An illustrated history of Sonoma County, California.

Containing a history of the county of Sonoma from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prospective future; with profuse illustrations of its beautiful scenery, full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1889.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abraham, Isidore269
Adams, John (illus.)438
Adams, John439
Agnew, S. J.533
Aguillon, Camille707
Akers, Stephen736
Alexander, J. M.270
Alexander, L. M.311
Allen, Otis Residence (illus.)394
Allen, Otis395
Allen, S. I.382
Amesbury, William722
Anderson, L. S.675
Anderson, T. H. B.483
Andrews, Robert531
Arata, B.402
Auradou, J. A. (illus.)632
Auradou, J. A.633
Austin, Charles400
Austin, J. S.534
Austin, James313
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baer, G. B.277
Bailey, J. H.466
Bailiff, John588Linda Stringer
Baker, A. M.729
Bale, Edward T.703
Barlow, S. Q.521
Barnes, E. H.640
Barth, Adam733
Batham, J. A. 315
Bayler, John511
Baylis, T. F.572
Bell, R. W.616
Berry, B. B.318
Berry, S. B.322
Bidwell, Ira415
Bloch, George399
Bodwell, C. A.603
Bohlin, F. A.427
Bolle, Henry336
Bouton, Andrew477
Bouton, Andrew, Residence (illus.)476
Bowman, J. H.497
Braunern, William725
Briggs, Robert (illus.)418
Briggs, Robert419
Brooke, T. J. 407
Brooks, Elmont507
Brotherton, T. W.331
Brown, F. T.700
Brown, H. C.567
Brown, John398
Bryant, D. S.333
Burnett, A. G.400
Burnham, Albert708
Burris, L. W.683
Butt, Alfred626
Byce, L. C.548Sue Young
Byington, H. W.599
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cady, M. K.434
Caldwell, Albert545
Campbell, J. T.602
Campbell, Joseph578
Canfield, W. D.678
Carithers, D. N.429
Carriger, C. C. 639
Carriger, Nicholas609
Carroll, Patrick415
Cary, Bartley716
Cassiday, Samuel258Lloyd
Sande T. Smith
Cassidy, J. W.465
Castens, Henry672
Cavanagh, John566
Chalfant, J. E.554
Champion, John541
Champlin, C. C.581
Chart, Obed591
Chase, M. E.500
Chauvet, Joshua525
Clark, Benjamin412
Clark, James532
Clifford, G. B. Rev.677
Codding, G. R.440
Coffey, Henry634
Colgan, E. P. 699
Colgan, E. P. (illus.)698
Colson Brothers587
Comstock, William402
Conner, John316
Cooper, E. M. 434
Cooper, James604
Cooper, S. R.649
Cottle, B. H. 258
Craig, O. W.428
Cralle, L. J.620
Crane, Joel556
Crane, Robert405
Curtis, J. H.478
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davidson, J. E.494
Davidson, S. E.498
Davis, E. W.707
Davis, G. W.707
Davis, H. H.488
Davis, M. S. 463
Davis, W. S. 608
De Hay Brothers715
De Turk, Isaac319
Delafield, R. H.446
Denman, Ezekial Hon.543
Dickenson, J. R.464
Dickenson, W. L. (illus.)360
Dickenson, W. L. Residence (illus.)361
Dickenson, W. L.363
Dietz, Gerhard725
Drayeur, A. & Brother516
Dresel, Julius506
Dunn, M. H.646
Dunn, T. M.564
Dunz, C. J.452
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eardley, W. J.522
Edwards, J. L.384
Ely, Elisha311
Espey, G. T.590
Evans, E. W. M.456
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farquar, C. S.442
Farrar, M. C.503C Nagy
Ferguson, J. N.543
Ferguson, W. W.542
Fifield, E. J.397
Fifield, W. E.396
Fischer, G. F.569
Fisher & Kinslow665
Fisk, S. S. Rev.541
Fitch, H. D.403
Fowler, E. J.626
Fowler, J. E.623
Fowler, S. C.622
Fowler, S. L.624
Fox, Henry333
Frasee, C. D.467
Fulkerson, John328
Fulkerson, Richard327
Fulkerson, S. T.330
Fulkerson, T. S.329
Fulton, Thomas524
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gale, D. R. 612
Gale, Otis521
Gallaway, A. J.385
Gannon, J. P.310
Gaver, A. P.693
Gearing, Charles717
Gibson, J. R.568
Gibson, John565
Glaister, T. S.559
Glynn, F. B.563
Glynn, F. B., Residence (illus.)562
Gobbi, P. & J. J.321
Goodman, L. S.702
Goss, John605
Grainger, W. C.338
Granice, H. H.281
Grant, C. F.405
Grant, J. D.404
Green, P. F.691
Gregson, James336
Grolith, E. J.412
Grover, C. D.410
Gundlach, Jacob
Gunn, J. O. B.540
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haehl, Conrad409
Hall, George585
Hall, J. W.487
Hall, L. B.487
Hall, Robert517
Haran, Owen428
Hardin, J. A. 490
Hardin, L. A.669
Harmon, G. W.485
Harris, G. S.687
Harris, Jacob450
Harris, T. L.366
Hartsock, I. M. Mrs.630
Hasbrouck, H. B.484
Haskell, Barnabas316
Haskell, W. B.320
Hathaway, E. L. 731
Hayden, E. W.449
Hayne, W. H.445
Heaton, S. O.628
Hendrix, Lewis629
Higgins, Asa701
Hill, Dickson & Goodfellow454
Hill, J. M.451
Hill, William352
Hilton, W. H.661
Hinkle, J. B.536
Hoag, O. H.593
Holloway, J. C.530
Holmes, H. P.728
Holst, Peter582
Hood, William326
Hooper, G. F.647
Hopkins, S. J.540
Howe, Robert617
Howell, Orrin619
Hubbard, Henry594
Hudson, David710
Hudson, H. W.411
Hudson, Martin709
Hunt, J.H.444
Huntley, G. W.481
Huntley, Will372
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ink, W. P.442
Ivancovich, George331
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jewett, D. G.368
Jewett, E. G.515
Johnson, G. A. 386
Johnson, J. Z.421
Jones, W. D.486
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kelly, J. W.378
Kennedy, G. H.526
Killam, A. F.724
King, G. F.650
King, John435
Kirch, Henry434
Knapp, A. H.734
Knapp, W. L.583
Knust, Charles714
Kroucke, P. W.571
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lafranchi, Ginseppi732
Lang, J. B.652
Lapum, Hicks537
Laughlin, A. D.456Susan Faught
Laughlin, J. H.468
Laughlin, John M.432Susan Faught
Lauter, Nathan & Co.448
Le Febvre, O. M.508
Lee, A. G.731
Lehu, Charles501
Leininger, Joseph687
Lewis, J. B.470
Lewis, R. E.380
Lewis, W. A.606
Light, E. H.712
Likens, Levi730
Lippitt, E. S.637
Litchfield, Durant638
Litchfield, Martin660
Longmore, William607
Loomis, F. C.514
Loses, J. A.635
Luce, Jirah345
Luce, M. Y.493
Ludwig, T. J.370
Lyon, R. B.711
M[Return to Jump Site]
Manion, W. H.379
Manion, William379
Manuel, H. C.676
Martin, F. McG Mrs.642
Martin, W. H.406
Mather, J.348
Matheson, Rod Col.346
Matthews, C. W.523
Maynard, F. T.585
McChristian, Owen598Susan Faught
McChristian, Patrick (illus.)528
McChristian, Patrick529
McClelland, Buchanan711
McConnell, W. E.650
McDonnell, William492Connie Fairfield Ganz
McGaughey, L. J.401
McGee, J. H.606
McHarvey, Charles641
McMeans, A. C.344
McNabb, J. H.257
McNear, J. A.518
Meacham, Alonzo643
Mecham, Harrison684
Melson, J. R.425
Merchant, T. S.669
Merrill, J. P.546
Meyer, Claus583
Michaels, August700
Michaelson, L. C.630
Miller, A. J.420
Miller, C. S.666
Miller, G. T.510
Miller, Thomas B.347Steve Williams
Millington, Seth555Evelyn Brooks Long
Mills, A. J.547
Moore, A. P.591
Moore, Robert681
Mordecai, Thomas480
Morris, J. H. P.353
Morrow, E. E.574
Mulgrew, F. B.691Loree Muldowney
Mulgrew, J. F.351Loree Muldowney
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nay, S. A.453
Near, C. D.668Susan Faught
Norton, L. A.424
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Brien, John689
Oliver, J. S.695
Ormsby, G. W.433
Ort, Julius718
Overton, A. P.332
Overton, J. H.714
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pacheco, F. J.651
Page, T. S.686Prue Draper
Parker, Freman511
Parkerson, C. J.727
Parks, D. H.474
Passalaqua, F.723
Patty, L. H.570
Pearce, George682
Pepper, J. T.401
Pepper, W. H.489
Perry, C. A.604
Peters, A. N.422
Peters, John T.482Marty Scott
Steve Williams
Peterson, A. J.350
Petitdidier, N.728
Philips, Walter575
Piezzi, Victor367
Piggott, J. K.473
Pond, C. H.270
Poulson, O. P. (illus.)720Tammy Poulson Phillips
Poulson, O. P.721Tammy Poulson Phillips
Pratt, E. F.655
Pressley, J. G.580
Prindle, William426
Proctor, T. J. (illus.)376
Proctor, T. J.377
Pumphrey, A.671
Putnam, D. W. C.513
Putnam, T. C.507
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rackliff, W. G.620
Ragle, G. J.338
Ragsdale, J. W. (illus.)308
Ragsdale, J. W.309
Range, Charles505
Rankin, J. H.420
Raschen, Henry472
Reid, J. B.397
Reiners, C. A.574
Ricksecker, L. E.659
Ridgeway, Jeremiah436
Robinson, W. J.549
Rodgers, A. W.358
Rodgers, J. P.345
Rogers, E. A.343
Rose, J. R.579
Ross, Losson558Darilee Bednar
Rufus, Ernst538
Runyon, Armstead (illus.)324
Runyon, Armstead325
Russell, W. F.671
Rutledge, Thomas690
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sarguisson, Cornelius557
Sauborn, G. N.560
Savage, C. W.735
Sbarboro, Andrea488
Scammon, C. M. (illus.)458
Scammon, C. M.459
Schmidt, Peter 727
Schnittger, C. H.594
Schocken, Solomon450
Schroder, John694
Seaman, J. F.652
Sears, Franklin517
Seavey, S. A.391
Shattuck, D. O.552
Shaw, D. E.459
Shaw, S. H.409
Shaw, William690
Shearer, M. M. (illus.)223
Simi, G.673
Simpson & Roberts674
Sink, W. D.713
Skillman, Theodore688
Smith, R. P.662
Snyder, J. R.413
Soldate & Giacomini498
Sonoma County Court House (illus.)99
Spencer, B. M.334
Springer, Christof726
Stamer & Feldmeyer, Winery (illus.)664
Stamer, & Feldmeyer665
Stearns, F. R.526
Steele, Frank726
Stephens, William705
Stevens, Lester534
Stewart, D. R.609
Stewart, David (illus.)496
Stewart, David497
Stofen, P. N.615Madelyn Bechini
Striddle, Charles335
Strong, John704
Stuart, A. B. (illus.)340
Stuart, A. B.341
Stuart, A. McG342
Stuart, C. V.430
Sullivan, I. W.349
Surrybone, Edward696
Swain, R. M.392
Sylvester, D. W.512
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Coleman559
Talbot, Hohman567
Taylor, J. S.455
Taylor, O. A.647
Thompson, A. J.654
Thomson, E. P.653
Tivnen, John462
Torr, C. L.653Sue Young
Torrance, S. H.573
Trapet, J. B.551
Tripp, H. L.548
Tupper, G. A.355
U[Return to Jump Site]
Underhill, J. G.357
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vallejo, M. G.72
Vollmar, P. H.613
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagele, Conrad732
Walden & Co.569
Walls, David501
Walters, Sol709
Warboys, J. W.365
Ward, T. M.667
Ware, A. B.552
Warfield, R. H.644
Warner, A. L.469
Wegener, Julius586
Wegner, Edward481
Wells, Pleasant317
Wells, W. R.314
Weske, Adolph535
Weyl, Henry443
Whallon, Murray656
White, Harrison381
White, J. H.673
Whitney, A. L. & Co.617
Whitney, A. P.447
Whitney, W. B.681
Wightman, Chauncy504
Wilbert, P. 277
Wilcox, W. O.411
Wiley, J. W. (illus.)596
Wiley, J. W.597
Williamson, J. R.723
Wilson, J. E.430
Wilton, T. G.314
Winans, D. M.692
Winkle, Henry619
Winkler, Clayton627
Winter, T. S.502
Woodward, C. W.615
Woodworth, F. A.373
Woolsey, E. W.576
Worth, W. H.355
Wright, F. C.358
Wright, W. S. M.479
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yandle, F. J.655
York, C. W.648
Young, B. S.374
Young, J. S.592
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zartman, William555
Zimmerman, George503

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