History of Santa Clara County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By Eugene Taylor Sawyer

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA - 1923

California Local History - Rocq - 13731

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: MICRO- FILM 148 -- Microfilm
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1922 -- Book NC

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Lacerda, John P.1642Arline Silveira
Lacoste, G.1493
Ladarre, Firmin 1273
Laffey, James A858
Lake, French W1585
Lambert, Tom 1358
Lande, Rev. William J1339
Landon, Peter D683
Lanfri, C1187
Langford, Arthur Burr 559
Langford, Robert Jackson 559
Lanham, Oscar M1544
Lannin, Frank T1212
Lapachet, Henry 1680
Larson, Carl A1554
Larson, Charles A1632
Larson, Fred W1544
Larson, Lewis 821
Latham, Allen R1129
Lathrop, Charles Gardner 1021
Laumeister, Gustav 1683
Laura, Charles E1647
Lausten, Brousen P1472
Lawrence, George C1180
Lawrence, William H647
Le Suer, Frank A1473
Leaman, James B862
Learnard, Tracy1328
LeDeit, George H1169
LeDeit, Sylvain 1133
Lee, H. Irving1665
Lee, Professor Robert A.651
Leib, Frank A726
Leib, S. F316
Leitch, Edwin H657
Leiter, Jeremiah 714
Leland, Raymond Barrett 1380
Lener, Mrs Kaspar1502
Lenfest, Lee R1407
Lepesh, Andrew P1334
Lester, Amos 634
Lester, Charles C865
Lester, Fred E1022
Lester, Henry W905
Lester, Mrs. Sarah E431
Lester, Nathan L568
Lester, William Walter568
Levin, George A519
Lewis, George R1587
Lewis, Harry C1261
Liddicoat, George 1143
Liddicoat, William 1143
Lidley, Will George1587
Lieber, Louis 633
Lietz, Charles F629
Lightston, James Louis360
Liljenstein, Gustaf M1459
Lindholm, Carl 1417
Linehan, Peter L549
Linquist, F. A1647
Lion, Ernest P1065
Lion, Gustave F767
Lion, Lazard 766
Live Oak Union High School 1318
Lobdell, Frank H1364
Locicero, Nicholas 1635
Locurto, John R503
Logue, James 843
Loploto, Joseph 1618
Lord, Major William A1558
Lords, John M677
Lords, Walden 485
Lorigan, Charles M1048
Lorigan, Judge Wm. G1089
Losse, Austin N662
Losse, H. E662
Losse, Weir C1604
Lovell, John A624
Lowe, Sam B733
Loyst, Andrew I998
Loyst, Maria Cox611
Lund, H. J1125
Lundin, Theodore C1113
Lundy, David H1383
Lunsford, Lewis M1426
Luscher, Ferdinand 1548
Luther, Don Walter387
Luther, Jacob 638
Lutter, Clarence A1311
Lyle, George W858
Lyndon, James H403
Lyndon, John W800
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mabury, Howard Irvin853
Macabee, Z. A1289
Macaulay, John W891
Macdonald, Hugh 731
Machado, Frank A1521
Machado, Frank R1492
Machado, Manuel A1418
MacLeod, Mrs. Elizabeth 628
Madsen, H. Chris1656
Magee, John Lafayette734
Magee, Robert Bruce1422
Maggini, Plin 537
Maher, Thomas 861
Main, W. H1585
Maisonneuve, Alphonse J1403
Malatesta, Giacomo 1606
Mancuso, Theodore M1656
Mangnin Bros1368
Mariotti, Luigi M1609
Martella, Giacomo1322
Marten, John S1535
Martin, Elizabeth H346
Martin, Julius 346
Martin, P. J1581
Martin, Rev. Thomas R., S.J1143
Martin, Samuel 1126
Mathews, A. H1354
Mathews, Henry D873
Mathewson, John A1497
Matracia, Alexander1547
Matteis, Joseph 1160
Matteis, Mrs. Cattherina Geraud 1160
Matty, Antoine 887
Mayhew, Dr. Arthur B.764
Maynard, Edmund W.807
Mayock, Stonewall J. 416
Maze, Edward Record989
Maze, Spencer Morrow438
McArthur, Robert A.554
McBain, John 567
McCarron, Andrew J.1425
McCarthy, John R.729Deloris Molloy
McCarthy, Richard 600
McCarty, John E.1615
McCauley, James F1076
McChesney, James Roger 1510
McCline, George E848
McComas, Henry W1374
McCombs, W. C1670
McCracken, Mrs. Elizabeth 435
McCurdy, V. T1316
McDaniel, Wilfred A 1217
McDonald, Archie400
McDonald, James A495
McGinnis, James Sumner 523
McGrath, Daniel J879
McGrath, Eugene O725
McGrurv, Warren J1422
McHenry, Francis J1173
McKee, Edson1437
McKee, George Butterfield 419
McKee, Hubbard 577
McKenzie, Michael 1616
McKeown, Daniel Linden 1179
McLachlan, Duncan P1153
McMurtry, George S998
Mederios, Justino 1502
Menker, John C376
Menton, Hubert O. F596
Merrill, Richard J1315
Merrill, Walter I., M.D1622
Merriman, Mrs. Isabelle956
Merritt James C725
Meyer, Albert M1493
Meyer, Emil 1111
Meyer, Peter H1473
Michel, John J1396
Millard, Byron 901
Miller, Frank J1158
Miller, Hale Roy1351
Miller, Harley B1221
Miller, Henry 351
Miller, Judge T. H1026
Miller, Mrs. Grace C1101
Millich, Frank 1684
Mills, Arthur 1505
Mills, Ora P1044
Milne, Alexander 935
Mineo, Henry A1659
Minter. Henry C1474
Miss Harker's School764
Moe, Arthur 1432
Moenning, Milton G1640
Monahan, Thomas 1240
Monier, L. A1348
Montezuma Mtn School for Boys1269
Montgomery, Alexander554
Montmayeur, Pierre1015
Montoya, Antonio 411
Montoya, Manuel 1218
Moody, David Bacon771
Moore, Samuel T918
Morell, George F976
Morgin, Ned B1647
Morrell, Albert E1094
Morris, Theodore John1214
Morrison & Wallace1470
Morton, Ada Scott, M. D1080
Mossi, John 1084
Muir, Chas. H1600
Muir, Ray 1159
Mulcahy, Matthew F1444
Mule, Charles 1363
Mullen, Edward H1465
Mullen, William Henry1294
Murgotten, Alexander P345Carol Bolton Peak
Murphy, Bernard D997
Murphy, Martin 908
Murphy, Patrick 1109
Murrin, James 637
Musso, Fred.G1129
N[Return to Jump Site]
Narvaez, Miguel H1669
Nash, Lyle R1134
Nattinger, Lyman L468
Navlet, Charles C720
Neilsen, Neils Adler1414
Nelsen, Peter 1112
Nelson, Alfred R1480
Nelson, Gustave 468
Nelson, John T1526
Nelson, Nick 1426
Newell, Edward, M D1448
Newman Hall 889
Nichols, Charles L1357
Nichols, John Henry1539
Nichols, Thomas Benton959
Nichols, Valentine David 666
Nichols, Walter Hammond 967
Nicholson, George A1527
Nicholson, George E996
Nielsen, Anton T.1338
Nielsen, Niels Nicholas537
Nightingill, Frank W960
Nippon Mura Inn1214
Nixon, John William399
Nommensen, E1307
North, Milo J1612
Norton, Evered H1679
Notre Dame College1643
Noyer, Joseph F1663
Nuttman, Aloysius W1636
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oberg, Isaac 1066
O'Brien, Jeremiah J1481
O'Brien, Michael 1353
O'Connell Bros, Inc936
O'Connell, Albert F995
O'Connell, Charles T 992
O'Connell, Elmer S963
O'Connell, Frank J975
O'Connell, G. Daniel996
O'Connell, Thomas 710
O'Connor Sanitarium 657
O'Connor, Hon. M. P654
O'Connor, Percy 968
Ogier, James Lee1451
O'Hara, Rev. Father Patrick J1002
O'Keefe, Frank H1170
Oldham, Louis F1137
Olsen, Andrew 1576
Olsson-Seffer, R. M1461
O'Neil, Robert K. 877
Orr, Horatio W545
Orreal, Louis 1358
Ortley, William B837
Osborne, A. E., M. D570
Osmer, George 678
Ostenberg, Pontus 1040
Osterman, Fred W973
Otter, Hugo W1211
Ousley, Samuel M407
Overfelt, Charles F511
Overfelt, Mrs. Mary387
Overfelt, William C384
Owsley, Edgar H1571
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Pacific Manufacturing Company 910
Pacific Press Publishing Association 714
Page, Capt. Walter A1213
Page, George W997
Palo Alto Public Library 909
Pancera, John 698
Panighetti, Carlo 1088
Panighetti, Silvestro 1559
Parker, Charles 1422
Parker, Major Lewis F592
Parkhurst, Mrs. Ella S1025
Parkinson, J. F427
Parkman, H. L932
Parks, William W585
Parlier, Charles Allen1514
Parton, Floyd A1509
Pasetta, Mateo J1418
Pashote, Joaquin J1592
Passantino, Francisco 1330
Passelli, Steve 1391
Patchell, Robert K991
Patterson, Steve 1641
Paul, DePhonzo Gibson524
Pavlicevich, John 1656
Payne, George C 1664
Payne, James Fred913
Peacock, Walter R701
Peard, John James1444
Pearson, Charles 1599
Pearson, Charles A1599
Peckham, James B1536
Pedgrift, Sam 1547
Peirano, Giacomo 1026
Pennington, John R1246
Perkins, James Elwin1509
Perone, Charles 1273
Perrone, Osea 1567
Peter, Fred 1674
Petersen, Peter J1456
Peterson, Fred L1001
Peterson, Mrs. Lillian J1001
Peterson, Peter J1471
Pettit, E. T489
Pfister, Henry A366
Phillips, Clarence E1575
Phillips, Dr. La Forest E990
Phillips, Frank 1347
Phillips, William C1421
Picchetti Bros1596
Picchetti, Attilio 1642
Pieper, Ernest O1217
Pieper, John H412
Pieper, Mrs. Adele E412
Pierce, Charles H990
Pierce, James H.341
Pierce, James Pieronnet341
Pike, Jonathan 1674
Pisturino, Sam 1312
Pitman, Cornelius Y520
Pitman, James M799
Pitman, Marian 963
Pitman, William Ward1270
Place, Elvert Ernest1660
Plank, Mrs. Melinda C1043
Pogue, John Fawcett1448
Polhemus, Edward R1130
Polhemus, George Bissell 365
Poli, Luigi 1560
Pomeroy, Irwin Edgar564
Pomeroy, Marshall 534
Pomeroy, Warren H933
Portalupi, Evasio 1299
Porter, Rev. A. W. Noel664
Porter, William R786
Post, Alfred Breed-991
Post, William O1266
Poston, Emory E1622
Poulsen, Jacobi 1371
Pourroy, Eloi 1270
Pourroy, Pierre C1174
Power, Edward C643
Priest, Milo Ray1528
Princevalle, James 931
Provenzano, Joseph C1596
Prudhomme, Philippe 992
Prussia, Willard L679
Puccinelli, Romolo L1628
Purviance, Mrs. Elmyra1673
Puterbaugh, George E1482
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Radtke, William 1357
Raggett, Martin 1497
Raggio, George 1595
Rainey, Prof. Joseph W874
Rainwater, Julius H1438
Rambo, Wliliam Taylor1372
Ramsay, William 1517
Randall, Laurence G825
Ransom, Joel W1377
Rasmussen, Chris 1130
Rathbun, F1611
Rawlings, George S526
Rawlings, John A879
Raymond, Daniel 679
Redwine, Claude 538Tex Dick
Reed, Alice H1434
Reed, Charles C., Jr1491
Reed, Charles Pennell1434
Reeve, Earl 1603
Regnart, Herbert William 1096
Regnart, Robert Edouard 1119
Reid, John G1539
Renaud, Mrs. Elise1321
Rengstorff, Henry 383
Rengstorff, Henry A824
Reseburg, William H1408
Rexworthy, H. S1384
Reynolds, James M827
Rhoades,William G1452
Rianda, Antonio 981
Ribble, Charles C1075
Ricard, Father Jerome Sextus, S. J742
Rice, Burl E1311
Rice, John A., D. D. S954
Rice, William A1605
Richard, Louis M889
Richards, Dr. Charles M898
Richards, John Evan315
Richardson, Owen Dale. 1374
Richman, John W1581
Richmond, Cedric Rae1217
Richmond, Edmund N 553
Richter, P. Herrnann H617
Ridley, LaFayette 1347Cherie Sheaffer
Riggs, William Ashley1544Rodman Bittner
Righter, Francis Marion1144
Riker, William E1553
Riordan, Thomas J1539
Rispaud, Jules Emile1087
Rispaud, Mrs. Renee1300
Roberts, George 701
Roberts, Herbert L1462
Roberts, W. K542
Robertson, Charles D604
Robertson, Edward C1379
Robertson, Richard Felix 560
Robidoux, Wilfred F 680
Robinson, Arthur J1578
Robinson, Henry 1578
Robinson, Perry W400
Robinson, Robert S1199
Roche, M. J1166
Rocliffe, Chas. Robert1115
Rodeck, S. G768
Rodoni, John 1563
Roessler, John Robert1008
Rogers, Josephine Rand388
Rogers, R. Nella913
Roll, John 866
Roller & Hapgood 1460
Roller, Arthur1460
Ronecker, Charles J1431
Rose, Joseph F1514
Rose, Mrs. Rosie G1387
Rucker, Joseph E776
Rucker, Joseph H449
Rudolph, Allen 1627
Rudolph, Paul 891
Russell, Andrew 1016
Russell, Lawrence 500
Russo, Joseph 1535
Russo, Nicholas H1617
Rust, Charles W1253
Ryan, Fred S., M. D1258
Ryan, George W 1443
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sabatte, Peter 1304
Saich, Anton 523
Sainsevain, Paul C775
Saleeby, Elijah M1044
Sampson, Leslie E1605
San Jose Abstract & Title Ins Co1378
San Jose Mercury-Herald 982
Sanders, Forrest D662
Sanders, Stephen Poole586
Sanor, William J.1616
Saunders, Stephen M1254
Savage, Granville L515
Savstrom, Charles 1203
Sawyer, Eugene T372
Scaglione, Louis A1678
Scagliotti, Ed1600
Scagliotti, Emilio 1606
Scherrebeck, Mary E 1337
Schilling, F. A578
Schilling, Herbert Emile 553
Schirle, Anton & Sons676
Schlaudt, Edward and Augusta 564
Schmidt, Emil 1414
Schmidt, H. C1154
Schmitt, Michael 1652
Schoenheit, Augustus A. 1087
Schroeder, J. H. C1479
Schubert, Adolph V1218
Schuh, William 1540
Schulz, John 1195
Schutte, Anthony 1640
Sciarrino, Samuel 1522
Scofield, F. Ned1568
Scorsur, Benjamin 1644
Scorsur, John 1665
Scorsur, Nick 1478
Scorsur, Steve 1472
Scott, Robert 733
Seale, Alfred 972
Searl, Garner R1367
Seely, George B1210
Selby, Mrs. John S483
Selby, William H706
Sequeira, M. T.1434
Serpa, William F.1133
Sex, James Patrick702
Shannon, John Francis883
Shaw, Elton Randall 222
Shaw, James G.693
Sheehy, Phillip G.862
Sheldon, Stephen White927
Shelley, Sivert H.674
Shepherd, James W.1101
Sherman, F. A.731
Shore, L. H.1586
Short, James 1387
Sigle, M. E.1523
Silliman, John C., M. D.719
Silva, Domingos A.1490
Silva, Manuel S.1433
Silveira, Joaquin J.627
Silver, Harry 1617
Simmons, John Joseph1367
Simon, Joseph V1618
Simpson, William, M. D.496
Singletary, Emory C.940
Singletary, Emory G438
Singletary, George C441
Sinnott, Patrick B.956
Sinz, Fred 1413
Skinner, Charles C.1615
Slavich, Lorenzo V.673
Slocum, George W.1479
Smaus, Louis 1524
Smith, Alfred B.1072
Smith, Charles O.1106
Smith, Charles R.1506
Smith, Francis 612
Smith, Fred B.1150
Smith, George F.618
Smith, Harry Ellsworth1226
Smith, James 1277
Smith, John 837
Smith, Olando J549
Smith, P. Milton1109
Smith, Rebecca Crites612
Smith, Stanley Bassett1134
Smith, Thomas E.1218
Snell, Ralph L.608
Snitjer, Fannie Bonney868
Snow, Irving Walter1138
Snyder, Arthur J.824
Snyder, John 791
Soares, Francisco P.1392
Sobey, Mrs. E. J.1563
Solari, Victor A.1387
Sonnichsen, L. H1447
Sontheimer, Urban A653
Soper, Darwin J.826
Sourisseau, Felix 948
South, Charles D541
Souza, M. M.599
Spalding, Hon. C. C. 380
Spargur, C. G.1438
Speciale, Orvis H.1652
Spencer, James A.1021
Spooner, D. Rutledge1631
Spring, Thaddeus W372
Squire, Charles H.1373
Squires, Leland J.1506
St. John, Mrs. Lucy A.847
St. Joseph's High School 1142
Stagg, John C. F.637
Stanfield, James .J800
Stanfield, John Harold947
Stanfield, John J.1061
Stanford Bank 985
Stanford University Library 779
Stanford, Leland 327
Stanford, Mrs. Jane L.330
Stanley, Harold J.1126
Stanquist, Victor 1196
Stapp, Jerome V.881
Stau, Henry C.1188
Staub, J. Samuel, M.D.604
Stebbins, C. L.1547
Stevens, Burt 597
Stevens, Charles 1617
Stevens, Marcus H.1343
Stevens, Orvis 597
Stewart, Frank W.591
Stewart, Ronald G.1115
Stewart, Rufus E.1399
Stewart, William D.811
Stillens, Marion A.1480
Stillwell, Joseph Charles 1230
Stillwell, Joseph M.485
Stock, Frank 854
Stock, Peter 862
Stocklmeier, Mathias 1452
Stockton, Herbert 1559
Stolte, Captain F.1684
Stone, Edward Bruce722
Stone, Vincent B.1587
Stoppelworth, Edward J.1230
Stough, John William697
Stout, Daniel W.890
Stralla, Madeline 1588
Strandberg, John W.817
Strickland, Charles E.828
Strickland, Erve C.867
Studer, Fred F.1230
Stull, Robert J.1371
Stura, G. C.1173
Sturla, Angelo 1578Elenamarie
Sturla, John, Sr.1479
Suess, R. C1278
Sullivan, John W472
Summers, Robert O.1180
Sund, Herman 1090
Sutherland, J. C.611
Sutherland, James 360
Sutherland, Mrs. Eliza A.360
Sutherland, William 366
Svilich, John 1438
Sweatt, William E.823
Syer, Robert S.573
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbert, Edith Leach628
Talbott, Mrs. Alice Lee906
Talia, Peter1492
Tallmon, George W.1395
Tanner, A. E.1347
Tarleton, George Eber1612
Tatham, Jefferson1221
Taylor, John1616
Taylor, William Dennis1107
Teed, John E.1137
Teixeira, A. J.1663
Templeman, Arthur W.1328
Templeton, William S.618
Teresi, Antonio1625Wendy Davis
Teresi, Joseph A1480Wendy Davis
Thayer, James W., M.D.971
Thiel, Charles1606
Thom, James A.1273
Thomas, C. H.1153
Thomas, Clayton R.761
Thomas, Jerome B., M.D.1451
Thomas, Marshal E.1577
Thomas, Massey432
Thomas, Wendell C.1647
Thompson, Joseph A.1239
Thompson, Mrs. Mary W.763
Thompson, William J.1249
Thorp, John C.721
Tomkin, Alfred Forbes1557
Tomkin, Dr. Alfred Royce986
Tomlinson, Warren G.1179
Tompkins, Samuel G.973
Tonini, Pasquale1678
Tonkin, John1343
Topham, Mrs. Hattie E.808
Trimble, William Edward 1343
Tripp, Herbert R.623
Truck & Tractor Service Company1612
Turner, George Webster 1105
Turner, James889
Tuttle, Carl F.881
Tuttle, Hiram D.1233
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ucovich, Mitchell1361
Ucovich, Nick1361
Ucovich, Peter1361
Umbarger, Austin F.811
University of Santa Clara 1571
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valpey, Horatio B450
Van Dalsem, H. C.449
Van Dalsem, Louis J.449
Van Lone, Walter Allen 1126
Van Orden, Richard P.1226
Vandervoort, Irving P.989
Vargas Bros546
Vath, Charles J.1121
Vatuone, Romeo F.1621
Vaughan, Patrick Eugene1222
Vedova, John D.1522
Vennum, Oliver Harrison Perry 109Diane
Volkers, Arthur W.1531
Volkers, Mrs. Delia1047
Von Dorsten, Frank A1079
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wade, Sylvanus Raynor1296
Wagner Brothers1640
Wagner, Anton884
Wagner, John Jacob1117
Wakefield, Leland Henry1525
Walker, George E.1610
Walker, Hon. George S.688
Walker, J. M. Church1477
Walker, Leland H.1225
Walker, Robert981
Walker, William S.688
Wallace, John Lindsley1030
Walsh, Walter963
Walter, Henry C.812Cheryl
Waltz, Howard S.1084
Ward, Alvin Ryland921
Ward, J. Parmelee1200
Ward, Mr. & Mrs. William B.458
Washburn, Arthur H.1192
Waterman, Clarence H.1641
Watson, Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe 928
Weaver, A. M.1648
Weaver, Edward M.675
Webster, Eugene D.1056
Webster, Thornton Delos 1071
Weeks, Charles1005
Wehner, Fred W.844
Welch, Hon. James R1057
Weller, Hon. Joseph R.1011
Weltz, George C.1592
Wemple, Emerson H.1229
Western Industries Co. 1489
Weston, Benjamin Frank 989
Weston, Mrs. Abbie M.989
Wheeler, Almon924
Whisler. Rev George H.763
White, George C.1477
White, John E.927
White, Mrs. Margaret375
White, Mrs. Mary A.342
White, Thomas F.943
Whitehurst, Logan L.934
Whitehurst, William A.1455
Whitman, Chauncey H.741
Whitney, Hamilton C.738
Wight, David1048
Wightman, P. R.807
Wilbur, Ray Lyman785
Wilcox, Elbert Joseph415
Wilcox, Frank A.779
Wilcox, Frank C.564
Wilcox, Hon. Isaiah A775
Wilcox, Irwin Miles489
Wildhagen, F. G.1625
Wilkes, Mrs. Ollie M.975
Williams, Albert Edward 573
Williams, Augustus Clair 573
Williams, Amos Otis1536
Williams, Edson H. and Robert D.1618
Williams, Edward Noble1090MICHELLE FERRETTI
Williams, John S.1264
Williams, Thomas M., M.D.1474
Willson, Carlon R.835
Willson, Frank Chapman 921
Willson, Frederick C.1528
Willson, George A.1688
Wilson, Doxey R. M.D.1130
Wilson, Ernest1244
Wilson, Horace1262
Wilson, James1034
Wilson, Miss Emily S.933
Wilson, Robert1625
Wilson, William A.1421
Wilson, William R.1295
Winkless, L. W., Jr.1648
Witten, Charles L.882
Wolf, Joseph1400
Wolfe, George C.1327
Wolfe, Levi W.1333
Wolff, William A.1527
Wood, Dallas E.974
Wood, George A.1663
Wood, Uriah822
Wood, Walter H.907
Woodrow, William L457
Woodworth, Thomas J1192
Worrall, George H., M. D1330
Worthen, George W453
Wright, Dr. Henry J. B.415
Wright, James Richard923
Wyatt, Roscoe D.1531
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Yerkes, Ostrum H.595
Yocco, Edward Clement1498
Young, Col. Carl J.1282
Young, Walter I.1281
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zakis, Peter John1498
Zarevich, Antone1649
Zarevich, Nickolas1650
Zaro, Stephen D.1691
Zastrow, Minnie B.1307
Zeiro, Captain Egidio G.653
Zeller, John B.1655
Zickendrath, Ernest C.1455
Zollars, John M.1605
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