History of Orange County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county, who have been identified with the growth and development from the early days to the present time ...

By Samuel Armor

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1911

California Local History - Rocq - 6102

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.496 A7 -- 1911 -- Book NC

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David Anderson
A[Return to Jump Site]
Adams, Edgar H594
Adams, P. T587
Ahlborn, J. Frederick702
Allgeyer, Charles 529
Anderson, John Y651
Andre, Cinton 261
Angle, George W677
Annin, Alexander B468
Armor, Samuel 231
Armstrong, A. Thomas474
B[Return to Jump Site]
Babb, William S601
Babylon, Michael 631
Bailey, Joseph G., M. D383
Baker, Joseph S197
Baker, Martin A389
Ball, Charles D., M. D126
Bear, David A536
Bennett, Arthur E507
Bennett, Hon. Charles F395
Billingsley, Ray 465
Bird, Allison E386
Bishop, A. DeWitt682
Boege, T. J. F477
Boisseranc, F. H512
Bond, John S186
Boose, John496
Borchard, Brothers 704
Borchard, Leo 503
Bowers, Charles W640
Bowers, Patterson 592
Bowers, Spencer, A544
Bowland, F. P183
Bowman, Charles E688
Bowman, William D384
Boyde, Daniel J659
Brackney, J. W362
Bradbury, Francis M552
Bradford, Albert S189
Bradley, Edgar W209
Briggs, William 120
Brown, William M642
Bruner, Francis M , M D532
Brunton, Delbert 548
Buck Brothers 705
Buck, Otho J425
Buell, Charles E612
Burke, Orion H650
Burlew, J. M., M. D472
Bush, John M Jr.371
Bushard, John B153
Byland, Clarence R534
C[Return to Jump Site]
Carriker, George C516
Carroll, Timothy 678
Chapman, Charles C135
Chapman, Col. Frank M141
Christlieb, Isaac A155
Clarke, Stephen F632
Clinard, B. P431
Clippinger, Isaac M539
Clopton, Col. Hoggatt267
Clough, Charles A243
Coates, George W198
Cock, L. A437
Cole, Alfred T671
Cole, David 162
Collins, C. C514
Collins, Jacob 661
Conn, Frederick 159
Cook, John H456
Cordell, John S692
Coutts, George Y213
Crane, Abner J303
Crawford, Thomas J566
Crist, Wilber F681
Cubbon, Elmer B215
Cubbon, John 541
Culton, John W523
Culver, Frederick M341
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dauser, Bernard 577
De la Guerra Family367
Dibble, Robert H219
Dierker, George 543
Dockworth, John W530
Doig, Millard F525
Dort, James A584
Drips, William H595
DuBois, Valentine 633
Dunham, Franklin B359
Durham, William M615
E[Return to Jump Site]
Edson, Louis 567
Edwards, John H249
Edwards, Nelson T644
Edwards, Samson 165
Edwards, William J207
Ellis, D. W656
Ellis, James S.221Dahrl
Ellis, Obed H518
English, William H251
Evans, J. A318
Evans, L A504
Everett, S. B317
F[Return to Jump Site]
Farnsworth Brothers 641
Fay, Hiram J., Sr.537
Fickas, David 621
Field, Charles O168
Field, Mrs. Ann E500
Finley, Col. Solomon H319
Fiscus, Joseph 460
Flood, Martin A238
Ford, George W201
Ford, Theo455
Forster, Frank A605
Freeman, William 323
Fullerton, James 486
Fulsom, Jerome 546
G[Return to Jump Site]
Garnsey, James L439
Gates, Frank A593
Geldermann, F. W540
Gervais, D588
Giese, Fred 524
Gilman, Edwin L338
Gisler, Samuel 459
Glenn, Joseph S250
Goodwin, William A 510
Gothard, George 689
Gowen, John E421Yvonne Gowen
Greenleaf, Edward F673
Gregg, Oscar W571
Gustafson, John 667
H[Return to Jump Site]
Halladay, Daniel 123
Halladay, Monroe D.685
Hannah, Charles W.527
Harding, F. W.531Cindy Mitchell
Harlin, William J485
Hart, H. E550
Havens, Aaron L325
Hayden, Sherman ,586
Heald, Isaac Burton464
Hedges, John H454
Heffner, Elias A240
Heitshusen, John 535
Hetebrink, Diederich 279
Hetebrink, William F547
Hewes, David 171
Hildreth, Joseph W629
Hill, William J.699Martin Collett
Hillyard, Lewis 580
Hiltscher, Aogust 585
Hockemeyer, Henry 300
Holcomb, Chester E551
Holderman, Upton C.578Theresa
Holt, John 582
House, J. S.391
Howard, J. S.597
Hubbard, George W.590
Huddy, George R.658
Hughes, Thomas W.233
Humphrey, William E.606
Huntington, Lewis Z.380
Hunton, Henry O.149
Hunton, J. L.492
Hutchins, John P.569
I[Return to Jump Site]
Innes, William L.228
Isenor, Peter A.639Neil
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jeffrey, William 495
Johnson, Andrew B.347
Johnson, Arthur W.482
Johnson, Waddy W.161
Johnston, John 246
Jones, Charles E.331
Jones, William A.568
Joplin, Josiah Clay195
Justice, Elijah P.332
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kellogg, Erwin F.337
Kelly, James R.305
Killefer, Park C.493
King, Charles H.654
King, John W662
Konig, Mrs. Adelheid365
Kraemer, Samuel 147
Krick, Philip H603
Kroeger, Louis Z494
Kurtz, John H478
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lamb, Arthur D335
Lambert, Charles C509
Lamson, William 317
Lane, Martin L623
Leavitt, Nehemiah J288
Lee, Thomas F562
Lehmann, C650
Lemke, August 637
Leonard, N. H208
Lindner, Albert F353
Lovering, Martin V. B225
Luther, J. E426
Lyman, Sylvester 298
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maag, J. A559
MacMullan, David A526
Manning, Ed377
Marsile, A. F554
Mattern, Charles P657
Matthews, Charles F432
May, Leslie R653
Mayhew, Joseph P467
McClain, Robert W476
McClintock, Robert 565Martin Collett
McFadden, Archie 138
McFadden, J. A234
McFadden, James257
McGirk, Dennis 574
McLauchlin, William 489
McNeal, Samuel T471
McPherson, Stephen 502
Meacham, Clarence H.252Cindy Mitchell
Mears, Robert 497
Meats, Francis H329
Merritt, Charles A622
Meyer, Henry D649
Miller, Frank H. P581
Miller, Samuel T610
Mills, George A326
Mills, Ira D., M. D415
Minter, Claud S602
Mitchell, John W617
Montgomery, Victor 255
Moore, Edward 598
Moore, George W583
Morris, Charles E462
Morris, John 461
Morrow, George C646
Moulton, Lewis F310
Mueller, Charles, M. D409
Mueller, Jacob 264
Murdock, S. J372
Myers, Martin V576
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nebelung, Max 697Gunnar Nebelung
Neeley, Perry T700
Nelson, John A286
Newland, William T397
Nisson, Matthias 619
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Brien, James P.481
Oderlin, J. A.490
Osterman, John 203
Overman, Joseph A.428Kathryn
Oyharzahal, Domingo 401
P[Return to Jump Site]
Paige, Elgin W.408
Palmer, Noah 129
Pannier, William 696
Payan, Maurice D294
Peters, George E618
Pleasants, Joseph E112
Pollard, George W463
Pope, John H 553
Preble, George E668
Preble, James O273
Prothero, John M350
Proud, Frank E491
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Qurtu, Alfred 414
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raitt, James T275
Rankin, J. H144
Reavis, Benjamin H291
Redmond, Edgar M445
Rich, Clayton L., M. D620
Richman, Evert S 262
Rimpau, Theodore 111
Robinson, Walter K488
Rogers, Francis J501
Rohrs, H. W434
Roper, H. H625
Ross, Samuel 131
Rowland, J. B227
Rutherford, S. T575
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sackman, John W.427Myrna Vogel
Salter, Horace 599
San Joaquin Rancho342
Sanborn, R. H624
Sanchez, Jose F614
Sbrewsbury, Samuel 483
Schneider, Julius J611
Schroeder, Hank 446
Schubert, Charles F451
Schulte, Henry J293
Schulte, William 292
Schumacher, John L413
Scott, John 443
Scott, Walter M563
Seba, Claus .452
Shaffer, David R S285
Shaffer, J. T647
Shaffer, Uriah L309
Sharps, Jonathan H479
Sharratt, David F693
Shaw, Linn L237
Shearer, James R703Martin Collett
Slater, Howard B634
Sleeper, James 676
Smith, C. E626
Smith, F. Morris519
Smith, George R.645Stefani
Smith, H. W558
Smith, Hudson E348
Smith, Stephen W354
Sparfield, Henry H630
Sparkes, Cyrus G499
Sparkes, Eli A694
Sparkes, George W511
Sparkes, Robert J698
Spurgeon, Granville 179
Spurgeon, William H117
Stanley, Isaac E167
Stanton, George M695
Stewart, David 0506
Stewart, Henry A304
Stinchfield, George W419
Stone, Elias H513
Stroschein, William F378
Sutton, James V366
Sutton, S. W556
Swartz, Harvey W672
Swartz, Peter W297
Swift, Arthur F627
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, Charles P114
Talbert, Henry E.643Todd
Talbert, Samuel E.635Todd
Talbert, Thomas B.280Todd
Tedford, Edward 655
Tedford, Willam N663
Terry, William H628
Thayer, Charles H607
Theissen, Rudolph 616
Thomas, Josiah C330
Thompson, Samuel 670
Thomson, William S312
Thorp, Fremont F686
Thurston, L. F449
Timken, Jacob 245
Towner, James W515
Travers, William J505
Travis, J. C520
Trotter, Ephraim 402
Trudo, Edward 160
Turner, Everard H270
Tustin, Samuel 125
Twist, A. C192
U[Return to Jump Site]
Underwood, N. B. [Napoleon Bonaparte]570Martin Collett
V[Return to Jump Site]
Varcoe, William H222
Vegely, Frank 282
Von Schriltz, Isaac M665
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, Henry 609
Wagner, William, Jr608
Wall, William B., M. D184
Walters, Frank M560
Walton, Jacob 374
Warner, George B572
Wassum, Howard A403
Waters, Charles W517
Watson, Jonathan 521
Webster, Reese J573
Welin, John E150
Westcott, Merrill P589
Whaley, A. 0638
Whitney, William S216
Willard, C. F555
Williams, George W680
Wilson, William 407
Winters, Samuel D356
Woodington, Harry 675
Wooley, Millard E274
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yeoman, L. C648
Yorba, Vicente 470
Young, Joseph 360
Z[Return to Jump Site]

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