History of Sacramento County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present.

By William L. Willis

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1913

California Local History - Rocq - 6511

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.453 H6w -- Book NC

Calif. History Room (CS)
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.453 H6w -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] 979.453 H6w -- Book NC

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Adams, Harry W961
Ahern, David546
Ahern, William M809
Albright, Sidney S690
Amaya, Daniel D760
Anderson, Alden789
Anderson, Andrew878
Anderson, Charles W819
Anderson, Lars P1023
Anderson, Ludwig1026
Andrew, William J654
Angrave, Joseph W991
Aram, Eugene883
Armstrong, Robert676
Arnold, Alphonse962
Atkinson, Edmund C833
Atkinson, F. L746
Azevedo, Joseph F857
B[Return to Jump Site]
Baker, Harry W992
Barfoot, Spencer993
Bassett, W. Walter997
Beckman, Willam1020
Beckwith, Charles M782
Bedwell, John F667
Beede, Jeremiah K663
Bellmer, Edgar E1055
Bennett, Harrison963
Bethel, Frank J609
Bettens, R. M1022
Biekle, Thomas V858
Bills, Charles B994
Bishop, Fred J. 776
Bock, George 1019
Boggess, Jiles S661
Bohl, Peter964
Bonte, H. S1042
Borchard, Alfred680
Boss, Ira C808
Bostwick, George W829
Bowsher, Amos L774
Bradford, William B574
Bramhall, Robert N., M. D860
Brauer, Herman723
Breuner, Louis F692
Brickell, Jerome F620
Brickell, Thomas E638
Brown, Alfred J.967
Brown, Edward S.861
Brown, Egbert A.864Cathy
Brown, John Q.863
Brunschwiler, Joseph I.866
Bullock, George S.867
Burns, George A.975
Butler, Guy870
C[Return to Jump Site]
Calligori, Vincent841
Cameron, Archibald M.980
Campbell, Alden W825
Caples, George W.1024Sandy
Carlaw, Andrew871
Carmichael, Daniel W445
Carraghar, Will J872
Carroll, Daniel H793
Carroll, Jeremiah773
Cate, Daniel R873
Cavitt, George W932Keith/Connie Street
Chambers, Victor T981
Chaplin, William874
Chinn, Frederick C766
Christian, James T., M. D979
Cippa, Fred T670
Clark, George H788
Clayton, Marion F803
Clayton, Mrs. Sarah E803
Clifton, Archie W875
Coffin, Edward M1018
Cohen, Isidor671
Cohn, Philip C475
Coolot, Augustin E1053
Cooper, John F668
Cope, O. Harold813
Cornell, Joseph D604
Cox, Frederick976
Coyle, Thomas J842
Crocker, Charles H877
Croke, Frank C683
Crowell, Montfort K811
Cuff, Clarence C820
Cutter, George H996
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalton, Alfred, Jr.843
Dargitz, J. P580
DaRoza, Edward L732
Davis, Charles K627
Day, Stephen S780
Dehn, Henry702
Derby, Charles M983
Derby, Frank M933
Diepenbrock, Melchior H462
Dike, Uburto L1000
Doan, Warren E998
Donahue, John934
Donnelly, James H1017
Donnelly, Peter F895
Dozier, Melville Jr.657
Driver, Elisha S648
Dunn, Chauncey H484
E[Return to Jump Site]
Ebel, Mark H759
Eckhardt, Henry689
Ehret, Louis D770
Eldred, Charles H1013
Elkus, Louis999
Elliott, James F935
Ellis, Charles J 982
Ellis, Rev. John H1001
Eills, Rev. William F752
Emigh, Clay W797
Emigh, James L796
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairbank, Herbert A623
Fairfield, Willard A936
Fancher, Frederick B801
Farren, John937
Fical, Charles A1042
Ficks, George W750
Filcher, Joseph A1014
Fischer, Jacob J897
Fisher, J. Hayes, M. D1047
Fisk, Katherine B745
Fitzgerald, Peter A573
Folder, Alfred G898
Foster, Stephen938
Foster, Walter T884
Fox, David F685
Frasinetti, James747
Fratt, Francis W1043
Frommer, Bernard941
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gallup, William R1025
Gardner, Mrs. Anna G951
Geary, William887Tim Geary
Geiger, Charles C788
Gerber, Edward H888
Gerber, John A., Jr.1016
Gerber, William E.947Cheryl
Gibson, Francis985
Gillespie, Edward, Sr.950
Godard, Charles W986
Gore, William R886
Gormley, William F891
Goulden, James942
Grace, Thomas427
Graham, Charles H987
Grant, William E71
Green, Charles F436
Green, George988
Gregory, Frank705
Gregory, T. T. C1029
Griffeth, Clarence M664
Griffin, M. W989
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Thomas B839
Halloran, Martin837
Harlow, John M736
Hart, James V488
Hartmann, George P696
Haynes, Edward818
Haynie, Stephen W695
Hencken, William472
Henry, L1011
Hicks, John B949
Hinkle, Isaac917
Hinsey, William W743
Hipple, George W545
Hobrecht, Joseph C956
Hodson, Burton M767
Hook, George955
Hopkins, A. S831
Hopkins, O. G491
Hotchkiss, George W647
Hulings, Burton F798
Hullin, Nicholas J762
Humbert, Hubert J524
Hummel, Joseph F952
Huntress, James S513
Hutton, Frank O1012
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irvine, Richard C900
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, Julius S850
Jenks, William M733
Johns, Fred J614
Johnson, Grove L500
Johnson, Hiram W 836
Johnson, Joseph W588
Johnston, John W953
Johnston, William A529
Jones, Edward S849
Jones, Thomas R507
Junior, Eugene A493
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaufman, August768
Kaufman, Carl763
Kavanaugh, Edward C619
Keach, George919
Kennedy, William M663
Kessler, Adam B1056
Kestler, Gustave A739
Keyes, Henry C880
Kiesel, Frederick W815
Kilgariff, Henry J503
Kimball, Moses N881
Kitt, Fred T946
Kleinsorge, Charles E1003
Klune, J. Bernhard830
Knight, Ralph499
Knight, William L622
Koch, Bernhardt P892
Koch, Otto J784
Kohler, Ferdinand890
Krebs, Harry G. 944
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lafferty, Frank A787
Langley, William A636
Larkin, John N644
LaRue, Hon. Hugh M729
LaRue, Hugh M., Jr435
Latourrette, John757
Lavenson, Gus942
Lawton, John847
Lawton, William D814
Leonard, Albert1010
Leonard, Harry W893
Levering, Charles D1045
Lewis, Thomas715
Limbaugh, Leonard M735
Lindsay, Arthur H894
Lindsay, William R., M. D816
Lothhammer, Charles928
Lowry, Felton,628
Lubin, David833
Lubin, S. J434
Luce, Niron922
M[Return to Jump Site]
McCurdy, Arthur H466
McDougal, George835
McDougall, Donald1008
McElwaine, R901
McEwen, Edward J1009
McFarland, Ray D625
McKenzie, Francis R590
McKevitt, Frank B510
McKinstry, J. K459
McMahon, John471
McWilliams, Hugh764
Mackinder, Willis A970
Mangan, James709
Manning, Frank J45l
Martin, Fred E699
Marty, Benjamin447
Mathews, Herschel B.441Frances
Mauldin, Hugh778
Mayden, John L781
Mayer, George H526
Mealer, Thomas J.724
Meister, Albert800
Meredith, Craddoc973
Meyer, Frank906
Meyer, William A777
Mikle, Pleas G578
Mikulich, Andrew907
Mill, Russell W749
Miller, Frank C972
Miller, John H., Jr.449
Miller, O. H668
Morrill, William D921
Morris, Edward481
Morrison, Alexander W785
Muddox, Harry C478
Muddox, Ralph H1048
Murphy, Patrick H1027
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nagle, John L497
Nathan, Charles P661
Nauman, Harry A687
Nelson, Jacob627
Nethercott, George H482
Noble, George W518
Noyea, Charles T608
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Kelly, T. J1051
O'Nei1, Thomas W822
Owen, Harry D740
P[Return to Jump Site]
Patterson, John L552
Paule, Charles442
Peck, F. S783
Perkins, Charles C806
Pfund, Edward F1030
Phillips, Sidney M494
Phinney, Cassius M902
Phinney, George A1035
Pierce, John A684
Pike, John E. T742
Pipher, Joseph E456
Powers, William M610
Prouty, Simon1031
Prouty, William H1037
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quass, William H467
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raiff, Otto978
Randle, George N452
Raper, Robert641
Read, Herbert J1004
Rees, Frederick G663
Reese, Edward E603
Reese, John955
Reynolds, Aaron B863
Richards, William F721
Riley, John718
Robb, Charles S532
Roberts, John H455
Rooney, Stephen J693
Ross-Roan, Mrs. Mary469
Ruhstaller, Frank J851
Runyon, Solomon903
Russell, Samuel W460
Rutter, James556
Ryan, Frank D520
Ryan, Henry P670
Ryan & Cippa670
Rydberg, Herman675
S[Return to Jump Site]
St. Joseph's Academy606
Saner, Joseph635
Sargent, Franklin H856
Sawyer, John H1038
Schad, Isidor539
Schad, Thomas 540
Schaden, Alfred1039
Scheld, Philip547
Scheunert, Wilhelm R. H550
Schneider, Casper V1049
Schnetz, Henry701
Sellinger, George P802
Sellon, George C828
Seymour, Henry I826
Shannon, Hunter W. S940Gail Barstow
Sharpe, Elton D958
Shaw, F. E., M. D613
Sheehan, Edgar M549
Shields, Peter J755
Silva, Charles F439
Silva, Manuel S., M. D709
Sisson, Benjamin L876
Slight, Samuel B960
Smiley, Hugh J557
Smith, Mrs. Anna924
Smith, Herbert F669
Steffens, Joseph853
Stewart, Louis H562
Strachan, Hugh M971
Strachan, James845
Strand, William A673
Studarus, John565
Sullivan, Daniel D753
Swinney, John A605
Switzer, Herbert C1007
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taverner, George M595
Telfer, C. Allison 846
Thisby, George632
Thomson, Frederick F795
Thorp, Harr433
Thorp, Sidney G541
Timm, Richard717
Townsend, George H908
Trainor, Isaac J531
Twitchell, Edward535
U[Return to Jump Site]
Uren, Stephen925
V[Return to Jump Site]
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wachhorst, Eugene1005Burkhardt Junck
Wahrbaftig, Moses S968
Walke, Adolph931
Walker, Joseph E694
Walton, Frederick S1050
Warner, Willard913
Warren, Lloyd G600
Washburn, O. F930
Watson, William S. M. D915
Weisman, William J910
Welch, Benjamin667
Wentz, John H711
Wentzel, Charles E928
Werner, Charles616
Wiesenhofer, Frank X792
Wilder, James A598
Wiley, David E916
Williams, Lincoln P969
Willis, William L593
Wilson, Jesse W517
Wise, Philip929
Woodburn, Elwood J794
Woods, John L597
Wulff, Henry F. G911
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yardley, Herbert E637
Yell, Archibald1040
Yoerk, Charles A727
Young, Charles J811
Younger, Andrew643
Yule, William1002
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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