History of Santa Clara County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By Eugene Taylor Sawyer

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA - 1922

California Local History - Rocq - 13731

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: MICRO- FILM 148 -- Microfilm
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1922 -- Book NC

This portion of the book only deals with the history of the county and preceedes the actual biographies contained which can be found at Santa Clara County Biographies - 1922. The listing below sets forth the name of the individual and the page number on which the reference can be found. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Gage, C. A.117
Gage, Governor209
Gage, J. S.101
Gage, Wm. E231
Gagliardo, Emilio184
Gairaud, D. J.101
Gairaud, D. J. Mrs.237, 238
Galindo, Anita267
Galindo, James C69
Gallagher, A. T.296
Gallagher, Belle183
Gallagher, Geo. T192
Galliffiore, W.64
Gallimore, Francis146
Gano, Jeanette Grissim235
Gano, Wm. B Mrs.234
Garcia, Anastacio164
Garcia, Ben194
Garcia, Encarnacion172
Garcia, Francisco87
Garcia, Salvador163
Gardner, C. A.138
Gardner, D. Charles Dr.193
Gardner, James H95
Garrigus, Addie229
Garwin, Rev.94
Gash, John171
Gassett, Bert185
Gates, A. N.99
Gates, Adaline M235, 246, 247
Gates, Freeman162, 163
Gates, M. G. Mrs.234
Gavitt, Jessie121
Geiger, W. C.137
Geldert, Clarence H101, 125
Gentry, Harold309
Geoffrey, Wm. I185
George, Addie229
George, Givens95
George, Givins108
George, Henry128
George, Ida99
George, Reuben L309
George, Will100
Gerber, Paul193
Gerdes, J. Chris261
German, Antonio69
German, Fausten69
Gessler, E. E.291
Giacomazzi, E. P.193
Giannini, A. P.270
Giasea, F. A.121
Gibson, Otis Rev.112
Gilbert, C. H.193
Gilchrist, S. W. Mrs.181, 192
Gilkyson, J. W.100
Gilleran, Jack185
Gillespie, Ab. alias Glasby133
Gillon, James185
Gilman, Geo. Mrs.238
Gilman, George D252
Gilroy, John42, 48, 64, 292
Givens, Chas. T231
Givin, William M Dr.62
Gleaser, N. W.193
Gleason, C. B.250
Gleason, J. M. Dr.193
Gleason, Margaret181
Gleeson, Father Rev.35, 37, 101, 245
Glendenning, D. S.189
Glendenning, James G231
Glendenning, James Mrs.186, 191
Glennon, Matt185
Godfrey, Edward231
Godfrey, Matilda231
Gohranson, O. F. 231
Gohranson, O. F. Jr231
Golden Gate Packing Co139
Goldsmith, Marion188
Goldsworthy, Lt183
Gomes, Toney P194
Gonzales, Manuel36
Gonzalez, Romulo165
Goode, Lorne A194
Goodhue, Paul192
Goodman, John309
Goodrich, Edward E100, 141
Goodrich, Levi64, 97, 104, 130, 152, 154, 217, 259, 260, 261
Goodrich, Levi Mrs.98
Goodsell, D. Mrs.100
Goodwin, C. B.175, 205, 310
Goodwin, Nat120
Gordon, A. C.144
Gordon, B. H.57
Gordon, James E.139, 231
Gordon, M. E. Miss 231
Gordon, Marie120
Gordon, Mrs.230
Gordon, Van277
Gores, Walter J. Sgt.309
Gorham, George C.97, 127Tom Rueter
Gorley, H. A.132
Gorman, J. M.291
Gosbey, P. F. Mrs.181, 187, 248
Gosbey, Perley F Judge84, 177, 178, 185, 189, 190, 211, 231, 269
Goshida, T.193
Goslaw, Charles172
Gossom, R. H.180
Goth, Rose249
Gough, Wm. F.D53
Gould, J. W.231
Gould, L. A.97, 101, 136
Gourlay, James259, 260
Gover, I.192
Graham, Blanche229
Graham, Jack182, 188
Graham, James Maj.94
Graham, L. F.100, 193, 301
Graham, Thomas A230, 243
Graham, W. E.101
Grant, A. D.230
Grant, A. D. Mrs188, 227
Grant, H. A.172
Grant, John134
Graves, G. E.170
Graves, Mrs.45
Gray, Byron W. (Lt.)179
Gray, Charles A193
Gray, James A62, 94
Gray, M.292
Gray, M. J. Mrs.188
Grayson, Lt54
Greathead, A. W.144, 308
Greene, Bryce G309
Greene, Grace237
Greene, R. L.193
Greeninger, A.64, 101, 170
Greenleaf, Mary Hathaway235
Greer, John309
Gregory, Adonijah264
Gregory, John H95, 261
Grenell, L. O. Rev.263
Grey, N. J. Mrs.227
Griffith, M. E.186, 188, 190
Grimes, J. W.189
Grimmer, Charles193
Grismer, Jos. G120
Gross, W. Mrs.181
Gross, Wilmer J185, 194
Gruwell, Jacob64
Gueffaz, H.231Dale L. Sheldon
Gueffaz, J. D. Mrs.231Dale L. Sheldon
Guernsey, J. L.278
Guerra, Frank184
Guerraz, J. D.231Dale L. Sheldon
Guilbault, E. A. Mrs.251
Gulnac, William Mrs.42
Gulnac, Wm42
Gunn, C. E.229
Gunn, F. A.185
Gunn, H. C.230
Gunn, Jasper D163, 261
Guppy, Lucia Chase235
Gurvine, Fred244Jeff Gurvine
Guther, Ralph179
Gwin, William M126
Gwinn, M. T.193
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H. G. Knapp & Son276
Haas, M. B.121
Hachlen, Horace184
Hackett, A. N.193
Hackett, James132
Haden, A. E.99, 100
Haehl, H. L.178
Hagan, Chas. A221
Hagel, Carl J194
Hagelin, J. L.192
Hagen, Frank J. Jr194
Haggerty, Peter231
Haight, Frank99
Haight, Henry H116
Hale, Geo.261
Hale, M.137
Hale, O. A.100, 230
Hale, P. D.99
Hale, P. O. Mrs.247
Haley, Edward184, 231, 261
Haley, J. V. Mrs.227
Haley, M. J.192
Haley, W. D.114
Hall, Augustin C88
Hall, Austin C244
Hall, C. A.185
Hall, Charles P120, 121
Hall, Fred A194
Hall, Frederick36, 56, 162
Hall, George P257, 260
Hall, J. C.101
Hall, J. R.132, 301
Hall, M. C.100
Hall, R. B.133, 134
Hall, Wilbur291
Hall, Wm. H64, 141, 163
Hall & Crandall150
Halla, William190
Halleck, H. W.62
Halloway, Adam261
Halsey, A. A.189
Halsey, Edward155
Halsey, Juanita185 186
Ham, Eleanor291
Ham, R. K.278
Hambly, W. D. J121
Hamilton, A. B.261
Hamilton, C. G.135
Hamilton, Frank164
Hamilton, George E113, 178, 179, 193
Hamilton, J. W. Mrs.248
Hamilton, Leander Rev.95, 202, 215
Hamilton, Mildred244
Hamlin, Hannibal126
Hamm, A. N.237
Hamm, Mrs.247
Hammond, J. N.130
Hamsher, C. F.192
Hanchett, Annie99
Hanchett, U.130
Hancock, J. E. Mrs.187, 191, 227, 234
Hancock, Joseph E146, 179, 182, 185, 189, 252
Hancock, W. S. Gen.127, 130
Hanger, C. E.192
Hanks, Julian61
Hanna, D.100
Hanna, Edward J Rev.187
Hanna, George261
Hanna, William292
Hansbrough, H. C.112, 121
Hansen, Lawrence193
Hanson, Emily M231
Hanson, G. M.117
Hanson, James244
Harden, Ray117, 244
Hardy, W. B.215
Hare, Charles Mrs.238
Harker, Chas. R117
Harker, Sarah F309
Harkness, J. H.143
Harlow, A. F.133
Harmon, F. M.279
Harmon, J. B.223
Harms, H. A.185
Harnon, J. H.231
Harrier, V. V.193
Harris, J. William220
Harris, Joel Chandler303
Harris, M. C.212
Harris, N. R.130
Harrison, C. G.130, 223
Harrison, C. H.243
Harrison, E. S.86, 117
Hart, A. L.121
Hart, Alexander J185, 189, 191, 242, 244
Hart, H.100
Hart, Henry I192
Hart, J. B.298
Hart, James Mrs.247
Hart, Sallie254
Hart, W. C.215
Harte, Bret129
Hartman, Felix G.121, 124
Hartman, Jos.185
Hartman, L.100
Hartman, Mildreth Spencer237
Hartman, R. D.291
Hartman, Walter194
Harton, W. G.244
Harton, W. G. Mrs.244
Hartwell, Edward Petty47
Hartwell, James261
Harvard, William D72
Harvey, C. D.310
Harwood, D. M.140
Haskell, Dan168, 261
Haskell, E. W.163
Haskell, Henry J99, 261
Haskell, Henry J Mrs.247
Haskell, N. A. Rev.264
Haskins, J. L.256
Hassler, Fred192
Hassler, John143, 308
Hatch, J. L. Rev.264
Hatch, Jackson100, 101, 254
Hatch, Jackson Mrs.245
Hatch, Mary E231
Hauck, Fred P193
Haun, Wm.43, 277
Hawes, Horace72, 98
Hawkins, J. O.215
Hawkins, S. B. Mrs.245
Hawley, Wm. G Maj.100, 226
Hay & Downer120
Hayden, Willard Mrs.227
Hayes, E. A.109, 245, 305
Hayes, J. O.100, 109, 135, 182, 305
Hayes, Mayo248
Hayes, N. Mrs.246
Hayes, P.193
Hayes, Sybil181
Hays, Jack Col.94
Hays, Wilson130
Hayward, C. C.130
Hayward, Roy261
Hayward, W. F.279
Haywards, Mary229
Hazeltine, Karl184
Hazlett, John248
Healey, Timothy130
Hearst, George Sen.168, 226
Hearst, Phoebe98
Hearst, Wm. Randolph200
Hecker, H.193
Hecker, Henry64
Heckett, F. W.193
Hecox, Adna Andress43Laurence Hecox
Hedger, Jesse180
Heinlen, Angelo212
Held, Anna121
Henderson, David100
Henderson, G. W.230
Henderson, Samuel64
Henderson, T. J.308
Hendricks, T. A. Hon.96
Hendricks, W. H.106
Hendy, J. H.193
Hendy, Joshua Iron Works294
Henley, C. T.132
Henley, Thomas J62, 94
Henning, Irving P231, 298
Henry, L. H.100, 101
Henry, P.132
Henry, Ralph133
Hensell, John S192
Hensill, J. S.308
Hensley, Chas. B99, 166, 223
Hensley, Ella99
Hensley, S. J. Maj.43, 60, 94, 95, 108, 137, 261
Hensley, S. J. Mrs.43
Henwood, J. R. Mrs.227
Herbert, George N.101, 176, 177, 189, 192, 252David
Herbert, George N. Mrs.191David
Hermann, M. H. Mrs.231
Hernairo, Antonio71
Hernandez, Felipe P104-105
Hernandez, George125
Herndon, T. J.144
Herne, James A120, 124
Herold, Chester238
Herold, Phil231
Herr, Al190
Herren, Walter45
Herring, S. H.112
Herring, S. H. Mrs.231
Herring, S. N.231
Herrington, D. W.261
Herrington, Mattie229
Herrmann, A. T.97, 99, 149, 292
Herrmann, A. T. Mrs.192, 210, 245, 247, 248, 250, 310
Hersey, Philo Col.101, 230
Hersey, Ralph W100, 230
Hersey, Ralph W Mrs.99
Hersman, H. S.64, 192
Hervey, C. J. Mrs.248
Hervey, Will237
Hesston, J. E.193
Hester, Craven P Judge71, 81, 82, 98
Hester, Lottie94
Hester, Sallie94
Hester, T. A.193
Hester, Will97
Hettinger, E. A.193
Hewitt, Jack184
Hewson, John B95, 261
Heydenfeldt, Elcan62, 94
Heyler, C. J.100
Hiatt, J. B.244
Hickey, David61
Hickman, Howard125
Hicks, Lewis A203
Hicks, Ray244
Higgin, J. T. Dr.301
Higgins, Wm.83
Hight, A. D.278
Higley, Horace A63
Hignora, Antonio69
Hignora, Jose69
Hilden, Walter A194
Hildreth, J. P. Mrs.231
Hill, Andrew P Mrs.231
Hill, Andrew P.99, 184, 206-209, 228, 231
Hill, Barton120
Hill, Morgan299
Hill, W. B. Mrs.227, 245
Hillman, Ada B238
Hillman, M.261
Hillman-Smith, Mrs.237, 238
Hills, Miles130, 137
Hinckley, Capt46
Hinds, John W272
Hinds, Orrin211
Hinds, S. J.110
Hines, George261
Hirsch, Henry183, 189, 242
Hirst, Wm.230
Hiskey, Joseph195
Hitchcock, Family43
Hitching, Helbert182, 183
Hoadley, Mervyn J194
Hobbie, J. G.291
Hobbs, C. X.130, 222
Hoblit, J. E.252
Hobson, David138, 263
Hobson, George137
Hobson, Herman184, 261
Hobson, Jesse263
Hobson, Thad W100, 101
Hobson, W. B.100
Hobson, W. B. Mrs.181
Hobson, W. H.308
Hobson, W. T.192
Hoelbe, Rudolph261
Hoff, Henry188, 242
Hoffman, Fredericka237
Hoffman, Hattie190
Hoffman, May190
Hoffmann, H. H.130
Hogan, F. N.185
Hogg, L. G. Dr.193
Hogg, R. L.257
Holbrook, E. F.257
Holden, Edward S. Prof.200, 201
Holdridge, Julia186
Holland, Dale252
Hollenbeck, B. I. Mrs.237
Hollister, Col.95
Hollister, J. W.274
Hollman, B. W.193
Holloway, David292
Holloway, John298
Holloway, M.43
Holly, J. B.100
Holman, Alfred100, 109
Holme, Garnet182
Holmes, Arthur E182, 183, 186, 191, 228, 241, 242
Holschaw, W. B. Mrs.187
Holthouse, J. Fred193, 295
Hommedieu, G. W. Mrs.183
Hoover, J.193
Hoover, Theodore J193
Hoover, Wesley43, 83
Hopkins, S. W.263
Hopkins, T.193
Hoppe, D.94
Hoppe, Jacob D43, 57, 61, 150, 224
Hopper, De Wolf120
Hopping, Floyd Sgt.309
Horabin, W. O.193
Horn, Gertrude95
Horstman, Wm.243
Horworth, Wm.243
Houghton, S. O. Hon.56, 87, 94, 100, 119, 130, 132, 175, 265, 299, 301
Houghton, S. O. Mrs.96, 99
Houston, James94, 101
Hovey, Chas136
Howard, Volney292
Howe, Agnes E146, 186, 266
Howe, J. F.94
Howe, Lt. Wm. L179
Howes, Charles E121
Howes, Ed192
Howes, Geo.242
Howl, James292
Howland, Wm. D.M75
Hoy, W. H.150
Hoyt, Amherst J121
Hoyt, Helen291
Hubbard, A. C.101
Hubbard, A. L.64, 185
Hubbard, A. N.292
Hubbard, Elbert303
Hubbard, Lester193
Hubbell, Willis291
Hudson, Thomas43, 277
Hugeback, Maltria194
Hughes, F. B.193
Hughes, Miss182
Hughes, W. D.94, 117
Hull, B. D.273
Hull, Chester H122
Hull, Mrs.192
Hunkins, S. B.101, 271
Hunt, Byron185
Hunt, Thelma185
Hunt, Walter H184
Huntington, Stella179, 183, 191, 265
Hurlbert, E. C.117
Hussey, W. J.201
Husted, F. R.175
Huston, C. A.193
Hutchinson, R.162
Hutchinson, Robert296
Hutton, Hiram192
Hutton, J. D.68
Hyde, Lester189
Hyde, W. F.193
Hyer, Herbert184
Hyland, M. H. Judge84, 100, 207, 229, 230, 249
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingalsby, A. C.100
Ingersoll, Robert G130
Ingersoll, T. J. Dr.304
Ingram, J. W. Rev.263
Inskeep, Florence98
Ireland, William204
Irish, W. B. Mrs.182, 188, 190
Irving, E. L.193
Isaac, William292
Isaacs, M.264
Isbell, Olive M211
Isham, W. P.185
Isom, Eliza231
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jack, Prof.59
Jacks, David121
Jacks, Maud A250
Jackson, A. Jones132
Jackson, Dempsey292
Jackson, Frank193
Jackson, J. P. Col.129, 130
Jacobs, Leon264
Jacobs, Sam261
Jacquelin, J.99
Jagel, George Jr295
James, G. W.240
James, Wood243
Jamison, Samuel I64
Janes, C. W.252
January, Mary H231
January, W. A.11, 113, 168
Jarman, A. H.100
Jayet, A. C. Dr.175, 239, 310
Jefferson, Geo. N261
Jefferson, Jos.120
Jellyman, W.192
Jenkins, W. H.101
Jennings, N. A. Mrs.231
Jensen, Edith229
Jepson, J.193
Jess, W. N.193
Jessup, Jonathan A79
Jewell, Joseph168
Job, Barney193
Jobson, Ed100, 125
Johns, Addie L254
Johns, L. E.192
Johnson, Edward190
Johnson, Edward43, 125
Johnson, Evelyn188
Johnson, Flora96
Johnson, Floyd Mrs.183
Johnson, Grover L208
Johnson, Harry193
Johnson, J. E.193
Johnson, J. R.278
Johnson, James96
Johnson, Jarvis J194
Johnson, Johnny244
Johnson, Joseph W.58, 83, 121, 175, 261
Johnson, Lillie237
Johnson, Mindy74
Johnson, R. Mrs.228
Johnson, S. E.272, 308
Johnson, S. N.261
Johnson, S. S.64, 278
Johnson, S. T.144
Johnson, W. E.177, 183, 238
Johnston, E. K.111, 176, 177, 189, 252
Johnston, Harry117
Johnston, R. R. Mrs.191
Johnston, W. A.127, 171, 271
Johnston, W. J.310
Jones, Eli64, 261
Jones, Herbert C180, 182, 186, 189, 190, 210, 242
Jones, James M.60, 71, 72, 77, 81, 94
Jones, John J.182, 188, 278, 279
Jones, Laura94
Jones, Maggie94
Jones, Paul192
Jones, Stephen A Mrs.207, 210, 227, 245
Jones, Zachariah43
Jordan, David Starr Dr.101, 207
Jordan, Jessie Knight235
Jordan, P. A.257
Jordan, P. H. Mrs.248
Jordane, P. A.257
Joseph, A. C. Mrs.231
Judson, E. Z. C. Col.131
Jurian, A.193
Jury, J.193
Jury, John G Mrs.179, 254
Jury, Willie184
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaiser, Ellen256
Kalakaua, King130
Kammerer, A.135
Kammerer, W. A.192
Kampfen, Frank H192
Kasson, F. K.193
Kavanaugh, H. B. Capt.179
Kayser, Albert189
Keane, J. C.167
Kearney, Stephen W Gen.54
Keaton, C.296
Kee, Sing190, 309
Keeler, James Edward201
Keene, Frank D180
Keene, Thomas W120
Keene, Thomas W120
Keesling, A. C.192
Keesling, R. P.101
Keesling, T. B.137
Kefel, Geo.101Chris Kefel
Keinath, H. A.237
Keith, J. M.292
Kell, E. J. Mrs.231
Kell, John Midshipman53
Kell, M. D.64
Kell, Thomas43, 267
Keller, Fred Mrs.185
Kellner, A. Rev.264
Kellogg, Charles300
Kellogg, Charlotte309
Kellogg, Clara Louise120
Kellogg, Louise W.B201
Kelly, Allen P116
Kelly, Joseph F194
Kelly, Stanley100
Kelly, Thomas Dr.22
Kelly, W. H.19~
Kelsey, C. E.180
Kelsey, Herbert120
Kemp, Wm. West Dr.216
Kendall, Amos59
Kenna, Robert E.37, 101, 208, FO9, 280
Kennedy, A. N.231
Kennedy, A. R.185
Kennedy, F. B.231
Kennedy, Isola300
Kennedy, J. G. Prof.120, 215, 229
Kennedy, James F95, 101, 136-138
Kennedy, John T279
Kennedy, Karl180
Kennedy, T. E.229
Kennedy, W. C.99
Kennedy, W. C. Mrs.210, 227, 228
Kennedy, Walter B238
Kent, Vernon125
Kenyon, Charles W.101, 117, 231
Kenyon, Frank231
Kerwin, Mrs.238
Kettman, Clem A192
Keyes, Cad56
Keyes, R. C. 61
Kidder, Geo.261
Kidfield, L. F.261
Kidward, H. Rev.100
Kidward, James261
Kimball, Ruth Laird238
Kimball, S. C.275
Kimberlin, C. R.141
Kimberlin, J. L.141
Kimberlin, L. M.141
Kimbler, Arthur C194
Kincaid, Joseph H64
Kincaid, Judge71, 77
Kincaid, W. M.57
King, E. A. Rev.180
King, E. Abram64, 150, 192
King, Frank Giorza237
King, Frank Louis237
King, J. R.229
King, Louise E.99, 247
King, Luena237
Kingham, E. J.299
Kinney, James296
Kinney, L. C.117
Kirby, P. H.193
Kittredge, A. S. Judge84, 223, 269
Kittredge, Martha Kirl235
Kittredge, Seymour242
Klein, N.133
Klein, P.193
Klein, Theodore192
Kline, Dr.106
Knapp, Earl192
Knapp, George C121
Knickerbocker, Eugene231
Knoblach, F.193
Knoche, J. E.245
Knoles, Tully Cleon220, 310
Knowles, F. W.64
Knox, Dr.97
Knox, Sarah J97
Knox, Wm. J270
Knox-Goodrich, Sarah L274
Knutzen, J. R.244
Koch, V.170, 173, 174, 252
Kocher, J. R.185
Kocher, J. R. Mrs.248
Kooser, H. H.221
Kooser, Rollie S207
Kramer, J. W. Dr.173, 183
Kratt, C. E.177
Krehe, Henry192
Kuhn, A. C.185, 186, 230
Kullak, L. F.100
Kuster, John D176, 182, 185, 186, 189, 241, 242
Kyle, S. C.276
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Hue, L. Capt.181
La Motte, Victor J176, 182, 185, 186, 189, 230, 270
La Polka69
La Salle, Justin239
La Valle136
Lacerda, J. P.193
Ladd, Edward133
Laddy, D. A.230
Laine, Thos. H127, 171
Laird, Emma231
Lake, Charles N193
Lakin, Egerton193
Lamar, L. L. Mrs.187
Landels, T. D.143, 308
Landen, C. W.261
Lane, Curtis300
Lanford, R. J. Mrs.234
Lang, Robert310
Langborne, Dr.101
Langdon, Harry121
Langford, Arthur B100, 179, 18C 231
Langford, Arthur Mrs.181, 188
Langford, R. J. Sheriff100
Langley, R.261
Lanham, Hartley261
Lanra, Calista89
Lansdale, P. M.193
Lanz, Thelma184
Lard, Fielding277, 278
Lard, Joseph A43
Larios, Manuel69
Larkin, J. B.193
Larkin, Thomas 047, 48
Larman, W. A.193
Lasley, C. C. Mrs.291
Lathrop, B. G.151
Laughlin, B. E. Mrs.182, 248
Laurneister, G.193
Lavin, D.264
Lawrence, W. E.132, 231
Lawrey, Beatrice121, 237
Lazarovitch, Prince55, 120
Lea, Samuel211
Leach, J. A.121
Leal, A. L.192
Leaman, James B191, 241
Lean, W. J.190
Learned, Tracy192
Leavenworth, Mark97, 175
Leavenworth, Randolph132
Leddy, Dan261
Ledyard, C. C.257
Ledyard, F. K. Dr.100
Ledyard, Mary Forman235
Ledyard, W. E.276
Levy, Jess H185, 190
Levy, M. S. Rev.129
Levy, Meyer264
Lewis, De Lancey246
Lewis, E. B.240
Lewis, Frank261
Lewis, Harper H30
Lewis, J. C.230
Lewis, J. Mrs.247
Lewis, J. R.100
Lewis, J. W. Mrs.192
Lewis, Jackson99
Lewis, Martha J Mrs.43
Lewis, Mattie R231
Lewis, Palmer W309
Lewis, W. A.95
Lewis, W. J.150
Libby, McNeil & Libby294
Lick, James149, 194-200
Lick, John H199
Lidley, Blanche M291
Lidley, W.244
Lieber, Louis121-122
Liese, Jacob P49
Liewelling, John136
Lighthall, G. E.237
Lightson, Frank43, 57, 61, 83, 94, 152, 259, 260
Lightston, Lewis175
Lillick, Walter185
Lillie, George193
Lilly, Charles310
Limerick, Grace186
Linns, James277
Linoberg, L.264
Linz, Dell291
Lion, Ernest100, 183, 248
Lion, Gus101, 108, 185, 230, 240
Lion, Henry100, 101
Lion, Henry Mrs.185
Lion, L.108, 130, 170, 240
Lion, Miss Estelle100
Lippincott, B. J.62, 94
Lirtzinger, B. F. Mrs.231
Little, C. C. Mrs.187
Littlefield, J. M.215
Livermore, Mary A130
Lloyd, H. L.192
Lloyd, W. H.192
Lockey, Mary I193
Lockney, Lawrence117, 279
Lockwood, Rufus J.71, 72, 76-80
Lodge, E. A.294
Loeb, Ike99, 101
Loehr, Bert257
Loel, F. J. Mrs.188
Loew, Marcus121
Logan, John A Gen.130
Logan, Walter194
Logue, James193
London, Jack130
Long, Alvin182, 189, 243
Long, George I180
Longdon, Isabel237
Loos, William278, 279
Loosemore, Robert146
Looser, John C292
Lorigan, Charles M281
Lorigan, W. G. Judge84, 100, 121
Loryea, M.100
Losse, A. N.185
Love, Harry W.107
Love, John Lord163
Lovell, J. A.231
Lovell, W. M.130
Lovett, W. E.163
Lowe, Charles192
Lowe, Edmund125
Lowe, James R. Sr101, 118, 130, 133, 137, 223
Lowe, Ralph94, 95, 185
Lowe, W. H. Mrs.43
Lowe, Waldo E189
Lowrey, Wm.261
Lubliner, M.164
Lucas, H. V.252
Luckett, A. W.94
Lucky, Wm.212
Ludy, John192
Lundy, Ed243
Lundy, Floyd193
Lusson, Eliz. Newton235
Lusson, Pedro Merlin Mrs.234
Luther, D.309
Lux, Henry230
Lyle, George H114, 273
Lyman, C. S. 68
Lynch, John177
Lynch, Miss185
Lyndon, J. W.139
Lyndon, Sheriff173
Lyon, W. P.101
Lyon, W. P. Mrs.191
Lyons, H. A.94
Lytle, George B167
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Mabury, F. H.108, 240
MacDougal, John P Gov.60, 94
MacFarlane, W. W. Dr.296
Macher, N.192
Mackbee, J. S.193, 299
Mackenzie, Andrew272
Mackenzie, Belle100
Mackenzie, Donald95, 163, 222, 272
Mackenzie, Isabel 0. 216, 272
Macoon, A. K.193
Macy, C. F.117, 120, 237
Madan, A.278
Maddem, Minnie120
Maddock, Mrs.94
Maddox, C. H. Capt.55, 108, 129, 130, 240, 279
Maddox, J. H.100
Maddox, Virginia Knox234
Madsen, Alfred185
Madsen, H. E. Mrs.190
Maggini, L.185
Magistretti, Jos.185
Maguire, James G131
Maher, Z. Rev.210, 281
Main, H. E.64, 110, 117
Maino, R. O.239
Majors, A. Jr121
Majors, Lloyd L168
Malarin, Mariano72
Malech, Fred261
Malone, Drury94
Malone, John T55, 99, 120, 121, 122, 123, 130
Malone, R. N.193
Manaton, Maud193
Mandeville, Alicia120
Mandeville, Jennie120
Manha, Maurice F194
Manly, J. Mrs.247
Manning, N. E.231
Manning, T. A. Mrs.238
Mansfield, Richard120
Mantell, Robert120, 121
Marble, Mary123
Marcov, F.193
Marcum, Charles E193
Marcus, I.264
Marcy, W. G. Capt.94
Markham, E. Mrs.43
Markham, Edwin112, 113
Markham, W. W. Hon.226
Marlowe, Julia121
Marr, Wildcatt John105
Marshall, C. G. Rev.193
Marston, Ward Capt.53-55
Marten, A. H.100, 101
Martial, W. M.119
Martin, A. A.192
Martin, Calvin C260
Martin, Charles J100, 120, 175, 231, 261
Martin, Chas. J Mrs.246
Martin, Edward239
Martin, Frank188
Martin, Fred192
Martin, H. B.179
Martin, Herrick261
Martin, J. C.117
Martin, J. Capt.53
Martin, John132
Martin, Julius43, 56
Martin, Julius Mrs.43
Martin, Ralph193
Martin, T. J.309
Martinez, Maximo69
Marvin, Della237
Marx, C. D.193
Marymont, L. J.264
Mason, C. B. Mrs.190
Mason, N. H. A.222
Mason, Richard B Col.54
Masson, Paul101
Mastick, E. B.200
Mathers, James263
Mathews, Anna190
Mathews, C. G.252
Mathews, Stanley D250, 252
Matthews, A. O.277
Matthews, Carolan83
Matthews, H. D.175
Matthews, Mrs.59
Matthews, William72, 82, 95
Matthewson, Walter G176, 189, 241
Matty, Antone231
Maxey, Jim95
May, Cornelia Alice235
May, Eliza Reed235
May, Fred192
May, Richard M57, 61, 71, 83
Maynard, Adele Lusson235
Maynard, Blayney Mrs.237
Maynard, Stephen Mrs.187
Maynard, Sue Davis235
Mayne, Jack193
Mayne, R. J.142, 151
Maze, Montgomery109, 132
McAfee, E.99
McAfie, C. W.221
McCabe, Jay177, 182, 183, 188, 242
McCabe, Julia95
McCabe, Lou95
McCabe, P. T. Mrs.247
McCall, Abijah163
McCarthy, E. H. Mrs.251
McCarthy, Richard193
McCauley, John100
McCauley, Leo J194
McCauley, Mary Weaver237
McChesney, Kate229
McClay, A. R.143, 192, 308
McClay, H. S.231
McClay, Henry298
McCleary, H.64
McClelland, J. N.83
McComas, H. W.179, 186, 189
McComel, David E194
McComish, R. C. 185
McCoy, Nannie96
McCoy, W. W. Maj.96
McCracken, E. Mrs.231
McCrackin, Josephine Clifford202
McCulloch, Ben Maj.94
McCullough, John118, 120, 124
McCurdy, M. N. Mrs.192
McCurdy, V. T.143, 144, 252, 272, 308
McCutcheon, E. J.230
McCutcheon, Wm44, 45, 56, 57, 61, 277
McDaniels, A. W. Mrs.231
McDonald, A. Mrs.231
McDonald, Archie108, 192, 231, 240
McDonald, D.94
McDonald, Geo.185
McDonald, J. J.143, 184, 188, 308
McDonald, Mark L.130, 135, 228
McDonald, W. A.243
McDonald, W. J.91
McDonnell, J. L.238
McDowell, E. B. Mrs.238
McDowell, J. E.193
McEwen, Arthur116, 303
McFarland, Samuel163
McGeoghan, Thos.100
McGill, Joseph260
McGill, W.260
McGinley, Nell266
McGinnis, E.100
McGinty, Arthur T188
McGlincy, Mrs & Col.173
McGowan, Edmund95
McGrady, Neil291
McHenry, F. J.189
McIntyre, Archie169
McIntyre, Edna229
McKaig, W. W. Rev.264
McKee, Frank261
McKee, Geo. B101, 239
McKee, Geo. B Mrs.191, 248
McKee, J. O.261, 296
McKee, M. H. Mrs.99
McKee, M. X. Mrs.247
McKee, Samuel Bell Judge82, 103
McKenney, Capt.95
McKenzie, J.261
McKiernan, Charles304
McKiernan, J. M.185
McKinley, Lester J194
McKinney, Freeman72, 73, 75, 80
McKinstry, Elisha W62, 94
McLain, Frank J. Rev.184, 239
McLaughlin, Eds Mrs.245
McLaughlin, Edward130, 136, 203, 222, 270
McLaughlin, Miss Winifred100
McLaughlin, W.295
McLaurin, J. F.175
McLaurin, J. J.185, 229
McLellan, G. W.163
McLeod, Jennie237
McLeod, W. A. Mrs.237
McMahon, A.130
McMahon, John F99, 100, 121
McMillan, J. G.223
McMurtry, W. S. 100, 142, 223
McNaught, John230
McNaught, Margaret Schallenberger43
McNeil, A. B.100
McPherson, Duncan296
McPherson, R. C. 91
McQuilkin, Fay192
McQuoid, E.278
McSwain, Elizabeth192
MeGary, Thelma185
Melone, H. C.76, 80
Melville, Emily122
Melvin, E. H.291
Melvin, Howell D176, 186, 189, 242
Mendahlson, Max264
Mendenhall, W. R.193
Menton, W. H.133
Mercer, G. E.193
Meredith, H. C. Rev.101
Merkle, Henry300
Merrill, F. M.279
Merrill, J. C.132
Mesa, Maria Antonia69
Mesa, Pedro71
Messig, H.170
Metcalf, John163
Metzger, C. L.170
Metzger, S.244
Meyer, Conrad195
Meyers, T.143
Micheltorena, General46
Mickelson, Charles J291
Middleton, H. L.207, 210
Miles, F. J. M193
Millard, Byron179, 189, 226
Millard, Joe185
Miller, A. N.121
Miller, Henry120, 292
Miller, James43
Miller, Joaquin130
Miller, John J Dr.174, 185, 257, 271
Miller, Michael139
Miller, W. E.193
Miller, W. G.121
Millington, Prof.98
Mills, D. O.200
Mills, James144
Mills, L. E.135
Mills, Laura227
Mills, Ogden201
Milnes, John C117
Minaker, Frank299
Miner, James D100
Minjoulet, August P185
Minker, H. C.273
Minor, Peter 060, 95, 136, 175, 230
Minton, E. D.299
Miramontes, Candelario69
Mitchell, F. E.64
Mitchell, J. P.193
Mitchell, T. W.138
Modjeska, Mme.120
Monahan, Thos.175, 231
Monferino, L.192
Montgomery, J. L.250
Montgomery, John B. USN Capt.52
Montgomery, Thos. S99, 101, 108, 135, 176, 240, 241, 242, 271, 296
Montorosso, Bruno194
Montrey, Riley177, 278
Montry, Riley Mrs.231
Moody55, 60
Moody, Charles100, 261, 273
Moody, David B170, 237, 240, 273, 276
Moody, E. L.231
Moody, George243
Moody, Kate99
Moody, Martha J.264
Moody, R. G.64, 95, 101, 102, 154, 175, 273
Moody, Volney213
Moody, Washington277
Moon, Nina183
Moore, Aleck94
Moore, Bessie234
Moore, C. C.185
Moore, Charles212
Moore, F. W.101
Moore, F. W. Mrs.248
Moore, Ira Capt.129, 130
Moore, J. H. Dr.193
Moore, JohnH72, 74, 75, 77, 80, 94, 127, 223, 230
Moore, L. S.257
Moore, W. E.144, 193
Moorehead, C. S. 164
Moraga, Lt. Jose36, 66, 268, 281
Morehead, Cecil185
Morehead, Jos. C62, 94
Moreland, Sam E248
Moreno, Teodoro165
Morey, J. B.292
Morgan, J. H.162
Morosco, Walter120
Morrell, G. F. & Co117
Morrell, H. C.141, 231
Morrell, H. C. Jr132, 231
Morrell, H. C. Mrs.231
Morris, Dr.244
Morris, Earl184
Morris, Fred133
Morris, Harry185
Morriseey, James P. Father280
Morrison, Chas. E134
Morrison, Fannie185
Morrison, Samuel64, 162
Morrison, Thomas F271
Morrow, W. C.110
Morse, Harry165
Morse, L. L.230
Morse, Lester Mrs.191
Morse, Maria229
Morton, Cassius123
Morton, E. J.132
Morton, Ed132
Morton, H.101
Moses, J. H.73
Mosher, H. H.192
Mosher, J. L.193
Mott, John R180, 261
Moule, H. J.193
Moultrie, J. A.80, 103, 163, 264
Moultrie, L. W. Mrs.99, 247
Moultrie, S. R.43
Muirson, G. A. Mrs.248
Mulcahy, Matthew234
Mulholland, John132
Mulinari, Giovanni259
Munger, Theodore T Rev.264
Munn, Joseph H260
Munn, Mr. & Mrs. E.C231
Munn, W. A.261
Murdoch, F. B.72, 73, 108, 114
Murdoch, F. W.114
Murdoch, J. D.114
Murdoch, J. G.110
Murgotted, Alexander P113, 114, 121, 122, 129, 182, 210, 230, 231, 254, 266
Murgotten, Alexander P. Mrs.227
Murgotten, Henry C237, 252
Murguia, Father35, 279
Murietta, Joaquin107
Murison, George Mrs.181
Muro, Salvatore194
Murphy, Bernard D69, 99, 100, 130, 150, 168, 170, 175, 198, 199, 228, 229, 230
Murphy, Daniel64
Murphy, J. T.130, 132
Murphy, James83
Murphy, James T193
Murphy, Joe118, 120
Murphy, John M52, 55, 94, 103, 132, 162, 230, 261
Murphy, John Mrs.94
Murphy, Martin Sr Mrs.43
Murphy, Martin Sr.43, 69, 130, 153, 217
Murphy, Patrick95, 127, 130
Murphy, Timothy Leo S.J218
Murphy, W. A.260
Murray, Patrick101
Murray, Walter Mrs.181
Murrin, Frank J194
Murry, A. L.193
Myers, Alice250
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