A memorial and biographical history
of the counties of
Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura, California illustrated:

containing a history of this important section of the Pacific Coast from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prospective future, with profuse illustrations of its beautiful scenery, full-page steel portraits of its most eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

By Yda Addis Storke

The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. (1891)

California Local History - Rocq -13466

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abernathy Bros.366
Allen, B. G302
Alvord, J. B344
Anderson, A. L 522
Anderson, S. D333
Angel, Myron441Liz Fairchild
Anthony, C. J602
Anthony, G. T603
Arata Bros. 356
Argabrite, J. L663
Armstrong, W. M 508
Arnold, C. R332
Arnold, E. F454
Arnold, H. H332
Arnold, Leroy578
Arnold, M. H545
Atmore, Mathew329
Atwood, E. A.353
Austin, W. H607
Avila, J. V628
Axtell, J. D560
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailard, John282
Baker, F. W369
Baker, H. W.536
Ball, Elbridge416
Ball, John609
Ballard, E. B264
Ballou, S. D648
Barber, P. J553
Bard, C. L487
Bard, T. R471
Barker, J. A.677
Barker, J. L307
Barker, Wm.387
Barkla, J. S412
Barnard, A. D.498
Barrows, F. P585
Barrows, Thomas519
Barry, E. S298
Bartlett, C. G.378
Battles, R. E393
Bean, E. P. 669
Beattie, James 382
Beckett, J. F.408
Beckwith, F. J313
Beebee, W. L358
Benn, Wm. 528
Bennett, E. M642
Bennett, Fayette461
Bennett, J. R505
Bennett, W. C. 354
Bennison, H. G.576
Benton, A. F.483
Bish, Harrison462
Bither, Tyler623
Blackburn, D. D.580
Blanchard, Nathan W.459
Blochman, L. E.409
Blood, J. A.477
Blumberg, A. W.292
Boeseke, A. J.521
Boll, Michael518
Bonestel, C. D.449
Booth, A. R.347
Borchard, John560
Borland, W. E.626
Boronda, E.482
Boyd, A. M.356
Bradley, Charles609
Bradley, John322
Bradley, Paul419
Branch, F. Z.421
Branch, J. F.605
Brewster, J. C.455
Bridge, J. H. & R. E.269
Broughton, R. J.491
Broughton, W. W.371
Browne, A. W.384
Buell, A. W.332Nanette
Bunce, I. H.353
Burdick, H. J.606
Burgess, F. P.606
Byers, P. L.342
C[Return to Jump Site]
Call, S. B.654
Call, S. J.645
Camarillo, A.584
Canet, A.404
Canon, William S.515Phil
Carle, O. C.557
Carnes, H.481
Carr, Robert425
Carter, C. E.431
Case, James316
Casteel, Jesse610
Castro, J. C.658
Cavanaugh, T.669
Cawelti, John 594
Chaffee, W. S.484
Charlebois, P.647
Cheal, James523
Chediston House523
Chiesa, F.496
Clark, C. H.474
Clark, H. F.467
Clark, I. M.438
Clark, Thomas296
Cleveland, E. M. 548
Cody, N. T.547
Coffin, G. W.512
Cohn, Simon589
Coll, Jose520
Collins, J. S.492
Conaway, J. A.316
Connelly, A.576
Cook, F. E.606
Cook, R. D.514
Cook, W. C.300
Cotton, A. R.656
Cox, A. W.407
Crabb, Alonzo593
Crane Bros.282
Crane, G. G.304
Crane, H. G.562
Crane, J. L.542
Cravens, T. A.294
Crawford, J. M.237
Cummings, J. F.566
Cunnane, V. B.272
Currier, C. J.289
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalidet, P. H., Jr. 666
Dally, H. J.533
Dana, D. A.419
Dana, H. C.424
Dana, W. G.569
Davidson, B.403
Davis, Charles570
Davis, F. C.639
Day, J. A.622
De Home Bros.392
De la Guerra, E. B.654
De la Guerra, Emanuel654
De la Rosa, Jose568
Decker, C. H.323
Dennis, A. C.522
Dimmick, L. N.532
Dimock, H. C.446
Dimock, Joseph417
Donlon Bros.580
Donlon, John588
Dormers & Challenor603
Douglas, Cyrus409
Draper, J. B.614
Dubbers, Henry371
Dunham, F. H.318
Duval, C. S.284
Duval, E. A.541
Dyer, A. H.420
Dyer, Wallace417
E[Return to Jump Site]
Ealy, R. J.318
Earll, F. A.352
Earls, J. F. 436
Eastin, L. F.646
Eddy, W. M.594
Elliott, Nathan363
Emerson & Co.342
Estrada, Joaquin672
Estrada, Nicolazo437
Evans, James609
Evans, W. A 397
Exline, Levi376
F[Return to Jump Site]
Faeh, Ambrose378
Fagan, Michael335
Fandrey, Joseph486
Farrelly, P. F.357
Faulkner, C. P.582
Faulkner, G. W. 559
Fernald, Charles674
Fernandez, E.673
Field, F. F.619
Fisher, I. K.534
Fisk, Rufus575
Fluegler, Emil666
Flynn Michael410
Ford, H. C.485
Forrester, L. L.436
Forrester, P. A.653
Foxen, W. D.667
Frankl, Leopold277
Franklin, B. H.280
Freire, M. P.478
Frink, C. H.301
Frost, F. D.642
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gagliardo, G. B.354
Gally, B. W.586
Garcia, Julian, Mrs. 608
Garcia, Philemon514
Gardner, C. O.601
Garrett, Russell661
Garrison, A. N. 336
Gates, L. D.531
Gerry, Waite 552
Gilger, C. T.587
Gisler, S. L.304
Glass, J. H. 355
Goodyear, J. D.544
Gordon A. L.594
Gosnell, T. B.411
Graenhagen Bros270
Gragg, G. T.671
Graham, J. W.601
Graham, Z.568
Grant, K. P. 549
Graves, Ernest672
Graves, J. M. 425
Graves, Murphy540
Graves, William655
Green, J. E.546
Greenlee, D. M.600
Greenwell, W. E. 595
Greer, E. A., Mrs.602
Gregg, V. A.303
Gregory, Durrell Stokes607
Gries, J. K.465
Grimes, Brice 319
Guiberson, S. A.315
Gutierrez, A. G.526
Gutierrez, B510
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haines, Abner632
Hall, C. L. 527
Hall, E. B.590
Hall, E. P.507
Hall, E. S.445
Hardison, Harvey434
Hardison, L. A. 321
Hardison, W. L620
Harkey, J. S511
Harloe, Marcus394
Harris, Joseph 510
Harris, R. R. 383
Harrold, E. W307
Harrold, Michael 583
Hart, Reuben614
Hartman, F365
Harwood, Thomas 308Ted Harwood
Hathaway, F. C370
Hawley, O. F561
Haydock, R. B447
Hayne, W. A.524
Hazard, R. J. 627
Hendricks, J. W 411
Henning, J. S385
Hepburn & Terry648
Herbst, J. H448
Herrera, Dolores386
Higgins, P. C281
Higuera, T. B479
Hill, J. G 463
Hill, Jesse435
Hill, R. W 448
Hill, Samuel349
Hillard, Fred538
Hobart, Joseph290
Hobson P. J. 637
Hodges T. E346
Hogg, S. T641
Hoit, E. M 499
Hollister, John H326
Hollister, Joseph H326
Hollister, W. W649
Holt, Herman622
Horstman, A. F265
Hosmer, Thomas276
Houk, John394
Hudiburgh, I. N345
Hudson, A. J640
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irwin, John314
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jack, R. E303
Jackson, Wm.413Ken Reedy
James, D. W.350
Jameson, T. C.364
Jamison, W. C.264
Jatta, J. N403
Jeffreys, W. M657
Jenkins & McGuire517
Jesse, J. V.615
Jewett, Henry438
Johnson, C. H 563
Johnson, G. W. F.638
Johnson, H. H653
Johnston, W. F497
Jones, E. M461
Jones, W. S 619
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaiser, Joseph424
kalt.htm">Kaltmeyer, G. E577
Kamp H. L.566
Kays, J. C626
Keene, Josiah328
Keller, J506
Kellogg, F. E500
Kellogg, P. E488
Kelsey, J. B624
Kennedy J. L.414
Kilson, G. E 274
Kimball, C. N 550
Kirkpatrick, R. R277
Krill, F. A 527
Kuhlman, J. H470
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamy, Louis666Paul Edisis
Larsen, S599
Larzelere, C. W407Jeanne Larzalere Bloom
Law, S. L & Co591
Lazcano, Alonzo390
Lazcano, Bernardo391
Lazcano, Mariano389
Le Blanc, J. B 644
Lee & Rice323
Lee, R. E655
Leedham, E612
Levy, Achille469
Levy, Leon488
Lewis, Henry343
Lewis, William Sterling363Steve Williams
Lewty, David 616
Liddle, James643
Lillingston & Perry 293
Lima, J. P668
Linbarger, L432
Lindner, J. D375
Lloyd, L. M. 380
Logan, Anna M325
Long, G. H405
Long, John613
Loose, August 660
Low, C. P267
Lucas, W. T501
Lugo, Bernardino476
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maddox, B. F285
Maggi, G. R540
Mallagh, S. P665
Mallagh, W667
Mancilla, V611
Manderscheid, G616
Maris, W. S496
Marks, Joshua567
Martin, Andrew277
Maulhardt, Jacob559
Maulsby, O. W.398
McCabe, G. W502
McClure, J. F398
McCoy, J. E468
McDonnell, John669
McGee, W. J384
McGlashan, J418
McGrath, D565
McGuire, I. N 517
McGuire, Wm.295
McHenry, Patrick467
McKee, James453
McKeeby, Lemuel Clarke400Elizabeth
McKevett, C. H 535
McMillan, Peter 336
McNulta, Thomas535
McPhail, A. F593
Mears, John338
MeFerson, J. C275
Mehlman, H506
Merritt, C.W617
Meyer, J. F593
Middagh, Gilbert288
Miller, D. S496
Moody, J. P662
Moore, E. E310
Moore, F. A.592
Moore, S. T513
More, T. R 546
Moreno, F. P618
Murphy, P. W625
Muscio, Abram331
Myers, J. R402
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nance, T. C433
Nelson, Andrew372
Newby, J. F368
Newsom, D. F488
Nichols, A. J600
Nichols, G. B529
Nichols, M. S379
Nicholson E. H422
Nicoles, E. R422
Norcross, D. C426
Norton, Thomas506
Nott, Samuel297
Nuttall, R. W506
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Hara, William340
Olark, H. F.467
Old, Henry W482
Oliver, L. G268
Ortega, J. C542
Orton, R623
P[Return to Jump Site]
Palin, J. B.576
Patter, L. L.520
Percy, James629
Petersen, H.263
Pezzoni, Antonio415
Phillips, C. H.532
Pico, B. 537
Pico, Z. A.536
Pierce, B. B.346
Pietra Bros261
Pippin, W. T. 391
Poland, Henson373
Polley, H.579
Pomeroy, F.610
Porter, Arza 399
Prefumo, P. B. 665
Prell, J. G.430
Price, J. M.476
Proctor, G. W.283
Pyster, John286
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quarnstrom, John263
Quintana, J.658
Quintana, Pedro658
R[Return to Jump Site]
Ransom, John521
Ready, P. F.670
Ready, W. E.562
Redrup, C. G.416Michael & Kate O'Neill
Reed, A. S.530
Reed, John370
Reed, N. H. 540
Reilly, W. H.495
Remick, A. C.551
Rice, J. C.324
Rice, J. H.404
Rice, T. A. 334
Richards, G. W. 423
Richards, J. T.549
Richards, W. D. F 548
Richardson, Frederick306
Richardson, G. M.305
Riley, C. C.312
Riley, W. S.406
Roach, W. H.431
Robbins, G. W.663
Roberts, George454
Robinson, Richard583
Robinson, S.644
Robinson, Thomas420
Robison, T. J.509
Rochin, J. M364
Rogers, A. C564
Rogers, J. W286
Root, Orville616
Ross, W. L418
Rotsler, G. F311
Rucker, G. F425
Rucker, Z. T426
Ruffner, Joseph 395
Ruiz, Gabriel269
Rundell, Eli490
Ryan, W. H474
Rynerson, A. C585
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salzman, H. W415
Sanborn, E. P 341
Sauer, G. F 668
Saulsbury, Thomas437
Saunders, C. L430
Saunders, W. A.390
Saunders, Z. W604
Scarlett, John588
Schiefferly, J. J664
Scott, John645
Seaton, J. H 512
Sedgwick, Charles490
Sessions, O. V466
Sewell, G. G543
Sexton, Joseph591
Shackelford, Otto354
Shackelford, R. M374
Sharon, Thomas573
Sharp, J. M520
Shaw, J. B 633
Sheldon, C. H539
Shepherd, W. E427
Sheppard, S. A.504
Sheppard, T. A.587
Sherman, C613
Shick, J. W432
Short, J. M324
Short, W. N410
Show, W. C.491
Simmler, J. J516
Simpson, John387
Simpson, V. A.458
Sittenfeld, A.294
Skellenger, L310
Smith, D. A.457
Smith, Frank321
Smith, G. C617
Smith, H. B265
Smith, N. B397
Smith, N. D339
Smith, R. D266
Smith, Solon531
Snow, H. K. Jr.352
Snyder, J. D 518
Soule, C. E444
Spanne, John385
Sparks, Isaac J. 392
Spence, John428
Sperry, H. A.673
Sprout, W. P598
Squier, O. P299
St. Clair, C. L655
Steele, E. W525
Steele, Sebern377
Stevens, R. K278
Steward, Marvin498
Stiles, H. M.468
Stock, Frederick327
Stoddard, Henry599
Stone, George627
Stone, W. R.439
Storke, C. A.537
Stowell, E. A.646
Stowell, George412
Streeter, W. A.494
Summers, Henry 406
Surdam, R. G.632
Sutton, R. S.293
Sweet, J. W.610
Swift Brothers272
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taggart, Edwin541
Tallant, E. C.592
Taylor, G. O.618
Taylor, James659
Taylor, W. H.345
Tebbetts, G. P.492
Thompson, C. A.301
Thompson, John656
Thornburgh, Madison440Tom Towle
Tognazzini, A.273
Townsend, J. B604
Toy, Daniel 401
Truitt, D. T.388
Tucker, B. F.381
Tutt, E. R.388
Twitchell, F. C.574
U[Return to Jump Site]
Utter, M. S.367
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Gorden, George658
Van Gorden, Ira571
Vance, J. R. 471
Veneble, McD. R524
Von Schroeder, Baron479
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walbridge, O. C.452
Walden, G. R.464
Walker, Alfred618
walb.htm">Walker, James462
Ward, A.611
ward.htm">Ward, F. P.440
Warden, L. M. 625
Wason, Milton528
Webb, H. P. 630
Webster, Gaius261
Webster, L. T287
Weill, Isidore382
Welch, G. C337
Wells, M. T628
Wells, S. T572
Wells, Timothy348
Whitaker, W. S.278
White, F. M 630
Whitney, B. P 601
Whitney, S. E626
Wigmore, J. & A. A.508
Wiley, B. T.396
Wilkinson, J. M396
Willett, Jacklin401Jim
Williams, B. T451
Williams, E. B309
Williams, H. L.273
Williams, J. F 503
Williams, Julia F298
Williams, T. J423
Williamson, A.379
Willoughby, J. R502
Wilson, A. C. J327
Wilson, I. L670
Wilson, J. C.344
Wolff, M. L.460
Woodberry, W.662
Woolever, A. 631
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Young, C. J. 429Glenda Cooper
Young, J. V. N.612
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zeller, W. M. 467

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