Ingersoll's century annals of San Bernardino County, 1769 to 1904:

prefaced with a brief history to the state of California, supplemented with an encyclopedia of local biography and embellished with views of historic subjects and portraits of many of its representative people.

By Luther A. Ingersoll

L. A. Ingersoll, Los Angeles, CA

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Abbey, Charles C.862
Adams, Charles E.715
Adams, S. H.720
Alford, John 713
Allen, Jared Ethan 747
Allen, Halsey W.805
Allen, Oliver A.721
Alvarado, Francisco 674
Alverson, David B.719
Alvidson, Fred 709
Ammann, F. X. 711
Amos, John Wayne 662
Anderson, Casper 716
Anderson, John Y.680
Anderson, Louis 832
Andreson, John Sr.693
Andreson, John Jr.708
Andrews, Joseph 707
Aplin, Alfred M.709
Arborn, Robert 701
Armstrong, John S.715
Armstrong, Royal M.865
Atwood, George Arnold705
Atwood, Henry L./TD>837
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babson, John W.881
Bagley, Malon A.816
Bagnell, J. H.769
Bailey, Charles F.843
Bailey, Dwight B.724
Baillie, Fred H.726
Baker, Calvin 727
Baker, Dr. Ira S.823
Bandini, Juan 96
Barker, George H.723
Barrett, S. H.745
Barton, Dr. Benjamin677
Barton, H. M.723
Barton, John H.886
Bates, Nelson S.868
Baxter, James I.740
Bean, W. H722
Bedford, Alfred D., M. D.815
Bedford, Lyman N., D. D. S.815
Behlmer, John Peter775
Bemis, Edwin 702
Bemis, Levi A.702
Bemis, William 702
Benjamin, Isaac 710
Bennette, John T.740
Bennington, Thomas R.740
Bennink, Cornelius G. H.739
Benson, Alfred William705
Bentien, Troels F736
Berryman, Robert F.744
Bessant, Joseph H.707
Black, Simon H.747
Blair, W. D.727
Blakeslee, Henry D.866
Bledsoe, Benjamin F.313
Bledsoe, James Blair730
Boalich, George 733Unknown
Bodenhamer, William J.722
Boggs, William Stewart713
Bohannon, Charles H.725
Bohnert, Henry 713
Booth, Dr. James725
Boren, Alley Dennis 664
Boren, Beverly C.664
Boren, Wilford A.664
Borthwick, John P.730
Bowler, Robert L.743
Bradford, Daniel McKenzie678
Bradford, James 745
Brazleton, James A.682
Breed, Dr. J. B. 734
Brenell, C. W.738
Brenner, John F.729
Briggs, E. J.729
Brimmer, Porter 733
Brink, Charles Edwin739
Bristol, F. M.839
Bristol, Irvin 838
Brookings, John Emory731
Brookings, Walter Dubois732
Brooke, Henry C.295
Brooks, James S.745
Brooks, S. F.728
Brown, Charles T.731
Brown, David Rowland738
Brown, James R.728
Brown, John Sr.649
Brown, John Jr.651
Brown, Philo R.745
Browning, John F.833
Bruckman, Rudolph A.743
Brunn, I. R.689
Brush, Frederick M.877
Bublitz, G. H.715
Buffington, Mrs. Susan C.737
Bunting, Samuel J.743
Burgess, Clarence W.724
Burkhardt, Charles 739
Burrage, Albert C.742
Butterfield, Minor C.768
Byrne, John J.834
Byrne, Mathew 684
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cadd, Thomas 697Helen Benter
Campbell, John Lloyd309
Campbell, Samuel R.303
Canterbury, Milton F.869
Cantwell, Mathew B. 729
Carpenter, Daniel J.739
Carroll, James 744
Carson, Milton L.733
Cave, William Peniberton714
Chaffee, Edwin P. 738
Clapp, T. J. S.716
Clark, Albert H304
Clark, A. R.715
Clark, John D.705
Cleghorn, John M866
Cleghorn, Mathew 867
Clemmons, Coston P.813
Clemmons, Thomas Benton816
Clock, Charles L.735
Clothier, Alfred T.748
Clucker, Charles C.698
Coburn, James A.705
Cole, Frank H.732
Coleman, Leonidas W.718
Collier, Albert A.740
Colliver, Dr. Jefferson T.824
Colliver, Dr. John A.824
Conner, Henry 807
Conrad, Francis W<./TD>720
Consolidated Abstract Co.731
Cook, George A.804
Cook, Marion L.718
Coopwood, Bethel 304Janie Throop
Corwin, Walter S.612
Cox, J. H.736
Cox, Silas C.706
Coy, Louis I.718
Crafts, Myron H.665
Crafts, Mrs. E. P. R.665
Craig, Scipio 831
Craig, Dr. William 726
Cram, Henry 676
Cram, Lewis F.676
Cruickshank, William718
Cunningham, George D.730
Cunningham, John D.727
Currier, L. G.736
Curtner, James735
Cushing, David J.734
Curtis, Jesse William809
Curtis, Robert T.711
Curtis, William 711
Curtis, William Jesse311
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daley, Edward Sr.656
Daley , Judson M.683
Dalgliesh, Orrin W.716
Daniels, H. H.737
Darrow, Clyde717Virginia Smallwood
Davenport, N. 736
Davies, Benjamin A.877
Davies, William H., M. D.820
Davis, John W., Jr.829
Davis, Lewis Smith712
Davis, William Watson769
Day, Asa 732
Day, Edwin M.732
Dean, Otis 734
Decrow, Albert A.744Kathy
Decrow, George W.744Kathy
Delphey, William H.734
Desmond, Louis A.720Lorraine Jackson
Des Noyers, Vincent733
Denton, Richard A.719
Dickey, Clarence D., M. D.818
Dickey, Dudley R., M. D.661
Donald, D. M.769
Downer, Jonathan 721
Downey, William A.707
Driskell, Joseph 717
Driver, J. W.885
Duckworth, Thomas W.808
Dunham, Edward L.709
Dunn, Frederick W. 746
E[Return to Jump Site]
Easton, W. H. H.734
Edwards, James 748
Edwards, William 772
Elam, Charles S. 772
Elam, Tilman F.772
Elkins, Samuel L.777
England, J. W.847
Esler, Fred J.885
Evans, M. H.755
Ewing, Thomas A.770
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fabun, Clark S.681
Fay, John Lyman680
Fish, Gail B. 751
Fisk, John P.722
Flagg, John 879
Fleming, James 802
Folz, Walter F.753
Foote, Ephraim S.753
Ford, Byron 700
Fowler, Benjamin 875
Fowler, Charles D.773
Fowler, George S.773
Fowler, William T. 755
Fox, William R., M. D.812
Foy, Charles W.859
Foy, John M.859
Franklin, Reuben H.730
Frazer, Charles L.863
Frazer, Guy L.863
Freeman, Miss Eleanor766
Freeman, W. F., M. D.818
Frink, Alonzo M703
Frink, Horace Monroe 703
Frink, Marcus L.703
Fuller, Elijah P.753
Fuller, Joseph P.694
Fuqua, John M. 756
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galbreath, Benton K.850
Garcia, Joseph S.361
Garner, B. F.859
Gass, Octavius Decatur694Edan Gass
Gaylord, Cass 844
Gazzola, A. B.860
Gibson, James A.31l
Gifford, Charles T.812
Gilbert, Milo 755
Gilbert, J. D.668
Gill, Joseph B.79l
Girard, Isaac C.863
Gird, Richard 599
Glasgow, N. B., D. D. S. 815
Glass, Mrs. A. M.844
Glass, Zachariah, M. D.816
Glatz, Albert 751
Glover, James B.686
Godfrey, William M.701
Gooding, Leonard732
Goodrich, W. H.862
Goodcell, Henry, Jr.806
Goodcell, Henry, Sr.666
Goff, T. H750
Gray, Robert W.770
Green, Thomas J.828
Gregg, Frederick W.805
Gregory, John 696
Grow, Samuel L.753
Grundy, Isaac 671
Guernsey, Henry A.854
Gustafson, Victor 710
Guthrie, Harrison H., M. D.822
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hadden, Thomas 765
Hagerman, Harrison W.763
Haight, Ira C.842
Haile, Smith C.798
Halsey, Robert J.826
Hamer, N. J. 752
Hamerly, John W.750
Hamilton, Charles B.757
Hamilton, John W.746
Hamilton, Rev. J. F.721
Hammer, Carl 748
Hanford, J. J.761
Harbison, R. C.836
Harmon, Frank H.7l9
Harris, C. S., M. D.824
Harris, O. W.886
Harris, Will A.807Audrey Shuman
Hart, Dr. O. P.821
Hartley, Seth 787
Hartman, Hiernonymus 835
Hartzell, Joshua 766
Harwood, A. P.749
Harwood, Charles E.749
Hattery, Lewis O.787
Hattery, Jeremiah L.787
Hauck, Michael 766
Haven, George D.835
Hayden, George B. 752
Hayes, Benjamin 306
Hayes, Samuel J.752
Heap, James 703
Hebberd, M. A. 754
Hecht, Milton E. 754
Henderson, William McD.680
Henderson, William T.787
Hendrickson, Nelson T.868
Henslee, George Thomas 788
Hill, Claudius M.748
Hill, William 749
Hixon, William 830
Hoagland, Lucas 667
Hobbs, William A.683
Holcomb, William F.651
Holden, John A.736
Holt, W. F.756Steve Bogdan
Hooper, William Swayzer 837
Houghton, Lazona D.750
Hubbard, A. G.781
Hubbard, Frances M.881
Hubbard, Walter750
Huff, Jacob 752
Huff, Samuel G., M. D.820
Hughes, Henry S.873
Humphrey, David T.748
Humeston, Monroe W.778
Hunt, Ambrose 601
Hunt, F. M. 788
Hunt, Captain Jefferson 149
Huntoon, William 770
Hutchings, James 809Leanne Moringlanes
I[Return to Jump Site]
Illingsworth, James 872
Ingersoll, Joseph 883
Ingersoll, Luther A.881
Ingersoll, Thurlow 885
Ives, Willis C836
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, Bernard H. 764
Jacobs, Lewis 678
Jackson, Alden 302Carolyn Jackson
James, William C844
Jansen, Chris 860
Jennings, Thomas R864
Jensen, Cornelius 673
Jessen, Christian 737
Johndrew, Joseph .670Sarah Johndrew
Johnson, A. K., M. D.816
Johnson, Charles N.804
Johnson, Emil 764
Johnson, Frank M. 786
Johnson, J. F. Jr.857
Jones Alonzo E.671
Jones Henry H. 728
Jones, J. P. 759
Jones, Isaac 774
Jones, W. H.765
Jordan, George 729
K[Return to Jump Site]
Katz Marcus 659
Keir, Alexander 704
Kelley, Stephen F. 799
Kellogg, T. D. Dr. 817
Kendall, George T.774
Kenniston, Almyra M. 886
Kincaid, Madison Moss 789
King, John C776
Kingsbury, Rev. Chas. A. 773
Knight, Augustus Sr. 670
Knight, Augustus Jr. 772
Knoblaugh, John N775
Kohl, O. H. 723
Kohl, Walter 723
Kouts, Jacob W.775
Kuesthardt, G. W. 855
Kurtz, Christian 697
Kylling, George P. 773
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lackey, Thomas H. 725
La Follett, Charles F. 774
LaNiece, James 784
Lamar, C. P.768
Lamar, W. F.768
Lane, J. Lansing 779
Langford, Julius D.804
La Praix, William S.683
Lathrop, Asel A.672
Laurance, John 839
Leach, E. E. 783
Leahy, Patrick H. 785
Leavens, John W. 786
Leedom, Andrew J.781
Leeke, William T. 747
Leffen, John Tempest 672
Leonard, Frank A.811
Lester, Edward 699
Letts, Archie D.860
Lewis, Judson 797
Lewis, Ceilas J. 780
Levick, William R.660
Light, John E. 808
Lightfoot, W. E. W.768
Liles, Abraham B.783
Lindner, Charles H.781
Linfesty, J. P.783
Linville, Henry Herbert 712
Little, Samuel M.759
Littlepage, Louis W.798
Littlewood, William 860
Lockwood, Dr. William E792
Loehr, William 781
Logsden, W. H.863
Longwier, Charles W.789
Longmier, Rufus E.789
Lord, George 649
Loubet, J. P.775
Louthian, R. L.833
Lugo, Antonio Maria 108
Lujan, Manuel 686
Lyman, Cornelius 772Leanne Moringlanes
Lyman, Eugene H., D. D. S.824Leanne Moringlanes
Lyman, Lorenzo Snow 684
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mack, J. A. M. D.824
Magill, C. W.758
Mark, Julius 785
Marr, Joseph S.757
Marshall, Seth 741
Mart, John A.797
Martin, Earnest 804
Martin, E. I.728
Martin, Frank B.762
Martin, H. B.833
Martin, Howard J.759
Martin, John S.862
Martin, Moses 704
Martin, Robert J.730
Martin, William P.761
Matinez, Antonio Jose704
Mashek, V.765
Mayfield, John 685
Mayhew, J. T.697
Meyhew, Jesse 695
McBride, John 798
McCain, John R.874
McCain, W. P.759
McConnell, Clyde E.856
McDonald, Alexander 797
McDonald, John O.785
McDonald, William M.667
McGarvey, John A. 778
McGarvey, George N.778
McIntosh, Thomas W.779
McKie, R. M.796
McKinley, J. R.763
McKinzie William H.859
McLain, Henry L.724
McManus, Edward 839
McNally, Henry J.758
McPherron, Asbury S.757
McRae, George W. 798
McWelthy, Marshall 828
Mecham, Augustus 861
Mecham, George F.861
Mecham, Lafayette 669
Mellen, Thomas J.714
Mellon, J. A.775
Menkin, John R.826
Meredith, William M.782
Meserve, Frank P.864
Mespelt, August 767
Meyer, Christopher 782
Meyer, Henry 795
Meyer, John H., M. D.819
Middlemiss, Robert H.767
Miller, George 879
Milliken, Daniel B.788
Millikin, Henry L., D. D. S.822
Mills, James W.758
Miner, Arthur D.874
Moffatt, James 794
Moffatt, Thomas 794
Mogle, Harvey E.874
Monaghan, Frank 731
Monaghan, Patrick 838
Moore, F. C. 779
Morris, Cramer B.812
Morrison, Frank P.861
Morse, Clement Ray 756
Morse, Henry680
Mort, Joseph 758
Moyse, Maurice 797
Muel, David C.786
Murphy, M. A.776
Myers, Winifred A.786
N[Return to Jump Site]
Newcomb, Leroy E.778
Nichols, Frederic C.793
Nisbet, Henry W.808
Nish, J. N.870
Noble, John 869
Norton, W. A.764
Noyes, William Tobey 795
Nye, William E.795
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oakey, John Lewis 837
Oehl, Julius 767
Oster, Frank F.314
Otis, George E.315
Oweger, Frank 767
Owen, Charles E.660
Oxley, W. E.794
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packard, O. M.777
Paddock, Aland B. 794
Paine, Charles R.803
Painter, Dr. Edwin Thomas843
Paris, Andrew B.316
Parker, Edward C.763
Parker, Lemuel 723
Parks, Arthur 687
Parrish, Enoch K.726
Pate, James W.871
Payton, J. E., M. D.819
Peacock, Dr. J. C.658
Pease, Stillman A.771Carl
Peck, James W.796
Perris, Fred T.858
Peters, Emanuel871
Petsch, J. P. Adolph762
Pettijohn, Earnest A.780
Pfeiffer, Louis A.845
Phillips, Louis 839
Pickett, William 304
Pine, Edward 696
Pine, Myron 697
Pine, Samuel C., Sr.695
Pine, Samuel C., Jr.696
Pittman, Dr. Henderson 813Lorraine Jackson
Polhemus, Jacob 799
Polhemus, William 799
Poole, Edward 707
Poole, James H.838
Poppett, Robert671
Porter, Burton S.765
Porter, L. E.767
Powell, John Clark 796
Pozell, W. B.762
Prader, Thomas761
Pratt, Dr. Armstrong C.8l9
Pratt, James Ellis 668
Preciado, Antonio P.860
Prescott, Frank C.810
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Rabel, Frederick H.691
Rabel, Henry 691
Rabel, Hiram D.691
Randall, William Henry 880
Rapp, Christ 767
Rasor, C. M.876
Rasor, E. A.876
Reed, H. A.877
Reid, E. W., M. D.823
Reimers, Reimer785
Reimers, Francis786
Renwick, George877
Reynolds, William838
Reeves, Truman708
Rhea, Albert R., M. D. 823Linda
Rhodes, Edwin 796
Rich, Joseph E. 855
Richardson, D. Hartley 857
Richardson, E. E.880
Richardson, Noble Asa 852
Richardson, W. W. 880
Richenberger, Louis 856
Rightmier, William C.826
Riley, Joseph H.845
Robarts, Orlando Perry858
Roberds, R. Thomas 653
Roberts, Berry 667
Roberts, Edward David 711
Roberts, J. W.710
Roberts, William M. 876
Robertson, Rev. George 849
Robidoux, Louis 100
Robinson, William Henry 674
Rohrer, Charles H. 874
Rolfe, Horace C. 305
Root, Leroy V.858
Ross, Thomas Benton 875
Rouse, Charles A. 759
Rubio, Andrew 693
Ruedy, Charles850
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sandoz, Henry 783
Satterwhite, John W. 307
Schaefer, Jacob W. 866
Scheerer, Clem 872
Schindler, B. 778
Scott, Josiah P.852
Scott, L S760
Schlott, Dwight C. 852
Schumacher, Charles859
Searles, John W 679
Sell, William 828
Sexton, Daniel357SUSAN WYCKOFF
Seymour, Mrs. Ellen Brown 726
Shafer, William E.867
Shaw, John Gerald717
Shaw, Rev. Mark B.834
Shaw, David Augustus658
Shay, Walter A., Sr.662
Shay, Walter A., Jr.664
Sheld, Leander851Audrey Shuman
Sherlock, George K.791
Shephard, George860
Sholander, Peter864
Shorey, F. A.887
Shuman, Abraham W.770Leanne Moringlanes
Sibley, Benjamin E.826
Skinner, William W.825Pat
Skinner, George P.868Pat
Slade, E. W.848
Slaughter Frank E.792
Slaughter Fenton M.663
Sloan, Joseph G.853
Sloat, O. P851
Smiley, Albert K.507
Smiley, Alfred H.507
Smith, Burgess W.801
Smith, Lewis H.771
Smith, Hiram H.801
Smith, Howard B.721
Smith, John Hartley 833
Smith, William M., M. D.814
Smithson, John Bartley655
Snow, H. L.789
Sparks, Q. S. 302
Spring, Adolphus D.867
Squires, Josiah P.719
Starbuck, G. E.869
Starke, August Henry 857Kerrie L. Starke
Stearns, A. G. 869
Steele, James B.827
Steele, Robert C.827
Steele, William A.827
Steinbrenner, Leopold 754
Stewart, Jerre F.874
Stewart, Munroe 672
Stewart, William B.865
Stewart, William 867
Stevenson, O. M. 702
Stiles, Edward I.703
Stillman, J. D. B, M. D. 861
Stine, Charles R.872
Stine, Rollie A.872
Stine, William A. 872
Stoddard, Sheldon 653
Stroven, Henry 791
Stuart, Zebulon B.811
Sutherland, John H774
Suttonfield, George W.657
Swarthout, Nathan 661
Sweesey, Mathias V. 875
Swinney, Robert H.868
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tasker, B. W.853
Taylor John 694
Terrell, W. P.849
Thaxter, George E.848
Thayer, P. L. 849
Thomas, A. B. 876
Thomas, Calvin L.659
Thomas, Charles F. 857
Thopmson, Dr. Albert821
Thompson, Robert S.794
Thompson, Wesley, M. D. 818
Thomas, Charles F. 857
Thornton, Hugh 853
Throop, W. S.871
Thurman, Sylvanus 760
Tibbott, C. E.871
Tisdale, William M. 842
Tittle, John H.879
Tolle, Robert S.874
Troxall, Francis P., M. D.817
Tuck, J. W.870
Turner, George N.871
Turner, John W.791
Turner, John C.851
Turner, Robert 851
Tyler, Charles N.698
Tyler. Charles Y.702
Tyler,. J. B.699
Tyler, Hoell, M. D. 813
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V[Return to Jump Site]
Vale, Milton838
Van Frank, M. H.751
Van Leuven, Anson 679
Van Leuven, Orson 680
Van Leuven, Lewis F.865
Van Luven, Earl F. 799
Van Slyke, W. E.855
Verner, Peter845
Victor, J. N.825
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, Joseph H.831
Wagner, Walter Douglas831
Waite, Everett R.855
Waite, Edward R.829
Waite, Russell856
Wallace, William 727
Wallin, John V.702
Walsh, Henry A.856
Warner, Henry Clay 836
Warren, Alva A.670
Waters, Byron308
Watson, Charles D., M. D.819
Watson, James B.865
Watt, Robert F.845
Watts, George E. 789
Weaver, Duff G.669
Weaver, Warren660
Weir, Cyrus D. 848
Weir, Richard 671
Weimar, George 839
Weeks, John Carter 873
Welch, Charles Courtney 793
Wells, Karl C. 746
Wells, Louis 703
Weller, James Edward 853
West, John H.836
Westiand, W. C.870
White, D. W., Dr. 814
Whiting, D. G. 830Elizabeth
Wickersham, Levi 829
Wilcox, W. W.837
Wilkinson, Ralph E.848
Wikinson, Samuel J.849
Williams, Isaac 105
Williams, J. R.831
Willis, Henry M.305
Wilsey, Edwin S.802
Wilson, Benjamin D.99
Wilson, H. B.832
Wilson, John S.832
Wilson, John W.833
Wilson, Sylvester K.873
Wiltshire, Joseph E.777
Windle, Stephen M. 798
Woodward, De La M.655
Wozencraft, Oliver M., Dr.686Janie Throop
Wright, W. H. 784
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yerkes, James H.753
Yokam, E. J.801
Young, Nicholas S. 769
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zeus, Carl C. 836

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