History of San Bernardino & San Diego Counties

Elliott & Moore, San Francisco, CA (1883)

California Local History - Rocq - 7054 & 7303

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)

F868.A1 E4

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Alvarado, DiegoSan Diego200
Alvarado, TomasSan Diego168
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Barton, Dr. BenjaminSan Bernardino108
Barton, JohnSan Bernardino140
Bauer, Fred aSan Diego183
Beam, J. SSan Bernardino141
Beam, J. SSan Diego196
Blaisdell, S. GSan Diego200
Bledsoe, R. E. San Bernardino34
Brewster, Edward San Diego181
Brinkmeyer, HSan Bernardino103
Brooke, Henry C.San Bernardino119
Brown, John Sr.San Bernardino118
Brown, Judge E GSan Bernardino136
Burkhardt, J. B.San Bernardino101
Bushyhead, L. W.San Diego200
C[Return to Jump Site]
Capron, J. GSan Diego167
Carter, John CSan Bernardino140
Cassidy, Andrew NSan Diego181
Chamberlin, Benjamin FSan Bernardino98
Chase, Maj. Levi San Diego168, 176
Clark, Robert GSan Diego177
Couts, Col. Cave J San Diego167, 196
Cover, Thos. WSan Bernardino136
Covington P. H.San Bernardino101
Cowles, Geo. ASan Diego168, 175
Cox, Silas CSan Bernardino140
Crosby, Chas. SSan Diego200
Crouch, HerbertSan Diego160
D[Return to Jump Site]
Darling, OrlandoSan Diego189
Dear, ParkerSan Diego168
Dodge, Rev. R. VSan Diego168
Dunlap, F PSan Bernardino140
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F[Return to Jump Site]
Filane, Peter J.San Bernardino99
French, E. D.San Diego178, 200
Frink, J. R.San Bernardino99
Frisbie, J. C.San Diego177, 179, 199
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gaskill, L. H. San Diego168
Goldbaum, SimonSan Diego189Scott
Goodcell, Henry Sr.San Bernardino100
Graham & NugentSan Diego168
Greves, James P. Dr. San Bernardino109
Grimes, Isaac C.San Bernardino98
Gunn, ChesterSan Diego180, 200
Gunn, DouglassSan Diego182
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hamilton, M. D.San Diego200
Harbison, J. S.San Diego200
Harvey, J. S.San Diego167, 174
Hayt, Wm A. and Son San Bernardino98
High, John ESan Diego200
High, W. E.San Diego180
Hill, Ben, P.San Diego167, 177
Hill, UriSan Diego167, 177
Holcomb, Wm. F.San Bernardino102
Holt, L. MSan Bernardino121
Horton, Alonzo E.San Diego184, 188
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingham, Warren H.San Bernardino198
Isaac, JohnSan Bernardino120
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jarvis, Joseph Dr.San Bernardino108
Judson, FrankSan Diego198
Judson, John B. San Diego180
Judson, LemonSan Diego198
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kendall, T. C.San Bernardino100
Kendall, T. C.San Diego100
Klinefelter, Peter K.San Bernardino140
L[Return to Jump Site]
Levi, ASan Diego168
M[Return to Jump Site]
Madison, JamesSan Diego168
Martin, H. L.San Bernardino141
Maxcy, A. E.San Diego200
McCoy, Hon. JamesSan Diego180
McFarline, A.San Bernardino66
McRae, DanielSan Diego200
Miller, Frank A.San Bernardino108
Miller, T. F.San Diego177
Moore, AlbertSan Diego195
Morse, E. W.San Diego193
Murriata, JuanSan Diego201
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O[Return to Jump Site]
Ober, WilliamSan Diego180
Owens, EdwardSan Diego181
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paine, Castanos San Diego195Max Putnam
Parsons, T. A.San Diego180
Peters, Peter C.San Bernardino140
Piercy, C. W.San Bernardino95
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quinian, H. J.San Bernardino141
R[Return to Jump Site]
Reeves, Hon. TrumanSan Bernardino99
Remondino, Dr. P. C.San Diego187
Riffenburg, W. G.San Diego167
Russell, P. S.San Bernardino108
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sawday, J. B.San Diego168
Schmid, F. J. A.San Diego188
Scott, Col. ChalmersSan Diego194
Seely, DavidSan Bernardino100
Shugart, Dr. E. D.San Bernardino119
Sickler, M. M.San Diego189
Simms, John A.San Bernardino109
Smith, Alfred H.San Diego197
Smith, David N. Dr.San Bernardino140
Smith, W. W. San Bernardino100
Sparks, Geo. W.San Bernardino139
Stevens, HoraceSan Diego182
Stiffler, N. A.San Bernardino98
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talmadge, F. L.San Bernardino100
Tay, JessieSan Bernardino141
Taylor, J. S.San Diego180
Thomas, Chas. H. San Diego169
Thomson, William F.San Diego168
Topp, Thomas M.San Bernardino103
Treat, JohnSan Diego191
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V[Return to Jump Site]
Veal, WilliamSan Diego180
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wentscher, A.San Diego168
Wescott, Ed San Diego200
Whaley, Frances H. San Diego189
Whitby, WyneyardSan Bernardino99Julia Kennedy
Whitney, Willard J.San Diego180
Willis, Hon. Henry MontagueSan Bernardino139
Wilson, WarrenSan Bernardino120Leah
Winchester, JosephSan Diego176
Witherby, O. SSan Diego193
Wolf, LouisSan Diego200
Wood, T. JSan Bernardino103
Woods, J. MSan Diego169
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Zeigler, Geo. HSan Diego180

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