History of Sonoma County, California

By Ernest Latimer Finley

The Press Democrat Publishing Co, Santa Rosa, CA (1937)

California Local History - Rocq - 14744

The biographies and illustrations contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography or illustration commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

This book is not at the Califoria State Library in Sacramento but is available at the Bancroft, UCLA and California Historical Society libraries.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abshire, F. Presley (illus.)381
Adams, M. Earle275
Adamson, Clara369
Adsit, Horace C.266
Akers, Medora126
Alexander, Annie238
Alexander, George Cyrus182
Alexander, William Glenn37
Allen, Harriet Adelia17
Allen, Henry Reed26
Allison, Perry Tice70
Anderson, David P. Dr.32
Andrews, John Fernando William270
Ascherman, Annie M. Mrs.288
Aslin, Colleen Butchart316
Atkinson, George E. the Rev.162
Ayers, Arthur D.195
Azevedo, Edward7
Azevedo, George S. (illus.)237Alvera Puls
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babcockr, Frederick Dwane305
Bacci, Alcide327
Bacigalupi, Natale307
Bailey, Floyd Philip320
Baker, Henry239
Baker, Jessie Rickett223
Baker, Sheridan Warner315
Baldi, Anselmo (illus.)93
Barbour, Marion Bridge81
Barich, John W.159Jan Smith
Barnes, Viola (Bell) and T. T.338
Barr, Frank E.360
Barrett, Roe Mitchell202
Barsuglia, John354
Bartlett, Laurence Gerald227
Basso, Ferdinand Louis73
Beattie, Susan Catherine (illus.)196
Bedford, Arthur236
Beffa, Caesar Ferdinand356
Belden, Ralph Austin (illus.)333
Bennyhoff, William F. (illus.)200
Benzeman, Christopher Martin60
Berger, Frank124
Berglund, Harvey M.325
Berner, August the Rev.46
Bertoll, Paul (illus.)107
Bertolucci, Augusto (illus.)20
Biavaschi, Emil Alexander128
Bill, Thelma Mary83
Billman, Gladys King203
Bills, Elmer Douglas332
Bjornestad, Rasmus106
Black, Charles Andrew318Norm Black
Blackney, Charles William347
Blazer, Adelia B. Mrs. (illus.)33
Bockee, Ollie Alma Mrs.83
Bohn, William Frederick119
Boivin, Elsie Viola233
Bolz, Rose E.303
Bonaventura, Filiberto Anthony M. D. (illus.)353
Borba, William S.137
Botts, Ardie Elwood164
Bourke, Leo A. (illus.)56
Bowman, Lloyd Russell167
Brackett, Lillian Edith (Gater)219
Braman, Lillian Eugenie158
Bramsen, Mathilde M.195
Brigham, Edward Stephen231
Brown, Cordelia Ann Mrs226
Brown, Ira19
Brown, Lena Evelyn Kline (illus.)166
Brydone-jack, Ernest Edmund Jr. (illus.)244
Buchignani, Victor177
Bulman, Robert M. D.181
Burbank, Elizabeth Waters133
Burke, Willard Preble Dr. (illus.)18
Burns, Johanna330
Burris, Frank M.146
Bussman, Peter W.67
Butler, Fred Otis M. D. (illus.)152
Byington, Charles Thomas Jr.317
C[Return to Jump Site]
Campbell, Harvey Dr.121
Canevari, Adolph255
Canevari, Don A.25
Cannon, Calvin W.312
Carmichael, Annie256
Carroll, James P. (illus.)31
Casassa, Armand Charles (illus)264
Case, James La Due382
Caukins, Clarence Adelbert Jr.233
Cavalli, George174
Chenoweth, Hardin Talman323
Chittenden, Justin Lewis (illus.)176
Clark, James W. M. D. (illus.)232
Cnopius, Eugene B.378
Coates, Ernest373
Codding, George Colby (illus.)228
Coffman, James Trisler155
Comalli, Beatrice363
Comalli, R. Angelo268
Comstock, Charles Warren149
Comstock, Hilliard259
Comstock, Hubert George49
Coney, Joseph J. (illus.)360
Cooper, Lewis Sargent73
Coppock, Irving Orland53
Corcoran, Thomas Henry95
Cornelsen, Robert A.213
Corrick, Arthur R.127
Coulter, Nellie Jackson166
Cowan, William Finley (illus.)104
Cox, George Washington298
Cragin, Laura E. Williams (illus.)225
Crane, George Silas (illus.)36
Croci, John290
Cross, Jerome Orcutt Dr.319
Cummings, Michael Edwards290
Cunninthame, William Nassau162
Cutts, Loyd C. 44
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dado, Emmett Stephen (illus.)150
Dahlmann, Freda A.263
Daniels, Thomas Melvin340
Danielson, Martin160
Darby, Flord23
Davis, Luella Rose355
Daywalt, Fannie Harriet Delaney279
De Geus, Leendert (illus.)217
De Hay, Wendell Phillips99
Debnam, Julia Cappleman (illus.)139
Deffner, Leonard George Carl13
Del Carlo, Angelo (illus.)317
Delagnes, Lucien P.122
Denner, Russell L. A.311
Dickson, Norman M. Dr. (illus.)132
Dickson, Robert Farnsworth199
Dimic, Edward Theodore (illus.)343
Dineen, Elizabeth145
Dittmer, Charles H.306
Dole, Edward Johnson176
Donlin, Victor John173
Downey, Wallace Morrell87
Dows, Annie Elizabeth381
Doyle, Frank Pierce (illus.)1
Doyle, Miss Nellie Jane (illus.)120
Dozier, Melville (illus.)171
Du Vander, Dave H.126
Dunbar, Charles Oliver (illus.)335
Dunham, Azariah271Shannon Seiberling
Dunlavy, Kenneth James M D. (illus.)77
Durand, George V.216
Dutton, George Washington15
E[Return to Jump Site]
Easterly, John Isaac29
Edwards, James Rufus359
Elgan, Eva252
Elkins, John Courtland291
Elliott, Annie May242
Ellis, John A.114
Ellis, Julia Melvin (illus.)16
Ellis, Sara Letitia215
Ellsworth, Fred Delos214
Emparan, Luisa Vallejo209Maria Elena Amparan
Emparan, Richard Raoul238Maria Elena Amparan
Enzenauer, Orpah Grace154
Eschen, Sidney Lawrence300
Espindola, Lewis Sylvester (illus.)240
Evans, Anna Riebhoff114
Evans, Edward Wilson Mervyn (illus.)379
Evans, Leo J. (illus.)269
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farnell, Laura (illus.)367
Favour, Colonel John177
Fenton, Edward (illus.)45
Ferrari, Joseph (illus.)109
Filipini, Emidio J.193
Finley, Ernest L. (illus.)376
Finley, Levonia Josephine286
Finnerty, Edward James M. D. (illus.)86
Fir, Crest Rest Home27
Fischer, Henry Ferdinand (illus.)157
Fish, Harry Paul Dr. (illus.)112
Fisher, Frank Joseph357
Fitch, Captain Henry Delano375
Fitch, Sarah Jane (illus.)129
Fitzgerald, John Joseph216
Flaherty, Edward Jr.350
Fleckner, Oliver Peter (illus.)301
Folsom, Frederick N. Dr. (illus.)253
Forbes, Mrs. Alfred49
Forni, Will352
Fortunati, John339
French, Thomas Jr.224
Furber, William Wallace174
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gale, Thornbrough Patterson140
Gale, Wallace Samuel (illus.)205
Gallo, Floyd118
Gannon, Eugene7
Garcia, Alfred Medardo283
Gardiner, Elizabeth A. Mrs.285
Geary, Donald93Tim Geary
Giannecchini, Ceaser342
Godd, Maude Forsyth135
Goldman, Mose96
Gondola, James21
Gonnella, H. U. (illus.)6
Goodwin, Velma C.181
Gould, Ida W.248
Grant, John D. (illus.)50
Greeott, John (illus.)297
Guanella, Ferdinand384
Guaspari, Ciralamo237
Guerne, Elbert W.202
Guglielmetti, Alfred336
Guidotti, Emile Joseph (illus.)27
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Benjamin Forsyth59
Hall, Maitland G. (illus.)98
Hall, Richard B.230
Hallberg, Alfred F.62
Hansen, Clyde Walter110
Hardin, Lulu G. (illus.)212
Hardisty, Loren Oscar143
Harlow, George Totten (illus)116
Harmeson, True254
Harr, Ralph V. Dr.145
Harris, Granville Swift329
Hart, Blair (illus.)97
Hayden, Alta Saunders45
Heath, Eugene Francis (illus.)113
Hendricks, Elizabeth Margaret299
Herbert, William Fulton101
Herling, Max Herman325
Heryford, Reuben M. (illus.)52Susan Faught
Hicks, A. L.39
Hicks, George Milton (illus.)182
Hildebrandt, Albert Mason37
Hiura, George368
Hoeh, Louie321
Holley, Franklin Maynard262
Holtorf, Anna42
Hotle, Harold Leroy170
Hotle, William M. (illus.)54
Howarth, Leonard163
Huffman, Ruth Philena Dr. (illus.)68
Hunt, Charles William55
Hunt, Estella May Price (illus.)292
Hutchinson, Mary J. (illus.)312
Hutchinson, Thomas J. (illus.)344
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J[Return to Jump Site]
Jamison, James M. (illus.)374
Jenkins, Carrie Dunbar309
Jenson, Little William44
Johnson, Frank (illus.)70
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kalkbrenner, Fred318
Kelly, Mrs. Lucile Rood218
Keyt, Norton Francis285
Kiely, James the Very Rev.206
King, Joseph Edward265
Kiser, Conrad J.147
Klinker, Thomas Roy108
Kneller, Elizabeth M.75
Knight, Russell Howard121
Koch, Leon Henry138
Koerner, Louisa123
Koford, Edward Thomas67
Koster, Robert Albert Edmund127
Kroyer, John 0.334
Kyle, Nancy M. (illus.)308
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lacabanne, Louis (illus.)80
Lafferty, Daniel H.270
Lagomarsino, Albert293
Lamb, Erwin H.267
Larkin, George Henry (illus.)356
Larson, C. G. Mrs.125
Laughlin, Glen Purnell (illus.)161
Laughlin, James H.142Susan Faught
Lavell, John Andrew179
Lea, Clarence Frederick (illus.)136
Leete, Vernon190
Lehn, Adelaide229
Lelby, George (illus.)84
Leppo, James Rolando295
Lewis, May E.211
Libby, George Wilfred222
Libby, Ora Edward23
Linderman, Bert Dow66
Lockhart, Archie (illus.)75
London, Jack207
Lopus, Veva Alma3
Luttrell, Frank Weise377
Lynch, Jefferson Davis Dr.94
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mack, Dominick P.339
Maclay, Thomas (illus.)168
Magner, Albert M.106
Mallory, Mary Blanche323
Mancini, Domenic (illus.)165
Maroni, Peter Paul Jr.192
Marsh, Chester Dr. 211
Martin, Frederick (illus.)13
Massoni, William John (illus.)155
Matthews, George C. (illus.)328
McCammon, Annie Mae151
McCammon, James Harvey151
McCaughey, Howard C.21
McClish, Ralph229
McCluskey, Alexander (illus.)61
McComas, Walter Jr.124
McCracken, Alton382
McCutchan, William H. (illus.)100
McDonald, Juilliard J.33
McGettigan, Toland C. (illus.)349
McGrew, James Gale (illus.)65
McKinstry, Gertrude Breaw58
McLain, James51
McMahon, Thomas156
McMeans, Alexander C.235
McMullen, Evelyn Laughlin293
McNear, George P. (illus.)8
McReynolds, Amanda H.278
McReynolds, James185
Mecham, Franklin Alma (illus.)91
Meneray, Prince A. Dr. (illus.)194
Menzelli, Marie (illus.)289
Merritt, Edson Charles375
Metzger, Augusta (illus.)173
Miller, John Washington310
Miller, Leslie C.197
Mitchell, John246
Monohan, John Edward252
More, Warren D. Jr. Dr.156
Morelli, Lee Gaudenzio271
Morris, James B. (illus.)48
Mundell, Inez Marie364
Murphy, Walter L.362
Murray, Joseph B.351
Murray, Lex Joseph (illus.)191
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagle, Walter H.30
Nelligan, Garrett (illus.)257
Nelligan, Maurice Francis258
Nisson, Nickleus Simon (illus.)321
Nolan, Charles Preston327
Nordyke, William L.278
Nutting, Harold F.274
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Brien, James Joseph358
O'Connor, Robert (illus)38
Ogle, John Alan288
O'Leary, Archie F.115
Olmsted, John A.69
Olsen, William Alvin250
Oneto, Frank Joseph92
Ordahl, George Ph.D.244
Ornbaun, Andrew Marion Jr.326
Osborn, George William158
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palin, Frank Eaton331
Parks, Oren Adelbert (illus.)85
Passalaqua, Frank180
Patchett, Docia Isabel Miss189
Patchett, Walter Cecil94
Patoochi, Alvin W.347
Pedrotti, Louis (illus.)365
Pelloux, Ernest Phillip330
Peoples, Stuart Zeno M. D.361
Peter, Bud John (illus.)294
Peters, John Lowe204
Peterson, Sheridan W.98
Petrie, Arthur Lee35
Pietrini, Mary10
Piezzi, Victor (illus.)47
Pitts, Arthur Lewis170
Pohley, Joseph C.372
Potter, Annie Frances188
Price, Otto Henry3
Price, Walter Fitch234
Pries and Petray, ~230Susan Faught
Proctor, Thomas James5
Proctor, Walter Lewis256
Purrington, Henry Lincoln (illus.)43
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quackenbush, Russell M. (illus.)193
Quarry, Paul Thomas M. D.245
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rafanelli, Alberto42
Ratcliffe, Herbert Eugene74
Read, George Marvin (illus.)340
Reading, George Joseph87
Rees, William Dr.175
Reeves, Maria H.345
Rehder, Carl Hansen (illus.)148
Reid, Frank Hamer10
Rene, L. Jeannette284
Richards, William Edward217
Rinner, John (illus.)324
Roberts, Charles David287
Rocco, Giovanni B.187
Roche, William Charles148
Rohnert, Waldo (illus.)141
Romano, Ernest Charelli (illus.)40
Rosenberg, Max (illus.)280
Ross, Benjamin Franklin380
Roumas, Peter315
Ruddock, Simon Taylor (illus.)370
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sales, John Paul139
Salisbury, Ralph Francis19
Sartori, Arcangelo (illus.)261
Sassenrath, Julius Joseph302
Schalich, Francis Joseph338
Schaw, Carl Nelson348
Schmid, Karl241
Scott, Charles Owen247
Scudder, Hubert Baxter57
Sears, Franklin314
Seawell, Emmett222
Seawell, James W. M. D. (illus.)134
Shackelton, William George (illus.)11
Sherer, Maude Muller213
Shipley, William Chapman M. D. (illus.)34
Showers, John Franklin S.370
Shuhaw, Wilton Woods186
Shulte, William Albert304
Sinclair, Henry George188
Slater, Herbert W.379
Slusser, Margaret E.377
Small, Edward A.147
Smith, Mrs. Freda342
Snider, Annie F.103
Snyder, Major Jacob Rink63
Sohler, Frank E. M. D. (illus.)249
Sohler, Frank ErnestJr. M. D.250
Soldati, Henry Joseph172
Sooy, Joseph Willfred M. D.220
Spreckels, Alma Emma Charlotte Corday (illus.)88
Stites, Martha and Alexander Hill11
Stoffal, Ida M.89
Stone, Jasper S. Dr. (illus.)22
Stout, Madeleine185
Strehlow, Charles Frederick (illus.)15
Striepke, Edward John169
Stroven, Henry346
Sundstrom, Helen Susanna (illus.)246
Swartfager, Bryce298
Swearingen, Gertrude197
Sweet, James Sylvester Perry A. M. Ph. D.273
Sweet, Julia Goodyear (illus.)272
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Joseph Martin (illus.)178Susan Faught
Tanner, Eliza Ann Miss (illus.)184
Taylor, John Shackelford105
Thatcher, William Briggs365
Thomas, Roger Edward294
Thompson, Rolfe Lyon76
Thurlow, Alfred A. M. D. (illus.)72
Toscani, Anthony341
Totemeier, Hugh Clinton (illus.)299
Tower, Harold William366
Trombetta, Floyd Battister28
Trombley, George Lemworth243
Trowbridge, Louisa Marie71
Turpel, David Babrick308
U[Return to Jump Site]
Urban, Josef Charles351Claudia Greeson
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe General (illus.)208
Van Der Star, Volkhert Johannes Clemens132
Vella, Joseph357
Vieira, Ernest Dr.108
Vincent, Esther Florence292
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagers, Coleman B.167
Wagner, Clarence A.153
Waldo, Elijah P.90
Walk, Margaret Clara296
Walls, Alma Ruzilla313
Ward, Thomas Alfred341
Waterhouse, Harold H. jillus.)102
Watson, John Samuel (illus.)251
Watson, Mary Francine D. Litt. (illus.)207
Webb, Scott Eugene103
Wedel, Charles Henry Jr.282
Weise, John Henry (illus.)322
Wells, Bruce H.52
Welti, Frank F.254
Wheeler, Hattie Maud (illus.)221
White, Osborne E. (illus.)24
Whitton, Virginia Van Arsdale368Steven Williams
Whyman, Frank Herbert301
Wieland, John George12
Wilkie, Andrew Alfred279
Williams, John Henry160
Williams, Josephine Dr.268
Willingham, Elijah (Lige) N.332
Wilson, Annette Doud373
Wilson, Emma California Mitchell82
Wilson, Frederick (illus.)2
Wilson, William A. (illus.)304
Winfield, Minna M.85
Winslow, Seymour L. D. D. S.337
Wiseman, America C. (illus.)144
Wood, Samuel Talmadge383
Wright, Helen Rue183
Wright, John (illus.)111
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yandell, William James260
Young, Fred (illus.)354
Young, Helen Clair371
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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