History of Solano County:

comprising an account of its geographical position, the origin of its name, topography, geology, and springs, its organization, township system, early settlement, with descriptions of scenes as viewed by the pioneers, the first American argonauts of California, the bear flag, the discovery of gold, the progress of population and agriculture, the Mexican grants, the principal murders, incidents of settlement, elections, and table of county officers, and histories of its cities, towns, villages churches, schools, secret societies, etc. : as also, a full and particular biography of its early settlers and principal inhabitants.

Wood Alley & & Co., Publishers

San Francisco, California (1879)

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S66 H4 1994 -- Book
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.452 H6 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 21\Book 4488\ -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S66 H4 1994 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 21\Book 4488\ -- Book
CALL NUMBER: F868.S66 H4 1879 -- Book

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History of Solano County

Trish PattisonTrish PattisonTrish PattisonColly TettelbachDonna Fornari
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Agee, Christopher C.Tremont490
Alden, E. B.Suisun399
Alvord, LukeVallejo329
Ammons, Henry B.Vacaville454
Anderson, M.D., Walter DuncanVallejo329
Arnold, James W.Montezuma486
Arnold, Oscar D.Denverton482
Aspenall, WilliamVallejo329
Aylward, ThomasVallejo331Joanne
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baker, Geo. H.Vacaville454Steve Willams
Baldwin, J. M.Green Valley431Todd A. Farmerie
Barbour, NathanSuisun399
Barkway, R. H.Denverton482
Barrett, J. H.Elmira479
Bassford, H. A.Vacaville454
Bassford, J. M.Vacaville455
Bateman, J. K.Suisun399
Bateman, John M. K.Suisun400
Bauman, J. H.Suisun400
Beguhl, HenryRio Vista468
Bennett, William F.Benicia436
Bergwell, GustafVallejo332
Berry, George M.Green Valley430
Bihler, HenryGreen Valley431
Bingham, GeorgeVallejo332
Bird, JohnMontezuma486
Bond, J. C.Montezuma486
Brink, H. W.Vacaville455
Brooks, William S.Vallejo334
Brown, C. P.Sivleyville494
Brown, CalvinVallejo334
Brown, D. B.Rio Vista468
Brown, John R.Benicia436
Brown, SamuelVallejo335
Brownlee, RobertVallejo338
Brownlee, ThomasVallejo341
Brownlie, Alexander J.Vallejo336
Brownlie, JamesVallejo336
Brownlie, JohnVallejo336
Bruning, JosephRio Vista469
Buck, L. W.Vacaville455
Buckley, TimothyDenverton482
Burns, JamesBenicia436
Butler, N. C.Rio Vista469
Butler, O. H.Vallejo342
C[Return to Jump Site]
Callender, JohnVallejo342
Campbell, Robt. G.Vacaville455
Carman, A. S.Vallejo343
Carter, Robert C.Rio Vista470
Chisholm, A.Benicia436
Chrisler, P. J.Suisun400
Clayton, David J.Suisun401
Cloutman, Joseph F.Tremont490
Clyne, JamesBenicia437
Coghlan, O. R.Suisun401
Coleman, Napoleon B. S.Sivleyville494
Colhoun, Edmund R., U.S.N.Vallejo343
Condon, JamesVallejo344
Connelly, JamesVacaville456
Connolly, HenryVallejo344
Cotten, James W.Sivleyville495
Crocker, AsaSuisun402
Cummings, FrancisBenicia437
Cummons, John HarbertVacaville456Ken Tessendorff
Currey, Robert J.Sivleyville495
Currie, AlexanderRio Vista470
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalton, AlfredBenicia437
Dare, John T.Vallejo344
Dashiell, W. A.Sivleyville495
Davis, I. F.Vacaville457
Davis, W. B.Vacaville457
Davisson, ObediahSuisun402
Davisson, W. G.Suisun402
Day, M.D., EdwardVacaville457
Deininger, F.Vallejo345
Demming, Captain JohnBenicia438
Derwin, Michael SVallejo345
Dickson, ThomasSivleyville496
Dillon, Patrick W.Benicia438
Dinsmore, Rev. J. M.Sivleyville496
Donell, WilliamMontezuma487
Downey, D. M.Vacaville458
Downing, M. D., W. G.Suisun403
Doyle, JamesVallejo346
Dozier, W. GRio Vista470
Drake, Simon S.Vallejo346
Dudley, J. M.Sivleyville496
Dunn, AlexanderSuisun403
Durner, George AdamBenicia439
Dutton, David D.Vacaville458
E[Return to Jump Site]
Edwards, James G.Suisun403
Edwards, William P.Vallejo347
Egery, B. D.Vallejo348
Elliot, George T.Maine Prairie466
Elliott, James M.Vacaville459Blanche in Montana
Ellis, James A.Sivleyville497
Emigh, T. P.Rio Vista471
Enos, JosephBenicia441
Esquivel, Antonio M.Vacaville459
Eversole, HenryVacaville469
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farnham, JohnVallejo348
Ferguson, WmRio Vista471
Fischer, JosephBenicia441
Fiscus, John B.Rio Vista472
Fitch, William WayneSuisun404
Forstenfeld, M.Vallejo349
Foster, Geo. W.Tremont491
Fotheringham, JohnDenverton483
Frahm, GeorgeSivleyville497
Frisbie, EleazerVallejo349
Frisbie, Gen. John B.Vallejo349
Frisbie, Levi C.Vallejo351
Frost, James, M.D.Vallejo352
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gardiner, John H.Rio Vista472
Getchins, William WVacaville460
Gillespie, Edgar FergusonSuisun404
Gillespie, George A.Suisun405
Goodwin, B. H.Suisun408
Gookin, Thomas P.Vallejo352
Gorham, AbrahamVallejo352
Gray, Samuel C.Benicia441
Green, GeorgeSuisun409
Gregory John M.Suisun409
Gurnee, JacobRio Vista473
Guthrie, B. J.Tremont491
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haile, Hon. R. C.Suisun410
Hale, DavidSuisun411
Hall, RichardSivleyville498
Hammond, E. A.Suisun411Pat
Hanbrick, PeterBenicia441
Hanks, J. G.Vallejo353
Harrier, Daniel W.Vallejo353
Harvey, Hon. Joel A.Vallejo354
Hastings, D. N.Benicia442
Hatch, A. T.Green Valley431
Hilborn, Hon. S. G.Vallejo355
Hobbs, IsaacVallejo355
Hooper, Thomas P.Suisun412
Hooper, Thomas T.Montezuma487
Hosking, WilliamMontezuma488
Hoyt, JosephBenicia443
Hoyt, W. K.Suisun412
Hubbard, HenrySuisun412
Hubbard, John E.Vallejo357
Hubbs, Charles H.Vallejo364
Hubbs, Hon. Paul K.Vallejo357
Humphreys, James H.Green Valley432
Hunter, JamesVallejo365
Hyde, Septa FilmoreTremont492
Hyland, WilliamTremont492
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J[Return to Jump Site]
Jefferis, P. E.Vallejo366
Jewell, W. T.Green Valley433
Johnson Capt, JamesRio Vista474
Johnson, W.Vacaville460
Jones, F. S.Green Valley433
Jones, John M.Suisun413
Jones, Rev. Edward J.Vallejo366
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kennedy, John E.Vallejo367
Kennedy, W. T.Suisun414
Kerby, ClintonDenverton483
Kerns, J. W.Suisun414
Kidd, W. B. R.Vacaville461
Kinloch John G.Suisun414
Kinstrey, Thomas T.Benicia443
Kitto, SamuelVallejo367Carol Sharp
Klink, Rev. Nathaniel B.Vallejo368
Kloppenburg, Daniel W.Vallejo368
Korns, LeviVacaville461
Kuhland, WilliamBenicia443
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamont, George A.Suisun414
Lamont, James A.Vallejo369
Le Gro, Richard PSuisun415John LeGro
Leithead, WilliamSuisun415
Lemon, John B.Suisun415
Long, S. W.Vacaville461
M[Return to Jump Site]
MacDonald, Rev. David FVallejo371
Mack, DariusSivleyville498
Mallett, George F., U.S.N.Vallejo370
Manka, ChristleySuisun416
March, Rudolph BElmira479
Marshall, Charles KnoxSuisun416
Marshall, R. C.Vacaville462
Maxwell, J. C.Suisun417
Mayes John S.Sivleyville499
McCreary, D.Suisun419
McCudden, JamesVallejo371
McDermott, RobertVallejo372
McDonald, D. C.Suisun419
McDonald, T. P.Vallejo372
McDonald, WilliamVallejo372
McGettigen, EdwardVallejo373
McInnis, J. A.Vallejo373
McKay, ThomasBenicia444
McKinley, Geo. C.Sivleyville499
McKnight, Andrew J.Vallejo375
McKnight, AndrewVallejo374
McLeod, John C.Vallejo375
McMurtry, JosephElmira480
McNally, BernardBenicia444
McPherson, AlexanderSivleyville500
McPike, A. J.Vallejo376
Meins, RobertMontezuma488
Melbourn ThomasElmira479
Menzies, ThomasRio Vista474
Merryfield, Justice C.Sivleyville499
Miles, James L.Suisun418
Miller JohnSuisun417
Miller, Allen C.Suisun411
Mizer, Lansing B. Benicia444
Morton, HenryVacaville462
Much, George W., U.S.N.Vallejo370
Murphy, CharlesVallejo377
Murray, AlexanderSuisun419
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nichols, J. B.Benicia445
Nichols, William H.Benicia446
North, JohnVallejo378
Nurse, S. K.Denverton484
Nye, Alfred B.Sivleyville500
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Brien, ThomasVallejo378
O'Donnell, JohnBenicia446
O'Grady, FrankVallejo378
Opperman, JuliusBenicia446
P[Return to Jump Site]
Page, W.Montezuma488
Palmer, Lyman L.Suisun419
Palmer, S. G.Suisun420
Pangburn, Garrett H.Suisun420
Pearce, John W.Suisun421
Pearson, Gustavus C.Vallejo379
Pena, DemetrioVacaville462
Perin, AaronBenicia447
Perkins, E. D.Suisun421
Pierce, LewisGreen Valley434
Pietrzycki, M. D., MarcelRio Vista475
Pittman, C. J.Green Valley433
Pleasants, William JVacaville462
Pond, David A.Rio Vista475
Powell, AbrahamVallejo383
Preston, William E.Benicia447
Prevost, L.Denverton485
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quick, W.Suisun421
Quigg, Charles Benicia447
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raum, E. C.Benicia447
Reddick, HardinSivleyville501
Rice, HarveySuisun422
Richardson, Henry D.Vallejo386
Richardson, J. BSuisun422
Riddell, George H.Benicia448
Robbins, R. D.Suisun422
Robinson, A. T.Vallejo386
Robinson, W. H.Suisun423
Roe, GeorgeVallejo387
Rogers, James RoeVacaville463Steve Williams
Rohwer, HansSivleyville501
Roney, JamesVallejo387
Rose, Elisha L.Benicia448
Rueger, JohnBenicia448
Rush, B. F.Suisun423
Ryerson, A. P.Benicia449
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sage, TimothyBenicia449
Saunders, James O.Vallejo388
Scarlett, J. E.Vacaville463
Seaman, H.Vacaville463
Sheehy, RobertVallejo389
Shirland, H. R. FrancisVallejo389
Shultz, C. & Co.Green Valley434
Sickal, M. T.Rio Vista475
Sidwell, J. M.Rio Vista476
Silvey, Elijah S.Sivleyville501
Simmons, Jr., Rev. J. C.Sivleyville501
Simonton, George W.Vallejo391
Smith, James G.Vallejo392
Smith, W. W.Vacaville464
Smyth, Hon. MichaelRio Vista477
Smythe, PeterSivleyville502
Snead, S. M.Tremont493
Spalding, CharlesBenicia450
Spence, M. D., A. P.Suisun424Norman Spence
Squires, William KRio Vista477
Stahl, JVacaville464
Staples, Earnest H.Suisun424
Staples, Franlklin OliverSuisun424
Steffen, JacobVallejo392
Stockman, D. MerrillSuisun425
Stockman, David E. (deceased)Suisun425
Stoll, Charles M.Rio Vista478
Swan, Hon. Thomas M.Suisun425
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taylor, W. E., M.D.Vallejo393
Taylor, William H.Suisun427
Thissell, G. A.Vacaville464
Thompson, H. M.Vallejo394
Thompson, J. D.Vallejo393
Thornton, T. A.Vallejo394
Timm, PeterSivleyville502
Tobin, J. F.Vallejo394
Troutman, George. WVacaville465
Tuck, J.Maine Prairie467Joan Boothe
Turner, W. H.Suisun426
U[Return to Jump Site]
Udel, Dr. O. C.Sivleyville503Blanche in Montana
Upham, E. J.Montezuma488
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vance, M. D., James M.Suisun427
Vanderbilt, W. W.Vallejo394
Vest, JohnSuisun427
Von Pfister, E. H.Benicia450
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, WilliamVallejo395
Walsh, Captain JohnBenicia452
Ward, JamesVallejo395
Waterman, Robert H.Suisun428
Weihe, EdwardSivleyville503
Wells, J. C.Elmira480
Wells, James T.Suisun428
Wendell, J. F.Suisun428
Weniger, CharlesVallejo396
Wentworth, JohnVallejo396
Westaby, RichardBenicia453
Wight, F. M.Elmira481
Williston, John E.Vallejo398
Wilson, CurtisGreen Valley435
Wilson, E. J.Vallejo397
Wilson, JohnVallejo397
Wilson, JosephVallejo397
Wing Joseph (deceased)Suisun428
Wing, Joseph Jr.Suisun429
Winter, H. E.Montezuma489
Wolf, WilliamSuisun429
Wolfskill, MathiasSuisun429
Wooderson, G. F.Vacaville465
Woods, JohnSuisun430
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Young, Andrew JVallejo398
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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