Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - Z

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Zambelich    Nicholas                     47-114
Zanazzi      Rosanna Lynch O'Neill        16-475
Zander       Henry Dibble                 16-476
Zander       Olive Rosellia Moon          16-477
Zane         John                         47-115
Zanetta      Victoria                     60-64
Zanker       William                      16-478
Zanone       Domingo                      50-410
Zanoni       Domingo                      47-116
Zanoni       Erasmus                      47-117
Zappettini   Jean Baptiste                16-479
Zehender     Frank Thomas                 49-123
Zehfuss      Frederick William            56-445
Zehfuss      Frederick Wm.                23-230
Zehfuss      Mary Louise                  56-232
Zeisz        Dorothea (Hartman)           67-349
Zeisz        Jacob                        67-348
Zelinsky     Celia Gilbert                21-252
Zellerbach   Isadora                      19-323
Zentgraf     Jacob                        16-480
Zentgraf     Jacob                        16-480/a
Zentgraf     Maria (Fischer)              67-351
Zerman       Emanuel N.                   41-308
Zerman       J. N. (Admiral)              41-309
Zeyn         Dorothea Sophia              21-297
Ziegenfelde  C. F.                        22-363
Ziegenfelde  C. F.                        55-465
Ziegenfelde  J. H.                        56-32
Ziegler      John Jacob                   52-268
Ziegler      William Jacob                52-269
Zihn         Emma A.                      44-19
Zimmerman    Frederick William Sr.        19-324
Zimmerman    Henry                        58-419
Zimmerman    John                         19-325
Zimmerman    Lena Widman                  19-327
Zimmerman    Margaret                     16-481
Zimmerman    Martha Anderson              26-267
Zimmermann   Kathrine A.                  19-326
Zimmermann   Margaret                     25-401
Zimmermon    Joseph                       52-270
Zink         Philip                       47-118
Zinns        Olive E.                     19-328
Zopf         Herman                       16-482
Zudreele     Amelia Gading                23-225
Zugar        ELizabeth (Burns)(Mrs.)      52-271
Zugar        Joseph W.                    52-272
Zumalt       William                      47-119
Zumwalt      Annie Eliza (Briggs)         53-446
Zumwalt      Daniel                       33-101
Zumwalt      Daniel                       34-373
Zumwalt      Edward                       53-447
Zumwalt      Jay Henry                    49-484
Zumwalt      John Edward                  33-102
Zumwalt      Joseph                       34-374
Zumwalt      Lafayette                    47-120
Zumwalt      Mary Ann (Stone)             67-380
Zumwalt      Mary Ann Stone               63-410
Zundahl      Emelia                       48-408
Zwinge       Elizabeth                    44-20
Zwinge       Henry F.                     53-448
Zwinge       Wm. Henry                    53-449

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