An illustrated history of southern California:

embracing the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange, and the peninsula of Lower California, from the earliest period of occupancy to the present time; together with glimpses of their prospects; also, full-page portraits of some of their eminent men, and biographical mention of many of their pioneers and of prominent citizens of to-day.

The Lewis Publishing Co. (1890)

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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La Rue, Seneca671
Lacey, D. S191
Lahl, T. W. 556
Lamson, Wm.867
Langrehr, H. C.192
Langworthy, S. R. 666
Larson, Thomas332
Lawrence, C. E. 297
Layman, J. W844
Le Cyr, Joseph 156
Lenz, J. M374
Lester, Edward618
Lettner, Lewis137
Levet, J. B230
Lindenberger, F. T. 179
Long, R. H. 314
Loop, T. M. 235
Lord, Geo.571
Loucks, J. H. 120
Louis, E206
Love, J. A. 250
Luce, M. A 215
Lyman, Sylvester869
Lynch, L. L. 149
Lyons, Isaac855
Lyons, W. J376
Lythe, Andrew560
M[Return to Jump Site]
Macdonald, M506
Mack, J. A511
Mack, J. E534
Maclagan, Henry335
Macy, H. F.518
Magee, S. R. 513
Maggard, Jacob858
Mannasse, J. S. 279
Mansur, C. F.880
Marshall, J. H. 225
Marshall, L. W. 144
Martin, J. M 262
Mason, H. S.300
Mason, L. S.114
Matthews, W. G.251
Maxson, C. W263
McCanna, J. H.331
McCary, Alex642
McClain, A. W181
McCollough, John897
McCormick, J. H.226
McCormick, J. P386
McCoy, Jas.147
McCoy, Josiah869
McCrary, Abner560
McCrucken, F. F168
McDermott, Owen168
McDonald, F. J. 338
McDonald, F. M.197
McDonald, R. E. 491
McDonald, R. H. 130
McDonald, Wm.503
McDougall & Burgess138
McDowell, S. A.199
McFadden, W. M.853
McFarlane,T. L.504
McGarvie, R. W.256
McIntosh, F. J.189
McKee, H. A.875
McLeod, D. W.613
McMillan, A. C.366
McVicar, Donald109
Meacham, Mrs. E. W. G. 713
Mead, A. N.157
Mendelson, I.154
Merrill, C. C.113
Metz, Israel328
Miller, C. C.639
Milliken, B. H.624
Mills R. C., Jr.128
Mills, Ander861
Miner, A. H.676
Mitchell, John268
Moesser, J. H.884
Monroe, C. F.309
Moore, H. P.624
Mora, Francis777
More, Ira775
Morey, David556
Morgan, J. T.361
Morris, J. M.513
Morrison, F. P.697
Morse, Bradford683
Morse, E. W. 272
Morse, Philip194
Muncy, R. E.365
Munn, A. G.172
Murphy, James198
Murray, Eli H.103
Myers, J. H.281
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nance, J. W.355
Nason, A. G.382
Neill, Henry892
Nelson, F. T.668
Newport, W.208
Newtburg, Oscar428
Newton, J. C.768
Nichols, F. P. 155
Nichols, T. D.694
Nicolson, John137
Nielsen, J. B. 254
Noland, W. W. 674
North, J. G.489
North, J. W.487
Noyes, W. T.602
Nugent, Edmund 307
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Pry, J. T.687
Oakes, G. P.211
Olson, Daniel187
Orme, H. S.797
Orr, G. P.363
Ortega, Amelio 362
Otis, G. E.537
Ottmann, P. R.150
Overbaugh, A.107
Overmier, N.375
Overshiner, G. J.345L. Spencer Leister
Owen, C. E.653
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packard, C. F. 662
Packard, C. W.632
Paine, C. R. 603
Paine, J. O. W.231
Palmer, J. D.196
Palmer, L. L. 349
Palmer, T. H.501
Pankey, H. S.863
Pape, A.373
Papineau, Ottley661
Paris, A. B.491
Parker, D. G.662
Parker, J. C.119
Parker, Leonard844
Parker, Robert854
Pauly, Aaron289Katherine W. Green
Payne, A. E.623
Payne, E. S.382
Peabody, Henry A.831
Pearson, E. C.257
Penrose, I.. C.364
Perigo, Wm.341
Perkins, C. J.502
Perris, F. T.690
Perry, W. F.328
Petchner, Frank616
Petty, J. N.250
Phelan, A. E.581
Piddington, A.638
Pierce, E. H.830
Pierson, J. H.506
Pierson, R. J.611
Pine, S. C.614
Plath A. T.184
Polhemus, J.716
Porter, H. K.159
Potts, J. W.758
Preble, S. W.875
Prescott, G. W.686
Price, M. F.670
Prince, S O.176
Prout, W. J.245
Publicover, James658
Puls, H. A.652
Puterbaugh, George205
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quinton, J. H. 169
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rabel, Henry 524
Raffi, G.274
Rainey, T. H.146
Ralphs, J. C. 607
Recce, O. M.260
Reeves, Truman499
Reinhardt, J. G.152
Reiser, Theodore855
Rice, H. W. 512
Rice, James H.173
Richards, W. T. 876
Richardson, F. W. 717
Rieger, J. C.368
Rifenburg, W. G.133
Roberds, R. T.553
Robinson, H. W.520
Robinson, J. C. 806
Robinson, Richard865
Robinson, W. E.366
Rockfellow, E. F. 262
Rodes, Joseph171
Roe, J. H.595
Rogers, S. S.233
Rogers, W. A.541
Rogers, William231
Rose, Thomas186
Rosenthal, Emil692
Ross, Jacob848
Ross, Jacob877
Ross, Josiah883
Ross, R. E.809
Rudisill, H. J.515
Russell, James159
Russell, W. P. 719
Russell, W. R. 660
Ryan, J. F.373
Ryerson, George
S[Return to Jump Site]
San Diego College of Letters388
Sanford, O. N.340
Sauerbrey, C. J.366
Saulter, A. H. 119
Saunders, A.135
Saunders, H.621
Sawyer, W. B.673
Sayward, J. W. 647
Schell, D.664
Schell, Daniel664
Schelling, Jacob111
Scherman, Antone369
Schiller, H. M.247
Scholl, C. D.872
Schorn, Louis843
Schuyler, J. D.241
Schuyler, John267
Scott, Chalmers185
Scott, H. H. 695
Scranton, J. R. 385
Scrimgeour, G113
Sedgwick, T. S. 154
Sells, M. L.861
Selwyn, G. A.387
Seymour, E. C.505
Sharp, J. E. 845
Shaug, H. L.182
Shay, W. A.516
Shedon, Dr.385
Sherman, C. C.698
Shields, J. E.702
Shirley, John886
Shoemaker, M.669
Shugart, K. D.497
Shultz, J. F. 141
Simms, J. A. 692
Simpson, F. M.254
Sinclair, H. H.597
Skinner, G. M.646
Slade, S.331
Slaughter, F. M.625
Sleppy, Nelson677
Smith, A. B. 151
Smith, Carey R.845
Smith, J. H. 457
Smyth, F. C. 843
Snow, J. M.227
Snyder, J. H.316
Soto, J. M.247
Soule, W. L. G. 590
Sparkes, G. W.717
Spencer, J. M. 109
Spencer, John386
Spencer, M. W.266
Spencer, Thomas856
Spileman, E. B.850
Sponable, G. W.852
Sprecher, G. N674
Sprigg, J. C354
Spurgeon, Wm. H873
Squire, Stephen619
Stannard, J. B. 252
Statler, S264
Steadman, H. B. 372
Steilberg, Wm.380
Steison, R. H.538
Stephens, Henry868
Stevison,V. V356
Stewart, Clarence641
Stewart, J. H539
Stewart, James539
Stewart, Jas, H 118
Stewart, Julia J 896
Stewart, Richard 543Sonny Stewart
Stewart, W. W264
Stice, A. J162
Stiles, Amos621
Stokes, Adolph118
Stone, J. B. 855
Stones, Wm. 558
Storer, John H123
Stroud, H. E269
Studabecker, W 701
Sturges, D. B. 494
Sulcer, A. A689
Suman, Peter704
Summons, J. B. 565
Supple, J. F109
Suttonfield, G. W591
Suverkrup, John694
Sylvester, C. W610
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taylor, A. S512
Tays, J. B. 628
Tedford, W. B. 889
Teel, J. B.222
Thayer, G. R.696
Thomas, C. L.590
Thomas, Charles357
Thomas, Chas. H369
Thomas, Chas., Jr.370
Thomason, P. M332
Thompson, F. C334
Thompson, J. C877
Thompson, J. W116
Thorn, J. C563
Thorn, Joseph562
Tibbals, Barnabas 663
Tibbets, L. C629
Titchenal,W. H.880
Titus, Harry L354
Titus, L. H766
Tolles, W. R580
Tombes, J. B. 853
Towner, J. W 842
Townsend, B. F862
Treanor, C. A342
Trimmer, Martin125
Tripp, O. C.357
Trowbridge, & Maynard622
Trownsell, J367
Turner, John870
Twogood, L J.585
Tyson, S. M295
U[Return to Jump Site]
Utt, Lysander841Nancy Waite
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vail, I. N116
Van Norman, E V187
Van Slyke, W. H289
Vernon, James197
Vertrees, E140
Vestal, W L 252
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wainwright, C. C.528
Waite, E. B.718
Waite, E. J. 666
Waite, L. C.699
Wall, S. M.504
Wall, W. B.876
Walling, Percy H. 863
Wardrobe, R. L. 156
Warner, John 867
Warner, M. M. 359
Warren, A. A.542
Wasson, John682
Waters, Byron593
Waters, J. W.665
Waters, R. J 549
Watrous, B. F. 551
Webster, W. B., Jr.362
Webster, W. B., Sr. 360
Wells, H. L. 301
Wescott, Edmund204
Wescott, J. W358
West, J. M. 564
West, W. E.646
Westbrook, H. A. 602
Wetherbee, G. M. 348
Wetmore, G. H. 157
Whaley, Thomas217
Whims, N. C. 234
Whitaker, L. W.568
White, A. S.588
Whitlock, Alma492
Whitmore, S.163
Whitney, H. P.352
Whitney, J. J. 536
Wickham, R. Q. 888
Wightman, J. L. 891
Wilbur, G. A 688
Wilder, D. O. 596
Wilkes, Mrs Clara R.710
Willis, H. M.508
Wilson, T. J.587
Winder, W. A.287
Winter, F. X.171
Winter, Joseph 192
Winter, Wm.183
Witfield, G.112
Wixom, D. H.721
Wood, A. A.644
Wood, T. J.707
Woods, J. M.135
Woodward, W. B.226
Woodworth, F. H.333
Worthing, R 237
Wozencraft, Henry495
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yates, Lafayette. 363
York, C. E. 298
Young, N. A. 335
Yount, Henry874
Z[Return to Jump Site]
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