthur born Jan 22 1878
Clarice Sybil born Mar 19 1881
Ida M. died May 7 1869
May died Dec 8 1879
Earl Arthur died Dec 22 1879
and Jesse died Dec 26 1879

Joseph E. GRUWELL in History of Fresno County CA Vol. 11, Page 2269

Joseph E. GRUWELL was born in Lakeport Lake County CA Feb 25 1870. His grandfather was Jacob GRUWELL who was a member of the CA Assembly in the early days in Santa Clara County and had crossed the plains in an ox team train. His father located northeast of Hanford in 1875 and died there on July 4 1913.

J. E. was married to Kate BARTON who was born in El Dorado County, CA. Her father was H. D. BARTON, former supervisor of Kings County.

Wm H THURMAN in History of San Joaquin County Page 288

William H. THURMAN was the founder of the city of Madera and born in 1831 in Winchester TN. He was the son of John THURMAN, a Virginian and pioneer of TN. At 16 he left home and enlisted in the Mexican War where he served under Gen. Winfield SCOTT. In 1849 he crossed the plains to CA. He settled in Washoe county NV and served for one term as sheriff. He returned to CA in 1869 he embarked in the lumber business at Coulterville, Mariposa County.

He organized the old California Lumber Company and built the flume form the mills, sixty miles to this place. To the new town he gave the Spanish name of Madera.

He moved to Walla Walla WA and engaged in lumbering in Idaho for two years.

Returning to CA he built a mill in Mariposa County and his winter home was Fresno Flats.

May 16 1893 he was elected sheriff of Madera County.

He removed to San Diego where he died in December 1895 at 64 years of age.

He married Emma BLUDWORTH who was born in New Orleans LA and came to CA after the Civil war.

They had four children:
W. B. a resident of Madera
George S. manager of a commission house in San Francisco
Arthur L. a conductor on the Southern Pacific Railroad
James D. an attorney in San Francisco

Wm B THURMAN in History of San Joaquin County Page 288

William B. THURMAN was born in Washoe NV July 14 1868, son of W.H. THURMAN. When his father was elected sheriff he was appointed under-sheriff. In 1898 he was the nominee of the Democratic party for county sheriff and was elected and entered upon his duties in Jan 1899. He formed a partnership with J. W. WATKINS in June 1902.

He married Georgia A. RICE in Fresno Flats on June 17 1896. She was a native of Grant County OR. Her father was Henry RICE who came to CA in 1852 via Cape Horn and ten years later went to OR and settled in Grant County. He married Sophronia DODSON and now (at the time of the bio) makes his home in Fresno.

Edward RENIE in the History of Solano and Napa Counties CA Page 816

Edward RENIE was a native of IN born in Jennings County in 1862. When he was seven the family moved to IL. Shortly after his father died. Edward traveled west and settled for a time in Nye County NV. Then he moved to Republic WA.

After 20 years in WA he located in Douglas County OR and engaged in lumbering and logging. After 5 years he went to Solano County CA. He bought 20 acres of land in Mexico, paying $20 an acre. He concluded that Solano county was better suited to his needs and he returned to a location four miles northeast of Vacaville.

From CADI Edward RENIE died in Solano County June 9 1915.

Farmer SANFORD in History of Contra Costa County page 642

Farmer SANFORD was born in Atchison county MO Feb 2 1851. At age two his parents emigrated across the plains to Contra Costa county arriving in Sept 1852 locating about one mile from the present site of the town of Walnut Creek. They moved to Martinez and then to Lafayette.

In 1878 Farmer SANFORD located in Walnut Creek and opened his livery and feed stable located on Main street near Roger's Hotel. He married Miss Kitty DOWNING, native of CA, on Sept 12, 1877 in Concord. They have one child, Evelyn D.

Peter BRUNOLD in History of Stanislaus County Page 1152

Peter BRUNOLD was a native of Switzerland and one of the most successful dairy farmers and stock breeders of Stanislaus county. As a lad he crossed the ocean with his parents. Three sisters and two brothers had preceded them and had located in Amador County CA. In 1882, when he was sixteen, he and his parents came to CA and located in Amador County and there his mother passed away at the age of 68. His father spent the remainder of his days with his son, dying in Modesto at age 84.

Peter came to Stanislaus Co in 1904 and engaged in the dairy business and in breeding Holstein cattle. His herd sire is King Pontiac Sarcastic Korndyke whose sire, King Korndyke Pontiac, 20th, was sold to Burns & Company of Los Angeles for $12,000, while a half-brother was recently sold to Mrs. Anita BALDWIN for $41,000.

Peter was born Aug 7 1866 in Bergun, Canton Grisons Switzerland, youngest of 6 children born to George and Margaret (YAGER) BRUNOLD.

He married in San Francisco Miss Louise S. HAYDEN on Dec 23 1889. She was a native daughter, born at Sutter Creek, Amador County. Her parents were James and Hariette (WHITT) HAYDEN. Her father was born in OH and had run away from home as a youth and enlisted in Company C, Fifth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, serving in the Civil War. He fought in the battles of Winchester, Port Republic, Cedar Mountain, Antietam, Gettsburg, Mission Ridge, Chancellorsville, Dallas, Lookout Mountain, Resaca and others. Through exposure and lack of care his eyesight became impaired and he eventually became totally blind. He married Hariette WHITT at Sutter Creek. She was the daughter of Harry and Martha WHITT, born at Fiddletown, Amador County. James HAYDEN died in 1911 and Hariette made her home in Sacramento until her death at 1908.

Mrs. BRUNOLD was the only child of the union and was educated in the schools of Sutter Creek.

Mr&Mrs BRUNOLD have 7 children:

Alma (Mrs. Ed PETERSON garage owner Patterson)
Margaret (Mrs. Alfred DAVIS of Modesto)

Capt. Emil HARRIS in History of Southern CA page 1090

Capt. Emil HARRIS, native of Prussia, born Dec 29 1839. Came to the US with an aunt at 13 years of age and remained one year in New York City. Took passage to relatives in CA -- took North Star steamer to Panama and crossed the Isthmus and boarded the John L. Stevens for San Francisco where he arrived in March of 1857.

He went from SF to Stockton and worked at his uncle's billiard hall and then moved with him to SF and formed a partnership in the cigar business.

His residence in Los Angeles dates from April 9 1869. He became a patrolman in 1870. He has the bandit Tiburico VASQUEZ's rifle -- Tiburico was hanged March 19 1875 in San Jose.

In 1877 and 78 he was chief of police of Los Angeles and during this time the Temple Bank was robbed. Within three weeks he captured the robber and recovered $10,060.

With ten others he organized the Turner Germania, which has 500 members.

W. C. LOGAN in History Santa Barbara p378

W. C. LOGAN Head of the local agency for the Dodge Brothers cars. Born May 17 1879 in Sharpsville PA and had an early ambition to be a surgeon. He abandoned that and was assistant to the president of the Rauch & Lang Electric Company.

In 1910 he located in San Francisco and then in 1918 moved to Santa Barbara. He was married May 6 1903 to Miss Eleanor HARBAUGH of Cleveland OH and they have one daughter, Eleanore Florence.

Joseph BALESTRA in History of Monterey and San Benito counties page 654

From CADI Joseph G. BALESTRA died in Monterey at age 71 on Apr 11 1928.

Joseph BALESTRA was a native of Switzerland, born Sept 24 1856. In 1884 he debarked from an ocean vessel at NY and then immediately took passage to CA. He arrived first at Gilroy, Santa Clara County, and then went to Salinas, Monterey County, where he worked on dairy farms which abounded in this area of the country.

In 1889 he rented land in Alisal canyon, where he ran a dairy ranch for three years.

He also owns a third interest in the diary conducted by Joseph VIOLINI in the Chualar district, where a dairy of 150 cows was maintained.

While still Switzerland he married Miss Antonia BENEDETTA, also a native of Switzerland. He left his wife and family when he sailed to America in 1884 and five years later had accumulated enough money to enable his family to join him at the ranch in Alisal canyon.

Three children had been born to the couple in Switzerland: Joseph, Philip and Mary (Mrs. Jido MUTTO) and seven more were born in CA: Maggie, Flora, Josephine, Edward, Irene, Peter and Rosie.

G W WHITMAN in History of Northern CA Page 701

G. W. WHITMAN was born in Greenbriar County, VA, Sep 21 1809, the son of William and Elizabeth (ERWIN) WHITMAN. The father, a farmer by vocation, was a native of the State of New York, and the mother was a native of Virginia. When he was 17 he went to Chillicothe Ross County OH, and four years later went to Richmond Wayne County IN where he studied there for three years.

Then he made his home in Cambridge of that State, until 1849, when, in October, he sailed from New York State to CA by way of Cape Horn, landing in San Francisco May 6 following. He followed mining at various points throughout this State, mostly to Merced County. In 1863 he went to Sonoma County and, owning a large tract of land there, he devoted all his attention to his fruit-raising and wine-making. In 1883 he settled upon his present place of 228 acres eight miles from Martinez, where he has a fine orchard of thirty acres and a splendid vineyard of fifty acres, devoted to table grapes.

Mr. WHITMAN married Miss Nancy SMITH, who was born in TN Jan 1 1809. They have two children:

Henry H. born Jan 5 1837
Addie born Aug 7 1831
Mr. WHITMAN was State Controller of CA in 1854 and from 1842 to 1847 he was Judge of the Probate Court, IN.

Jack BANCHIO in History of Merced County CA Page 617

Jack BANCHIO, of Italian parentage, was born in Brisbane Australia. His parents were from Piemonte, northern Italy and settled in Brisbane where Jack was born and raised.

When he was 8 years old he ran away from home starting afoot to the interior of Australia. The school and truant officers undertook to return him to his parents, and overtook him quite a distance from home; after capturing him they made him ride a horse with one of the officers, and while enroute the officers, tired from their chase, stopped to get some refreshments, leaving young Jack on the horse. He turned a handspring off the animal and was again soon lost in the brush. He headed across country this time, as the officers had threatened to whip him and put him in jail for being a bad boy. He headed for Ipswich, where he arrived safely. The officers were soon in pursuit, but, being a strong, husky lad, used to the wilds, he succeeded in outwitting them and did not go home until he was about 12 years of age.

After this incident his parents left Brisbane for New Zealand and then went to Sidney, Australia, then decided to return to Italy via the Indian Ocean to the Isle of Ceylon, through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, then down the Mediterranean to Italy. So before Jack was much older he had become quite a traveled youngster and knew how to find his way about.

When he was a young man Jack came to CA and finally landed in Merced County in 1910 where today he is one of the influential men of that district, one of the city trustees of Gustine and proprietor of the Gustine Hotel and Gustine Hotel Grounds. He has in his possession citizenship papers of England, Italy and the US.

Mr. BANCHIO established the Commercial Duck Club, an 18,000 acre venture and is the owner of the Gustine Hotel, and for the past ten years has operated the only lumber yard in the community.

Mr. BANCHIO was married to Emma ______, and took an extended world trip, spending several months in the leading countries of Europe and Northern Africa. They traveled almost exclusively by automobile, and their machine was transported over four different ships. Careful notes were kept of the interesting events and places visited and may be published in the near future in one of the papers of the county.

Mr and Mrs BANCHIO have two children:

Alfred who is manager of the lumber yard and Mrs. Margaret SCHWIEGER, who manages the hotel.

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