An Illustrated History of San Joaquin County, California:

containing a history of this important county from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prospective future; with profuse illustrations of its beautiful scenery, full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of today. Prospectus.

By Lewis Publishing Company

Chicago, Illinois (1889)

California Local History - Rocq - 12965

Calif. History Room (CS)
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Abbott, A. M564
Alberti, A.594
Alegretti, G.431
Alegretti, J. B.562
Allen, William562
Alling, N. E.345
Ashley, J. P.654
Ashley, L. E.514
Ashley, Wm. D55
Atherton, G. A. 533
Bachman, Adam558
Bachman, C. A.525
Bacon, E. C.472
Baggs, W. M.445
Bailey, C. K.628
Bailey, Noyes470
Baird, B. P.358
Baird, E. E.468
Bamert, Charles499
Barnhart, Henry55
Barr, Jas. S.473
Barthman, Charles411
Basilio, L280
Beckman, C484
Beckman, H. W. 290
Beckman, Henry H.489
Beer, John504
Behaps, John 595
Belding, Charles (Por.)388
Belding, Charles 389
Bennett, P. W. 363
Benton, H. A. 260
Bigger, J. M. 305
Billinghurst, W. H568
Bischofberger, J403
Blanchard, C. T.565
Blankenship, John M.49
Blondin, Arthur396
Brown, A. G. (Por.)458
Campbell, J. A.312
Campbell, P. D.326
Campbell, W. P. H.534
Carlon, G. C.596
Carter, S. L.373
Carter, William395
Cary, C. H.655
Castle, C. C.356
Castle, J. U.639
Cavis, J. U.367
Chagal, N. P.385
Chase, Gilman295
Chicard, Marie47
Chrisman, John358
Christensen, Peter260
Cicinato, M.638
Clapp. P.536
Clark, A.656
Clements, Thomas500
Clendinen, W. S.336
Clowes, E. C.481
Cobb, F. D.479
Coffee, Robert567
Cogswell, E. B.258
Cogswell, Francis508
Coleman, J.456
Collins, J. J.505
Colnon, E. S.156
Commings, C. W.439
Confer, S. L.616
Conrad, G. A.255
Cooper, J. B. L.46
Corson, C. H.502
Cowell, H. W.567
Cowell, John567
Cowell, W. W.463
Crittenden, John L.50
Cross, L. E. 662
Cross, S. N.253
Cunningham, T. 617
Cutting, L. M.393
Darra, Mrs. Amelia474
Dasher, S. D.627
Daubney, Geo. J.47
Davis, Edward288
Davis, Franklin597
Davis, G. M.259
Davis, Stephen H.50
De Costa, A. 506
De Vinny, C. L.446
De Vries, M. 420
Denig, Wm. M.157
Dickinson, G. D.46
Dinning, T. H. 420
Doak, J. K. 492
Dodge, Johathan H. 55
Dohrmann, C. W.650
Dorland, L. L.421
Dorrance, H. T. (Por.)406
Dorrance, H. T.407
Douglass, D. F.47
Douglass, J. B.618
Doyle, J. T.460
Driscol, John568
Drullard, A.650
Ducker, John511
Dudley, W. L.378
Due, E. H.336
Dunham, J. S.619
Durham, Shubael619
Earl, R. T. 627
Eaton, M. D.624
Eddy, A. L.330
Eliot, Patrick623
Ellenwood, W. B.381
Elliott, E. R.506
Elliott, S. W.623
Ellis, F. E.192
Ellis, H. M.382
Emslie, J. J.437
Endich, Nicholas622
Fairchild, W. H.241
Fanning, H. T.47
Farrington, H. L.52
Favinger, George569
Ferdun, S.512
Fischer, J. H.45
Fiske, Ezra (Por.)298
Fiske, Ezra299
Ford, James621
Foster, B. F.510
Foster, Geo. A.490
Fowler, J. M.520
Fowler, W. S.518
Frankenheimer, B.515
Freeman, Clara M.615
Freeman, W. F.537
French, Mrs. Sarah A.451
Fuqua, F. M.278
Furry, Leonard598
Fyfe, Joseph625
Gambetta, J.599
Garrett, Wm. E.357
Garvin, M. J.523
Gear, A. T.52
Geddes, John155
Gelabert, Wm.48
Gerten, Jacob593
Gianelli Bros.600
Gibbons, Wm. E.615
Gibson, W. M.345
Gillingham, H. C.594
Gillis, James276
Gilman, J. L.52
Gimbel, Henry593
Golden, Wm.593
Gooke, Benedick414
Gordon, C. H.562
Graham, R. L., Sr.483
Graham, R. L.490
Grant, E. F.562
Grattan, John235
Gravem Bros.531
Graves, F. A.563
Gray, George A.578
Gray, J. D.257
Green, J. B. 413
Green, R. F.278
Green, W. C.498
Gremaux, Eugene654
Grotyohn, J. N.341
Grupe, J.C.267
Gruwell, J. D.430
Guernsey, A. A.382
Guernsey, D. A.364
Gumperiz, Gustave487
Hahn, A. J.259
Haines, Geo. W. 372
Haines, I. S.377
Hall, J. E.469
Hall, John327
Hamilton, I.D.428
Hammond. Moses54
Hansel, Louis421
Hansen, A. W.592
Harelson, J. B.592
Harkness, Geo. S.485
Harney, J. S.484
Harrison, J. S.50
Harrison, Norval627
Harrold, A. M.614
Harrold, A. W.614
Harrold, C. H.277
Harrold, N. S. (Por.)612
Harrold, N. S.613
Harshner, A. M.591
Hart, Wm.534
Hatch, F. S.617
Hay, Wm. B.366
Hayden, W. W.239
Heck, V. V.322
Hedges, E. R.539
Hefferman & Hefferman249
Hemphill, John482
Hemphill, O. J.479
Henderson, John609
Henderson, R. W.422
Henery, Samuel610
Herrmann, John601
Hersom, Wm. J.599
Hewett, Samuel651
Hickinbotham, J. T.450Cris Hickinbotham
Hickman, Edward642
Hidreth, Elias591
Hildreth, G. F.361
Hillman, G. G.658
Hogan, George590
Hoisholt, A. W.344
Holden, I. D.397
Holman, H. C.310
Holmes, T. J.468
Holt Bros.644
Hood, E. E.368
Hook, Anna C.409
Hook, T. K.408
Horn, Alex.501
Houser, Daniel (Por.)370
Houser, Daniel371
Howard, Daniel377
Howell, C. 363
Howland, H. S.460
Howland, L. W.461
Hubbs, Nancy530
Hughes, W. H.642
Hull, O. H.498
Hummel, T. W.384
Humphrey, W. G.598
Hunter, Anthony641
Hunting, Chas.397
Huntley, L. L.640
Hurey, Geo. W.50
Hutson, J. L.589
Hyatt, G. C.530
Inglis, Wm.610Cris Hickinbotham
Irvin, W. H.302
Jack, E. H.558
Jackson, J. A.46
Jahant, P. F.467
Jefferson, Joseph H.300
Johnson, R. S.309
Johnson, W. B. (Por.)334
Johnson, W. B.335
Jones, Hiram M.308
Jones, J. W.652
Jones, W. J.653
Kaiser, Henry590
Kaiser, V.472
Kallenbach, O. P.293
Kasson, George M.589
Keen, H. J.384Lowry Z. Day
Keeno, Zoth50
Keller, John399
Kenefick, J302
Keniston, C. M.346
Kerrick, J. W.250
Ketchum, T. E.251
Keys, T. J.256
Kidd, James E.449
Kile, J. M.659
Kile, Joseph49
King, Geo. W. 51
Klinger, Geo.290
Knight, H. B.514
Knight, N. A.391
Knowles, E. F.401
Kohlmoos, John390
Koontz, H. C.660
Kueppers, Theo.483
Ladd, Geo. S.362
Ladd, John S.359
Lane, Frank E.501
Lang, L. H.276
Langford, B. F. (Por.)244
Langford, B. F.245
Langmaid, O. G.542
Langridge, G. W.540
Laumeister, Lewis608
Laury, Mrs. Sarah589
Lawrence, E.588
Leadbetter, W. R.419
Learned, D. A.452
Learned, J. M.364
Lee, Theodore588
Lehe, Eugene637
Leitch, Archibald (Por.)352
Leitch, Archibald353
Lertora, Peter359
Levinsky, A. L.686
Lewis, W. O.53
Lewthwaite, John515
Litchfield, Albert393
Litchfield, Ansel378
Lloyd, Robert408
Lo Romer, J. B.399
Locke, Delia M.660
Locke, Elmer H.660
Locke, Geo. S.495
Locke, George S. (Por.)494
Lomax, L. M.396
Long, C. C.587
Long, J. M.560
Louttit, James A.559Mary Smith
Madden, F. P.502
Magee, S. L.586
March, Silas584
Marnell, M.524
Martin, D. P.379
Martin, Irving157
Mathewson, S. F.317
Matteson, D. C.435
Mayberry, Alex.586
McCall, J. C.635
McCarty, M.607
McCuen, Nelson634
McDade, E. J.585
McDougald, Sangster & Co.632
McDowell, J. F.446
McGary, W. R.459
McIntosh, Edwin J.418Zane T. Mc Intosh
McKee, Wm. F.513
McKenzie, J. T.253
McKinnon, A.471
McMurray, Sarah307
McNeil, D. P.49
McNeil, Ellen343
McNoble, Geo. F.468
Meeker, A. C.51
Megerle, Mrs. T. C.469
Mehrton, Mary461
Mersfelder, L.491
Meseroll, J.500
Messick, J. B.254Lorraine Llewellyn
Metcalf, R.462
Meyer, Andrew485
Meyer, J. K.53
Meyer, Jacob347
Meyer, R. B.474
Middlekauf, E. D.348
Miller, Milton490
Miller, W. C.55
Miller, William P. (Por.)262
Miller, Wm. P.263
Millner, F. A.383
Milner, N.636
Minta, Wesley361
Misener, N. S.584
Mollenhauer, L. F.378
Monaco, M.607
Moseley, J. F.242
Mosher, Geo. L.425
Moulton, James S.631
Muenter, August386
Murray, Isaac46
Nauman, W. R.465
Neal Brothers463
Needham. C. E.296
Nelson, A. J.322
Nelson, E. E.55
Nevin, N383
Nicewonger, Hayes465
Nicewonger, Levi533
Nolan, James G.383
Norcom, C. W.45
Northrup, H. D.466
Northrup, Wm.321
Norton, O. O.337
Nunan, J. J.156
Nutter, W. B.418
Nauman, W. R.465
Neal Brothers463
Needham. C. E.296
Nelson, A. J.322
Nelson, E. E.55
Nevin, N383
Nicewonger, Hayes465
Nicewonger, Levi533
Nolan, James G.383
Norcom, C. W.45Stanley M. Norcom
Northrup, H. D.466
Northrup, Wm.321
Norton, O. O.337
Nunan, J. J.156
Nutter, W. B.418
O'Neil, Jerry585
Odell, Daniel583
Orr, N. M.349
Ott, Martin413
Oullahan, D. J.93
Oullahan, Edward392
Overhiser, W. L.555
Overholtzer, J.448
Owen, C. E.542
Owen, J. R.269
Parker, R. B.270
Payton, Daniel662
Pearson, S. A.582
Pearson, Wm. R.582
Peck, H. M.362
Perrin, Otis54
Peters, H. F.302
Peters, J. D.54
Peyton, Enoch633
Peyton, V. M.426
Phelps, J. L., & Co.155
Pixley, Reuben581
Pope, T. J.544
Post, Wm. H.580
Potter, S. W.331
Prather, W. F.252
Pratt, Joseph500
Prugh, W. W.606
Putnam, Joseph400
Raab, H.606
Ralph, C. R.48
Ray, D. T.281
Reibenstein, R. R.241
Reyner, Francis344
Reynolds, D. R.344
Reynolds, G. C.340
Reynolds, John254
Rhoden, Augustus579
Rhodes, Alonzo327
Rhodes, Henry B.47
Rhodes, Jacob349
Rich, C. A.577
River Express326
Robbins, L. W. & Co.577
Robinson, C. L.47
Robinson, W. O.303
Robinson, William Heppel55Zane T. Mc Intosh
Rock, Frank47
Rohrbacher, H.492
Rolland, A.306
Rossi, A.339
Rucker, H. N.402
Ruggles, C. L.156
Ruhl, F. A.604
Rumrill, L. L.242
Ryan, J. M.536
Saalbach, E. 374
Salmon, Cutler579
Salmon, Elizabeth F.253
Salmon, J. T.576
Sanders, Mrs. Jane308
Sanguinetti, J.631
Sargent, C. S. (Por.)528
Sargent, C. S.529
Sargent, J. L.553
Sargent, J. P.554
Sargent, R. C. (Por.)546
Sargent, R. C.547
Sayles, A. D.658
Schmidt, H. C.576
Schmidt, P. P. 335
Schneider, M.313
Schomp, Justus478
Schraik, John46
Sedgwick, Thomas 50
Sellman, La Fayette417
Severy, Daniel51
Sharp, H. W.648
Sharp, P. G.576
Shattuck, H. C.314
Shaw, H. C. (Por.)316
Shaw, H. C.317
Shaw, T. C.511
Sheen, D. W.270
Sherman, E. B.451
Shippee, L. U. (Por.)Frontispiece
Shippee, L. U.229
Shurtleff, G. A. (Por.)280
Shurtleff, G. A.281
Simon, Jacob414
Simonds, J. J.48
Smith, Ansel360
Smith, F. H.629
Smith, Mary575
Smith, Russell B.47
Smith, Wm. C.267
Smithson, W. D.427
Smucker, Wm. H.50
Smyth, James H.274
Snow, Benj.272
Snow, William H.574
Spellman, D. J.541
Spenker, Joseph411
Stading, Henry51
Stafford, C.453
Starbird, W. B.513
Steinmetz, George514
Steiny, Julius47
Stephens, C. S.486
Stewart, Frank454
Stockwell, E. R.412
Stockwell, W. W.413
Stoddar, E.630
Stowe, E. B.453
Stowe, Mrs. E. M.343
Sullivan, J. M. 50
Sutliff, C. B.275
Swain, Cornelius249
Swinnerton, J. G.342
Taft, E. B. 403
Tallmage, James330
Tam, Jos. H. 400
Taylor, Joseph575
Taylor, A. J.575
Taylor, Mary J.404
Tecklenberg, H. W. V.573
Terry, David S.90
Thompson, J. E.572
Thompson, J. W.332
Thompson, Thomas258
Thorn, S. R.464
Thornton, Arthur574
Thorp, Edward416
Titus, Lyman573
Todman, J. M.504
Tone, Jon H.571
Trahern, G. W.650
Treadwell, A. B.647
Tretheway, E. A.516
Tretheway, Earle & Dasher626
Tretheway, John503Margie Tretheway
Tripp, D. D.301
Tripp, W. O.53
Tschlerschky, E. M. L.482
Tumelty, Dennis647
Turner, James255
Van Ness, B. H.311
Van Pelt, E. S.326
Van Valkenburgh, J.380
Vinet, Peter646
Visher, P.477
Visher, Putnam (Por.)476
Wagner, Charles381
Wakefield, C. F.571
Wakefield, C. H.366
Wakefield, L. D.308
Walksmuth, E.374
Ward, C. W.465
Wasley, James287
Waterman, Geo. E.304
Waterman, S. D.414
Watrous, Benj.521
Watson, J. A.622
Weaver, H. W.646
Weaver, J. A.456
Weber, C. M. (Por.)34
Weber, C. M.441
Weber, Residence of Capt. C.M. in 1850440
Welsh, J. M.474
West, Fred M.239
West, Geo.525
West, W. B.522
Wetherbee, G. W.572.
Wheaton, W. G.645
Whipple, Edwin49
Whipple, W. E.571
Whitaker, Mrs. M. J.570
White, A. C.663
White, Wm. B.410
Wiedman, W. H.603
Wilhoit, E.L.274
Wilhoit, Geo. E.274
Wilhoit, R. E.273
Williams, Milo517
Wilson, E. C.422
Wilson, Henry644
Wilson, John416
Winters, J. D.570
Wolf, Andrew236
Wolf, William404
Wolfe, Jacob342
Woodbridge, W. H.460
Woods, J. N.543
Woods, James51, 165
Woods, Richard569
Woods, S. D.415
Woodson, B.438
Wootten, M. A.289
Wulff, A. L.508
Wyman, C. H.651
Yaple, Perry324
Yolland, C. W.602
York, John473
Yost, Fred292
Young, L. J.569

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