A History of New California

By Leigh H. Irvine

The Lewis Publishing Co. (1905) 2nd Ed.

California Local History - Rocq - 16944

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The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Steve Williams. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

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Lackman, John376
Ladd, Ira W.913
Lake, Albert726
Lamasney, William911
Lammers, Martin910
Lande, Edward386
Langdon, William H. 380
Larson, Lawrence M946
Latta, Samuel E458
Lauck, Joseph534
Laurdison, Laurids 1052
Lauridson, Niels H.1058
Laws, Robert J505
Lawton, John1060
Leary, Dennis1112
Lease, Frank T927
Leavitt, Frank W.690
Leavitt, Maurice1149
Leeman, William H490
Leffler, Ernest W.986
Leffler, Francis J995
Leffler, George J963
Leffler, Henry G.993
Leffler, John F938
Lehmann, Henry825
Leib, Samuel F405
Leland, Thomas B. W.372
Levinsky, Arthur L419
Lewis, Thomas1073
Leydecker, Theodore W.633
Lind, John1168
Lindemann, Claus886
Little, George1191
Little, William J765
Long, Percy V606
Look, Hallock H. 514
Lorenzen, Hans C907
Lovdal, O. A.190Luanne Hyde
Loveland, David H878
Luhrsen, George J904
Luttrell, Charles J575
Lyon, William P., Jr.713Kristi
M[Return to Jump Site]
Maclean, Daniel570
Magee, Stillman L1042
Mahl, Frederick W.475
Mansfield, Joseph G.390
Manuel, John438
Marsh, Frederick D621
Marsh, James447
Martin, James T475
Mathews, William B922
Matthews, Henry C1008
Mattison, Frank345
McAllister, Wm. F. M.610
McCauley, Caroline1123
McConnell, Thaddeus C794
McConnell, Thomas1031
McCoy, Dan769
McCue, James E611
McCurdy, Arthur H1198
McDonald, Archibald403
McDonald, Mark L353
McDonald, Samuel F.795
McDougall, William D.723
McGary, William R991
McGowan, Frank382
McKee, George N966
McKenzie, John T845
McLanahan, David1059
McLaren, John664
McLaughlin, William462
McLeod, Donald375
McMillan, Finley1183
McMillan, John C401
McNeilly, Adam918
McNutt, William F331
Meacham, Henry M569
Meiss, Louis1037
Menke, Anton1069
Menke, George, H1134
Merrill, John B772
Metcalf, Reuben853
Mette, Henry1195
Meyer, Andrew820
Meyer, Charles843
Meyer, Cynthia821
Meyers, Frederick1109
Miles, Ralph A.936
Miller, James H.768
Miller, Jesse F.949
Miller, Victor F.1079
Millington, Frank K.634
Mills, Freeman B.781
Mills, George W.1184
Minerd, Luther1070Mark
Minges, George E.815
Mitchell, William1149
Mix, Godfrey F.1136
Mohr, Henry916
Mohrmann, Louisa S.984
Moody, Edward L.634
Moore, W. N.600
Morehouse, Henry V.688
Moreing, Lewis670Steve Williams
Morse, Elliott E.1048
Mosher, Ira1009
Mueller, Theodore1019
Muenter, August E1034
Muller, Detlef851
Munson, Urban J. 908
Murphy, Patrick H.1133
Myers, Edward H.1113
Nelson, James A.892
N[Return to Jump Site]
Nelson, Thomas A.418
Nesche, George H.1190
Nesche, George1188
Neumiller, William C.416
Newhall, Sylvester722
Newman, James B.608
Nicewonger, Levi H.914
Nicholas, John1029
Nicolaus, John H.1096
Nicolaus, Louis J.1138
Nielsen, Hans S.856
Niestrath, Charles H.982
Niestrath, Louis E.446
Norton, Oscar O.837
Nurse, Marcellus A.596
O[Return to Jump Site]
O'Connell, Frank M 552
Ogden, Henry T.866
Ohm, Jacob969
Ohm, John908
Ohm, Rebecca902
O'Neil, Thomas F.641
Overmyer, Jonathan M.1040
Owen, James C.586
P[Return to Jump Site]
Pampel, John D.964
Patterson, James G.749
Paul, Almarin B.671
Payen, Louis 1082
Pearson, William R.852
Peixotto, Edgar D.706
Perkins, George C.360
Perry, John, Jr.391
Peterman, John W.870
Peterson, Glen981
Petzinger, Henry A. D.944
Pfister, Henry A.649
Phillips, Allen S.932
Pickett, Michael1022
Pierce, George, S.639
Pilcher, Stephen W.1129
Plummer, Abraham M.1196
Pollard, Frank C.551
Pomeroy, Edgar699
Pope, James H.1011
Pope, James H.997
Pope, John H. B.943
Porter, Charles W.1143
Porter, Henry1179
Post, Charles N.482
Powell, John D.435
Powell, William H.1145
Poyner, Henry L.901
Poynor, John L.955
Pritchard, Robert T.1170
Pruett, John W.1180
Pruser, Wilhelm868
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R[Return to Jump Site]
Ragan, D. F.396
Rathjen, John906
Raynes, Alonzo E.538Michael Raynes
Ream, Daniel576
Reeves, Truman354
Reiss, August861
Reyner, Francis744
Reynolds, David R.842
Rhodes, Jacob748
Ripley, Lauren W.461
Robinson, Frank T1122
Robinson, Isaac N.829
Robison, Warren O.554
Roemer, Peter1160
Rohrbacher, Henry925
Rolerson, Benjamin F.832
Ronkendorf, Peter830
Ross, Robert556
Ross, Thomas471
Rowlands, Edmund103
Runyon, Solomon1110
Russell, Joseph788
Russell, Thomas710
Russell, William J.980
Russell, William M.972
Rutledge, Andrew T.799
Rutter, James1132
Ryan, Frank D.604
S[Return to Jump Site]
Salmon, James T.1026
Saner, Joseph 930
Sargent, J. P.478
Sargent, Ross C.477
Saunders, Ira894
Sayles, Albert D.939
Schlichtmann, August1004
Schmidt, William819
Scholefield, John L.1085
Schultz, Jacob1057
Schulze, Frank A.1121
Schulze, William M.970
Schwall, Martin1086
Secord, George D.558
Shannon, William W.359
Shaw, H. C.448
Shaw, Theodore C.771
Shearman, George1157
Shinn, Heman D.952
Short, James M 840
Sibley, Walter F.417Bernie
Simmons, Gustavus L.409
Sims, Joseph810
Sinnott, Thomas J.601
Skiff, James H.1014
Smith, David W.1160
Smith, Garrett D. 1053Kristi
Smith, George A.1166
Smith, George F.753
Smith, Hart F.1108
Smith, William J.1056
Smithson, William D.855
Smyth, Caroline M.955
Snow, Benjamin956
Sollars, Charles931
Spenker, Joseph 784
Sperry, Charles872
Spranger, Francis X.648
Spreckels, Claus132
Spreckels, John D.333
Sprock, John 1098
Squires, William P.640
Stamp, George1038
Stark, John F745
Steacy, Dilmond 860
Steely, Marcus H.859
Steffens, Joseph 363
Steinmetz George 823
Stephenson, John F.1094
Stephenson, William T.1088
Stewart, Norman L1032
Stilwell, George W.626
Stocking, Alanson P.740
Stone, George378
Stone, William R.739
Strader, Harvey W.454
Straight, James E.1164
Strauch, Charles C.1137
Strauch, Victor F. 1127
Strecker, Herman895
Strobel, Henry1135
Studarus, Joseph1065
Sunset 1197
Swain, Cornelius 1005
Swain, Cornelius F.957
Swain, George1012
Swain, John A.931
Swain, Joseph H. 994
Sweeny, Carl M. 890
T[Return to Jump Site]
Taggart, Harry W.445
Taverner, George M.1029
Taverner, Thoams M.1027
Taylor William R.1102
Taylor, Thomas 1081
Terrill, George M.712
Terschuren, Gerhard F.1167Barbara
Thisby, George1104
Thomas, Edward893
Thomas, George639
Thomas, John K.1158
Thomas, Seth874
Thomas, William 941
Thomig, George940
Thompson, Elmer E.986
Thompson, John 992
Thompson, John W.457
Thompson, William J.828
Thomsen, Thomas 847
Thorp, Edward777
Tierney, William905
Tomlinson, James H.998
Tootell, James1080
Trainor, Charles E.510
Travis, Richard W. 899
Tredway, William H. 785
Tretheway, John 787Margie Tretheway
Turner, James 807
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Van Buskirk, Charles L.921Joyce
Van Norden, Charles432
Van Nuys, Isaac N.400
Van Reynegom, Francis W.677
Van Valkenburgh, Asa L.857
Villinger, Leon983
Von Detten, Otto418
Von Glahn, Christopher798
Von Sosten, Frederick 877
W[Return to Jump Site]
Wachhorst, Eugene S.512Burkhardt Junck
Wacker, Frederick W.1169
Wacksmuth, Edward824
Wagner, Albert J.531
Walsh, Philip M.155
Walther, Charles F. 1095
Walts, George W.412Steven Waltz Morrison
Ward, William D.552
Ware, Allison B.553
Watts, Pliny R. 567
Wauchope, Thomas J.971
Webb, Arthur1193
Webb, Ulysses S.355
Weber, August1139
Weber, Charles K.989
Weiershauser, Henry 1020
Weller, Joseph R.704
Welty, James B.1187
Westing, Henry 1012
Westing, Jacob1000
Wetherbee, George W.889
Wever, Charles H. 623
Whicher, John453
Whipple, William E.857
White, John C.864
White, Malinda A.779
Wightman, Mark N. 1089
Wilcox, Harrison D.1146
Wilder, Elitila C.1107
Wilkinson, John W.816
Wilkinson, Thomas E.060
Williams, Elnathan G.762
Williams, Lincoln P.477
Williams, Matthew1194
Wilson, Arthur J.521
Wilson, Egbert L.1128
Wilson, George R.1131
Wilson, Isaac N.1131
Wilson, Jesse W.520
Wilson, William M.49
Wise, Joseph L.1159
Wissemann. George511
Wittenbrock, Rudolph533
Witter, Willis G.658
Wolf, Andrew618
Wolfe, August1128
Wolfe, Jacob813
Woodard, Joseph 1148
Woods, E. W. S.928
Woods, John G.1150
Woods, John N.467
Woods, S. D.39
Woods, Samuel1006
Woods, Victor H.439
Woodward, Edwin W.735
Woodward, Joseph1148
Woodward, William1144
Worswick, George D.599
Wright, Henry E.486
Wulff, Nelson H.695
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Young, Wesley A.933
Z[Return to Jump Site]
Zeh, Charles L.1130
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