History of San Mateo County

Frank M. Stanger

Arthur H. Cawston, Managing Editor & Publisher, San Mateo, CA - 1938

Calif. State Library History Room (CS)
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Alber, E. C.221
Alexander, Annette S.371
Amphlett, Horace W.387
Anderson, Carl W.340
Anderson, H. F.413
Argo, A. C.224
Augustus, W. H.273
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bartlett, Dr. Edwin I.345
Bartlett, Louis A., SR.278
Behrens, L. P.223
Bell, Richard 0.235
Belton, Dr. A. J.416
Benner, Dr. Alan240
Bettencourt, Judge M. J.365
Blood, Dr. John N.310Jean Murray
Bloomquist, Arthur N.318
Borel, Antoine393
Bromfield, Davenport377
Bromfield, J. D.378
Brooke, Dr. W. A.233
Brown, Henry Ward321
Brubaker, Anne F.390
Buck, C. A.302
Buck, Judge George H.213
Buck, N. Elwood302
Bullock, Joseph J.291
Burberick, 0. V.402
Butler, Harry R.389
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cahalan, H.A.228
Call, Harrison W.245
Callsen, Dr. F. P.239
Carlyle, Fred330
Casey, Harold E.364
Casey, J. E.364
Cavanagh, Oscar L.254
Christensen, Louis C.341
Clark, Edward H., Jr.349
Clay, Judge Wade H.305
Cleary, Dr. E. W.239
Cloud, Roy W.397
Cohn, Seth359
Collins, James L322
Cotton, Judge A. R.301
Crosby, William F.331
Cunha, Manuel F.350
Currie, Cuthbert B.308
Currie, Dr. Robert J.307
Currie, Robert J. Langford308
D[Return to Jump Site]
Darcy, Joseph B.349
Davis, George J.263
Dearborn, Harry E272
Dimmitt, C. L421
Donohoe, Joseph A. JR.393
Doxsee, C. M.248
Doxsee, Wilbur H.248
Doyle, Michael K.380
E[Return to Jump Site]
F[Return to Jump Site]
Ferrill, Gilbert D.310
Fletcher, E. A.328
Flynn, Daniel P.409
Foley, Francis N.308
Forsythe, John C.395
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gans, Dr. Charles C.324
Gehrels, Dr. Franz327
Giannini, A. P.391
Gibson, Bruce S.336
Glover, F. 0.335
Grow, B. L284
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hanson, Geo. B.313
Hatch, Alvin S.410
Hayes, Dr. M. W. S398
Hayne. Robt. Y.210
Helwig, Harold G.360
Henderson, Lester D.241
Hinman, E. B232
Hoffamn, F. E246
Holbrook, Charles394
Hooper, John A.285
Howard, L. S.379
Howard, William H.346
Huff, Floyd E.256
Hull. Asa357
Hull, W. W.357
Humphret, C. F.360
Hunt, Allan F.414
Husing, E. A.227C. M. Hibbard
I[Return to Jump Site]
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jared, C. B.233
Jensen, Mattrup368
Jensen, Stella L.371
Jepsen, H. J.279
Johnson, Axel V.293
Jsones Maurice253
Josselyn, Charles395
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kavanaugh, M.F.X.333
Keitle, G. D.413
KeoghH, E. J.342
Keyston, Geo. N.322
Kincaid, Archer266
Kirkbride, Charles N.216
Krell, W. L.407
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lambert, Charles G.220
Lathrop, Benjamin G.134
Lautze, Fred J.247
Lawrence, James266
Leadley. W. S.404
Lee, Harry242
Lee, Jas. A.332
Liguori, A. S.263
Linforth, Walter H.368
Loewe, F. W.366
Lorton. Frederick D.327
Lynch, Jack A.415
M[Return to Jump Site]
Magruder, E. W.219
Maloney, T. P.256
Marianetti, F. A.392
Marsh, Frank352
Mason, Dr. Harry E354
Mawdsley, Dr. H. L.231
McCann. Mark352
McCarthy. Paul A.268
McDonald. Edw. R.317
McGinn. Mrs. Elsa S.294
McGrath, James J.258
McKee, Dr. A. B.287
McLellan, A. 'D417
McNulty, Frank M.278
McNulty, Fred A.278
McNulty, Geo. W277
McNutt, Judge Maxwell214
McQueen, Geo. A.334
Melvin, Bradford M.388
Menifee, Norman S.252
Merrill, Geo A.280
Miller, A. L.325
Millington, Wayner R.222
Mitchell, Jas. H.242
Moore, Walter H.291
Morey, John W.351
Morris, C. S.409
Mullin, Judge Hugh F., Jr328
Murphy, Dr. W. H.252
Murray, John252
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nash, Clement J.258
Neal, George A.325
Nueman, J. V.288
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Keefe, D. E.372
O'Keefe, James T., Jr373
Olund, Eric377
P[Return to Jump Site]
Park, H. R.418
Parkman, Senator H. L.330
Parrott, John209
Pearson, William H.339
Periat, Jules401
Peterson, Col. Frederick292
Poole., John W.215
Poss, Martin A.317
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Regan, Harry W.340
Risso, Judge Gus B.326
Robinson, A. Porter271
Rodondi, B. J.358
Rosenthal, Jacob274
Ross, George C.267
R[Return to Jump Site]
S[Return to Jump Site]
Scott, Edmund272
Seeley, Dr. Phillip A.354
Selmi, Paul G.407
Shurtleff, Judge C. A.284
Simmen, Frank P.236
Simmons, Fred A.416
Simpson, David396
Sisson, Dr. E. K.408
Smith, H. H374
Smith, L. C.342
Sneider, Geo. W.221
Soule, W. D.298
Stack, Edward M403
Steinberger, Henry271
Stockton, Alfred L.260
Stokes, C. L.251
Stone, Judge Rockwell L.259
Stoner, Carl B.329
Sundermann, Henry283
Sweeney, Dr. J. P.391
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taylor, W. H.253
Thorsen, Henry231
Treadwell, Edw. F.305
Tuchsen, Hans C.314
Turner, John F.353
U[Return to Jump Site]
Uhlenberg, C. G.277
V[Return to Jump Site]
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wald, Dr. H. A.222
Walter, Dave L.363
Warburton, Dr. Jas. A.251
Warren, Dr. H. C.309
Weber, Louis383
Weber, Mary F.384
Weeded, W. H.265
Weisenburger, Edw. A.323
Werder, L. E.408
Whipple, Stephen K.306
White, Clarence L.255
White, Stewart Edward365
Williams J. A.420
Williamson, F. G.418
Wilson, E. A.398
Wonklebleck, Sam H.334
Wisnom, Robert419
Wyatt, Roscoe D.422
Wyckoff, Frank C.264
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Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zwierlein, Emil367

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