History of Pomona Valley, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the valley who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present.

By A. L. Hickson

Historic Record Company (1920)

California Local History - Rocq - 4751

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.493 H6 -- Book NC

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Aborn, Ida E., Mrs. 720
Adams, Frank E293
Adams, John S510
Adamson, John E320
Afflerbaugh, Clinton Bertram612
Allard, Joseph A., Jr.748
Alter, Charles H., D.D.S.812David Randall
Anderson, Daniel Walter732
Arbuthnot, Daniel G493
Armour, Elmer Eugene314
Arnold, William Henry404
Augustine, Victor Curtis730
Avis, Americus Benezette519Sarah W. Trowbridge
Avis, Walter Moore391Sarah W. Trowbridge
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bailey, Ira D704
Baker, Abram 371
Baker, Charles D489
Baker, Vincent W., D.D.S626
Baldwin, Frank H541
Balfour, Frank W504
Bangle, Ethan G604
Bartlett, William Henry298
Baumgardner, Welcome A534
Bayer, Charles Phillip742
Baynham, Joseph J335
Beale, Henry W567
Beck, Albert Allen506
Beck, Samuel Sanders324
Beclher, Harry T751
Bennett, James Stark813
Bichowsky, Emmo C701
Billheimer, John S528
Blaisdell, James Arnold, D.D366
Blatz, Frederick A814
Blickenstaff, Lynn A707
Booth, Charles J705
Booth, Elmer E564
Bowden, Jere C816
Bowen, Frederick W632
Bowen, John Carson599
Bowen, John F477
Bowler, William W393
Bowman, Jonathan V331
Boyd, Sydney R746
Brackett, Frank Parkhurst, M.A254
Bradley, Edward D`695
Bright, H. Verner739
Brooks, Ernest 499
Brooks, John Tinley458Chuck Taylor
Brown, Harry P559
Brubaker, Henry J. 685
Brubaker, John B.685
Bryant, DeWitt Clinton, M.D. 414
Buckner, Walter C., Rev.691
Bulla, Quincy A615
Burr, Rollin T., M.D234
C[Return to Jump Site]
Calkins, Benjamin E757
Camers, Jacob 749
Camp, John Bradford520
Campbell, J. E708
Carson, Walter Scott227
Carter, Roy H817
Catelli, Frank 818Neil Wilson
Chain, Charles H342
Clapp, Stacy W., D.D.S712
Clark, C. Ralph816
Clark, Charles 311
Clark, Lloyd R709
Clark, Ralph S793
Clark, Stephen Cutter, Jr., Rev.759
Clarke, Joseph C798
Clifton, Samuel B282
Coates, Thomas, M.D288
Cogswell, Franklin, Capt.328
Cole, Cyrus H 698
Collins, David H275
Colvin, Joseph L397
Condit, Albert P726
Coon, William R521
Corbeil, Theophile 337
Crank, F. DeWitt, M.D248
Crawford, Henry M745
Cree, Ira J711
Crookshank, David C383
Cumberland, Julian F480
Curran, Charles P522
Currier, Alvan Tyler, Hon.211
Curry, David W471
D[Return to Jump Site]
Davis, Ferdinand 631
Davis, Henry B639
Davis, Walter T723
Day, Edwy M398
Deere, J. Harvey, B.A., D.D721
Dehnel, Joseph Severns796
Dewey, Harold C640
Dillman, George 297
Dole, James Albert269
Doughty, William Clyde680
Doull, Albert P763
Doutt, Mace B725
Dovolos, John 760
Doyle, Patrick W283
Duffy, Homer Leo, Maj.768
Durward, Arthur, A.M.62S
Duvall, Oliver Harvey765
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eakin Brothers 727
Eakin, Charles M727
Eakin, Freeman M727
Earle, Ethan H388
Eells, Francis Clark622
Elliott, Joseph 526
Elliott, Leslie L698
Ellsworth, Frank E515
Ellsworth, Fred E. 515
Ercanbrack, William S622
Evans, Frank C527
Evans, John P642
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fender, John A341
Ferree, Ernest D700
Ferrell, James G672
Ferrell, Louis 771
Ferry, William 6S3
Fich, Bertram 659
Fitch, Joseph A606
Fleming, Edward J253
Fleming, Minerva C., Miss552
Fleming, Peter 302
Fleming, William T432
Foote, William Burr741
Forbes, John J551
Ford, Selden I434
Forester, George Wilmont, M.D. 589Steve Forester
Foster, Herbert Clare512
Fowkes, Alfred M769
Fox, Charles J., Capt.532
Fox, William A.501
Fredendall, Earl 770
Freyermuth, Harry W571
Fritz, William O703
Fryer, James M218
Fulton, James W281
Fulton, Samuel M801
Funkhouser, William E621
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gammon, Edward H694
Gapp, John C655
Garcelon, Frank, M.D279
Garrett, W. A., Judge425
Garrison, Christopher H805
Garthside, Joseph Relton250
Gates, Clyde A773
Gates, W. B651
Geer, Francis Heman, M.D610
Gerrard, Albert Campbell747
Gibson, Bertram W803
Gillen, Edward E525
Gillette, Charles V516
Gilman, Herbert S791
Goettsche, John 468
Gore, Thomas E802
Gray, Ralph E675
Greaser, Charles E716
Griswold, George C. B.L., Ph.D 574
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Orin J656
Hamilton, William Wright804
Hanawalt, Harvey M800
Hansen, Hans B338
Hansen, Jacob P710
Hanson, Harry 669
Hanson, Marie A., Mrs.669
Hardon, Charles H426
Hardy, Ormal G. 795
Harrison, Thomas 755
Hart, Elmer W., L.L.M.385
Hartman, Fred W.744
Harwood, Frank H.808
Hathaway, Jefferson M.301
Haugh, Benjamin S., Prof.600
Heath, George, Col. 257
Henzie, Edward A.743Gary
Hickman, Frank A.629
Hill, Alton419
Hinman, Elliott 372
Hinman, Harry H.625
Hitchcock, George Gale569
Hoover, William I. T., Ph.D.620
Hough, Jesse W784
Houston, Roy 719
Howard, Horace E789
Hudson, Charles R., Rev.706
Huff, Charles C445
Hume, James 464
Hunter, John H676
I[Return to Jump Site]
Inwood, Roy Alfred731
Izer, Elmer E.588
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jacobs, Fred C531
Johnson, Cassius C.408
Johnson, James Dixon756
Johnson, William Ellis 786
Johnstone, William Arthur502
Jones, Cyrus W750
Jones, George E731
Jorde, Edward A554
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaltenbeck, Fred 590
Keiser, Edwin T407
Keiser, John Wilford533
Keiser, Oscar G538
Kelly, Elmer Ellsworth, M.D733
Kennedy, William A737
Kepner, Shellburn M781
Kettelle, Herbert C., D.D.S.736
Kiler, William H448
Kinzman, Louis Carl537
Klein, Philip G435
Knight, Frank W724
Knox, Reginald L728
Krehbiel, Henry A595
Kuns, Henry LeBosquette430
Kuntz, Charles 266
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamb, Elizabeth, Mrs.381
Lamont, James W.542
Laughlin, Joseph T.307
Lavars, Harry J.737
Lawrence, Edgar A.264
Lee, Alonzo W.272
Lee, Ira A592
Lee, John Henry 327
Levengood, E. J.544
Lewis, Fred R.439
Lewis, Jerry N.549
Lewison, Lewis 378
Lichty, Arthur Millard570
Lorbeer, Carl H575Susanne R Judson
Lorbeer, Charles Augustus236Susanne R Judson
Loucks, Richard N.630
Ludden, Jerome A.572Michael Kirchmeier
Lussier, Joseph O.616
Lyter, Albert William573
M[Return to Jump Site]
Mackenzie, Daniel 635
Manley, Mrs. Sylvia Powers323
Manning, Herman L.687
Mapel, Marion 686
Martin, William M.688
Martin, William T.355
Mason, John W557
Matthews, Lee R454
May, Clement Robert 786
May, Hal 807
McCain, Nelson Grant734
McCannel, Flora, Mrs.547
McComas, Emma, Mrs.238
McComas, J. E., Hon.238
McGannon, Alfred I797
McIntire, Samuel W702
McLeod, John A547
McMullin, Wm. W433
Meredith, Lewis C362
Meserve, Alvin Rand441
Metz, Mitchell K790
Middleton, Carl W792
Midgley, Charles350
Miller, George W799
Mills, Lindsay M779
Minnich, Leroy 451
Mishler, Harry 440
Mitchell, Allen G694
Mitchell, James M361
Moore, George R553
Morris, Chester J753
Morton, Robert Lee649
Mosher, Frank D674
Mullen, Joseph 689
Myers, Myra, Mrs. 461
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neibel, Ira L436
Neilly, P. J782
Newcomer, Paul W., M.D693
Nichols, Allen P271
Norcross, Hobert F558
Norton, Willis A313
Nunneley, Ferris J778
Oglivie, William M713
O[Return to Jump Site]
Osgoodby, Andrew 258Rosemarie
Osgoodby, George 258
Otto, Charles E785
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paige, Joseph M6rgan 511
Pallett, Mary Jane, Mrs.446
Palmer, Edwin T289
Palmer, Frank Fletcher624
Palmer, Frank L318
Palomares, Jose Dolores217
Palomares, Porfirio 222
Park, Schuyler Howard609
Parsons, Cyrus Mason690
Patten, Frances Ada, Mrs.223
Patterson, Tillman W644
Pease, Edmund Morris, Rev.452
Penn, Warren 754
Persons, Dennis L455
Petty, Moses 403
Phillips, Louis 215
Pierce, Himon N294
Pierson, Joseph Christmas410
Pirdy, Adelbert J679
Platt, George Cyril788
Plush, William 259
Poling, Ira W636
Pomona Fixture & Wiring Co750
Porter, David C. W665
Porter, Frank B670
Potter, Mark H614
Pratt, Harry S548
Presnell, William H717
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rambo, J. Frank750
Reed, Henry M276
Reid, William442
Reimers, Justus 500
Reynolds, Henry Presley457
Ricciardi, Philip L752
Rice, Flora A., Miss787
Richards, Addison W456
Riley, Patrick 233
Ring, Alice B., Miss666
Ritter, Frederick W696
Robbins, Homer E., Ph.D.776
Robertson, John G663
Robinson, Frank C652
Romick, John W290
Ruth, Theodore 237
Rutty, Luman 650
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sanborn, Carlton H634
Scofield, Ira 568
Scofield, Male E., Miss568
Seaver, Carlton 312
Sederholm, E. Theodor587
Seymour, Alice M., Miss585
Shafer, Walter 308
Shaw, Edward D353
Sheehy, John J., Rev.560
Sheets, L. E809
Shepherd, B. Chaffey758
Shettel, Walter A811
Shewman, John O662
Shirk, Frank M., M.D671
Shoemaker, J. Ralph681
Silva, Morgan P810
Slanker, Frank Oscar349
Smart, Thaddeus 60S
Smead, Franklin 568
Smith, B. Lillian, M.D., D.O674
Smith, Frederick J295
Smith, Lewis N613
Smith, Ralph, M.D699
Smith, T. Hardy, M.D284
Smith, William Henry714
Somerville, William D777
Spalding, Phebe Estelle, Ph.D., Miss 611
Sparks, Marcus L287
Spence, Cornelia A., Mrs. 332
Spencer, Charles G597
Stahlman, Edward G755
Steinruck, Bernard G661
Steves, Thurman J578
Stine, Rollie A772
Stone, Charles M226
Storment, John C806
Stoughton, Arthur V., M.D652
Stout, B. P., Prof.775
Stover, William Willard596
Straley, Elmer 368
Strong, Nathan E249
Studer, Robert 594
Sumner, Charles Edward,462
Swank, Amzi S673
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tate, Albert Edward472
Taylor, Albert L232
Teague, David Clinton375
Teague, Jasper N401
Teague, Robert M359
Teitsworth, Hugh S735
Thatcher, Hugh A543
Thomas, Anson C745
Thomas, Edward Walter598
Thompson, Kirk W619
Thurman, Monroe467
Todd & Patterson644
Todd, Walter B644
Tolton, D. Mat774
Travis, G. Luther593
Trimmer, Scott473
Trotter, Thomas Ross416
True, William S.305
Tuller, Louis B495
Tyler, George R641
Tyler, John L., M.D., V.S591
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ulery, Howard E633
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vandegrift, William A., Hon474
Vejar, Abraham H550
Vejar, Ignacio 0577
Vejar, Jose H490
Vejar, Ramon213
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walcott, Herbert E478
Walker, James W563
Waters, Arthur E660
Waters, George H486
Weaver, Fred D729
Weber, John 317
Weigle, George J479
Weineke, Morris Randolph496
Welch, Everett Haskell344
Wells, Jasper T762
Westerman, Ellen D., Mrs.319
Westgate, Harry B761
Whaley, Guy V581
Wheelan, Richard Barrett 367
Wheeler, Edward Myron664
Wheeler, Frank738
White, Caleb 231
White, Francis Harding, Ph.D.715
White, Harry Randolph344
White, Ira F.387
White, John J.265
White, Mabel E., D.O.688
White, Robert 646
White, Ulysses E.429
Whitehead, J. Moses420
Whiting, Asa G.346
Whyte, Fred E.654
Williams, Henry H.263
Williams, Thomas A.394
Wiltberger, L., Miss682
Witman, George B.764Elaine Witman Pennell
Wittenmyer, George H.643
Wood, William Stanley765
Woodford, B. A.330
Wyman, Francis G.767
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yorba, Porfirio J.423
Yundt, Emery Roscoe 740
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zander, Milton W718
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