An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California:

Containing a history of Sacramento County from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time, together with glimpses of its prospective future; with profuse illustrations of its beautiful scenery, full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of to-day.

Hon. Win. J. Davis

The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill (1890)

California Local History - Rocq - 6509

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Adams, C. E.483
Addington, A. M.487
Aiken, E. F.579
Alexander, D. E.798
Alexander, John Kihg799
Allen, Robert485
Alltucker, Henry488
Alvord, Harvey486
Anderson, James708
Anderson, W. A.291
Andrews, John N.526
Armstrong, John W.274
Armstrong, Julia, Mrs.537
Aull, Charles386
Azevedo, M. J.759Lisa Harley
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailey, J. D.461
Bailey, Joseph709
Bailey, Joshua J.492
Bainbridge, J. C.259Robert C. Bainbridge
Barber, Manville408
Barnett, Robert491
Barry, John T.492
Barton, Hiram Emmett770
Bassett, L. F.755
Bates, B. F.383
Bates, G. O.710
Bauer, John J.312
Bauquier, Joseph313
Baxter, M. A.735
Beals, H. S.792
Beans, B. F.458
Beatty, H. O.254
Beatty, William H.571
Beckley, Lucius R.422Togin Cassell
Beckley, P. R.422Togin Cassell
Bellmer, John791
Benedix, C. W. T.309
Bennett, M., Mrs.390
Besagno, A.712
Biewener, F.734
Birch, William A.493
Bitchell, James538
Black, John510
Blanchard, George A.374
Bloom, Andrew C.7l1
Bohl, Peter7l2
Bonte, C. C.401
Booth, Newton287
Bowers, W. O.795
Bowles, J. S.713
Bradford, J. B.714
Bradley, William H.714
Branscombe, S. A.491
Breeding, William490
Briggs, Alfred716
Briggs, William Ellery367
Brison, W. W.384
Broder, Jacob387
Broder, Oswald387
Bronner, George F.768Barbara Rose
Brown, Alexander488
Brown, J. B.494
Brundage, N. J.410
Bruner, Elwood269
Brusie, Jud. C.366
Bryan, W. F.712
Bryan, William E.550
Buckley, John J.294
Buell, Daniel H.467
Buffalo Brewing Company773
Burke, F. A.455
Burke, F. T.773
Burnham, James H.389
Burns, A. B.691
Burns, Peter705
Burr, A. E.413
Butterfield, Rufus708
C[Return to Jump Site]
Caffaro, Louis754
Calderwood, J. F.788
Calio, J. B.704
Callahan, G. W.453
Camp, J. E.584
Campbell, Charles H.765
Campbell, Polly, Mrs.700
Cantrell, D. B.800
Caples, James700Sandy Nehrling
Carle, Silas702
Carr, George T.529
Carrington, S. E.83
Carroll, Edgar B.144
Carroll, H. W.801
Carroll, John E.801
Carroll, William719
Caselli, Vincent719
Casey, Thomas G.391
Castro, Manuel306
Caswell, W. A.335
Catlin, A. P.249
Cave, J. B.316
Chamberlain, W. E.425
Champlin, Nelson406
Chandler, L. C.361
Chase, Hiram718
Chesley, G. W.733
Chinnick, James T.484
Chipman, H. C.353Lisa Harley
Christesen, Robert691
Church, W. S.376
Clark, Howell273
Clark, J. Frank367
Clark, Palmer548
Clark, Robert C.799
Clarke, George L.544
Clarke, J. W.303
Clayton, M. F.135
Clayton, S. E., Mrs.136
Clow, G. B.576
Cluness, W. R.475
Coffman, Alfred469
Cohn, Simon690
Colebaker, A.391
Coleman, J. O.464
Coleman, W. P.569
Colton, G. M.536
Comstock, Elijah687
Comstock, W. D.289
Conner, George D.688
Connor, F. E.468
Cook, A. A.789
Cook, Henry690
Cook, Thomas790
Coons, David392
Core, A. F.474
Cornelius, H. P.478
Cosby, G. B.769
Costello, J. H.718
Cox, Frederick575
Cox, John H.699
Coy, Zenas L.698
Coyle, James696
Croley, E. J.703
Cross, John F.696
Crouch, H. R.697
Cummings, C. H.255
Cunningham, J. A.793
Cunningham, William695
Curtis, William424
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalton, Dennis697
Daly, Elisha511Karen Hoyle
Daniel, Bartin292
Danis, Alexis J.728
Darling, George W.694
Dart, George510
Dart, Martin693
Davies, Owen T.694
Davis, A. B.692
Davis, D. L.467
Davis, George G.553
Davis, L. R.420
Davis, Win. J.95
De Kay, Seely636
Denson, S. C.286
Deterding, H. F. W.421
Devin, A. R.688
Dickey, Sanford760
Dickinson, Mary, Mrs.759
Dickson, Charles683
Dierssen, D. & Co.726
Dierssen, G. E. A.727
Dingley, N.322
Divine, J. B.785
Dixon, G. M.405
Dixon, William E458
Dodge, P. H.669
Dolan, John H.315
Dolson, John C.511
Douglas, Philip307
Dray, F. R.254
Drew, M. M.688
Duden, George E.667
Duffey, John398
Dunn, Chauncey H.290
Dwyer, Thomas663
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eagle, Thomas B.699
Eastman, W. E.509
Eberhardt, William337
Ebner, F. X.744
Ebrhardt, Henry412Eric
Eckhardt, Henry340
Ecklon, C. L.390Dennis Ecklon
Eckman, H. L.743
Ehrhardt, John419
Eilers, D. W.790
Eldred, Sidney331Helen Nichols Battleson
Ellis, William H.549
Enos, James E.547
Everson, Julius674
Ewing, Elizabeth W., Mrs.494
Ewing, G. V.494
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fassett, L. H.675
Fay, Franklin G.258
Fay, M.452
Felch, W. C.407
Feldhusen, C.308
Fiel, Isaac674
Figg, E. P.362
Fisher, George S.742
Fisher, H. & Co679Helen Nichols Battleson
Fitch, W. C.309
Flaherty, Peter347
Fortman, Henry729
Foster, Albert465
Foster, E. W.673
Fountain, Joshua670Togin Cassell
Fountain, W. A.796Togin Cassell
Fraley, James M.512
Frazer, Wm. F.681
Freeman, Isaac F.637
Frees, Jacob748
Freitas, John Soto681
Frey, Henry680
Fritsch, John328
Frost, A. L.545
Frye, Wm. H.427
Fuchs, Peter325
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gabrielli, P.748
Galgani, P. A.749
Gardiner, P. H.523Linda McDowell
Gardner, Charles F365
Gardner, Zebulon365
Garfield, S. H.683
Garrett, Samuel682
Gebert, Jacob748
Gehring, Fred330
Gerber, L.650
Gerrish, Samuel H.457
Gett, W. A., Jr.609
Gill, Noah B.540
Gilmore, J. A.463
Glann Family653
Glann, Daniel655
Glann, Peter655
Glann, Vincent655
Goldberg, A.652
Goodell, N. D.270
Goodrich, O. O.429
Goslin, John652
Grace, Thomas619
Graf, Markus560
Graf, Paul759
Graff, W. C.758
Graham, J. A.518
Green, Chris664
Green, E. H.756
Green, M. S.587
Green, P. B.541
Greene, George B.617
Greer, Erskin430
Gregory, A. O.771
Gregory, Eugene J.432
Gribble, Hiram333
Griesel, Jacob327
Griffitts, John T.580
Grim, Otto Shaw455
Grimshaw, W. R.616
Grimshaw, W. Robinson616
Grondona, Joseph644
Gruhler, Christian793
Gruhler, Elias758
Gruhler, Jacob320
Gruhler, Jon567
Gunter, A. M.643
Gutenberger, Wm.415
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haase, Peter389
Hack, Geo. W276
Hale Bros. & Co781
Hall, I. G.651
Hall, R. B.533
Hamilton, E. R.266
Hamilton, J. H.639
Hamilton, W. B.558
Hamilton, W. H.783
Hammer, L. E.642
Hancock, George W.776
Hanlon, Joseph639
Hanson, Peter533
Harkins, James47l
Harlow, G. W.649
Hart, A.785
Hart, E. C.269
Harvey, C. W.644
Harvey, Obed646
Harvie, N.786
Hasman, Joseph396
Hatch, F. W.736
Haub, John312
Hayden, John H.631
Hayton, George791
Healey, Edward522
Heard, John660
Heath, George W.765
Heath, John W.519
Heinrich, Charles735
Henderson, J. M.573
Henry, W. A.401
Heringa, John523
Herrick, A. C.262
Hertzel, A.341
Herzog, Philip360
Hill, H. S.626
Hinkson, Add. C.258
Hite, J. G.638
Hoey, Peter633
Hoitt, Ira G.284
Holder, Thomas721
Hollister, Dwight489
Holmes, Henry610
Hoover, S. M.604
Hopkins, A. S.622
Hopkins, E. C.622
Hornlein Bros.343
Howe, E. P.535
Hubbard, C. H.684
Hubbard, I. M.805
Huber, Herman428
Hughson, W. A.266
Hull, C. A.680
Hull, Joseph519
Humbert, P. A.679
Hunt, D. R.521
Huntoon, J. L.261Lisa
Hyman, Jacob678
I[Return to Jump Site]
Irvine, W. J.341
Jackson, H. J.519
Jackson, M. C.522
Jean, Adolph614
Jenkins, C. A.403
Johnson, A.527
Johnson, G. A.297
Johnson, Grove L.613
Johnston, D.373
Johnston, Wm.576
Jolly, C. H.612
Jordan, James762Pearl
Joseph, Isaac737
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kane, J. O.635
Kane, Newell513
Karcher, Matthew786
Keefe, Michael516
Kellogg, C.281
Kelly, Edward634
Kercheval, Reuben514
Kerr, George H.512
Kerr, J. H.517
Kerth, Wendall409
Kestler, Martin336
Kewen, Perrie369
Kilgore, J. W.518
Kinross, W. H.778
Klebitz, Edward779
Klenk, C.750
Knauer, F. C.738
Kreeger, S.378
Krull, A. A.411
Kunz, Frank394
Kunz, Peter332
L[Return to Jump Site]
La Rue, H. M.577
Lages, Christopher359
Lages, Herman325
Lauppe, Roudalph667
Lautkotter, J. A.356
Lawson, Powell S.562
Lawton, John395
Lea, Charles666
Lea, Isaac665
Lee, Mary, Mrs.496
Lee, Timothy485
Leimbach, H.472
Leitch, E. M.294
Lemay, Victor296
Lewis, L. L.256
Light, W. W.271
Lincoln, L. M.441
Lindley, T. M.706
Little, George390
Littlefield, Thomas476
Loch, Louis753
Lockett, R. S.676
Logan, A.677
Lothhammer, Fred753
Lovdal, O. O.677Luanne Hyde
Lowell, Amos M.495
Luce, Israel470
Luckett, E. M.412
Lufkin D. T.671
Lufkin, H. T.673
Luther, W. H.498
Lyman, F. T.678
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