History of San Joaquin County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By George H. Tinkham

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1923)

California Local History - Rocq - 12967

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.455 T5 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] (Index) F868.S17 C37 1991 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: (Index) F868.S17 C37 1991 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.455 T5 -- Book NC

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MacGarva, George T1540
Madonna, Paul1606
Madsen, Hans1605
Maestretti, Walter E1481
Maghetti, Henry A836
Mahaffey, Newton Walter1519
Maier, Fred C1606
Mainland, John Grant1319
Maisel, John George855
Mangini, G. Lorence1606
Mann, Herbert Justin1239
Manteca Cream and Butter Co1607
Maple, Larry P1199
Marceau, Seraphin1540
Marchand, Fred Leo1540
Markharn, George Marion 919
Marraccini, Giovanni896
Marshall, Joseph C1008
Marshall, Oscar386
Marshall, Thomas386
Martin, Harry1419
Martin, Irving563
Martin, Samuel L904
Mason Hospital of Lodi1541
Matteoni, Frank L1609
Mattesich, Catherine Mrs.776
Mattesich, Geo. F775
Mattice, Freeman J1542
Mauro, Rosario1607
Mauro, Salvador1607
Maxey, John D807
McCall, Marquis Lafayette 908
McCarty, Arthur R1608
McCausland, Edward G1543
McClung, Leon E1399
McComb, Eugene S1099
McComb, Harry H1040
McCormick, Andrew372
McCown, James Calvin519
McCoy, Henry R1419
McCuen, George B1240
McDonald, William Leslie1526
McDougald, John Duncan771
McEnerney, Peter Francis1139
McFarland, J. Edwin775
McGurk, Raymond T. M.D.1243
McIntosh, Thomas B771
McKain, Fred J1168
McKeany, John Owen958
McKellar, John Duncan968
McKindley, Ernest M.932
McKindley, Josiah629
McLain, Samuel S. Judge967
McLeod, George R.1395
McMullin, John Capt.388
McNeil, Warren T. M.D.1243
Mecklenberg, William1400
Meger1e, Christian996
Meissner, George L.1200
Mellmann, Edward1199
Melone, George H. Capt.451
Melton, Robert T.840
Menking, Frederick G.967Steve Stroud
Menzel, William H.1608
Mercer, Oney Mrs.1517
Merrill, Henry F1543
Merrill, Joseph F.1551
Merrill, Wilbur P.783
Merrill, Willis N.775
Merz, John A772
Metzler, Charles855
Meyer, Frank A.702
Meyer, Herman C.1399
Meyer, Leland796
Meyers, Emielie924
Micke, William C.760
Miller, Charles H.1416
Miller, David Wiley1131
Miller, Edmund524
Miller, Frank Lee1518
Miller, John Martin1552
Miller, Newlen J.1204
Miller, W. H.1517
Miller, William Payson395
Mills, Everts F.1609
Mills, Freeman B.983
Mills, Freeman490
Mills, George490
Mills, L. A.923
Mills, Ralph Emmett1223
Mills, Roy S.490
Miloslavich, Charles1609
Mindach, Felix C.1184
Mindach, Paul R.1610
Minges, George F.964
Miramontes, Pablo1481
Mitscher, Henry767
Mix, Samuel G.1610
Mobley, W. D.952
Model Hat Shop The1637
Mohr, Henry963
Moll, William R.983Moll
Molloy, John j1435
Montanelli, Caesar1621
Montgomery, John S.599
Montgomery, John W.877
Moore, Fred B.963
Moore, Henry543
Moore, Thompson Marion1553
Moran, Dennis1518
Moran, Emmet A.416
Moran, John Edmund662
Moran, Walter R.1223
Moran, William396
Moresco, Louis1611
Morrell, Ralph P.1443
Morris, Wesley A.987
Mortenson, William1610
Moss, William S. Capt.767
Mowry, Milton Jasper519
Munch, Andrew J.800
Munford, Kittie L. Mrs.995
Munger, Harris Brenner1618
Munson, Henry B.1518
Munson, Urban J.592
Murdoch, Charles A.1172
Murdock, William C.609
Murphy, James P.1400Jackie Carroll Ozment
Murphy, Martin D.788Jackie Carroll Ozment
Murphy, William A.1439Jackie Carroll Ozment
Murrell, James Grant M.D.971
Muthel, Charles1127
Muzio, A. Pietro1611
Muzio, John A.1488
Myers, Edris B. Jr.1436
Myers, Howard A.1618
Myran, Albert G.1303
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Nagel, Robert F759
Narbaitz, Raymond1404
Nasnian, Abraham1611
Naylor, Fred D1056
Nazro, John1621
Needham, Charles E555
Negrete, Marcello1400
Nelli, Giovanni1611
Nelson, Carl Henning1260
Nelson, George896
Nelson, James A884
Nelson, James E. M.D.1167
Nelson, Mary Alice884
Ness, Paul L816
Neubarth, Karl1620
Neubauer, Otto1621
Neumiller, Charles L892
Neumiller, Christian888
Newcomb, Lemuel P1252
Newton, Charles L434
Nicewonger, Charles H1171
Nichols, Robert Jr.1488
Nickel, Eugene F1552
Nies, Edward1248
Nixon, Byron A1622
Noack, Edward H1079
Nolan, James Patrick625
Northrop, Raymond Arthur1132
Norton, Charles Willis Hon.356
Nourse, A. J971
Nowak, John J1481
Noyes, Marion Talmai764
Nunes, Manuel T1622
Nutter, Bronson S. D. D. S1489
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Oard, Paul944
Obad, Nicolaus1489
O'Brien, Jerry D. D. S1415
O'Connell, M. J1489
O'Connor, William B. Rev.368
O'Connor, William E1035
Odell, Harvey M871
Ohm, Henry Thomas972
Ohm, Rebecca Mrs.975
Olivieri, Leonida M.D.1284
Olson, John1623
O'Malley, John B.468
Ortman, Charles L.408Mary Smith
Oser, Carl W.756
Ospital, Jean1490
Ott, Frederick William1490
Oullahan, Alexander C.347
Oullahan, Robert B.1079
Owen, John H.1263
Owens, David F.1553
Owens, Ella Thew Mrs.1553
Oyarbide, Jose1622
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Pache, Jules472
Pacific Carpet Cleaning Co1443
Palermo, Angelo1388
Pardini, Massimeno490
Parker, Frank F1175
Parker, Joseph D613
Parker, Thomas B.463Jeannie
Parkinson, Herman 01583
Parsons, R. J878
Patton, Effie A. Mrs.476
Paul, Max1336
Payne, John Wilkes1236
Pazneski, Ludwik S400Steven Williams
Pearson, James L1584
Pearson, Jesse W995
Pearson, Stith A987
Pedro, John J1403
Peirano, G763
Peletz, Louis S1483
Perrin, Henry1263
Perrin, J. Louis1575
Perrin, Jules1477
Perrott, Fred Grieves1576
Perrott, James R538
Perrott, John755
Perry, John C1208
Perry, John M751
Perryman, Charles E1553
Petersen, Henry Christian, M.D.1247
Peterson, John Alexander878
Peterson, Otto1491
Phelps, William1180
Phillips, Orville1147
Pickering, James L1259
Pierce, Ed. N861
Pierce, James A1087
Pimm, John J1267
Platt, John Wesley1584
Platt, Philemon E475
Plotz, Thresie M. Mrs.1348
Polenske, Frederick R1007
Pool, Osellus1576
Pope, John J868
Pope, Oscar C744
Pope, William H. Mrs.976
Porterfield, John A1127
Posey, Charles A1577
Posey, John Evert1577
Posey, John M706
Post, Ansel William511
Post, Frank511
Post, Ralph J1577
Post, W. H511
Potter, George L1563
Poundstone, Lawrence1490
Powell, Ernest1491
Powell, Robert419
Powers, Allan R. M.D.1027
Prentice, James B1251
Prentice, James M1088
Preszler, Edward1124
Preszler, George648
Preszler, William1084
Price, Harmon E. M.D.1264
Pritchard, J. W1127
Proud, Robert1492
Pulich, Nick1248
Purdy, Augustus1563
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Quenell, Nelson1541
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Raggio, John595
Raines, Thomas J1043
Ralls, Frank De La1032
Ralph, C. R511
Rasch, Charles1564
Raspo, Joseph J1124
Rathbun, Hattie E. Mrs.1542
Rathjen, John A975
Rathjen, John975
Ratto, Antone J1493
Ratto, Benedetto1492
Ratto, John J1493
Reasoner, Clarence A1224
Reed, Ora1564
Rees, Joseph Trimble584
Reibenstein, Richard R419
Reichmuth, Frank1503
Reid, Edward Andrew1542
Reimche, George1502
Reimche, John,1564
Reiney, William H1432
Rendon, Cecil P1478
Reyner, Francis Delbert980
Reynolds, David R441
Reynolds, Edward931
Reynolds, Eldridge L451
Reynolds, Sydney W1503
Reynolds, William James1502
Rhoads, William J867
Riba, Battista1565
Rich, Charles F1591
Richards, Thomas991
Richmond, Rexford B940
Richter, W. J1543
Ridenour, Eli H991
Riecks, William H613
Riley, Edward H1240
Riley, J. F1043
Rinn, Herman1592
Ripon Hospital1504
Ripon Union High School1504
Risso, David1593
Rivara, Andrew862
Robbins, Curtis M1505
Robbins, Henry E1505
Roberts, Arthur F662
Roberts, Arthur976
Robinson, Isaac H654
Robinson, Lyon and Irey1602
Robinson, William J515
Rode, Julius1593
Rode, Rudolph E.1593
Rodgers, Albert F1143
Rodgers, Joseph Leslie1524
Roesch, George F416
Rohrbach, John1594
Rolerson, Faustena Montora Mrs.979
Ronkendorf, Henry P1505
Ronkendorf, Peter1505
Rosin, Charles E999
Ross, Charles D1493
Ross, Gilbert McMillan1594
Rothenbush, Walter P1247
Ruff, Charles W1440
Ruhl, Frederick August1043
Russell, Charles A1000
Rustan, Andro1143
Rutherford, Walter T657
Rutledge, Charles R1047
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Saccone Bros.1594
Saddlemire, Jesse C1494
Salbach, Fred Capt.1091
Salfield, August F1595
Salfield, David1494
Sanderson, Henry Ellis M.D.1251
Sandman, Otto E1159
Sanguinetti, Emile S1244
Sanguinetti, Fred A1640
Sanguinetti, James1147
Sanguinetti, Louis F1495
Sanguinetti, Louis R871
Sanguinetti, Maria Mrs.1000
Sanguinetti, Nat1596
Sanguinetti, Pete1595
Sanguinetti, Pietro1596
Sanguinetti, Thomas1631
Sargent, Jacob Preston M.D.448
Sargenti, Peter1578
Saunders, Francis H. D.V.M1495
Saunders, Ira Ef 495
Saxton, Glen E835
Scally, Thomas F751
Schaur, Herbert M1255
Scheffel, H. B. 01495
Schenkenberger, John1544
Scheurer, John .J1444
Schilling, George E Prof.1632
Schimmelpfennig, Frederick W980
Schleef, Fred J992
Schlossman, William1019
Schmidt, Henry Charles1156
Schmidt, Peter P1144
Schnaidt, Edmund C1544
Schneider, C. G. Mrs.795
Schneider, Fred G1632
Schneider, Martin1259
Schofield, James M533
Schombucher, Ernest1140
Schrniedt John J1080
Schroeder, Henry W976
Schwartz, Leon C1179
Scott, Charlotte1544
Scott, Edward Capt.1215
Scott, William J1483
Searnands, Oscar Allen1011
Seelmeier, John B1496
Seifert, Lorenz630
Sellman, Anna Mrs.376
Sellman, Lafayette376
Semenza, John1634
Serventi, Angelo1392
Seymour, Arthur T. Dr.1147
Sharp, Henry Mabes591
Sharp, Henry W591
Shattuck, John W1047
Shaughnessy, Michael P715
Shaw, Allen C1179
Shepherd, Charles H1496
Shepherd, George W787
Shepherd, Jesse F1200
Shepherd, Lee A784
Sheridan, Isabella Mrs.459
Shinn, Heman D1635
Sibeck, Charles A1635
Siegfried, F. Stanley1424
Siemering, Henry1636
Siernen, Kornelitis H1496
Sigelkoff, Harry1498
Sigelkoff, John H1498
Silk, Hubert Frederick1637
Silva, Manuel1637
Silver, Joseph A1227
Simms, Fred B1316
Simon, Jacob423
Simpson, Andrew W504
Sinai, Nathan1496
Slack, Charles A. Jr.1148
Smith, Andrew H1328
Smith, Charles F996
Smith, Charles R1497
Smith, David H1497
Smith, Estella M. Miss1545
Smith, George Falkenborough 666
Smith, Peter John724
Smyth, Caroline M. Mrs.851
Smyth, James H851
Snedigar, Willis Spencer M.D.720
Snow, George E 808
Snyder, Charles Peter807
Snyder, Jacob P804
Snyder, William H1498
Sola, Andrew1512
Sola, Luvigi1636
Solari, Antonio I1448
Solkmore, John H1256
Sollinger, Barbara J. Mrs.716
Solomon, Elsie A1637
Sommers, James C1487
Sorter, Frank1638
South, Grace J. Mrs.1011
Southrey, John Nicholas728
Southwell, John H653
Sowles, John D1076
Spenker, Otto1545
Sperberk, Minnie Mrs.1638
Spickerman, Ed1151
Spooner, William A634
Sprott, Fred1136
St. Joseph's Home and Hospital1403
St. Patrick's Parish991
Stabell, Louis F1546
Stagg, Thomas, H1003
Stanley, Harry C1044
Stanley, Robert J702
Stark, John Frederick464
Steely, Charles A560
Steely, George W560
Stein, Mattie M. Mrs.1638
Steinmetz, Edward C1427
Steinmetz, George1427
Stephens Bros.1051
Stephens, Thomas J411
Stephenson, Frank J1015
Stevenson, James M1512
Stewart, Robert500
Sticks, Willis Ware1079
Stier, Henry927
Stitt, P.H.564
Stockton Coffee Club1485
Stockton Plumbing Supply Co1064
Stoeven, William R1625
Storey, Granville T1639
Stowell, Fred B1179
Stribley, Thomas Rooke1196
Strieff, Henry1525
Strieff, John J1525
Strobridgc, Salma Seaver1168
Strong, Nathan Moreton548
Strong, Truman Alvin1303
Strother, Alfred R1578
Stuart, Joseph F1003
Stuckenbruck, James Wilson1151James C. Fosdyck
Sturla, Paul1167
Sullivan, Mary Mrs.1513
Sunset Macaroni Factory1639
Superior Manufacturing Co1340
Swain, Cornelius528
Swain, John A533
Swain, Joseph H495
Swass, J. L. Mrs.547
Sweem, Charles J1447
Sweem, James Frederick1463
Swett, Alfred L820
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Tabacco, Mario1588
Taisen, John C748
Taisen, Walter H752
Tavlor, F. H1579
Taylor, Howard B1625
Taylor, Hugh Edward1526
Teixeira, Joseph1340
Templeton, Walter H1499
Tennyson, Clarence B. D.D.S. 1546
Thiesson, Henry C. Jr.1626
Thiesson, Henry Sr.1626
Thomas, Charles W1191
Thomas, Edward429
Thomayer, William J1160
Thoming, George1039
Thompson, Elmer E595
Thompson, Emery A1048
Thompson, George Francis1055
Thompson, John Chatten621
Thompson, John Vernon1589
Thompson, John1051
Thompson, Rees Bowen382
Thompson, Reese B1499
Thompson, William Henry1546
Thompson, Wilson Henry1055
Thornton, Arthur1304
Thornton, Frank Sumner1007
Thornton, John Milan1004
Thorp, James E1059
Thrush, George523
Thrush, William H.523
Thurman, George M1590
Tinkham, Henry372
Tinkharn, George H352
Toal, Levi M1300
Toda Bros.1499
Toda, William J1501
Todd, Helen E1637
Todman, Harry S1498
Tomlinson, Josiah1525
Tone, Alice M. Mrs.571
Tone, John Nicholas571
Tons, John Frederick1509
Towne, Clarence A792
Trachiotis, Emanuel1588
Tredway, Mary A486
Tredway, William H486
Tremain, Emery E661
Tretheway, John476Margie Tretheway
Triolo, James S1164
Triolo, John P1525
Trondhjem, Svend Otto1456
Troy, Martin1207 Jacqui Marcella
Tryon, E. P1156
Tschierschky, Ernest Maximillian844
Tschierschky, William Theodore1015
Tubbs, Robert C1083
Tucker, Frank1487
Turner, George Clinton587
Turner, Walter W1488
Tye, Hugh J1180
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Upton, Harvey F1039
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Buskirk, Charles Lever972Joyce
Van Gelder, Claude Whitney764
Van Gelder, Morris764
Van Keuren, Claude R1159
Van Loon, Laura B. Mrs.856
Van Pelt, Edwin S626
Van Til, Clarence1510
Van Vranken, Edward1231
Ventre, Lawrence L.1589
Vickroy, Harvey E.643
Villiborghi, Lewis1100
Villinger, Fred H.1590
Villinger, Leon Sr.489
Vincent, Walter1509
Vinet, Joseph P.472Jackie Carroll Ozment
Vinet, Peter472Jackie Carroll Ozment
Vischi, Gabriel J. M.D.1187
Vogelsang, Otto M.644
Vollbrecht, Charles W.1590
Vollbrecht, Herman1039
Vomburg, Lucy Mrs.1171
Von Glahn, Borchert H.l557
Von Sosten, William F.1016
Wadsworth, George1032
Wagers, James W1252
Wagner, Charles575
Wagner, Edward C568
Wagner, Jacob412
Wagner, Solomon1112
Wakefield, Andrew Eugene1059
Wakefield, Jesse W1155
Walker, Harold A1187
Wall, Fred F1384
Wallace, B. C.404
Wallace, Gerald Beatty534
Wallace, Minard1219
Wallace, Peter J1579
Walling, Luther C1526
Walter, Carl A984
Waltz, Dudley I.661
Ward, Lafe1510
Wardrobe, Alfred D887
Watkins, Alfred Gwynne596
Watkins, John P1060
Weaver, Kyle H1509
Weber, Charles M. Capt.340
Weber, Charles Oscar999
Weber, John K1603
Webster, Joshua Bertram420
Wehr, Nellie Mrs.1447
Welsh. Clark Garrett720
Wencel, Paul1604
Wenzelburger, Chris1527
Wenzelburger, Fred1527
Werner, David D1511
West Side Irrigation District1155
West Side Union High School 1020
West, Fred A438
West, Joseph S. M.D.437
West, Warwick W1019
Weyand, G1604
Wheeler, William Earl1605
White, Corwin Douglass1228
White, John Cox1151
White, Joseph G1036
Wiederrich, John R1352
Wiesner, E T1605
Wigginton, George936
Wilcox, R. R1511
Wilder, Wirt Eldred1060
Wilhoit, George Ewell360
Wilhoit, Roley L359
Wilkinson, Lauren E591
Wilkinson, Thomas Edgar591
Wilkinson, Thomas591
Willhoit, Jessie Lee Mrs.360
Willhoit, John Newton363
Williams, Ansel S551
Williams, Charles Edmund948
Williams, Clifton C1255
Williams, David1063
Williams, E. Guy D.D.S1348
Williams, Edwin A614
Williams, Robert Franklin988
Williams, Robert Georgia1558
Williamson, Herbert H552
Williamson, Thaddeus E1140
Willis, George496
Willis, Herbert Q. M.D.1179
Wilson, Edward P638
Wilson, Mary Ann Mrs.382
Wilson, Orrin C715
Wilson, William H1052
Wisler, Lester Orville1024
Wittinmeier, Edward1623
Wolf, Andrew686
Wolf, David1208
Wolf, Everett H957
Wolf, George1356
Wollarn, William B759
Woock, Herbert J928
Woock, Julius1380
Woock, Walter R1340
Woodhull, Lloyd R1188
Woodruff, Edgar583
Woods, Clarence L1528
Woods, Dervin K567
Woods, Ezekiel Williamson Smith348
Woods, John Newton Mrs.347
Woods, John Newton344
Worden, Russell T1557
Wurster, Fred W943
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Ylarraz, Nick1452
Young, Wesley Albert1012
Young, William J. M.D.500
Young, William L764
Yroz, Domingo1624
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Ziegler, William J364
Zinck, Fay Reed967
Zitlau, August J456
Zornig, Peter1511
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