History of Sonoma County:

including its geology, topography, mountains, valleys and streams; together with a full and particular record of the Spanish grants; its early history and settlement ... the names of original Spanish and American pioneers ... and biographical sketches of early and prominent settlers and representative men, by J. P. Munro-Fraser, Alley, Bowen & Co., San Francisco, California (1880).

Republished 1973 by Charmaine Burdell Veronda, Petaluma, CA

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Linda M. ClaytonLinda M. ClaytonAlice F. MitchellAlice F. Mitchell
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Acton, William Santa Rosa628
Adamson, JacobVallejo687Ruthie
Aikin, Matt Santa Rosa628
Allen, Charles D. Petaluma608
Allen, Olliver Petaluma606
Allen, W. T. Mendocino500
Andrews, Robert Petaluma
Armstrong, James Petaluma535
Armstrong, Porter M. Washington699
Atwater, Henry H.Petaluma536
Austin, James Santa Rosa629
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baker, BloomerAnaly470
Ballou, Isaac A.Santa Rosa630
Ballou, Volney JamesSanta Rosa630
Barlow, Solomon Q.Petaluma537Steven Williams
Barnes, Alfred N.Petaluma537
Barnes, E. H.Russian River613
Barnes, JehuVallejo687
Barnes, William P.Santa Rosa631
Baum, JohnSanta Rosa631
Bedwell, FranklinRussian River614
Bedwell, IraWashington700
Bell, BradfordRedwood609
Bell, Henry Russian River617
Benson, Josiah H. Vallejo688
Bernhard, IsaacPetaluma538
Bice, Cornelius /TD>Mendocino500
Biddle, Edwin W.Mendocino501
Biggins, JamesSonoma669
Bihler, WilliamVallejo688
Bishop, T. C.Mendocino501
Bledsoe, Hon. A. C.Mendocino502
Bloomington, Louis J.Santa Rosa632
Blume, F. G.Bodega484
Board, WilliamMendocino603Shelley Prelusky
Bodwell, C. A.Vallejo689
Bosworth, Calvin M.Washington700
Bouton, Andrew Washington701
Brackett, Joshua S.Petaluma538
Brooks, SylvesterPetaluma539
Brown, Major JohnSanta Rosa632
Brown, Ralph Petaluma539
Buckius, William L. Petaluma539
Burris, DavidSonoma670
Burris, WilliamSonoma673
C[Return to Jump Site]
Call, G. W. Salt Point625
Campbell, GeorgeVallejo689
Campbell, John TylerSanta Rosa634
Camron, O. P.Petaluma540Jim Panttaja
Canepa, LuigiPetaluma540
Canfield, William D.Analy470
Carothers, James H.Petaluma540
Carothers, William O.Petaluma640
Carpenter, T. L.Petaluma541
Carpenter, W. W., M.D. Petaluma741
Carriger, NicholasSonoma673LINDA CARRIGER DILLOW
Case, A. B.Petaluma542
Cassiday, SamuelPetaluma543Lloyd
Sande T. Smith
Cavanagh, JohnPetaluma544
Chapman, La Fayette Santa Rosa636
Chapman, T. M. Vallejo690
Christie, Doctor John Boyd Petaluma545
Clark, A Vallejo690
Clark, D. Curtis Santa Rosa637
Clark, David Santa Rosa636
Clark, Samuel B. Santa Rosa637
Cockrill, L. D. Analy473
Codding, G. R Petaluma545
Congdon, Joseph W. Petaluma547
Cook, Isaac F. Santa Rosa708
Craig, O. W. . . Sonoma676
Cralle, L. J. Santa Rosa637
Crane, Robert Santa Rosa638
Cummings, J. M. Washington701
Cummings, William Mendocino504
Curry, J. L. Santa Rosa638
Cutter, Capt. E. P. Sonoma676
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davis, L. T., M. D. Russian River617
Davis, LeviAnaly474
De Wiederhold, A. E. S.Mendocino504
Denman, EzekielPetaluma547
Dimmick, Rev. F. M.Santa Rosa639
Domeniconi, A.Sonoma677
Doran, Wm. M.Bodega486
Douglass, RobertBodega487
Downs, VernonSanta Rosa640
Doyle, ManvillePetaluma547
Duncan, AlexanderOcean530
E[Return to Jump Site]
Ellsworth, LeGrandPetaluma706
Ely, Doctor ElishaMendocino504
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairbanks, Hiram T.Petaluma549
Falkner, M. H.Petaluma549
Farmer, C. C.Santa Rosa641
Farmer, E. T.Santa Rosa641
Farmer, WilliamSanta Rosa642
Faught, WillisRussian River617Susan Faught
Ferguson, Henry O.Mendocino505
Ferguson, John N.Mendocino506
Ferguson, RussellSanta Rosa642Susan Faught
Fine, JoffPetaluma550
Fisk, John C.Salt Point626
Florence, MarshallRedwood609
Fowler, James E.Bodega489
Fowler, John H.Bodega491
Fowler, Stephen C.Bodega488
Fox, Charles M.Santa Rosa643
Freeman, John M.Petaluma550
Frehe, LouisSanta Rosa643
Fritsch, JohnPetaluma751
Fritsch, John R.Petaluma532
Frost, C. W.Santa Rosa643
Fulton, JamesSanta Rosa644
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gale, D. Petaluma552
Gallaway, Andrew J.Mendocino507
Gaston, HamiltonPetaluma553
Gaston, HughPetaluma553
Gaston, MartinPetaluma553
Gerckens, J. H. L. Petaluma553
Gibbs, HenryPetaluma554
Gillespie, HenryMendocino507
Graham, J. W.Russian River618
Grater, John F.Mendocino507
Gregg, George T.Santa Rosa644
Gregory, HenryPetaluma554
Gregory, JohnVallejo691
Gregson, JamesAnaly474Laurie Edgar
Grosse, Guy E.Santa Rosa646
Gum, Isaac Mendocino507
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haigh, John B. Mendocino508
Haigh, Robert. Salt Point627
Hale, E. W Petaluma555
Hale, P. C. Petaluma555
Hall, Henry Analy476
Hall, Henry M Analy477
Hall, Wm. P.Analy477
Harris, Jacob Santa Rosa645
Harris, John W Petaluma755
Harris, Richard Petaluma556
Harter, Bloomfield Petaluma555
Hasbrouck, H. B Petaluma666
Haskell, William B Petaluma557
Haskins, Thomas J. Petaluma577
Hassett, J. D. Mendocino508
Hatch, Chester p. Petaluma567
Haubert, Jacob Sonoma677
Heald, Thomas T. . Redwood609
Heisel, Paul Santa Rosa646
Hill, William Petaluma558
Hinshaw, E. C. Analy477
Hoadley, James F. Cloverdale498
Holly, S. B.Petaluma559
Holmes, Calvin H Knight's Valley499
Holmes, Henderson P. Santa Rosa646
Hood, George. Santa Rosa647
Hooper, George F. Sonoma677
Hopper, Thomas Vallejo691
Hotchkiss, Benoni Russian River619
Howard, William Bodega491
Howell, DavidPetaluma639
Hudson, Martin Santa Rosa647
Hudspeth, James M. Analy478
Hynes, Hon. JamesPetaluma560
I[Return to Jump Site]
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Lorenzo Vallejo692
Jacobi, John Petaluma560
Jeffress, J. T. Russian River620Kym
Johnson, Hon. G. A. Santa Rosa647Linda M. Clayton
Johnson, Orrick Sonoma678
Johnson, Sanborn Redwood610
Justi, Charles Sonoma679
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kelsey, Richard Vallejo693
Kennedy, A. E. Russian River620
Kerr, R. A. Santa Rosa648
Kessing, Clemens Santa Rosa648
Kleiser, J. A Cloverdale498Harry A. Kleiser
Kruse, James Russian River621
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamoreaux, G. W.Petaluma561
Laughlin, James H. Russian River621Susan Faught
Laughlin, Lee Russian River621
Laughlin, M N. Mendocino508
Lawrence, Henry E.Petaluma561
Laymance, Isaac C. Mendocino509Jeanne Rinear
Le Febvre, O.M. Analy480
Leiding, C. F. Sonoma679
Lewis, Martin Santa Rosa648
Lindsay, J. J. . Russian River622
Lippitt, Edward S.Petaluma561
Lodge, John D.Petaluma564
Long, Isaac Washington702
Lovejoy, Dr. A. P.Petaluma564
M[Return to Jump Site]
Magoon, William HPetaluma567
Manning, John Redwood611Edith Pearl (Kendrick) Brock-Gomez
Manning, Nathaniel E. Redwood612Edith Pearl (Kendrick) Brock-Gomez
Matson, Capt. JacobRussian River623
Matzenbach, William B.Petaluma568
Mayer, August Ocean631
Mayer, Lewis W. Sonoma679
Maynard, Frank T.Petaluma568
McCaughey, James Bodega704
McClish, James L. Mendocino509
McClish, John N Mendocino509
McClish, Thomas Mendocino510
McClymonds, John W.Petaluma565
McConnell, William E. Santa Rosa649
McCrea, John W. Bodega494
McCullough, Michael Russian River623
McCutchan, J. B.Russian River628
McCutchan, William C. Russian River623
McDonnell, William Washington702Connie Fairfield Ganz
McGee, James H. Santa Rosa649
McLaughlin, MichaelPetaluma565
McLaughlin, PatrickPetaluma566
McMinn, John . Santa Rosa650
McMinn, Joseph . Santa Rosa650
McNear, John A.Petaluma566
Mecham, HarrisonPetaluma568
Meeker, Melvin C. Bodega494
Merritt, JohnPetaluma572
Miller, George Mendocino510
Miller, James Mendocino510
Miller, Thomas B.Santa Rosa651Steve Williams
Mitchell, R. T Russian River624
Mitchener, JonathanPetaluma572
Mock, William . Vallejo693
Moffet, John Mendocino511
Moore, EdwinPetaluma573
Moreland, W. W. Mendocino512
Morison, S. M.Petaluma573
Morse, A.Petaluma573
Morse, E. E. Sonoma680
Mozer, Henry C. Santa Rosa652
Mulligan, William Mendocino705
Munday, B. B.Petaluma574
Murray, Thomas Bodega704
N[Return to Jump Site]
Naughton, HubertPetaluma576
Nay, L. G.Petaluma576
Nay, Samuel A.Petaluma576
Neblett, Edward Santa Rosa652
Needham, FestusPetaluma576
Newburgh, EdwardPetaluma577
Nickels, Thomas A. Santa Rosa652
Norton, L. A. Mendocino512
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oman, George W.Petaluma577
Ormsby, J. H. Vallejo694
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palmer, James M.Petaluma578Kesel
Parker, FreemanPetaluma579
Patton, Robert Vallejo694
Pauli, G. T. Sonoma680
Pearce, Hon. GeorgePetaluma580
Peoples, Nathan Vallejo694
Pepper, W. HPetaluma679
Peters, A. N. Vallejo695
Peterson, Augustus Santa Rosa653
Peterson, William Santa Rosa653
Pfau, LouisPetaluma586
Pfister, Conrad Santa Rosa653
Phillips, D. D Mendocino527
Pierce, H. L. Vallejo696
Pimm, HenryPetaluma585
Poehlman, MartinPetaluma585
Poehlmann, ConradPetaluma586
Polk, Charles E.Petaluma586
Proctor, Ira Mendocino528
Proctor, Thomas J. Santa Rosa654
Purrine, A. S. Bodega497
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quackenbush, Uriah P. Santa Rosa654
Queen, Christopher Ocean533
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ragsdale, J.W. Santa Rosa655
Rand, William J. . Santa Rosa655
Range, Charles Santa Rosa655
Roney, J. M.Santa Rosa650
Rose, James R.Vallejo696
Ross, GeorgePetaluma587
Ross, H. J.Santa Rosa656
Ross, Losson Analy481Darilee Bednar
Rue, James B.Santa Rosa656
Rule, JohnOcean531
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sales, JohnPetaluma587
Samuels, Hon. James. Mendocino528
Schetter, OttoSonoma681
Schlosser, T. C.Petaluma587
Schroyer, Aaron Salt Point627
Scudder, Noah W.Petaluma388Jim Panttaja
Sears, FranklinSonoma681
Sharon, John Analy481
Shattuck, David O.Sonoma682
Shepherd, James S., H. D., F.R.C.S L.Petaluma589
Shepherd, Rev. J. Avery, S. T. D. Santa Rosa657
Shively, D. C.Santa Rosa668
Singley, Hon. JamesPetaluma590
Skaggs, Alexander Mendocino528
Sloper, WillardPetaluma590
Smalley, William H. Vallejo697
Smith, Robert Press, M. D. Santa Rosa658
Snow, J.Petaluma591Jeanne Rinear
Snyder, Jacob R. Sonoma683
Staedler, John GPetaluma591
Stanley, John P.Petaluma592
Stanley, W. B.Santa Rosa658
Starke, D. Frederick Petaluma592
Stites, A. H.Washington702
Sweeny, Jeremiah. Petaluma593
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, E. D Santa Rosa661
Taft, Rev. S. A., D. D. Santa Rosa659
Talbot, Coleman Santa Rosa661
Temple, Judge Jackson Santa Rosa663
Thompson, James D.Petaluma593
Thompson, Peter B.Sonoma686
Thompson, T. L.Santa Rosa665
Tighe, KellyPetaluma594
Tivnen JohnSonoma685
Todd, John W.Vallejo698
Tripp, H. L.Santa Rosa666
Truitt, Roland K.Mendocino529Susan Faught
Tupper, George A.Santa Rosa708
Tupper, John B.Petaluma594LeiLani
Tuttle, Hon. B. F.Petaluma595
U[Return to Jump Site]
Underhill, J. G. Santa Rosa666
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Alen, John J. Mendocino629
Van Doren, John S. Petaluma597
Van Doren, William L. Petaluma598
Van Winkle, Thomas Russian River625Susan Faught
Vestal, Lewis Petaluma599
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, John Analy482
Wall, E. T. Santa Rosa667
Wall, Thomas E. Santa Rosa667
Warner, James J. Santa Rosa667
Washington, Neil Petaluma599
Watson, James Analy481
Watt, John Sonoma686
Watt, Richard L Sonoma686
Weeks, Parker E. Santa Rosa667
Weise, Christian Sonoma686
Wells, Thomas H Petaluma600
Wendt, Frederick Santa Rosa668
Weston, Henry L. Petaluma600
Wharff, David Vallejo698
Whitaker, G. W. . Santa Rosa668
Whitney, Hon. Albion P Petaluma602
Wickersham, Isaac G. Petaluma603
Wigand, Theodore Petaluma604
Williams, George B. Petaluma604
Willson, H. M. Mendocino630
Winans, David M. Petaluma605
Winkle, Henry Sonoma686
Wisecarver, J. R. Washington703
Wood, Ben. S. Santa Rosa669
Wood, William B Ocean532
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Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zartman, William Petaluma606

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