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Benjamin Maloon Page 583 Biographical Record of Oakland & Environs - 1907

The Maloon family was one of the earliest to locate in CA.
Benjamin MALOON was the pioneer, a descendant of an old New England family.
He was born in Newcaste, near Portsmouth NH on Aug 15 1822.
His family were all sea-faring people. In 1848, with a man by the name of
BROWN, he left Boston and brought the boat Lanark around Cape Horn.

In 1854, Mrs. MALOON and the family left Boston to join her husband in CA.
They came across the Isthmus. In 1856 Benjamin MALOON acted as captain of a vigilance committe in San Francisco. He died Jan 19 1898 at age 76. His wife died three months later, Apr 22
1898. Mr. MALOON was married Jan 2 1841 to Miss Mary BATTES (born in Boston, Jan 8
Their children:

Benjamin Franklin MALOON born Feb 22 1843 Boston Mass (died age 70 Mar 17 1913 Alameda)
never married

Seth Brown MALOON born Jun 30 1845 Roxbury, Mass, married Miss Mary E. WARNER, native of IL (she died age 72) Alameda May 25 1922)
their children
Clarence L. MALOON - died at age 25
Arthur S. MALOON
George MALOON - died at age 23

Henry MALOON born Aug 2 1847 Roxbury Mass
married (1868) Miss Lysle Elizabeth PECKHAM, dau of Charles O. and
their children
Benjamin MALOON
Raymond H. MALOON (died age 5 Alameda Sep 15 1923)
Calla Alberta MALOON
Jessie Maud MALOON

Nathaniel MALOON born May 8 1849 and died the following Dec
George MALOON born Feb 22 1852
Ida A. MALOON born Jul 24 1855 (wife of William CLARK)
Isabella MALOON born Dec 9 1858 and died as an infant
Charles E. MALOON born Oct 24 1861

Perry FOWLER in the history on page 397-8 History of Tulare & Kings Cos. - 1913

Perry died in Tulare at age 76 on Nov 25 1927 He was born Mar 1 1851 in MO, son of Benjamin and Mary Ann (THOMPSON) FOWLER. In 1854 his parents came by ox-team to CA. He was three years old.

His father, Benjamin FOWLER, died in Deer Creek region of Tulare on Feb 20
1876. His mother died in Los Angeles in Sept 1895.

On Sep 8 1879 he married Jeanette Josephine HAWKINS, who was born at Suisun
Solano County CA Feb 1 1857 and died in Fresno County May 12 1910. She was
the daughter of Vardiman HAWKINS of Elmira Solano County, a pioneer of that
part of the state.

She and Perry had two children: Jeanette May FOWLER (b Dec 10 1880) and J.
Benjamin FOWLER (b Jul 19 1882). Jeanette married J. B. SOUTHWELL of Tulare
County. J. Benjamin married Mrs. Annie SMITH and they have two sons: Roy
Benjamin FOWLER and Perry Daniel FOWLER.

An Illustrated History of Southern California - 1890 Page 117

S. G. HAVERMALE who was born in Sharpsburg Maryland
on Oct 15 1824. He married Nov 1 1849 at Elizabeth, Jo Daviess County, IL to Miss Elizabeth
GOLDTHORP a native of IL. They had three children.

Frank L. STONE from the History of Sacramento p 632.

He was born Jun 9 1843 in Cornish York County Me, son of Phineas STONE. His
grandfather was Levi STONE, a farmer in Maine.

Phineas STONE married Eliza ESTES, of Maine. They had 14 children, 12 living
to maturity. Frank was one of these children.

In 1863 he came to CA by the Isthmus of Panama. Frank married Ella A.
KIMBALL, daughter of John H. KIMBALL, pioneer settler of Sutter County. She
died Aug 5 1894 leaving three daughters: Ida K. STONE SQUIRES, wife of Dr.
SQUIRES of Napa, CA, Minnie STONE, at home and Maude, deceased twin of

Hiram Emmett BARTON from page 408 in the History of Sacramento Valley.

Hiram was born at Latrobe April 5 1867
son of Supervisor Hiram E. and Margaret Ann BARTON, both from NY.
They were pioneer settlers of Eldorado County.
Hiram was married to Daisy E. RUSSI, sister of John RUSSI of Sacramento
The couple had
Lelland Harrison BARTON who served in USN in world war
Margaret BARTON, wife of G. ERBS, private secretary in Honolulu
Rollie BARTON in government service
Hiram E. died age 61 in Eldorado County July 12 1928

Daisy's father was Anton RUSSI who was born in Italy Nov 21 1845
He ran away from home at the age of 14.
He homesteaded in Lake Tahoe where he established the first dairy
He married Maria Louisa WALLACE May 13 1876. He died August 20 1891
and Maria RUSSI died Jan 14 1926. Both are buried at Folsom CA.
Maria Louisa's mother was Sarah WALLACE who crossed the plains in a covered
wagon. Maria Louisa was an early school teacher in Eldorado County.

J. HARDY from the History of Northern CA p. 343

J. HARDY was born Nov 6 1824 in Butler Co OH
He came to CA in 1861 overland via Mule Train

He married Mary C. PRATT (native of Mass) in 1853
they had two children:
Mary E. (HARDY) DOUGLAS, wife of G. L. DOUGLAS
W. J. HARDY - living in Sutter County

A History of New California - 1905 - 2nd Ed. Page 1137

Charles C. STRAUCH born Sacramento Apr 10 1867
son of David and Magdalena (MILLER) STRAUCH - both natives of Germany.

David STRAUCH died Apr 5 1896 and his wife died Oct 15 1867.

Eight children are listed for David and Magdalena:
Jennie M. STRAUCH JOHNSTON, widow of Thomas JOHNSTON
Charles C. STRAUCH
Annie M. STRAUCH WOLFE, wife of August WOLFE

Charles married Lena C. WOLFE, a native of Sacramento, born May 16 1878,
daughter of Joseph and Mary (WEBBER) WOLFE, Joseph being a native of
Germany, Mary born in Sacramento.
When Lena was three, both parents died and she was raised by her
grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth WEBBER, a pioneer of CA and native of Germany.
Lena's brothers were John J. WOLFE, August WOLFE (who married Annie M.
STRAUCH) and William T. WOLFE of Placer County.

Charles C. and Lena STRAUCH had four children:
Lillian A. STRAUCH
Ruby M. and Pearl M. STRAUCH - twins

Willaim MOUTOUX from the History of Sacramento Valley p996

William E. MOUTOUX was born in Germany Jan 23 1848 and at 15 immigrated to
the US with his sister.
His brother is Henry F. MOUTOUX.
William is unmarried and his sister runs his domestic affairs.

Louis B. MOSCHETTI, Martin F. MOZZINI and Mrs. Antonietta MOZZINI from the History of Humbolt county

Louis B. MOSCHETTI was born in Italy on August 3 1891 (Teglio, Sondrio,
Lombardia ITA)
His father was Bartol MOSCHETTI, a farmer who died Feb 26 1914 and his
mother was Kathrina BERTINELLI.

Louis came to the US in 1907.
He married Miss Martina MOZZINI on Feb 26 1914 in Eureka. She was born in
Canton Ticino, Switzerland, daughter of Antoinetta MOZZINI, a prominent
woman of Humbolt county. Louis and Martina are the parents of Eugene Louis

Martin F. MOZZINI appears to be the brother of Martina. He was born in Santa
Cruz on Jan 10 1892.
Mrs. Antonietta MOZZINI first came to Humboldt County in 1896, her husband
having died in Santa Cruz two years earlier.
She had two brothers in the area: Stephen and Antonio MOZZINI.
Antionietta's parents were Marin and Martina (MOZZINI) MOZZINI. Their
surnames were the same.
Antionietta's children were:
Martina MOZZINI wife of Louis B. MOSCHETTI (spelt in this version -
MOSKETE) of Elk River
Gemmaleta MOZZINI

James D. AUSTIN p745 History of Northern California
He was born in Anderson County, SC, May 11 1831.
His parents were James and Margaret (McCURDY) AUSTIN.
They died when he was a boy in 1839.
He married Susan BRUMHILLER in 1870 in Haywards (Mariposa County, I think)
She died in 1882.
He married again, in Oakland, Mrs. Matilda BAKER. They had one child, Emma

Elijah P Justice page 318 History of Orange County - 1921

Elijah Perry JUSTICE was born Nov 10 1838 in Pulaski Co IN. He died at age
83 in Orange County, May 5, 1922.
He was the son of Jesse and Matilda (STUART) JUSTICE who brought up nine
(ten?) children.
Daniel, Maria, Alfred, E. Perry, David, Oliver, Jane, Alvina, Amanda and

His father, Jesse JUSTICE, was born Mar 27 1812 in PA. He married Martha
STUART in 1833 in IN.
One source says: He came alone to CA in 1849 (around the Horn) and in 1858
he came by the Sante Fe trail with his family.
He was the first postmaster at Azusa Valley. Jesse died Jan 7 1892 in
Westminister CA.
Another source says:
The family moved to TX when Perry was fifteen years of age (1853) and in
1857 Perry moved to San Bernadino County CA and engaged in work in pine
forests. In 1859 he moved to Azusa and lived there until 1888.
Sep 261869 Perry married Martha Adeline COTMAN in Azusa, CA. Martha was born
in San Diego Nov 24 1853, she died age 78 Jun 16, 1933 in Los Angeles

Perry and Martha had eight children:
Clara JUSTICE GLINES, wife of Perry GLINES - Covina
Martha JUSTICE YOST - Fresno
Oliver P. JUSTICE - Merced
Wilely Wells JUSTICE
Jesse Albert JUSTICE
Roy Cleveland JUSTICE

History of Merced 1925
Serafino BORSINI was born in Canton Ticino Switzerland on Apr 25 1855, the
son of Sebastian and Josephine (BERTA) BORSINI.
He was the sixth of eight children. He became an American citzen in 1883 and
voted Republican.
On Oct 30 1883 he married Miss Celia MEAD, daughter of Allen and Mary
(PRICE) MEAD of PA Dutch stock.
Grandfather PRICE crossed the plains with oxen and a prairie schooner in the
pioneer days and settled in Plumas County.

Serafino and Celia had nine children:
Carrie Edna BORSINI, Mrs. F. B. SLEEPER of Oakdale
Mary Josephine BORSINI, widow of Al TERZICH of SF
Katherine Alberta BORSINI, Mrs. Robert CASSITY
(their children: Francis Lucille, Fay Roberts, Robert Hulen, Aloha
May, Vernon Claire and Helen Grace)
Frankie Rae BORSINI, Mrs. George GILLIGAN of SF
(children: Ernest, Melba, Dorothy, Juanita, Frank, Mary, Jack and
Jeanette GILLIGAN)
William S. BORSINI who died age 7
Celia Rebecca BORSINI, wife of Herbert GRAHAM - Vancouver WA
(children: Bruce)
Albert Sebastian BORSINI, twin
Allen Carlton BORSINI, twin
Brenda Avis BORSINI, Mrs. Laurence STERLING, Gustine

History of Sonoma County 1911
William Logan TOMBS born in 1842 in MO.
Married Miss Jennie SACRY, native of MO in 1866.
She died in 1893 in Healdsburg Sonoma County CA
Daughter Nellie married Robert MASON.
William L. TOOMBS died age 81 El Dorado County May 2 1938

Biographical History of Northern CA Page 332
John Clifton MASON was born in Madison Co IL Sep 11 1829, son of Hale VT> and Grace (FRINCH) MASON.
In 1853, with his brother, Joel P. MASON, he came to CA on the steamer
"Georgia" coming by the Isthmus of Panama. They sailed March 5 1853. From
Panama they took the "John L. Stepehens" to San Francisco.
He married Miss Avilla Oretta / Aretta HARVEY, a native of Maine, on May 21
1871 in Trinity Co, CA.

History of Fresno Page 986
George Wampole HORN was a specialist in the feeding and rasing of hogs.
He was born in Clearfield County PA on Jan 7 1831, son of Elias W. and Nancy
Elias had twenty children, eight with Nancy Jane and the rest with his
second wife (not named).

He married Miss Ella M. HOFFMAN, the daughter of Simon E. and Phoebe E.
Phoebe died March 3 1918 and is buried in Selma.

George W. HORN died age 72 in Fresno Feb 17, 1926.

George and Ella had eight children:
Phoebe HORN, wife of Charles LAMBERT of Modesto, blacksmith
(children: Elton, Fern and Fay)
Irene HORN, wife of George LAMBERT of Butte County
(children: Dorris and Elvin)
Nellie HORN, wife of C. C. CULBERTSON, on a ranch near Selma
Alfred HORN, his wife was Goldie COOK of Eschol district
(child: Evelyn)
Andrew HORN
George HORN, a merchant at Lemoore
Ella HORN, at school

Mrs. America FULLER p457 Biographical History of Northern California
Mrs. America Ray (BIDWELL) FULLER
born Jackson Co MO, daughter of James F. and Anna (COPLAND) RAY.
married (1) Thomas J. BIDWELL in 1859 at Chico CA - he died 1864 of
he was the brother of General John BIDWELL
married (2) Wm. H. H. FULLER 1867 at Chico CA
Lily BIDWELL, wife of W. C. COLLINS of Sacramento
Harry FULLER died age 17 of spinal disease

E. G. FULLER p334 History of Northern California

Hon. Ezbon Gillette FULLER was born Ferrisburg, Addison Co, VT Mar 4 1810
Son of Milton FULLER, direct descendant of Rev. Samuel FULLER who came on
the Mayflower.
In July, 1834 he married (1) Miss Elizabeth BEECH, daughter of Dr. Jesse
BEECH of Gaines, NY and only sister of Dr. John BEECH
She died in 1864.

He married (2) Miss Elizabeth M. A. CARLEY, granddaughter of Thomas
PETTIGREW, who was private secretary to George Washington before and during
the Revolutionary War.

Jesse Beech FULLER p336 Biographical History of Northern California

Col Jesse Beech FULLER was born May 16 1841 in Cold Water, Branch Co, MI.
He was the son of Esbond Gillette and Elizabeth (BEECH) FULLER.
Milton FULLER, his grandfather, was a captain in the war of 1812.

In 1862 he married Miss Mary CRESSY, native of MI and daughter of Dr. CRESSY
of Hillsdale, MI. They had one child, Mary, wife of Dr E. E. STONE
superintendent of the State Insane Asylum at Napa, CA.
In 1867 Mrs. FULLER died, and in 1873 he married her sister, Carrie A.
CRESSY. They had two sons and a daughter. John H., Ada Irene, and Justin K.

Horace Franklin TRACY p512 Biographical History of Northern California
Horace Franklin TRACY was born at Chelsea VT on Oct 4 1827. One of eight
children born to Elisha and Martha (PATHERD) TRACY, native of VT. The father
died in 1878, mother in 1879, each seventy-eight years of age.
He came to CA in 1849 on the "Argonaut" around Cape Horn.

In 1883 he was postmaster of El Dorado.
He married Miss Mary SNYDER, native of Germany, at El Dorado, Feb 28 1864.
They had one daughter, Mrs. W. S. PITNER of Placerville who has one
daughter, Jessie L. PITNER.

Sacramento Valley History p53
John J. DANERI was born 18 Dec 1881 at Sutter Creek. He was the son of Jame
and Katherin (LAGOMARSINO) DANERI, both sturdy old Italian stock.
He worked for Mr. ROBERTS, the first funeral director and embalmer in
Amadore County.
John married Miss Ethel McPHERSON of San Francisco and they had two
children: James F. and Mary C. (a school teacher).

His son, James F. DANERI, joined him in the business when he was granted his

Biographical History of Northern CA page 350

Benjamin D. MASON was born in Baltimore MD Mar 1 1834, son of George and
Catherine (MUMMA) MASON.
In 1852 he came on the steamer Prometheus via Nicaragua to CA.
He married Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, a native of IN (parents native of PA) in
Placerville Jan 19 1875.
He died at age 75 in El Dorado County Dec 28 1908.
Elizabeth MASON died age 79 in El Dorado County Apr 26 1922.
It does not appear they had any children, or at least none are mentioned.

SF Bay Region qc 979.461
B3 1892 vol 2 p519
qc 979.461 M6 Vol 2 p116
bios for John H. GRADY born 23 July 1852 in SF, son of James

H. GRADY, native of county Galway IRE born 1822 who came to CA in 1849. He
died in 1874.
It gives a bio on the father who, if I can figure this out (it is pretty
convoluted in the writing) married in New Orleans, Miss Mary DOLLY, a native
of the town in which he was born. She died in 1884. They had 8 children.
These are listed:
Kate Frances GRADY (Mrs. Jasper FISHBOURNE)
Robert GRADY
Theodore GRADY
Emma GRADY (Mrs. James McFADDEN).

This eldest son, John H. GRADY, married (in 1877) Miss Eleanor Nellie G.
ROURKE and they had seven/thirteen? children. She died Aug 17 1919. As of
1923 these children were still alive:
Gertrude GRADY (wife of L. J. CARL of SF)
Henry F. GRADY
Benvenuta L. GRADY (wife of Edward J. LYNCH, leading attorney of SF)
Grover GRADY
Irene GRADY (Sister Benvenuta of the Holy Family Catholic order in SF
John H. GRADY, Jr.
Florence P. GRADY
Ralph M. GRADY
Raymond GRADY
Donald GRADY

Fritter John P. 802 History of Butte Co. - 1918

John Powhatan FRITTER born Oct 2 1841 near Logan, Hocking County OH, son of
William FRITTER (native of VA) and Harriet WESTENHAVER (native of OH)
Came to CA in 1862 with Cy TROXEL in a prairie schooner.

Lived between 1864 and 1918 in Dayton, Durham. He was a farmer.
Married (1) Mary Marilda COON on Nov 10 1867 in Chico CA; she was born May 8
1848 near Charleston, Coles Co IL; arrived in Susanville on Sept 7 1860 via
Noble trail; she died Nov 18 1866 near Dayton Butte Co CA
She was the daugher of Isaac COON and Susannah McCORD

Isaac COON was born Jun 7 1823 near Chillicothe, Ross County OH; died Sep
15, 1865 Dayton Butte CO, CA of carbuncle inversion into bloodstream.
arrived in Summer 1850 Placerville on mining expedition
came overland via Donner Pass in 1850
came overland via Noble Trail in 1860
Farmer, Freighter, Trader
He was the son of Michael (Black Mike) COON and Elizabeth HUDDLE.
Married (1) Susannah McCORD Oct 23 1845 Coles County IL
Married (2) Sarah McCORD FREELAND, 1862, Butte County CA
America E. COON 1846-1863
Mary Marilda COON FRITTER 1848-1886
Caroline Panama COON 1849-1863
Perry Matson COON 1852-1882
Martha Ellen COON LEWIS 1854-1949
James B. COON 1856-57 died Coles Co IL
Albert William COON 1858-1941
Robert Michael COON 1860-1941
Nephew/Stepson/foster son: Thomas Benton FRELAND 1850-1922
Nephew/foster son: John Wesley SNIDER 1845-1923

Married (2) Albertina (Tina) RICE April 6 1890 Chico CA, service by Rev. E.
daugther of Harrison W. RICE and Caroline GRAY; Tina died in Santa Rosa
CA Mar 1943

(first 8 from marriage with Mary Marilda COON)
1. Sara(h) Ellen FRITTER HENNIGAN 1868 to Mar 12 1928 Butte Co CA
2. Infant daughter 1870-1870
3. Anna (Annie) Maria FRITTER PARRISH MONDUNCY 1871-Aug 17 1930 Butte Co
4. Isaac William FRITTER 1874-1890 (dragged by a horse while plowing)
5. John Edward FRITTER 1875-1947
6. Leonore Marilda FRITTER 1878-1883
7. Vernon C. FRITTER 1882- Jun 1 1932 (spouse A)
8. Raymond John FRITTER 1885 - died Alaska
with Tina RICE:
9. Lenora May FREITTER 1891-1892
10. Clay W. RITTER 1891 orchardist residing near Healdsburg CA
12. Cecelia FRITTER KONZ McCALL (wife of E.A. McCALL)
13. Harold Wayne FRITTER, OH - in USN
14. Loretta Vivian FRITTER REYNOLDS, Berkeley
15. Hazel Loraine FRITTER 1902-Nov 10 1908 Butte Co

Ostrom C. W. Vol. 4 - 36 California of the South - 1933

I have copied the bio on your great grandfather, Charles OSTROM. I will mail
it to you today.

Charles Warren OSTROM was born Nov 28 1881 in Newark, NJ. His parents were
Charles and Rebecca F. (HANFORD) OSTROM.
The father was born in Brooklyn, NY and the mother in Norwalk CT.
The father was a Civil war veteran.

Charles attended Stevens School, a boy's prep school in Hoboken, NJ. He then
went ot Columbia University where, in 1906, he received teh degree of Mining
Engineer and then, in 1906, Bachelor of Laws.

On June, 1922, he arrived in CA, and was LA Deputy DA from Dec 1 1923 to Feb
1 1925.
He married Miss Clare F. STEIN, of NY City and they had one daughter,
Florence Edith OSTROM.
He belonged to the Masonic Fraternity, the Breakfast Club, the Cosmopolitan
Dinner Club and the 233 Club.

Healey Edward 522 Illustrated History of Sacramento County - 1890

Edward HEALEY, rancher, was born in England, July 28, 1826, the son of John and
Betsy (KERSHAW) HEALEY, cloth manufactures. He learned the trade of a
carder, then became time-keeper on a railroad.

In 1851 he came to CA by way of Cape Horn and the Sandwich Islands, arriving
in SF in Nov.

In 1853 he returned to Georgia and married Emilina KILLINGSWORTH, a native
of Atlanta GA.
They had six children:
John E. HEALEY, born in 1854
Mary, born in 1857 and died while an infant
Mary A. HEALEY, wife of James PEERLESS (deceased) of Sacramento
Jennie HEALEY, wife of George STILLSON of Florin (suburb of
Joseph HEALEY of Elk Grove (another suburb of Sacramento)
Emma HEALEY born Jun 5 1866
Emilina died in 1868 at 44 years of age.

The family was located on the Sheldon grant, 18 miles from Sacramento.

Rev John E. BRALY born in Rowan County, NC Jan 27 1805.
As an infant he went with his parents to TN, then, in 1815, to Cape
Girardeau MO.
In 1847 he started for Oregon by way of the plains.
In 1849 he removed to CA, settling in Fremont, Yolo County and conducted a
public house.

In 1850 he went to Santa Clara and settled in the Santa Clara Township on a
farm of one hundred and sixty acres, near Lawrence's Station, on the line of
the Southern Pacific Railroad. He died there.

Rev BRALY commenced preaching when he was about 21 years of age. In
denomination he was of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the first of that
sect in the State.

He married, in Crawford Co, MO, Sep 21 1830, Susan HYDE and they had seven

Sarah A. BRALY, wife of Dr.Ben CORY, born Aug 3 1831
J. C. BRALY, born Feb 9 1833 - in Oregon at the time the article was written
John H. BRALY, born Jan 24 1835, a Professor at the State Normal School
Margaret E. BRALY, born May 24 1837
Frank C. BRALY, born May 13 1839, died Sep 2 1862
Susan J., born Mar 1 1844
E. A. BRALY, born Nov 11 1846, present manager of the homestead
his wife, Millie BLYTHE, married at San Jose Dec 4 1877
they had one child Edith, born Jul 28 1879

Nunamaker W. D 750 Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 1

He was born in MN Aug 19 1865, son of German and American ancestry. His
grandfather, Peter NUNAMAKER, was a native of Germany, and came to the
United States and settled in PA. There Isaac NUNAMAKER was born. Isaac
married Miss Lucy SHEPHERD and had five children. Walter was their third

He was reared and learned his jeweler's trade in MN.
He was in business in Ellsworth KS and on Jan 10 1888 he came to Redding CA
and opened a jewelry store.
August 19, 1888 he married Miss Nettie DERBY, native of Dakota. They had one
son, Raymond NUNAMAKER.

Walter HANSEL in the History of San Joaquin County

Walter Hansel was born in Stockton Feb 7 1878, the son of Joseph and Emma
(DRESSMAN) HANSEL. Joseph was a native of NY and Emma was from Berlin,
Joseph came to CA around Cape Horn and settled in Stockton in the early
'50's and operated a wagon and carriage shop on North Hunter Street. Joseph
and Emma had seven children: Walter, Emma E. (Mrs. E E ALDRICH), Bertha
(Mrs. E. L. FERGUSON) and Joseph, Henry, Mrs. Anne STROUPE and Dr. C. E.
HANSEL. The later four were deceased by the time the article was written.

Walter married Miss Nellie CURTIS, a native of KS, and they had one child,
Walter Jr.

Willard HANSEL from the History of San Joaquin County

Willard HANSEL was born Feb 2 1842 in Pickaway County OH, near Circleville,
the son of John and Mary (BURT) HANSEL.

He was in the Civil War and taken prisoner at Lexington MO.

Dec 25, 1869 he married Miss Martha Ellen McDOWELL who was born Jun 20 1850
near Van Buren IL, the daughter of Jesse F. McDOWELL who had married
Elizabeth J. HODGE in 1843 in Van Buren ILL. She died Sep 1852, while
crossing the plains, her death occuring in NV.

Willard and Martha had seven children
Oatus born Sep 29 1870 and died 1888
Emma born May 3 1872 (Mrs. RUSSELL of Clements)
Ella born Mar 7 1877 (Mrs. F. H. MERCER of Jackson MI)
Carrie born Dec 2 1873, died Mar 9 1877
Franklin born Aug 2 1875
Alma born Feb 13 1883 (Mrs. P. A. ATHEARN of Stockton)
Orrie born Apr 13 1887 died 1919

Mrs. RUSSELL (Emma) was the wife of the former Alvin RAINES, now deceased.
The couple had Arthur A. RAINES, Lester L. RAINES, Velma Florence RAINES
(Mrs. RAGGIO), Elden and Ellen RAINES.

Alma ATHEARN has one son, Allen.

Mrs. MERCER (Ella) has Franklin Earl MERCER, Dorothy MERCER and Willard

Arthur A. RAINES has Arthur Alvin RAINES and Nola Mae RAINES.

Lester RAINES has Lois Elva RAINES, Alta Marie RAINES, and Dara Jane RAINES.

King BECKER was the son of Jeremiah BECKER and the grandson of Philip L.
BECKER and Elizabeth BECKSTEAD. Philip was the son of Ludvig BECKER, native
of NY, who served during the Revolutionary struggle.

King married Miss Birdie EPPERSON, a native of Sutter County. She was the
daughter of Brutus C. and Lucretia EPPERSON, natives of KY, who had crossed
the plains from IL and established his home in the then sparsely settled
farming community of Sutter County.
King and Birdie had one daughter, Mildred BECKER, born Aug 9 1891, (Mrs.
MASON, wife of Brigadier General Wallace MASON married June 16, 1920).
Mildred and Wallace MASON had: Harriet MASON born Dec 16 1921 and Wallace
Ashton MASON b Apr 22 1926.

Jeremiah BECKER was born in Morrisburg OH May 3 1826. He died Aug 19 1911
Colusa County CA,
His brothers and sisters were: Elvira BECKER, William BECKER, Alexander
BECKER, Ezra BECKER, Nancy BECKER and Elizabeth BECKER.
He came to CA in 1862 via the Panama Canal.
He married Jun 23,1849 Maria FETTERLY in Morrisburg Ont, CAN. She was the
daughter of John FETTERLY. Her brothers and sisters were: Mark FETTERLY,
William FETTERLY and Peggy FETTERLY, all born in CAN. Maria was born in
Morrisburg Ont CAN, and died Feb 11 1880 in Colusa

He Married Delia CUMMINGS in Marysville CA
His children (all born in Canada):
Mrs. Ellen (Elizabeth Helen) BECKER BECKER, born 30 1852, wife of J. A.
BECKER of Colusa Co
Mrs. Agnes Sophia BECKER SIMMONS, born Mar 30, 1853, wife of Samuel
SIMMONS of Colusa Co
Mrs. Alice Vinton BECKER CHANDLER, born Mar 10, 1854, wife of William
CHANDLER of Colusa Co
Mrs. Sarah Maria BECKER WESTLEY DAWSON, born Jun 17 1856, wife of James
DAWSON of Colusa Co
Mrs. Ida BECKER LEAVITT HANNAH, born Oct 5 1859, wife of Asbury M.
HANNAH of Colusa County
Philip Franklin BECKER, born Jan 17 1858, married Emma ISHAM of Colusa
King BECKER, born Mar 16 1861, married Birta EPPERSON Sep 23 1890. She
was born Feb 151869 Sutter County

King married Miss Birdie Clay EPPERSON, a native of Sutter County. She was
the daughter of Brutus C. and Lucretia Imogene (LAWSON) EPPERSON, natives of
KY, who had crossed the plains from IL and established his home in the then
sparsely settled farming community of Sutter County. She died Jan 5 1966.
King died Mar 3 1956 in Sacramento CA.
Birta BECKER was the Chairman of the Genealogical Reserach for the
Sacramento Chapter of the DAR. She copied the 1852 census which was in
terrible shape at the time.

King and Birdie had one daughter, Mildred BECKER, born Aug 9 1891, (Mrs.
MASON, wife of Brigadier General Wallace MASON married June 16, 1920).
Mildred and Wallace MASON had: Harriet MASON WERTSCH born Dec 16 1921 and
Wallace Ashton MASON, b Apr 22 1926. Harriet WERTSCH had Janet and Robert


He was the manager of the Winters Dried Fruit Company. He was born in SF Jun
30 1875 and attended the Oakland public schools.
He became a telegraph operator at age 18 and worked for the Southern Pacific
in Guinda, in the Capay valley of Yolo Co.

He married Miss Lulu Mae DREVER, a native of Santa Rosa, and they had seven
Robert Leland NIEMANN, manger/owner of Hotel Land, Sacramento
Gertrude NEIMANN
Eunice NEIMANN wife of Vernon HEROLD
Carmen, Lavina and Evelyn NEIMANN.

Frank E. MORRILL, born in Canterbury, NH Jul 8 1833, the
son of Hon. David MORRILL, member of congress from Merrimac county, NH.
In 1853 he came to CA via the Isthmus and mad his way from SF to the mines
at Nevada City, where he mined and was the proprietor of the Mechanics'

In 1860 he acquired a farm in Yuba county, which, under its present title
of Bonanza ranch is said to be worth at least $100,000.
In 1875 he sold the ranch to the Excelsior Ditch Company and purchased a
ranch in Penn Valley, Nevada County.

In 1893 he settled at Montalvo and bought out the general store owned by Mr.

In Jul 1899 he was appointed postmaster.

He and his wife (not named) had eight children:
Charles O. MORRILL
George E. MORILL


Otis O. FLOWERS was the son of Willam A. and Louisa (WIGGINS) FLOWERS, who
were natives (respectively) of Madison Co IL and Pickaway Co OH. His
maternal grandfather was Thomas WIGGINS, who for years held a place among
the most influential men of Pickaway Co.

William A. FLOWERS crossed the plains in 1859 from IL to CO with a large
company of Argonauts. After he married Miss WIGGINS they had eight children,
but only two survived. The moved to MO in 1891 and settled on a farm near

Otis was born Aug 8 1880 on the farm, located at what was known as the
Pickaway plains. He was the third youngest of the children.

In 1899 he was graduated from the Carthage Collegiate Institute.

During the spring of 1901 he came to CA and secured a position as foreman on
the ranch of the Occidental Land Company near Fresno.

The following year he learned the business of wine-making at the
Scandinavian winery of the California Wine Association.

Robert and William WILKINS.

William T. WILKINS was born in Groveland Taxwell County IL Dec 28 1859. He
was the son of William WILKINS. His paternal grandfather was Archibald
WILKINS who immigrated to this county form Scotland.

William WILKINS married Leah HAMILTON, daughter of John HAMILTON.
They had seven children:
Mary WILKINS (Mrs. MALONEY of Peoria IL)
William T. WILKINS
Jennie WILKINS (Mrs. WORST of Chicago IL)
Emma WILKINS (Mrs. WOODS of Sacramento CA)
Benjamin WILKINS and Frank WILKINS, both attorneys in IL

In Oakland CA, William T. WILKINS was married to Maggie MYERS, who was born
on Grand Island, where her father, Andrew MEYERS was a pioneer settler and
large farmer.

William T. WILKINS (Spouse M M) died Alameda County age 64 Mar 21 1924.
Margaret M WILKINS (spouse W. T.) died in Alameda County at age 82 Nov 25

Robert Watson WILKINS was born near Pekin Tazewell Co IL Jun 15 1857, the
son of William and Leah WILKINS and brother to William T. WILKINS.

He married Miss Mary HOFFMAN in Pekin Tazwell Co IL. She was the daughter of

Robert and Mary had

Thomas J. RAINES was born on the Holly Oak ranch at Napa CA Sep 12 1873, the
son of Harry and Marilla (MATHEWS) RAINES, natives of England and Canada.

In 1869 Harry RAINES came to CA and settled in Napa County. He died in Lodi
May 18 1922.

There were four children in the family: Alvin RAINES, deceased at the age of
49, Nellie RAINES (Mrs. DRAKE), Thomas J. RAINES, and Arthur E. RAINES.

Thomas RAINES married Miss Cora WRIGGLESWORTH, daughter of George and
Augusta (HUBBLE) WRIGGLESWORTH, a native of Amador County.

Thomas and Cora had one son, George, who died at the age of three months.

Walter HANSEL in the History of San Joaquin Coutny

Walter Hansel was born in Stockton Feb 7 1878, the son of Joseph and Emma
(DRESSMAN) HANSEL. Joseph was a native of NY and Emma was from Berlin,
Joseph came to CA around Cape Horn and settled in Stockton in the early
'50's and operated a wagon and carriage shop on North Hunter Street. Joseph
and Emma had seven children: Walter, Emma E. (Mrs. E E ALDRICH), Bertha
(Mrs. E. L. FERGUSON) and Joseph, Henry, Mrs. Anne STROUPE and Dr. C. E.
HANSEL. The later four were deceased by the time the article was written.

Walter married Miss Nellie CURTIS, a native of KS, and they had one child,
Walter Jr.

History of Tulare and Kings County CA 1913 p 510

Gustavus A. RICHARDSON was born Jan 12 1856 in San Jose Santa Clara county,
CA. He was the son of Roswell and Louisa (RODGERS) RICHARDSON. His father
was a native of Plymouth, NH born Jun 24 1797, a grandson of Samuel
RICHARDSON, who with his brothers, Ezekiel and Thomas, founded the town of
Woburn MA in 1641.
Louisa ROGERS and Roswell RICHARDSON were married in 1849 in Clark Co MO.
In 1855 they crossed the plains to CA and lived in Santa Clara County for
three years, then moved to Tulare Co where Mr. RICHARDSON died Jul 4 1877.
Louisa then married George W. HAYDEN and died June 4 1881, and was buried in
the North Tule Cemetery.
Mr & Mrs RICHARDSON had four children:
Martha Matilda born Sep 15 1850 and died 1863
Georgiana born Aug 8 1862 and died July 5 1888
Benjamin Franklin born Oct 30 died Nov 2 1880
Gustavus A. (subject of this bio) who died age 63 Jun 16 1919 in Tulare

On Oct 1 1888 Gustavus was appointed postmaster of Milo CA and held the
office until Jan 1 1908 when he was succeeded by F. M. AINSWORTH.

On Jun 2 1884 he married Mary Agnes (BRADEN) AINSWORTH, daughter of John
BRADEN and widow of Andrew E. AINSWORTH.

She was a native of KS and had one son, A. E. AINSWORTH, by her first
marriage. He was born in Jan 16 1877 and graduated from the Stockton
Business College when he was 18 years old. He died Dec 9 1899.

Mr and Mrs. RICHARDSON had four children:
Roswell Guy born in Milo Feb 22 1886
Gustavus Alvah born Milo Feb 5 1888 employed by the Pasadena Ice Company
Eunice Marguerite born Milo Jun 21 1890 who married Wilke Cutler KNUPP
in Porterville Sep 22 1908
They had Benora KNUPP born May 32 1909
Roscoe Vinton RICHARDSON born Milo Apr 11 1896 attending Porterville
high school.

Illustrated History of Southern CA 1890 p565

Hon. John Marshall JAMES was a native of Canon County, TN, born in 1816 to
William JAMES, a native of NC, and died May 20 1840. His mother was Clara
(SMITH) JAMES, a native of Suffolk VA. His great-grandfather was one of Lord
Baltimore's colonists in MD and his grandfather emigrated to NC. He ws the
next to the youngest in a family of seven children.

On Mar 14 1837 he married Miss Elizabeth LeMAY, of NC, of French origin. She
died in 1842 in Arkansas.
On Feb 8 1846 he married Miss M. H. JOHNSON, of MO, and by her had 8
children. She died in 1883.
In 1885 he married Mrs. Disa A. FRANCIS who came from a prominent family in

On April 17, 1852 he left Arkansas for CA and after a journey by ox team of
seven months he arrived in Los Angeles County where he lived until 1857,
near El Monte. He worked there as a millwright and carpenter, then moved to
San Bernadino and engaged in lumbering from the montains.

In 1867 he was elected to the Legislature on the Democratic ticket and
represented the county from 1867-68.

Historical and Biographical Record of So. Calif. - 1902
Page 1156

L. W. DREWS came to CA in 1894 and established a home in Maneta. He was born
in Leavenworth KS May 14, 1871, son of Rudolph and Catherine (KEMPTER)
DREWS, natives of Germany. Rudolph was born in Hamburg and at the age of 14
came with his parents to New Orleans, where he studied to be an architect.
Hearing about gold in CA he went west by sailing vessel around the Horn and
up the Pacific and arrived in SF in 1850. In 1852 he crossed the plains to
KS and established a headquarters in Leavenworth KS, where he engaged in the
business of freight shipping to Pike's Peak. He returned to CA in 1899 and
settled at Moneta where he died at age 67.

L. W. DREWS married Nellie BECKER, who was born in Leavenworth KS, the
daughter of Valentine BECKER, a native of Germany.

Historical and Biographical Record of So. California 1902
Page 920

Wm. F. POPE arrived in CA in1895 and settled in a home in Moneta. He was
born in MO near St. Joseph on Jan 28 1862 the son of Robert and Tennessee
(SPENCER) POPE, natives respectively of KY and Buchanan Co MO. Robert POPE
died in Leavenworth KS. He was a son of William POPE who was born in the
vicinity of Louisville KY, a farmer by occupation . He died in MO.
Tennessee's father, Obadiah Martin SPENCER, was born in NC and raised
tobacco and hemp on his plantation. He went to MO with his 36 slaves and the
Civil war gave them their freedom. He died in Leavenworth KS at age 86.

William F. POPE was the third of ten children. Before coming to CA he
married Miss Anna C. DREWS, born in Leavenworth Co KS, the sister of L W
DREWS of Moneta. Her father was Rudolph DREWS, a native of Germany, who
lived in Leavenworth Co.

Wm and Anna had:

History of Yuba County p427
Daniel B. RUTH was born on the old Ruth homestead, situated three miles
above Dobbins, on the Camptonville road, Aug 15 1867, the youngest in a
family of three children whose parents were Micahel and Margaret (BRESLIN)
RUTH. A native of Ireland, Michael was born in Tipperary in 1826 and there
spent his early life. He emigrated to the New World, first locating in VT.

In the early 1850's he came to CA via the Isthmus route and sought his
fortune in the quartz and placer mines, settling near French Corral, in
Nevada County. He married Miss BRESLIN in Marysville in 1862 and then went
to the Yuba foothills where he purchased a reanch. He died in 1888. For many
years following his death his wife continued to reside in Yuba County and
then moved to Sacramento where she died in 1908 at the home of her daughter.
The family numbered two sons and one daughter.

The elder son, John F. RUTH, was born in 1864 and moved to Sweetland, Nevada
county, where he died in 1908. He married Miss Mary NUGENT who survived him
and they had three children:

Mary Ann RUTH was born in 1865, she married N. COUPE, who resided at East
Nicholaus. She died July 1907, leaving a family of three children.

Daniel B. RUTH, the third child, attended the Dobbins school from 1873 to
1883. He was one of forty pupils under the instruction of Mrs. Mary
Slingsby, a pioneer educator of Yuba County.

He became the proprietor of the Dobbins Ranch Hotel, and was a valued member
of the Bangor and California Cattlemen's Associations.
He married in Columbia, Nevada County, Miss Alice CALANAN, a native of that
place. She was the daughter of Michael and Mary Ann (BALER) CALANAN, CA
pioneers who crossed the plains in the early days and were deceased at the
time the bio was written.

Daniel and Alice had seven children, all born in Dobbins.
Clarence M. RUTH is a veteran of the World War and is in business with
his father
David E. RUTH a stock superintendent and foreman on Friesleben Ranch,
Lorraine RUTH, graduate of San Jose Teachers' College and principal of
Fairmead School, Madera County
Lloyd E. RUTH, buyer for the Valley Meat Company, Marysville
Lawrence RUTH, attending Gridley High School class of 1924
Evelyn and George RUTH, public school students.

Mr. RUTH is a member of the NSGW Campbell Parlor. He is six feet, six inches
in height. He has been deputy sheriff of Yuba County for 20 years and was a
constable of Foster Bar Township until 1923.

History of Placer County p1099

Frederick CLARK was born at Sunderland, Durham Co England Oct 28 1874.
His father was George CLARK a marine-engine builder, proprieter of George
CLARK, Ltd, Southwick Engine Works. George's father was George CLARK, Sr.
George CLARK married Jessie Maud CHALMERS, dau of a Scotch schoolmaster.
George CLARK died in 1901.
George and Jessie had eight children:
Frederick was the fourth son and fifth child.
In 1912 Frederick married Miss Stella BRUCE, a Chico girl, who taught at Mt.
Pleasant School. She was the dau of A. P. BRUCE, rancher, of Chico and
granddaughter of John BRUCE, Butte County pioneer.
Her mother was Mrs. Mary McCLARD, a niece of J. H. RICHARDSON of Richardson
Frederick and Stella had one son, Frederick Leonard CLARK Jr.

William Thomas BARTON was born May 22 1860 in Waveland Montgomery County
IN. He was the son of Robert BARTON, a native of Flemingsburg KY who
setttled in IN when a young man. Robert married Mary GROVES, born in KY, dau
of Samuel GROVES.
They had five children and William Thomas was the oldest and only one
residing on the Pacific Coast.
William Tohmas BARTON married in Waveland IN, Lena HUNTER, of Greencastle

They had six children:
Raymond, Myrtle, Guy, Robert, Leland, and Norma BARTON.

Albert G. BARTON was born 1838 in Eaton Townshop Lorain Co OH. He was a son
of James Harvey BARTON, a native of NY state, who married Eliza BASSETT,
native of NY, dau of Samuel BASSETT, a pioneer in OH. She died on the home
farm in WI.
They had five children. Albert G. was one and Sylvester BARTON another.

Albert BARTON married Emeline J. FOOTE in Melrose, Stearns County MN.
Emeline was a native of OH.
They had three children:
Mrs. Cora Evelyn McINTIRE of Pasadena
Mrs. Alberta Adeline NICHOLS of San Pedro
Mrs. Ina Ozella FAWCETT of San Pedro

John W. BARTON was a pioneer miner and rancher. He was a native of Berrien
county MI, born Oct 19 1841, son of John W. and Emeroy (WILLIAMS) BARTON,
early pioneers of CA. Emeroy died Dec 19 1906. James had a brother, Charles
R. BARTON, also listed in this book.
John W. BARTON married (1876) Miss Scioto EGGLESTLN, native of IA.

Claude Whitney VAN GELDER was a resident of San Joaquin County since he was
two years old.
He was born Nov 14 1877 in Morley MI, son of Morris and Eva (Castle/Cassie?)

Morris was a native of NY and a descendant of the Dutch and English pioneer
settlers of NY state, and Eva was a daughter of Columbus WHITNEY of Senecca
Castle NY who was also an early settler in that state. Cassie died at age
73, Sep 4 1920 in Lodi, San Joaquin County at the home of Frank Titus. She
was a native of MO who had come to CA with her husband in 1887. The entered
the fruit growing and nursery business on a large scale.

These dates don't add up, if Claude was born in 1877 and moved to CA in
1878 - bet the 1887 means 1878!

Morris grew up on his father's farm in MI. In 1879 he sold out and came to
CA settling first at Sacramento.
In 1883, after establishing himself in the nursery business in Sacramento,
he moved to San Joaquin County and bought property near Acampo in 1887.
Morris died in Lodi, San Joaquin County, Sep 4 1920 age 76.

Claude began his education in the district school near his home and then
entered the San Joaquin Valley College at Woodbridge.

On Oct 25, 1902 in Oakland, he married Miss Charlotte Maud JONES, daughter
of Augustus St. Clair and Bertha (HADLICH) JONES, natives of Australia and
They had three children:
Homer Whitney Van GELDER
Edith Constance VAN GELDER
Dorothy Elizabeth VAN GELDER

Daniel D. LUCID from the history of Stanislalus
County by George H. Tinkham

Daniel D. LUCID was born in Goderich Ontario CAN on Dec 10 1862, the son of
J. D. LUCID, a native of Ireland and Mary (DEAN) LUCID.
J. D. died in 1866, Mary died in 1910. Mr. LUCID died of fever contracted
after removing from IN to New Orleans LA. Daniel was the eldest of their
three children.

Daniel spent his youth in a print shop earning meagre wages, supporting his
mother and the other children. When a young man he became a member of the
Typographical Union No. 1 of Indianapolis.
In 1893 he retired from printing to take hold of mining interests in AZ and
Old Mexico.
In 1910, after losing his money, he came to Stanislaus County and settled on
a tract of 43 acres eleven miles south of Modesto. He also owned 20 acres of
rich land at Orland, Glenn County.

At Harque Hala, AZ, in 1896, Mr. LUCID married Miss Lelia JAGEMAN, a native
of MO, graduate of the State Normal of MO, who taught successfully for years
before her marriage.
The couple had three children:
Kathryn LUCID in Chicago
Charles D. LUCID who attended the State University of NV and majored in
civil engineering
Elisa LUCID, born in Old Mexico.

Daniel D. LUCID, spouse L, died age 75yrs on 10-2-1938 in Los Angeles County
Also, a John LUCID 68 died in Napa 12-23-1938.

Memorial history of Northern CA p395

S F LURVEY, born and reared at Paris Maine -
son of Jacob and Betsey (TOBY) LURVEY, the former native of Mass and the
latter of Maine.
He came to CA by water in 1849, arriving in SF in November and immediately
proceeded to Amador county where he was engaged in mining for ten years.

In 1859 he moved to San Mateo County, and was Superintendent of Menlo Park
Water Company for 12 years.

In 1881 he moved to Solano County where he engaged in fruit-raising. He had
73 acres of land, 40 of which were planted to a general variety of fruit.

He married in Boston, Augusta SKILLINGS, a native of Maine.
They had three children:
Robert S. LURVEY
William H. LURVEY
Mary LURVEY who died in 1887

He was the youngest of a family of twelve children.
He was a cobbler and a farmer and a miner.
He died in Solano County.

William Francis HOQUE was born in Jackson Co MO Dec 25 1872, son of Francis
Marion and Melissee (GOOD) HOQUE. Francis M. HOQUE was from Clay County MO,
son of James HOQUE, pioneer of Clay County. James M. HOQUE died in 1884,
aged 86.
In 1875 F. M. HOQUE moved from Kansas City to CA, locating in Santa Clara
County near San Jose.
Melissee GOOD HOQUE was born and reared in Ray County MO, two of her
brothers survived during the Civil War.

There is a strange sentence here: The early records of the HOQUE family show
Frence and German ancestry, and the cancer remedy dates back to the old
country and the formula has been handed down from generatioin to generation
for over one hundred years, and thousands of cures have been effected by its
application. - The beginning of the bio mentions that William Francis HOQUE
had assuaged the suffering of many with his cancer cure. - anyone ever hear
of this??

F. M. HOGUE died Feb 2 1921. His wife died some time prior to his death.

For several years W. F. HOQUE was the manager for the HOQUE Cancer Remedies,
widely known all over CA.
He married Miss Bertha MERRIWEATHER, of San Benito Co (b 1877) dau of David
and Amanda of NY State.

William and Bertha had
William D.
Elmer A

Compton Henry C 688 History of the Sierras - 1906
Henry Clay COMPTON died in Colusa Co Feb 28 1888. The progenitor of the
family was William COMPTON who came to the United States form England with
his wife Salina (CANFIELD) COMPTON. He had David, Peter, Abram, Runyon,
Hezekiah, William, John, Anna, Elizabeth, Susan and Hannah Maria. William
married Hannah POST, dau of Peter and Mary Canfield (GIBS) POST, and they
had Runyon COMPTON, noted below.

His father was Runyon COMPTON, a native of England, his mother was Eliza
KETCHUM, native of Canada. They had 14 children, seven sons and seven
daughters. Sarah Anna, William K. H. C., Peter, Abram T., Lucy Matilda,
Ursula, Ira Lovenzo, Benjamin Lewis, Amzee Ketchum, Frances Louisa, Amand
Maria Wilson, Clara Eliza, and Marian Etta. Runyon and Eliza died in MI.

In Marysville, Nov 30 1859, Henry C. COMPTON married Mary MURDOCK, native of
Belfast, County Down, IRE.
They had six children:
Adam M.
Lizzie Ann, wife of E. PACKER of Colusa County (Edward GORDON?)
Henry C. Jr born Jan 18 1864 Butte Co
Ira Lorenzo - Colusa
Mary Ellen, wife of John DETER (2) wife of Rev. Geo. T. MEEKER - she died
Marc 9 1953
Jane (deceased)

Mary MURDOCK COMPTON was the dau of Gawn and Ann (CAIN) MURDOCK, natives of
County Down IRE. She died in Chico May 24, 1915.

Henry Clay COMPTON Jr married Henria Belle PACKER on Nov 10 1897 in Colusa
Co. She ws born in Memphis TN in 1871, dau of Henry Billington PACKER fro
Clearfield Co, PA. Henry's mother was Orphia WILSON, descendant of the
WILSON who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independance.
Henry and Henria had Mary Viola and Anna Belle, graduates of the Chico High
School of 1918.
Henria died SF Apr 28 1959.

Barham J. H 223 History of Stanislaus County - 1881
John Henry BARHAM was the son of William P. and Mary (SMITH) BARHAM and born
in Williamson County TN Apr 20 1829. His father died in New Orleans in 1831
and his mother died in 1840.

Thus orphaned at eleven years of age, he secured employment in a jewelry
establishment with a man named BIERSON, in Franklin TN. BIERSON transferred
him to John CAMPBELL in Nashville TN where he remained until 1849.

In 1849 he crossed the plains to CA with Dr. Joseph OWEN, Richard HURT,
Augustus WOODWARD and Abraham SHEPARD. They started from Nashville on Mar 8
1849 and came by the Fort Smith and Santa Fe route.

After reaching CA he located at the crossing of Wood's creek, in Tuolumne
county and followed mining with fair success.

In 1850 he went to Stockton and then to Quartzburg, Mariposa County and then
to Horse Shoe Bend on the Merced River. Then he went to Sacramento and
followed freighting for a short time and then returned to the Merced river.

He served in Stanislaus county as supervisor from 1876 to 1879.

In 1860 he married Nancy Caroline YOUNG and had eight children.
Four living: Caroline M., Nancy M., Nettie E. and John Rovert BARHAM.

There is a death noted in the SF Examiner Index for J. H. BARHAM Sept 10
1888 4/5 but I did not check to see if this was him.

Silkwood Samuel S 440 History of Humboldt County - 1915

Samuel Simpson SILKWOOD was born in Sacramento May 21 1864 son of Obadiah S.
SILKWWOD, grandson of Thomas SILKWOOD. Obadiah was a native of Greene Co IL
and Thomas hailed from KY.
Obadiah came by prairie schooner to Sacrament in 1851. In 1867 he went to
Eureka. In 1879 he was engaged in hydraulic mining on the Trinity River,
Humboldt County and the Klamath River, Sixkiyou Co. His son helped him. He
died in 1904.

Samuel's mother was Catherine (FAY) SILKWOOD, native of Ireland. When she
came to the US she was married in NY city to Mr. FOLEY by whom she had one
son, Michael FOLEY. When her husband died she joined her three brothers in
CA, making the journey by the Isthums of Panama. She met Obadiah in
Sacramento and married him there.
They had four children:
Thomas P. an engineer in Ionia Mich
Mrs. Margaraet SMITH Eureka
Samuel S.
Mary S. (Mrs B. O. HART) of Oakland

Samuel married in Eureka Miss Kate WATTERS, a native of CAN.
They lived at No 1929 B Street.
Dec 20, 1921 he married Maud DEVOY.
Samuel died in Eureka Jan 7 1928.
Information submitted to NDGW by Maude Devoy SILKWOOD
1553 Georgia Street San Diego CA

Morton P. F 309 History of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne & Mariposa - 1892
Pliny Franklin MORTON was born July 9 1824 in Hatfield Massachusetts. His
father was Cotton MORTON, native of MA, of Scotch extraction. His mother was

He came to CA overland in 1868. Pliny died in 1896.
He married Elinor GARMAN, a native of NJ, in 1854 in Princeton IL
Information submitted to NDGW by Chester A. BARHAM Rt 6 Box 1416E Modesto CA
Isabel, Cuba, Minnie, Molley, Lena, Fred, William and Hattie. They lost
one son.

Cuba MORTON married Mr. Levi P. REEVES, son of Elijah REEVES who crossed
the plains in 1852 and was the first settler in Kelseyville after Kelsey and
Stone were killed by the Indians. (Information to DAR by J. S. REEVES, Santa Cruz)

History of Southern CA p 875
S W PREBLE was a pioneer of 1849. He was born in York Maine in 1826. He was
educated at Goroham Academy and clerked for a short ime in a carpte store in
Philadelphia, then followed the mercantile business for nearlly three years
at Salmon Falls, NH.
On March 15, 1849 he left his native land for CA and after a voyage of four
months he arrived in SF on July 15.
For nearly three years he was engaged in mining and was quite successful.
In the winter of 1853 he married Miss Abbie L. WILSON of Wells, Maine.

Biographical History of Northern California - 1891 - Ver. 2 p313

Samuel KARSKY was born in SF Nov 20 1862, the son of Isidore and Hannah
Isidore KARSKY came to CA in 1857 and was a prominent business man of SF and
member of the firm of I.KARSKY &Co.
in 1866 he opened a mercantile establishment in Weaverville in connection
with M. KARSKY and I. ABRAHAM. Isidore died in 1867.

Samuel received his education in SF and graduated from the South
Cosmopolitan Grammar School in English and German at the age of 14 years.
The same year he graduated at the Temple Emanuel Synagogue and took the
medal with the highest honors in the Synagogue.

He was a member of the Mount Bally Parlor NSGW and was a delegate in 1890 at
the Grand Parlor in Chico.

Samuel KARSKY spouse B, died in SF age 64 May 27 1927.
Morris G. KARSKY spouse C died age 85 SF Oct 30 1922.

History of Imperial County by Farr p 438

Henry E. CLAY came to Imperial County in 1904. He was born at Prescott AZ
July 10 1885, the son of James W. and Sarah F. (GRAHAM) CLAY.
James W. CLAY died in 1909 (sic) and is buried in Mendocino County CA.

His mother was in Modesto at the time the article in the history book was

Henry Clay received his early education at Escondido CA and left High School
during his Junior year (1900). He was married in Brawley on June 11 1908 to
Miss Lena NEIL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel NEIL, pioneers of Mendocino
County, where also resided the father of Mr. CLAY.

Illustrated History of Sacramento County - 1890 Page 697
Dennis DALTON was the father of Edward F. DALTON and brother of William P.
DALTON of SF. He was a native of Ireland, born there in 1846, and he was
grandfather to Donald, Marguerite, Dennis and Jack DALTON.

His family came to the US in 1850 and located at Cheshire, MA where he lived
until the age of 14.

On May 1, 1869 he came to CA at the age of 21. In May, 1872, he married
Catharine F. MAHONE*. He was considered one of the wealthiest men in the
Sacramento community at the time of his death. He died at age 62 in
Sacramento on July 26 1908 in Sisters Hospital. He had services in the
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento and was buried in East Lawn
Cemetery. From a preliminary article the day before his death he was an
'aged capitalist' suffering from the loss of his left leg and his condition
was serious due to his advanced years.

Catherine DALTON, his wife, died age 72 on Apr 2 1905 in Sacramento. She was
Catherine (RHOADS) FOSTER SHELDON DALTON, a native of IL. Her children
were: William C. SHELDON, Sarah SHELDON (died age 2), Catherine D. SHELDON,
Robert MAHONE, Mary Ellen MAHONE (VAUGHN), and Edward F. DALTON (b Jan 5

Edward F. DALTON died at age 60 in Sacramento, May 2 1934. He was the father
of Donald C., Dennis H., Jack Edward and Alice DALTON and the late Mrs.
Margie DALTON WARNER. Edward was a native of CA. He was the nephew of John
RHODES, a member of the ill-fated Donner Party which attempted to cross the
Sierra in 1846-47.

Nellie Frances (COY) DALTON was the wife of Edward F. DALTON. She died Mar
13 1957 in Berkeley where she had moved after the death of her husband in
1934. She was born in Sacramento on Sept 12 1876. Her parents were Zenas and
Sarah Catherine (COY) LINCOLN. The couple had John Edward DALTON, Dennis
Harold DALTON and Donald Coy DALTON. Sarah Catherine COY was born in St.
John, New Brunswick on May 22 1840. She came to CA via the Isthmus of Panama
in 1867. She married Zenos LINCOLN in 1856 in Canada. She died in Sacramento
in 1921.

Donald Coy DALTON was born at Walsh Station (12 miles from Sacramento) on
July 30 1897, the son of Edward F. DALTON, who was also a native son born on
the Consumnes River. Donald was the eldest of a family of 5 and educated in
Sacramento. He graduated from Heald's Business College in 1918.

Donald Coy DALTON, Sr. died in Sacramento Nov 5, 1974. He was ground
superintendent at the East Lawn Memorial Park cemetery for 35 years. His
wife was Frieda E. (MORRISON) DALTON, and his surviving children were
daughters, Mrs. Barbara Ann ULM and Mrs. Doris Jeanne GARCIA, and son,
Donald C. DALTON, Jr. He also had a brother, Dennis H. DALTON of Stockton.
He had services in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and was buried
in East Lawn Memorial Park cemetery.

His wife, Frieda Ella (MORRISON) DALTON was the daughter of Andrew and
Josephine (KUCHLER) MORRISON. Her sisters were Ann M. (MORRISON) MANSHAEN
and Helena (MORRISON) INGRAM. Andrew and Josephine MORRISON were married in
Sacramento on March 1st 1900. The ceremony was performed in the episcopal
residence by Rev. Philip F. BRADY, Assistant Administrator of the Cathedral
of the Blessed Sacrament 12th and K.

Andrew MORRISON was a native of Denmark who died in Sacramento at age 75 on
Sept 16 1947. His grandchildren were: Barbara, Doris and Donald Dalton and
Janet INGRAM. He was a Borden's Capital Dairy Company employee. Josephine
MORRISON was a native of Switzerland, age 85, who died Dec 31 1954 in
Sacramento CA. She came to Sacramento with relatives in 1889. She had a
sister, Mrs. Anna NUFER of WA and two brothers, Nicholas and Theodore
KUCHLER of Switzerland - all of whom survived her.

Biographical Record of the Sacramento Valley - 1906
Page 906

James McPHERSON was bornin Stirlingshire, Scotland, Oct 11 1836. He was the
son of Hugh McPHERSON who was a native of the same locality and who farmed
and dealt in cattle. His wife was Margaret KIRWOOD who was also a native of
Scotland and who died there.

There were four sons and four daughters born to the couple. James was the
second in order of birth.

James came to America in 1882 and settled in Butte County CA five miles
southeast of Oroville on the Garden Ranch where he raised stock and
cultivated fruit. He sold 100 acres to the Garden Ranch Dredging Co which
was engaged in gold mining.

In Renfrew Co, Scotland, he was united in marriage with Mrs. Margaret
(McCLAREN) GUNN, a native of that country. He served as school trustee and
also as president of the Oroville high school.

History of South Coast Counties - 1907
Page 1131

William PAPSON was an early settler of California. He was born in Hillsdale
NY in 1831, his father having emigrated from his home in England and located
in New York. Reared to young manhood in NY he left there at the age of 21
in 1852 and crossed the plains to CA with ox-teams. Upon arriving he engaged
in mining. He was first located in Plumas County and then settled near San
Jose and engaged in general farming and fruit raising.

On March 8 1865 he married Miss Matilda FREER. She was born in Atchison
County MO, a daughter of William H. FREER who brought his family across the
plains in 1849.

In 1868 the couple moved to San Felipe and farmed for 7 years.

Then they returned to Santa Clara County in the vicinity of Berryessa and
after three years moved to Los Gatos where they lived 7 years.

In 1888 they moved ot Lake County, near Upper Lake and engaged in the
raising of stock, grain and hay. He owned land on the banks of Lula Lake.
William died in Lake County on July 12 1897.

The couple had one son, George W. PAPSON. Mrs. PAPSON moved to the FREER
homestead after the death of her husband and lived with her mother in the
vicinty of El Monte Los Angeles County.

History of Yuba and Sutter Co p963
John F. DEMPSEY was a true Westerner and native son. He was born at French
Corral in Nevada County March 13 1868 to John and Ann (BRESLIN) DEMPSEY,
natives of Ireland. John was borm in County Westmeath and Ann was born in
Tipperary. John came to CA in 1856 by way of the Isthmus of Panama, first
locating in Donnerville and then making his way to French Corral. In 1873 he
went to Yuba County and purchased land 3 miles south of Smartsville.
John and Ann had five children:
Mrs Rose Ann HENDERSON of Butte Mont.
Micahel also of Butte MT
Daniel of Yuba City Wood Yard at Marysville
John F. (subject of this bio)
and W. J. a well-known business man of Marysville.

John F. DEMPSEY was married at Smartsville April 18 1900 to Miss Margaret
DRISCOLL, who was born at Mooney Flat a daughter of John K. and Kate
DRISCOLL, natives of County Cork IRE. Margaret was one of five children,
Annie, Francis, Raymond and Walter were her siblings.

History of Yuba and Sutter County p640
Edwin C. LYSELL was born at Vermland, Sweden, on Apr 4 1878, a son of John
and Anna (GUNDERSON) LYSELL, both natives of Sweden. When he was six months
old his parents left their native land and came to the US settling at
Linsborg, McPherson County KS. The mother died May 11 1923, the father was
still alive living at Marquette KS at the time of the bio.

Edwin C. LYSELL remained with his parents until he was 21 and then removed
to SF where he lived 17 years.

He married on May 12, 1917, Mrs. Susie (HARRIS) PARSONS, a widow with one
son, Edward PARSONS. She was born near O'Banion Corners and was the daughter
of Suel and Susan (ROBINSON) HARRIS, natives of Skowhegan, ME and Dover,
ENG. They were pioneers of Sutter County. Suel HARRIS died in 1916 (I could
not find him in the CADI under that name), and his wife passed away 20 years

History of Pomona Valley p 812

Charles H. ALTER DDS came to Pomona in 1913.

He was a native of Pittsburgh PA, born in the Smoky City, May 18 1878. When
he was a small child he moved with his parents in 1890 to CA, locating in
Garvanza and three years later they moved to CO. Charles returned to
Pittsburgh where he graduated from Pittsburgh Dental College.

He married Miss Helen KISSELL, a native of Hoboken NJ and they had two
Ruth Elizabeth, born in CO and
Mary Edna, born in Pomona CA.

History of Marin County p 498

Joseph HUNTLEY was a pioneer settler of Marin County. He was born in
Washington County Maine Sep 22 1821. He married Miss Lorinda GROSS who died
in 1843.

In 1847 he went to Rockville ME, then to Cutler where he built the ship
"California Packet" which when completed was to sail for that state. With
owners, Hon. Sanborn JOHNSON and Lowell WEBBER he set sail from Cutler to
Boston, arriving in Boston in January of that year. Leaving Boston on Mar 4
1850, they sailed around the Horn and arrived in San Francisco on Aug 20th
1850. After two months in SF Joseph HUNTLEY went to Bodega, Sonoma County,
and was employed in a sawmill.

Fall of 1852 he went into partnership with JOHNSON and WEBBER and then sold
out and returned to ME. A year later he returned to CA.

He was married Feb 20 1854 Miss Keziah HUNTLEY, a native of ME.
Their children are Jasper, Albert, Martha and Warren.

Linn W. Birney 1119 History of Butte Co. - 1918

W.H. (Barney) BIRNEY LINN - was born at Dardanelle, Yell County ARK on May
30 1854, the son of John LINN, native of VA. John had located in KY and then moved to ARK
where he was a successful farmer and saw and flour mill operator. An
Abolitionist, he was the first man in Yell county to hoist an American flag
when the Civil War broke out. He served as a sergeant in the Third Arkansas
Cavalry for three years.

He and his son started with an ox team and wagon for CA. On their way
through NM they were told that a tea made from chimees bush would cure the
dysentery which the elder LINN was afflicted with and when this was tried a
cure resulted. He did make it to CA and later died in Chico, Butte County.
He married Maria UNDERWOOD who was born in MO and also died in Chico. There
were 7 children, three still living at the time the bio was written in Anaheim,
W. Birney LINN married Ellen CARTER and they had these children:
Robert C. LINN who served in the Spanish American War
Kittie (Mrs. CONRAD)
Howard who died in NY Mar 24 1918
Paul LINN working for PG&E of Gridley
Eva LINN, Mrs. FIFE of Chico
Birney LINN
Nelson LINN
His sister was Mrs. Lou DUNN of San Jose
He died age 84 Jan 22 1938 Chico Butte County
He was the inventor of a beet harvester.

John LINN came to Chico in 1880 at the age of 14 years. He was born in
Dardinelles, Arkansas.
He resigned from the Police Force on July 1 1908.
His widow was Mary LINN
sons: Wilbert, Clarence, and Albert
one daughter: Edna LINN
three brothers: W. B. LINN of Chico, Willilam LINN of Sacramento and Richard
one sister: Mrs. Lucy DUNN of San Jose

Ellen LINN, 78, one of Chico's early residents. A native of MO, crossed the
plains with her parents wihle only a young girl and settled in Anaheim CA
where she met her husband, W. Birney LINN. She resided in Chico 56 years.

Robert C. LINN, Chico
Mrs. Kitty CONRAD, Chico
Paul LINN, Gridley
Birney LINN, Chico
Mrs. Eva FYFE, San Quentin
Nelson C. LINN, Chico
Roy LINN, Sacramento
thirteen grandchildren, one g-grandchild
two sisers
Mrs. Milda DOUGLAS of Lompoc
Mrs. Lucy McPHERSON of Portland OR

H. E. BARTON in History of Sacramento County

Hiram Emmet BARTON, a rancher of Natoma Township, was born in Cattaraugus
County NY, Nov 6 1833. His parents were Hiram and Almira (GUY) BARTON.
The family moved to IA in 1837, settling on a farm eleven miles fromBurlington.
In 1859 they returned to NY and lived there on a farm until 1865 when they
came to CA arriving at White Rock, El Dorado County by the train that
brought the news of the assassination of President Lincoln.
After two years they settled in Davisville, Yolo county, where the father
died in 1872 aged about 74. The mother died in 1881 at the home of her
daughter, Mrs.. Isaac BAYLIS, near Red Bluffs, CA.

They had nine children who grew to maturity, four residents of this coast:
Hiram Emmet BARTON
Timothy BARTON who lives in El Dorado County
Henry BARTON who lives at the Willows Colusa County
Jane, Mrs.. Isaac BAYLIS, of Maxwell, Colusa County

H. E. BARTON left IA in 1853 as a driver of a ten-ox team for Rev. John W.
SHORT, who settled in OR. Mr. BARTON worked in a saw mill eight miles east
of Albany until Apr 1854 when he came to San Francisco by steamer from
He then struck out for the mines at Mud Springs, El Dorado County.

In 1856 he came down on Deer Creek and went into the business of raising
cattle on the free ranges between Clarksville and Latrobe.
On Mar 4 1859 he married Miss Margaret SKIFFINGTON, who was a native of NY,
born Apr 1844 and there reared. She was living with an aunt at Mud Springs
since 1856.

He was school trustee for seven years, a deputy sheriff of El Dorado County
two terms under W. H. BROWN and in Sacramento County under George C.
Mrs. BARTON died Oct 21 1884 in Folsom.
There were 8 children:
Henry Clay BARTON born Aug 17 1859
Robert Guy BARTON born July 6 1860
John Quincy BARTON born July 6 1862
Nettie BARTON born July 10, 1865

Hiram Emmet BARTON born Apr 5 1867; died age 61 spouse D. Shingle
Springs, El Dorado County July 12 1922
left his wife, a daughter, two sons and five brothers
William Delos BARTON born Apr 10 1868
Isabel (Belle) May born Sep 4 1869; died Nov 9 1883 Deer Creek,
Sacramento County CA
David Lester BARTON born Oct 4 1870
George H. BARTON born Dec 4 1871
all born in CA

John Quincy BARTON married May 15 1888 to Miss Belle PHILLIPS who was born
in OR
they had one boy, John Harris BARTON, born Feb 15 1889.
Nettie BARTON married May 10 1887 to John L. MILLER, son of Hon J H. and
Eliza MILLER, formerly of Latrobe and now of Sacramento.

Margaret BARTON died Oct 21 1884 Folsom - there was a small obit in the
Sacramento Bee on her and I took a chance and checked Folsom and got a very
good one on her. She died at the American Exchange Hotel from an abdominal
tumor from which she had been suffering for several months.

Her maiden name was Margaret A. SKIVINGTON. (the spelling has changed every
time it is written). She was born in New York City March 321 1844. Her
mother died when Margaret was two years old, and her father was killed in
the war of the rebellion.

She took up her home with her aunt, Miss Jane McLEAVY, of the same city. In
1855 they came to CA and settled at Mud Springs El Dorado County. Here Miss
McLEAVY became acquainted with Mr. T. G. BARTON, brother of H. E. BARTON. In
1857 they were married.
They removed to Deer Creek shortly afterward, Miss SKIVINGTON accompanying
On 6 March 1859 she married Mr. H. E. BARTON, and they had eleven children:
Henry, Abram, Robert, John, Marilla, M(N)ettie, Hiram, Belle (Isabel),
William, Lester and George all now living except Abram, Marilla and Belle.
These three were buried at Clarksville but moved to the Masonic plot and
interred next to their mother when she died.

David F. SHARRATT in History of Orange County 1911 p693

David F. SHARRATT, a retired citizen of Wintersburg, was born at Waterford
Maine Apr 18 1838, the son of Frederick SHARRATT, a native of England.
Frederick came as a sailor to New England, and in Maine married Elizabeth
WHITCOMB, a native of Maine. He was one of the under-officers of a trading
sailing-vessel which ran into a tropical gale and he was drowned. He left
his widow and two sons, William Frederick SHARRATT of the Hawaiian Islands
since 1855 and David.

Elizabeth (WHITCOMB) SHARRATT married George W. CUMMINGS and the family
moved from Maine to Wisconsin in 1850, settling at Oasis, Waushara County.
In Wisconsin on 9 Oct1865 he married Miss Mary DWYER, a native of Ireland,
who was brought to America on her mother's arms.

D. F. SHARRATT left Wisconsin in 1870 and went to Kansas where he settled at
Blue Rapids, Marshall County and bought railroad lands. In 1881 he came with
covered wagons and his family to Montana and went into the Bitter Root

In the fall of 1895 they left Montana and pushed westward to CA. They
arrived at Big Rock Creek, in the Antelope Valley, in the spring of 1896.

Children living at the time of the bio:
Emory F. SHARRATT of Bitter Root Valley MT
Edith E. SHARRATT (Mrs. S. H. ATKINS) rancher in the Imperial Valley (El
Wallace F. SHARRATT on the home ranch
twin to Wallace died in KS at 2 years of age
W. H. SHARRATT in Watsonville and then Stockton

The couple were Baptists.

Mary SHARRATT spouse D F died age 80 in Mendocino Co Sep 25 1923
David F. SHARRATT (spelt SHARATT in CADI) died age 88 in Wintersburg, Orange
Co Apr 9 1927
Services Smith and Tuthills chapel
Interment Fairhaven cemetery
He was a resident of Orange County for 32 years.

History of San Bernadino
Page 304

William PICKETT came to San Bernadino in 1858 from San Francisco, where he
had been one of the earliest arrivals from the east. He was of more than
average ability and although brought up to the trade of a printer, was a
good lawyer. He brought with him to this city a very good law library -- the
first of any consequence in San Bernadino. At one time he had his office in
a little one-room shack on Third street--suitable office rooms were not
plenty in the town at that time--and he gave permission to a newly elected
justice of the peace to hold his court and transact his buisness in the same
office until he could procure one of his own.

PICKETT was inclined to be somewhat aggressive. He remained in SB about four
years and then removed to Los Angeles and later to San Francisco.

I felt this was not much for you so I dug around a little and found some of
these other facts which MAY be connected.

William PICKETT, Jr. (this may be his son?)
Born 1849
arrived in CA midsummer of 1852 via Beckwourth(sic) Pass into CA
Lived in Los Angeles about 1852
information by D. Patton, Secty, Ina COOLBRITH poetry circlel, 1915 Rose
Street, Berkeley 9 CA
Misc notes:
Son of William PICKETT and Agnes COOLBRITH SMITH PICKETT. Half brother of
Josephine DONG SMITH, otherwise known as Ina COOLBRITH, California's first
poet laureate. Twin brother of Don Carolos PICKETT.

History of Orange County 1911
page 386.

Allison E. BIRD was born in 1863 in Sangamon County IL and at the age of
three moved with his family to Franklin County, KS.
In 1887, at the age of 24, he came to CA and for a year remained in the San
Fernando valley, then spent four years in Anaheim, Orange County. He was a
skilled and capable contractor.

In 1889 in Anaheim, he married Miss Orlantha HENDRICKS, native of IA and
daughter of an Orange county pioneer. They had two children, Alice L. (19 at
the time of the bio) and Maude Esther (12).

History of San Mateo 1938

John W. MOREY, highly regarded old-time citizen of San Mateo County, of
Menlo Park was born in Oakland in 1877 the son of Harry and Rose (McGovern)
MOREY. The family moved to CA when John was a youth. (this doesn't make
sense -- if the family moved to CA when he was a youth how could he have
been born in Oakland? Strange)

He moved at age 15 to Menlo Park. Leland Stanford employed him in 1892 to
lay the foundations for the future University.

He married Miss Nora MALONEY, daughter of the late P. J. MALONEY, former
assessor of San Mateo County.
They have three sons:
Harry, postmaster at Menlo Park
Frank, in business with his father
Jack, with Peninsula Building Material Company

History of San Joaquin Valley 1905

Andrew LESLIE was a successful miller of Portersville, Tulare County. He was
born in Roxburyshire, Scotland, Sep 5 1848 to Andrew LESLIE, a native of
Berwickshire Scotland. The family records of the LESLIEs are intact back to
the year 1300.

Andrew LESLIE, Sr. married Elizabeth ALLAN, also a native of Scotland, who
died in Ontario, near London. They had nine children.

Andrew LESLIE, Jr was next to the youngest in the family. When 17, (Nov
1865) he was apprenticed to learn the trade of miller near London.
In 1868 he came to the US and located in Milwaukee Wis and later went to the
southern part of IL. In 1872 he came to CA.

He married Carrie LESCHINSKY in Cottonwood, Shasta County CA. She was a
native of Philadelphia and the daughter of John LESCHINSKY who was born in
Poland and immigrated to Philadelphia where he made his home until 1856 when
he moved with his family to CA.

They had four children:

Andrew Allan, forman on his father's mill
Walter, graduate of Portersville High, attending University of CA in the
dental department
John August, high school graduate, clerk in the store of Wilko Mentz
Fred Arthur, who entered the dental department in 1905 at the University of

Andrew LESLIE is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workman and a
stanch Democrat.

History of Orange County 1921

Loren D. PIKE was born at Willoughby OH Feb 17 1869, the son of J. D. PIKE
and Miss Mabel Lorinda GREY, also a native of the Buckeye State.

June 11 1896 he married Miss Lucy BROTT, a school teacher and daughter of
Lewis and Amanda (HOEGE) BROTT of Mayfield OH.
In the fall of 1912 he came to CA and settled in Fullerton and then in Yorba

The couple had six children.

Thelma, Mrs. Lloyd E. SHOOK, has two children, Allen and Dorothy
Helen, Mrs. Homer BEMIS, has Lucie Jane
Bernice, Mrs. Hugh NIXON, has Loren
Emmett, Loren, Ruth Josephine and Marjorie E. PIKE are all at home.

Eli Houston MURRAY in History of So. Calif Page 103
Eli Houston MURRAY was born in 1843. His father was born in Washington County KY whence he removed to Hardinsburg. He was a merchant and large tobacco dealer and in conjunction with Hon. Wm. F. BULLOCK, he founded the common-school system of KY. He also gave ground and built a church for the Presbyterians in Cloverport. Mr. MURRAY married Mrs. Anna Maria (ALLEN) CRITTENDEN, daughter of John ALLEN, a leading land lawyer, and Col. of the famous Rifle Regiment of KY. He was killed in the River Raisin in the war of 1812. Anna's first husband was a brother of John J. CRITTENDEN. Her son, Thomas F. CRITTENDEN, settled in Lexington MO where he became a successful lawyer after being under his paternal uncle, Thomas F. CRITTENDEN. He later became Governor. An older son, William Logan CRITTENDEN, embarked in the revolutionary movement of La Pez, tempted by the thought of freedom for Cuba. He was a Col. in the ill-fated band, and was captured and shot. When ordered to kneel before his executioners he answered, "A Kentuckian kneels to none but his God," and he was shot standing firm and fearless. Mrs. Anna CRITTENDEN, a widow, was left with an insolvent estate and five children. To avoid the sale of her land and to ensure the safety of her children and servants she secured from the estate the management of a factory called a "rope walk," where was made a coarse cloth for the baling of cotton, which she conducted with such diligence that in three years she had earned enough to redeem her servants from the fate that was impending over them, and forty years later these same servants with streaming eyes carried her body to the grave. By a second marriage, she had Eli Houston MURRAY named after a kinsman, Eli HUSTON, of Mississippi, form whose Natchez office Sargent S. PRENTICE started upon his brilliant career. His elder brother, Judge John Allan MURRAY, lives at the old Cloverport home. The third, Logan Crittenden MURRAY, is now president of the US National Bank of NY. The fourth, named like his father, David Rodman, was elected State Senator before he was of age requisite to take the seat; he is now an active lawyer of Cloverport. (from this I assume Eli's father was named David Rodman MURRAY.) General MURRAY was educated by private tutors and entered the army from Cloverport at the age of 18. Mr. MURRAY was one of the first soldiers commanded by Sherman in the early part of the war. He became Governor of Utah and was threatened by the infamous Mormon leader, CANNON, who boasted that he wore at his girdle the scalps of the preceding Governors unfriendly to them. Governor MURRAY battled against vexatious Congressional delays, savage opposition from the wealth and power of the Mormon leaders, etc. and succeeded in procuring the passage of laws so that Utah's good government is mainly due to his long service, wisdom and determination. He moved to San Diego CA and purchased a large tract of land ten miles south of the Mexican boundary. In 1876 he married Miss Evelyn NEALE, daughter of E. P. NEALE, a Louisville merchant. Their children: Evelyn Neale were both born in KY. Newspapers at the writing of the article were quoting Gov. MURRAY as a possible Gubernatorial nominee for CA.

Nicholas KIRKWOOD in History of Contra Costa CA page 597
Nicholas KIRKWOOD was born in Scotland near Glasgow Dec 15 1832. July, 1851 he sailed from the port of Greenock bound for the US via Cape Horn. He arrived in San Francisco Feb 22 1852. He purchased land in Diablo Valley, one mile west of Clayton, in 1857. He never married.

James Gay History of Contra Costa CA page 563
James GAY (deceased) was born in Edinburgh Scotland Oct 12 1828. When he was 9 he took to sea-faring life and eventually arrived in CA in Apr 1849, when he joined the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. He moved to Contra Costa in 1857. He died in Contra Costa on Oct 3 1879 He was married in Clayton to Mary KIRKWOOD, on May 5 1871. She was also a native of Scotland whose brother was Nicholas KIRKWOOD. James and Mary had four children: Nicholas who was adopted by his uncle, Nicholas KIRKWOOD Jennie M Margaret A Mary E. At the time of his death the obituary appeared in the Contra Costa Gazette. This obituary gives several conflicting bits of information: His uncle, Nicholas KIRKWOOD, and family (would this not be his wife's brother?) He was born in Edinburgh Scotland Oct 11 1829 - differs from bio dates. You will have to read it through to see what is said. It is quite flowery and full of quotes.

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