Native Daughters of the Golden West
California Pioneer Project
Surname Index - Ws-Wz

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LAST         FIRST                       VOL-PAGE
Wubbena      Angellena W.                 16-427
Wubbena      Charles Mensen               16-428
Wubbena      Christiana Nanele Fritz      16-429
Wubbena      Gebjet Mensen                16-430
Wubbena      Nicholas G.                  16-431
Wubbena      Rosie K.                     16-432
Wubbena      William Frederick            16-433
Wulbern      Helena                       26-247
Wulff        Hans                         34-369
Wulff        Melvina                      19-314
Wurster      Fred W.                      19-315
Wuthrich     John Charles                 21-248
Wyatt        James Blackburn              24-71
Wyatt        Mark L.                      21-258
Wyatt        Mary McKamey Thompson        24-72
Wyckoff      Charles Alexander            16-434
Wykoff       Charles Alexander            47-91
Wykoff       Jonathan Larison             29-100
Wyley        Charles Hazel                22-473
Wylie        Catherine Coyle              16-435
Wylie        Joseph Ridly                 16-436
Wylie        R. C.                        22-34
Wyllie       Alfred L.                    16-437
Wyllie       Leonard A.                   53-443
Wyllie       Michael Gallaway             16-438
Wyllie       Oliver C.                    16-439
Wyllie       Ruth L.                      52-266
Wyllie       Ruth L. Potter               16-440
Wyllis       Alexander (Capt.)            67-447
Wyman        America Kelsey               64-282
Wyman        Asa Nelson                   47-92
Wyman        Daniel                       47-93
Wyman        Emma Dawson                  64-285
Wyman        Frank (Charles Francis       21-226
Wyman        Frederick Benjamin           64-286
Wyman        George F.                    64-283
Wyman        George F.                    64-284
Wyman        George Francis Jr.           64-278
Wyman        George Francis Sr.           64-277
Wyman        Grove Cook                   64-195
Wyman        Harris Loring                47-94
Wyman        Henry                        47-95
Wyman        James Guliman                47-96
Wyman        William                      47-97
Wyman        William Albert               47-98
Wyman        William Henry                64-287
Wynecoop     George A.                    36-366
Wynecoop     Samuel Edison M.             44-197
Wynn         Albert Maver                 19-308/a
Wynn         Catherine Gaffney            19-308/a
Wynne        William A.                   19-316
Wyruck       Jacob "Homer"                66-412
Wyruck       Carrie Ellery                66-413
Wyruck       Francis Ellsworth            66-411
Wyruck       Francis John                 66-408
Wyruck       John                         66-410
Wyruck       Nancy Jane Moore             66-409

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