History of Santa Clara County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By Eugene Taylor Sawyer

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA - 1922

California Local History - Rocq - 13731

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: MICRO- FILM 148 -- Microfilm
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1922 -- Book NC

This portion of the book only deals with the history of the county and preceedes the actual biographies contained which can be found at Santa Clara County Biographies - 1922. The listing below sets forth the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Naglee, H. M. Gen.108
Naglee, Henry M Gen.102, 107, 203
Naismith, J. A.275
Narvies, Daniel J194
Nash, Charles H310
Neal, C. O.187
Nelson, August192
Nelson, Gustave231
Nesmith, Loring G99, 100, 130, 230, 271, 272
Neugrass, Mervin194
Neumann, Paul303
Newberry, Roy174
Newbre, R. B.291
Newbre, R. B. Mrs.244
Newcomb, Simon Prof.200
Newell, Edward Dr.250, 252
Newell, Harriet M229
Newhall, E. W.100
Newhall, H. M.151
Newhall, Sylvester137, 138, 223
Newman, Chas244
Newman, Ray B245
Newson, John B260
Newton, C. E.279
Nicholas, Ray185
Nichols, Allan H194, 309
Nichols, E. S.226
Nichols, Frank H194
Nichols, W. F.117
Nichols, W. H.193
Nichols, W. J.299
Nicholson, George E192
Nielson, J. J.308
Nikirk, F. A.189
Nikirk, F. A. Mrs.255
Nixon, J. W. Dr.252
Nobili, John Rev.217, 280
Noriega, Jose92
Normandin, Louis244
Norris, Frank300
Norris, George184
Norton, E. H.291
Norton, E. L.193
Norton, J. E.291
Norton, Philander261
Nunes, Frank J194
Nuttman, A. W.278
Nye, B. H. I.130
Nye, M. V. Mrs.251
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakes, Mary Z231
Oberdeener, S.100
O'Brien, Chas. M174, 175, 177, 182, 187, 189, 190, 192, 241
O'Brien, Edith181
O'Brien, J. B.100, 193
O'Brien, J. T.193
O'Connell, Frank188
O'Connell, T. C. Father188
O'Connor, M. P. Judge160, 248, 255
O'Connor, M. P. Mrs.255
O'Connor, T. P.130
O'Connor, William43
O'Daugherty, George110
ODell, C. H.244
Ogier, S. K.62, 94
Ogier, S. K. Mrs.185, 248
O'Hanlon, R. T.230
O'Hanlon, R. T. Mrs.230, 246
O'Keefe, J. F.185
O'Keefe, John F101, 185
Older, Fremont Mrs.291
Oldham, Frank292
Olds, W. B.94
Olinder, A. M. Mrs.251
Oliver, A. W.215
Oliver, Chas. W121
Oliver, Oscar L244
Oliver, S. S.193
Olsen, Louis193
Olson, Chester178
O'Neil, Jesse291
O'Neill, James120
O'Neill, Timothy277
O'Rourke, Hugh164
Orr, Samuel59, 261
Ortega, Ignacio291
Ortega, Quentin69
Orvis, W. S. 252
Osborn, Jeptha83
Osborne, A. E. Dr.193, 257, 298
Osborne, A. E. Mrs.227
Osborne, Lloyd300
Osburn, E. H. Mrs.310
Osen, George242
Osenbaugh, C. M. Mrs.188
Osenbaugh, Charles M Prof.180, 182
Ostenberg, Zeno275
Osterman, F. W.192
Osterman, W. S. 100, 240
O'Toole, John155
Otter, Charles221
Overfelt, Mary231
Overfelt, Mildred M231
Overshiner, G. J.129
Overton, Jacob231
Owen, James Jerome79, 97, 99, 108-110, 120, 128, 129, 130, 171, 246
Owen, W. M.132
Owsley, Geo. W132
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pacheco, Don Dolores Alcalde47, 51, 70, 92
Pacheco, Pedro170
Pacheco, Salvis92
Pacheco, Tomas69
Packard, J. Q.207
Packard, M. W.258
Page, James D260
Page, Perryman112
Page, Robert102
Palmer, Emma238
Palmer, M. Mrs.231
Palmer, Maud Moore236
Palmer, Sutton Mrs.234
Palmer, Victor185, 186, 189
Pappassi, Charles H194
Parades, Antone194
Park, Clement T270
Parker, Joseph M179, 185, 186, 190, 228, 241
Parker, L. F. Capt.132
Parker, M. P.261
Parker, Oscar173
Parker, S. M. Capt.193
Parker, Theresa182
Parkhurst, W. A.237
Parkinson, Charles R Mrs.187, 191, 237, 248
Parkinson, Chas. R176, 177, 186, 188, 189
Parkinson, Edith Vallette236
Parkinson, George R176, 193, 242
Parkinson, George S193
Parkinson, Leroy183
Parks, C. J.309
Parks, C. T.130
Parner, Eltha229
Parr, Charles277
Parr, Jonathan277
Parr, Noah164
Parr, Wm. J43
Parrish, E. J.192
Parrott, John52
Parso, Geo. Mrs.186
Parso, George L192
Parsons, C. E. Mrs.187
Partridge, Herbert L Maj.179
Parvin, Z. M237
Pash, Jos. Mrs.248
Pashote, John E.194
Pasly, W.192
Patchell, R. H.193
Patterson, F. H. Dr.177-178, 252, 256
Patterson, F. M. Mrs.256
Patterson, James192
Patterson, K. Mrs.247
Patterson, S. T.193
Patterson, W. S. 88, 94, 261
Patton, Andrew193
Patton, J. Q.275
Patton, Joseph R79, 101, 221, 230
Patton, Mattie120
Patton, W. H.64
Paty, Capt46
Paul, William64, 150, 299
Pauncefote, Geo.118
Payne, D. S. Judge83, 215, 265
Payne, George192, 309
Payne, Irwin E193
Pearce, R. D. 189
Pearl, John Q95, 2611
Pearson, H. D.291
Pease, Chas Dr.210, 264, 310
Peck, George64, 154
Peck, Julia Miss 98
Peck, Levi P95, 261
Peckham, H.101
Peckham, R. F. Judge42, 43, 72, 81, 130
Peebels, Cary64, 95, 98, 102, 139, 151, 230
Peelor, Emily237
Peirano, G.101
Peirce, Cyrus177
Pellegrini, Jos.89
Pellerano, N. A.185, 188, 231, 242, 270
Pellier, John137
Pellier, Louis136, 137, 140
Pellier, Pierre136
Pembroke, Emma237
Pembroke, J. W.237
Pena, Tomas de la Father35, 279, 281
Penniman, George A193
Pennington, Geo.261
Pennington, J. R.244
Pennock, E. T.19b
Pepen, H. A.192
Pepper, Thomas Blind Tom42
Peralta, Domingo69
Pereira, John F194
Pereira, Manual192
Perkins, Albert G194
Perkins, E. Mrs.187
Perkins, J. A.64
Perrine, C. D.201
Perry, Manual Q194
Petree, L. E.174, 177, 234
Petry, William261
Pettit, E. N.192
Pezolo, Eugene185
Pfeiffer, F. M.192
Pfeifle, S. W.193
Pfister, Adolph95, 163, 171, 230, 245
Pfister, Henry A.179, 228, 231
Phegley, James64
Phelan, James D.100, 120, 176, 208, 228, 297
Phelps, Henry240
Phelps, Milo P Mrs.227
Philbrick, Emma246
Philip, Henry265, 270
Phillips, Mitch109
Phillips, Samuel89
Phillips, Sheriff173
Pichetti, Anton192
Pico, Andreas94
Pico, Antonio M61, 94
Pico, Don Rio46, 48
Pico, J. R. Capt.132
Pico, Marceline94
Pico, Miss60
Pieper, E. O. Dr.141, 175, 241
Pieper, Lulu237, 238
Pierce, Fred248
Pierce, G. F. Prof.193
Pierce, Henry130
Pierce, J. P.130
Pierce, James H100, 279
Pierce, Marian Thurston236
Pierce, R. T.100, 279
Piercy, John95
Piercy, Samuel W114, 121
Pierson, George189
Pillot, John E121
Pillow, H. V.117, 300
Pinckney, Lt. (USN)52
Pinnola, Paul J194
Pinto, Angelo R194
Pitcher, R. L.299
Pitts, Henry43
Planz, Henry172
Plate, Eliz. Everett236, 237
Plate, K. H.228
Plate, Mary Mizner236
Platt, W. A.291
Platt, W. A. Mrs.291
Plum, Charles M200
Poe, Francis96
Polhemus, C. B.151, 276
Polhemus, E. R.276
Polhemus, Margaret234, 236
Pollard, W. D. Rev.138, 263
Pomeroy, A. E. Mrs.237, 246
Pomeroy, A. Edgar99, 101, 130, 132
Pomeroy, C. W.270
Pomeroy, Geo.237
Pomeroy, L. A.193
Pond, E. B.170
Pongoon, Peter261
Portal, J. B. J.99, 132
Porter, A. W. Noel242
Porter, Avery101
Porter, B. G.261
Porter, D. J.261
Porter, J. Y.144
Porter, Norman97, 112, 140
Porter, Norman Mrs.246
Porter, Robert193
Post, Albert B176, 270, 310
Post, Albert Mrs.191
Post, Mary Helen187, 192, 238
Potter, Chas134
Potter, E. H. Mrs.231
Potter, J. C. Marshal133, 261
Potts, J. S.108, 240
Poulain, J.99
Pourroy, John194
Prader, Joe194
Pratt, W. W.163
Pratt, W. W. Mrs.248
Preston, A. E.194
Prevost, Louis95, 101, 103, 136
Price, A.100
Price, Betty95, 98
Price, Camilla95, 98
Price, G. C.193
Price, John42
Price, W. W.193
Prien, O. R.309
Prindiville, Hattie190
Prior, James K222
Pritchard, J. L. Dr.257, 310
Proctor, Jos.120
Promis, Oscar272
Provan, William192
Prudon, Jacob49
Prudon, Lt. Col. Victor49
Prussia, Wm. L.177, 182, 183, 188, 252
Pryor, J. T.193
Puck, Frank244
Pulaski, M.132
Putney, C. M.261
Pyle, E. G.301
Pyle, Edward43
Pyle, F. G.231
Pyle, H. T.231
Pyle, Harry301
Pyle, John F56, 193, 231, 301
Pyle, M. E. Mrs.231
Pyle, Mary J231
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quement, Frank239
Quilty, Chas. W222, 229
Quinby, John A64, 153, 175
Quincey, Peter43, 58, 59, 61, 261
R[Return to Jump Site]
Radford, J. D.100, 272
Raggio, Ajoysius Vincent281
Raggio, Peter193
Raines, Reuben125
Rainey, J. W. Prof.237
Rainey, Lessie238
Rainwater, J. H.239
Rambo, W. G.180, 182
Rambo, W. T.188, 254
Ramelli, Peter193
Ramero, Camillo56
Ramirez, Joe89
Rand, Cobeb277
Randall, C. E. Mrs.227
Randol, J. B.87, 108, 130, 240
Randolph, Edmund62, 94
Rand-Rogers, Josephine242
Rankin, W. B.222
Ransom, A. R. Mrs.247
Ray, Robert C193
Raymond, E. A.250
Raymond, John T120, 124
Rea, Geo. E64
Rea, James W221
Rea, Samuel64
Rea, Thomas95, 221
Read, F. O. Mrs.248
Readney, Mr. 217
Real, Father277
Real, P.71
Redding, William266
Redford, Geo.165
Redman, A.95
Redman, J. W. Judge64, 66, 72-75, 76, 80, 83
Redwine, Claude299
Reed, Charles Wesley207, 210, 228
Reed, E. P.101, 130, 237, 260
Reed, E. P. Mrs.237
Reed, Elliott237, 260
Reed, Elliott Mrs.237
Reed, F. O.183
Reed, James F43, 46, 55, 60-62, 83, 93
Reed, John94
Reed, John S274
Reed, Julia Russell236
Reed, Opie130
Reed, Thos. B131
Reed, Thos. H Mrs.192
Reed, Thos. H.175, 176, 177, 186, 189
Reed, Virginia55
Regan, John194
Reid, J. G.231
Reidy, F. J.188
Reilly, Warren B241, 242, 252
Reinecke, W.294
Reither, Jacob292
Rengstorff, H. A.193
Renowden, W. P.168Rick Parsons
Renzel, E. H.276
Reynolds, Eli292
Reynolds, G. W.133, 164
Reynolds, John84, 170
Reynolds, R. G.257
Reynolds, W.95
Rhein, A. J.243
Rhoades, Charley125
Rhodes, Augustus Loring Judge84, 94, 98, 100, 101, 130, 207, 230, 269, 270
Rhodes, Elizabeth Cavins269
Rhodes, James245, 247
Rhodes, L. O.144
Rhodes, Mary237
Rhodes, O. O.193
Rhodes, Sam R99
Rhodes, William H309
Ricard, Jerome Sextus281
Ricca, Emile185
Rice, Bertha M252
Rice, Roland253
Rice, Wm.138
Rich, C. L.192
Rich, H.264
Rich, Jacob223, 264
Richards, Charles M Dr.177, 238, 242, 252, 257, 271
Richards, Don W209
Richards, H. J.192
Richards, J. L.193
Richards, John E Judge70, 84, 101, 122, 202, 206, 210, 230, 231, 234
Richards, John E Mrs.183, 246, 248
Richards, L.264
Richards, L. Mrs.192
Richards, W. S. 101, 271
Richardson, Horace Rev.211
Richardson, John T57
Richardson, O. D.234
Richings, Caroline120
Richmond, Cedric R Capt.185
Richmond, E. A.179, 189
Richmond, E. C. Mrs.192
Richmond, E. N.176, 177, 180, 190, 241, 252
Richmond, Frank140
Richter, Mary P143
Rider, Leonora231
Riggo, Z. S192
Riggs, Rachel291
Riggs, Z. L Mrs.186
Righter, F. M.142
Riley, Bennett Gen.54, 61, 62
Riley, Jas. Whitcomb130
Riley, T. J.101
Rines, Ernest R194
Riordan, Joseph Wm.281
Riordan, Patrick W Archbishop133, 255, 267, 280
Rivera, Don Fernando34
Robb, Alexander103
Roberts, D. H Mrs.185
Roberts, H. J. Rev.193
Roberts, Herbert291
Roberts, Leon194
Roberts, R. G.261
Roberts, Roger M193
Roberts, W. K.117
Roberts, W. R.193
Robertson, A. C.19
Robertson, Forbes121
Robideaux, W. F.192
Robinson, A. S.193
Robinson, E. H.193
Robinson, H. C.62
Robinson, H. E.192
Robinson, H. H.94
Robinson, Herbert176
Robinson, L.64
Robinson, R. S.193
Robinson, Samuel94, 101
Robinson, Sue120
Robinson, Tad94
Robson, Stuart120
Rochelle, Wm. M. de la194
Rochon, Z.43
Rock, James43
Rock, John137, 138
Rodeck, S. J.192
Rodrigues, Joe193
Rodriguez, Juan Jose89
Roe, Geo. H221
Rogers, C. O.129
Rogers, F. J.310
Rogers, F. S.292
Rogers, J. R. Mrs.310
Rogers, K.244
Rogers, W. H.64, 142, 150
Roll, John64
Roll, R. B.295
Romero, Antonio36
Roohan, Martin104-105
Roop, George91
Root, John133
Rosa, Patti123
Rosales, Bernardo36
Rose, Frank244
Rose, Joseph L194
Rose, L. M.257
Rose, Manuel R194
Rosenthal, E. N.264
Rosenthal, Eugene M Judge121, 182, 183, 185
Ross, Frank261
Ross, J. M. Rev.310
Rostand, Charles192
Roth, Henry R117, 193, 278
Rounds, Eugene291
Rouse, John Mrs.247
Rousseau, E.237
Rousseau, E. Mrs.237
Rowley, A. B.133
Royce, Ruth216
Ruckel, J. S.58
Rucker, James T100
Rucker, Jos. H101
Rucker, S. N.175
Rucker, Sam R100, 101
Rucker & Page102
Rudolph, Paul243, 272
Ruiz, F.239
Rumsey, L. S.194
Runk, W.261
Rush, Peleg64, 277
Russell, Annie121
Russell, F. P.215
Russell, J. H.189, 191
Russell, Roscoe244
Rutherford, Geo.130
Ryan, Catherine T227
Ryan, F. S.257
Ryder, Geo. W101
Ryder, Georgia237
Ryder, Irving146, 174
Ryland, Ada99
Ryland, F. K.100
Ryland, J. R.100, 188, 223
Ryland, John W100, 170, 226
Rylind, C. T.60, 71, 77, 94, 103, 130, 221, 228, 230, 261, 301
Rymal, J. E.230
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sabatelli, Frank182
Sabatte, Joseph239
Sabatte, P.239
Sainsevain, Paul102
Sainsevain, Pedro61, 140
Salazar, Don Juan233
Salisbury, Guy121
Sampson, S.101
Sanborn, E. K.76
Sanchez, Capt52-53
Sanchez, Jose Maria69
Sanders, Cyrus G64
Sanders, Fredrick E194
Sanderson, L. F.137
Sandford, Fred H94
Sanford, E. K.72, 78
Sanford, Mr. 63
Saph, L. V.257
Sargent, J. P.130
Sarles, W. H.121
Sauffrignon, F J223
Saulsbury, J. E. Mrs.231
Saunders, A. C. Mrs.181
Saunders, C. E.257
Savage, R. Mrs.247
Savage, Richard246
Sawyer, Eugene T112, 113, 115, 119-122, 229, 231, 244
Sawyer, Hector180
Sawyer, M.162
Sawyer, William192
Saxe, A. W.130
Saxe, Flora J.231
Saxton, Fred A.252
Saylor, Ray193
Schallenberger, Frances238
Schallenberger, Lou99
Schallenberger, Moses43Judy
Schemmel, Henry L.237
Scherf, R. M.244
Schilling, H. E.175
Schillingsburg, Brownie188
Schneider, F.193
Schneider, Harry N.194
Schoenwald, George200
Schofield, Maria P.238, 251
Schofield, S. M. Mrs.142
Schrier, Lawrence W.194
Schroeder, Agnes142
Schroeder, Albert231
Schroeder, Augusta237
Schroeder, Chas. E.237
Schroeder, H. N.144
Schuck, G. M.237
Schumacher, Fred Mrs.227
Schweeb, August259, 260
Scott, A. M.130
Scott, Jasper S.231
Scott, Robert277
Scott, T. B.299
Scull, Joseph H.93, 94
Scullin, P. H.310
Seale, A.193
Seale, Henry W103, 130
Seale, Thomas103
Searles, M. E. Mrs.231
Searles, Niles228
Sedam, Elvyn B.194
Seely, Geo. B. Mrs.187
Seely, J. S.130
Seiley, Lilah186
Selby, J. C. Mrs.231
Selby, J. S.64, 94, 95
Selby, W.100
Selfridge, Luvena231
Sellers, Ben175
Semple, Bertha238
Semple, Robert61
Senter, Charles N.133
Senter, Isaac N.64
Serra, Junipero Father34, 279
Settle, C. T.97, 137, 175, 277
Seward, Samuel Swayze Jr.309
Sexton, William261
Seybolt, Sue J.231
Shadden, Thomas J.43
Shadden, Thomas J. Mrs.43
Shafter, Frank R.193, 250, 251
Shambau, J. P. Mrs.179, 187
Shambeau, A. P.192
Sharp, E. H.94
Shaw, Anna Howard130
Shaw, Elton175, 176, 177, 189
Shaw, J. G.275
Shaw, J. J.276
Shaw, John W.143
Shaw, Seeley T.194
Shaw, Woolsey205
Shearer, Arthur83, 225
Shepard, C. W.193
Shepard, J. S.143
Shepherd, E. D.252
Sheridan, W. E.120
Sheriffs, Alexander182, 184, 185, 186, 189, 190, 215, 242
Sheriffs, Jennie185
Sherman, Calla229
Sherman, W. T. Gen.129
Sherman, William200
Sherwood, John M.95, 261
Sherwood, W. S. 61
Shockley, W. H. Mrs.179
Shoemaker, W. B.261
Shore, Paul103
Shore, Thomas103
Short, Thomas194
Short, W. C.179
Shortridge, Charles M100, 109, 110, 114, 120, 121, 229, 303
Shortridge, Chas. M. Mrs.86
Shoup, Guy193
Shove, Ella291
Showers, John169
Shrout, O. P. Mrs.227
Shrout, O. P. Rev.264
Shubert, A. N.189
Shumate, A. E.101, 215
Sigurd, Anton194
Silent, Charles215, 223
Silva, A. M. Jr.193
Silva, M.279
Simkins, H. W.193
Simonson, Louis M.182, 183, 242
Simpkins, E. L.243
Simpkins, W. H.117
Simpson, C. P.193
Simpson, Louisa238
Simpson, Sidney W.194
Simpson, Wm. Dr.100, 101, 185, 305
Sinclair, D. A.248
Sinclair, Fred W.244, 272
Singletary, E. C.98, 130
Singletary, E. C. Mrs.191
Singletary, Florence Grigsby236
Singletary, Lois237
Sitton, S. P.231
Sivan, R. C. 223
Skinner, Clara121
Skinner, E. M.121
Skinner, Ellen121
Skinner, Henry C. Judge136
Skinner, Otis121
Slavich, John V.185
Sleeper, Frank64, 299
Sloat, John Drake Commodore50-54
Slocum, W. N.108
Slocum, W. N. Mrs.246
Slonaker, J. R.193
Smart, Julian261
Smedley, R. C. 252
Smith, A. B.117
Smith, Abner105
Smith, C. C.231, 298
Smith, Charles O.273
Smith, China64, 136
Smith, Clara H.242
Smith, Cyrus203
Smith, D. E. Mrs.188
Smith, E. O. Mrs.99, 227, 230, 245
Smith, Elizabeth181
Smith, F. J.298
Smith, F. N.243
Smith, Francis192
Smith, George D.229, 230
Smith, Giles A Gen.99, 203
Smith, H. E. Dr.192
Smith, H. W.276
Smith, Harriet Corwin236
Smith, Harry117, 295
Smith, Harry H.192
Smith, Ira M.194
Smith, J. Fred Mrs.227
Smith, J. H.130
Smith, J. Howell309
Smith, J. S.273
Smith, J. W.193
Smith, L. T. Mrs.179, 186, 187, 189, 190, 238
Smith, M. R.261
Smith, Mary75, 96, 192
Smith, N. B.193
Smith, P. Milton117, 193
Smith, R.100
Smith, R. J. Dr.193
Smith, S. E.296
Smith, S. M. Mrs.231
Smith, Sam E.100, 185
Smith, William43, 136
Smith, Wm. F. Capt.53
Snedaker, Ed100
Snell, Ed100
Snell, Elmer173
Snow, James64
Snyder, Charles L.310
Snyder, J. O.193
Snyder, John43, 296
Snyder, Julia Melville122
Solari, Joseph188
Solon, A. L.275
Somers, F. J.188, 189
Sontheimer, J. J.130, 221, 231
Sontheimer, Urban A. Judge177, 185, 189
Sormiksen, Louis Mrs.191, 248
Sothern, E. A.121
Soto, Francisco Pancho88
Soto, Juanita94
Soto, Rafael69
Soublette, Thomas261
Soularis, Baptiste259
South, Charles P.193, 281
Southwood, W. E.193
Spalding, C. W.193
Span, C. A.99
Span, C. A. Mrs.247
Sparks, G. P.272
Spaulding, C. C.144, 193
Spaw, C. A. Mrs.246
Spearman, W. E.252
Speckens, Victor140
Spence, R. B.100
Spencer, A. J. Dr.162, 203
Spencer, Francis E. Judge66, 83, 84, 88, 100, 130, 261
Spencer, Gilbert194
Spencer, H. A. Dr.296
Spencer, Louisa J.234
Sperry Flour Company273
Spinelli, Joseph239
Spingola, Joseph V.194
Spitzer, L. A.267
Spong, Hilda121
Spring, T. W.99, 130, 223, 247
Springer, Thelma291
Sprung, Fred125, 166
Squire, C. H.192
Squires, S. B. Mrs.238
St. Clair, W. D.237
St. Clair, W. D. Mrs.237, 263
Stafford, William M.72, 75
Stahl, Eva E227, 242, 310
Staley, V.224
Standish, A.192
Stanford, Jane Lathrop287
Stanford, Leland Jr287
Stanford, Leland Senator287
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady130
Stark, Ella Cook238
Stark, James118
Stephany, Paul244
Stephens, C. C.82, 130, 229, 265
Stephens, L. L. Dr.232
Stephens, Lorenzo D231, 232
Stephens, W. N.94, 139
Stephens, William D Gov.178, 291
Sterling, E. T.271
Sterling, Edward Mrs.191
Stern, Fred M64, 100, 231, 252
Stern, M.261
Stevens, Burt193
Stevens, Elisha140
Stevens, Emma227
Stevens, Frank125, 143, 193
Stevens, R. J.230
Stevens, Wesley106
Stewart, J. B.192
Stewart, Richard 0.170, 183, 261
Stewart, W. Frank82, 94, 111
Stidger, W. L. Rev.178, 183Beverly Carrigan
Stillwell, Joseph43
Stock, Frank101, 140, 240, 20, 271
Stock, R. L.221
Stocking, Helen182, 191
Stocking, Leonard Dr.296
Stockton, Commodore Robert F54, 69, 267
Stockton, L. Dr.193
Stockton, Phil112
Stokes, James43, 51, 70
Stone, A. W.261
Stone, Mary231
Stone, Mrs. Dr.247
Stone, Pauline99
Stone, S.100
Stone, T. T.101
Stoneman, George Gov. Gen. 130, 168
Stover, J. F.243
Stowell, C. L.295
Straight, George184
Stratton, J. O.205
Stratton, Maud A193
Stray, W. H.252
Strickenberg, D. W.193
Stull, Karl182, 183, 185, 186, 189, 242
Sturlo, John G194
Stutsman, Claude243
Suess, Walter R309
Sullivan, B. R.278
Sullivan, John W234
Sullivan, W. S. 193
Sumner, W. H.222
Sunol, Don Antonio Maria42, 57, 60, 69, 86, 92, 94, 102
Sunol, Narcisso261
Sunol-Angus, F. A. Mrs.92
Sutherland, J. A. Rev.180
Sutherland, J. C.193
Sutro, A.170
Sutter, John Capt.44
Suydam, C. C.117
Swain, R. E.193
Swall, George193
Swan, R. C. 137
Swarthout, E. H.105, 239
Sweigert, G. A. Mrs.248
Sweigert, Jonathan171
Swickard, J. H.193
Swope, William H133
Syer, Robert R100, 174, 185
Syer, Robert R Mrs.181, 187, 191
Sykes, Charles231
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Taber, Anna245
Taft, F. A.192
Tansell, Lt. Robert53
Tarleton, J. M. Mrs.231
Tarleton, Lucy238
Tarpey, Matt116
Taylor, Bayard126
Taylor, F. A.109
Taylor, J. J.193
Taylor, Louis193
Taylor, S. P.299
Taylor, Verne I194
Taylor, William E64
Templeton, Fay120
Templeton, Samuel139
Tennant, C. M. Mrs.231
Tenney, H. Melville Rev.100, 245
Terry, Judge62
Thayer, B. B.130
Thayer, H. P.100
Thayer, J. W.257
Thee, Adele140
Thee, Etienne140
Thelig, Francis261
Thiele, J. C.193
Thoits, E. C.193
Thomas, Charles G Judge64, 129, 130, 132, 162, 225
Thomas, Dana243
Thomas, E. L.291
Thomas, Fred L177, 186
Thomas, L. F.265
Thomas, Maud188
Thomas, Monroe193
Thomas, O. H.291
Thomas, W. W.121
Thompson, C. A.278
Thompson, Elizabeth Bland236
Thompson, F. W.120
Thompson, J. F.110, 141
Thompson, Lottie95
Thompson, Nellie181
Thompson, Percy189
Thompson, R. P.215
Thompson, Roy177, 238
Thompson, W. H.121
Thormburg95, 98
Thorne, Stephen Mrs.247
Thorne, W. S. Dr.100, 108, 130, 240
Thornton, Vivian184
Tichnor, M. H.193
Tierney, Michael192
Tiffany, George O.111
Tillotson, H.64
Tilton, Theodore130
Timosci, John L194
Tingley, George B62, 71, 72, 94
Tisdale, W. D.129, 130
Tisdale, W. L.130, 272
Tisdall, James V261
Titus, Charles A252
Tobin, M.164
Tomlinson, W. G. Mrs.186
Tompkins, F. B.261
Tompkins, Samuel G182, 185, 189, 256
Tompkins, Samuel G Mrs.191
Tonkin, George261
Tonner, W.215
Topham, R. H. Mrs.190
Tost, Frank B194
Tower, Kate212
Towle, C. S. 164
Towner, Frank238
Townley, S. D.193
Townsend, George Alfred130
Townsend, J. H. M64, 230, 301
Townsend, John62
Townsend, John Dr.43
Train, George Francis127
Tramatolo, Chauncey F177
Transton, William193
Trantham, W. B.117
Trapani, S.185
Travis, Daniel261
Travis, J. C.99, 100
Travis, K. Mrs.231
Travis, W. H.95
Travis, William261
Trephagen, H.190
Trimble, Jefferson94
Trimble, John94, 95
Trimble, Sallie99
Trinkler, Walter242
Tripp, C. J.271
Tripp, Russell B. Capt.179
Troxell, J. S.291
Tuck, L. A. Mrs.237
Tucker, R. H.193, 201
Tuers, Billy125
Tuers, Johnny125
Tully, John100
Tully, P. B.164
Turner, Charles193
Turner, W. R.94
Turner & Dahnken121
Tussen, Edmond90
Tuthill, J. B. J. Mrs.238
Tuthill, J. D. Mrs.228
Tuttle, H. P. Judge84, 179, 234
Twain, Mark111, 129
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Uchizono, T.193
Uhrbroock, Henry278
Underwood, Alex229, 230
Urmy, Clarence182, 237
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Wadams, Ida229
Wade, D. B.192
Wagener, Samuel H225
Wagner, E. R. Dr.180, 250, 252
Wagstaff, George117
Waite, Alice C236
Wakefield, George F Mrs.251
Wakefield, George F. Mrs.251
Wakefield, J. C.291
Walkenshaw, Robert69
Walker, George S242
Walker, J. C.193
Walker, J. M. Church291
Walker, J. M. Church Mrs.187
Walker, J. R.42
Walker, L. E.144
Walker, Mary Dr.130
Walker, R. H.193
Walker, Robert139
Walker, W. S. 117
Walker & Fellows117
Walkins, B. F.136
Wallace, David279
Wallace, H. J.231
Wallace, John T115
Wallace, Mrs.251
Wallace, William T Judge71, 72, 73, 80, 94, 95, 97, 103, 119, 260
Wallis, Joseph G55
Walls, S. R.182
Walsh, Blanche121
Walsh, Father188
Walsh, P. A.193
Walsh, P. M.275
Walsh, W.279
Walter, Carrie Stevens86, 207
Walter, Mary86
Walter, Roy175
Wampach, L.279
Wangenheim, H.292
Wanzer, J. O.133
Warburton, H. H. Dr.277
Warburton, H. L.278
Ward, Bert R242
Ward, W. E.64
Warde, Frederic120, 121
Wardell, B. A.117
Warfield, David121
Warner, G. W.261
Warren, C. E.192, 308
Warthen, Albert64
Washburn, Arthur Mrs.238
Washburn, J.43
Washburn, Lucy237
Wasielewski, Jan168
Waterhouse, Clark B194
Waterhouse, S. W.182, 185
Waterhouse, W. A. Mrs.192
Waterman, C. H.184, 250, 252
Waterman, S.260
Watkins, Laura J97, 231, 254
Watson, D. S.193
Watson, John H. Judge72, 76, 81, 83
Watson, L. H.193
Watson, L. K.299
Watson, Tom185
Watson, W. O.64
Watson, William185
Watt, F. W. Dr.301
Wayland, C. A.185
Wayland, C. A. Mrs.248
Wayland, Charles Mrs.181, 186, 187, 189, 192
Wayland, Raymond T Dr.244
Weathers, John64
Weaver, E. B.273
Webb, Holton121, 230
Webb, Sally237
Weber, Charles N43, 51-53, 55, 69
Webster, G.117
Webster, Mary237, 238
Webster & Ross120
Weekes, James42
Weeks, Charles193, 287
Weeks, George M Col.185
Wehner, Ida181, 187, 191
Wehner, William230, 232, 261
Weidman, Jennie121, 122
Weigant, Jacob133
Weisendanger, J. E.192
Welch, J. R. Judge84, 101, 210, 269
Weld, Fred192
Weller, Joseph R95, 296
Wells, Egan C Mrs.291
Wells, Fred F291
Wells, Harry G208
Wells, James173
Wells, O. C.129
Wells, R. J.193
Welsh, William42
Wemple, E. H.231
Wendt, C. O.188
Wendt, Gus185
Wentz, G. A.192
West, Frank57
West, Thomas296
West, Thomas43, 57
West, Thomas J162
Weston, Abbie Bunker236
Weston, B. F.193
Westphal, Mary121, 122
Whaland, T.261
Whaley, O. N.193
Wheeler, Alfred62
Wheeler, J.100
Wheeler, O. C. Rev.263
Whipple, T. S.221
Whipple, W.261
Whisman, John W43, 150, 277
White, A. N.121, 133
White, C. E.130
White, Charles43, 55, 61, 69, 83, 94, 150
White, Dorothy181
White, Ed243
White, Ellen69
White, George H291
White, Stephen M Hon.170
White, Thomas J62, 63,
White, Thomas W175
White, William H310
Whitehurst, J. S.64
Whiteside, Walker121
Whiting, Frederick E69
Whitman, C. H.192
Whitman, George N261
Whitney, Fred E64
Whitney, James58, 96
Whitton, A. K.100, 130, 230
Widby, Maurice309
Widney, John231
Wiggins, Dr.42
Wiggins, William43
Wilbur, Ray Lyman Dr.193, 289, 310
Wilburn, T. J.95
Wilcox, Charles99, 220
Wilcox, E. A.179
Wilcox, E. A. Mrs.191, 192
Wilcox, E. J.95
Wilcox, E. J. Mrs.246
Wilcox, F. A.193
Wilcox, Harvey142
Wilcox, L. A.193
Wilde, Oscar130
Wilder, N. L.291
Wiley, R. H.193
Wiley, S. H. Rev.263
Wilkins, A. G.180, 192
Wilkins, James H303
Willard, E. S.120
Willard, Frances254
Willey, Charles F260
Willey, Henry100
Willey, Mary237
Willey, Nora237
Williams, A. S.102
Williams, Amos238
Williams, Charles100
Williams, Charles W100, 114, 121, 123, 238
Williams, E. B.192
Williams, E. G. Mrs.245
Williams, Edward S.175
Williams, Edward W.133
Williams, Edwin Sidney Rev.297
Williams, F. B. S Mrs.248
Williams, Fannie237
Williams, Frances D99, 247
Williams, G. F. Mrs.231
Williams, George193
Williams, J. S.186, 188, 242, 252
Williams, M. Rev.264
Williams, Marcus64, 104
Williams, Mary141
Williams, Paul S223
Williams, S. R.141
Williams, T.261
Williams, W. R.270
Williamson, W. M.64
Willis, William42
Wills, Sheldon182, 189
Wills, Sheldon Mrs.227
Willson, F.C144
Willson, Harris184
Wilson, A. L.310
Wilson, D. R. Dr.155
Wilson, Earl300
Wilson, F. C.193
Wilson, F. C.308
Wilson, George C180, 252
Wilson, Herbert193
Wilson, Horace296
Wilson, Jennie99
Wilson, John R103, 224
Wilson, L. B.217
Wilson, R. F.34
Wilson, W. A.244
Wilson, W. C.43
Wilson, W. G.115
Wilson, W. R. Mrs.181
Wilton, Ellie120
Winans, Alice Miss250
Winans, Claude Mrs.188
Winchell, H. H.95, 102, 136
Winchell, T. C.132
Winchester, S. C. Mrs.245
Wing, Charles B207
Winnegar, R. O.193
Winnegar, S. A.193
Wise, B. L. Dr.188
Wise, John130
Wister, Owen303
Withers, Ruby184
Withrow, Abe132
Withrow, Mabel229
Wittemyer, Mrs.254
Witten, C. L.269
Wolfe, F. D.242
Wood, Carlotta238
Wood, Warren132
Woodard, L.142
Woodford, A. S.258
Woodhams, Elizabeth238
Woodhull, Victoria127
Woodnut, Edward260
Woodrow, W. L.101, 191
Woodrow, W. L. Mrs.192, 245, 248
Woods, Charles K183, 266
Woods, George L Gov.127, 130
Woods, Henry42
Woods, O. B.192
Woodside, P. K.162
Woodson, S. T.164
Woodville, Robert Capt.309
Woodward, F.261
Woodworth, S. E.62, 94
Wool, Fred G193
Wool, J. C. Mrs.231
Woolery, W. K.193
Wooley, Albert F194
Woolf, Harold194
Wooster, Clarence M100, 109, 228
Worchester, H. B. Mrs.237
Worley, George Mrs.254
Worswick, George D175, 245
Worthy, A. E.193
Worthy, Elmer T Sgt.309
Wright, C. W.261
Wright, Charles W193
Wright, Edna Leib237
Wright, H. J. B Dr.101, 174, 257, 266
Wright, H. Ward100
Wright, Harry193
Wright, Jack99
Wright, Susie Davis237
Wright, T. M.242
Wright, W. H.201
Wright, William P193
Wyatt, Camille Palmer237
Wyatt, Roscoe D241
Wylie, V. H.189
Wymans, G. F.94
Wythe, J. H. Rev.185
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Yale, Gregory77
Yate, C. Leavitt Britt112
Yates, A. L.72
Yates, Chapman64
Yates, Louis244
Yerxa, W. A.135
Yoder, A. E.291
Yoell, Evaline Prothero Mrs.98
Yoell, Geo. M260
Yoell, J. Alexander72, 73, 80, 82
Yontz, John R76, 9S
Yontz, Mary Miss 95, 121
Yontz, W. R.95
York, A. S.121
York, J. L. Dr.229
Young, E. D.100
Young, Earl C194
Young, J. M.229
Young, L. C.43
Young, M. D.43
Young, R. J.43
Young, Ruth Comfort Mitchell291
Young, Samuel C43, 258, 277
Young, Sanborn244
Youngberg, Mary237
Younger, C. B.102
Younger, Coleman Col.94, 95, 97, 100, 101, 102, 130, 162, 230
Younger, Ed100
Younger, Fanny95
Younger, Helen95
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Zankors, W. F.192
Zolezzi, A. A.244
Zuck, James C130, 292
Zuyer, F.100
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