History of Santa Clara County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present

By Eugene Taylor Sawyer

Historic Record Co., Los Angeles, CA - 1923

California Local History - Rocq - 13731

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: MICRO- FILM 148 -- Microfilm
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.473 H67a -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1976 -- Book NC

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.S25 S38 1922 -- Book NC

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Irving Blabon[Return to Jump Site]
Abel, George E.1102
Abel, Otto1396
Abernathy, Frank1080
Abernathy, Wm. Watson928
Abreo, Joseph A.1650
Adams, John Hicks1055
Adams, William H1056
Albertson, L. H595
Alderton, Henry A. MD.765
Alexander, George W582
Alexander, William G316
Alison, Ralston1061
Allegrini, Igino1296
Allemao, Manuel J1264
Allen, Charles S1649
Allen, John H1250
Allen, W. A1493
Allen, William Benjamin1348
Alvernaz, Frank P1444
Alves, Antone1469
Anderson, A. Ray546
Anderson, A1577
Anderson, George C664
Anderson, George H1150
Anderson, Hon. Alden796
Anderson, John 1510
Anderson, John Zuinglius 783
Anderson, Steve 1159
Anderson, Theodore O866
Anderson, Tom D 1113
Anderson, William W 1183
Andrada, Manuel 1317
Anello, Frank 1384
Angelo, Jose C1114
Anzini, Ben 1204
Arana, Melvin Joseph1303
Arguello, Julio 1599
Armanasco, James 1432
Arnberg, Fred J1610
Arnerich, Frank N1311
Arnerich, Paul J608
Arnold, Arthur E972
Artana, Henry C1649
Athenour, A., & Bros.1225
Atkinson, Richard940
Austin, William E1114
Averill, Arthur Earl1261
Averill, Volney861
Ayer, Henry M918
Ayer, Samuel Freeman867
Azevedo, Andre 1586
Azevedo, J. E.1456
Azevedo, Joseph C.1391Arline Silveira
Azevedo, Manuel T.1578Arline Silveira
Azzarello, Vincent1337
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babb, James T603
Bachrodt, Walter L519
Bacigalupi, Arthur P 1209
Bacon, Albert Sylvester1072
Bailey, Elton R892
Baiocchi, Adolph J., M.D1257
Baiocchi, Almanda1664
Baker, Herbert C1209
Baker, James T1209
Baker, Lewis E1211
Baker, Mrs. Margaret E680
Baker, Orlando L457
Baker, Simeon 823
Baker, T. E680
Balcomb, Jean B1554
Balistreri, Frank Oliver1621
Ball, Harry Ulysses1595
Ball, Martin Charles1371
Ballou, John Q. A772
Balsbaugh, Ephriam 1002
Barbaccia Bros.1660
Barber, Lawrence E 883
Bariteau, Eli 1549
Barkalow, Benjamin F1528
Barker, Frank P1413
Barker, Samuel A1413
Barnard, E. E1553
Barnes, Harry1083
Barnes, Mary F1340
Barnett, Thomas Clemens1651
Barns, Charles Edward1111
Barnum, John S1532
Baron, August William1553
Barr, C. Marian, A. M939
Barry, Mrs. Catherine E446
Barry, Mrs. Mayme E786
Bartlett, William C1494
Bates, Francis C1012
Bates, Luther A1651
Battee, John M530
Bauman, John1361
Baumgartner Bros.1243
Bazata, Rev. Benjamin V 1290
Beall, Lucian M1591
Bean, James E788
Bean, John1460
Beane, Georgia M346
Beans, Thomas Ellard 1362
Beans, William Knox762
Beattie, J. Irving, M.D495
Beatty, Charles L1629
Beatty, John F1392
Beck, Thomas B.1316
Beedle, Charles 1354
Bellew, Joseph M.718Pam Sherry nee Malone
Bemis, Vernon L.1425
Benjamin, M. A.1285
Benner, Stillman H1093Duane R. Stevens
Bennett, Ralph R.907
Benoit, Eugene I.1631
Benoit, Louis P.582
Benson, Oscar 1603
Bentley, Robert I., Jr.901
Bernal, Bruno 508BERNAL411@aol.com
Bernal, Pedro A.376BERNAL411@aol.com
Bernal, Ygnacio 408BERNAL411@aol.com
Bernthal, Walter G.1572
Berry, C. E1192
Berry, Charles1351
Berryessa, Alex1379
Berryessa, Jose J1094
Berryman, Fred1680
Bertelli, Angelo 1591
Bertelsen, Bertel1592
Beverson, Charles D.630
Biaggi, Alfred F.1628
Biaggi, Fred 1628
Biaggi, William R.1666
Billwiller, Ernest O.1526
Bisceglia, Pasquale 1568
Blabon, Joseph W. D.596Irving Blabon
Blabon, Otis 1110Irving Blabon
Blabon, Wm. Caspar338
Black, John Newton1514
Blackford, Lillie 424
Bladh, Carl 1673
Blanch, John W.730
Blanch, Robert 446
Blanchard, Hiram A.1202
Blanchard, Thos. L., M.D.1088
Bland, Henry M., Ph.D479
Bland, Wallace E1518
Blauer, William J1340
Blaurock, James Edwin 1133
Blois, J. Byron 986
Blount, Alvin M508
Bodley, Thomas458
Bogart, Arthur W1266
Bogart, Sewall B1317
Bohnett, Floyd O1403
Bohnett, Joseph 848
Bohnett, Lewis Dan1670
Boisseranc, August 1270
Bolfing, C. T1652
Bonar, Edgar P1329
Bone, Joseph H995
Bonetti, Henry 1278
Bonnet, Adrien 1188
Bonnet, Gaston1691
Bonnet, Louis Joseph1550
Booker, George E1269
Booth, Miss Etta E1289
Bordenave, Nicholas 1469
Bordi, Baptiste 1470
Boulware, Milton A341
Bourguignon, Frank E1006
Boussy, Ferdinand 1688
Bowen, Fred 888
Boyd, James, D. V. S644
Bradford, Alden E1196
Bradford, Mrs. Allis Kimball Ballou 972
Brandenburg, Harry E1257
Brandt, Charles 1066
Braslan, Charles P.607
Brattan, Mrs. Catherine F516
Bray, Mrs. Clara C.880
Brazil, Manuel S.1408
Breitwieser, John J.1564
Bressani, Richard V.1448
Breton, J. Walter1200
Bridgman, Roy W.550
Brimson, Joseph Marion1604David Brimson
Brinkman, Fred H.1243
Britschgi, Jack E.1651
Britton, Arthur T.1052
Britton, Lewis H. 1317Mary Helen Chrisman
Britton, Robert1318
Broedel, Michael624
Brokenshire, John R.1388
Bronk, Manuel 1434
Bronner, Clarenc.e F.1612
Brooks, Joseph T857
Brosius, A. F.1233
Broughton, Lem 1629
Brown, Albert S.1337
Brown, E. N.436
Brown, George M.333
Brown, James 1617
Brown, Judge Frederick Benjamin 688
Brown, Sewall S1465
Browne, Harry E1627
Brownell, Prof. Elmer E.767
Bryant, Col. D. H.442
Buckley, George Stephen1282
Burdick, Charles L.1025
Burdick, George B.1517
Burket, Mrs. Julia E.1249
Burkett, A. Kieffer 1134
Burkett, George P.825
Burnett, David M.342
Burns, T. S1626
Burrell, Frederick C.472
Burright, Charles L.1630
Burrows, Thomas J.1195
Burton, Henry Heber1033
Butcher, Rolla 944
Butcher, Rolla, Sr.943
Button, Dr. W. H.1491
Byrne, Garrett J.490
C[Return to Jump Site]
Calanchini, Ermenegildo1670
Calcagno, Simone1550
Caldwell, Charles Henry1655
Caleb, Miles Monroe665
Calkins, Geo. W1347
Call, George B.975
Callahan, Thomas J.1626
Cambiano, Paul D.1518
Cameron, Dr. David Paul817
Camp, John M1459
Camp, Wilbur Lee629
Campbell, Alexander D.678
Campbell, Andrew J.1113
Campbell, Carl1007
Campbell, David William1137
Campbell, George1414
Campbell, James Henry 795
Camps, Frank L.1577
Cantua, Joseph M.560
Cantua, Lenora560
Cappa, Joseph 1669
Cardoza, John F.1431
Cardoza, Tom 976
Careaga, Mrs. Maria A484
Carlo, John R.873
Carlson, C. A.577
Carlson, Charles O.1550
Carlyle, James S.1199
Carmelite Monastery1429
Carmichael, Daniel 831
Carmichael, Mrs. Wm. H.1008
Carmichael, Neil827
Carpenter, Dr. H. F.578
Carper, Samuel H.1281
Carrey, Albert J.933
Carroll, Thomas A.453
Carson, James S.837
Casalegno, Thomas & Henriette Pellier471
Casaletto, Laurence G.1211
Casaucau, Michel1429Beatriz Lacruz
Casaurang, Peter and Jean 1157Ana Casaurang Martinez
Casey, Jeremiah D472
Casey, Michael416
Casley, James663
Cassady, Sydney1612
Cassin, Charles M.1229
Castello, John1437
Castilleja School762
Castillou, James1459
Castle, Arthur F.661
Castle, I. N479
Castle, Mrs. California479
Castro, Crisanto1380
Caswell, Frank V.1202
Catania, Henry 1391
Cauhape, Victor 1315
Cavala, Paul L.1372
Cavallaro, Clifton D.1577
Cavallaro, John851
Challen, Victor 1234
Chambers, J. W.1666
Chapin, Frank E.1039
Chargin, Joseph A.1595
Chase, Elmer E., Jr.1518
Chase, Elmer E.844
Chase, Foster Wooden1118
Chrisman, Walter L.463Mary Helen Chrisman
Chrisman, William Henry 475Mary Helen Chrisman
Christian, Charles W603
Churchill, C. C.1692Jana Churchill
Churnside, Thomas1576
Chynoweth, Mrs. Mary H.334
Cilker, William Hamilton 1466
Clark, C. H1492
Clark, Charles507
Clark, George Thomas788
Clark, John A., M.D.1431
Clark, Jonas, M.D.935
Clayton, James A.803
Clayton, Willis S.807
Clearwaters, Reuben D.651
Clements, W. T.1191
Clouser, Harry E.1378
Coates, Washington B.1015
Cochrane, Mrs. Aphelia F. 756
Cody, L. R.658
Coe, Henry W.396
Coe, Henry Willard395
Coelho, Alexander Rose694
Collins, Rev. Richard 1527
Colombet, Emily J.1108Susan
Colt, William F.1522
Compton, Al1648
Conant, Ernest W. 847
Conrotto, Anselmo1627
Cook, Marion Virgil 1680
Cooley, Charles P964
Coombs, Frank W.737
Cooper, Astley D. M.676
Coopers, Edmond852
Coopers, Joseph B.852
Coopers, Louis P.852
Cordes, Paul H.943
Cornell, F. E.486
Corotto, John A.683
Corpstein, Joseph T.1244
Correa, Frank Silveira1447
Costa, George M.1665
Costigan, John H.705
Costigan, Robert A.574
Cottle, Ira 687
Cottle, Royal, Sr.411
Cotton, George Douglas669
Couch, Thomas 538
Coulter, Major William A.658
Coupland, Wm. Richard1334
Covert, A. C.1263
Cox, George W.673
Cox, Jacob Milan 800
Cox, John 838
Cox, Joseph Emory 955
Cox, La Fayette675
Cox, William 787
Crabb, Alexander L.697
Cramer, David Harold1052
Cramer, Joseph L.1233
Crawford, Edward D512
Crawford, James N.1174
Cribari Paul A.1536
Cribari, Fiore 1461
Crippen, Carlton Carlyle1352
Cross, William J.1203
Crow, Max J923
Cunningham, E. M.652
Cunningham, Joseph C.1249
Cunningham, Luther 598
Curry, Benjamin O404
Curtis, George M.766
Curtis, Manly M.1308
Curtner, Alan Eltzroth932
Curtner, Albert H.1058
Curtner, Allen E.581
Curtner, Henry 423
Curtner, Lucy Latham424
Curtner, William M1120
Cushing, Frank Allen 989
Cuthbertson, Sidney M.1141
Cutler, Charles W.684
Cutter, John J.1180
Cutting, Charles D.1621
Cutting, Dr. James A.876
D[Return to Jump Site]
Da Cruz, Rev. M. A.1489
Daft, Joseph 1650
Dahlgren, Andrew P.947
Daly, Phillip 1160
Darling, Salma 710
Darsie, William 752
Davenport, Mervyn A.1258
Davison, Charles W.878
De Carli, Louis Charles684
De Forest, Albert T.1191
De Lacy, Hugh A.713
De Mattei, Michael 1363
De Silva, T. P.1550
Dean, Charles O1588
Delmaestro, Edward1165
Delmue, Ernest1239
Delyon Eugene 1159
Denegri, Dismo M.1333
Desimone, Joseph S.1334
Devenpeck, Glenn A.1622
Devine, John James526
Devine, Joseph M.526
Di Fiore, Angelo901
Di Fiore, Domenico1567
Di Fiore, Frank 1154
Dickinson, John W.1432
Dinsmore, Dudley F.1243
Dinsmore, John W., D.D.1108
Distel, Edward Francis902
Dodds H. G1377
Doerr, Charles 520
Doerr, Henry C.1119
Doidge, Mrs. Elizabeth A.1262
Dornberger, Victor670
Dowling, Thomas M.1610
Draper, Wilbur H.1043
Du Brutz, Anthony G. 1239
Dufour, Charles1290
Duncan, John F.1333
Dunn, James T.1020
Dunne, Mrs. Catherine818
Dunne, Peter J.804
Dutton Brothers694
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eastman, Edward Ferry939
Eaton, Ernest C.677
Eaton, Louis 1465
Eaton, Ralph W.1400
Eberhard Tanning Co.533
Ebinger, Lewis B.1184
Economou, William N.1582
Edwards, Henry William 1158
Edwards, Leonard P.1179
Ehrhorn, Adolph William 591
Ellet, Alfred Washington 1093
Ellet, Charles 755
Ellet, Edward Carpenter746
Ellis, Edward F.931
Ellis, James H.792Michelle Seidman
Ellis, John Edward1285Michelle Seidman
Ellis, Marion E. 1257Michelle Seidman
Elmer, L. H.1117
Elmer, Walter M.1212
Emery, Dr. Grenville C525
England, Beverly Allen888Cherie Sheaffer
England, Gus A.1388Cherie Sheaffer
Erickson, Andrew L719
Ernst Brothers 1383
Eschenburg, Rodney 383
Esrey, John964
Estrade, Mrs. Lizzie1308
Estrade, Prosper 1308
Evans, Francis Marion705
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fahey, John H581
Fancher, Earle C.884
Faria, J. S.1361
Farmers' & Merchants Natl Bk of Mt View 843
Farney, Edmund B.718
Farnsworth, Ralph1485
Farrell, M 1395
Farrell, Mrs. Maria1030
Farwell, Franklin M. 1199
Farwell, J. D.936
Fate, Harold L.1052
Fatjo, Robert A.630
Fellom, James Matthew496
Fellom, John A., Sr.761
Fellows, Edmund L.792
Fernald, Josephine M.914
Ferreira, Joe J.1443
Ferrell, James1079
Fieger, George W.1505
Fiehmann, George J.1307
Filice, Gennaro 1609
Finley, Mrs. Louise M.1263
First Natl. Bk. of Los Altos 1188
Fisher, Fiacro Julian721
Fisher, Henry B.1084
Fisher, Ida M.643
Fitch, Harry H.1321
Fitts, William L.633
Fitzgerald, John P.1222
Fitzgerald, Thomas586
Fitzgerald, Walter G.586
Flint, Benjamin and William R.504
Flint, Homer Hon. 1636
Foley, William Edward 1115
Fontaine, Gaston R.1029
Forbes, James Alexander 878
Forbes, Judge James A.1554Jennifer Coates
Ford, Clifford M.1348
Forward, James W.1095
Forward, Jas. Wesley 874
Foss, Mrs. Sarah A.442
Foster, Fred Lawrence1486
Fourcade, Susanna W.947
Fouts, David P.1076
Francalanzo, Joseph1407
Francis, Octave J.1125
Fredericks, Karl R.503
Free, Hon. Arthur M880
Freelyn, Elias H.574
Freeman, Edgar H.796
Freeman, Lloyd E.836
Freitas, John Andrews1396
Freitas, John R.1524
French, Alden 1165
French, Ernest A. 1169
French, John H.1524
Frisbie, Mrs. Geraldine E.568
Fry, H. Ray879
Fuchs, Emil V.1652
Fullington, Rolla F.953
Fulmer, Jacob P.1029
Funkler, William 1154
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gagliasso, Charles 1090
Gagliasso, Luigi1329
Gallagher, Alfred D.1163
Gallagher, George F.1163
Gallagher, Richard 515
Gallagher, William L.1245
Gamble, Edwin P.1330
Gardner, Fred H.730
Gardner, Walter J.569
Gardner, William S.741
Garrod, David 1106
Garrod, Ralph Vince1201
Gatter, Jacob M. H., Jr.1540
Gattuccio, Bart, M.D.890
Geer, Mrs. Clara A1563
Genardini, Charles 1300
Genovesi Bros., Zapelli & Co. 1501
Geoffroy, August 638
George, Manuel F.1490
George, Mrs. Amelia D.1061
George, Mrs. Mary W.1166
Gerow, Forest B.1629
Giacomazzi , Edward P1494
Giacomazzi, William F.1164
Giardano, Frank 1677
Gibson, L. W.1456
Gifford, Julia A.1102
Gifford, Loren N533
Gillespie, John 1201
Gilroy Public Schools1138
Giottonini, William 887
Glans, Oscar E.634
Glennon, Matthew J. 1169
Gober, Rev. W. R.1460
Gober, Robert P., M.D.1460
Gohranson, Oscar F1364Carline Sutton
Goldmann, Edmund, Dr.1234
Goodrich, Clifford Byron 1303
Goodrick, Thomas A.1184
Goodwin, C. B.1531
Goodwin, James A.1367
Gordon, Dr. William D.1543
Gordon, Harry V.1354
Gosbey, Hon. Perley F.529
Gould, James 948
Graeb, Walter A1549
Granander, K. J1501
Gray, George A., M. D1523
Greco, Anthony 1149
Greco, Gaspare1603
Greco, Victor V1632
Green, Ed. R1150
Greenley, Joseph Spencer 1540
Griffiths, William 838
Grim, Ira H1056
Grimm, George 597
Grisez, Celestine J1526
Grisez, Rev. John C., S. J1489
Growers Bank 1299
Gruwell, Charles Lee722
Gruwell, Lawrence C1481
Gubser, August 1466
Guglielmoni, S. E1559
Guglieri, Dr. A. A892Wendy Guglieri
Guglieri, Gregory 1501Wendy Guglieri
Guglieri, Mrs. Adela R892Wendy Guglieri
Gwartney, Mrs. Betty1481
Gwinn, Marion Thomas1478
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haag, Mrs. Elise M585
Haag, William F585
Haase, Maxwell Benno1202
Hagelin, John L1327
Hageman, Toe 771
Haight, Clark W1564
Haley, Edward 1116
Hall, William Henry1286
Haman, Carl Wesley812
Hambly, Francis James1115
Hamilton, George, Sr371
Hamlin, E. C1204
Hammond, Mrs. Martha 1120
Hancock, Joseph Edward 934
Hanger, Curtis Elden1083
Hansen, Antone K1525
Hansen, James 1096
Hansen, Knut H1344
Hansen, Mrs. Mary E1102
Hanson, Floyd A1261
Hanson, George Warren832
Hanson, Mildred1051
Hapgood, Frank A1460
Hares, William Lionel1659
Harms, George W1472
Harms, Henry A1539
Harper, Capt. Richard B732
Harris, James William729
Harrub, Irving E.1630
Hart, Alexander J504
Hart, Leopold 323
Hart, Orville Benjamin669
Hartley, W. W545
Harton, Will Green1058
Harvey, Harriet Newell592
Hauk, John 917
Haun, George J.718Steve Williams
Hayes, Everis Anson320
Hayes, Hon. Jay Orley324
Hayes, Mrs. Everis A530
Hayes, Mrs. Jay Orley905
Hayes-Chynoweth, Mrs. Mary 334
Headen, Dr. Benjamin F599
Hedegard, S. N1558
Heilmann, Stephen 768
Heimgartner, William B1513
Helwig, Lester H670
Hendy Iron Works 818
Hendy, John Harris784
Heney, Richard1560
Henkle, R. E1209
Henry, William Fiske765
Hermle, Andrew1505
Herring, S. H1141
Herrmann, Charles F. W.500
Herrold, Charles David1293
Hershey, Chester E1630
Hersman, Hugh Steel1184
Hersman, William M1433
Hess, Alexander W., Sr1274
Hettinger, Eby Athy954
Heyde, John W Edward 1560
Heymann, Adolph 1635
Hiatt, Frederick Lee1114
Hiatt, James 1494
Hichborn, Franklin436
Hill, Andrew P355
Hill, Frank D1543
Hill, Henrie Granville882
Hill, Henry Tanner960
Hills, Alfred Farley1121
Hinds, Carleton Jay1677
Hinsdale, William A. B1636
Hirsch, Mrs. Emma898
Hobson, Benjamin F483
Hobson, Herman W1112
Hobson, William B404
Hoesch, Judge John M1149
Hogan, Thomas C890
Hogg, Henry C1095
Hogg, Robert L., M. D665
Holmes, F. H1107
Holthouse, Eberhardt H832
Holthouse, J. Fred836
Holthouse, Mark H835
Hooper, H1340
Hoque, Francis M734
Hoque, William Francis734
Horn, Mrs. Emily J917
Horstmann, Fred H1641
Houser, Harry A1543
Howe, Miss Agnes E654
Howe, William B897
Howes, Charles E., Jr1116
Howes, Charles Edward1115
Howes, Freeman L1169
Hoyt, Frank L1513
Hubbard, Albert Lester1062
Hubbard, Frank 1404
Hubbard, Mrs. Sierra N1118
Hubbard, Thos. B1062, 1118
Huber, Charles H.1679
Huff, Frank L1019
Huff, James A1065
Hughes, John 563meghughes53@aol.com
Hultberg, Nels O1240
Hunt, Charles A1490
Hunt, Harold G.1245
Hunter, Frank A1122
Husted, Ralph Allen1213
Hutton, Hiram Coye1170
Hutton, Warner 515
Huxtable, Frederick J1575
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingels, Bruce 924
Ingleson, Mrs. Robert S706
Interurban Sanitarium 1563
Irwin, Samuel J877
Isaacson, Herman 1214
Isascs, Vincent1295
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Jonathan F922
Jackson, Roy I1548
Jacobs, Sol 1071
James, D. W1462
James, William Henry1225
January, Wm. A1687
Jemm, Otto F1611
Jennings, Mrs. Ella Lords 485
Jennings, W. W.485
Jensen, Anton M1277
Jepsen, Andrew H692
Jepsen, Mathias P1339
Jessen, Conrad 1659Rick and Janeen
Joaquin, Joe 1666
Johanson, Carl A1591
Johnson, Emil A1610
Johnson, Frank A955
Johnson, Frank W1312
Johnson, Harry 1160
Johnson, Herschel 1482Chris G.
Johnson, Mrs. Myrtle W.955
Johnson, Nils519
Johnson, Theodore 585
Johnston, William Allen 709
Jones, C. H717
Jordheim, Ole 1497
Joshua Hendy Iron Works 818
Juarez, Joseph L1322
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kammerer, Leroy H1639
Kammerer, Urban A1250
Kasson, Frank 1362
Kearney, Thomas E.1337
Keeble, Edward G.1603
Keeble, Richard P359
Keesling, Alva Curtis 1057
Keesling, George L.897
Keley, Dr. Thomas1040
Kelley, Alphonzo M.1040
Kelly, George Albert1204
Kemp, Freeman H.1404
Kendall, E. F467
Kendall, Mrs. Letitia Pearl Snyder464
Kennedy James C.612
Kennedy James K.1304
Kennedy, Karl F.1486
Kennedy, Mark E.1157
Kenyon, Frank 529
Kenyon, James Monroe1399
Kerr, Henry M.853
Kerwin, John B.597
Kerwin, Thomas 597
Kesling, Earl E.1485Jon Spencer
Ketchum, Otto L.1164
Kidder, George S.1265
Kidwell, James Hilton902
Kirk, Bert T.883
Kirk, Mrs. Louise G.648
Kirk, Theophilus379
Kissinger, Henry 1684
Klotz, Christian M.1493
Knoeppel, Matthias 1039
Knoles, Tully Cleon, D.D511
Knowles, Frank W., M.D.852
Knowles, Homer 476
Koch, Valentine 891
Koehle, I. J.1373
Kohner, Ignatz 857
Kopp, Henry Louis1477
Krause, Herman B.1213
Krieg, Henrietta Rehor854
Kyle, S. Clyde1469
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