History of the State of California and biographical record of the Sacramento Valley, California:

an historical story of the state's marvelous growth from its earliest settlements to the present time: also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present

By J. M. Guinn

The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago (1906)

California Local History - Rocq - 16476

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
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Calif. State Library History Room (CS)
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CALL NUMBER: [q] 920.079 G9 -- Book NC

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CALL NUMBER: \MICRO-\FILM\115\Reel 31\Book 5286\ -- Book

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Abel, Franklin H489
Abel, George H1061
Abel, John F., Jr.434
Abel, John F., Sr.349
Abel, M. D.1584
Abel, W. E.1584
Abele, Alois H1016
Addington, Stephen507
Ahlf, John C583Kent & Patty Ahlf
Aitken Andrew B1112
Albery Judge H. M296
Alderman, Richard S676
Alexander, Samuel W847
Alexander, Walter H650
Algeo, Frank W911
Algeo, Ridgley S903
Allen, Albert1049
Allgaier, George W629
Amos, Richard1200
Anderson, Andrew J1469
Anderson, Elias1389
Anderson, Enoch833
Anderson, Hon. William A798
Anderson, John W577
Anderson, Robert A1067
Andross, Charles B815
Anthony, Asa S1660
Anthony, Lewis H797
Armstrong, George G1134
Armstrong, Thomas B.1316
Arnold, D. H1643
Arnold, Phil B829
Ash, Hon. William549
Atkins, Frank911
Atkinson, Mrs. EJ 1311
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bahney, W. H1326
Bailey, George W796
Bailey, John A948
Bailey, Robert H1015
Baker, Levi H601
Baker, Stephen578
Baker, Virgilius P1217
Ballard, Curtis D1191
Balsdon, James283
Balsdon, James H1048
Bandy, James W1657
Bane, Paul D1101
Bank of Tehama Comity.1266
Banks, James O582
Barceloux, Henry J1218
Barceloux, Pierre1092Carolyn Miller
Barham, Marcus I1164
Barnes, Henry T304
Barnes, Watson1204
Barr, James H., M. D986
Barrie, James B649
Batchelder, Hiram L1203
Bates, Walter E., M. D587
Bath, William941
Baumann, John G1071
Baur, Robert870
Beall, John1470
Beamer, Richard H314B. E. Colvin
Beamer, Richard L.313
Beatie, Daniel1425
Beck, Joseph1352
Becker, Charles H1373
Becker, Jeremiah872
Becker, King568
Beckley, Gabriel 644
Beilby, Charles W538
Belchee, Charles H1522
Bell, Byron A1650
Bell, George, W840
Bemmerly, Albert L M1669
Bemmerly, John903
Bemmerly, William J1040
Bender, Frank J569
Bennett, Daniel A1692
Bennett, James N1071
Berg, Emanuel 1015
Bernard, James T1204
Best, Henry1181Charles Irwin Davis
Best, Samuel 515Charles Irwin Davis
Bevan, Richard E798
Bevan, Thomas E569
Bidwell, John485
Bihlman, George J701
Billiou, Joseph1176
Billiou, Michael 1625
Binning, Charles E808
Birdsall, Mrs. Marla1241
Bitzer, Urias 759
Black, J. T1388
Black, W. H1705
Blackner, Wesley1237
Blanchard, Melvin W 1443
Blevins, Robert847
Blevins, William, M D789
Blowers, Russell B501
Boardman, Francis M1072
Boardman, Wilbur W990
Bofinger, Gottlieb1274
Bofinger, William F1417
Bogard, Andrew1317
Boggs, Hon. John487
Bogue, James T809
Bohl, Peter643
Bolles, Charles W918
Botts, George W839
Botts, Thomas A792
Boucher, Josiah1097
Boucher, Thomas E1473
Boulware, John T859
Boulware, William T1494
Bound, Joseph 968
Bowman, Gordon 854
Bowman, S C1154
Boyd, James395
Boyd, Judson W1384
Boyer, Clayton1171
Boyer, Thomas1058
Boyle, John C1659
Bradford, Walter 502
Brannan, Patrick1062
Bransford, Walter I1492
Brattin, Thomas H808
Bray, Alexander C1191
Bray, Thomas680
Bray, William1348
Breareliffe, Stephen1276
Briggs, Frank S.980
Briggs, John R1171
Brittan, Mark494
Brock, Isaac N1630
Brooks, Charles1562
Brown, Ancil L1308
Brown, Elijah W425
Brown, Joseph J515
Brown, Robert S815
Brown, Stephen C1678
Brown, Uriah W310
Brown, William W1049
Brownell, Irving W937
Browning, R. W.285
Browning, W Y510
Broyles, Washington1186
Bryant, James R1120
Buchanan, Wilson M707
Bulkley, Ralph H1678
Bullard, Francis1157
Bullock, James P978
Bunce, Philetus L.803
Bunker, Elihu C480
Bunnell, Edward E526
Burdick, Cyrenus J564
Burns, John989
Burns, Peter1148
Burr, Edwin A623
Burris, Byron1054
Burris, Jospeh1530
Burrows, Millard E418
Burrows, Rufus G1133
Burton, Benjamin H316
Buster, Major W H322
Butler, Albert B338
Button, Henry 533
Button, Augustus J1220
Byers, John 883
C[Return to Jump Site]
Cain, Isaac N606
Cain, John E465
Cain, William H551
Caine, Daniel991
Callen, Seymour H 570
Cameron, J. S., M.D.1275
Campbell, Michael1256
Campbell, Riley773
Camper, Charles H1331
Cannon, James G Jr.852
Carlin, William H858
Carmichael, Daniel W 676
Carroll, John532
Carson, William 1700
Carter, Hiat K562
Carttenberg Brothers1284
Cartwright R. J1694
Casale, J. I1658
Cason, G. I., M. D339
Cassel, Richard C508
Cassel, William F1538
Cecil, Logan1561
Chapman, George W301
Charlebois, Basile956
Cheney, John497
Chiles, Hon. J. F884
Chittenden, A. J1106
Clanton, Drury R653
Clanton, Ethelbert J1365
Clark, Henry1238
Clark, Jay J796
Clark, Oliver L1342
Clarken, Hon. Richard M483
Cleale, Augustus910Holly Hendricks
Cleek, Vincent C1287
Clements, Edward H768
Clifton, Hon. Richard L985
Clipp, Phillip W768
Clough, Fred M1525
Clyma, Thomas S619
Cockcroft, John1252
Cofer, Charles L1560
Coffman, Joseph M1446
Coffman, P. H1248
Cohn, P. C700
Cohn, Richard T1196
Coil, Charles357
Coil, Herbert E1694
Cole, Amos W1022
Coleman, Rev. Father M1034
College of Notre Dame761
Compton, Adam M1599
Compton, Harry C1646
Compton, Henry C1383
Comstock, George C400
Conard, A. L1389
Cone, Hon. J. S1667
Conklin Brothers1228
Conlin, Thomas1022
Connor, Hamilton S.484Richard
Cook, Hiram S885
Cook, Thomas H717
Cooke, J. B438
Corbin, E. Newell895
Corliss, Henry B912
Cornish, George F1147
Cosner, Robert337
Coughlan. John 1143
Covington, Frank1674
Cowart, Zachary T990
Cox, William A452
Craig Hon. Joseph331
Craig John S600
Craig, Wilton P731
Cramer, Charles1665
Cramer, Lewis1153
Crane, James A880
Cranston, Reuben B1008
Creps, William A801
Croco, Snyder1158
Croly, Edward J368
Cross, Carrie L: 1259
Crouch, Thomas979
Crowder, Zachary T785
Crumbaugh, Peter C1653
Crutcher, James W986
Cummins, Thomas J401Ken Tessendorff
Curson, William H1175
Cushman, Frederick N1214
Cutter, Hon. William M519
D[Return to Jump Site]
Daly, Edward1508
Dam, Cyrus K1289
Daniel, Harry L. 744
Daniel, William S. 744
Danley, James766
Danville, Samuel701
Davidson, Charles D1415
Davis, Eli 915
Davis, Elijah L406Charles Irwin Davis
Davis, James N1115
Davis, Joseph A1010
Davis, William B667
Day, Charles G543
Day, John M836
Day, Russell1441
De Jarnatt, J. B258
De St. Maurice, Charles A364
Dean, Thomas, Jr.522
Dean, William B889
Dean, William Day3 343
Debolt, George W1164
Decker, Charles F1626
Decker, Jasper N1575
Degnire, Robert P954
Dersch, Fred1466
Devenpeck, George E1269
Devenpeck, Houston S1279
Devenpeck, Isaac V974
Devine, James H 617
Devine, William H1178
Devoe, John S706
Devore, C. P., M. D. 1461
Dickenson, Hiram M1583
Dicus, Charles 1696
Dicus, George W1686
Diggs, David P354
Dillon, Jospeh A1370
Dingle, Charles E779
Divver, Philip J1480
Dixon, Thomas H, M. D. 414
Doane, F. L., M. D. 1290
Doane. Scott1362'
Donohoe, Charles L947
Dopking, Theodore 1176
Doring, Henry1246
Doty, William539
Doty, William M1452
Dozier, Leonard, M. D1341
Drake. Mrs. Susan1603
Drescher, Philip E944
Drew, Willis1093
Duhr, John H1223
Duncan, Addison E974
Duncan, Edwin E1565
Duncan, Wyatt G1612C. J. Duncan Flin
Dungan, Jesse H544
Dunn, Robert F965
Durham, William W1401
Dwyer, Thomas F897
Dyer, Z. P1652
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eakle, Henry P1445
Eakle, Henry P., Jr346
Earp, Peter A298
Eastman, James F1002
Eastman, Sylvester G1537
Eaton, George W1651
Eaton, Isaac F1688
Eckart, George R297
Eckhardt, Conrad1189
Eddy, Joseph1370
Eddy, Melvern842
Edgerton, Harry G1200
Edson, Daniel W1361
Edwards, Daniel P1576
Eggert, Claus528
Ehmann Edwin W917
Ehmann, Mrs. Freda917
Ehorn, Casper1376
Ehorn, Samuel F1233
Eibe, James C1465
Eibe, Pacific O1407
Ekman, Adolf1356
Ellis, George C1130
Ellison, John F1262
Elmore, William W1474
Ely, Benjamin857
Ely, Isaac J460
Emmert, Michael363
Engasser, Charles1063
Enloe, Newton, M. D1590
Entrican, Austin A740
Epperson, Cassius C740
Ervin, James G1275
Evans, Aaron1648
Evans, Edward J117:'
Everett, Charles A1057
Eymard, August1192
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairchild, Fred R., M. D479
Fairchild, Hyman755Cassie
Falconer, David 1062
Farlio, Charles813
Farmer, Lewis P539
Farnham, Daniel595Dee Davidson
Farnham, Erastus S392Dee Davidson
Farnsworth, Fred W665
Farnsworth, George N358
Farnsworth, Joseph263
Faulkner, Daniel A1063
Faulkner, Louis G1701
Fay, Michael1530
Feeney, James954
Felts, Christopher C1189
Feran, J. D1697
Fiddyment, Walter F1351
Fields, John H656
Fimple, Leroy D1164
Fimple, Thomas V1388
Finnimore, Charles C963
Fish, Charles1374
Fish, Col. William A1555
Fitz, Reuben711
Flinn, Thomas J1663
Flint, Daniel668
Flood, John1255
Foote, William M944
Forbes, Col. Edwin A 344
Foreman, Benjamin F1182
Forsman, William T1302
Foster, Ernest C., M. D.1186
Foster, Hon. C. F275
Fountain, Joshua661
Fountain, William A819
Fraser, Daniel1455
Frazee, Lewis983
Freeman, Hon. F. S269
Freeman, John W1640
French, Milton961
Friday, Michael1232
Frisbie, Edward1656
Frishholz, John 898
Froh, John733
Fruchtenicht, Jacob 1178
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gabel, Robert1531
Gable, Amos W326
Gable, Harvey C327
Gable, Harvey H326
Gaddis, Edward E567
Gaddis, Henry 1162
Galbraith, Thomas A641
Gallup, Edmund 821
Gallup, William R325
Garcia, M. R601
Gardella, Joseph 1597
Gardner, Elias D1330
Garnett, James R1265
Garrett, George C1338
Garrett, James R630
Gates, William F., M D1213
Gauthier, Louis1488
Gauthier, Louis J.1503
Geis, Hon. Benjamin F967
George, David W810
Gianella, Vincenzo1435
Gibson, Robert J387
Gibson, Thomas B1452
Gibson, William B1451
Giles, George E1397
Gill, Milton G1280
Gilliam, Jonathan W509
Gilmore, John 1636
Girdner, Joseph 353
Glenn, Hugh J1219
Glenn, John P922
Glide, Joseph H411
Glusing, Hans 1260
Godard, Charles W642
Gonter, Harvey E1053
Goodnow, John P1050
Gordon, Edsil E1379
Gordon, Melvin B423
Gottwalls, Conrad 527
Grace, Rev, Thomas463
Graves, Fountain C.1087
Graves, Frank H.522
Gray James C.1192Barbara G. Roddin
Gray Judge John C.405
Gray, James C.625Barbara G. Roddin
Gray, Robert 1204
Gray, Samuel 1487
Gray, William J.656Barbara G. Roddin
Grealy, Father P. A.997
Greely, Hon. Fred H.490
Greely, Justus631
Green, Parley H.1129
Green, Will S1621
Greenwood, Hiram A.1552
Gregory, George W.534
Gregory, Henry 753
Gregory, William H.503
Grevie,. Peter 272
Griffin, George W.1516
Griffin, James. B.1475
Griffin, John F.1014
Griffin, Joseph 1013
Griffin, Thomas D.1105
Griffith, Irwin 495
Griffith, John 1684
Griggs, Sidney A.1430
Grimes, Cleaton 1661
Grout, William 1390
Grunewald, Henry J.923
Gseisier, Jacob 1068
Gualco, Rev. Father P. M.1487
Guill, John H1515
Gunning, Samuel O.1480
Gupton, Jack D.1210
Guthrie, Thomas W.1001
Guyre, Beers 417
Guysi, Jacob 1674
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hagemann, Albert J.783
Hahn, Jost 864
Haines, Samuel 1497
Haines, Thornton W.936
Haitt, B. S. J.1635
Haley, Patrick 1689
Hall, Andrew L.1293
Hambleton, F. P.1708
Hamel, Henry 865
Hamilton, Col. E. R.1608
Hamilton, David 561
Hamilton, Francis W.1270
Hamilton, John C.1398
Hamilton, Percy L., M. D.1645
Hamilton, William B.1706
Hammans, A. J.1360
Hampton, James M.694
Hansen, Peter490Mariam
Hansen, Soren P.602
Harding, Sheridan 682
Harding, Sherman 693
Harkey, William P980
Harlan, Helm H390
Harlan, Joseph H1703
Harrington, Edwin A1440
Harrington, Tennent 1574
Harrington, William P479
Harrison, Harry P979
Harrison, Herbert E534
Hart, James 1273
Hart, John 1175
Harvey, John W., M.D382
Hastenplug, Jacob 1318
Hatcher, William 1004Nancy Hatcher McCullough
Haub, John 714
Hauschild, Henry1140
Hawes, William 1407
Hawkins, Alfred N1033
Hawkins, D. Z1629
Hawkins, Hon. N. A265
Hawkins, Orwin C1525
Hays, Eli 1126
Hegan, James 1579
Heidotting, J. J. & H. G1044Charles Irwin Davis
Heidrick, Frederick 1260
Heiken, Henry B891
Heilbron, August1501
Heintzen, Charles 707
Helphinstine, Lewis H1150
Hendricks, Frank 1648
Henry, Jacob 1064
Heringer, John W896
Hershey, David N319
Hewitt, Arthur H1135
Hewitt, John 909
Hiatt, George W540
Hiatt, Perry J1116
Hickman, Wesley C1631
Hicks, James M827
Hicok, Lora I869
Hiddleson, Charles M1077
Hill, John A1683
Hine, Samuel H.1655
Hinkson, Hon. Addison C.254
Hinrichs, Henry1182
Hixson, Emerson W.682
Hoag, George1199
Hodgson, Mrs. Mary A.972
Hoffman, Harvey1030
Hoffman, Samuel N.1245
Hogeboom, Joseph 594
Hoke, William F.1332
Hollingshead, George W.1511
Hollingsworth, George W.498
Hollingsworth, John 777
Holmes, Thomas E.504
Holt, James R.1677
Holt, Rev. David E.290
Holtorf, Henry 1068
Home Alliance, The1546
Hook, Marcus R.1266
Hopkins, Andrew 590
Hoppin, Charles R.308
Houchins, Henry L.1700
Houghton, Francis 1507
Howard, Edmond C.985
Howard, Emsley J.520
Howard, George W.1611
Howard, James L.516
Howard, William 1302
Howell, James M.1416
Howell, William F.1009
Howlett, Daniel H.688
Howsley, Thomas 905
Hoy, Luther 321
Hoyl, Jonas M.1139
Hughes, Byron C.1058
Hughes, Norris E.1130
Hull, Theodore B.771
Hulse, James B.1380
Hulsted, Henry P.802
Hunt, Daniel G.1415
Hunt, William G.449
Hurley, John1705
Huston, Arthur C.332
Huston, Edward P.1594
Huston, Harry L.510
Huston, Walter S., Jr.333
Hutchings, Lyman E528
Hutchins, Gavin W674
Hutchins, John S.367
Hutchins, Thomas B.1560
Hyman, William M.1598
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J[Return to Jump Site]
Jackson, Asa M.1426
Jacobs, Edward V., M. D.705
James, Calvin 904
Jameson, Henry 1459
Jamieson, James 890
Jasper, Christ 1259
Jasper, William G.1685
Jefferds, William M.871
Jensen Oluf 1456
Jewell, Jo W.1010
Johannsen, Claus 1182
Johannsen, Hans 1206
Johannsen, John 943
Johnson John 1172
Johnson, Amos 1687
Johnson, John W.1161Barb Orme
Johnston, Hon. William1526
Johnston, James 1091
Jones, David N., Sr1384
Jones, Edward W. 251
Jones, John E.1576
Jones, Ralph T.1247
Jones, Thomas R.667
Jones, Tilden 1593
Jones, William H1102
Jopson, William 904
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kachies, Frederick 636
Kaerth, George W1598
Kaerth, Major J. W1702
Kaerth, William 773
Kane, Joseph E.1680
Karsner, James H., M. D.1078
Kattenberg, Carsten H.1206
Kauffman, Forrest A.626
Keck, Robert 719
Keeler, R. B.1462
Keith, James S.1676Roger Keith
Kells, Robert C.955Charles Irwin Davis
Kelly, John K.446
Kendrick, James K.1346
Kennedy, John 1604
Kerr, Joseph 1690
Keyes, Henry C.632
Kidd, Floyd E.451
Kilgore, John H.1111
Kilgore, William W.756
Kimball, A. W., M. D.445
Kimball, George H.266
Kimball, Gorham G.1541
Kimerer, Martin 1157
Kingsley, George L.1303
Kinkade, Joseph J.1022
Kirby, Mrs. Elizabeth1483
Kirkpatrick, Thomas J.1297
Kister, Lawrence A.1601
Kitchin, Allen 910
Kitto, Thomas H.778
Knight, David E.1584
Knight, Henry D.936
Knight, Leonard S.1076
Knight, William, M. D1531
Knutzen, E. H558
Kolliker, Fred 649
Kraft, John 557
Krellenberg, Peter & Son537
Kripp, Frederick 792
Krull, Piebe A786
Kupser, Bayott 984
Kusel, Eli A., M. D1026
Kuster, Frederick 795
Kuster, John 702
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Due, Eugene E469
La Rue, Hon. H. M385
Lacroix, Paschal B1122
Lamb, Frank 1255
Lampton, Eugene T516
Land, William 662
Landerman, Ira N1682
Lang, William H1679
Langdon, Everett B706
Lange, Carl A1315
Lantz, George W1682
Laraway, George H968
Lauener, Peter 514
Laugenour, John D525
Laugenour, Thomas F1532
Lawhead, Hiram D., M D1608
Lawson, Powell S851
Lazear, Michael C1122
Leathers, John A1489
Lee, Perry E1290
Leeper, John F1190
Leggett, James H938
Leman, Charles E1504
Liersch, Gustav 1242
Liersch, William 1261
Lightner, Bonus665
Linderman, George W1231
Lindley, Thomas M1654
Linthicum, J F923
Little, Stpehen G971
Littlejohn, James1570
Locey, Alexander C1331
Locey, Ira H1136Heather Crockett
Locke, Francis L584
Locke, George W668
Lockwood, William 995
Logan, Hugh A1007
Lohse, William 1431
Long, Joseph A1383
Longfellow, Jacob 996
Loorya, Solomon 1205Matthew J. Loorya
Lott, Judge Charles F371
Love, Pallas 877
Lovelady, Joshua W1398
Lowe, Edmund R333
Lowe, William E426
Lowrey, George M1411
Luce, Alonzo, Sr1107
Lucy, George W1670
Ludden, Augustine L1622
Ludington, Gilbert L835
Ludwig, Wilhelm1393
Luhrmann, Frank J., Sr1265
Luman, Frank E., M. D582
Luning, W. F1418
Luther, H. 687
Lyon, Darwin B., Sr1421
M[Return to Jump Site]
Ma Lott, John S1304
Mackay, William Macleod1376
Mackey, John 1707
Mahon Hon. Kirby S834
Mahon, Arthur H675
Mahon, Rodger 1315
Manaugh, William 1687
Manor, Alexander B860
March, Joseph P848
Marden, William H581
Marders, William N853
Markham, William H.942
Marshall, William W.1233
Martin, David G1108
Martin, John 1125
Master, William N538
Masterson, John G1241
Mathews, Edwin 997
Matior, Harry W1546
Mattox, Samuel 813
Maxwell, James O1616
Maxwell, John M614
Mayhew, Judge Horace A717
McAuslan, Peter660Polly Aird
McClure John 1185
McCollum, Andrew M682
McCoy, Alexander M433Loyal
McCoy, Galen C423Loyal
McCoy, Joseph 419Loyal
McCoy, Leo L429Loyal
McCullough Fred F1588
McCullough, William 1580
McCune, Hon. M. E381
McDaniel, Elijah 932
McDaniel, Hon. Eugene P879
McDaniel, Levi J1283
McDermott, George A1681
McDermott, James 1008
McDow, Thomas B.863
McElroy, Jackson 822
McFadyen, John, M. D1617
McGinn, John 924
Mcgowan, David 271
McGrath, Dennis 1311
McGrath, Rev. Father C950
McGregor, Samuel 1695
McGriff, Douglas A1672
McHenry, James M1664
McKea, John 1652
McKee, James A., M. D1548
McKenzie, Kenneth 871
McKinley, John 626
McKune, Hon. J. H364
McLane, John B1686
McLaughlin, William 711
McLean, F. G1040
McLeod, John D1014
McMartin, John1120Laura Mae McMartin-Ruhle
McMurtry, Hon. Louis599
McMurtry, William, M. D599
McPherson, James 906
McQuaid, Charles E588
McRae, Alexander A841
McRae, Daniel 1696
McVay, Joseph 477
McWilliams, Hugh 643
Meckfessel, Fredrick 845
Meckfessel, George C430
Meckfessel, Harry A878
Mecum, George D1359
Mellon. William J889
Mendenlall, John L446
Meng, John D., M. D439
Merrill, Frank P.1375
Merrill, William R1569
Merritt, Albert A833
Merritt, George N1644
Merritt. Dr. Hiram P.1542
Mery, Michael L1036
Metteer, Charles H1439
Metteer, Joseph S992
Mevius, Charles 1374
Meybem, Emil 558
Meyer, Frank 1675
Michael, Henry F941
Miller, Antone 1547
Miller, Ernest J1003
Miller, Frank 906
Miller, Glenn W.922
Miller, Hezekiah M.1529
Miller, Jacob M.878
Miller, John 673
Miller, Marshall973
Miller, Meredith R.1475
Miller, Wendell J1699
Miller, William B1565
Miller, William F1329
Millsaps, John W1693
Millsaps, Joseph 959
Miner, Napoleon 1490
Mitchell, David C1559
Mitchell, Hudson 1556
Mitchell, James E1301
Mitchell, James E444
Mitchell, Thomas 1502
Mitchum, Albert G1054
Mixon, William F552
Moak, Jacob 1322
Monsen, Friedrich1033
Montgomery Alexander 1698
Montgomery, Gen. J. W. B691
Montgomery, J. C1698
Montgomery, Mrs. A1698
Montgomery, Samuel M866
Montgomery, William S1698
Montgomery, William W1521
Mooney, Hugh1345
Moore, Harry1347
Moore, James 437
Moore, James F1044
Moors, O. F1666
Morehead, Franklin F898
Morfoot, Fred W315
Morris, Asa W.1709
Morris, Asa W557
Morris, Joseph J444
Morrison, Alexander W638
Morrison, Columbus B803
Morrison, John H1461
Mossmayer, Antoine 1050
Mould, William 1167
Moultori, Dan H., M.D.1640
Moultoun, Levi F1484
Moutoux, William 996
Mumma, Charles M440
Mumma, Robert L967
Mumma, Thomas J440
Murphy, John G1161
Murray, George 1497
Murray, James 960
Murray, Joseph A760
Myers, Francis G546
Myers, John H745
Myers, Warren 1460
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Nall, Matthew1078
Nelson, Camillus 1518
Nelson, Henry C720
Nelson, Niles V607
Newcomer, Lewis 1474
Newland, Alfred M260
Newton, Perry J1707
Nichols, Arthur L543
Nichols, Claus J1479
Nickell, James J1177
Northey, George V1119
Noyes, Allen S754
Nye, Urias S. 935
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O'Brien, A W 660
O'Brien, James399
O'Brien, Patrick 977
O'Hair, Michael 605
O'Reilly, Rev. Patrick1190
Oakley, Amasa W.686
Ochs, Jost H713
Oeste, William830Bea Barton
Ogden, Robert L.854Bea Barton
Oghurn Brothers 1466
Ohm, Thomas 762
Ohrt, Fred 998
Oliver, C. A., M. D.1645
Ormsby, Martha P1227
Orr, James E1140
Ossenbruggen, Peter 606
Owen, Francis M1288
Owen, J A., M. D1284
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Packard, John Q360
Packer, George F612
Padan, James H1604
Paine, Charles W666
Paine, Sumner F762
Palmer, John 1210
Papst, Albert 1098
Pardee, Hon. George C252
Parker, James E1224
Parsons, Frontier1107
Patterson, James G1626
Paulsen, Marten E1228
Peart, Barkley G641
Pease, Mark 699
Peckham, Thomas W700
Pelton, Samuel C675
Perdue, Peter S1009
Perry, Orville C918
Peter, Adam 912
Peterich, John H1248
Petersen, George F. C756
Peterson, Paul E451
Phelps, Thomas M929
Phillips, Mattoon E1512
Pickard, Charles W827
Picknell, Clarence G1016
Picknell, Samuel 959
Pieper, John F1126
Pierce, George W., Jr555
Pierce, Prof. George A1021
Pine, George W820
Pippin, Samuel H972
Pirkey, Frank Z496
Pitts, Samuel 1422
Pleasants, James M1025
Poffenberger, Hezekiah 1076
Polk, Martin C916
Pomldstone, John 602
Popert, James 953
Porter, A. D492
Porter, Charles E1551
Porter, Jackson C1021
Potter, Albert E576
Powell, David, M. A.408
Prather, Phillip 991
Prentice, George C1417
Price, John 924
Price, John A1088
Price, William W1224
Purkitt, Mrs. T. T., M.D.1639
Pylman, Ralph H378
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Quinn, Isaac 527William Peters
Quire, Joseph S885
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Rambo, Jacob and Isaac1436
Rambo, Mark 1375
Ramsay, Charles A1707
Ramsay, Thomas H1630
Ramsey, John B1680
Randle, David J804
Rasmussen, H. J846
Rath, John G624
Rathbun, Joseph E464
Raub, Charles G456
Read, Walter G320
Reager, George A.1245
Reardan, Thomas B., Jr892Dee Davidson
Reardon, William H465Dee Davidson
Reed, Capt. Elbridge G1615
Reed, Harry B550
Reekers, August 738
Reekers, Herman 1150
Reese, Edward L1489
Reeves, Hon. Truman 655
Reid, John E1640
Reid, Thomas B1205
Reister, Casper785
Reister, George 426
Reith, John, Jr737
Rice, Jubilee D470
Rich, Elisha1061
Richardson, John F1094
Richie, John D699
Richter, Andrew 745
Riggs, John and Silas466
Risher, Josiah P680
Roberts, Capt. John H783
Roberts, Fred 424
Robertson, James W931
Robinson, Albion T1552
Robinson, Daniel M556
Robinson, William H395
Rodgers, Thomas 766
Rogers, S. J. S., M. D1618
Root, James 725Diane Dillon
Ross, Angus650
Ross, Daniel D1690
Roth, Charles F930
Royce, Col. Charles C285
Ruggles, Claude M.1685
Ruhstaller, Frank J650
Runge Henry 1280
Runge, Claus 1673
Russell William 1019
Russell Wilmer W, M. D328
Russell, Francis E1387
Russell, Samuel P1075
Rutherford, John T1321
Rutledge, Capt. Thomas1566
Ryan, John A1144
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Sackett, Buell R1047
Sackett, John E473
Sale, Joseph S1094
Samson, William HI270
Sanborn, Henry A1163
Sanborn, Sylvanus 599
Sanders, H. Lewis1587
Sanders, William 377
Sanford, Benjamin 932
Sanford, Seth L514
Sassaman, Urias B1134
Saye, George M619
Scearce, Laban 1088
Scearce, William E1093
Schaad, August1251Diane
Scheller, Fredrick 1654
Schirber, Ambrose648
Schlosser, Gustave E1177
Schmidt, Conrad 588
Schroter, Grant1512
Schuerly, John K1601
Schuler, George F1444
Schultz, Fredrick W1575
Schultz, Fredrick W., Sr.372
Schwartz, Gottfried 688
Schwein, Louis 1697
Schwein, Matt1345
Scott, George W531
Scott, Henry D1347
Scott, Prof. James A334
Scribner, Butler N1548
Seaward, John1704
Sehorn, Edward M.1631
Sexton, Judge Warren T418
Shanahan Brothers1646
Shellhammer, Usual647
Shellooe, Daniel1607
Shellooe, Daniel A.1681
Shelton, James A1710
Sherer, John D303
Sherer, Joseph P564
Sherfey, Samuel P1229
Sieber, Christopher 1064
Sikes, Jonathan425
Simpson, Andrew1647
Simpson, Andrew J998
Simpson, Hon John1573
Simpson, Ziba E1397
Sligar, Noah J1084
Smith Brothers828
Smith, Gilman K1598
Smith, Halsey G1043
Smith, Henry H617
Smith, James K1456
Smith, John A1121
Smith, John C620
Smith, John P1158
Smith, Lewis P1692
Smith, Richard E931
Smith, William H1168
Smith, William P692
Snider, Eli589
Snowball, John W1659
Snowden, George W1462
Snyder, Jacob596
Spann, John R1361
Spann, Sarah1436
Spaulding, Robert S1020
Spencer, Mrs. Anna E1673
Sperry, Thomas R693
Sperry, Willard F350
Spicer, Hiram F493
Springer, Fred G765
St. Louis, Antwine T956
St. Louis, Charles E521
St. Louis, Henry B930
Stabler, Samuel J412
Stafford, William792
Stalker, William D666
Stanley, John1691
Stansbury, Oscar, M.D.545
Stapp. Abijah H284
Steel, Frank 459
Steffens, Hon. Joseph 307
Steidlmayr, Anton995Omer
Stephens, George D289
Stephens, John D279
Stephens, Joseph J391
Stephens, Lawrence257
Sternes, Lewis T.638
Steuben, Henry W1242
Stevens, Warrne C1429
Stevenson, James P1209
Stice, H. P.1403
Stillwell, John T1394
Stockford, Thomas E.563
Stohlman, Henry C807
Stoll, Charles, I1670
Stoll, Paul1300
Stolp, Cornelius906
Stone, Frank L.632
Stone, George H.1412
Story, Charles S1635
Stovall, Charles E.659
Stovall, H. Curl1501
Stovall, James M.509
Stovall, Jesse C.291
Strain, Gawn863
Strain, James E.686
Streeter, Daniel1493
Strickler, Harry L.1163
Striplin, Lifous681
Struchmeyer, William992
Struckmeyer, Henry1084
Sturges, John739
Suggett, Homer M1490
Sullenger, William D655
Sullivan, Owen891
Summy, Leonidas734
Sutton, David B1689
Swank, John L478
Swanston, Charles1632
Sweeney, J. D.1660
Sweetser, Arthur1545
Sweitzer, Nicodemus743
Swezy, Charles E.1116
Swingle, George H493
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Taber, George W1602
Taber, R. H. 1476
Tabler, Lloyd N.746
Tadlock, Elbert474
Tadlock, Rilford G.826
Tait, Charles1426
Talbot, James R. 407
Tanzer, George W.767
Tapley, Joseph F., M.D.1072
Tarke, Louis962
Tarter, Nicholas1337
Taylor, Justus H.412
Taylor, William M1674
Terrill, John R.732
Tharp, Elijah J734
Tharsing, Christian N1711
Thatcher, Ezekiel T473
Thayer, Albert A.346
Thomas, Charles W.728
Thomas, Perry O.1298
Thomas, Stephen H.1168
Thomas, William H.774
Thomasson, Nathaniel H.654
Thomson, E. E. 916
Thornbrough, Edward E.608
Tisdale, James B.679
Todhunter, Leavitt H839
Todhunter, Richard1594
Todhunter, William B685
Tolson, Samuel1675
Tolson, Thomas1684
Torrance, M. H.1369
Touhey, James965
Tourte, Wilhelm1136
Trainor, Hugh C.1143
Traynham, Henry V.780
Treat, L. H.1312
Trede, Mrs. M. F.1397
Tremblay, Francis X., M.D.953
Trevethan, William966
Trexler, John W.1445
Troop, George C.733
Troop, William H613
Troxel Brothers1422
Tufts, Joshua B.635
Tully, William R921
Turner, Orren H.966
Tuttle, Charles W.611
Tyler, Jonathan C.1394
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Vahle, Jacob T.1325
Van Liew, Charles C1431
Van Seyoc, Jackson943
Van Syckle, Henry E.1256
Van Tassel, Ozem E.738
Vann, Eugene B.772
Vann, Hon. William A.593
Vaughn, Thomas J.1679
Vermette, Hercules1149
Vestal, Thomas H1683
Vickroy, William W.1432
Vilas, Marcellus B.491
Voss, Capt. George H.712
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Wadsworth, William M789
Waite, Fred W.1408
Walker, William A. 495
Wall, George B784
Wall, William S726
Wallbrath, Rev. M718
Wallbridge, Edgerton B1366
Wallbridge, Frank L.1102
Walter, Albert 1039
Walton, Benjamin F377
Ward, Charles W.779
Ward, M. Wylie359
Ware, George A.1588
Warfield, George W.713
Washington, Thomas H.455
Waterbury, James727
Watson, Edward R.1589
Watson, John W.791
Weast, E. A.1338
Weast, John K.388
Weber, Joseph637
Weitmeyer, Henry C.1247
Welch, Benjamin1029
Welch, Charles C.720
Welch, Plummer R.1632
Wescott, Cressey J.614
West, Charles E.778
West, John J.938
West, Myers B.807
West, William H.6118
Westcott, Jesse1676
Weston, John1195
White, G. W.291
White, Harry D. 620
White, James H.886
White, Jesse O.537
White, Thomas I.1149
White, William S732
Whiteside, Orlo 694
Wietfeldt, Henry C1288
Wilbur, Willard J949
Wilcox, Grant B443
Wilcox, Martin A1312
Wilcox, Sardis D469
Wilcox, William S 1351
Wilcoxon, Strother1135
Wilger, Fred551
Wilkie, James B1355
Wilkins, Robert W866
Wilkins, William T594
Willard, George K1294
Willard, Hillman1476
Williams, A. S1498
Williams, Charles H1701
Williams, Hugh726
Williams, Lincoln P.1030
Williams, Mrs. Sarah W349
Williams, Thomas728
Williams, William H.313
Williamson, John1503
Willman, Joseph765
Wilson, Cyrus P.295Richard
Wilson, John W., M.D.1019
Wilson, Newton S.948
Wilson, Sylvester H.897
Wilson, William C.1693
Winkler, James J.1129
Winne, William H.1649
Winter, John G.708
Winter, Louis1318
Wire, Frank B.1517
Wohlfrom, John575
Wohlfrom, Joseph414
Wood, George W.814
Wood, Job K.545
Wood, Joel1035
Woodard, George W.1083
Woodard, William W.1223
Woodland, James W.1036
Woodson, Warren N.1234
Worley, Fisher C.841
Worley, Timothy C790
Wright, William816
Wright, William S.884Bea Barton
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Young, James R.532
Young, Nathaniel533
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Zumwalt, Daniel 1248
Zumwalt, John E.1092

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