A History of New California

By Leigh H. Irvine

The Lewis Publishing Co. (1905) 2nd Ed.

California Local History - Rocq - 16944

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Adams, Charles E573
Aetna Life Insurance Co674
Aker, Jeremiah951
Aldrich, Albert D945
Aldrich, John L1010
Allen, Clifford E446
Allen, William W. Jr.647
Alltucker, Henry1083
Ambrust, Henry754
Ames, Fischer346
Anderson, Andrew1171
Anderson, Hans D 662
Anderson, James A.763
Anderson, John A.370
Anderson, William A.178
Andrews, A.642
Angier, Melbourne E999
Aram, Eugene 422
Archer, Lawrence 645
Arnold, Matthew 732
Ashley, Frank H953
Ashley, George W.759
Ashley, William D 759
Atchison, Frank 937
Ayer, Henry M 618
B[Return to Jump Site]
Bachr, Harry682
Backer, Jacob1173
Bacon, Gilman W.629
Bacon, Nicholas K1015
Bailey, Joshua J776
Baker, Arthur 1016
Baker, George B 1071
Barker, Curtis M. 592
Barmby, Robert 1078
Barry, Thomas F 681
Bartholomew, Cameron P1076
Bartholomew, Charles V1168
Bateman, David T411
Bauer, Adolph 1013
Baughman, Noble H684
Beandry, Joseph C1151
Beckman, Henry 990
Beckman, Henry C. 780
Beckman, Henry F942
Beckman, Theodore H1025
Beckman, William 428
Belding, Charles 638
Bell, Henry C530
Bell, Theodore A. 628
Bellani, Albert J1052
Benedix, Christian W T1090
Benson, Frank H615
Bentley, Horace 803
Benton, Herbert A. 869
Berry, William 1142
Beverson, Charles D720
Biggs, Ebenzer565
Bilby, Richard A.1181
Bischofberger, Jacob790
Bixler, Benjamin M793
Black, Alfred P377
Black, John C593
Blemer, Charles H517
Blinn, Charles H602
Block, Abram 724
Blythe, Charles E836
Bollinger, William C977
Bolton, Curtis834
Bonham, Andy L1003
Bonham, William H1002
Bottimore, William W.1039Audrey Mae Bottimore Willis
Bowden, William A.544
Bowers, Warren O487
Boyce, Amos J783
Boyce, John 948
Boyce, Robert 767Mary E.
Boyd, Isabella E1126
Boyd, Joseph C484
Braasch, Peter 882
Brack, Jacob, Jr.979
Brack, Jacob, Sr.978
Bradford, James B1146
Bradford, William B1192
Brandeman, Carsten 947
Brandstad, Erick O773
Brandt, Charles H. V 898
Branscombe, John A.1161
Brenner, Louis F 424
Briggs, William E441
Broedel, Michael 666
Brooke, Morris542
Brooke, Thomas J. 924
Brown, Henry C589
Brown, Thomas M545
Brulms, John 883
Bruse, Julius1015
Bryan, William F. 1154
Buckley, John J513
Budd, James H313
Bunch, Joseph W 760
Burkett, G. P. 591
Burnett, David M 661
Burris, David 557
Busick, Charles O484
Butler, John E1153
C[Return to Jump Site]
Campbell, Alden W.425
Campbell, George B509
Campbell, James H667
Campbell, John T546
Campbell, Polly1097
Carlisle, George W.1099
Carmichael, Daniel W.612
Carpenter, William1066
Carraghar, Edward T746
Carter, James950
Cary, Frederick G.923
Castle, James U.449
Chalmers, Peter J988
Chapman, William H724
Chatterton, James S.1063
Chevalier, F. & Co666
Chinn, Frederick C. 518
Chipman, Norton P727
Chrisman, John896
Christ, John 656
Cippa, Thomas 1175
Clark, Asa456
Clark, George H488
Clark, Ray D736
Clark, T. P443
Clayton, James A.397
Clements, Thomas 863
Coburn, Lewis E581
Cogswell, Edwin B915
Cohn, Richard T737
Colburn, James A.1046
Coleman, George1064
Colgan, Edward P444
Collins, Richard E562
Colquhoun, Charles 1155
Colton, Benjamin F1051
Colton, G. M1162
Conant, Ernest W.702
Cone, Frederick S. 684
Conrad, John 690
Cook, Charles H786
Cook, Lewis P796
Cook, William F.900Jean
Coombs, Frank L347
Cooper, Benjamin F. 660
Cooper, George L1163
Cooper, John F560
Cordes, John A.902
Cordes, Paul881
Corson, Augustus G.926
Cory, John B 616
Cottle, Ira663
Couper, George R919
Cowell, Joshua654
Cox, Frederick414
Cox, Thomas J$16
Craig, Joseph 349
Curry, Charles F357
Curtis, William1178
Curtner, Henry 685
Cutter, George H741
D[Return to Jump Site]
Dahlgren, Carl607
Daly, John S.491
DaRoza, Joseph L.1093
Davies, Thomas E1075
Davies, William O1048
Davis, David T975
Davis, George M 1050
Davis, Henry L653
Davis, John T571
Davison, Charles W.734
Dean, John G 958
Dean, Thomas W 1119
Deardorff, Albert G.700
DeLeon, Jesus M903
Desmond, Michael J502
Dewey, Harry1125
DeYoung, M. H. 340
Dibble, Henry C718
Dickinson, John H366
Dickson, Charles A.1172
Dickson, Henry H1087
Ditson, Minott S.1186
Dixon, William E1030
Dixon, William H1025
Doan, Warren E535
Donahue, Daniel 1172Anne Donahue O'Shea
Donnelly, Daniel L532
Dorland, Peter V879
Downey, John G.350
Drais, Edward M 851
Driver, Elisha S.1181
Droge, John C961
Duffiey, George W.503
Dunlap, David A. 696
E[Return to Jump Site]
Eastman, Arthur C1114
Ehrhardt, Frank E1185
Ehrhardt, John974
Ehrhorn, Edward M687
Elkus, Albert463
Ellenwood, Jay W 998
Ellenwood, Warren B907
Ellery, Nathaniel 426
Emde, John 775
Emslie, Margaret E954
Erickson, Christian 1073
Evans, Francis M709
F[Return to Jump Site]
Fairbairn, John T1021
Fanning, Howard M450
Fassett, Henry H1174
Feil, Charles B 1104
Ferdun, Samuel 778
Fiehmann, August885
Finch, David U1124
Finck, Henry822
Fisher, Lawrence536
Fisk, Henry764
Fiske, Ezra 972
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth1061
Flanagan, James L583
Flint, Daniel H1157
Foote, Forrest 804
Ford, Tirey L388
Fortmann, Henry F. 386
Foss, L. S.887
Foster, Huldah E. 942
Foster, Newel K452
Foulks, George W 1106
Fowler, Henry613
Fowler, Joseph M774
Fowler, Joseph W.1047
Fox, Charles N668
Fox, George R835
Frazier, J. O1033
Freeman, Stephen W.1091
Freeman, William F838
Frerichs, John876
Frost, Charles H408
Frye, Edward W.1087
Fuller, J. A.601
Fuller, Jesse B679
Fuqua, John C863
G[Return to Jump Site]
Gage, Fred P1074
Gamble, John697
Gammon, Ernest A.1117
Gardner, Esau1062
Gardner, George F584
Garratt, Richard M409
Gerber, William E.420Cheryl
Gere, George G.694
Gerlach, Daniel H791
Gerlach, John C831
Gett, William A.537
Gier, Theodor716
Gilkyson, John W. Jr.587
Gillis, James L526
Gillogly, James W.621
Glann, Peter1084
Goodwin, Benjamin A.743
Gore, James1142
Gormley, William E590
Graft, George E725Gloria Archibald
Graham, Charles E.413
Graham, Eugene D415
Graham, John A.959
Grattan, Morris H766
Greer, Erskine1176
Gregory, E. H. L674
Gregory, E. J460
Gregory, Frank459
Griffin, Ellen806
Groves, Joseph M875
Grupe, G. Henry912
Grupe, J. Carsten844
Guggolz John, C1003
Guggolz, Charles G.789
Gunter, Alfred M.802
H[Return to Jump Site]
Haase, Peter1067
Hack, George W.884
Hagel, John826
Hale, Joseph S.800
Hall, Thomas B364
Hamilton, William B506
Hamilton, William B701
Hammer, Edward W.761
Hammond, William Jr.622
Hancock, Daniel L.1001
Hanschildt, Edward T1044
Hanschildt, Frederick C1036
Hanschildt, William H1045
Hansen, John 1152
Hansen, Peter880
Harney, John, S.935
Harrison, John F564
Harrold, Aaron M873
Hart Aden C492
Hart, Elija C465
Hart, Fred B493
Hart, Samuel R430
Hart, W. H624
Hartman, Louis H729
Hassett, William J504
Hatch, Frederick W.362
Hatch, Zephaniah J394
Hauschildt, Augustus 1176
Hawley, William G.401
Hayes, Everis A.528
Hayes, Jay O522
Heald, Edward P.650A. ANDREWS
Heald's Business College650
Heggerty, Charles J338
Hemphill, Edward H1000
Henderson, Orrin S.572
Herzog, John N1120
Hickey, John H1041
Hieb, Gottlieb964
Higgins, John M526
Hillborn, Edward P550
Hinsdale, Lester J440
Hinsey, William W.1139
Hitchcock, John R. W.757
Hobson, David637
Hodapp, Sebastian1024
Hoen, Ernest M427
Hohenshell, Allison755
Holland, Arthur P678
Hollenbeck, Amelia E839
Hollenstein, Joseph A.962
Holm, Peter996
Holmes, Joseph782
Hoppe, Edward H636
Horn, Henry A.1017
Howard, Benjamin F469
Howard, Cornelius A.756
Howell, Russell1060
Howland, Anna L850
Howland, Charles F840
Hume, Robert D730
Hunt, George L1077
Hunt, Joseph H630
Hunter, Eliza J812
Hurst, Ferdinand563
Inglis, Alexander926
I[Return to Jump Site]
Inglis, William920
Irelan, William, Jr.384
Irvine, William848
Jackman, Samuel H1140
Jackson, Joseph E1101
James, Joseph W.432
Jarman, Albert H541
Jesse, James W.548
Jesse, Richard H770
Joerger, Louis C1182
Johnson, Grove L472
Johnson, John1055
Johnson, William H965
Johnston, Alfred J524
Johnston, Thomas W.1092
Jones, Alfred J707
Jones, Hiram M752
Jones, Thomas E996
Joost, Behrend368Robert
Jordan, Frank C676
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kahn, Julius373
Katzenstein, George B436
Keema, John M1096
Kell, Bernard E.407
Keller, John 985
Kelley, Thomas594
Kennedy, Samuel W.1049
Kennedy, William C665
Kerby, Clinton818
Kerr, Joseph H1116
Kesner, William A 1118
Ketcham, Thomas E1498
Keys, Ernest M623
Kiesel, Frederick W.525
Kilgore, James W.1054
Klench, Georgia1007
Klinger, George809
Kloss, August1165
Knight, George A.336
Knox, Thomas E. 655
Kohlbaker, Albert1072
Koontz, Henry987
Koster, Nicholas797
Krenz, John F817
Krog, P. C792
Kunsting, Frank1068
Kunze, August888
Kurtz, John F.1156
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