History of Orange County, California:

with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present. Illustrated

By Samuel Armor

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA (1921)

California Local History - Rocq - 6103

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.496 A7a -- Book NC

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Maag Ranch1048
Maag, George W1048
Maag, Joe A1048
Maag, John A683
Maag, John W1495
Maag, William H1048
Macdonald, D. R.702
Machander, Herman J1001
Magill, Cyrus Newton434
Magill, Dwight E835
Magill, Peryl B., D.O1321
Maier, John C540
Manning, Ed972
Mansur, Carlos F633
Marion, Edward D103
Maroon, John Luther, M.D533
Marquart, Henry1053
Marquez, Rodolfo C1466
Marsden, Samuel A., M.D1362
Marsom, Arthur R818
Martel, August L1344
Martin, Carl W938
Martin, E. C756
Martin, John W511
Maryatt, Oscar H1107
Masters, Bernard R1413
Matthews, Earl L1298
Matthews, Fenelon C1272
Matthews, Harry E1182
Mauerhan, J. C911
Mauerhan, William C920
Maurer, Fred A380
Mayer, Harry1620
Mayfield, Lavinia Avery, Mrs.802
Mayhew, Joseph P1043
McAulay, Angus1128
McCarter, Eugene L1408
McCarter, Thomas John1047
McCarthy, Dennis J1223
McCarty, John H979
McConnell, James Vernon1108
McCord, Arthur Belden1408
McFadden, John821
McFadden, Thomas L900
McFadden, William M305
McGee, Mable, Miss1405
McGuire, George1373
McInnes, Jack987
McKeen, Charles W1010
McKinley, Daniel1128
McMillan, John671
McMillan, Rufus C1603
McNeil, George1417
McPhee, Barry H1600
McPhee, George270
McPherson, Stephen430
McWilliams, Waldo R1615
Medlock, J. R., Dr.408
Mefford, Joseph H660
Meger, Gotlieb1427
Meger, Rudolph1414
Meiser, Henry G1648
Melcher, Alvin O732
Melrose, Richard418
Menges, Marion Albert, M.D562
Menton, William F1005
Merrick, Joseph A1643
Meter, Henry1309
Metzgar, James Clow1609
Meyer, Andrew1354
Meyer, Henry D1650
Meyer, Herman F1402
Meyer, Theodore A1526
Miles, E. C1351
Millen, Frank W1279
Miller, Augustus G1219
Miller, Otto1650
Miller, Perry1036
Miller, Rudolph W899
Miller, Samuel T773
Miller, William N1626
Mills, Andrew F684
Mitchell, Charles F1001
Mitchell, David1054
Mitchell, Roy Hunter1374
Mitchell, William T667
Mitchell, Willis F839
Mitchell, Willis G388
Moberly, Hanigan C542
Modjeska, Felix Bozenta748
Modjeska, Helena, Mme.590
Moody, Joseph P301
Moore Brothers Company1113
Moore, Edgar W1529
Moore, Waightstill A1441
Morales, E. S1573
Morris, James A968
Morris, Thomas R1048
Morrison, Ernest L1392
Morrison, Mack Henry1653
Morrow, Charles W1215
Morrow, George Clinton504
Morrow, Sylvester W1442
Mosbaugh, George J344
Moulton, Lewis Fenno239
Mueller, Jacob789
Myers, Lee O1216
Myers, Vernon C1434
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nebelung, Max464Gunnar Nebelung
Nelson, Alexander P1313
Newland, William T854
Newsom, Harvey V650
Newsom, Willis J 739
Nichols, Harvey D1659
Nichols, Jesse O494
Nichols, John B263
Nicolas, Pierre, Jr.569
Nimocks, Martha A., Mrs.468
Nissan. Mathias452
Noe, Edward A1087
North, Rosie J., Mrs.1662
Northcross, Robert C561
Norton, C. L778
Norton, P. H1578
Nowothy, Alvin F1516
Nusbaumer, Joseph1242
Nutt, Charles R1174
Nylen, Harry J1412
O[Return to Jump Site]
Oborne, John1147
O'Connor, Hugh T929
O'Donnell, Joseph1178
Oelke, William J1485
Oelkers, Henry263
Oertly, Conrad1013
Oertly, Soule C1323
Olewiler, Hester Tripp, D.O1615
Oliveras, Joseph1508
Olson, Charles W1156
Ord, John C.572
O'Rear, Arthur T., Rev.1519
Ortega, John M.1522
Ortega, Juan D.1541
Orton, Chauncey S1499
Osborne, Arthur H. T.1433
Osterman, Bennie W.1292
Oswald, Wallace Edwin1169
Otis, William E869
Overshiner, Charles David744
Oyharzabal, E1644
Oyharzahal, Estaban1486
Oyharzahal, Peter1486
P[Return to Jump Site]
Padias, Salvador M1629
Page, Steve975
Palmer, Le Roy D929
Palmer, Noah207
Pannier, William645
Pappas, Tom P1552
Parker, John R1136
Parker, Leonard1549
Parker, Walter M318
Partridge, Frank E1020
Paterson, Arthur H679
Patterson, Frank E319
Patterson, Ira E895
Patterson, John F357
Patterson, Ralph A319
Pattillo, William G1169
Patton, Murray A., D.D.S.1237
Paulus, Chris1215
Pearson, E. A1322
Peek, Arnold F1512
Peelor, Mortimer Hugh1646
Peitzke, Fred1417
Penman, Newton J1193
Penman, William Wright 994
Peralta, Juan Pablo156
Perkins, Wyllys W311
Perry, William W827
Peterkin, William D1573
Peterson, H. M1428
Peterson, Roy Charles1237
Pfeiffer, Pedrilla P., Mrs.271
Phillips, William H659
Pickering, Arthur C1658
Pierce, Newton Barris1293
Pike, Loren D1661
Pirie, George Hill908
Pister, Carl A925
Pixley, Dewitt Clinton369
Planchon, Frank C1584
Plavan, F. D.710Craig
Pleasants, Joseph Edward218
Plegel, A. F1050
Plummer, John L., Sr.1645
Polhemus, Henry Dean1224
Poling, Ira W1379
Pollard, George W713
Pollock, Joseph1399
Pomeroy, Leason F1616
Pope, John Wesley498
Popplewell, William M., M.D1199
Porter, C George744
Porter, John R1220
Potter, Noah Ulysses752
Prescott, Julian A1667
Pressel, G. Fred1486
Price, J. D388
Prinslow, Charles1395
Pritchard, Abe1151Myrna Vogel
Probst, Jacob P1629
Proctor, Bertha D849
Pryor, Albert1586
Pugh, S. L1482
Pulver, Cyrus B980
Purdy, Arthur Waldo1538
Pyle, Joshua O1339
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Queyrel, Albert E1382
Queyrel, Joachim1381
Quick, Joseph G603
R[Return to Jump Site]
Raikes, Joseph Walter1380
Ralph, William A1110
Ramsey, Charles, F1469
Rancho Canon de Santa Ana891
Ray, Harry748
Read, Charles C1087
Read, Wendell P1361
Reagan, Michael F489
Reed, Sumner E1626
Reid, Taylor R1379
Reisch, Andrew R1083
Reusch, Charles F. W817
Reuter, Theodore1654
Reyburn, George R512
Rice, James S326
Richards, John F1465
Richardson, William J1156
Richey, Royal B975
Richter, Conrad, M.D1432
Riggle, Charles W1465
Rimpau, Frederick C216
Rimpau, Theodore216
Roberts, Bertram C1002
Roberts, Theodore1302
Robertson, James G1555
Robertson, Thomas M1002
Robinson, Archie M1254
Robinson, George Eddie575
Robinson, Phranda A1257
Robinson, Richard290A. Robinson
Robinson, William H1447
Rochester, James Harvey1133
Rodger Brothers129
Rogers, Luican T1178
Rogers, W. R1387
Rohrs, Fred, Sr.1173
Rohrs, George1637
Rohrs, Henry W471
Rohrs, Henry, Jr.688
Rohrs, William H1551
Rolfe, George W1077
Rorden, Andrew380
Rosenbrsum, Oscar1027
Ross, George M1031
Ross, Hattie W., Mrs.252
Ross, James Arthur1301
Ross, Samuel706
Rouse, Manson1656
Rousselle, Alcedas B1127
Roy, Paul Benjamin1352
Royer, Daniel F., M.D626
Royer, Harvey B790
Ruddock, Charles Edward463
Ruedy, Jacob 1546
Ruhnsann, Fritz954
Runyan, John S.1630Fuller S. Runyan
Rurup, Ernest Henry1023
Rust, C. O., Mrs.296
Rust, Charles O.296
Rutherford, Henry T 832
Rutschow, Herman F1336
Ryan, Ebon R1619
Ryan, George E1078
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sackman, J. William1594Myrna Vogel
Sadler, Charles W1385
Salter, Eugene M1066
Sanders, Adoniram Judson354
Sandilands, Gerald W611
Sansinena, Jose595
Sargent, Eugene S938
Sauers, John W1638
Saunby, William J 1246
Sawyer, Frank1253
Sayles, Leon A1137
Scbmidt, Fred W810
Schaffert, Henry1114William Schaffert
Schildmeyer, Anton451
Schildmeyer, Louisa, Mrs.451
Schildmeyer, Oscar A1619
Schlueter, Fred1073
Schmidt, Theodore E629
Schnitger, Arthur A1339
Schnitger, Wm. E1443
Schreiner, Henry Andrew550
Schroeder, John H698
Schuk, Jerome V1579
Schulte, Adelheid Konig, Mrs.358
Schultz, Henry1131
Schumacher, William414
Schweiger, G. A1427
Schweitzer, J. Frank705
Scott, John E822
Scott, M. Russell1271
Segerstrom, Charles J1331
Seidel, Henry1009
Serrano, Ninfa, Miss509
Shaffer, David R. S421
Shanley, Frank418Kathleen
Sharratt, David F877
Shattuck, George B509
Shaw, Asbury J1301
Shaw, Linn L314
Sheppard, James C467
Sheridan, Leo J1515
Shields, Martin H.1006
Shook, Lloyd E1660
Shrosbree, Alfred1211
Sitton, Albert H.735
Skidmore, George E.769
Skidmore, Joseph W.79
Skiles, Henry A.1250
Skiles, Lindley B.1590
Slack, Clement Lincoln1107
Smart, William M.354
Smiley, Charles E1365
Smiley, Donald S.1062
Smith, Claude Edgar718
Smith, D. Edson269
Smith, George S.710
Smith, Guy718
Smith, Juliette, Mrs.392
Smith, Robert R.1605
Smith, Willard680
Smithwick, Edward503
Snow, J. Edmund693
Spangler, Roy F.1563
Sparkes, Cyrus G.732
Speer, William F1495
Spencer, Clarence S709
Spennetta, J. D620
Sprague, Edgerton B1024
Spurgeon, Granville255
Spurgeon, William H203
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Olive1481
Staley, Arthur709
Stanckey, Fredrick413
Stanfield, Joab1079
Stankey, Adolph490
Stanley, Arthur C1314
Stanley, Harry W892
Stark, Edward497
Stearns, Frank C1428
Steele, John W946
Stein, Felix1491
Stein, Sam1604
Stern, Herman990
Stewart, David Oliver840
Stewart, H. A1141
Stewart, O. A490
Stewrd, Olin E565
Stinson, John H1568
Stock, Godfrey J697
Stockton, C. Bruce1563
Stockton, James Thomas1160
Stockwell, Nathan C1453
Stodart, Archibald721
Stodart, Mary, Mrs.721
Stoffel, Fred A675
Stoffel, Peter1208
Stohimann, A. F.1478
Stolt, Theodore E.1369
Stoner, Christian C.285Jonathan
Stork, William E.1463
Stortz, Walter Albert870
Stradley, William E.1648
Strauss, Fred1555
Streech, Ellen J., Mrs.1170
Strock, Samuel, Dr.1137
Struck, G. W.1459
Stuckenbruck. John W.1477
Sutton, Walter A.1010
Swartzbaugh, John J.362
Swindler, Jacob S1401
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taft, Charles Parkman244
Talbert, Samuel E.1186Todd
Talbert, Thomas B.1560Todd
Talmage, C. Forest1651
Taylor, Elizabeth361
Taylor, Fred G. 361
Taylor, Frederick H.668
Taylor, George M.1432
Taylor, Harold R.1662
Teague, Andrew J.1126
Tedford, Norman B.1189
Tedford, William N.208
Teel, Samuel David919
Thelan, H. Percy1388
Theodore Brothers1556
Thomas, Francis M.1264
Thomas, John D., Dr.934
Thomas, Julian E.1442
Thompson, Andrew Wesley426
Thompson, Irving Alfred1520
Thompson, Orrin M.1190
Thompson, Robert J.983
Thomson, Hugh Conger1148
Thomson, Hugh T.447
Thomson, Thomas H.379
Thorman, A769
Thurber, H. Delemere1661
Thurston, Joseph S.527
Till, Edwin732
Timken, Fred W.1424
Timmons, James Albert835
Tingley, S. E.1580
Todd, Stone Walker1668
Toler, Jessie Lee., Miss1080
Toney, Mary N., Mrs.660Leona
Tonssau, Simon874
Tournat, George1327
Towner, H. Fred1227
Townsend, Stephen589
Tralle, George Markham, M.D.1624
Trapp, Alfred1585
Trapp, Roy D.865
Trapp, William1099
Travis, Zoraida B.320
Tremain, Lyman1142
Tremain, Mabel Vance1142
Treulieb, Charles1332
Treydte, Paul857
Trickey, Arthur L.1559
Trickey, Jasper N.1275
Tubbs, John W.1521
Tubbs, Volney V.987
Tubbs, W. Lester1014
Tucker, Simeon352Denise Gesner
Tuffree, J., Col. 400
Tuffree, S. James400
Turck, Emil R.786
Turner, James Andrew437
Tuthill, Robert C.1574
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ulrich. Frank1331
Utt, C. E.1305Nancy Waite
Utter, John W., M.D.1669
Utz, John1313
V[Return to Jump Site]
Vail, A. V.1035
Valenti, J.1454
Vanderburg, Clarence R1525
Vaughan, Leonard O801
Vaughan, Martha M., Mrs.802
Velasco, Jose Francisco1193
Vincent, Roy E993
Violett, C. C., M.D.722
Volberding, Fred T.946Shandra Bescheinen
Vollmer, Joseph F.899
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wagner, Frederic Joseph1144
Wagner, John E.1500
Wagner, Joseph E.1508
Wahlberg, Harold Edward1306
Walker, Arthur Frank891
Walker, Bella J., Mrs.1400
Waller, William 1028
Wallop, William T.1386
Walter, Scott R.1496
Walters, Henry1623
Walton, Frank W.1058
Walton, John Franklin1503
Ward, John M.963
Wardlow, Robert1104
Wardwell, George W1624
Ware, Edward G649
Warne, John H1287
Warne, Riley B1375
Warren, Leroy A1655
Watson, Errol Trafford1216
Watson, Harold Arlington1203
Watson, Jonathan384Jonathan
Watson, Sarah Amanda, Mrs.612Jonathan
Weaver, C. Ella, Mrs.1521
Wehrly, John, M.D460
Weisel, Fred H839
Weisel, Hans Victor1400
Weitbrecht, Robert B933
Welch, Thomas B1537
Wells, George W866
Wells, Lewis Tuttle634
Wendt, William277
Wersel, George N1177
Wessler, Ferdinand H1070
Wessler, Wilbur W1550
West, Arthur774
West, Eldo R1438
West, Henry671
West, Z. B., Hon.333
Weston, Thomas S1668
Wettlin, David G697
Whedon, James T828
Whippo, Samuel W1437
Whitacre, Walter E1423
Whitaker, James H1448
Whitney, Justine, Miss546
Wickersheim, William J482
Wickett, WiHiam H., M.D515
Wilber, Harry Lee1503
Wiley, Robert J1110
Wilkins, Harold L., V.S 1447
Williams, Albert C664Steve Williams
Williams, Harry V1448
Williams, J. C1646
Williams, Isaac R244
Williams, Thomas J261
Williamson, Samuel S.: 1084
Wilson, Foster E., M.D1074
Wilson, George P1327
Wilson, Robert1631
Wilson, Thomas James1271
Wilson, William Oscar1095
Wilson, William444
Wine, John M1103
Winters, Henry873
Winters, John971
Winters, William Franklin1322
Witman, Henry W1279
Witt, Henry D1559
Wolff, Kadja V937
Wood, Albert William1614
Wood, Wayland1023
Woodington, Harry510
Woodworth, J. M1351
Wray, Newton E1665
Wray, Walter1173
Wright, George L664
Wright, Mary E., D.O1504
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Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yaeger, Lillian E., Miss1132
Yandeau, Frederick P1577
Yoch, J,oseph886
Yorba, Erolinda, Mrs.280
Yorba, Vicente G1444
York, William L1224
Yost, William R684
Yount, Henry736
Yriarte, Felix1610
Yriarte, Patricio317
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zairer, Harry I., M.D861
Ziegler, John B953
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