History of San Joaquin County, California:

with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, residences, public buildings, fine blocks, and manufactories, from original sketches bu artists of the highest ability.

By Frank T. Gilbert

Oakland, California (1879)

California Local History - Rocq - 12963

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Ashley, William D 96
Bachman, C. A. 102
Bailey, C. G. 107
Barber, J. M. 102
Barnhart, H. D. C. 96
Barnhart, Henry96
Beckman, Christopher120
Beecher, J. L. 97
Behrns, S. 91
Bentley, Horace120
Bird, John W. 131
Blankenship, John M.102
Blohme, Henry111
Boice, S. W. 102
Boody, Joseph B. 97
Borland, Alexander135
Bowman, Jane, Mrs. 102
Brack, Jacob135
Brandt, C. H. W. 102
Brannack, Lyman H.120
Burnett, William131
Byers, John C. 91
Cady, Stoel107
Carroll, Michael107
Castelli, F. 91
Castle, C. C. 97
Castle, George102
Chalmers, Alexander91
Chalmers, L. R.107
Clarke, F. R. 92
Clements, Thomas124
Cogswell, Edwin B. 112
Cotton, Jeremiah125
Cowell, Henry Wright102
Cowell, Joshua102
Craig, Robert W. 97
Daugers, Augustus132
Davis, Frank97
Devries, William H.120
Dodge, Jonathan H. 97
Douglass, D. F., Gen.109
Dunham, Shubal112
Durham, John112
Fisher, William V.112
Fiske, Ezra120
Flood, Thomas112
Floyd, William J.120
Fowler, Joseph M.120
Frederick, Harrison102
Frewert, Carl Conrad132
Funck, John Peter112
Fuqua, J. C. 128
Gayetty, Edward P.135
Gerlach, Louis92
Gillis, James98
Grupe, Charles112
Hamilton, I. D. 92
Hammond, Alden98
Hammond, Moses98
Harrold, Nathaniel S. 112
Harshner, A. M.120
Hartwell, Horace F.125
Hausken, George135
Hauson, Augustus132
Heath, Thomas P.125
Henderson, Milton P.92
Hewlett, Henry H. 92
Hickman, E. 93
Hohenshell, Abraham98
Hook, T. K. 93
Howland, H. S. 102
Hughes, William H. 107
Hunter, A. 112
Huntley, L. L. 107
Ivory, Charles Oscar120
Jahant, Peter128
Jahant, Victor128
Jefferson, Joseph98
Johnson, J. Wright125
Kasson, George M. 132
Kearny, Emeline M., Mrs.120
Keen, Hamilton128Lowry Z. Day
Kullman, Moses93
Lammers, Martin132
Langford, Benjamin F. 125
Lawrence, Ezekiel121
Lewis, Jesse S.98Steve Williams
Lindstrom, Charles132
Locke, Dean J., Dr. 125
Locke, George S. 125
Long, Charles, C.98
Magley, John M.121
Marsh, James98
Marsters, E. J. 93
Martin, Uriah104
McDowell, J. F. 126
McKee, William F. 93
McMurray, James A. 99
Megerle, Phillip L. 126
Merrill, A. C., Mrs. 126
Meyer, Andrew104Chris Meyer
Meyer, Charles113
Meyer, J. K. 104
Miller, William C. 93
Miller, William H. 126
Minahen, Thomas113
Moore, Henry104
Moore, John E. 99
Moreing, Cyrus99Steve Williams
Munson, U. J. 107
Nelson, E. E. 99
Newman, Henry132
Noble, Margaret E. 104
Ohm, Thomas132
Ott, Martin104
Overhiser, William L. 99
Overholtzer, Samuel A. 133
Parker, Alfred113Jeanie
Patterson, John113
Paulsell, C. A. 94
Perrin, Otis94
Peters, J. D. 94
Powell, Thomas94
Reynolds, John B. 104
Rhoden, John99
Roberts, Edwin R. 94
Robison, Warren O.113
Rosenbaum, D. S. 94
Rothenbush, Daniel95
Salbach, Edward99Erwin O.Salbach
Salmon, Cutler105
Sargent, R. C. 121
Schomp, Justus128
Sedwick, Thomas99
Sharp, Peter G. H. 105
Shippee, L. M. 95
Sperry, Charles99
Speuker, Joseph121
Stockton, E. A., Dr. 95
Taylor, Charles E. 105
Thompson, John W. 105
Thornton, Arthur135
Thurstin, H. H. 126
Tone, John H.126
Voorhies, George W. 99
Wagner, J. C. 93
Walrad, D. M. 96
Walrad, Morris96
Weber, Joseph K. 91
Whipple, E. 126
Wilholt, R. E. 96
Woods, A. J. 128
Yaple, Perry107

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