History of San Luis Obispo County and environs, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county and environs who have been identified with the growth and development of the section from the early days to the present

By Annie L. Morrison & John H. Haydon

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1917)

California Local History - Rocq -13151

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.478 M8 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.478 M8 -- Book

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Aaroe, Hans Nissen924
Aaroe, Laurits N.728
Abbey, Thomas F.303
Abels, Henry John939
Ables, Asa W.455
Abramson, Martin Theodore767
Acebedo, Manuel C.689
Alberti, Lorenzo986
Anderson, Charles W.655
Anderson, Herman798
Anderson, James Robert897
Anderson, John S.601
Anderson, Victor654
Andrews, George H.352
Andrews, George Leslie607
Andrews, John Pinckney207
Angel, Myron78Liz Fairchild
Arata, P. A. H.531
Armstrong, Flora E.127
Armstrong, William M.127
Asebez, Edward807
Asmus, T. C.920
Atkinson, J. W.941
Avila, Manuel F.972
Awalt, William Henry610
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bagby, William C.802
Bagel, Alessio1031
Bagnell, John D.866
Bakeman, George A.783
Ballard, Edward Boucher814
Ballard, Thomas Jefferson375
Bank of Santa Maria389
Barba, Ramon N.795
Barlogio, Joseph985
Barnhart, James718
Barr, Sidney Montgomery902
Bassi, Angiolino1015
Bassi, Rinaldo1030
Bassi, Ugo1032
Bassi, Vincenzo733
Beckett, John F.252
Bell, George F.781
Bennedsen, Jens515
Bennett, Frank E.579
Bennett, Warren C.275
Bettiga, Louis979
Biaggini, Ercole309
Bianchini, Eugenio739
Biasotti, Alex993
Bickmore, Elery582
Biddle, John587
Biddle, Philip 587
Bigggs, John D.317
Bilton, Leonard Law691
Black, John P.246
Black, Patrick James256
Blackburn, D. D.76
Blackburn, James76
Bondietti, A.995
Booth, Alfred R., Mr. and Mrs.667
Borkey, Andrew Paul, Mr. and Mrs.557
Bosse, Henry767
Botts, John Franklin632
Bowen, Royal Eugene713
Bowers, Frank J.935
Boyd, John393
Boyd, Thomas362
Bradhoff, John Henry591
Bradley, Charles232
Brainard, John H.602Fadhila Higuera
Branch, Francis Ziba54, 394
Branch, J. Fred377
Bras, Anton V.1005
Brass, John V.1003
Brass, Joseph, Sr.1003
Bray, Egbert D.546
Brewer, Lyman657
Brintnall Eucalyptus Ranch949
Brkemeyer, John B597
Brooks, Benjamin503
Brooks, Herbert E.624Kevin Vap
Brooks, Myron H., Mr. and Mrs.497
Brophy, John786
Brown, Evan848
Brown, James M.355
Brown, Richard453
Brubaker, Elias P., Mr. and Mrs.338
Bryan, George W.925
Budan, Edith B.318
Budan, Herman318
Buley, Thomas McPherson, Rev.779
Bunch, John H.927
Burke, William G.587
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cahill, Hiram S.661
Calderon, Jose J.1020
Calderon, Jose S.1013
Campodonico, S.335Carol Ferrari
Campodonico, Stephen V.1034Carol Ferrari
Careaga, Bernardo F.658
Careaga, Charles M.735
Careaga, James F.613
Careaga, Ramon A.908
Careaga, Ramon F.217
Carr, Thornton Washington310
Carranza, Geronimo397
Carroll, John617
Carson, Charles459
Carson, Ellard W.815
Cass, Charles Albert400
Cass, James, Capt.435
Castillo, Graciano750
Castro, Rosamel943
Castro, Vicente943
Cesmat, Ernest F.619
Chaffin, George, Mrs.943
Chapek, John569
Chase, Samuel P.910
Cheadle, Charles A.419
Childs, John E., Mr. and Mrs.291
Christensen, Abraham639
Christensen, C. A.679
Christensen, John581
Churchill, Arthur C.749
Churchill, Clara Belle126
Clark, Abner, Capt.450
Claus, Charles T., Mr. and Mrs.810
Clausen, Fritz734
Clink, Frank889
Coiner, Samuel T.330
Colbeck, William Thomas797
Colby, H. H., D. O.788
Conkey, John F.551
Conkey, Robert M.938
Conrad, William Arthur, Jr.560
Conterno, Othello Charles611
Cook, Alex Stirling609
Costa, Frank516
Cox, Arthur E.860
Cox, Marion959Alice F. Mitchell
Craig, Edgar865
Crediford, Joseph785
Crossett, Fred D.596
Crum, Albert685
Cuendet, Frederic727
Culp, William W.376
Curti, Joseph1025Genie Curti-Ruddle
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dana, Richard H.538
Dana, William G.53
Daniels, Edward J.905
Darke Frederick E.128, 229
Dauth, Otto Edgar895
Davis, Anthony Tinsley871
Davis, Joseph Benjamin349
Dean, Fred A.835
Deising, Walter Hugh950
Deiss, George F.545
Deleissegues, Alberto854
Deleissegues, Benjamin Pierre.953
Dille, Stephen P.631
Doane, George M., Sr.521
Dodd, Willis899
Domingues, John P.998
Donelson, Virlin Eugene705
Donovan, Con499
Donovan, Jerry293
Doty, Jacob R.855
Doty, Sherman L.840
Dowell, William H.568
Doyle, Patrick888Nancy Doyle Howard
Draper, Harry D.400
Dresser, William Orlando744
Drumm, Calvin R.494
Dubost, Alfred Auguste823
Dubost, Auguste492
Dudley, Albert Allen845
Dughi, Edwin P.1024
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eames, Abraham Lincoln859
Earl, Fred922
Earl, John Robert919
Earl, Robert Wesley413
Eddy, William Tyler405
Ellis, William828
Emerson, Dove, Mrs.647
Enos, William L.1001
Erickson, Matt William729
Erickson, Oscar F.790
Estergren, John P.877
Exline, Bernard237
Exline, Harriet Esther, Mrs.281
Exline, Levi771
Exline, Vernon613
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farnum, Lucius Lamar870
Fast, Gustav W.833
Feliciano, Antone1028
Ferrari, Severino914
Ferrasci, Louis980
Filipponi, Laurice988
Filoucheau, F. J.930
Fink, Carl413
Fink, Charles412
Finley, T. R., Hon.257
First National Bank of Santa Maria The520
Fiscalini, Charles982
Fiscalini, John D.977
Fleig, Joseph804
Foley, Patrick881
Forbes, James F.868
Ford, John J.801
Fotheringham, Frank E.751
Fouch, Erastus573
Fowler, Cecil H.960
Foxen, Thomas Frank543
Franklin, John H., M. D.590
Fratis, Frank M.1037
Fratis, John J.987
Fredrickson, Gustav Robert793
Freeman, Albert J., Mrs.945
Freeman, John C.635
Freeman, Josiah743
Freeman, Rega Dent504
Freeman, Thomas Francis730
Frick, Norman F.576
Fritzinger, Edward Henry899
Froom, John R.626
Fruits, George A.803
Fuller, George Lesh906
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gallup, Howard A., M. D.581
Ganoung, Priscilla, Mrs.443
Garcia, Lazaro Silvers881
Gardner, Helen L., Mrs. 420
Garkee, Lulu Terrill, Mrs.332
Gates, Marion Francis 723
Gerst, Michael409
Ghigliotti, John976
Gibbons, Carrie226
Gibbons, Lewis D.226
Gibson, Alex Franklin787
Gibson, Ernest H.50
Gillespie, George Winfield514
Gillis, Archibald757
Gillis, Lucy, Mrs.416
Gingg, G. Conrad589
Giumini, Innocenti971
Glass, Karl Bevan652
Glines, Cassius H.244
Glines, Dora B948
Glines, John T. 948
Glines, Robert Cassius867
Gnesa, Henry Andrew1022
Goodchild, James Wilson476
Goodchild, John Thomas447
Goodchild, Ramon W.915
Gorham, Thomas P.829
Goulding, James M.849
Grafft, Herbert W.911
Gragg, George T.231
Grant, John847
Gray, Samuel278
Grove, Clara Susan, Mrs.894
Gruwell, Charles L.563
Guerra, Mrs. Mary1021
Gularte, John S.994
Gularte, Manuel S.1022
Gunderson, Gunder832
Guy, John882
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hahl, Ernest A.928
Hallstrom, Oscar E.934
Hampton, G. W.75
Hansen, Hans N.544
Hansen, Jacob P.917
Hansen, John C.574
Hansen, Marten Peter513
Hanson, Carl E.673
Harloe, Marcus, Capt.479
Harris, John L.911
Harrison, John H.958
Hart, Reuben224
Hasbesland, Hjalmar707
Hathway, Amos Riley361
Haun, Louis Z.567Steve Williams
Hawkins, Howard A.674
Haydon, John H.565
Hearst, George W.559
Heinrich, Johannes R.574
Hemphill, William570
Hobson, Clarence J.954
Hollister, John H.77
Holloway, John James219
Holmes, Albert789
Holt, Henry297
Holzinger, Ed831
Holzinger, Martin680
Hopper, David Le Roy876
Hopper, Everett874
Hopper, John B876
Hopper, John T.873
Hopper, Oliver 874
Horstman, Albert Ralph778
Houghton, George A.412
Houghton, Jonah411
Houk, John398
Hourihan, Patrick E.904
Howard, A. A.857
Howard, Harry H.598
Hudson, John698
Hudson, Perry905
Hudson, William K. 880
Hughes, James M.916
Hultquist, John891
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ide, Bela Clinton552
Iliff, Horace Greeley898
Iversen, Andrew H.933
Iversen, Chresten A.324
Iversen, Hans846
Iversen, Iver843
Iversen, Mat300
Iverson, Clemen Fredleff851
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jack, Christine, Miss223
Jackson, William, Major85
James, D. W.77
Jardine, John T.774
Jensen, Thomas955
Jespersen, Christian N.927
Jespersen, Hans I.824
Jessee, Archer Catron250
Jessee, Bert E.916
Johe, William422
Johnson, Albert675
Johnson, Charles H.78
Johnson, Edwin S.864
Johnson, Elvert Andrew722
Johnson, Ina382
Johnson, Niels636Debra Johnson
Johnson, Peter382
Johnson, Thomas928
Jones, Albert456
Jones, J. Thomas614
Jones, Sophia F, Miss457
Jones, Sophie Butler, Mrs.312
Jones, Thomas Allen312
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kalar, Johnson M.469
Kelsea, Henry Clay816
Kester, John Bonham383
Kiler, Jane, Mrs.645
Kimball, John Albion794
King, Charles O.292
King, Maria Zorada271
Kinnebrew, Marcus951
Kinney, Charles S.679
Kirchner, Gottlieb W.535
Kitchen, William Henry830
Klintworth, Gerd771
Kneppel Bros664
Kortner, Christian277
Kortner, James277
Krumlinde, John Charles M.879
Kuehl, Emma, Mrs.790Marcia Ann Kuehl
Kuhnle, Emanuel D.669
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lack, F. M., Rev.634
Laing, George642
Lambrecht, Peter C.721
Lanini, Gioachino965
Larson, Carl74
Lauridsen, Louis853
Lee, Joseph B. F.597
Leflingwell, William J.500
Leflingwell, William.500
Lehner, Mary Vignette486
Leisy, Herbert E.745
Lertora, James345
Lewis, Charles Samuel791
Lewis, Frances E., Mrs.924Steve Williams
Lewis, Jesse E.537Steve Williams
Lima, Frank A.522
Lima, Manuel F.522
Lingo, George W.699
Linn, Howard Malcolm, Mr. and Mrs.651
Long, E. E.623
Loose, August, Jr..855
Lopez, Joseph V.1014
Lovgren, Alfred Theodore714
Lowe, Dawson 390
Lowe, S. Jackson542
Lucas, William T., M. D.249
Luchessa, James978
Luis, Joseph S.969
Lundbeck, Frank J.653
Lyman, Harry E.524
Lynch, Frank J., D. O.585
M[Return to Jump Site]
Macdonald, William937
Mader, Anton656
Madonna, Paul984
Madruga, Manuel F.1033
Madsen, Viels G.756
Magoria, Peter F.962
Mahoney, James J.825
Maino, Joseph358
Malmberg, Anders O., Rev.764
Mann, William Joseph782
Maretti, Joseph C.974
Margetts, Percy Jennings 690
Marre, Luigi211
Martin, James G.946
Martin, James Wightman837
Martinez, Manuel M.996
Marzorini, John991
Mastagni, Bernardo A.989
Mathieson, Hans Peter554
Matney, Jackson Rodkey 819
McAlpin, John W.930
McCabe, Anthony F.598
McCann, Peter784
McCulloch, John838
McDonald, Michael629
McElligott, William914
McKay, Ralph E.901
McKee, Tomas Edgar909
McKinzie, Simon Henley706
McMillan, Alexander432
McMillan, Donald C.481
McNeil, Archibald404
Meherin, Michael J.298
Mehlschau, Andrew.595
Mehlschau, Hans590
Melchior, Taylor S. 344
Meng, Albert826
Meyer, Eskel E.886
Micllelson, George Louis Feifer704
Miller, Orrin E.635
Miller, William Alfred773
Minetti, Thomas1012
Miossi, Bernardo973
Monighetti, Charles970
Moore, George W.913
Moore, Oliver Perry387
Mora, Rafael A.620
Morehous, Edward Sherman719
Morehouse, Ambert C.662
Morrison, Annie L.463
Morrison, Hamilton Brown428
Morton, Annia Blair, Mrs.719
Mosher, Carmi Ellison567
Murphy, P. W.76
Muscio, Abram414
Muscio, Clement999
N[Return to Jump Site]
Negranti, James Peter, Sr..724
Nelson, Andre378
Nelson, Emote Berger763
Nelson, Frederick851
Nelson, Ole501
Nelson, Swan900
Nerelli, Lorenzo1011
Newsom, David F.235
Nichols, Stanley L.525
Nicholson, Abraham Lincoln922
Nielsen, James Poulsen585
Nielsen, Kund592
Norris, John M.869
Nunez, Frank758
Nunez, Manuel1017
Nyberg, Charles L.840
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakley, Carey C.370
Oakley, William C.370
Oakley, William Calvin, Jr.952
O'Donovan, Patrick811
Oilar, John Lincoln604
Olgiati, Charles990
Ontiveros, Abdon T.857
Ontiveros, Abraham364
Ontiveros, Jose Dolores and Mrs. Augusta381
Ontiveros, Juan Pacifico364
Ontiveros, Kencho Salvador903
Ooley, John Harris646
Ortega, Victor717
Osgood, Henry M.79
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palla, Joseph Edward836
Palmer, Charles W.603
Palmer, John Joseph806
Paolini, Lois1019
Parnell, Harry940
Paul, Alva304
Paulding, Clara E., Mrs.127
Pearson, Charles H.509
Pedraita, Louis G.1018
Pedrotta, James700
Pentzer, W. C.862
Peppard, Matthew T.580
Perinoni, Frank 746
Perozzi, Peter967
Perry, Robert Lucian762
Pertusi, Filippo1007
Petersen, John529
Petersen, Martin875
Petersen, Thomas774
Peterson, Andrew C.601 GAIL PIERSON
Peterson, Frederick J., Capt.890
Peterson, Halver800
Peterson, Swan305
Pezzoni, Ernest J.966
Pfister, Albert319
Pfister, Paul752
Phelan, Jeffrey William618
Phelan, Jeffrey618
Phelan, Michael W.609
Philbrick, George A.885Alfred Philbrick
Phillips, C. H.79
Pimentel, August C.1023
Pimentel, Joseph C.1002
Pinkert, Magdalina, Mrs.708
Pippin, William T.884
Plympton, Robert M.633
Poletti, James992
Pond, John H.478
Powell, William V., Col.472
Prell, John G.264
Prewitt, John Calhoun331
Price, John M.52, 299
Price, William B498
Purkiss, Myrton M.912
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quenzer, Fred894
Quintana, Francis E.55
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radloff, William Carl766
Rainey, Robert Alexander670
Ranney, Willard C.850
Records, Spencer C.337
Records, Thomas B391
Reese, Jenkin741
Reid, Robert P.870
Reinke, John Henry921
Rembusch, Joseph A.841
Reynolds, Carmi W.607
Reynolds, Charles808
Reynolds, Dwight243
Reynolds, Ross763
Rhyne, Walter W.772
Rice, Marion Bell858
Rice, William H.388
Richina, Peter967
Ricioli, Victor976
Righetti, Frank Egedio 1035
Robertson, Risdom W.939
Rolita, Manuel P.963
Ronconi, Charles, Jr.989
Root, George Francis676
Rosa, Jose G.1013
Rossi, Vincent752
Rotanzi, Eligio1019
Rotta, Gerome994
Rougeot, Thomas H.883
Routzahn, Lewis C.466
Rubel, Eugene D.936
Rucker, James H.329
Rude, Amador Nevada438
Rude, Emma Kearney, Mrs.553
Rude, William H.856
Ruiz, Elisco B.1012
Ruiz, Estanislao N.1018
Rusconi, Fulgenzio C.968
Rutherford, Jesse T.697
Ryan, John J.822
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salmina, Marius G.981
Samuelson, Philip923
Sanborn, Harry John956
Sanchez, Miguel D.740
Santa Maria Free Public Library918
Santa Maria Union High School907
Santa Maria Valley Railroad938
Santos, Manuel J.1010
Sargenti, George999
Sarmento, Manuel964
Satchell, Ernest A.944
Saunders, Harry C.942
Scaroni, John1031
Scaroni, Leo P.384
Schlegel, Joseph, Jr.809
Schroeder, Henry F.684
Schulze, William H.523
Schutte, Fred711
Scolari, Pietro1037
Seeber, Alonzo H.536
Senneth, John844
Serrano, Carlos530
Serrano, Michael530
Shackelford, Richard M.263
Sherman, Thaddeus796
Shimmin, Marion261
Shinners, Michael663
Signorelli, Alfred Isadore1035
Signorelli, Celestino1026
Signorelli, Frank1036
Signorelli, Louis1029
Signorelli, Lovia1029
Silacci, Antone975
Silacci, Paul1016
Silacci, Peter1021
Silva, Faustino J.1009
Silva, Joseph C., Jr.1000
Silva, Joseph F.1027
Silveira, Anton, Jr.1004
Silveira, Antonio P.997
Simmler, J. J.80
Sims, Isaac931
Skinner, C. P.866
Slack, J. W.81
Smith William E.630
Smith, Benjamin Reed 694
Smith, Clark Sherwood692
Smith, Henry B541
Smith, Nelson Crawford, Prof.907
Smithers, Amos566
Soares, Joseph C.1005
Souza, Antonio J.294
Souza, Catano Joseph425
Souza, Frank C.1001
Souza, Joe J.996
Souza, John Paul1009
Souza, Manuel J., Sr.319
Souza, Maria Dorothy425
Sparks, Isaac J.55
Spaulding, Mary B., Mrs.126
Spillman, John Calvin.926
Spooner, A. B., Rev.129
Spooner, Alden Bradford287
Steiner, Karl547
Stevens, Thomas532
Stevenson, Milton Stewart834
Stewart, Neal, Mrs.73
Stier, Henry A.865
Still, Abram A.437
Still, Lelia Penwell, Mrs.487
Stockdale, David Finley238
Stokes, William C.323
Stoltz, Randolph Joseph863
Stombs, S. R., Mrs.959
Stone, Carol H.886
Stornetta, Antonio988
Storni, Achille1016
Storni, Nicola961
Stull, Ed860
Stull, Jacob B861
Stumpf, John641
Sutton, Herbert Charles485
Swall, Mathias R.504
Sykes, Henry703
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Giles N.625
Tanner, Henry624
Tanner, James C. 592
Tanner, Nora E. 592
Taylor, Hiram283
Taylor, John797
Taylor, Peter455
Terris, David, Sr.392
Thaler, David352
Thomas, Allen Lloyd475
Thompson, Charlotte M. (Ashbaugh) 410
Thornburg, John346
Thralls, Arthur792
Thralls, James Constantine833
Thurmond, Gideon Edward564
Tidrow, Joseph677
Tietzen, Paul O.371
Tobey, Stephen Henry470
Tognazzini, Abraham1025
Tognazzini, John972
Tognazzini, Samuel Martin964
Tolle, Henry Bascome683
Tomasini, Benjamin983
Tomasini, Frank E.985
Tonini, Michael962
Tonini, Robert983
Trigueiro, Manuel J.1011
Trigueiro, Manuel995
True, Charley765
True, Hanson W.712
Truesdale, Isaac Newton934
Truesdale, Willis H.520
Tucker, Douglas A.827
Tuley, Jacob Thomas893Rose
Tuley, John P.648Rose
Tuley, William Henry460Rose
Tunnell, George R.427
Tunnell, Martin Luther426
Twitchell, Jacob Silas812
U[Return to Jump Site]
Upton, Roscoe E.863
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valley Savings Bank937
Van Matre, Isaac S.548
Vanderpool, P. F.736
Vasquez, Rudolph575
Vear, Frank761
Villa, Frank IT.768
Villi, Augusta970
von Dollen, Martin E. E.892
von Dollen, Max755
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wahlgren, O. P.835
Waite, David519
Walker, Gordon G., Judge356
Wallace, William569
Waller, L. D.618
Warden, Horatio M., Jr.608
Warden, Horatio Moore209
Warden, Queenie, Mrs.214
Webster, Jonathan Vinton, Hon.488
Weeks, Lewis Dreu433
Weir, Frederick William879
Weir, George818
Weir, Henry891
Welsh, Joseph 458
Welsh, Joseph Clarke458
Wessman, Frank A.805
Wharff, Arza A.862
Whitaker, Ira Ray431
Whitaker, W. S. 431
White, George A.872
Whiteiey, Thomas443
Whitlock, Edwin S.586
Whitney, Mark H.919
Wickenden, Albert P.950
Wickenden, Fred289
Wickenden, John R.947
Wickstrom, Edward Joseph839
Wilkinson, Cleveland J.957
Williams, Antonio777
Williams, John Perari777
Williams, Louis906
Willson, Henry Sanford507
Wilson, Charles720
Wimmer, William Dalton887
Witcosky, Frank641
Wolf, Albert771
Wolf, Daniel326
Wolf, Laura White325
Wolf, Louis842
Wolf, Otto838
Worden, Clyde820
Worden, Guy T.878
Work, John821
Wright, Horace G.306
Wright, John Francis444
Wyss, Otto526
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
York, Walter896
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zanetti, Maurice1008
Zanetti, Severino1006
Zanetti, Tilden E.1010
Zimmerman, A. August799

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