History of San Diego County

By Carl H. Heilbron

The San Diego Press Club, San Diego, CA - 1936

California Local History - Rocq - 7301

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abbott, Clinton G149-150
Allen, R. C114-116
Ambrose, Wiley V116-117
Anderson, O. A117-118
Anderson, Robt. H118-119
Annable, Fred L119Audrey Annable Franklin
Anthony, Arthur H120
Armstrong, T. G120-121
Arnold, Chas. E.:254-25
Ault, Dayton L19S-196
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailey, W. J36-37
Baranov, N. F206-208
Barger, John C214-215
Barley, Ellwood E73-74
Barnard, Fred G41
Barnard, Fred G., Jr41-42
Barney, George L42
Batchelder, E. C42-43
Beck, Harold N148-149
Beech, George.43-44
Belcher, Frank216-217
Beller, Judge A44-45
Bellon, Walter311-312
Benbough, Percy J. 211-212
Benchley, Mrs. Belle Jennings 45-46
Bevan, Billy46
Bigelow, Miss Lou G46-47
Bissinger, W. C47-48
Black, A. H. S48-49
Bomar, Thos. F149
Bonham, B. W263-264
Bonham, H. L264~265
Brennan, Capt. J. W49
Brerton, Geo. H49-50
Bridge, Noel H50-51
Brink, E. T181-182
Brinton, Levis51-52
Brown, Frederick L52
Brown, George P271
Bruschi, Virgil170
Buker, Mrs. Benjamin A193-194
Burnham, Agnes Florence287-288
Burnham, George221-222
C[Return to Jump Site]
Callaway, H. E313-314
Cameron, Charles H176-177
Cameron, D. H53
Carmody, Dr. Wilma231-232
Carroll, Leroy 284
Carter, A. B288-289
Carter, Cassius289-290
Carter, W. L53-54
Childs, E. R230231
Choate, Rufus226-227
Churchill, Dr. A. G61
Claggett, Pansy P236-237
Claggett, Samuel A210-211
Clark, Harry C169-170
Clausey, Lieut. J. J4-5
Claypool, L. E279-280
Clayton, William37-38
Collier, Cal. D. C171-174
Collins, John W204-205
Compton, Wayne238-239
Coop, Leonard G38-39
Cooper, M. W39-40
Cormack. Edw. K292
Cotton, O. W208-209
Couts Cave J177-178
Couts Cave J., Jr.205
Cramer, George W191-192
Cramer, H. B190-191
Crandall, Capt. W. C220-221
Cranston, Earl M40-41
Crawford, Will C270-271
Curtis, Judge E. N95-95
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daney, Eugene292-293
Daney, Judge Eugene, Jr.267
Davidson, G. Aubrey215-216
Davidson, John192-193
Davidson, Winifred192-193
Davies, E. G281-282
Davis, Edw. H185-186
Denton, D. M187-188
Dewar, Arthur54-55
Dixon, James B100-101
Dodge, John Mason55-56
Dort, E. W57
Dryer, Jos. E101-103
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eddy, C. D57-58
Edwards, Dr. A. W58-59
Erickson, Fred6-7
Evans, Charles Percy79-80
Evans Wm. H7-8
Exton Thos. C65
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faber, Lieut. M. C65-66
Faddis, John312
Ferguson, Frank J174-175
Ferry, John Howard5
Fisher, Harry62
Fitch, H. R286-287
Fleming, Guy L62-64
Fletcher, Mrs. Ed275
Fletcher, Col. Ed162-164
Forward Chas. H246
Forward Frank G218-219
Forward James D22-23
Forward John F., Jr.24
Forward, John F., Sr.23
Fox, Lieut. Comm. J. L24-25
Fox, Samuel I.80-82
Frisbie, Wm. B83-84
Frost, Albert A227-228
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gage, Lyman J299
Getz, T. D276-277
Gilbert, Gertrude86-87
Gill, Louis, Jr.25-27
Gilmore, M. T256-257
Gird, Wm. E67
Goeddel, Albert V253-254
Goetz, Nat. L189
Golden, M. H255-256
Good, Lara P201-302
Gould, E. B., Jr225-226
Graham, Mrs. Clara Keyes85-86
Grant, U. S., Jr295-296
Green, Jos. L87-88
Griffin, Judge Lloyd E272
Grover, Dr. Z. Louise67-68
Gunn, Chester D90-91
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hackett, S. W222-223
Hage, Wm. B88-90
Haines Judge Alfred 68-69
Haines Judge Chas. C157-158
Hamilton, Wallace F95
Hammond, Chauncey R217-218
Harden, Judge Clarence D314
Hardy, Edw. L261
Harper J. C158-159
Harritt Mrs. Ella F283-284
Hart, Edwin G70-71
Hart, Wm. T59-60
Hastings, Edgar F197-199
Hayes, Fred60-61
Hayes, Judge John C64-65
Head, Edwin L168-169
Healy, Martin J258-259
Heilbron, Carl H290-292
Heilbron, Mrs. Caroline D282-283
Heilbron, Fred A285-286
Heilbron, J. H. Fred282
Heilbron, Dr. Louise C261-262
Heindel, Augusta F179-180
Heindel, Max178-179
Heller, M. F302-303
Heller, Will S8
Hendee, E. E8-9
Hervey, E. B309
Hewicker, John A188-189
Hicks, Archie J., Jr.197
Hirte, H. F96-97
Holt, John T296-297
Homan, R. J176
Hope Frank L., Sr189-190
Hopkins, Mabel M203-204
Hook, Charles160-161
Houser, Allen L250-251
Howe, Chas. W103
Hubbell, Judge A. L98-99
Huggins, W. A289
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingham, E. A159-160
Izac, E. V309-310
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobson, Isadore.278-279
Jenney, R. E294-295
Jennings F. M110-111
Jennings W. H104
Johnson, A. P., Jr.296
Johnson, Wm. T305-306
Jones, Dr. Leland D244-245
Jones, Dr. Leva G243-24.t
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kean, Judge John T182- 183
Kelley, J. C307-308
Kendall, Jos. M104 105
Kennett, Luther Mew105-106
Kettner, M. M165-166
Kettner, William106-108
Kingsbury, J. Grant108-109
Kinney, Dr. Lyell C184-185
Klauber, Melville304Trice
Klicka, Emil109 110
Kniffing, Louis F110
Knight, V. R122-123
Knox, Dr. C. Randall124
Kobler, Marjorie H145
Kunzel, Fred203
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamotte, Alfred D242-43
Laverty, Chas. F125
Lee, Albert J267-269
Lesem Dr. Alex M208
Logan Edith Daisy Jenkins246-248
Loizeaux, Dr. E. S126
Louis, Isador252-253
Lovely, Mrs. Collis127
Luce, Judge Edgar A127
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mackenzie, Peter128
MacMullen, James 128-130
Marsh, Dr. Otto George257-258
Marsh, Spencer M164-165
Marston, George W130-132
Martin, Nicholas J132
Mason S. E133
Mayne Geo. M272-273
Mayrhofer, Albert V121-122
McGrew, C. A29
McLean, Robt. R29-30
McLees, Jas. B30-31
McLennan, Sue A31-33
Mead, Dr. H. Francis233-234
Meyer, C. S180-181
Miles, Henry A161-162
Mitchell, Fred W33-34
Mitchell, Gregory34-35
Moody, Wallace280-281
Moore B. B196-197
Moore Maj. E W287
Morin Howard E186-187
Morse Philip 35-36
Mossholder, Wm. J228-229
Muir, Oran N202-203
Mundo, Judge A. L167
N[Return to Jump Site]
Newton, Jesse72
Nichols, C. O54
Nichols, Dr. W. V72-73
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakleaf, Major H. B9-10
Oatman, Dr. H. C10-11
Oliver, Lawrence11-12
Otto, George F16-17
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pardy, George W17-18
Parrish, J. E274
Paulsen, Leo B249
Pendleton, Major General Jos. H18-20
Penter, Morris A.224-225Mark
Josh Brown
Perry, Martin W180
Peterson, J. Harold20-21
Plaister, Cornelia D21-22
Poland, R. H133-134
Pollard, Marie L. M135
Porter, Jas. Tank12-13
Porter, Sam S135-136
Porterfield, Wm. H137-138
Prior, W. W138-139
Pyle, Fred Dale139-140
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raber, W. F294
Rannells, Nathan140-141
Ransom, R. N213-214
Ransom, S. M212-213
Raymond, F. M200
Reiffel, Charles251-252
Remsburg, M. Z205-206
Requa, R. S141
Roberts, Ralph S201
Rohde, Edward237-238
Rose, J. W181
Rose, Louis210
Rose, Ray Clarke75
Ross, W. G76
Rossi, Dan307
Sample E. P91-92
S[Return to Jump Site]
Savage H. N13-16
Schiller Leo M76-77
Schiller Marcus77-78
Schlink, E. H84-85
Scholl, Mrs. Nellie M262-263
Scholl, Wm. J276
Schumann-Heink, Mme. Ernestine 260-270
Schweigardt, F. W183-184
Scripps, Ellen B92-94
Seaman, Josephine C167-168
Sears, Aubrey C202
Sears, Geo. M225
Seifert, F. W308-309
Senn, Thos. J78-79
Sessions, Kate O152-153
Shell, Judge Jos. L274-275
Sherry, Dean312-313
Siebert, John S266-267
Smith, Judge P310-311
Smith, Richard H241-242
Smith, Capt. W. M153-154
Somerville, C. S248-249
Spreckels, John D1-3
Starkey, Harold B154-155
Stedman, C. L155-156
Steigerwald, W. F219-220
Steiner, Fred A100
Steves, C. A94-95
Stewart, Don M235-236
Stokes, A. E116
Stream, Chas. W298
Sullivan, Jerry, Sr.297-298
Swing, Philip D147-148
T[Return to Jump Site]
Terry, Judge C. F249-250
Thelen, E142-144
Thompson, Judge Gordon260
Trussell, Roy228
Turrentine, Judge L. N306-307
U[Return to Jump Site]
Upp, Edward C144-145
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Deman, Maj. Genl. R. H239-241
Van Ryan, John71
Vaughan, Thos. W150-152
Vaughn, Bert L194-195
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wallace, R. W99-100
Wangenheim, Julius156-157
Wankowski, Victor284-285
Warren, Forrest304-305
Wegeforth, Dr. H. M3-4
Whelan, Thos199-200
White, M278
Whisler, Alvin Rose27-28
Wilson, Lieut. F. J28
Winnek, E. V300-301
Wohlford, A. W145-146
Wohlford, B; C146
Woolman, Claude265-266
Worth, Howard F230
Wright, Allen H113-114
Wright Leroy A111-112
Wright Murray112
Wyatt, Virgil300
Wyllie, H. E114
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
York, Ada233
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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