History of the state of California and biographical record of San Joaquin County - Vol. II

By James Miller Guinn & George H. Tinkham

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA (1909)

California Local History - Rocq - 12964

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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A[Return to Jump Site]
Aaron, Henry 299
Allard, Abner R235
Allen, James C274
Arnsburger, F. H224
Attwood, Elijah W244
Austin, Daniel S236
Austin, Gilbert T314
Austin, Henry S262
Austin, Joshua P242
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baggs, William M211
Barling, Charles A294
Bateman, Ebenezer B29
Bates, Richard S273
Beecher, Charles A315
Beecher, John L300
Belden; William S295
Bennett, William H333
Bishop, Henry B51
Bolliger, Samuel 262
Bonsall, Edward S202
Bowdoin, L. M42
Brack, Jacob, Sr.221
Brandt, Charles H. W205
Brandt, John A317
Breidenbach, Joseph 324
Brooks, A. W189
Brown, Albert G105
Brown, B. Howard318
Brown, Nathan L71
Buckley, William S330
Budd, Hon. James H29
Budd, John E10
Budd, Hon. Joseph H225
Buell, Albert N108
Butler, William 259
C[Return to Jump Site]
California Transportation Co. 327
Chandler, Walter L336
Clark, Asa, M. D27
Clary, William H226
Cobb Frank D53
Cody, Patrick H282
Condy, Richard 142
Confer, William 257
Conrad, George A52
Cory, John R93
Crafts, Harry C315
Creaner, Charles M223Kieran Creaner
Cross, Lester E., M D.147meghughes53@aol.com
Cunningham, Thomas 213
Curtis, Bradner 325
Curtis, Fornia S323
Cutler, William O240
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dameron, John D., M D322
Darrah, Clement V229
Dennis, Lewis183
Dennis, William 34
Dial, Charles H12
Dobner, Frank 318
Dockendorff, John W59
Dodge, Jonathan H65
Dohrmann, Charles W296
Douglass, John B95
Drais, Thomas J297
Ducker, John 126
Dunlap, Harry C336
E[Return to Jump Site]
Earl, Edward E327
Eccleston, Ransom 281
Eddy, Alfred L313
Eldridge, Edward D155
Eshbach, Henry 47
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fanning, Howard M210
Fanning, H T 312
Felt, Theodore D326
Fessier, Eugene N195
Fisher, Hiram 244
Fiske, Ezra 217
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galbraith, James 316
Gardiner, Fred O241
Gardner, Myers J118
Gerard, John H206
Glenn, Jugurtha W248Anita Glenn
Grant, John 258
Grattan, Christopher, M. D82
Gravem Brothers 293
Graves, John C322
Gray, George 212
Groves, Oscar B272
Groves, Philip 261
Groves, William H156
Grunsky, Charles A. L114
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haas, Charles 301
Haines, George W159
Hall, John B77
Hamilton, Ichabod D113
Hammond, Richard P18
Hancock, John 338
Hannan, Peter P171
Harkness, George S36
Harry, Rees 283
Hart, John W253
Hedges, Edward R99
Heimann, George H280
Hemingway, Abraham 300
Hewitt, Arthur W291
Hewlett, Joseph 258
Hickox, Flavel G35
Hickox, William J307
Hislop, James W287
Hodgkins, Sidney N304
Holley, Franklin S137
Holman, James T290
Holman, William E290
Holt, Benjamin 81
Holt, Charles H75
Holt Manufacturing Co.143
Hornage, George 303Lynn
Hoult, John C.132
Housken, George 305Robert C. Housken
Howes, Robert N.328
Hubbard, Henry F.320
Hubbard, William W.260
Hubner, Charles G.196
Hulse, William 30
Humphreys, John R.123
I[Return to Jump Site]
Inge, Andrew B.332
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Charles M.136
Jenks, Nelson B.331
Jordan, Thomas A.311
Journeay, James 148
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keeney, Loring G.307
Keep, William H.302
Keniston, Charles M.102
Kent, Walter E.340
Kerrick, James W.186
Ketchum Thomas E.219
Kettelman, David306
Kleinfelder, Lucas310
Koch, Isaac153
Koch, Jacob R.154
Kroyer, John M. 141
Kuhl, William 243
L[Return to Jump Site]
Ladd, George S. 149
Lamb, Charles297
Laogier, Basilio292
Leadbetter, Wallace R. 231
Lewis, John T.199
Liesy, John265
Locke, Dean J.87
Locke, George H.28
Louttit, Thomas S.250Mary Smith
M[Return to Jump Site]
McCann, Michael320
McCauly, John F339
McIntire, I zra277
McIntosh, Edwin J.178
McKee, William F.197
McMullin, Capt. John57
McPhee, Anthony J.60
McSorley, Arthur I180
Mann, Stephen H.88
Matteson, Don Carlos90
Matteson, Edward J.268
Milco, Nicola284
Miller, William C.285
Minahen, Timothy301
Moreing, Cyrus, Jr.78Steve Willams
Moreing, Cyrus, Sr.201Steve Willams
N[Return to Jump Site]
Naher, Adolphe F.160
Neumiller, Christian129
O[Return to Jump Site]
Odell, J. Millard173
Oliver, John E., M. D.219
Oser, Carl W106
Oullahan, Hon. Denis J.76
Oullahan, Edward 252
Overhiser, William L.254
P[Return to Jump Site]
Percival,. Arthur E283
Perry, John M.54
Peters, Maj. J. D.119
Peyton, Enoch237
Pile, William H.135
Potter, Charles A.279
Powell, Robert165
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quinn, John309
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ralph, Calvin R.168
Roberts, Gilchrist P.288
Rolland, Armand271
Rosenbaum, D. S.227
Rothenbush, Daniel331
Ruffner, William E.265
Ruhl, Frederick A.177
Russell, Richard W.232
Ryland, Samuel V.166
S[Return to Jump Site]
Samson Iron Works 267
Sanguinette, Michael J.331
Sargent, Roswell C.246
Searles, Benjamin161
Schmitz. Walter318
Sellman, Lafayette319
Shepard, William T.234
Shippee, Amos G.131
Silveira, J. C.288
Simon, Jacob321
Simpson, Andrew W.45
Smith, Frank H.172
Smythe, J. H.191
Solomon, Gustave C.311
Sperry Austin15
Stanley, Robert J.335
Stephens, Christopher S.27
Stephens, Thomas J.263
Stockton Broom Factory300
Stockton Business College64
Stockton Iron Works238
Stoetzer, Ferdinand278
Sutherland, James84
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tam, Joseph H.130
Thomas, William B.179
Thompson, Edward R.185
Thompson, John C.69
Thompson, Rees B.63
Thornton, Arthur286
Thrift,. Eli E.269
Tinkham, Henry124
Towne, Burton A.309
Trahern, George W.165
Tretheway, William E.117
U[Return to Jump Site]
Uriell, Sylvanus308
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vasquez, Jose277
Viebrock, Claus L.6
Visher, Putman190
Vizelich, Nicolas230
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, Charles192
Wagner, Jacob70
Ward, Hugh270
Webb, James289
Weber, Capt Charles M.3
Welsh, James M.72
West, George9
West, Fred M.111
Western School of Commerce208
White, John C.65
White, William C.96
Whitman, Luther P.184
Wilhoit, George E.264
Wilhoit, Roley E.33
Williams, William E.329
Wilson, John48
Withington, Summer A.138
Witt, Fred C.337
Wolf, Andrew 21
Wood, John E.11
Woods, John N.207
Woodson, Benjamin A.337
Wyllie, Alfred L.198
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Young, David E.298
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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