Illustrated History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Counties

Farriss & Smith, San Francisco, CA - 1882

California Local History - Rocq - 6344

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] F868.P85 I3 1971 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: F868.P85 I3 1971 -- Book

Sutro Library (RR)
CALL NUMBER: F868.P85 I3 -- Book

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A[Return to Jump Site]
Abbe, George H.Sierra485
Abbott, Joshua C.Plumas294Win Terrell
Adams, J. C.Plumas271
Adams, J. C.Sierra271
Arnold, A. T.Lassen400
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bacher, AntonePlumas307
Banet, Walter M.Plumas267
Bangham, E. G.Lassen400
Barham, Thomas MarionLassen401
Barnett, Robert I.Plumas182
Bass, Richard D.Lassen505
Battelle, T. S.Plumas270
Battelle, T. S.Sierra270
Baugh, B. B.Plumas310
Baxter, JohnLassen401
Beaton, AlexanderSierra263
Beaton, AlexanderPlumas263
Beckwourth, James P.Plumas256
Beckwourth, James P.Sierra256
Bidwell, Henry C.Plumas302
Bigelow, H. HSierra485
Black, ThomasPlumas265
Blake, J. CLassen401
Blakemore, Robert M.Plumas250
Blood, J. M.Plumas801
Blough, W.Plumas809
Bond, JerryLassen401
Bonner, Thomas D.Plumas208
Boring, Isaac C.Plumas188
Brabban, DixonPlumas292
Branham, JamesLassen402
Breed, Levi NewtonLassen402
Bringham, Marion C.Sierra262
Bringham. Marion C.Plumas262
Bronson, P. B.Lassen506
Brown, A. M.Plumas274
Brown, A. M.Sierra274
Brown, J. CPlumas268
Brown, J. C.Sierra268
Brown, J. W.Sierra486
Bruce, Hon. A. TLassen375
Buckbee, Hon. John R.Plumas182
Bunnell, L. WellingtonPlumas322
Burgess, William H.Sierra486
Busch, August C.Sierra486
Buxton, G. Q. Plumas273
Buxton, G. Q.Sierra273
Byers, James D.Lassen402
Byers, James D. Plumas186
Byers, William T.Plumas185
Byington, L.Sierra486
C[Return to Jump Site]
Campbell, JasonSierra487
Campbell, Judge William Sierra429
Carter, Dr. J. S. Plumas307
Castagneto, G. B.Sierra487
Cate, Daniel R.Plumas188
Cate, La Fayette, M.D.Plumas284
Chamberlin, Dr. M. P.Lassen403
Chamberlin, Dr. P.Lassen403
Chamberlin, R.Lassen403
Chambers, Robert CraigPlumas186
Chapman, Albert P.Plumas265
Chapman, Albert PSierra265
Chapman, Hon. John S.Lassen375
Chapman, John A.Plumas190
Cheney, Judge W. A.Plumas180
Church, Isaac S. Plumas274Chuck Knuthson
Church, Isaac S.Sierra274
Church, William S.Plumas183
Clark, NicholasLassen506
Clark, Stephen JPlumas187
Clinch, John Plumas286
Clough, Judge G. G.Plumas321
Clute, John HowardSierra487
Compton, John D.Plumas307
Conkey, AmosLassen501
Connolly, Patrick Plumas269
conn.htm">Connolly, PatrickSierra269
Cooksey, James Plumas310
Corcoran, T.Plumas309
Cowden, Judge D. H.Sierra430
Cox, Thomas Plumas180
Crane, Hon. Wm. H. Lassen403
Crane, Hon. Wm. H. Plumas196
Crignon, A.Sierra487
Cunningham, Noble C. Plumas302
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dalton, E.Lassen404
Davidson, Hon. Samuel BSierra429
Davis, Aaron Sierra270
Davis, AaronPlumas2~u
Davis, Charles H.Plumas273
Davis, Charles H. Sierra278
Davis, John C.Lassen404
De Forest, A. E.Lassen502
De Forest, Clinton, Jr.Lassen404
De Haven, Capt. W. N.Plumas184
Dean, Wilson S. Plumas189
Dill, Andrew Lassen404
Dolley, E. P.Plumas274
Dolley, E. P.Sierra274
Downer, Eugenio Kincaid Sierra487
Doyle, S. A.Lassen506
Dunn, John R.Lassen404
E[Return to Jump Site]
Ede, WalterPlumas264
Edman, J. A. Plumas254
Edwards, James E Plumas323
Eggleston, B. T.Sierra488
Elwell, William Plumas245
Emmons, Theodore F.Plumas300
Epley, T. R.Lassen405
Eschbacher, F. A. Sierra488
Evans, J. F. Plumas306
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fagg, J. D.Plumas269
Fagg, J. D.Sierra269
Finlayson, Donald R. Plumas285
Firmstone, H. A.Plumas806
Fischer, F. L.Sierra488
Fish, N. B. Sierra488
Fletcher, A. W. Plumas308
Flournoy, Robert S.Plumas301
Forbes, RobertSierra488
Ford, James Plumas300
Forgay, Nathaniel B.Plumas300
Forman, WilliamPlumas311
Fralich, Matthias Plumas304
Freeman, Joel E.Plumas271
mill.htm">Freeman, Joel E.Sierra271
French, Thomas J.Lassen405
Fritsch, John B.Plumas304
Fritsch, Martin Plumas307
Fry, George W.Lassen405
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gallagher, E. J.Plumas275
Gallagher, E. J.Sierra275
Gansner, Florid Plumas285
Garratt, J. P.Lassen405
Gear, Hiram A.Plumas182
Gentry, J. C Plumas189
Glascock, Thomas Jefferson Lassen406
Goff, PeterSierra489
Goodwin, Judge John D. Plumas177
Goumaz, Philip J.Lassen406Laura Goumaz Flebbe
Graham, Will D. R.Plumas311
Gray, Rothens A.Plumas323
GrazerGrazer, HenryPlumas245
Greeno, GeorgeLassen406
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haggard, Thomas L.Plumas190
Haines, G. P. Plumas271
Haines, G. P.Sierra271
bane.htm">Haley, Mrs. Julia Plumas254
Hall, William HLassen505
Hall, Wright PLassen406
Hallsted, Alanson A.Plumas253
Hallsted, Peter L.Plumas188
Hamlen, E. E. Sierra275
Hamlen, E. H. Plumas275
Harbison, John Plumas183
Hardgrave, John Plumas302
Hardin, M.Plumas270
Hardin, M.Sierra270
Harris, Judge GarlandSierra430
Harrison, Hon. W. R.Lassen375Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl
Hartson, Charles Lassen407
Hartwell, John F.Plumas283
Harvey, Hon. I. J.Lassen374
Haskins, William Sierra489
Haven, Philo A.Sierra489
Hedrick, DuskinPlumas310Karen Gleason
Hendel, Charles W.Plumas190
Hendrick Hon. J. W. Lassen377
Heringlake, C. A.Sierra490
Herring, George H.Plumas309
Hersey, Thomas F.Plumas284
Hill, Charles M., M.D. Plumas245
Hill, John W.Plumas244
Hill, S. D.Sierra490
Hoffman, SamuelLassen407
Hogan, Judge E. T. Plumas179
Hosselkus, Edwin D.Plumas302
Houghton, George E.Plumas315
Howe, Judge A. J.Sierra430
Howk, CorelPlumas266
Howk, CorelSierra266
Hudson, EdmondLassen407
Hughes, B. B. Plumas286
Hughes, MarshallPlumas272
Hughes, MarshallSierra272
Hughes, ThomasPlumas252
Hulsmann, John FLassen501
Humphrey, George W. Plumas266
Humphrey, George W.Sierra266
Hundley, Judge P. O.Plumas181
Hurley, Dr. GeorgeLassen50B
Hutchinson, JosephSierra490
Hyer, D. C.Lassen407
I[Return to Jump Site]
Ingersoll, William S.Plumas189
Ingram, RobertLassen408
Irwin, Hon. RichardPlumas195
J[Return to Jump Site]
wrig.htm">Jacks, RichardPlumas253
Jenison, R. B.Lassen408
Johnson, Robert Lassen503
Johnson, William F. Plumas285
Jones, Hon. Israel Lassen376
Jones, Hon. Israel Plumas179
Jones, I. G.Sierra490
Jones, William E. (Paul)Plumas263
Jones, William E. Sierra263
Jump, Dr. AlembySierra491
K[Return to Jump Site]
Keddie, Arthur W.Plumas322
Kelley, Clarence G.Lassen878
Kelley, Hon. Ripley C.Plumas196
Kelley, John D.Lassen408
Kellogg, Henry W.Plumas251
Kellogg, Hon. William W. Plumas183
Kennedy, Henry H. Sierra491Barbara
Keyes, David B.Plumas266
Keyes, David B.Sierra266
Kimball, Walter B.Sierra492
King, Mrs. R.Plumas244
Kingsbury, EdwardLassen602
Kinney, Hon. Asa Plumas196
Kirby, AlexanderPlumas262
Kirby, AlexanderSierra262
Knoll, Matthias Plumas306
Knuthsen, JacobPlumas272
Knuthsen, JacobSierra272Chuck Knuthson
L[Return to Jump Site]
Largent, John C.Plumas306
Larison James H. Plumas284
Lassen, PeterLassen332
Lassen, PeterPlumas332
Laufman, CyrusPlumas299
Lawson, Charles Lassen502
Lefever, Dr. Josiah Sierra492
Lemmon, B. F.Plumas273Randy Mack
Lemmon, B. F.Sierra278Randy Mack
Lemmon, William C.Plumas272Randy Mack
Lewis, Hiram Plumas269
Lewis, HiramSierra269
Lewis, Judge Joseph E. N.Plumas181
Lindsay, F. H.Lassen409
Litch, Andrew Lassen409
Long, Thomas N.Lassen409
Long, William B.Lassen409
Lott, Judge Charles F.Plumas176
Lovejoy, John K.Plumas313
Lowe, John, Jr.Lassen410
Lowry, John Plumas309
Luther, W. T.Sierra492
Lynch, JosephLassen410
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maddux, Theophilus Sierra272
Maddux, TheophilusPlumas272
Mahoney, D. J. Plumas256
Manson, WilliamPlumas284
Marstella, MassillonLassen377Les Marstella
Martin, RichardPlumas262
Martinetti, I.Sierra492
Masten, J. T. Lassen410
Maxwell, J. H.Lassen411
McBeth, JohnPlumas305
McCann, Hon. Ferdinand J.Sierra429
McClaskey, Hon. CalvinLassen375
McCorkle, Judge J. W. Plumas175
McCullough, George B.Plumas249
McDermott, James Lassen410
McFadden, ThomasLassen5()6
McGee, Hon. John B.Plumas195
McGill, Robert L.Plumas305
McGuire, A. J.Sierra492
McKinsey, N. S.Lassen410
McLear, George S.Plumas243
McShane, Joshua B.Plumas248
Meany, N. E.Sierra493
Merrill, Cptn. Charles A.Lassen504
Meyerwitz, IsadorePlumas295, 333
Meylert, G. W.Lassen506
Meylert, Gurdon W.Plumas506
Miller, AndrewLassen411
Miller, JamesPlumas271
Miller, JamesSierra271
Miller, William H.Plumas323
Miner, T. J. Plumas202
Moore, Judge A. P. Plumas179
Mowry, Lewis Sierra493
Mulholland, CharlesLassen503
Mulroney, Thomas J.Lassen411
Myers, J. D. Plumas274
Myers, J. D.Sierra274
Myers, Philip Lassen502
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nessler, L.Sierra493
Nevill, JohnPlumas246
Newman, David D. Plumas268
Newman, David D.Sierra268
Nicholson, James Plumas270
Nicholson, James Sierra270
O[Return to Jump Site]
Orear, J. W.Sierra493
Orton, ThomasPlumas248
OsgoodOsgood, L. H.Sierra493
P[Return to Jump Site]
Painter, S. H.Lassen411
Parsons, E. I.Plumas256
Partridge, John C.Lassen412
Patch, Isaac C.Plumas305
Patterson, David B.Plumas268
Patterson, David B. Sierra268
Pauly, BenjaminSierra494
Peck, Hon. Elisha T.Plumas195
Peel, John J. L.Plumas190
Peter, W. T.Plumas310
Pettibone, Judge S. J.Sierra429
Phipps, John A.Plumas245
Pierce. Elisha H.Plumas186
Pratt, Dr. WillardPlumas294
Pratt, W. M.Plumas246
Price, William S.Plumas189
Prowattain, E.Plumas308
Purdy, H. H.Sierra494
Q[Return to Jump Site]
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rains, W. SmithPlumas269
Rains, W. SmithSierra269
Rawden, William B.Plumas274
Rawden, William B.Sierra274
Rockwell, Cal. Calvin W.Plumas284
Rodgers, Charles G.Plumas303
Rodoni, F.Plumas246
Roop, Hon. Isaac Newton Lassen412
Rowland, Francis M.Plumas264
Rowland, Francis M.Sierra264
Ruppert, Charles Plumas286
Russell, Gen. H. P.Plumas186
Ryan, W.Sierra494
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sanders, T. B.Lassen499
Sawyer, Dr. J. J.Sierra494
Scheffer, O.Sierra494
Scott, JohnSierra495
Scullin, S. A. Sierra495
Searls, Judge NilesPlumas176
Seltier, Claude F.Plumas264
Sexton, Judge W. T.Plumas176
Shannon, Hon. T. B. Plumas196
Sharp, J. PLassen499
Sharpe, George W.Plumas185
Sheer, Roy R. Plumas273
Sheer, Roy R.Sierra273
Sherwin, Hon. J. L. C. Plumas197
Simons, Charles O.Plumas311
Skaddan, Hiram N.Lassen499
Slackford, Edward T.Lassen500
Smith, Capt. O. B.Plumas256
Smith, Hon. Albert A. Lassen375
Smith, J. H.Plumas309
Smith, John P. M.Lassen300
Smith, Judge AlansonSierra429
Snyder, Henry Lassen505
Spalding, Dr. Zetus N.Lassen500
Spaulding, HenrySierra495
Spencer, Ephraim V.Lassen377
Sperry, W. A.Plumas265
Stamfli, N.Plumas310Karen Gleason
Stark, LewisPlumas286
Steinberger, James M.Lassen500
Stewart, Isaac M.Lassen505
Stewart, J. C.Sierra495
Stover, R.Plumas322Dennis R. Stover
Strang, Jared Plumas263
Strang, JaredSierra963
Strange, H.Sierra496
Sylvester, A. U.Lassen499
T[Return to Jump Site]
Talbot, Captain E. S.Lassen376
Taylor, E. W.Plumas301
Taylor, J. CharlesPlumas311
Taylor, Jobe T.Plumas299
Taylor, Judge R. H. Plumas168
Theodore, John Lassen501
Thomas, Charles C.Plumas293
Thompson, Richard (Indian Valley) Plumas305
Thompson, Richard (Spanish Ranch)Plumas251
Titherington, David Lassen501
Treleaven, ThomasPlumas308
Tyler, JerryLassen503
U[Return to Jump Site]
V[Return to Jump Site]
Van Clief, Judge PeterPlumas168
Variel, R. H. F. Plumas183
Vaughn, Jerome A.Sierra496
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, WilliamPlumas254
Ward, AlonzoSierra496
Ward, Hon. John S.Lassen374
Ward, Judge John S.Plumas374
Ward, Judge William T.Plumas178
Ward, William E.Plumas312
Washburn, L. B.Lassen306
Webber, Dr. D. G.Plumas267
Webber, Dr. D. G. Sierra267
Weir, H. G.Sierra497
Welden, A. J.Plumas283
West, John T.Sierra497
West, T. F. Plumas269
West, T. FSierra269
Weston, Dr. R. S.Sierra497
Weston, IsaacPlumas268
Weston, IsaacSierra268
Whiting, Fenton B.Plumas184Ted
Whitlock, Maj. James H.Plumas197
>Whitney, D. L.Sierra498
Wiggins, J. S.Sierra497
Willoughby Bros.Plumas245
Wing, Emory Plumas308
Winston, Hon. Joseph Plumas197
Wixon, Julius S.Sierra498
Wood, Gen. AllenPlumas197
Woodward, George Plumas246
Wright, Norman K.Plumas252
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yeates, James HughesPlumas187
Young, John C.Plumas306
Young, R. W.Plumas304
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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