History of Sonoma County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county, who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present time

By Tom Gregory

Historic Record Company,Los Angeles, CA - 1911

Caifornia Local History - Rocq - 14745

Calif. State Library History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.418 G8 -- Book NC

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abel, George L 806
Ackerman, R. D818
Adams, Elmer F611
Adams, Samuel E933
Adler, Adam W455
Aguida, Augustine 1052
Aldrich, Edgar D1068
Alexander, Cyrus 792
Alexander, Thomas 533
Allen, Samuel I1006
Alves, John J821
Anderson, Alexander, M. D371
Anderson, John 713
Andrews, John H1002
Andrews, William C1018
Arenberg, Herman F 545
Arfsten, Carl W1005
Arnhart, William M1085
Atchinson, Austin J 595
Atwater, H. H720
Austin, Granville T728
Austin, Herbert W321
Austin, James 850
Avers, William 683
Ayers, William A951
Ayers, William H. M836
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babbino, Mike 1059
Bacon, Lafayette W731
Bailhache, Mrs. Josephine 494
Bailiff, John 786Linda Stringer
Bailiff, John D752Linda Stringer
Baker, Albert 1017
Baker, Charles A1004
Barham, Aubrey 758
Barlow, Thomas E. 1075Steve Williams
Barlow, Solomon Q584
Barnes, Edwin H259
Barnes, Miss Florence M. 704
Barnes, William H816
Barnes, W. P952
Burnett, Harry J799
Barry, Rev M. J1082
Barry, William R1016
Bassett, William D1003
Bassi, Rocco 1046
Batchelor, David W431
Bauer, John W809
Beson, Edward I812
Bell, George K832
Benjamin, Alexander . 950
Beretta, Joseph 1104
Bettinelli, Antonic 1103Tony Willan
Bettinelli, Fillip 672Tony Willan
Bidwell, Ira 440
Bidwell, James .464
Bidwell,, John 378
Bird, Edward 805
Birkhofer, Carl 880
Bish, Lewis M953
Blackburn, Charles 606
Blackburn, Frank L357
Blackburn, John S602
Blank, John 1001
Bline, James P788
Bloom, Adolph J438
Bloom, Americo J438
Bloom, James B438
Bock, David 947
Bodwell, Charles A408
Bohan, Miles 613
Bella, Battista 689
Bolla, Elvezio B596
Bondietti, Frank 612
Bones, William H345GG Bones
Bonniksen, John J 577
Bourke, A. E509
Bourke, William 1039
Bowman, Henry C456
Bowman, William F946
Boyes, Mrs. Antoinette C299
Boyes, Capt. Henry E297
Boyse, Alexander E823
Boyson, Conrad C629
Brandt, .Alonzo B665
Brown, Charles 594
Brown, Samuel 449
Bruner, Grant 876
Bruner, John 876
Burgess, James F.811
Burris, L. W.346
Bussman, Peter W.874
Butler, Charles H.800
Byce, Lyman C.503Sue Young
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cable, I. N. 1077
Cadwell, Alexander 671
Cahill, James 879
Campigli, F. C1064
Canepa, Giovanni 1082
Casarotti, Americo 1081
Casarotti, Filippo G1106
Cassiday, Samuel1015Lloyd
Sande T. Smith
Cassin, John M815
Charles, Elhert R635
Chauvet, Henry J335
Chauvet, Joshua 328
Cheney, John M339
Chenoweth, Charles J383
Christensen, John 959Christine Myers
Clark, Louis W844
Clark, W. L600
Clarke, James P829Susan Faught
Cline, Owen J 1042
Clough, Manley E601
Collins, F. M407
Combi, Giovani 1102
Comerford, Rev. T. J970
Comstock, Hubert G817
Comstock, William 716
Conkle, Jacob 959
Connolly, John D363
Cook, Thomas G822
Cordano, Giovanni .1047
Coulson Poultrv and Stock Food Co. 499
Covey, William 1066
Cowan, William F353
Cox, John J719
Cozzens, Davenport, Jr1071
Crawford, Richard F589
Crystal, Melvin R482
Cullen, Frederick T945
Cummings, Lawrence Q1062
Cummings, Michael E1000
Cunningham, John 322
Cunningham, Robert 985
Cunningham, William J878
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dahlmann, Frederick 588
Dahlmann, Henry 607
Daken, Samuel Tilden1072Bonnie Portnoy
Dambrogi, John 608
Dannhausen, William 1063
Dayton, William A.410
De Bernardi, E.1053
Denman, Hon. Ezekiel 445
Denman, Frank M.506
Denner, Russell 605
De Rezendes, Manuel1045
De Turk, Isaac462
Dillon, Charles H. 614
Dinucci, Angelo 1064
Dixon, John T.572
Douglas, A. S. 877
Douglas, George B.824
Dowd, Frank E.1037
Dowd, John W.624
Downs, Vernon 975
Doyle, Manville 511
Drago, Margaret T.945
Drees, Emil E954
Drosbach, Mrs. Fredricka F.875
Drouillard, Joseph W.873
Duerson, John H. 619
Dufranc, Vitale 1087
Durand, Victor587
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eades, George H. 401
Early, William H. 540
Eckert, Albert 1084
Eckert, Frederick 1084
Eckman, Jonathan 452
Edgeworth, William J312
Elder, William 804
Elphick, Henry, Jr.955Ruth
Elphick, James F948Ruth
Elzi Brothers 944
English, David P861
English, Joseph 1067
Evans, Edward W. M972
Evart, William 497
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairbanks, Hiram T1078
Fehr, Jacques 882
Fenk, Frank 971
Fetters, George 618
Filippini, Achille 1051
Filippini, Charles 1033
Fitch, Charles 492
Fognini, Peter 1049
Folsom, Fred N., M. D 491
Foresti, Rafael 1061
Fowler, John H530
Fredericks, Morris H1014
Frei, Andrew 1035
Fremont, John C388
Fulkerson, Richard 750
Fuller, Charles E737
Furlong, James 883
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gale, L D885
Gallaway Allen R323
Garloff, August 620
Garzoli, Arnold F626
Garzoli, Joseph 1105
Garzoli, Peter 1050
Gaye, Mercelin 999
Genazzi, Elio M632
Geuglima, G. 1105
Giberson, John K943
Gibson, James W1073
Giggey, Robert A 1013
Gilman, P. E397Susan Faught
Gisel, Herman 884
Goatley, Armsted 969
Goeller, .John 637
Goodenough, Monroe E981
Gossage, Jerome B593
Gould, Captain Nathaniel351
Graham, Thomas J968
Graves, George W., M. D798
Gray, James W505
Greenwood, Lord W644
Gregory, Harvey 931
Greppi, Sylvester 1091
Grider, Newton J 1032
Griffith, Nathaniel A714
Grohe, Frederick 940
Grove, William H745
Guglielmetti, Giovanni 581
Gustafson, C943
Gutermute, John M998
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Albert S838
Hall, Clarence C743
Hall, George A578
Hall, L. J886
Hallberg, John F1031
Hallengren, Svente P1029
Halley, Robert E. L488
Hammell, Henry 552
Hansen, John 997
Hansen, Ole 761
Harbine, Hardy R995
Hardin, Henry A. 721
Hardin, Jefferson R967
Harris, Richard J398
Hart, D. B. 702
Hart, Marion 1088
Hartsock, Adolphus 791
Haskell, Barnabas 744
Haskell, William B740
Herbert, Lewis 554
Hesse, Fred W887
Higby, Earl O888
Hill, Robert P303
Hill, William 275
Hoar, Benjamin F., Jr.631
Hockin, William 726
Hodges, Harry C749
Hooten, M. V927
Hopper, Thomas 433
Hopper, Wesley L336
Horn, J. W 674
Hotchkiss, Benonia 930
Hotle, Charles E333
Howard, William C691
Howell, Thomas W673
Hoyt Brothers 994
Hubbell, Orton 678
Hunt, Richard P437
Hunt, William J655
Hutchinson, Samuel 575
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irwin, George 925
Italian Swiss Colony376
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, George H395
Jacobsen, John H1011
Jamieson, Daniel J1040
Jensen, Jens C547B Boyd
Jesse, J. W., M.D.384
Johnson, William 738
Jones, Brainerd 701
Jones, Joseph C727
Jones, J. Noble 1008
Jones William 939
Jones, William D.977Patricia
Joy, T. B563
Juhl, Hans 935
Juilliard Charles F317
Juilliard Louis W327
K[Return to Jump Site]
Karr, Bertel M625
Kelly, Charles 599
Kelly, James P989
Kelly, James W. 992
Kelly, John W767
Kent, James E697
Keough, Michael 1099
King, George E.926
King, Theodore G.912
King, William 941
Knittel, Joseph 889
Knowles, James H.310
Knowles, William H.311
Koch, Reuben 1023
Korbel Brothers 900
Kuhule, Perry 529
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lafranchi, Albino A. 1049
Lafranchi, Edward E825
Lafranchi, John 1084
Lambert, William S990
Lamoreaux, George W920
Landis, A. L938
Larison, Samuel 668
Lasher, George A698
Laton, A. H890
Lauritzen, Christian 485
Lauritzen, Jeppe C479
Lauritzen, John 966
Lauritzen, Knudt 929
Lawrence, Henry E957
Lavmance, George W480
Lea, Clarence F463
Leahy Rev. Jeremiah1098
Leonard, S. C499
Leslie John 708Susan Faught
Leveroni, G. B993
Lewis, Charles H715
Lewis, Charles W515
Lewis, John B457
Lewis, William A915
Lichau, Henry P Jr. 863
Liggett, William T.928
Lippitt, Edward S315
Lock, William H965
Lorenzini, D677
Loser, J. B988
Lumsden, Arthur G., M. D898
Luppold, J924
Luttringer, Joseph 773
Lynch, John 1007
M[Return to Jump Site]
McAfee, Charles 690
McCandless, John 891
McCargar, Hugh S524
McChristian, James 641Jeff
McCutcheon, Arthur A892
McDonald, Mark L., Jr360
McDonald, Mark L257
McElroy, William 846
McNamara, Thomas B354
McNear, John A263
McPeak, Anthony 523
Maclay, Thomas 666
Maestretti, Kntonio 1096
Maggetti, Peter 547
Mancini, Dominica 1065
Mandarini, Remigio 1058
Manion, William 661
Manion, William H922
Mann, Edwin E1108
Martin, Albert P541
Martin, Mrs. Frances McG569
Martin, Leopold 535
Masciorini, Joseph 1057
Mather, William 1070
Matzen, Peter 548
Mazza, Romildo L1101
Meagher, Thomas F300
Mecchi, Giovanni 1068
Mecham, Franklyn A1012
Mecham, Harrison 854
Meek, Thomas 662
Meek, Thomas B. Jr.470George Meek
Meeker, Melvin C289
Mell, Joseph 1027
Merritt, John 751
Meyer, Lawrence 1028
Miller Thomas B956Steve Williams
Mitchell, Samuel S. 979
Mock, Wesley 425
Mock, William 1045
Moebes, August 1067
Moke, H, H974
Montgomery, De Witt.427
Mooney, Thomas 901
Mordecai, W. B1112
Moretti, G667
Morris, Harry B341
Morse, Stephen C309
Moser, August 1074
Mossi, James1107
Mowbray, James R.921
Murdock, Glenn E.415
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagle, Frederick G.1026
Nay, Lewis G.467
Nay Samuel A.856
Neil, John 987
Nerz, John 1025
Nesbitt, James R.894
Newburgh, Eduard 914
Nicoletti, Carlos 1097
Nisson, Christian 923
Nisson, Erick P.563
Noble, W. L. J.877
Nobles, Hermon 866
Nolan, Charles P.857
Nunn, Newton R.1024Frank C Turner
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Farrell, Jasper 565
O'Leary, Edwin F.986
Oellig, Howard H.1038
Offutt, Charles A.762
Oliver, Charles C.835
Orr, Thomas L.381
Ottrner, Henry C., M. D.461
Overton, Albert P 402
P[Return to Jump Site]
Parker, Freman 647
Patocchi, Benjamin J.1086
Patten, Richard R. 734
Patterson, Azel S.557
Paxton, B. W.292
Peoples, Joseph S.653
Perkins, Dr. R. E.826
Petaluma & Santa Rosa R. R. Co.919
Peters, Lorenz R.964
Petersen, Peter 1022
Peterson, Allen 1110
Petray, Edwin A.696Susan Faught
Piazza, Angelo 1060
Pickrell, Charles E.654
Plow, Carl 1021
Poehlmarn, Conrad 539
Poehlmann, Frank 1043
Pool, Charles534
Poppe, Charles J.375
Poulin, Louis 918
Powell Ransom 895
Price, Wesley P.849
Proschold, Edwin M.517
Prunk, George E.450
Puccioni, Angelo1102
Purrington, Samuel W.443
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quanchi, Gilo 1100
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ramatici, Charles 725
Rambo, James H.881
Rand, Edward C.917
Reid, Joseph B.638
Richards, Theodor 1041
Ricioli, Achille 649
Rickman, David H.659
Rickman, George T.660
Ridenhour, Lewis W.865
Riebli, Arnold B. 1048
Riebli, Sebastian 1056
Rielly, George 899
Robinson, William J.387
Rodd, Samuel 909
Rosie, James R.937
Ross, George A.286
Ross, James L.582
Ross, Losson 305Darilee Bednar
Ross, William 770
Rosselli, Genesio 1095
Rossi, P. C.317
Rule, John 642
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sacchi, Silva 1111
Sanborn, George D781
Sanborn, George N. 330
Sandberg, John 810
Sartori, Arcangelo 707
Sartori Brothers 893Carlene Klas
Sbarboro, Andrea 376
Scatena, Martin 837
Schieck, Hermann 558
Schieffer, William H963
Schultz, Gustav 961
Scott, John C469
Scrutton, M. C499
Seawell, Judge Emmett481
Shaffer, Reuben H571
Shaver, Eli S1044
Shelley, William N985
Shelton, Abram C794
Simi, Casimiro 1054
Sinclair, Henry G830
Sinclair, James 733
Singley, Frank B. 1020
Singley, Hon. James T404
Skiffington, John 962
Slattery, Patrick A1083
Small, Joseph B936
Smith, John K518
Smith, Patrick 911
Smith, William E779
Snider, Mrs. Jane683
Sonoma Valley Water, Light and Power Co.785
Spencer, Byron M686
Spuegeon, Sidney F803
Stagg, Amos A623
Stengel, Christian 52
Stevens, A. F841
Stevens, Charles D976
Stewart, Dell 1111
Stonletta, Louis 1093
Strarding, William C551
Stratton, W. A. T564
Strorle, John M908
Strout, G. A278
Stuart, Ahsalom B., M. D848
Stuart, Anabel McG842
Sullivan, Frank A897
Sullivan, John D. 1019
Sweet, James S. P.774Eloise
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taylor, Benjamin F692
Taylor, John S. 867
Temple, Jackson 684
Thomas, Mary Jane907
Togni, & Dado1090
Tombs, William L474
Traversi, Joseph 1092
Tripp, Hiram L840
Trondsen. Thorwald 960
Trosper, Ernest E500
Trosper, Francis D. 636
Trosper, Thomas G. W486
Trowbridge, George T475
Truitt, Roland K347Susan Faught
Turner, John W 1069
U[Return to Jump Site]
Urban, Kurt, M. D.853Claudia Greeson
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valentini, Louis 1094
Vallejo, Gen. Mariano G413
Varner, Philip E703
Varner, Samnel 768
Vrgensen, H. P617
W[Return to Jump Site]
Waldrop, Mrs. Helen L695
Walker, Edward L852
Walker, John 1109
Walker, John 1079
Walker, Joseph 905
Walker, Willis Y797
Walls, David 828
Ward, Thomas B910
Watson, Capt. Greenville527
Weeks, Lewis 277
Welch, Charles 906
Welling, Charles W.755
Weyhe, Charles P.983
Whitaker, Fred 709
Whitaker, George N.419
White, Harry O.1020
White, Josiah H.859Patricia
Whitney, Albion P.283
Whitney, Mrs. Susan D.285
Wickersham, Isaac G.271
Williams, George S.516
Wilson, John 782
Winkler, Clayton 358
Winkler, George H833
Winton, Homer W904
Wolfe, Abraham L780
Wood, James W973
Woods, Robert 903
Woodward, Edward F845
Wyatt, Charles E932
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
York, Charles W934
Young, Ernest L902
Young, Peter 473
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zamaroni, Peter 1055
Zanolini, Guissepi 1089Lillan Zanolini Moratti
Gary A. Zanolini
Zartman, William 763
Zartman, William H756
Zweifel, Walter J650

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